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Ask to Join Elven Forest (RP)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Flareon~Chan, Dec 19, 2019.

  1. Flareon~Chan

    Flareon~Chan Previously Yang-chan

    Discussion thread is here (Will only take a few more sign-ups!) https://pokecharms.com/threads/elven-forest-discussion-and-sign-ups.21827/#post-823480

    Participants (So far): @Flareon~Chan, @Clite of Dragonbow, @Red Gallade, @Willow Tree, @Shadow_Pup, @Dark Soul, @EeviumZ, @The Pikachan, @LunarSilvally, @CrazyWolf.

    ♥ Anyways, imma start this RP then~. ♥

    Lylah Dragonheart walked around her large treehouse. She didn’t live there, but there she felt calm and at peace in the space, and able to get away from people. Others would always crowd and marvel at her due to her being a Black-Pyro elf. The hybrid lay down on a beanbag and rested her eyes, while contemplating if she should go outside. It was getting hot and stuffy, and with the never ending fire she had lit in the mantelpiece, it wasn’t getting any cooler.
    She could of always put it out with holy water, but she didn’t want to touch it. It wouldn’t hurt her like normal water, but it was still a type of water and she didn’t want to touch it. She didn’t even want her dark matter to touch it. Though, she didn’t mind it when water elves put it out. She was just about to fall asleep when her pointy ears pricked up at the rustling sounds of the overgrown shrubbery dotted around the forest.
    “Now I have no choice to go or stay inside.” She muttered quietly as she exited the tree house with her holographic scythe on her back. She extended her wings and glided down to the floor to investigate the mysterious noise.
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  2. Somewhere within the woods, a deer and an elk happily pranced past the many trees, the elk had a strange headband of vines as he looked around before he spotted a small area where the sun shone through, so he and the female deer slowly walked to rest within it. As the female gently laid down by a tree larger than the rest, the elk mysteriously began to change; It's majestic horns began to shrink, it's ears changed to a more pointy style, most of his hair apart from the head crawled back into the body where the hair simply changed to white.

    As he changed, clothing began to appear, brown leather boots and black pants, a shirt as green as the grass beneath him all under a stunning long brown coat. The elk happened to be an Animal Elf by the name of Shero who seemed to have the ability to change to and from any animal there was. Shero joined the female deer who seemed undeterred by the elk's sudden transformation and was petted on the head by the elf. "Thanks for the company, how about a little song?" Shero asked as the elf simply gave a small huff from the nose.

    With that, Shero nodded and sat himself upon the deer, out from within the inner pockets of his coat a long, wooden flute with elegant carvings of vines across it. Shero put the end of the flute to his lips and began to play a soothing melody that could be heard from a long distance away, as he played his aria, the deer simply swayed her head back and forth, clearly comforted by the song as they were suddenly approached by a few small animals which ranged from rabbits, squirrels and birds who all joined to listen to Shero's song.
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  3. There is a place, that is surrounded by ice that doesn't ever melt and many elves do not know why. This is also a reason, why they are afraid to come here.
    The young boy watched the frozen lake up close and after a while he was eager to sing. Other elves did not come here because of the terrible frost, so Cyril was not afraid that someone would hear him and he began to sing.
    Great numbers of animals wanted to hear the angel's voice that could be heard from this frozen lake, but were afraid of freezing at this low temperature. So they never saw, who is singing.

    Beautiful voice of young elf was interrupted by other strange sounds. However, Cyril did not belong to curious people. He stopped singing and hid in his small house to wait, untill the strange sounds will dissapire.
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  4. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    Rene was sitting down against a tree enjoying the nice warm sun while feeding the birds. She petted her little hamster pet and give him a seed. The tiny rodent stuffed the seed in his cheek and hid in Rene's hood. The elf's ears then perked as she heard a beautiful melody. She looked in the direction it was coming from and then made her way there.

    Once she arrived she saw the elf making the sound. Rene smiled and leaned against a tree, enjoying the sweet music. Without noticing, she had walked closer and sat down among the deer, her eyes closed and a smile across her face.

