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Eeveelution Warriors

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Galaxy Sylveon, Dec 31, 2015.

  1. Hi my name is Wisp and I'm a female Ninetales. I'm a Prophecy Dreamer and I currently had a dream of nine eeveelutions.

    A Umbreon with a split personality
    A Espeon with a IQ of 180
    A Flareon with a carefree nature
    A Jolteon that likes to kill
    A Vaporeon that hates water
    A Glaceon with a bad attitude
    A Leafeon who can't remember her past
    A Sylveon that is a orphan
    A Eevee that's scared of everything

    Those nine Pokemon will save us one day, but first we must travel to find them all. Right so it only me and you so let's get going. The place we are going is the dark forest.

    1. Umbreon -Shadow (_Umbreon_)
    2. Espeon -Solstice (EspeonTheBest)
    3. Flareon -Flare (Blackened Flare)
    4. Jolteon -Bolt (BoltTheJolteon)
    5. Vaporeon -Splash (WindRyder)
    6. Glaceon -Aurora (IceBlossom)
    7. Leafeon -Lee (BlueFeather)
    8. Sylveon -Light (GoldRush)
    9. Eevee - King (Eeveeking75)
    Wisp walked through the Dark forest and saw nine figures sitting in a cave around a campfire.

    ((Start RP from here!))
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    Last edited: Jan 1, 2016
  2. Bolt's eyes sparkled as she stared at the fire. "So, whose gonna be the Leader?" she said and looked at her friends. She knew that they had to fight but yeah. Twigs snapped at the mouth of the cave and The Group turned to check what it was. A normal Ninetales huh?. Bolt pulled out her hatchet and ran at full speed, smiling, she cut off the Ninetales head. Bolt dropped the hatchet and started to laugh manically. She walked back to the group and sat back down with her hatchet by her side.
  3. Flare danced though her meadow, the sun warming her fluffy yellow fur. As felt eyes barring into her head, and dodged a water attack, it was just a performer's Frockie so there was no reason to bother trying. The water frog kept firing water attacks as Flareon kept dodging be fore she smiled and let out a strong Flame Thrower, frying the poor pokemon, as Flare pranced off. "That was fun!" She purred
  4. Bolt ran outside following Flare before coming to a halt. There was rustling in the bush and a little vulpix came out. "Just so you know, your in out territory" the vulpix said and 19 More Vulpixs came out and surrounded Bolt. With a Jolteon that like to kill I don't think it's a good idea to be around her. Bolt growled but was defenseless. She wanted somebody to stand by her side and both use double team and then use echo.
  5. Flare was bouncing around when she saw Bolt being surrounded. "Hi there Vulpix." She smiled, before opening her mouth and hitting them all with Shadow Balls. She turned to Bolt and smiled her careless smile, before using Double Team. "Echo?!" She asked with a purr, her yellow and orange/red fur shining in the sun. Her tail waved happily as she got ready to attack, her goofy smile never leaving.
  6. "Yep" Bolt said with a maniac smile. The two both knocked the Vulpix out by using echo. "Hey thanks for saving me!" Bolt smiled kindly and looked up at the sky. It was getting dark and a shooting star past. Wish : 'I wish all nine of us will never be apart'. Bolt opened her eyes and ran back to the cave with Flare. As they were passing a meadow, Bolt left a white trail of light and made a lightning Bolt in the grass before running into the cave with Flare. When they got there the others were already fast asleep and The two pokèmon did the same. They curled up together and fell asleep in front of the fire.
  7. Bluefeather

    Bluefeather Formerly pokeLPS

    Lee was busy making a nest for herself in the middle of the woods. The moon was bright enough so she could see, but Lee was well anyway. Her ears curled with tiredness. She was always better off during the day. The night...not so much. Finally Lee laid down on her makeshift nest made of leaves and twigs. She was surprised she wasn't wearing any feathers. Heh. Curling her tail over her in order to warm herself, she looked at the sky. Sighing with loneliness, her eyes closed.

