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Ask to Join Elemental Songs

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Iced_Tae, Sep 22, 2018.

  1. If you have not yet been accepted you mau not partake in the RP but dont worry I usually always accept everybody.


    That is the link to the discussion, but if you are already accepted please post whenever you like.

    Sirena sat on the shores of the beach near her underwater kingdom as she looked at the sunset. "Hmmm...its so peaceful here without the kids" the black haired beauty whispered as she watched her Leviathan and Water Horse play in the distance but the water empress made sure to control the water so that Tsunami wouldnt cause another accidental Tsunami when he played with Reef. "I honestly wonder what the other Deities are doing...I havent seen them in many moons" Sirena whispered to nobody in particular, but once she heard human voice coming near, the beautiful deity instantly dove into the clear blue waters.

    Once in the deep waters, Sirena sat on Reefs back as the horse swam her back to her palace as her large Leviathan followed closely. As Sirena took a step into her large palace, Tsunami and Reef instantly left so they could play in the deeper water where they couldnt cause any problems. The back of Sirenas beautiful long blue gown dragged on the floor as her silver heels clicked on the hard floor, once the beautiful female sat down on her throne she was instantly handed her Trident by one of her maids
  2. Cascade ran to her mother before climbing on to the taller ladys lap with a big smile. "Mommy can you teach my how to control my powers again?" The dark haired girl asked as she looked up at her mom with her big blue eyes. "Princess, weve been looking all over for you! Its time to resume to your studies at once!" One of the deity childs tutor yelled. But before the tutor could even reach the girl, Cascade was already running out of the palace, before jumping on to the back of her water horse, Pippy. Once on the back of the dark blue water horse, Cascade sighed in relief sense she didnt like to learn about why some sea creatures glowed.

    Once they reached the sea garden, which was Cascades favorite place, the small girl got of Pippy's back and gently walked over to the many sea plants that seemed to catch her attention
  3. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Morana sat at the beach as people arrived, she thought she had seen a woman but, should ignored that fact, she heard a shout behind her a group of six bullies walked up to her "so freak, did you see anymore monsters of fairies today" said the leader. "Leave me alone Damian" she responded, Damian then grabbed her bag and started to take out her drawings and tear them up, he then threw her bag down and began to say "Freak, Freak, Freak, Freak, Frea...","I SAID LEAVE ME ALONE!" Morana shouted and as she did so a masive explosion of fire blasted from her. She crumpled to her knees and looked around her, the beach was in flames she saw the scorched bodies of Damian and the pthet bullies, what had she done, how had she even done that. Eventually out of fear and confusion she put her head in her hands and began to cry, as she cried Hunter ran up to her, after sensing her fear he had left the house to find her, and curled up at her feet.
  4. Sirena heard screaming from the beach, so the deity herself elegantly swam up and saw young girl with what seemed to be a dog. But she then saw bodies laying on the ground....burned.
    Sirena had a gut feeling that this child belonged to one of the other deities and being the kind person she was, Sirena stepped out of the ocean, holding her large trident.

    When she reached the shore, Sirena hummed a tune which made a soft wave take out the flames. "Young child, what is wrong?" Sirena questioned as she gently placed her slender hand on the girls shoulder while oneeling down, as her eyes changed from their usual ocean blue to a lighter shade which meant she was feeling empathy
  5. Solis was heading to his next destination and he heard someone who was screaming, he quickly ran to the beach and he saw a burned bodies and someone who could did this. He didn't saw clearly so he grabed his sword and yelled "You over there, what happend? Better for you if you will answer quickly for my question, or else" then Solis raised his sword and it shone heavily "I think that after what happend here, I have a right to kill you"
  6. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Morana turned round as the woman touched her shoulder and as she did Hunter changed into his hellhound form to protect her. Morana stopped him, "who are you" she asked, "and what is happening to me" she stroked Hunter until he reverted to German Shepherd form. She then noticed that the fires has been put out.
  7. Sirena gently smiled at Morana before standing up to her full height, "I am Sirena, the water deity and the mother of voices" the black haired woman introduced with a soft smile. "And sweetie, you are the child of the Fire deity" Sirena stated as she gripped her large trident. "Your powers are awakening, sweet child...this may be so confusing but I promise to help you until we find your parent and when we do find the Fire deity, I promise that they will teach you everything there is to know about being a deity child, okay?" Sirena questioned with a gentle smile
  8. Cascade swam up to the surface when she heard the screaming, but when she got there, she saw her beautiful mother with another kid, which made her burn with jealousy.

