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Elite rewards!

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by ToxicWolf1132, Apr 1, 2015.

  1. The club Nintendo elite rewards are here! Which one are you gonna get? I'm still debating between Mario Party Island Tour and New Super Mario Bros. 2 image.jpg
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  2. Burgundy

    Burgundy Formerly SuperSableye24

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    Sadly, I was only 70 coins away from Platinum this year. *sobbu* I'm trying to get Pushmo, but Club Nintendo is super laggy now. :(
  3. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
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    I know your pain, @Burgundy Blade. I missed my Platinum status last year by 80 coins because I was away on vacation when the registration period ended. ;_;

    This year I made certain to hit Platinum but I'm in the position of owning most all of the games on that list that I'd have any interest in. I've decided to go for Ultimate NES Remix, just to finally give one of the games from that franchise a go. They've always intrigued me but not enough to put actual cash down on them. Can't complain when I'm getting it for free! ^^
  4. NonAnalogue

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    I'm in the same place as @Linkachu. I got Mario Golf just because everything else I already had or had no interest in. Sort of a 'why not' type of deal.
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  5. I got Oracle of Seasons because everything else was all ehhh
  6. psi rockin' omega

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    Oracle of Seasons and my sister got the Ages version. Is there really much of a difference?
  7. I think there are a couple differences.
  8. psi rockin' omega

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    If there are they're very minor

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