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Open Egg Hatchers: Journey Through Johto

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Red_The_Champion, Jun 19, 2018.

  1. (Start with a Pokemon Egg and then make your way through Johto. Any Pokemon from any generation is fine except Legendaries, UBs, and Mythical! Have fun with this and please feel free to let me know for suggestions!)

    Seb got out of bed and stared intently at the egg that lay in front of him. The Professor promised a rare Pokemon would come out of it, though what kind of Pokemon could it possibly be? He really wanted a Starter Pokemon, but the color of the egg did not match any of the colors of the Starter Eggs. As a matter of fact, instead of being red, green, or blue, the egg was a purple color. "GAAAAAAAAH! I'M DONE WAITING!" See grabbed the egg and biked his way over to the Pokemon Center to see approximately how long it would take for this egg to hatch. This experiment isn't gonna work, thought Seb. Multiple kids had been assigned eggs to see the ideal living conditions of Pokemon, but Seb completely disagreed with that ideology.
  2. James had been riding on his bike, not knowing what to do next, He didn't get a starter pokemon, instead got a hand-me-down egg, Who knows, it might not even hatch! He was extremely frustrated because he got an EGG instead of an awesome pokemon, Oh well, he had to live for it. "God, This egg might never hatch, Might as well keep riding my bike. Maybe I should stop by the pokemon center, Maybe they can tell me when it's gonna hatch." He thought, changing his route to the pokemon center.