    Dreams came to her that night. Wisps of the past. Lee could not remember anything, her parents, childhood...anything. The only thing she could remember was one day waking up in this forest, 23 trees old. ((Months)) Now she was about 16 four trees old. ((Years))
  8. Bolt ran through the forest looking for something to kill. She saw a Leafeon and pounced on her. "What are you doing here?" Bolt asked but her eyes softened and she got of the Leafeon and sat beside her. "Oh sorry" Bolt felt sympathy for the Leafeon. "Do you want to be friends? I'm Bolt by the way!" Bolt grinned and looked at the sky.
  9. Flare woke up at night and went prancing around in the moonlight. Her yellow fluff turned grey, and the red/orange turned into a dark pinkish color, in the moon. Seeing a Beautifly and Dustox, Flare ran towards them and danced in the glittery dust that came off their wings. Hearing something, the fire type pranced until she came upon Lee, and Bolt. She flicked her tail and tilted her head.
  10. Nocturne was unconsouis at the base of a rock, his head dangling in the streAm next to it. He woke up spluttering and gasping. He sat up and looked at his reflection. He shrugged it off and looked around, completely unafraid of what had happened. He was a docile as a mouse eating chese.
  11. "Oh hey Flare!" Bolt waved and walked to her. "Let's go for a patrol" Bolt said and looked around. Bolt turned on her heels and started running to the stream with Flare hot on her heals. Bolt noticed a umbreon and tilted her head. She blushed when she noticed that it was a boy and looked down at her reflection. Her eyes were crystal blue instead of bright purple. "She looked up at the umbreon "h-h-hi t-there!" she stuttered and jumped on the rocks going to the other side. Flare followed closely. Bolt smiled nervously "h-h-hi i-im B-Bolt a-and t-this i-is F-F-F-F-Flare" Bolt said and almost fainted. She smiled nervously and Flare just shook her head.
  12. Flare still didn't care what was happening, she actually never cares what happens. She looked around at everything, and settled on the water, her forest colored eyes sparkled. "Ohhh water..." She reached her paw towards the cool looking water, not aware it could hurt her.
  13. "F-F-Flare no!" Bolt pushed her away from the water and panted heavily "the water hurts you! Because your a fire type!" Bolt pulled Flare into a right hug and started to cry "Please, never touch water..." Bolt didn't let Glare go. She totally forgot about the umbreon.
  14. Umbreon watched the Jolteon saying."Hello... Miss." In a quiet shy sort of way. He blinked as it began to get dark.
  15. Flare pouted, but didn't say anything, not that she really talked anyway. She could talk, she just didn't most of the time, she was more of the strong, cute, silent type that was always happy. Flare lifted her head and wagged her tail, she nudged bolt and pointed to the moon.
  16. Bolt turned around "would you like to join us? We are going to our den" Bolt said blushing. Flare already made her way to the den so it was only Bolt and Nocturne standing there. "Follow me" Bolt said and in one Jump from the rock, she landed and the ground on the other side. Nocturne did the same and they ran back to their den.
  17. A pair of bright purple eyes watched from a tee. In the slight shade of the canopy above her, the slender Pokemon observed the Eeveeloutions below; all gathered around a river. She was intending to help the Umbreon before the others came. The Pokemon sighed quietly.

    Silently she jumped down from the tree. Her pink fur glimmered in the dying sunlight; identifying her as an Espeon. The three Pokemon dashed off, leaving her in the forest. "Solstice... You need to go anyways." The Espeon said to herself as she padded off into the forest; hoping to find somewhere to stay the night.
  18. (Please stop character controlling thank you. :))

