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Open Elder Scrolls: Death Of Thalmor

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Ethereal_Whispers, Jul 3, 2017.


What region of Tamriel is your favourite?

  1. Skyrim

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  2. Hammerfell

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  3. Cyrodil

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  4. Valenwood

  5. Elsweyr

  6. High Rock

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  7. Morrowind

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  8. Summerset Isle

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  9. Black Marsh

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  1. The imperials have captured the rebels near the border of Skyrim, including a thief, an Argonian, and plenty of rebels. Things play out much like the opening of Skyrim but soon after a new threat rises, Thalmor. Large in numbers its a threat like no other pushing the remnants of the now shattered imperial influence out of Skyrim into places all over the continent of Tamriel.

    1. All Pokecharms general rules
    2. No one time posts
    3. If you create a character please do not just vanish and never post on the main thread.
    4. Slight gore and romance is allowed but nothing over the top.
    5. Keep things within reason.
    6. If you wish to play a canon character message me.
    7. You can have up to four character as long as you can keep track of them.

    Race: (Nord, Khajiit, etc.)
    Active Effects:

    The Dragonborn will not be in this rp due to obvious reasons
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  2. Name: K'Tarr Xahnir
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    Race: Khajiit
    Personality: K'Tarr is intelligent and persuasive. While he may not act the intelligent part, he is. He often cracks jokes and uses humor as a defense mechanism. He's usually rather easy to get along with and is always there if someone were to need a shoulder. He's had a lot of practice in that regard. He oftne has trouble socializing with women.
    Appearance: Tall, although a bit on the skinny side, K'Tarr stands at a staggering 6'3", very tall for a Khajiit. K'Tarr's fur is black with white warpaint. The paint is in the design of a tiger. He has long, black hair that stops in the middle of his shoulder blades. He wears the topless variant of Skyrim's fur armor, along with hide boots and nordic-styled steel gauntlets. He has two Nordic Carved axes at his sides. He also has a necklace that looks similar to the Gauldur Amulet, but is in actuality not related to it in the slightest.
    Strengths: Destruction and Conjuration Magic, close quarters combat, persuasion
    Weaknesses: Socializing with women, talking about himself or his past, restoration magic
    Powers: Adept-level Destruction and Conjuration spells, Nighteye
    Active Effects: Claws
    Occupation: Freelance Mercenary and Bounty Hunter
    Background: N/A (I want to make it known throughout the RP, but not off the bat.)

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