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Private/Closed Elder-Veil: Magical World Discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Frontier Master, Jun 29, 2019.

  1. Welcome to the medieval land of Elder-Veil, a land where magic is everywhere, the people, the animals, the very land itself.
    There are currently NO MAJOR kingdoms, races or factions in the world instead Elder-veil consists of multiple smaller races/factions. Each rper will be allowed to create and control ONE race/faction with a unique magic system, such as volcanic magic, made from the mixture of two of the below the elements.
    (Magic with three of more Base Elements will develop as the RP goes on and alliances form or factions expand)
    Your aim as leader of your faction is to expand your factions influence be it through diplomacy or violence.

    -No overpowered magic systems without a suitable drawback
    -All replies need to be at least a decent sized paragraph, though with the intended scale of this RP, larger posts are likely to be necessary
    -This RP could end up becoming very intense so I would appreciate if people were honest about their ability to take part
    -If someone has already taken a particular magic system for their race unfortunately you’ll have to find another. Though different systems can share the same Base Elements provided the derivative Magic systems are different enough
    -Your race is not tied down to using only your unique magic system but it should be the primary one. Other forms of the pure base elements are also allowed.
    -Your faction is allowed to comprise multiple races provided they are united under one magic system and government.

    (If you’d like to make an addition to this list DM me)


    The following are considered ‘General Magic’ and therefore available to all factions, should they wish to use it. Though the method for performing this magic may vary between factions.

    (More May be added in time)

    The following are not allowed in any way, shape or form in this rp

    Blood magic
    (More May be added in time)

    Government structure:

    Characteristics: (of inhabitants)

    Military presence: in the society /5
    Military structure:

    Importance of magic to faction: (how closely linked is magic to culture) /5

    Base Elements:
    How to Use: (if complex)
    Equipment/Materials needed?:


    Intelligence: /10
    Wisdom: /10
    Strength: /10
    Power: /10
    Constitution: /10
    Charisma: /10
    Dexterity: /10

    (maximum total 45/70)
    Intelligence: /10 (book smarts)
    - High Intelligence grants you greater knowledge of magic and strategy while low intelligence means your character may struggle with planning or organisation

    Wisdom: /10 (experienced)
    - High Wisdom grants a greater understanding of the world and its inhabitants, allowing for innovative solutions to problems. Low Wisdom however leads to rigid or naive thinking

    Strength: /10 (Physical strength)
    - High Strength grants you a physical prowess in order to best perform on the battle field or intimidate your enemies, low strength leaves you looking weak and an easy target, as well as being unable to defend yourself.

    Power: /10 (Magical strength)
    - High Power allows access to more powerful spells and a greater degree of control over these spells while low power restricts you to basic spells and little control over it

    Constitution: /10 (How healthy they are)
    - Higher Constitution allows you to keep going after injury while low constitution can leave you frail and fragile

    Charisma: /10 (Ability to communicate, co-ordinate and persuade)
    - High charisma allows you to charm, converse and persuade while low charisma leaves you barely capable of speech

    Dexterity: /10 (Balance and precision of movement)
    - High Dexterity allows for graceful flourishes and maneuvers while low dexterity leaves you clumsy and off-balance

    Here’s mine

    Name: Horizon Empire
    Location: The Floating Mountain Ranges of the West
    Description: The amalgamation of the two former factions of the northern most of the Floating mountain ranges, the Earth controlling Terrians and the Wind Master Nexians. With the two races living equally under the rule of the Hybrid Emperor the ‘Zenith’
    Government structure: Imperial, Horizon society is compartmentalized by task and purpose, with all aspects of society feeding up to the Emperors council

    Characteristics-Nexian: slim figured humanoid creatures with large hawk-like eyes. Their traditional dress consists of sunset coloured robes with fabric between the limbs to allow for gliding much like a wingsuit.

    Characteristics-Terrian: Stocky and muscular earth-toned humanoids with thick boney plates all over their bodies. Their traditional dress consists of thicker leather or hide garments with large metal gauntlets and boots to help with the manipulation of Earth.