    Nocturne poked his head into the den cautiously. It seemed safe enough. He shrugged and padded towards the nests. He tensed when he heard pawsteps and whirled around to find an Espeon. "Oh... Um sorry."
    He said embarresed to be so jumpy.
  19. Solstice paused and studied the Umbreon. "You may want to check to see if you have Ligyrophobia if you're that jumpy." She blurted out. Suddenly she stepped back and dropped her head. "Sorry... I get carried away... I'll be going now I didn't mean to bother you." Solstice took a careful step back and then bounded off into the forestry. "Dang it! Why did you go all know-it-all again?" She muttered to her self as she ran.
  20. "Wait what's ligrophybioca-what?" He called as the Espeon ran into the bushes. He walked over and stuck his head into bush she was hiding in.
  21. Solstice tilted her head to the side as the Umbreon stuck his head into the bush she had hidden in out of shame. "Ligyrophobia? The fear of loud noises or the fear of the source particular noises?" She informed. "I said that because you were very jumpy when you sensed my presence. Maybe I'm jumping to conclusions." Solstice mumbled; that was her way of apologizing. The Espeon thought about where a place to stay would be in this forest for a moment before standing up and walking out of the bush. "It was rude of me to run off, and as I said you must have plans so I'm sorry to bother you."
  22. Bolt walked further away from the den, a bit upset because she fell into the water and got attacked by a vaporeon. She started to dig a den in the ground and didn't bother to put leaves in. Bolt curled up in a ball and shivered, wishing that Nocturne was here.
  23. "No, I actually have no idea where I am. I just woke up here." He said as he blinked. His rings were beginning to emanate light, and began to light up the bush a little.
  24. Aura woke up by a sound and the same vaporeon that attacked Her growled and smiled, blocking the exit. Aura started to scream for help and she whimpers and hoped someone heard her.
  25. "Oh. I see." Solstice's eyes adjusted to the growing light and blinked. "Well, weren't you with a few other Eeveeloutions?" She asked in slight confusion. Her mind was highly advanced with an IQ of 180, so Solstice was constantly asking herself questions to keep thinking. She eyed the darkening sky. The Espeon suddenly realized that she must find a place to stay before it gets too dark.
  26. "Yeah, I think there den is over there." He said pointing to a medium sized entrance with some vines hanging from the front. He sat up and stretched backing out of the bush. "Why don't you come with me? They seem nice enough!" He said hopeful.
  27. Aura started growling and used sand attack on the vaporeon. He growled and bit her in the neck. Aura screamed in pain and started to call for help since she couldn't fight anymore.
  28. Bolt whimpered and dodged the vaporeon's attack and ran out the den. Nocturne and a Espeon came in sight so she limped over to them but the vaporeon pounced on her and held her down as Bolt was in front of Nocturne and the Espeon.
  29. Nocturne watched as time seemed to slow down to a snails pace. Instinctively he leaped at the Vaporeon. Twisting in the air he raked his claws down the Vaporeons back. He then slammed into it, knocking it unconsious.

    "Are you ok Bolt?" He asked concernedly.
  30. Bolt whimpered but smiled up at him "i-i think s-so" she got up slowly and a deep bite mare was on her neck. "T-thanks f-f-for saving me..." she breathed heavily and smiled kindly at him.
  31. "Ahem. The way you stutter like that completely disregards every sign of personality I've seen so far out of you. Possibly are you shy? However, with the experience you witnessed it is understandable that your adrenaline..." Solstice started to blurt out facts, but then stopped. The Espeon curses under her breath as she studied the Jolteon. "Ugh!" She exclaimed with a frustrated look on her face. "Here, I'll heal you." Solstice prepared to use Morning Sun, which if she were close enough to the Jolteon would heal her too.
  32. Nocturne gently helped her to her paws. "It was nothing. Anybody would have done the same." He said flushing a little. He shivered and looked at the dying sun. "We should go back to the den..." He trailed off.
  33. "Hmmm.... a Espeon with a IQ of 180 huh?, neat!" Bolt smiled at the Espeon "also thanks for healing me!" Bolt said and glared at the unconscious Vaporeon body before smiling manically. Bolt walked up to the body and pulled some thorn vines with and tied the vaporeon to a tree with the thorns digging into him. Blood filled Bolt's mouth and she washed the the blood out with some water.
  34. Flare was carefree but she hated the dark. She shook in her nest, afraid to move. The sound of something coming made her freeze and bury her head in her chest fluff. The paws steps got louder and she sunk into her nest farther.
  35. Nocturne watched in horror as she tied the poor Vaporeon to the tree, letting him to bleed out. He quickly hid his horror as she returned. "Ready to go?" He asked calmly.
  36. "Uh, no. I'm not going to accept that." Solstice glared at the Jolteon menacingly, with her eyes glowing brighter and brighter. "Vaporeon may have attacked you, but the way he's tied up will crush his internal organs and cause suffocation within only a few hours. That is socially unacceptable." She hissed before bounding over to the Vaporeon and using her psychic powers to remove the thorns.
  37. The Umbreon flinched at the words and backed up slowly. He did not want to get caught in the crossfire if things started going down. His rings stopped glowing as much.
  38. "S-sorry if I scared you its just....Ahhhhh!!!" Bolt closed her eyes and moved around shaking her head. "stop posse-" Bolt fainted and a black umbreon with red rings came out of her body "I don't need the brat now" he said and disappeared. Bolt awoken and looked at the vaporeon tied to the tree "d-did I do that?" Bolt asked looking at Nocturne in horror.
  39. "I uh... Yes. But it's ok. Let's just get you to the Den..." He said nervously as he began to guide her to the den.

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