    "This is wonderful!" She exclaimed.
  5. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    Somewhere deep in a lush green forest, where the river never stops, an elf dipped his bare foot into the delightful chill of the waters. He shivered slightly at the soothing cold and hummed slightly to himself. Brushing aside his braid to his back, he sat by the riverbed and splashed joyously against the ripples of the water. Two birds chirped and landed on his shoulder. Don't take it wrong, he was no animal elf, these birds merely came to him because they know him, a lot of animals know him by now, it was no surprise.
    "Hello there," he greeted. The birds tweeted back, clearly happy to engage in unknown exchanges of conversation. "haven't seen you guys in a while, why's that? Found yourself another elf to pamper? I'm hurt," he chuckled softly, rubbing one of the bird's head.
    They made a sound like whining, flapping their wings in defiance to that comment. The elf laughed, raising a sleeved hand to touch the water. Instantly, as if casted by a spell, the water swirled around his hand, startling the two birds as the river suddenly sprayed them with a weak blow. It didn't hurt them, only made them wet. Their throat rumbled like they're growling and they pecked at him, to which he only laughed more too.
    "Wet feathers suit you two," he teases, "you should keep it that way." He cooed.
    The two chirped and sat stubbornly on his shoulder, refusing to leave.
    "Oh? I'm suddenly your personal transportation now? Alright, I guess I owe you anyways for wetting you wings." He shrugged, standing up and drying his feet, wiping it with clean strokes of his hand, scraping the water droplets of his skin. Once done, he slips on his boots and strides through the forest.
    "We should go pick some berries hmmmm?" He suggested. The two birds tweeted in agreement, and the elf followed as commanded into the trees.
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  6. Shero noticed the arrival of a female Animal Elf who seemed to have also come thanks to the melody he continued to sing, as she sat down to join him and the animals, the deer curiously looked up to see the other present Elf before she curled up to savor the aria. "Why thank you." Shero replied as his melody stopped, but the animals remained present in case he began to play again. "It's nice to be in the company of animals, but also Animal elves such as I who understand how precious the ecosystem is... both in the trees and on our dinner plates." Shero said as he began to play his song once more, but his ears remained perked in case the female Animal Elf had anything else she wanted to say.
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  7. Cyril was slowly eating his little breakfast in his little hause made from ice. Weird sounds ended for a while, but after a short while, it began again. He ended his little meal and then someone approached him. Little made from Ice dragon looked at him, worried. "No, Hyakkimaru.. I am scared.. What if they are Air elves.. Or any others. They will hate me, it is better to stay here" he said to the dragon, but it came closer to him and cuddled to the young elf "Do you think it will be fine.. I.. Don't want go"
    After a while, Cyril decided to leave his house and continued to sing for himself and the world.
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  8. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    "Hmmm, strawberries works too, don't you think?" Long Yan asks the two birds. He had strutted further into the forest, to pick berries like he promised with the two avian that had wanted to accompany him for the search. He had been wondering around for a while, and had gotten himself quite the collection of fruits. The two birds chirped, pecking at the basket full of blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, you name it. Occasional star fruit was sometimes added, as Long Yan does adore the star shapes whenever he cuts through them, and the sour tang of the fruit does leave quite the impression on his mouth. Distant singing voices rang through the forest, and he sighs to himself. Elves around here loves to sing, and the trees carries the echo through the ears of others, and Long Yan listen to it out of his own curiosity. Sometimes, when he felt like it, he joins in on the chorus, or add his own music through the twinkle of the river. Other than that, he prefers to just sit and relax while listening to the songs. He had never tried to seek out the owner, nor does he ever intend to, he believes they'll like to keep their privacy, just like how he liked to keep his. Invading it will be a sin on his part.
    "This should be enough, wanna go back now?" He asks, stroking the birds on his shoulder. They tweeted, and Long Yan made his way back to his house, to which was unknown to others as no one would ever thought to follow a river down to the home of a water elf.
    "Say, why don't you two sing me a song?" He suggested, and the birds comply. And now with a basket of treats and two singing avians, Long Yan happily started on the walk back home.
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  9. With a sound like cracking thunder, a man appeared from thin air and planted his feet in the loose sand of the desert, which stretched in every direction as far as the eyes could see. White-orange sand had been gathered up in dunes the size of clocktowers, starkly contrasting the blue, cloudless sky above.