    When Cascade walked on to the sand, the small girl stomped her way iver to her mother with a frown. "MOMMY WHO IS SHE! IS SHE YOUR NEW DAUGHTER?" Cascade yelled as gripped on to the hem of her baby blue dress, while she puffed up her cheeks in anger
  9. Solis saw that that person didn't heard it also he saw that She was talking with someone, he came to the group but he still was on his guard then he noticed that one person from the group schould be a Ocean Empress herself "What's happend here" He asked them, he checked earlier if they would hear him "Why those guys are dead, Empress. I want an answer, is that girl killed them" he looked at them, his voice was calm but it was easy to notice that he was worried, becouse he can let someone to kill the others.
  10. Sirena picked Cascade up as smiled. "No my little river, nobody can ever take your place as my number one" Sirena cooed as she gave Cascade a kiss on her cheek. She then turned her attention to Solis. "Its something that I cannot tell you child, your valiant and strong just like the Sun deity but some things are left to be unknown" the Empress informed calmly. "Now lets see...hmmm, Sun child I need you to protect the fire child until I can properly locate the Fire deity" Sirena commanded.

    The deity then placed Cascade back down before walking into the water and placing her trident firmly on the sand. Nothing happened at first until a large wave approached the beach, but was calmly stopped when Sirena raised her hand. "Tsunami I need you to swim across the oceans and find the fire deity" the female commanded to the large Leviathan that was now showing sense the wave dissapeared
  11. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Morana was staring in awe at what just hapoened, "was that a leviathan" she thought to herself. She stood up dried her eyes and turned back to Sirena "I don't need protection, I've got Hunter" she knelt down to scratch behind Hunters ears. She wondered what would happen next the last couple of minutes might just have changed her life for ever.
  12. Sirena sighed before turning around and facing Morena. "Sweet girl, I trust that your hellhound will protect you to the fullest but you deity children should stick together, sense you guys are the children of the most powerful beings in the world and humans arent that accepting of deity children" Sirena informed with a sad smile. "If it helps, you may stay in my palace so I can train you, I may not be the Fire deity but Im sure that I'll be able to help you control your flames" the Empress sweetly suggested
  13. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Morana looked around at the devastation, "ok" she said sullenly "I'll come with you" she walked over to the water deity with Hunter and stared up at her. She turned back and spotted the bodies, she pointed to them "what about them" she asked Sirena. She turned back to look out at the water.
  14. Sirena lightly giggled before looking down at the bodys, "well were just gonna blame it on the Fire deity" Sirena stated as she picked Cascade up. The empress then placed her hand on Morana's shoulder and sang a song. "Sense your not a sea creature or my birth child, I needed to cast a spell that would allow you to underwater and dont worry about Hunter, as long as I cast the spell on you, Hunter will also be able to breathe underwater sense hes your fammiliar" Sirena informed before gently holding Morana's hand while Sirenas other arm was carrying Cascade. She then led Morana into the waters until there whole bodys were dipped in. Reef, Sirenas water horse, swam up to the said deity before gently nuzzling Morana. "Hehe, Cascade honey, why dont you show Morana around the palace and then we will have a trainibg session together" Sirena suggested before placing Cascade down so that she was next to Morana. "Fire child, I need to make preperations for your room so my daughter will help show you around" Sirena stated before getting on Reefs back as the water horse swam her back to her palace
  15. Once Sirena left, Cascade looked up to Morena and shyly smiled. "Hi, im Cascade..." the small girl quietly introduced as her familiar swam up to her. "Oh um and meet Pippy my water horse" Cascade introfuced as the dark blue sea horse nuzzled Cascade. "Mommy wants me to show you around so wher would you like to see first?" Cascade asked
  16. Solis was leaved by everyone, he looked at the water and he sighed then when he wanted to return to his work but he was still interested about what is going on, he thought about make a visit to the palace of the moon. "Power of the Sun:Sunsteel Wings" He said to himself then he made behind him a circle of sword copies made from pure light, then that copies came to his back and made wings "I hope that I could meet you all next time" and he flew to the Palace of the Moon.

