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Eeveelution Discovery

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by PhantoAce, May 30, 2009.

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  1. Shay opened his Wardrobe. He grabbed his favourite grey shirt and a pair of torn Jeans. He put on the clothes and strapped 6 Spheres to his belt. He knelt down next to the Family Pet, Growlithe. "Keep them safe, until I come back." Shay grabbed his Backpack from his Croagunk Bed and slowly crept down the stairs.

    He looked through the door leading to the Front Room. His mother and sister were sitting down, watching Sinnoh Now on the T.V. They would be sat there for aboout half an hour, giving Shay plenty of time to get out. Shay had asked his mother to let him go back to Canalave for months, but he was never aloud. He slwoly opened the front door and crept out.

    The lights of the buildings of Jubilife City lit the night Sky. Shay grasped one of his PokeBalls. "Gliscor, come on out!" Shay threw the ball into the air, sending a red beam soaring into the sky. There, emerged the large, bat like creature in the Sky. "Gli!" It shrieked. Shay clambered onto the Gliscor and began to speak. "Time to go home Gliscor. Back to Canalave." Shay and Gliscor flew out of sight, Shay never stopping to look back at his home.

    Gliscor flew over the sea, heading towards a small Island in the Distance. Shay looked down at the passing Finneon, Lumineon and Goldeen. He smiled. He hadn't seen a sight like this for over a year. He signalled to his Gliscor to stop. "Okay buddy, time for you to take a rest." Shay threw a dive ball into the air. "Your turn Sharpedo!" A red beam went flying into the sea below, revealing a strong looking Shark. Shay leapt down onto its back, grasping the Fin. He held up Gliscors pokeball, returning it to rest.

    Sharpedo sped through the sea at an immense speed, Shay barely holding on, spray covering his face. Soon, the Docks of Canalave began to break into view. Shay leapt off Sharpedo and onto the Docks. "Sharpedo, good work, take a nice long rest." Shay held out the Dive Ball and returned Sharpedo to its Poke Ball. He walked through the Moonlit city and towards the tall building, passing by houses. Most of them dark, no lights on. Shay looked to the largest house. It was his old house. He stared into the window, to see an old man, sat on an armchair watching a television.

    Shay turned and headed for the old Canalave Library. When he approched the door, he knew what had happened. He was too late, the library was closed. He walked to the side of the building and looked up to the top floor window. Just as he thought. It was open. The Librarian has a pet Eevee, so she has to leave a window open for air. He called out his Gliscor again and pointed to the open window. Gliscor grabbed Shay and lifted him into the Window. He returned Gliscor to its Pokeball and pulled out a Torch. He looked through the book shelfs. "Sacred Plates, History of Sinnoh, Lake Mysteries, Eeveelution story, Ju- Wait." Shay grabbed the book. It read, Eeveelution Story. The tale of the 7 Elements.

    Shay tucked the book away into his shirt and climbed out through the window. He leapt down to the ground and headed for the Pokemon Center. He knew that it would still be open, meaning he could stay in the Trainer Lounge for the night. He walked in and rode the esculator up to the top floor. He clambered into a bed and crept under the covers, pulling out he book. He pulled out his torch and looked at the pages.

    'There are many tales about the pokemon Eevee. Some true, some false. But, some tales say of a conection between all 7 of them. A possible incident in the past, involving the 7 elements. Pshyic, Dark, Fire, Water, Electric, Ice and Grass. They tell that when all 7 are together at a certain place then the truth shall be revealed to the 7 Trainers who possess the Eeveelution.' Shay put the book away and began to think. What if he could find the 7 trainers. He already had one of them in his Possesion. Maybe, he could discover the truth about the Eeveelutions, with a little help of course. He slowly closed his eyes, ready to begin his search at dawn.
  2. Stomping upstairs after dinner, the dark haired girl locked the door to her room, dropping on her bed, crying. Downstairs, she could hear her mother still yelling at her. "I don't want you to get involved with pokemon! They're dangerous and you don't know what could happen with them!" Tears streaming down her face, she knew that her mother only cared about her and didn't want her to disappear like her father did, once. Knowing, that she could never do anything with her life if she stayed in Hearthome City, Erika got up, her decision finally made.

    Grabbing her pokeballs, extra clothes, other essentials, and tossing them carelessly into her backpack, Erika said her good-bye. "Mom, I know you care, but I can't live like this! I'm leaving, and I'm never coming back!" With that, she opened the window in her room, releasing Nightshade, hoped on his back, and rode on towards the west. As far west as possible...far away from her...

    When they arrived in a city she soon figured out to be Canalave at dawn, Erika definitely tired, even if she had slept on the black Dragonite's back when they flew over Jubilife and Orebourgh. "Good job, Nightshade, take a loong rest." Sleepily returning Nightshade back to its pokeball, she entered the Pokemon Center. Giving Nurse Joy all her pokeballs, she ran up the stairs, ready for sleep to consume her.

    "Thanks, Nurse Joy!" She said happily the next morning as she awoke. Turning around, she bumped into a boy who looked a little bit older than her. "Ow, ow, ow, oww," she whined. "Well, that sure hurt," Erika said almost immediately after whining. "Hey, my name's Erika. Sorry for bumping into you like that." The dark haired girl gave him a sheepish grin.
  3. Shay brushed dust off of his Shirt. "Hi. I'm Shay." Shay looked at Erika. He could tell something was wrong. He looked into her eyes. "Are you ok?" Shay's Jolteon ran to his side. He knelt down to stroke him. "Sorry about that, I'm kind of in a rush." Shay stared at the girl. Then, an idea came into his head. He looked at her Pokeballs.

    "I hope you dont mind me asking this." He looked at her face. "But, do you have any 'Eeveelutions'?" Shay could tell she didn't know what he meant. He sighed. "You know, Espeon, Umbreon, Glaceon, Leafeon, Flareon, Vaporeon and Jolteon." He ran back to his bed and picked up his things. "If you do, then you might be able to help me. Meet me outside in 10 minutes." Shay put the book under his arm and walked downstairs. Something was familiar about this girl, But he couldn't put his finger on it.
  4. Shay... Erika began to wonder how this person seemed so familiar to her. Who is he? It's like I've known him from somewhere... Shrugging off her thoughts, she decided to help Shay. There wasn't really anywhere she could stay at the moment, and she did have two 'Eeveelutions', as he put it.