    The man searched his surroundings, eyes straining, but found nothing. He cursed under his breath- he'd misjudged this jump and overshot the oasis. For all the cartography he'd been studying, the mental discipline he'd instilled, this happened far too often still with long distance jumps. His baba would say he was still young, that it would be second nature to him one day. To Tauron, though, mastery never came quick enough.

    He contemplated his options as the desert winds blew through his robes, merciless sun barely registering on his heatproof elven skin. He could go back to where he'd started and try again; returning to a previous location was always easier, even over long distance, was always easier, long as one could visualize it well. But he permitted himself to think he couldn't have overshot the oasis by more than perhaps a few dozen miles, so minor backtracking along the line he'd drawn would likely be enough.

    To an Amigdael, it was a bizarre thought that most elves spent hours, days or weeks travelling to where they needed to be. Of course every elf had their own valuable gift and abilities beyond the reach of their family, but Tauron had always thought theirs amongst the most convenient. Sure, it worked better the shorter the distance to cross, especially within eyesight; to go beyond that meant doing preliminary research lest they end up in a lake or on a mountaintop rather than where they wanted to get.

    Most of his family were couriers, envoys, merchants. Few took up the warrior's plight in this day and age, where life seemed almost effortless to most, but life was never devoid of dangers. And one who could move without running had an advantage in the field- not that one didn't get their ass handed to them still every now and then, in fairness. At least he healed quick.
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  10. An unfamiliar white wolf ran through the forest as if it was running away from something as running along side the wolf was another wolf along with a deer and fox. The wolf wasn't running away from something but wanted to leaped through the forest with the forest animals that ran with the wolf. The wolf came to a stop seeing a regular sized pond with a small waterfall running through it. The wolf approached it slowly ears moving a bit to catch any sound of danger before it lowered it's head and lapped the water. It raised it's head slowly before it's appearance changed rising a bit taller forming a well feminine body, arms, legs, feet, hands and hair colored dark brown up in a high ponytail. Pointed ears formed on her ears as light blue rare colored eyes appeared at the pupils along with a white wolf blue-streaked on her face bounded by dark purple straps missing the jaw with two white feathers attached to the right side painted blue-streaked.

    She fixed her glasses as she saw the vixen, doe, and female wolf beside her looking to her. She gently petted them only bending down to pet the vixen who had leaped on her shoulders to rest on. Eventually her brother would find her so decided to rest by sitting on a rock that was flat enough to sit on. She pulled out a shiny silver small instrument before placing it to her mouth beginning to play it with her mouth as a harmonized tone played from it. The wolf and deer laid on the ground next to each other to listen while the fox rested on her shoulders.

    Another wolf ran through the forest but colored black and light blue-gold eyes. He was looking for his sister but had lost track of her. He waited until he heard the sound of her flute she always seemed to play.
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  11. Cyril stopped to sing once again and listen.. Another sound, its even closer to him than previous one. If Cyril was an agressive type of shy person he would send from save distance something similar to little blizzard to scare them off, but he hates hurting or scaring others..Maybe they won't come closer. "Hyakkimaru, be my eyes. Check who is this" he said to the little made from ice dragon.
    Lizard nodded and flew on his wings to the sound direction.

    Dragon has reached the reason of sound and sat on the tree. He saw a Female Elf sitting on the rock and playing the music from some kind of... Small silver instrument, she was surrounded by animals. Wolf, Deer and Fox. Before little dragon could return, branch under him broke and the dragon fell at the ground in front of the group.
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  12. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Stiles was out in the woods collecting firewood, he swung his axe at a strong oak tree, once felled he picked up the tree and teleported back to his hut. He began to chop it into small pieces, he then went inside with some of the pieces and threw them on his fireplace, he lit the fire with a match, burning himself accidentally, he sat back in his chair as his burn healed itself slowly.

    (Will do Aster at a later date, can't think of what to write)
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  13. She stopped playing her flute the moment a small ice dragon fell to the ground in front of them. The wolf, deer, and fox stood up quickly by instinct a bit hesitant to approach the dragon. She looked up to see a branch had broke possibly breaking due to the dragons weight or it was unstable from the start. She stood up slowly to not frighten the small dragon as she approached it slowly before bending down. "That was quite a fall, are you alright young one?" She asked in a gentle tone.

    @Clite of Dragonbow
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  14. Hyakkimaru was quite similar to Cyril with one thing, he didn't trust easily.. But he still trust easier than Cy.