    He reached it after some time and he started searching for Moon Deity.
  17. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Morana looked at the girl, "hi Cascade, my name is Morana" she then felt Hunter nuzzle her hand "oh and this is Hunter" Hunter walked over to Cascade and sniffed her gently, he then nuzzled her hand and licked it gently, Morana chuckled "I think he likes you Cascade".
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  18. PyroTechnical157

    PyroTechnical157 Previously DarkIllousion157

    Trare exited from his Palace with his familiar by his side, the sun beaming on his head. "We should check on the others. There's a sudden burst of elemental energy near Sirena's." He said as he grabbed Gyro and they dissapeared, turning into sand and reappearing on the shore noticing the burnt corpses. "That explains some things. Now let's find Sirena."
  19. Solnis got bored in searching and he flew to the one of the humans Village where the Deity of the Sun was worshiped.

    When he reached the village, there was nobody already "I was late... My parent gonna to kill me" he said to himself then he heard someone voice "So I left someone alive, how could I. Now I have to change this" he turned around and he saw a Cloud Giant who attacked him with a morningstar, Solis tried to dodge but he didn't had much time so he blocked the blow and he was sended at the wall. "So you killed humans from this village, then maybe that day isn't that bad. Rays of the Sun, 15 swords" behind Solis appeard a 15 copies of his sword made from the light, Giant attacked him but The circle of swords blocked his blow then he sended them at his enemy. Giant fell down but Solis wasn't happy, he failed with the mission which he had gived by the Deity of the Sun "Great, I'm not welcome now in the palace of the Sun but I'm tired, maybe I should go to the Palace of The Ocean Empress" and he headed to the beach.

    He came to his Destination and he shouted toward the Sea "Hello, anybody here"
  20. PyroTechnical157

    PyroTechnical157 Previously DarkIllousion157

    As Trare heard the voice he turned around and gave the kid a look "So you're the kid of Ol' sunny huh? You lookin for Sirena too? The names.....Adam and she's in her palace underwater. I need you to help me get a signal to her. Got anyway to shine a little light down there?" Then his Feline Familiar tried to familiarize himself to the child of the sun by rubbing his head on the kid's leg.
  21. "Nice to meet you, my name is Solnis... What do you mean by 'Ol' sunny' you know... Nevermind, yes I can do this" Solnis said to Adam, he never met him so he didn't know that he is a Deity. He created a few copies of his Sword he sended them close to the water and he made them to shine strongly "Well, I think that schould be enough" he said proud of himself.
  22. PyroTechnical157

    PyroTechnical157 Previously DarkIllousion157

    "Good job kid, how about to spend the time you ask me a few questions. I may not look it but I'm pretty old, and with age comes wisdom. And in return you'll learn a little about the world." The Elemental said with a booming voice "Hey Gyro go get me my pencil and papers." The familiar let out a low purr before dissapearing into the sandy shore. "(Let's see if this kid has a little smarts under the hood)."
  23. Solnis was thinking about questions " Okay, first. Why humans doesn't like Deity's children, becouse they are jealous or scare? Second, Why do we even care about humans, we didn't need them, like... At all? Third and the last, Becouse My Parent never told me, how this world begin? You don't have to answer the last one, I think that isn't necessary" he told to Adam, then he created a circle of his Light sword copies and he made for Deity something like a chair from them.
  24. PyroTechnical157

    PyroTechnical157 Previously DarkIllousion157

    "Human's minds only work when confronted with problems, when something superior comes to mind, especially when it's their own, humans either worship it or rebel the idea." He replied "We care because we are good and care to them like we care about our own children." Gyro returned with his Pencil and a notebook. "That one even I do not know and I am one with the earth. Take that for what it means." He sat crisscrossed taking off his hood and revealing his Brown hair and green eyes "Go on keep asking, try more difficult questions."
  25. Sirena got on Reef's back and once she did, the water horse swam up to the surface, where Sirena got off his back. But once Sirena saw the Earth element, she instantly smiled sense she hadnt seen any of the other elements in ages.