    Military presence in society:
    3/5 - Moderate
    Military structure: divided into three pillars based on the three racial backgrounds of Horizon society. The Nexians fight from the air, utilising strafing runs and dives to disrupt enemy attack formations while the Terrians fight far more head on charging into battle or sending volleys of rocks toward opponents. The final division of the Horizon military is the elite Horizon Guard, comprised solely of Hybrids, they fight by combining the two disciplines into an adaptable and unpredictable onslaught.

    Importance of magic to faction: 5/5 - Very important as it is the only way the two races have been able to thrive in the Floating Mountain Ranges.

    Name: Horizon
    Base Elements: Air and Earth
    Description: Though a natural affinity for the Elements of Earth and Air Horizians can manipulate the elements through specific movements.
    Drawback: physical movement is needed in order to use the magic and manipulate the elements thus any form of restriction will weaken them
    Equipment/Materials needed?: None, provided Earth and Air are available the magic can be used

    Name: Tor-Lok
    Title: Zenith
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: 5’7 with Orange Nexian Eyes, and subtle Terrian plates on entire body, most noticeably his arms and legs. His physique is somewhere between muscular and slim with broad shoulders yet a very graceful manner of movement.
    Clothing: his ceremonial outfit combines that of Nexian and Terrian traditional dress with the flowing Sunset Robes over the top of Terrian plated leather armor. Above his brow rests a circlet seemingly made from two separate pieces held together by a series of crystals with glow like a brilliant sunset. The upper piece made of impossibly fine rays of luminous gold while the lower consists of a hand forged band engraved and shaped to form a mountain range over the Emperors brow
    Armor: somewhat similar to his ceremonial dress given the shared Terrian armor on however his battle robes are now made of a thicker more resilient fabric minimalised so as to not impair movement or agility.
    Personality: Somewhat aloof at times Tor-Lok sees himself as a visionary leader for the Horizon Empire, striving to leave his mark on history. Though the wisdom of his Uncle the Spiritual leader of the Empire has been able to temper the young Zenith’s ambitions away from initiating violence.
    Equipment: A thick pair of matching Terrian Gaunlets and boots designed to be used as makeshift shields should Tor-Lok’s Magical defenses fail
    Weapon(?): carries a Naginata at all times, with a spiked spine along the blade. As well as a Khopesh strapped to his back and an assortment of knives in pockets and sheathes around his body.

    Intelligence: 6/10
    Wisdom: 6/10
    Strength: 7/10
    Power: 8/10
    Constitution: 7/10
    Charisma: 4/10
    Dexterity: 7/10
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  2. Very interested. I'll start building a bio. I'm hoping to come up with one that I like before the end of the day.
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  3. I might join, but it'll take me some time to process the complexity of this due to being hot and tired atm.

    Another question I have is how does beast magic work; does it allow you to transform into or harness power from a certain type of creature?
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  4. Just out of curiosity. Do you have any future plot points built up so we’re not all just kinda standing around? Or do you wish for us all to collaborate and create points together?
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  5. Up to you really, they are called Base Elements for a reason they are meant to be broad and open to interpretation
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  6. Both, I have a few early ideas for starting points but the aim is that everyone will have their own agenda
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  7. One other question. Are we directly fusing these magical abilities or simply using them in tandem? Your character sheet makes it seem like your faction simply manipulated both.

    Edit: I understand this magic will be fused, but have we reached that stage yet?
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  8. Your individual faction might already have fused magic like mine does but at this stage there won’t be fused magic between RPers factions
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  9. Final one, I promise.

    I know you want the magic to be very open ended, and I like that. But as of right now, it may be to open ended. What would you say the limit is on Magic’s destructive capabilities? This rp seems it’ll be relying on combat quite a bit so I wanna know the peak, as to formulate a decent starting point and build from there.

    As an example, what would you say are some of the basic abilities of your faction? You can use another example if you wish to not give to much away.
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  10. The destructive power of the magic will depend on the magic type and how your faction utilizes it.

    I forgot to mention that once the rp is ready to start there will be a period of balancing and adjustments if necessary.

    For example the Horizon military could hypothetically turn entire Floating mountains into mobile fortresses capable of flattening towns or cities under a literal mountain but they won’t because that’s too extreme.

