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Elementary, My Dear

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Il Fantasma, Jan 7, 2017.

  1. I'm honestly not exactly sure why I'm making this, but I'm really bored right now, so I guess I might as well, right?

    Like most of my RPs in the past, this one doesn't have much of a plot other than young Pokemon are beginning their first days of elementary school (and it doesn't even matter what year of elementary, honestly), and you're one of those Pokemon. Of course, if you'd like to be a teacher, too, that's fine. I'll even keep some office workers up for grabs!

    Of course, there are some rules to abide by:
    1. Please, please, please abide by the RP and global rules of this site! This really shouldn't have to be said, but I'd hate to see this get shut down because of pure OOC posts or one-liners.
    2. If you want to be a student of the school, please have your character be one of its first evolutions. For example, if your character is to be from the Pikachu line, they should be a Pichu from first to the end of second grade. They are then allowed to evolve into Pikachu for third through fifth grade. No final evolutions as students, alright? This doesn't count for Pokemon without any evolutions, obviously, but it still stands for those with only two.
    3. Also, I'll allow romance, but remember where this takes place. Most definitely nothing serious other than a crush and a hug, if both characters feel the same way.
    4. If you've read all of these rules, make sure you add the word elementary to the other part of your form! If you have more than one character, you only have to do this in one form.
    5. If you'd like to be a student, please be either the second or third evolution of that Pokemon. Again, I'll use Pikachu as an example. It doesn't matter which grade you're teaching; your character should be either a Pikachu or Raichu, even though Raichus are probably better in this situation.
    6. I'll be taking the roles of the principal, a teacher, and my student character, but others should only have as many characters as they can handle. If you say you can handle, like, five characters, though, I will most likely turn some of them down.
    7. Have fun! This definitely isn't a serious RP at all (unless there are bullies!), so make sure you're creative and are ready for elementary school shenanigans! Oh, and also recess. Who doesn't love recess?
    With those out of the way, here are the different forms for the different types of characters:

    Age: (make sure this makes sense for whichever grade you're in, unless you stayed back or moved forward a year)
    Other: (Wear any clothes? Anything else you'd like to add?)

    Grade: (Which grade do you teach?)
    Position: (Full-time or substitute?)

    Other Worker:
    Position: (What do you work as? Assistant principal? Janitor? Office person?)

    Aaand here're my characters~!

    Name: Dollie (Doll for short)
    : Snivy
    Age: 7 years
    Grade: second
    Personality: Happy-go-lucky, care-free, and always smiling, Doll loves everyone she meets not only at the school, and wishes she could befriend them all. The only thing she despises is bullying, but she's not one to ask the bully to stop, even if they're picking on someone else. She's rather run up to a teacher and tell them first thing. Some see her as a teacher's pet, but her close friends know how kind she really is to everyone and knows that that'd just the way she acts.
    Other: She wears a silver necklace around her neck with a small, silver branch at the end. Dollie refuses to tell anyone where it came from and why she wears it every day.

    Name: Ms. Jicha
    Species: Ribombee
    Age: 21 years
    Grade: second
    Position: full-time
    Personality: Saige Jicha, like Dollie, is usually a happy person, but she deals with any problem head-on. She doesn't take kindly to bullying, and wants to help every one of her students succeed. Always one to make sure her class's grades are the best they can be, Jicha makes sure she doesn't teach like some other teachers at the school, and always makes her lessons hands-on and fun for everyone. Seeing her students happy makes her happy.
    Other: She wears a black beret and a blue watch on her right wrist.

    Name: Mr. Ike
    Species: Feraligatr
    Age: 38 years
    Position: principal
    Personality: Jaren Ike does not like to get involved with any student. He hates to see students that are genuinely good do bad things, like bullying, and even feels bad for those that are trying but get bad grades in class. Usually one to ask for help from the assistant principal of the school, he is actually very unsure of himself and doesn't know why he's running a school in the first place, but he tries to be the best at his job.
    Other: He wears a pair of thin-framed glasses. The students think he is much older than he really is because of this.

    Again, I appreciate any and all feedback! If you have an idea for a plot, feel free to tell me! I'll probably start this RP if I gain three or four others.

    Thanks a bunch!

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