    "Come on out, Umrey, Espey!" As the two Eeveelutions stretched, Erika began to think about how hard it was to train and evolve them. It definitely wasn't easy that her mother didn't want her to have anything whatsoever to do with pokemon. Sighing, the dark haired girl walked out the door. Glancing at the book Shay had in his hands, Erika put her hands on her hips.

    "So, what kind of help do you need?" she said as her Umbreon and Espeon walked up from behind her, studying his Jolteon. "You said you needed," she made air quotes, " 'Eeveelutions", correct? 'Cause I have only two out of the seven there are in the world." Erika watched as Umbrey and Espey began to chase Jolteon around, not really getting any closer to Jolteon. Jolteon was running much faster, but it didn't even seem like it broke a sweat. Looking back at Shay, she said "Well? Do you want my help or not?" The dark haired girl was definitely cranky because she hadn't eaten breakfast yet.
  5. Shay looked at her and smiled. "See this book?" He held it up for Erika to see. "Its about the Eeveelutions. It says if all 7 are together in a certain place, the truth about the Eeveelutions will reveal itself." Shay looked at Espey and Umbrey. He smiled. "They evolve by friendship, right? That must mean that your really friendly with your Pokemon"

    Shay looked at Erika. "You look Hungry. Come on, I know this great Cafe down the road." Shay and Erika walked along the docks, looking at the Finneon and Lumineon swimming by. "I used to live here." He pointed to the old house. "There. Thats my old home. My Parents made me move to Jubilife but it never really suited me. So, I ran away to here." Shay looked at Erika. "What about you? I never saw you round here when I lived here." The two walked into the Cafe and sat down in the nearest Table.
  6. "The evolve by friendship, right? That must mean that you're really friendly with your pokemon." "Yeah, I am. I love them like they're my only family."
    They walked along the docks to the Cafe and Shay pointed out his old house. He told her about how he had to move to Jubilife and then ran away. "What about you? I never saw you round here when I lived here." Sitting down at a table, she decided to tell Shay.

    "Well, let's see where to begin. When I was little, my dad loved pokemon so much. My mom too. Then one day when my father didn't come back from work, she started to hate pokemon. He never came back. That's why my mom hates pokemon. She blames them for my father's disappearance. My mother cared about me and she didn't want me to disappear like my father, so she wouldn't let me be with pokemon at all. I couldn't take it. I hid my two Eevees, and other pokemon in the back of my closet, so she'd never find them. Whenever I went to school, I would put them in my backpack and play with them, but put them back when I got home. I ran away last night because I knew I couldn't live like that. I couldn't live a life away from pokemon. Especially the pokemon I loved." As she finished, the dark haired girl grew quiet, nibbling on her food.
  7. Shay looked at her and lowered his head. "I'm sorry. I know how you feel. I only knew my Father for a couple of years." He finished his food and got up. "Come on" He helped her up. "Theres something I want to show you before we go. He sent out his Sharpedo, along with a Gorebyss. Shay leapt onto Sharpedo, allowing Erika to climb onto Gorebyss.

    They both rode out across the sea, away from Canalave but not towards Jubilife. Soon, a small Island began to Break into view. "Iron Island." He pointed to the only house on the Island. "One ofd my old friends used to live there. A boy called Billy. He's gone to Kanto now." They both pulled up at the Island Dock. Shay returned the two Pokemon to their Pokeballs and the two began to climb up the Island.

    Shay and Erika both arrived at the enterence but Shay put his arm infront of Erika, preventing her from going inside. He pointed to a pile of bushes. He pulled the bushes apart, revealing a small cavern enterance. He climbed in, Erika following closely behind. Soon, a beam of light emerged at the end of the Cavern. Shay helped Erika out of the cave and onto the cliff edge.

    The two looked up at the sky. Altaria's, Swablu's, Staravia's and Pidgeotto's were flying everywhere. Shay signalled Erika to turn around. There, was a stair like wall, leading up to the top of the mountain. Shay lead Erika up the stairs, to see an amazing view.
  8. "Kristi, are you sure you're ready to leave this place?" asked her grandmother. "Yes Grandma, I'll be fine, don't worry I'm able to take care of myself now; you can trust me." she whined as she began cramming extra clothes and stuff into her knapsack. "Ok, remember to keep in touch with me on your journey. I want to be updated with all the latest news that has been happening on your journey." "Alright, alright, I will."

    "Bye, I'll be home in a while!" Kristi yelled as she ran out the door, happy to be free. Releasing her Piplup from its pokeball, she said "It's time for some training. Off to Iron Island!" Riding on Pippy, she arrived a bit quicker than she intended. Looking up, she saw two trainers at the top of the mountain. "Looks like I'm not the only one here," the hazel haired girl said as she made her way up the mountain, towards the two trainers.
  9. Glad to have somebody who understood how she felt, she followed Shay back to the docks, where he released a Sharpedo and a Gorebyss. Riding on his Gorebyss, Erika saw an island coming into view. Pointing at an abandoned looking house, Shay told her about his friend who was, apparently, in Kanto.

    Erika followed Shay around the island. He seemed to know his way around the island pretty well. I wonder how well, though... When she was about to walk into the only visible entrance, he blocked her way, signaling towards some bushes. Shay then moved aside the bushes, revealing a small cavern which he helped her into.

    As they made their way through the cavern, Erika tripped, grabbing onto Shay for support. For the rest of the way, Erika held onto Shay. Eventually, she could see light, the exit to the damp, dark cavern.

    Stepping out onto a cliff edge, she marveled the sight, before Shay dragged her up a stair-like wall, leading to the very top of the mountain. "Wow..." she whispered as they stood at the top. "This is amazing."