    TL/DR don’t worry too much about it too much at this stage we will sort it out soon, but to sum it up magic shouldn’t be solely destructive you should have constructive uses built into your magic system much like the horizon’s use of Earth magic to build their cities and air magic to traverse the ever changing terrain
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  12. This sounds very interesting, I'll see if I can get a bio up today
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  13. Before I make my bio, I must ask if transformation is an available use of magic?
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  14. That Depends what did you have in mind?
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  15. What I had in mind was a type of organization made from a wealthy and feared family who specialized in beast magic, one such ability was to turn people into monstrous super soldiers of different shapes and sizes. There would also be two types: The first type are the intelligent ones that are usually given to the best soldiers or the family that founded the organization, these ones can change between their monster or regular forms.
    The second type are the mindless ones, their only differences are that they're barely able to think and behave as animals would and are stuck in their monster forms. However they can be tamed by a certain group of soldiers. These types of monsters are usually made from criminals.
  16. I probably forgot to mention this is meant to be a medieval setting just to clarify
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  17. Hmmmm well I’m not sure how I feel about the whole forcibly created army of mindless beasts

    I feel like it’s a little too close to the forbidden magic of possession

    I like the first part though
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  18. If it's not up to what you're after, I'll make the bio without the latter type of transformation.
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  19. Sounds great
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  20. Awesome, lemmie just get to proper thinking on the bio and I'll try and make it as soon as I can. (I'd make it now, but I'd rather wait until I don't have to worry about a potential headache.)
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  21. Due to how much I have to do and how little time I have, I'll get it done tomorrow.
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  22. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Name: Infernal Shadow
    Description: A strong military force that thrive in darkness. They live well away from enemy sights.
    Location: 500 feet beneath the eastern forest.
    Government structure: Rebellion, Leader is chosen for their combat prowess and then a council is elected, resources are shared equally and everyone above the age of 16 and below 70 fights.

    Characteristics: Essentially human but are very pale as they inhabit caves deep beneath the ground, all in habitants in the military also wear full black steel armour with dark red detailing. All of the people in this factions eyes are really sensitive to the sun.

    Military presence: 5/5
    Military structure: Ranked:
    Highest rank
    Commander Nightshade (Comm. E. Nightshade)
    General Sorin Brightburn (Gen. S. Brightburn)
    Major Hawk Oaken (Maj. H. Oaken)
    Captain Jax Stagmite (Cap. J. Stagmite)
    Lieutenant Lucifer Mortalus (Lieut. L. Mortalus)
    Corporal Jonathan Shademoor (Corp. J. Shademoor)
    Lowest Rank

    Importance of magic to faction: 4/5
    Name: Infernal
    Base Elements: Fire and Dark
    Description: All can use dark shadowy magic, like illusions and shadow traveling, but experienced users of the factions can intertwine fire magic into their arsenal.
    Drawback: All of their magic requires it to be dark/or without natural light.
    Equipment/Materials needed?: When the faction can't use magic they have a wide assortment of weaponry.
    Name: Ember Nightshade
    Title(s): Commander Nightshade, Commander Shadow
    Age: 25
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: 5' 8", skinny, long grey hair with orange dyed tips, pale skin, green eyes and a tattoo of a flame on her palm.
    Clothing: She always wears the full black steel armour, minus the helmet, underneath she wears a hooded tunic, trousers and some thick leather gloves, her mask is a simple blank steel face mask half black half dark red. She does sometimes remove the mask and hood, but has to wear the mask in the sun.
    Personality: Ember is semi-chilled for a faction leader, she can be harsh and leader like when required but prefers to be polite, kind and friendly to most people. She is however pretty ruthless in battle.
    Equipment: Her mask is fitted with night vision illusion enchantments. She also has a wrist bracer that has both a grapple and a hidden diamond edged gold blade.
    Weapons: Mahogany bow, a diamond edged dagger and a black and dark red painted steel katana.