    (Sorry for another post after the next, but i feel as if there should have been more to that)
    James had rode his bike into the pokemon center. He saw seb on his way, but didn't really pay attention to him, His blue-and-red egg was bothering him, because none of the starter pokemon eggs were red and blue, To his research, atleast, He was kind of excited, and wondered what would pop out of the egg, he was gonna give the egg to nurse joy, But then it wiggled a little. it must be close to hatching! he thought, He stuffed it in his backpack, and took it off and set it on his lap, and he sat in a chair, He looked at it, His face lit up, as the egg wiggled again.
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  3. Kai woke up, feeling great. He looked on the kitchen counter and saw an egg with a note. The note said that Kai parents were going to be away, and he needs to leave the home instead of be by himself. The egg was colored black, blue, and a bit of violet. Kai got filled with much excitement and went to the nearest Pokemon center. He saw two others, and said hi to them. "Hey you guys got Pokemon eggs too?" One of the kid's egg wiggled. Kai said, "Woah. Is it about to hatch?!"
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  4. James had suddenly noticed kai, at first he didn't know what to say, But he thought he should great himself, "Oh, Hello, My name is james, Yeah. I got a pokemon egg too, And... I think it's about to hatch, It's wiggled a lot." James looked at his egg, He wondered what it could possibly be. He was too excited to think, What will come out of the egg? Thats all he wanted to know then, And then he remembered. "Oh, I got lost in thought there, What's your name?"
  5. "Wow it has wiggled a lot! I can't wait to see what it hatches into! Good luck! Also, my names Kai, what's yours?" said Kai. Kai seemed very, very happy about an egg hatching right before his eyes, so he decided to stick with James for a bit. He wanted to get to know James, maybe even battle him with the Pokemon that come out of the eggs, after they get stronger, of course.
  6. James felt much more relaxed, Kai seemed like a friendly person. "Thanks, And my name is james, Nice to meet you kai!" The egg was shaking more violently then before now. "It's definitely going to hatch very soon, I'm ready for it." He anticipated that it was gonna hatch any second, it wasn't much. but a small light came from in it. and then another light. there were two lights coming out of it, It was certainly about to hatch.
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  7. Kai said, "Nice to meet you too, James!" Kai saw the two lights. He got very excited to see he newly hatched pokemon come out of the egg. "I can't wait to see what it turns into! Hopefully it comes out to be a cool pokemon or a cute one!" Kai waited for the egg to hatch, hoping it could be liked by James.
  8. "Woah..." James said as the egg glew brightly. and gible came out. "It's... It's... ADORABLE!" The gible smiled and bit his head. "I'm gonna have to get used to that, arn't I?" He said, "Well on the bright side, gible is pretty cool, and it seems to like me."
  9. "Wow! I love it!" said Kai. "Hopefully mine will be like that too! Hey James, after my egg hatches, you wanna start a journey together as friendly rivals? It would be awesome!" As Kai said that, his egg moved 5 times. "Woah! Is it gonna hatch?" The egg moved at least 3 more times. Kai waited to see if his egg would hatch on the same day as James's egg.
  10. "Thanks! I love it too. I wonder what kinds of things it can do." Gible used iron head on james, "Owww.... that wasn't comfortable, And a journey? Sure! That sounds like fun! Oh, and looks like your egg is close to hatching. I wonder what will come out?" He questioned. excited for the adventures to come.
  11. "Cool!" said Kai. "I can't wait to start a journey!" Kai's egg moved a bunch of times until it flashed twice. "Is it about to hatch?" Kai could just feel it hatching, and he could imagine what it would be like to have a Pokemon and travel with James and his Gible throughout Johto. That was a good feeling for Kai. The egg hatched into a Deino.
    Kai opened his mouth widely. "A Deino! Yes, a Deino! Hey James, do you like it?" said Kai. Kai hoped that James would like it.
  12. James was shocked at the sight of two pokemon hatching one after another quickly, He was excited to journey with kai, Him and his deino. "It's awesome! It's a... Deino? I've never seen THAT pokemon before, But I think it's awesome!" james laughed a little. "Atleast that one isn't biting your head." he said as gible was latched onto james. "Should we go find some tall grass and train our pokemon a bit?" James asked, patiently waiting for a response.
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  13. "Yeah! That would be a great idea! Let's go!" said Kai. Kai went rushing towards Route 1 to train. Kai trained for a long time, until Deino got tired. Kai brought Deino to the Pokemon Center, and then back to training. Kai yelled, "I will never tire!"
  14. "You certainly are energetic, Arn't you kai?" James asked. as he saw kai running back and fourht to the pokemon center and back to training. "Well, Guess I better join in the fun too." He sighed, He cought a glimpse of a pokemon hiding in the bushes. so he went to investigate, when suddenly, A treecko came out of the bushes and jumped at james! "Woah! What is that thing?! Kai? Come over here!"
  15. "Woah!" Kai said. He looked at the Treecko closely. "Isn't that a Hoenn starter?" Kai said. Kai told James, "Well, it's special, so catch it! I wanna see you battle it! Also, thanks, yes I'm very energetic!" Kai wanted James to get his first pokemon, so he passed James 5 pokeballs. Kai had never seen someone catch a Pokemon before, so this would be one of the only chances he would be able to see that.
  16. "You're gonna give me these pokeballs? Thanks so much! I'll make sure to catch it, I've never seen a hoenn starter, I used to live in Kalos, but I moved to johto recently." He said sorting out his pokeballs. and then sending out gible. "Gible, I choose you!" Gible heard that, and stopped biting his head and hopped off the head. ready to battle treecko, "Gible, Use uh.. Tackle?" Gible nodded and tackled the treecko. but treecko dodged the attack and used bullet seed. "Dodge it!" Gible was new to battling. and was unable to dodge the attack, "Alright then, How about uh... Sand tomb!" Gible used sand tomb. hitting the treecko this time. The treecko cried out, and was flung in the air, "Alright gible. use tackle!" Gible jumped in the air to tackle. but didnt jump high enough. treecko went down and used pound on gible. "Gible!" James shouted. gible got up, and was determined to k.o the treecko. "Finish it with tackle!" Gible tackled the treecko. and it crashed into the ground. "Alright! Now, Pokeball, GO!" He threw a pokeball at the treecko. the treecko went in to the ball. and wiggled three times, and made a soft DING! sound. "Did I... Catch it?"
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  17. "YOU CAUGHT IT!!!!!!!! You caught it!!!!!!!!!" said Kai. Kai was so happy for James. Kai hoped he could catch some pokemon too, but he went back to training first. He told James, "Maybe you should train up your treecko now." Kai went back to some good grinding/training.
  18. "I did?! I cought it? I COUGHT IT!" James was very happy catching his first pokemon, And it was a starter! He agreed with kai he should train treecko, after all, A newly hatched gible beat it. "Good idea, I'll go train it up now!" He ran into the field, fighting and training. And he met back with kai, when he thought he had trained enough. "Kai? You ready to move on now? I'm all done training, Lemme stop at the poke mart and get some potions for the forest, just in case." James was getting ready to go back to the pokemon center. "Alright, we'll go team." treecko went into a pokeball. and james captured his hatched gible in a pokeball. But he waited a little bit more to see if kai had any suggestions of items to get
  19. "Nah, I brought a bunch of items before we went here, so let's go to the forest and begin our journey!" Kai was very happy to finally start the journey. But Kai forgot one thing...............Kai told James, " Hey James, I wanna ask you.................DO YOU WANNA BATTLE ME AS RIVALS!?" Kai wanted a bottle to show strength to James and see who would win. "So whaddya say?"
  20. "Sure! but, Before you do, Don't you think you should find another pokemon?" James wondered, He sorted out his pokeballs and thought it was only right to fight his first battle againts Kai with gible, "But, If you want to battle now, Since you're so excited..." james said. holding onto gible's pokeball at his side. "Then I'll gladly accept!" He yelled, holding the pokeball, pointing at kai.
  21. Kai smiled and pointed his pokeball at James. "I'll go first!" said Kai. Kai sent out his Deino, ready to battle. Kai thought, " Dragon doesn't beat Dragon, so I will have to use other moves. "This is my first ever Pokemon battle, so I've got to win it!" said Kai, with determination.
  22. "Gible! I choose you!" He threw his pokeball as it soared above the grass. it opened up and Gible came out of it, "GIBLE!" Gible shouted, "Alright gible, Use sand tomb on Deino!" Gible surrounded Deino with sand, This was Gible's first trainer battle, Gible was pretty nervous, but was confident in his abilities, and his trainers abilities, As he prepared to dodge Deino's attack.
  23. Deino was stuck in a sand tomb, which would mean bible planned on chipping damage. "Deino, use bite!" said Kai. Deino striker a big, strong bite, trying to land it on Gible. Kai thought, "C-mon Deino, land the bite!"
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  24. "Gible dodge it!" Although Gible was relatively round, and wasn't really able to move, and Gible took the hit of the bite. "Gible no!" James shouted, "Can you still fight?" James asked, Gible nodded. "Alright, Use tackle!" Gible ran towards Deino with a forceful tackle. "C'mon! Faster! Don't let him dodge!" James shouted.
  25. "Deino! Good job!" said Kai, as Deino bit Gible. "Oh no, dodge it!" said Kai, as Gible ran quickly towards Deino. Kai had never won a battle before, so Kai wanted to win his first battle to see what it would feel like.
  26. (I'm confused on whether Gible hit or not, but okay.)
    "Gible! He's distracted, Quick use tackle!" Gible charged in for a tackle, but instead, his little claws glew and turned into a lime-green color with scales on them, Gible dashed at Deino, Using a new move: Dragon claw! "Gible?! Did you learn a new move?"
    James asked, shocked, However, Gible had been losing his energy, due to the repeating attacks he had done.
  27. "D-Dragon Claw?!?!?!? Awesome!!!!!!!" said Kai. Kai was happy to see a new move from a newly hatched pokemon. "Dodge it!" Deino dodged the move from Gible. Kai had to think hard for a move, so he looked in his book of moves. "Um, Deino, use Ice Fang." Kai didn't expect Deino to do the move, but Deino agreed and attacked Gible with an Ice Fang. "Cool! Deino got a new move too!" said Kai.