    Looking down, she sawa hazel haired girl making her way towards them. "Shay," she said, nudging him, "Do you know that girl?" Erika pointed to the girl when Shay couldn't find anyone in sight.
  10. ((Out Of Cookies: May I join in from where you left off?))
    "I wonder what this weird rock is?" Tyler examined the odd, shiny rock. He had found it right next to the entrance of the cave. He picked it up and went back outside. That's where we are now. Tyler tripped and fell into some bushes. "Owww...that hurt. A lot." he said to no one. The steel-like rock had hit his head hard. Then he notice someting. Another cave. He crawled in and found himself on a ledge. He walked up some stairs and found himself on top of a mountain. He saw vast flocks of Swablu and Altaria. Then he saw some people. They were presumably trainers, to Tyler. Before he could walk over and ask questions and say hello, something caught his eye. In the flocks of Altaria, there was something else. Something angel-like and speckled. It flew over near Tyler. "Uh, uh... wha-what is it?" he said, as he grasped an empty Pokeball.

    "Togetiiic!!!" the winged Pokemon exclaimed. It got closer to Tyler, who was stunned.

    Tyler pulled out his Pokedex. He scanned the Pokemon. "Togetic, the Happiness Pokemon. The evolved form of Togepi. It flies around, searching for a trainer with a pure heart to share it's happiness with." the Pokedex stated. "A-are you...? Me?" he said confused.

    The Togetic nodded and got even closer to Tyler. It looked at Tyler's odd rock and it's small smile turned into and ear-to-ear grin. It moved right to Tyler and used telepathy. May I?

    Tyler was surprised. Telepathy? he thought, So it can hear what I'm thinking right now?

    He. I'm a he. And yes I can. May I come with you on your journeys? I see you are intending to capture me. I will allow you to do such a thing. It is my honor to do so.

    "Uh. Th-thank you...?" Tyler said as he touched the Pokeball to the Pokemon's forehead. The famous red beam covered the Pokemon, and it then shot into the Pokeball. The ball wiggled three times, blinked a lot, and then clicked. Tyler started back over to the other trainers. "H-hey, you guys, excuse me," Tyler started, still stunned, "what is this place?"
    ((I caught it because I forgot it in my character bio))
  11. ((Hey guys, welcome to the RP!))

    Shay looked to the trainer who had caught the Togetic. "Hey." Shay looked down to the girl with the Piplup. "I've seen her before. I thnik she might have come through Jubilife at one point." Shay looked to Tyler. "The names Shay. This is Iron Island Summit. Its not very well known. Me and only a few people know about this place but you're welcome to make it public. He looked to Erika. "Ready to go?"

    He threw a Pokeball into the Air. "Gliscor, ride like the wind!" The great, purple bat appeared in the sky, swooping around its master. Shay patted it on the head and turned to look at Erika. "You do have a flying type Pokemon, right?"Shay looked around the mountains, making sure that there were no problems.

    Shay hoped on top of his Gliscor. "Lets get going." Shay looked to Tyler. He grinned. "Hey, Erika. You think a little more company would hurt?" Shay looked down to the girl, training with her Piplup. "Maybe 2 people?"
  12. ((Hi peoples! ;D ))

    "I think she might have come through Jubilife at one point." That girl looks a bit too nice...But I'm guessing I'm going to have to keep my mouth shut. Who knows, maybe she's different. After watching another trainer catch a Togetic nearby, Erika decided to answer Shay's question.

    Erika nodded her head, grinning. "Yeah, I have a flying type. And no, I don't mind extra company. So long as they can keep up! Oh, one more thing, guys, I don't bite." She winked and threw out a pokeball. When Nightshade appeared, Erika hopped on, ready to leave. "He might bite, though," she added, pointing to her black Dragonite. "So watch out."

    Before taking off from the ledge, Erika remembered to ask for their names. "So, uh, my name's Erika, and," pointing a thumb at Shay "he's Shay. Now, would you guys like to tell me your names, or shall I just call you Exhibit A and Exhibit B?" Giggling, she took off, flying around the summit. "Hurry up, Exhibit A, B!"

    ((OOC: This is gonna be fun. Where are we headed to next, captain? XD ))
  13. ((Well, i got no idea. Either Jubilife, Oreburgh or Sandgem. I'm thinking Oreburgh, seein as shay's parents are in Jubilife.))

    Shay hovered on his Gliscor. "Well, we got plenty of time, so how about we head to Oreburgh? Maybe someone there will have a Pokemon we need." Shay could tell that the other boy trainer could be trusted, but that girl... Something was odd about her.

    Shay looked to the two other trainers. He doubted that less experienced trainers like them would have any Pokemon big or strong flying types to carry them. "Hey, Erika? You think your Dragonite could carry those two over to Canalave. I think I have some other flying types that'd work." Shay thought about his Pidgeot and Staraptor. They were strong, but Gliscor was the keeper. But, he understood that if they were needed, he could count on them. "If you can't, of course, they could ride on Sharpedo and Gorebyss."

    Shay thought to himself. Did he really need Gorebyss? It wasn't completely neccessary. Maybe he could find someone to trade it to. (hint,hint!)

    ((like i said, they're getting longer))
  14. (( Hey, I'd like to join if it's all right with you.))
    Running through the tunnels Shard thought, "Oh, please don't tell me I'm to late! If I am, I swear I'm going to get myself for this....." Then reaching the end Shard burst out yelling, "Don't leave without me! I'd like to join your expedition if it's okay with you. I don't have a flying type but I do have these." Throwing out his Poke balls revealed that Shard had a Ponyta with dark chocolate colored fur, a Growlithe with green stripes, a Gallade with sparkling amber eyes, and a very, very beautiful Kirlia. " The Ponyta's name is Dash, the Growlithe's named Growly, the Gallade Sparkle, and the Kirlia Cheryl. Don't mind my clothes they're jsut what I brought along for my journey. The Arcanine aht was given to me by my father, the rest I bought. If you want to know more about me, ask ahead. I'll answer if I can," said Shard very excitedly.
    OOC: ((Sorry for the bad clothes description, forgot what I put in his bio xD. Also, sorry for short post. Not exactly much I could put when I'm still tired xD.))
  15. (( Hey, I was hoping you would join, but there aint gonna be no legends in this RP so dont get any ideas XD ))

    Shay looked at Shard in astonishment. How had word spread about what he was going to do? And how did he find the cave? "Yeah, I guess. I suppose I can try to get you another flying type, but I dont think I have one though." Shay thought hard. Flying Types... Flying Types... Theres Honchkrow but he's too small. Theres the Gligar twins, but they aren't strong enough. Come on Shay, think! Then, it hit him. He could get one of the Gligar's to evolve with the Razor Fang he had.