    Intelligence: 6/10
    Wisdom: 6/10
    Strength: 6/10
    Power: 7/10
    Constitution: 7/10
    Charisma: 4/10
    Dexterity: 9/10
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  23. This rp is set in a medieval setting so combat gear and HUDs are a no
    If you adjust the application I’ll take another look
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  24. So what’s the perspective in this rp supposed to be?
    From the Faction Leader? The entire faction? An up and coming member of said faction? Etc.
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  25. Primarily the faction leader though another perspective character, if well established, should be fine
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  26. Name: K'yptothans (Kee-ip-toth-ins)
    Description: Reclusive society consisting of the immensely strong but blind ape race known as the K'yptothans. Their generally ugly exteriors lead to them being shunned and scorned by many of the other races, so they fled to the snowy peaks and valleys of the K'yptoth Mountains in the far north in order to escape their fiery eyes and cold steel.
    Location: K'yptoth (Kee-ip-toth) Mountains
    Government Structure: Patriarchal/Tribal - The leader of a tribe of K'yptothans is known as the Cheiftan, and his wife is known as the Shaman. They are responsible for defense of the tribe and the teaching of magic, respectively. After that are the Chieftan's Generals, who are responsible for commanding the forces that actually patrol and defend K'yptothan territory. Next are the Wardens, who are the common soldiers of the K'yptothans. Finally are the Folk, the common people.

    Characteristics: The most distinguishing feature of a K'yptothan is it's eyes, or rather it's lack of eyes. While many races may share the 8 foot tall stature, densely packed muscle, or short, thick fur of the K'yptothans, the complete lack of eyes is what sets this race apart. Their faces consist of a mouth full of large teeth and two jutting tusks used for tearing open foes, and a wide and flat nose that gives the K'yptothans their incredible sense of smell. It is said that if you can see the fog made from a K'yptothan's breath, it could smell you for miles before you got that close. They are also known for the keen hearing, and it is said that they developed such strong senses after their eyesight was taken by their gods. Military presence: 3/5

    Military structure: Chieftain commands forces, Generals make sure commands are delivered and carried out, Wardens do the heavy lifting.

    Importance of magic to faction: 3/5 - Air magic is used to enhance the K'yptothan's already incredible senses of hearing and smell.

    Name: K'yothice (Kee-oth-iss)
    Base Elements: Air and Water
    Description: K'yothice is an offshoot of basic water magic that encompasses ice rather than liquid water. They can freeze the moisture in air, control existing snow and ice semi-telekinetically, and they can form whatever shape they want out of ice as easily as running their hand over it. K'yothice also encompasses the use of air magic to enhance the user's senses of smell and hearing.
    Drawbacks: Manipulating K'yothice leads to the body temperature of the user being lowered, and over/extended use can lead to hypothermia and freezing to death. It also requires the user to physically move their body (though often only as much as their fingers), so if the user is for whatever reason completely paralyzed they cannot use their magic.

    Name: Ikran K'othal (Kee-oath-ul)
    Title: High Chief
    Age: 53 (Relatively young compared to the 200+ year lifespan of the K'yptothans)
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Standing at 10 feet tall and weighing a monstrous 1.5 tons, Ikran is taller and more muscular than most other K'yptothans. His short fur is a light grey in color, and it covers the entirety of his muscle-packed body. Only his face is completely hairless, and the tusks that make K'yptothans famous are even more pronounced in Ikran's mouth. As the High Chief, Ikran's tusks are 6 inches long and are serrated on the side facing away from the inside of his mouth.
    Clothing: Ikran wears the common fashion of his people: a leather tunic and pants, along with undergarments made from the wool of the mountain rams that K'yptothans raise as their only livestock. When Ikran goes into battle he wears an set of chain-mail armor underneath pieces of leather/steel layered armor.
    Personality: Ikran is extremely stubborn and arrogant, traits born from a combination of being among the most physically powerful of his race and believing his own ideas to be superior to those of people he believes to be dumber than him.
    Equipment: As mentioned before, Ikran wears a set of chain-mail armor underneath many pieces of leather/steel layered armor. The most important pieces of equipment in his arsenal are Ikran's steel gauntlets, which make Ikran's punches much more devastating than they would be with bare fists.
    Weapon(?): In rare circumstances, Ikran may use a pair of simple steel maces in combat. While he does own these weapons, he rarely carries them on a daily basis.