    "Earth boy, its been forever luv" Sirena teased as she walked on to the sand. "Anyway, you got my attention, what do you two need?" Sirena questioned.
  26. PyroTechnical157

    PyroTechnical157 Previously DarkIllousion157

    The Earth elemental stood up extremely fast "Sirena...It's been a long time. I've come for two things and two things only. A sudden burst of elemental energy and a warning." He looked down at the sand and spoke slowly "My palace has been attacked recently by dark elves and other creatures of darkness. I had to close off my temple completely and keep my studies and creatures inside." He kneeled down next to his feline "They're still outside trying to break the walls down. I couldn't get to the others but you're my best option. The only way I can get in or out is with Gizmo and even then he still needs a few minutes before he can go with others." He took a deep breath "I know you have other elementals somewhere around here. I figured that you could use the small oasis I have and the others you have around here could help me take back my temple." The earth diety pleaded "Please." He said putting his hood back on, concealing his face and standing back up and putting a hand on her shoulder
  27. "You know I wont hesitate to help you, us and the other elements built this world and so if I have to help you put creatures back in their places, then so be it" Sirena stated with a smile. "And that burst of energy you felt...it was Morana, the daughter of the Fire element, I sense incredible power from her" the water empress stated with a sigh
  28. PyroTechnical157

    PyroTechnical157 Previously DarkIllousion157

    "Thank you Sirena. I'm very grateful." He said "Well I also have Sunny's kid here so that makes four, but where is the firestarter?" He asked looking around "Other than that I've been itching to catch up." He said with a faint smile.
  29. "What do you mean four? Did you forget that my daughter also has powers? Just because Cascade is my daughter doesnt mean she's as weak as me, in fact Im sure she can beat Sunny boy over there" Sirena exclaimed a bit offended sense she hated it when people forgot about her daughter Cascade
  30. PyroTechnical157

    PyroTechnical157 Previously DarkIllousion157

    "Not that I forgot, I just don't think she'll want to come. I mean.....My palace is literally in the middle of a desert...in a land locked country....I'm literally the king of the earth....I just don't think she's suited to the land." He said "She probably can't even walk properly. You know what I haven't seen her since she was merely a child, just go down there and get the two kids I'll stay up here and watch Sunny's kid." He then turned to Solis "What's your name anyway kid?"
  31. "Solis, Known for humans as a Ray" said Solin to them then he felt that someone is looking at them, he created a sword and before he attacked someone yelled "Please don't attack me" from the hid a human revealed himself. He ran to the Adam and he said to the Solis "Can you leave us alone" Solis noded and he flew to the sky and he waited here "I have a message from Deity of the Sun to first another Deity I will met on my way to Ray. You see, Powerfull Deity of the Earth. Ray failed on his mission for the first time, So His parent don't want to see him in the palace, if he will help you and you will tell that to Sun Deity, He will return to home. Be awere that Ray have something bad in him, we don't know what but he didn't like his parent" Messanger said then he yelled at the Solis "You can return now, if you will be helpful for the another Deity, you will return to the Palace". Then he turned once again to Adam "Remember, he can be dangerous. He was in situation to thinking about... Nevermind, have an eye on him" then he headed to the Sun Palace probably. "From the tool to a borrowed tool" Solis said in mind.
  32. PyroTechnical157

    PyroTechnical157 Previously DarkIllousion157

    "Alright. Ray you can come down!" He yelled into the air "After our mission you'll stay with me for a little bit. I could use a little help in the field." Trare looked around and then played the harp inside his hood and made a type of gateway "This'll help Gyro when he transports us." He then secured it to his back where he kept the relic.
  33. Sirena dove back into the ocean and swam down until she saw her daughter with the fire child.