    "Hey, whats your name? And, would you mind riding on a Sharpedo to Canalave? I have two Gligar's but only one Gliscor. But I have..." Shay held out a Razor Fang. "This. Then, my Gliscor should be able to carry you around."
  16. ((OOC: Sandgem? I don't remember a Sandgem in Sinnoh.... And gzh, Welcome...uh, I'm guessing, uh, back? XD ))

    "I think Nightshade could carry one more person without straining itself." Erika answered, just as yet another trainer appeared, tumbling through the tunnel exit, he was asking if he could come along. He seemed even more familiar than Shay. This is just so weird... "Hey, Shay," she shouted from above, "how about we check if they have any..." she laughed, unable to contain herself. "Any 'Eeveelutions'"

    Making air quotes, she fell off of Nightshade. It quickly caught her and gave her an annoyed look that said, Don't do that again. "Okay, okay," Erika said deciding to land and check for Eeveelutions before leaving the island.

    "So, like I said before, Eeveelutions. Do you guys have any?" Looking at the three trainers' faces, she could tell they were definitely confused. Sighing, she explained, "Well, from what Shay told me, Eeveelutions are the seven different evolutions that an Eevee could go through. He's trying to get all seven in one place so that some secret or something will be uncovered. We already have three."

    The two trainers released their Eeveelutions. "This is Umbrey, Espey, and Volt. We only need four more. Anybody?" she said looking around the group.

    ((OOC: Maybe Orebourgh. It's okay with me... No fair! Girallade, you posted before I could! Oh well.))
  17. ((OOC: Sandgem is where Prof. Rowan is XD))

    Shay thought to himself. Well, If I'm on Gliscor, Erika and one of the others are on her Dragonite, Then it looks like We're going to need Gorebyss and Sharpedo Shay threw two other Pokeballs into the air. "Sharpedo, Gorebyss, time to ride the tide!" The shark and the water snake appeared in the water below them. "you guys are clever, Figure it out and meet me at the Canalave Pokemon Center." Shay put the Pokeballs back onto his belt and flew away at an immense speed towards Canalave, leaving the 4 other trainers behind.

    Shay landed on the docks, returning Gliscor to its Pokeball. He knew he couldn't do anything until the other trainers returned with his Sharpedo and Gorebyss. All he could do was get some training done. "Charmeleon, time to get some Sparring done!" A red beam emerged from a Pokeball in his hand. Shay and his Charmeleon walked around the docks to the Pokemon Center. Just outside, The two began clashing fists, increasing the power of one of his Charmeleon's Mega Punch and Fire Punch.
  18. "So, like I said before, Eeveelutions. Do you guys have any?" Looking at the girl as she asked that Shard said, "My name's Shard what's yours? And yes, I do have Eveelutions. A Leafeon and Glaceon actually." Sending out his other two Poke balls a snow-white furred Glaceon with little streaks of light blue appeared and a Leafeon with light green furred body and dark green "leaves". Looking at the girl Shard said, " Haven't I seen you before? You look really familiar. Anyways, the Glaceon is Glacier and the Leafeon Leafy. I found them as stray Evees in Jubilife. That's were I come from. Glacier is Leafy's brother. Leafy is Glacier's sister. They make a good combo." Then, smiling at the trainer Shard said, "So what about the Eveelutions? What are they for?"
  19. ((OOC: Oh yeah... XD My bad. It's just such a boring town I always forget it exists.))

    "Sharpedo, Gorebyss, time to ride the tide! You guys are clever, figure it out and meet me at the Canalave Pokemon Center." Then Shay took off on Gliscor, soon nothing but a speck on the horizon. Erika took that as her cue to get out of there.
    "Well, I'm outta here then. Catch ya on the flipside." With that, she flew off, leaving the three trainers on the island, disappearing fast.

    As she landed in front of the Pokemon Center, she watched Charmeleon and Shay train. They apparently didn't notice her arrive. Keeping in her giggles, she watched them train while feeding Nightshade a poffin or two. Grabbing a lollipop that was randomly placed in her backpack a while ago, Erika sucked on it, wrapping her arms around her legs, waiting for the others to get there and for Shay to finish training.
  20. Shay noded to his Charmeleon. The two jumped into the air, clashing feets and running vertically, as if there was no gravity, then, the both leapt backwards, doing backflips and landing speedely on the ground. Shay returned Charmeleon to its Pokeball. "Think I didn't know you were there Erika?" Shay turned to look at Erika, who was licking a Lollipop. "Seeing as the others might take a while, how bout you and me have a quick training battle? Hows 3 on 3?"

    ((This would be a really good battle))
  21. "Well... this is a pretty pickle. Ah, I am such an idiot! Cheryl use Teleport and get ALL of us there. Include they other trainers and they're Pokemon. Let's do this," said Shard. Getting hold of Glacier and Leafy while returning Sparkle, Dash, and Growly to their Poke balls Shard grasped Cheryl's hand with his other, free hand. Looking Cheryl she used telepathy and said, "Ready? I'm ready if you are." Nodding at Cheryl Shrd braced himself so as to not drop Glacier and Leafy who hated being in their Poke balls.
    When they arrived Shrd elt go and sent his other Pokemon out of his metallic Poke balls that he called Metaballs. Looking at the two trainers Shard said, "Well, I still don't know either of your names. Am I gonig to have to call you that girl and that boy or something? Anyways, let me guess surprised I got here so quick? It's a method I like to call teleportation. You remember Cheryl right?" Holding Cheryl up he showed her to that girl then put her down and got tackled by all his Pokemon wanting either to play, eat, spar, or just be pet. Taking them up in groups Shard set off doing what each Pokemon wanted.
  22. Erika watched them run up, vertically as if there wasn't any gravity and then land.
    "Yeah, I didn't think you noticed." she said, smiling sheepishly, tossing the lollipop into a nearby trash can. "Let's battle then. I've been waiting forever to train a couple of my pokemon. 3 on 3's okay with me."