    Attributes (maximum total 45/70)
    7/10 (book smarts)
    Wisdom: 5/10 (experienced)
    Strength: 10/10 (Physical strength)
    Power: 4/10 (Magical strength)
    Constitution: 7/10 (How healthy they are)
    Charisma: 5/10 (Ability to persuade)
    Dexterity: 7/10 (Balance and precision of movement)
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  27. I’ll wait for the leader bio then
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  28. I'll start putting together an almanac of places, people, and magic once we get started so everyone has a single place to reference for information.
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  29. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Faction edited
  30. accepted but shadow traveling will need to be kept to an absolute minimum as it has the potential to become teleporting which ruins most of the defensive abilities of other factions
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  31. I know a leader bio is required, but I’m tempted to make a second bio for the leader’s child.
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  32. You're welcome to if they will be your secondary perspective character
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  33. Also with the beast magic I have planned, I should ask what are the limits on mythical creatures? And I mean as in which ones exist?
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  34. How does this sound basic creatures are free play. If it’s a standard creature or a big animal then it’s free call but don’t go over the top with it all.

    Advanced creatures will be bound to another element meaning you need to either conquest or alliance for them. Basically if a creature would often have magical or supernatural powers it’s advanced. Your leader can have access to ONE advanced creature.

    Normal animals and Larger animals
    Dire wolves

    Dragons - Beast + 2 other elements
    Golems - Beast + Earth
    Unicorns - Beast + Light
    Pegasi - Beast + Air
    Basilisks - Beast + Dark
    Spriggan - Beast + Nature
    Hippocampus - Beast + Water
    Phoenix - Beast + Fire

    If you’re unsure about which categories other creatures would fit into let me know, these are just some ideas I came up with.
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  35. It took me a long time to write up, but I'm finally done and really hope it's sufficient.

    Name: Apex Syndicate
    Location: The Frozen Fields of the North East
    Description: An organization founded by the notorious and wealthy Magala family who specialized in beast magic and have discovered a powerful ritual, but were exiled after all the outcries against it. Thanks to the Magala's wealth, they managed to slowly build their own organization no different to that of a mafia.
    Government structure: Due to being no different to a crime syndicate, it's not likely the Syndicate has it's own laws and thus doesn't comply with others very easily.

    Characteristics-Humans: The most common species around with nothing distinguishable about themselves. Their dress code mainly consists of Bronze armor plating above Black under clothing, because of the cold climate they now live in, every soldier wears a fur cloak.

    Characteristics-Unseen: The most secretive of the Syndicate and are the spies or assassins of the organization. Their dress code mainly consists of Black robes that cover the whole body while the face is covered with a simple looking mask, underneath these robes is ninja like clothing. Sometimes there are a few Unseen that simply wear casual clothing to blend into civilization.

    Characteristics-Bearers: The best warriors of the Apex syndicate who have all been given a special ability to transform into a monstrous super soldier, these monsters come in different shapes and sizes. These Bearers don't wear any armor but make up for it with very special Jet black ankle long coats decorated with fur on the edges and a few steel plates. They discard them upon transformation.

    Military presence: 3/5 Moderate

    Military structure:
    The first division are the usual footmen who wield many different types of weapons, despite being loosely organized, they are well trained in what they do. There are the 'Unseen' that are equivalent to that of assassins who sneak behind enemy lines for silent and deadly approaches, sometimes they disguise themselves as civilians. The final division are the monstrous super soldiers known as 'Bearers' who can transform into monstrous beings that are made from the best in the syndicate and serve as a symbol of fear and strength.

    Importance of magic to faction: 4/5 Important as it is the Magala's reason for their power as well as a badge of honor for warriors who are as loyal to the Magala family as they are strong in combat.