    "Cascade and Morana we need to go to the surface to help a friend of mine" Sirena stated before swimming back up.

    Cascade smiled at Morana before swimming back up to the surface with her mom. When she reached the surface, she saw that her mother was already there. "Cascade, my little sea kelp come here~" Sirena cooed before picking up her daughter and smling at her tiny replica
  34. Ray saw a harp in the Deity hand "So, this is a Harp of Earth...I saw once Loxin of the Sun, that things can have enormous power" he said to Adam "I used to train fight against My parent who was using a Liuxin... Good times" then he looked at his sword and saw that it is still covered in blood from previous fight "hm, I must clean this before it will dry for forever" Solis said and he started to clean his sword then he looked at Adam "Your harp can't get dirty, can it"
  35. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Morana swam up towards the surface as she reached the surface the water began to boil, she she made a startled cry and leapt from the we water. She really needed to cool down she turned from the water and saw everyone she and Hunter walked over to them. She asked Sirena, "why did you want us" she looked at the earth dirty and the boy and said "who are they" she was beginning to get confused.
  36. "Oh, You already forget me... That's sad. My name is Ray, Fire girl" said Solis after he ended cleaning his sword. He came closer to Morana and wispered "We will help Deity of Earth with his small problem in the palace, I hope you won't burn me to the ground" and he quickly jumped away, after that he sat on the beach and he was looking at the group.
  37. Clarissa was just taking a fly when she saw smoke, and a lot of it. It was off in the distance, but she decided to investigate anyway. Soon, however, the smoke began to thin out. Confused, the Daughter of the Sky sped up. This definitely piqued her curiosity, and that was something that she usually acted on. However, her powers were still a little shaky, and she began to lose altitude. "Wh-whoa!" Claire exclaimed, trying hard to slow her descent. She landed on her feet, and her familiar, Aria, landed next to her and mewed, looking up at the teen. "I know, should've stopped sooner, sorry," Claire apologized, "but I was just really curious about whatever that smoke was about! We should be close now, I think I might have even seen people. They probably saw us, too," she added thoughtfully. "Maybe if we hurry, we can say hi! Let's go!" And with that, the duo raced off. Claire's scarf trailed behind her, whipping in the wind. They reached the group on the beach rather quickly. Claire was breathing heavily, but smiled nonetheless. "Hi!" she said cheerfully, waving.
  38. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Morana frowned at Ray and turned to face the newcomer "hi there, are you a child of a deity as well" she waved and smiled at the girl and attempted to light her own hand on fire but instead set fire to the ground around her feet, with a little yelp she quickly attempted to pay the fire down with her feet, but it just got worse, "damn fire powers" she muttered.
  39. Sirena sighed before making the water cool damp the sand so that Morana couldnt accidentally light the whole beach on fire again.

    Cascade jumped down from her moms arms before tugging at her moms dress, "mommy, show them what you can do with your voice" Cascade pleaded as she pointed at Ray. "His parent lets him see their elemental power, why wont you she me yours" Cascade whined but thsn covered her mouth in embarrassment.

    "Cascade, if you wanted to see my powers you could have just asked" Sirena calmly stated, "but showing it to you here isnt a good time, remember Cascade, my powers control anything of liquid which means you could get hurt even if I just hum a song" the deity stated as she patted her daughters small head
  40. Ray smiled at Morana to show her that he was only teasing her, when He saw the new face he said "hi" to Clarissa. Then he stood up and he added "Do you want to help us, if not then this is ok". He turned around and he said to Cascade "You know that my parent never want to give me a chance in my trainings... He always looked like he tries to kill me" he then came to the Adam "Okay, how far away is your palace or where it is" he asked him and then after everything he sat again and he started to creating swords from Light for a training and ended up with a 167 "That schould be enough"

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