    Getting up from her sitting position, she stood, tossing out Pop. "I don't think you've met her. This is Pop, a Wigglytuff. My friend gave it to me as an Igglybuff. It's a little, well, overconfident and I was hopping a good battle'd pop it's bubble." Laughing, Erika waited for what pokemon Shay would choose.

    Just before that, the group of trainers and pokemon they had left at Iron Island appeared out of nowhere. "I'm guessing we'll have to delay the training for now," she said to Shay, annoyed. "My name's Erika, and no, I wasn't surprised. Maybe he was though," she said, pointing an accusing finger at Shay. Erika watched as all of the trainers' pokemon tackled him. "I don't know your name either, ya know."

    ((OOC: How do you know it'll be a good battle? :D Stop doing that, gzh!))
  23. Shay walked over to the Water, returning Sharpedo and Gorebyss to their Pokeballs. "Didn't Erika tell you earlier? The names Shay." Shay pointed to Erika. Shay inspected Shard and his Pokemon. Whoever this kid is, he's pretty damn cocky. Maybe a bit too cocky. We don't even know what we could be up against, so he had better be ready for anything.

    Shay looked at the Leafeon and Glaceon. "You've been to Eterna Forest and Snowpoint then, I presume?" Then, an idea poped into his head. What if the two rocks found in Eterna and Snowpoint are connected to the mystery! Shay looked to Erika. "Are we gonna battle or what?"
  24. "Erika, my name's Shard. To answer your question Shay, I have. Let's just say I know a few people within the Pokemon research profession. And when they heard i got Evees they had to try it out. So, I took them to Eterna Forest and trained Leafy here a bit and then, she evolved. Same happened with Glacier but at Snowpoint. It might be a coincidence, but it might also not be. Do the two of you mind if I watch? I'd battle one of you later if you want. You can choose the rules. I've already finished making my Pokemon happy," said Shard as he watched his Pokemon dozing nearby. Getting up to sit on a nearby rock Shard watched as they initiated the battle.
    Watching Shay Shard thought, He seems familiar as well. And by the look on his face, I don't think he likes my personality. I hope i get to battle him. It might change his opinion about me. Then without knowing Shard burst out laughing at the thought of Shay hating him. Trying to stifle the laughter Shard got back to watching Erika and Shay battle.
  25. "I don't know. Violence is bad for little children," Erika replied, smirking at Shard. "Right now, we should figure out what to do next. We could train anytime. So, I have Umbreon and Espeon. Shay has Jolteon. Whatever his name is, has Leafeon and Glaceon. So we already have five. We only need Vaporeon and Flareon left. Wait, where are we even supposed to be when we have all of the Eeveelutions? Does it say anything about it in the book, Shay?"

    Returning Pop to her pokeball, Erika studied Shard's pokemon. He seems a bit-, no, very overconfident. He should be ready for whatever happens. Releasing Espey from her pokeball, Erika once again sat down with her Espeon on her lap. Petting Espey as she slept, Erika wondered what was going to happen next.
  26. "I don't know. Violence is bad for little children," Erika replied, smirking at Shard. Angrily standing up and glaring at Erika with a piercing stare he said, "Calling me little is one thing even though I'm 6'4" but saying violence is another. Have you seen a best friend killed in front of your eyes at age four or five? The pain that they went through their last moments on Earth when they tried to save me. Have you ever seen that? I think not! Now, unless you want to be frozen I suggest you shut the snotty comments up!" Then trying to calm himself down Shard looked at Erika again, "Look, I'm sorry but, you won't believe the deaths I've seen. The pain, the violence, the sorrow. It's ahrd to go on every day without thinking back to what happened. One of the incidents was when I was five. A friend named Katie got rolled over by a Golem. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for her." Sitting back on the rock Shard wiped the tears of fury and sorrow from his eyes. Then looking back at Shay and Erika he asked, "Well? Are you gonig to start the battle or am I going to be a grandfather when you decide to battle?"
  27. Shay thought to himself. Well, as far as I can think, Eterna is the next place we should go. But, it would be better if we wen't to Oreburgh and rested, then headed up the Cycle Track to Eterna. "Alright gang, We have a destination. Wait here one minute." Shay walked into the nearest Pokemon center and activated the PC. 4 Options came up;
    Someone's PC
    Shay's PC
    Professor Rowan's PC
    Shay clicked the first option, bringing up many other options. He placed two of his Pokeballs, Sharpedo and Gorebyss, into the small capsule to the left of the machine, then chose Move Pokemon. He moved His mouse onto the Sharpedo and Gorebyss icons and clicked Deposit. The two Pokeballs disappeared into a blue beam. Thn, he put his mouse over Pidgeot, then Staraptor, clicking Withdraw. In the left Capsule, two blue Pokeballs appeared, both with two red rectangular lumps on them. Shay grabbed the Two pokeballs and logged out of the Computer.

    Shay walked outside and saw the 4 trainers, waiting in suspense. "Alright guys, heres the plan." Shay walked over and sat by Erika. "The book says about a Special Area, but it doesn't say where.I have had an idea though. In eterna Forest and near Snowpoint City, there are two stones that allow an Eevee to evolve into either a Leafeon or a Glaceon. Maybe these stones have something to do with the mystery." Shay threw the two Pokeballs from the Pokemon Center. "Pidgeot, Staraptor, time to Shine!" Two great birds emerged in the air. "Right then, Pidgeot can carry two people, Staraptor only 1. Shard, you ride on Staraptor. NO teleporting." Shay looked to the other two, still new and unknown. "You two can ride on Pidgeot. I'm on Gliscor and Erika's got her Dragonite."