    (Search up Deino egg moves if you are confused)
  28. Reina has been sitting down on the bench for 3 hours, waiting inside the daycare for a Pokémon to come out. She'd recently received an egg from her parent's Pokémon. "Why won't it hatch!?" She got up from the bench, holding the egg in her palm. She stared at the egg, hoping to see a slight movement. Nothing, null. She walked outside of the daycare, and stared at the sidewalk, deciding to move back to her apartment. Along the way, she glanced at two trainers with their baby Pokémon. A few seconds later, the egg started to wiggle.

    At first, she didn't notice. Though, it started shaking more and more violently, until she sat down on the Pokémon Center bench and impatiently waited. "What will it be? I bet it'll be one of the starters that Professor Elm give some people!" She started hearing cracking noises, and eventually a small flame started to break the top of the egg. A monkey with a tail which some would say is similar to Charmander is released from the small ovum, which greatly startles Reina. The monkey lands on her lap, which confuses her. "Wait; you aren't any of the Pokémon from Johto. What are you?" Reina questions the ape, which he excitedly replies, yelling "Chimchar!" with his arms in the air. "Chimchar, huh? I feel like I've heard that name once before. Anyway, we have to get back home." She sprints outside of the Pokémon center, and sees the two trainers once again. She decides to confront them. "Hi!" Reina waves while slowly moving towards Kai and James, while her baby Chimchar is sitting cross-legged on top of Reina's head.
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  29. "Huh? Oh, Hello!" James said, as Gible turned to the side, waving. "We were just in a battle, You can spectate if you'd like," James offered, but then he saw the Chimchar, "Woah! What's that pokemon?" He asked, looking at the Chimchar, "Did you get an egg too?" He asked, looking at his Gible which hatched from the egg, as the Gible dodged the ice fang by the Deino.
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  30. "Yeah." Reina nods her head. "You guys are battling? That sounds fun. Change of plans, I'll just watch." She lifts her bag that is almost as big as her body, and drops it onto the tall grass. Reina sits down, and carefully watches Kai and James fight to learn about battling.
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  31. "Okay then. We got a spectator. I do best under pressure, so lets do this!!!" said Kai. "Deino use Ice fang again!" said Kai with power and determination. "And I strongly believe you can't miss this one!" Kai was determined to win, especially with a spectator watching their first battles.
  32. "Gible, Dodge it!" Gible was getting used to the battle. and was able to dodge this time, barely though, Gible seemed like it could deal one more hit before collapsing... "Gible, Use dragon claw!" Gible charged at Deino, James hoping Gible would do enough damage to knock Deino out, even if Gible fainted in the process, Kai was no easy foe, But James thought he could still possibly win.
  33. "Deino, dodge it!" said Kai. Kai didn't want to lose this battle. This battle would mean so much to him if he won, but James was not easy to beat. Deino almost barely dodged the move, but Deino got hit with the Dragon claw. "Deino, are you okay?" yelled Kai. Deino fell to ground, fainted. "I l-lost?" said Kai, with depression. Kai returned Deino and walked away slowly to the pokemon center to heal Deino up.
  34. "Okay," Reina stood up and reached for her bag from the ground, "you two were very splendid Pokémon Trainers. I don't know much about this battling thing, but I think I learned something from your battle." She moved toward James, and Chimchar jumped off of her head. "Could I battle you, James?" She grips the shoulder straps of her bag, and her Chimchar stared toward the injured Gible. "Though, you'll need to heal.." She ponders. "Good thing I brought this potion."