    Name: Bearer Ritual
    Base Elements: Beast
    Description: This power allows the 'Bearers' to transform their bodies into powerful and ferocious monsters that can come in any shape and size with three known variants: First are the monsters that look like giant animals, Second are those that look more like anthropomorphic animals and the Third variant are abnormal amalgamations of different animals. This ability is usually gifted to the Apex Syndicate's most loyal and powerful warriors as well as the entire Magala family.
    Drawback: It takes them between half to a full minute in order to transform, so a Bearer is required to be within a safe area in order to transform. This ability can only be given to those after puberty as young children won't feel any different after the ritual, it has been estimated that they have to be 16-17 in order to be granted the power of a Bearer... but they make it 18+ to be on the safe side.
    Equipment/Materials needed?: The only thing needed to turn someone into a bearer is to make them drink the blood of a Bearer in beast form... and becoming a bearer is said to be extremely painful...

    Name: Gareth Magala
    Title: Alpha, Boss, Gareth the Gruesome
    Age: 47
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: A tall man who stands at 6'2" with a lean and muscular build, his skin is extremely Pale whilst his long, bushy hair is a Chocolate brown, his eyes are Fuchsia colored and has a goatee.
    When in his beast form, his size is 50% bigger than usual, his whole body becomes covered with fur the same color as his hair and gains several appendages much like that of a wolf and a small set of bat like wings that only reach from his wrists to his forearms, thus only able to use them for gliding more than flying.
    Clothing: He wears a common Fuchsia shirt with a Black vest on top, Black pants and black shoes. Due to the cold weather, he wears a large Fuchsia cloak with thick White fur linings.
    Personality: A serious and somewhat cruel man who enjoys the thrill of battle, but after his exile, he's become a lot more stoic and strict toward his men. Despite this, he shows a great amount of love for his son and only wants him to become a great leader for the Apex Syndicate.
    Weapon: A large two handed axe with Celtic runes and a few crystals decorated on it, the axe is said to be a precious Magala family heirloom.

    Attributes (maximum total 45/70)
    Intelligence: 7/10 (book smarts)
    Wisdom: 6/10 (experienced)
    Strength: 9/10 (Physical strength)
    Power: 5/10 (Magical strength)
    Constitution: 6/10 (How healthy they are)
    Charisma: 4/10 (Ability to persuade)
    Dexterity: 8/10 (Balance and precision of movement)

    Name: Marduk Magala
    Title: Beta, Boss
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Stands at 5'11" with a lean and athletic build, like his father, he has Pale skin, Fuchsia eyes and short, smooth Dark brown hair.
    His beast form appears to look a lot like a bear with an owl's head and large bird wings tucked in to the arms so well that you would think he didn't have any. Both of his fur and feathers are Silver whilst his beak and claws were Black with Beige hues and solid Fuchsia eyes that glow in the dark. His feathers while pretty are extremely sharp.
    Clothing: He wears an attire similar to his father, but the vest is replaced with a long Black coat a lot like a Bearer's, but with, a Fuchsia inside, a more frayed tail and high spiked collar.
    Personality: Like his father, he relishes battling, however, he his more honorable and knows when and when not to strike an enemy down (almost). He looks up to his father to a great degree and does everything he can to impress him. He can also be flirty toward a few women and blush when they compliment him or what he does.
    Weapon: Dual sais and throwing knives. In beast form, he can shoot his razor feathers that easily replaces his throwing knives

    Attributes (maximum total 45/70)
    Intelligence: 6/10 (book smarts)
    Wisdom: 5/10 (experienced)
    Strength: 8/10 (Physical strength)
    Power: 5/10 (Magical strength)
    Constitution: 6/10 (How healthy they are)
    Charisma: 5/10 (Ability to persuade)
    Dexterity: 10/10 (Balance and precision of movement)
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  36. Just to clarify the leader attributes a little more i have expanded the descriptions slightly to detail the consequences of overly high or low skills
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  37. Accepted but just to be clear your two leaders are the only two allowed to have those Chimera-esque monster forms, the others have to be only one beast
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  38. Basically more of variants from one specific animal only?
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  39. Accepted
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  40. You're allowed some variation in different beast types but each soldier can only have elements of one beast and please keep them to a fair level, I know you can RP well but just a gentle reminder not to go overboard with an otherwise awesome concept

    To give you an example of what I mean you can hypothetically have werewolves (Wolf+human) but not a winged sphinx (Human + Lion & Eagle) or other hybrids
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