    Shay released out his Gliscor into the air alongside the two other birds. Shay leaped onto the Bat. "Theres one other thing." Shay looked to Erika. "But I'm not sure you're going to like it. Theres no way our Pokemon can carry us all the way to Eterna, so we'll stop off at Oreburgh for the night. Then, We'll head over to Hearthome City. Rumour has it that a girl lives there who hs an Eevee which might be just what we need, seeing as I have a fire stone and a Water stone. Then, we'll rest and head to Eterna Forest. Once done there, Snowpoint. All agreed?" Shay looked down to the trainers. "Then its settled. To Oreburgh!" The birds swooped down and picked up Shard and the two other trainers. "Fly on ahead, Me and Erika with catch you up." Shay swooped down and waited for Erika.
  28. "..." Erika stood up, speechless. "I didn't know that...I'm...uh...sorry...I didn't mean it like that..." Looking at Shard, she noticed that he had been crying. He quickly wiped up the tears. "Well? Are you going to start the battle, or am I going to be a grandfather when you decide to battle?"

    Tears came to her eyes. "You aren't the only one who's lost somebody close...*hic* I *hic* lost my *hic*..." She couldn't continue. It hurt too much and crying didn't really help. Dropping to the floor, Erika looked up at Shay, nodding, telling him to tell Shard what happened and why she was here in the first place. Why she wasn't at home. Why she was crying.

    ((OOC: Wow... this RP isn't just about Eeveelutions now. All the characters are losing somebody etc. This is getting dramatic XD ))
  29. "You love taking the fun out of me don't you? Why can't I teleport? It's much less tiring on the Pokemon and much faster. Plus, I know these skys. And this time of year is when the Beautifly and Dustox breed. It's dangerous going. The Dustox will lose emper if you get near them. The Beautifly will try to Tackle you out of the sky. I can help you. We should stay in a group. Cheryl can teleport us when danger comes. If that can't happen... be careful. What do you say," said Shard to Shay.
    Looking at his Pokemon playing around he fed each of them two of their favorite poffins. When they saw Shard getting the poffins out they started formnig a line, each trying to be first. Laughing at their antics Shard said, "Don't worry. There's enough for everyone." Then looking up at the sky Shard called out to Shay, "I think a storm might be coming. This one will be strong. See how there's no breeze and the skies are cloudless? We should hurry up to Oreburgh. The storm will be here soon." Hopping up after feeding each Pokemon he gave some to each of the trainer's Pokemon and returned his Pokemon to their Poke balls. Getting up on the Staraptor's back Shard looked at the others, "Come on hustle! Storms don't wait for anybody and we don't want injuries do we Shay?" Awaiting his response Shard readyed himself for rough flying.
    Then looking at Erika he said, " Erika look, I'm sorry. I lsoe control like that sometimes. But we should hurry up since a storm is brewing. Here take this." Shard handed her a newly made gift box hoping it would cheer her up. "Go ahead open it. Hasn't been used yet. If you like instruments you'll love this. Made it from pelican bone. Don't worry, take it," said Shard with a feelnig of caring.

    ((OOC: xD sorry about "taking control" of the Prp but Shard likes being the leader xD. Part of his personality. And curse you Fallen Angel! You finally beat me!))
  30. ((OOC: Its ok but guys, we need to make our posts longer or its going to get blocked like my original one was sos please, just put a little more effort into the descriptions and stuff))

    Shay looked at Shard and grinned. "Well, seeing as we aren't flying over anywhere where Dustox and Beautifly live, its not going to be a problem is it?" Shay grinned. He always had a solution to every problem. "Anyway, we'd better get going. It'll be late soon. Shard, get going on Staraptor. I'll wait here with Erika. We'll catch you guys up."

    Shay leapt off of his Gliscor and stood by Erika, trying to cheer her up. It didn't work, until one thing, which seemed to make her look up. "Erika, I have a present for you. But were going to have to get to Oreburgh to get it." Shay grabbed one of Erika's Pokeballs. He threw it, releasing a great black Dragonite. "Come on Erika. Lets get moving." Shay Signalled for Gliscor and Erika's Dragonite to come down, swooping them up as they did. Shay looked to Erika and smiled. Boy, is she in for a surprise when we get to Oreburgh

    Shay slowly rose on Gliscor, rising and rising, Canalave getting smaller and smaller below, until they looked as small as ants. Then, he ordered his Gliscor to get ready to head on out, feeding it a poffin to get its energy up. "Alright Erika, lets get going." Shay pointed forward, making Gliscor spped forward at an itense speed, and, for all that Shay could tell, Erika right behind him.
  31. ((OOC: xD I don't write good with details when I'm tired sorry. Curse that sugar rush that wouldn't let me sleep... Trying thoguh, so don't worry.))
    "Well, seeing as we aren't flying over anywhere where Dustox and Beautifly live, its not going to be a problem is it?" Shay grinned. Shard looked at Shay, "Really? Then why do I see them over the horizon? And aren't we gonig to Eterna as well? Eterna Forest houses them. The Breeding goes on for a few weeks. So I think you are wrong. Take it from someone that lives in the area. Now are we gonig or what? I hear thunder in the distance." Hopping on Staraptor they flew over the others and Shard yelled, "Come on Erika! We don't ahve much time left untill this storm comes!"
    Watching the distance Shard swore he saw something flying there. But what it was, he'd never know. He then looked at the sky, cloudless and without a breeze bu very nice none the less. Shard could hear flocks of Starly, Staravia, and Staraptor in the distance. Nodding to Shay's Staraptor it set off to join a flock. Staraptor's might be solitary but all Pokemon like company sometimes. They all have hearts, feelings, lvies, and a conscience. They are like humans in mostly every way. For all we know humans could've evolved from Pokemon. Shard then looked down at the water. Lumineon and Finneon were swimming and jumping over rocks and making waves. Staryus were spinning their way through the water searching for unknown objects. On little islands you could see Golducks sunning themselves in the warm sun. This was a perfect world.
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  32. ((OOC: Its good, just a little longer and we'll be great!))

    Shay looked over the Horizon. Why would there be a flock of Star-familys and Dustox and Beautifly over a load of water and a city? Somethings wrong. Something big. Shay continued over the horizon, following Shard as he did. "Shard, what are you doing?!" He yelled to Shard, his Staraptor in the flock.

    Shay ignored it and carried on flying, searching for what had disturbed the Pokemon. He had an odd feeling that it was something in Eterna Forest, but he would have to check on it later. On top of his Gliscor he rode on, passing over the ocean at a powerful pace. Soon, the Gateway leading to Jubilife City emerged on the other side of the ocean. Shay flew over it, trying not to look down. He knew his mother and sister would be looking for him, so he couldn't risk landing there. Insted, he rode on into forests of the east, leading to Oreburgh Cave.