    She opens her bag, and grabs a potion. "Here." Reina holds out the potion.
  35. Drake was sitting on his dining room chair, his mother already left for her job at the weather industry, In his lap was a red and green Pokemon egg gifted to him by an old man who was a local to his town, Drake always thought he was an old kook, but he turned out alright. The egg would move every now and then, but Drake could tell it would take a while for it to actually hatch, His mother said that when it hatches, he could go on his Pokemon journey, Drake looked up Pokemon of similar color pallets as the egg, and a found a few possible Pokemon, but it could still be anyone.
  36. "Thanks," James said, grabbing the potion and spraying on the injured Gible. "If you want to battle, I'll accept," James replied, "Kai, While I'm battling, Why not go train some more? You could use another Pokemon for battle." James offered, After offering something for Kai to do while he battled, he told Gible to jump off his head, and Gible was ready for battle, "Shall we begin?" He asked Reina.
  37. After getting ready with his stuff, including his egg, he headed outside and near the Pokemon Center he saw 2 people talking, and 1 heading to the Center, he quietly walked over to the scene, he didn't want to be seen by them so he crept in the bushes nearby, he listened for a little and found out they were about to battle, he was eager to watch as he didn't know a lot about battles, when Drake didn't notice, the egg started glowing faintly and moving a lot more than its ever done before.
  38. "Yeah," Reina lets go of the strap, "lets both do our best." Chimchar smiles. "Chimchar!" He stands near Gible, and Reina stands back. "Your Gible, it is a ground type, I suppose. My Chimchar is at a disadvantage. Though, I have planned a strategy while you and Kai were fighting. I hope both my Chimchar and your Gible will be satisfied after this battle." The Chimchar looks directly at the Gible, and moves forward a tiny bit.

    The fire moves that my Chimchar supposedly should have won't be very effective to a Dragon type like Gible. I'll have to experiment to find out which techniques he has, Reina thought. "Chimchar, please use scratch!" Reina orders.

    A normal type move won't give me a dis-advantage, and from my knowledge scratch would be a move similar to the tackle James used. If Chimchar pulls this off, it will do much more damage than a fire move Chimchar might know, Reina imagined the result of Chimchar's attack.
  39. James smiled, "Seems like somebody is ready to fight, Whoever wins, This will be a great battle for Gible and Chimchar," He said, prepared to fight Chimchar. "Gible! Dodge it!" Gible quickly leaped backwards, but tripped over a rock and fell, getting hit by scratch, James didn't expect terrain to affect his battling, "Gible! Use tackle!" He ordered, hoping Gible would be able to hit
  40. as Chimchar made its first move, Drake was writing everything down quickly and not paying attention to the hatching Egg behind him, While watching the battle, the Egg hatched into a Larvitar, Drake turned around and was startled by the small Pokemon, Larvitar let out a happy cry, and walked up to Drake, "Are you?!" Drake said quietly, Larvitar started dancing happily and let out its only move at the time, Screech. The Screech was a bloodcurdling noise that made Drake shrivel to the floor, covering his ears, he realized that the other people would notice, Larvitar hugged Drake while he was on the ground, and let out another painful Screech.

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