    At first, young Ice-made dragon took a few steps back, freezing the ground under his feats. He looked like he could bite, but after the elf asked him, if he is alright. Young creature made a little nod and calmed down a bit. It didn't change the fact, that he was a bit scared.
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  15. She took two steps back herself seeing the scared reaction from the ice dragon. "You seem a bit scared, don't worry I won't harm you" she said calmly before sitting in the rock again. "Maybe this will calm you" she said raising her flute to her mouth before starting to play the melody again as the wolf, deer, and fox relaxed again laying down to listen. This song was something her father taught her before he passed as it was the only memory she had left of him. She thought of happy memories instead of sad ones to prevent tears from falling and soon she will lose her mother as well from a medical illness and there was nothing she could do about.

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  16. Hyakkimaru still didn't trust the elf, he was even about to escape. When he saw in her hands the flute and she played the music later. As normal animals relaxed thanks to its voice for a creature made from literally ice wasn't as easy, but elf wasn't hostile to him so he calmed down and just looked at her for a while with calm eyes.

    Meanwhile, Cyril was watching his Lake and waiting for his only friend to return.
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  17. She watched as the ice dragon seemed to calm down by the sound of her flute. She was relieved that it calmed down by listening to the sound of her flute. She decided to play a bit more before a familiar howl caught her ear as she stopped playing. She knew that was her brothers looking for her so placed her flute away. "I'm sorry young one but I must be on my way and you should return back to your owner if you have one" she finished before shifting wolf nodding to the dragon before leaping off through the forest again as the animals with her followed. She shiftly ran as she didn't seem to notice she passed another elf that was actually close to her then she thought. The scent caught her nose but didn't bother to stop and look. The deer and fox returned to their herds well at least for the deer as the fox escaped in a den but the wolf however stayed as she was actually a wolf already owned and had a name which was Dove. She and Dove followed close until they recognized a familiar black pelt with it's light blue- gold eyes a rare trait it had and of course she had the same light blue color but her right eyes was a bit cloudy almost barely unable to see the light blue color from her left eye.

    She is almost blind in that eye which explains the cloudy appearance to the right eye. She barked to the black wolf to get his attention has he turned to look at her. She gently nudged him to confirm that it was her. He nudged her back licking her forehead before the wolf siblings leaped off again further into the forest.

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  18. Anakio picked up the blade and quickly put it into cold water. Being one of the most famous blacksmiths in this part of the forest he had to work many nights to be able to make all the swords, knives and other things that got requested, and this was one of the times. The shop had just closed, but Anakio still just barely had money for food. Usually after the shop closed down he would go out in the forest to hunt, so he could make just a little extra money. But now he had to work the entire night out, and so he did. Anakio could not enjoy the peace and quiet in the blacksmith since hammering the metal made constant sounds, and his statue made out of fire did not sound calming. Anakio were able to create things out of pure fire, but sadly not living things. He usually just used his power to make statues and other things, but he was still training so he would be able to use it as a weapon.
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  19. The wolf siblings continued to run through the forest but the sister of the brother sibling heard something banging onto something as her ears perked. She came to a trout before stopping facing the direction it was coming from. The brother to her stopped as well nudging her gently. She nudged him back to wait here but be on guard just in case. He whined to be careful as the sky was getting a bit dark. She whined back before leaving her brother as she quietly went in another direction. She followed her nose until the sound of the banging came closer to her ears. She raised her head just slightly seeing a male hammering on iron it seems. She could sense that he was very uncomfortable and tense probably from all the loud noise at the fire. She would be uncomfortable as well with all that sound. She slowly walked out seeing him clearly but stood her guard walking him as she shifted to stand on two legs as she watched him under her mask.