    Soon, Shay and Gliscor arrived at the Enterance to the cave. Shay leapt to the ground and pulled out Gliscors Pokeball. "Gliscor, Return!" The giant urple bat became swallowed in a red beam, pulling it into its familiar Pokeball. Shay walked on, into OreBurgh Cave.

    Shay recognised the cave from his journey around Sinnoh. He pulled out his trainer card and pressed the button on the bottom, revealing the 8 Sinnoh Gym Badges. He closed the card and put it back in his pocket. "Charmeleon, Volt, lets get to work!" Shay threw two Pokeballs into the air, releasing a speedy Jolteon and Powerful Charmeleon. "Okay guys, we get through here and we can take a nice, long rest." Shay and his partners walked on, to find two campers and a hiker, stuck behind a rock fall. "Is...everything okay?"

    "NO!" The hiker yelled at Shay. "I CAN'T GET HOME!" Shay moved closer to the Rock fall and began to laugh. "WHAT'S SO FUNNY KID?"

    "Thats no rock fall!" Shay nodded to his Charmeleon, which slammed a mega punch into the rock fall, waking a giant rock snake. "Thats an Onix!" Shay looked at Charmeleon and nodded again. It leaped into the air and slammed its arm down in a powerful Brick Break. The Onix fell to the floor. Shay threw an odd black Pokeball at the onix, catching it instantly. Shay lifted up the Pokeball and gave it to the Hiker. "Keep it. I wont need it." Shay walked on, revealing the lights of the familiar Oreburgh City.

    ((actually, someone did but, I guess we can go with more than one. gzh, would you to trade one for a Flareon or Vaporeon?))
  33. ((OOC: Dunno.. Possibly.. Really like Glacier and Leafy though. I'll see. I'm gonna get off after this post so have fun.))
    Soaring further out Staraptor pulled away from the flock as they headed towards Sandgem and Shard watched the front confused. He had seen something flying and now as he approached the coast Shard could tell that it was a large group of Dustox and Beautifly. On further inspection they weren't doing a courtship ritual but instead doing something Shard had never seen done. "Odd. Why are they attacknig each other? Something's wrong. Something's very wrong," said Shard out loud.
    Turning back Shard saw that the Staraptor was begginning to tire. Patting the Staraptor on the back Shard said soothingly to it, "Don't worry. We're almost to Jubilife. We can rest at my home then. My family will probably be on their yearly vacation right now though. Good thing I always carry a key." As Staraptor began to land Shard hopped off its back to make it lighter. Leading Staraptor to his house Shard felt a feeling of joy overcome him. What if Cheryl was home? He hadn't seen her in a few weeks. Neither had he seen his family. Joyously leading Staraptor to his house.
    Walking up the paved path Shard began digging for the key in his backpack. After a few minutes he finally drew it out and unlocked the door, finding a note inside. The note read Anyone that reads this will know that we are on vacation. If it's you Shard, we miss you. If it's someone else, we'll be back in a few days. Putting the note back Shard wrote one and put it right next to the other. That note read Hi guys. I stopped by for a rest with a Staraptor that belongs to my friend. You were on vacation though so sadly I didn't get to see you. We'll leave in the morning. Can't wait until you come back! Then signing it off Shard taped it next to the note left by his family.
    Letting the Staraptor rest for a while Shard paced the house thinking. What could be wrong? Why are the Beautifly and Dustox not breeding? Something is happening and the Pokemon know it. But what? After the Staraptor had its rest Shard fed it and they left earlier, since the Staraptor ahd recovered faster than Shard expected. Going to the house next door Shard saw Cheryl laughing with her family and their pets in the Living Room but it was late so Shard didn't bother them. Leaving off towards the path that led to Oreburgh Shard remembered all the happy memories that he had there in Jubilife. Reaching the cave Shard started running with the Staraptor at his back. Seeing Shay at the entrance to Oreburgh Shard yelled out to him, "Hey, Shay! I'm here. And here's your Staraptor. Did you notice anything peculiar on your trip? I sure did." Relating his story Shard waited to lsiten to what Shay had to say.

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  34. ((OOC: If you can't, then I suppose having 2 Glaceons wont be too bad I guess.))

    Shay turned to where the voice had come from and smiled. There, stood at the enterance, was Shard with Shay's Staraptor. Shay pulled out the Great ball and returned Staraptor to its ball for a nice, long rest. "Hey Shard." Shay knew what Shard was talking about. "I take it you saw the Dustox and Beautifly then? They should be in Eterna Forest. We'll check it out when we get there but come on, lets get to the Pokemon Center."

    Shay walked into Oreburgh and walked to the Pokemon Center. The sun was beginning to set and shadows of Skarmorys could be seen floating over the night sky. Shay and Shard walked into the Pokemon Center, to see the trainer with a piplup and the trainer with a togetic waiting for them. The 4 trainers walked upstairs, Shay standing by the window, looking into the night sky.

    "Whats taking her so long?" Shay looked the Shard. He shruged. He looked outside again and frowned. He pulled out a Rare Candy from his Pocket and tossed it to Shard. "By the looks of your Kirlia, its one Rare Candy away from evolving. Go ahead and give it a try." Shay walked back downstairs and activated the PC and withdrew his Gorebyss. He looked through the glass door. "Hurry it up Erika!"
  35. ((OOC: Looks like you guys can't hold together the RP without me. ^^ ))

    Shard gave her a present. And Shay promised her something when she made it to Orebourgh. Why Orebourgh? Erika wondered as she rode on her black Dragonite. Riding slowly behind the others on her way to Orebourgh, Erika saw the Dustox and Beautifly. But they weren't courting. Something's wrong... "Let's move it, Nightshade!"

    That was all her Dragonite needed to hear before it zoomed on, landing in front of the Orebourgh Pokemon Center in the blink of an eye. "Thanks, Nightshade." Taking out its pokeball, she returned him, looking up at the Pokemon Center. There, right through the glass door, she could see Shay waiting. Giggling, Erika walked through the door, apologizing for making everybody wait. "So, Shay, where's my present?" she asked, curious as to why he made her come to Orebourgh for it. While she waited, Erika brought out Umbrey, knowing he loved to play in the dark. "Come back by dinner time, and don't get hurt," she whispered to her Umbreon before it ran off, out of the Pokemon Center and to who knows where.
  36. ((OI! Whas that supposed to mean! We were doin perfectly fine thank you :p)

    Shay smiled. "Cheeky girl." He reached into one of his pockets, pulling out a Dive Ball. He returned Volt to its Pokeball, leaving Charmeleon out. "Here." He handed Erika the Dive ball he had pulled out. "Its Gorebyss. I don't need her so I think you deserve it. After all, you have two Pokemon eveolved by friendship. Consider it... a reward."

    Shay walked back upstairs and began sparring with his Charmeleon. Then, during the sparring session, Charmeleon began to glow. Shay grabbed an odd stone from his pocket and held it onto Charmeleon's chest, stopping it from evolving. It looked up at say. "Char..." Shay sat on his bed and got Charmeleon to pierce a small whole through the stone. Shay grabbed a piece of strine and made the Stone into an amulet like necklace. He put it on his Charmeleon.

    Shay looked outside to the midnight sky and jumped at the sight of Umbrey on the outside of the window. He slid the window open, allowing Umbrey back inside. It climbed down the stairs back to Erika. Shay smiled. He liked seeing Pokemon and Trainers happy together. Shay returned Charmeleon to its Pokeball and slowly went to sleep in his bed, slowly awaiting tommorow, when they would head off to Hearthome City.
  37. ((Ooc: thanks for autoing me, boy you guys post fast))

    "My name's Tyler and..." Tyler started, but as he reached his hand out to shake he knocked over a Pokeball releasing Togetic and the odd rock. Togetic picked it up, and, while handing it to Tyler, something strange happened. Tyler instantly remembered what was happening. Something extremely special. It happened to all his Pokemon except for Eevee.

    The Togetic started to glow white. It's shape changed. It started to hover. Evolution...to a Togekiss. Tyler thought, So, that rock. It was an evolutionary stone. But what kind? Not fire. Not water. Not thunder. Not king's. Not a sun or moon shard. Dusk stone? No, that's not what makes a Togetic evolve. A shiny stone! That's what it was!

    "Tooogeeekiiisss!!!" the newly evolved Pokemon shouted, triumphantly. Finally! It has happened! Oh, thank you Tyler! I'm a Togekiss! Togekiss thought. He flew around the Pokemon Center, sprinkling his "Joy Dust" as he went.

    "Wh-whoa... that was one of the most amazing things that I have ever seen in my life." Tyler said. "Wait, did you say you had a fire stone, Shay? That would make my Eevee evolve into a Flareon! That would give us 6 Eeveelutions!" Tyler let out his Eevee. He crouched down to the eye level of the Eevee and said "So what do you think Vaporeon or the awesome, flame shooting Flareon...!"

    "Eevee! Eev! Eev! Eevee!" Eevee said, meaning "Flareon! Fire Stone! Flareon!" Togekiss translated this to Shay and Tyler through telepathy.

    "So, what about it, Shay? Can we?" Tyler asked Shay.
    ((I think you said you had a water stone and fire stone. I love Flareon! :D))
  38. Shay looked at Tyler and smiled. He pulled out a fire stone. "You'd better think long and hard about this. Once it evolve's there's no going back. And we still dont know what will happen when we doe this thing for all we know... the Eeveelutions might not stay with us." Shay held out the Fire Stone. "But its your choice. Nice Togekiss aswell." Shay looked down and stroked Tyler's Eevee. "Now if you don't mind, I want to get some rest. But..." Shay held out a pokeball, releasing out his Jolteon," I suppose Volt can play for a while. Just put him back in his Pokeball and put it by my bed when your finished playing." He handed Tyler Volt's Pokeball.

    Shay walked to the rented wardrobe, hung up his belt and Pokeballs and changed into some Pjamas. He slipped into the bed and closed his eyes, but staying awake to see what Tyler would do.
  39. (cay, i removed the first message of mine and i'm editing it here)

    Salem bounded down the stairs of her Snowpoint City home. her dad walked out of the kitchen with a belt that could hold pokeballs. Salem smiled and took the belt.
    "Salem, honey. you know I'll miss you. do you really want to do this?" Salem's dad asked.
    "Dad, your gonna make me cry. i think it will be in the best interest of Violet that i leave." Salem told her dad.
    her dad pulled out his old poketech. he strapped it around Salem's wrist.
    "I'll miss you. all 5 of my Pokemon will miss you" Salem told her dad.
    Salem's dad pulled out a pokeball. he returned the family pet, gengar, to the pokeball. he snapped it into the first slot.
    "now all 6" dad said.
    Salem snapped her other 5 into the slots. she gave her dad a quick hug and bounded out the door. Salem let out Sammy and jumped on. the ferrow flew until she was in hearthrome.
    "Sammy, take a rest. go, Speed!" Salem yelled.
    the dodreo jumped out of the pokeball. Salem climbed onto the large bird. she then let out Violet, her shiny vaporeon. Violet sat infront of Salem. Speed ran to eterna. Salem returned Speedy. she picked up Violet. Violet purred and licked Salem's face.
  40. ((OOC: MyWolfNightFall, you could have just um, edited the first one. Ugh, I hate it when people post when I'm not looking!))

    Watching Volt play with Tyler and his pokemon, Erika smiled. It made her happy to see pokemon and people connect on a fun level. Glancing at her watch, she realized it was getting late.

    "I'm going to bed. If you guys need me, wake me up. Espey and Umbrey can stay to play. Don't worry about them, though. They know how to behave, and when they're tired, they'll just make their way up to my room." With that, she released the pair of pokemon and made her way down the hall to her room. As soon as she changed into some pajamas, Erika dropped onto her bed, letting sleep consume her. Dreaming, she saw herself, Shard, Shay, Tyler, and Salem with all seven Eeveelutions gathered. The Eeveelutions joined together and then came a bright blast of light.
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