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  20. Hyakkimaru looked for a while at JC as she left him alone. He decided to return to the Cyril and after a while he reached the young Elf. In that time, Cyril was humming melody to himself, creating a beautiful ice flowers around his hause. It took a while for him to notice that Hyakkimaru returned. "Oh, You came back! Great, now tell me everything" communication between Ice Elf and his golem dragon is a weird one and Hyakkimaru could *tell* him everything. Cyril just knew that there was a Female Elf, but she wasn't hostile and she left them. It was more than enough of the things that Cyril wanted to know.
    He sat later with his dragon, looking at the Lake and singing.
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  21. Flareon~Chan

    Flareon~Chan Previously Yang-chan

    Lylah slowly peered round the bush and found a trail of frozen paw prints. She wondered ‘What was the shaking about?’ But she just put it down to wind. She felt curious. Her pointy ears twitched. She followed the trail of icy prints until she reached what seemed like icy spikes emerged from the frosty ground. She tried stepping on the ice, but it melted immediately. She looked at the puddle of steaming water and sighed. She knew what she had to do. She wrapped herself in her dark matter to prevent the heat of her fire powers from melting it. It kept wrapping around her body until she looked like a black shadow of her self. She stepped upon the ice and slowly walked across it, approaching a quiet singing voice of what she believed was another elf.
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  22. Cyril stopped singing when he heard someone's footsteps. "Hide yourself, Hyakkimaru," he said to his only friend. The dragon escaped to home in a few jumps. The young elf stood up and walked to the sound of footsteps, carefully and slowly. "W-who is t-there?!" he asked loudly. After a while he saw the dark figure "Aaaaahhh!!!"
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  23. Flareon~Chan

    Flareon~Chan Previously Yang-chan

    She heard the elf scream at her. He was closer then anticipated. She looked closer at the elf though, and noticed that he wasn’t a normal elf. She was relived. She removed the dark matter from her body, excluding her feet, and approached the boy, muttering calming words under her breath. “Hey, um, are you okay?” She asked, calmly speaking to show the elf that it was okay and she wouldn’t harm him.
  24. Cyril was trying to stay back from her a bit "Who.. Are you.. Nobody ever comes here..."he was whispering. He looked at her, Lylah's calm approaching calmed him a bit, but he still didn't trust her fully. He was like scared animal "Why you came here.. There is only one elf and a bit of snow... You won't.. Abuse me like them"
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  25. Flareon~Chan

    Flareon~Chan Previously Yang-chan

    “Like who?” She questioned “Anyways, I’m Lylah. I saw some icy paw prints and they trailed to here. I assumed it was some sort of ‘created animal’ because nothing I know of in the forest has footprints like that”She said looking around at the icy landscape. “Even still, I’ve never seen anything like this, all the ice. What are you? Not any elf type includes... uh..frozen water.” She walked around slowly, wanting to explore more of the area, but not harm the other elf’s privacy. Lylah looked closely at him. “Are you a hybrid then?”
  26. He noded sightly "Umm, Yes, I am..." then he heard that someone is coming to them and Hyakkimaru stood between him and unknown elf girl, named Lylah. "Hyakkimaru, I told you to stay at home... So.. Lylah.. You also are a hybrid?" he said "My mother was a water elf and father an air elf... But they abandoned me..." he said, it was weird that he opened himself to someone.. But she was similar a bit to him.. At least in fact, that they both are hybrids.
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  27. Flareon~Chan

    Flareon~Chan Previously Yang-chan

    “Yes I am a hybrid”She replied. “Oh, and who is this little guy?” She said, attempting to stroke the ice dragon under the chin. “Hey, I’ll make you a friend, huh?” She said, creating a dragon-like form of dark matter between her hands, and placed it upon the ground. Suddenly, it started jumping about and sniffing Hyakkimaru.
    “Anyways, my father was a fire elf and my mother was a dark elf. There isnt really a name for my type, but I tend to call it Black Pyro. My parents didn’t abandon me, they were killed by some elf tribe who believed different elf types shouldn’t be together. People think they exist still these days. No one knew their elf typings either.” She rambled, looking deep into the other elf’s eyes. “So, why do you live in solitude then?” She questioned him, wanting to know more about him.
  28. Hyakkimaru looked suprised as he saw the black matter creature. It start to jump and sniff too, he also attempted to catch another creature tail. "If I had to name my type.. Cold" he whispered.

    "Why?. It is simple, thanks to this others aren't forced to see me... Many Air Elves abused me for being different.. They were scared of me and..." he stopped looked at her glowing, black eyes. "... And I almost freeze to death everyone that comes near me. I have no control over it, the closer you are to me.. My body has temperature of absolute zero. I don't trust many elfes.. This place is calm and silent"
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