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Ask to Join Eeveelution Daycare : The Ranch

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Peachy Ace, Mar 12, 2017.

  1. @WolfyPop

    Welcome to another RP revolving around Eeveelutions cause thats all Im good for in the world of Pokecharms! This DayCare is only for Eeveelutions,So if you want to be a CareTaker Just be an evolved eeveelution, If you are a child, start as an eevee.

    1.Please no Cursing, This is a DayCare
    2.You can only have 3 Characters in here.
    3.The Kids Can have a crush on the other kids if you want to :3
    4. You.don't have to have 3 characters but 3 is the limit.

    Now for the form:
    Name: (Put your name)
    Gender: (Female or Male?)
    Species: (Just Eeveelutions,If young then be an Eevee)
    Role: (You are either a Child or a CareTaker)
    Moves: (What moves do they have?(Most Kids must have only 2 Moves)
    Personality: (How do they act?)
    Others: (If you have any marks or accessories put it on here!)

    My Forms:

    Name: Midnight
    Gender: Male
    Species: Shiny Umbreon
    Role: Caretaker
    Moves: Psychic, Attract, Shadow Ball, Bite
    Personality: Midnight is very stubborn and is a bit flirty.
    Other: Blue Scarf

    Name: Amethyst
    Species: Espeon
    Gender: Female
    Role: Caretaker
    Moves: Mind Read, Psybeam, Rest, Hypnosis
    Personality: Amethyst is light hearted and is very energetic
    Others: Sun Stone Pendant.

    Now let the RP begin!

    Midnight frowned. "Amethyst." He frowned. "Yea?" She asked. "Get off of me!" Midnight groaned. "Sorry Midnight, but you.lost the bet, and you still didn't pay me my.Oran berries." She growled. "Ugh, fine." Midnight sighed, letting the Espeon lie on him.
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  2. Name: Phoenix
    Species: Flareon
    Gender: Female
    Role: Caretaker
    Moves: Fire Spin, Will-O-Wisp, Swift, Skull Bash
    Personality: Phoenix is nice, loyal and curious.
    Others: She is a light blue Flareon with a silver Tuft, Tail and Mane, dark blue legs, and a yellow and red eye.

    Name: Cyber
    Species: Umbreon
    Gender: Male
    Role: Caretaker
    Moves: Dark Pulse, Iron Tail, Swift, Shadow Ball
    Personality: Cyber is loyal, nice, but stubborn,
    Others: Cyber has green eyes and rings.

    Phoenix and Cyber were sitting on the couch, watching the two. "Are you two alright?" Phoenix asked with a smug look on her face. Cyber was grooming his friend by licking her behind the ear. He stopped for a moment to talk. "We will have some Eevees coming in soon, so we need to look mature," He copied Phoenix's smug face before continuing to groom Phoenix.
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  3. "Then tell Amethyst to get off of me!" Midnight groaned. "Fine." Amethyst sighed, jumping off of Midnight. Midnight then groaned. "Not my.day. So who dragged me into this?" Midnight asked.
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  4. Phoenix was purring. "Not me," She sighed. Cyber stopped grooming and layed down. "Not me, either,"
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  5. "In that case. Amethyst!" Midnight groaned. "Hey, everyone agreed and by that I mean Lucky and Red." Amethyst smiled. "Remind me to strangle you later." Midnight graoned.
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  6. "Remember guys, mature..." Phoenix smirked before walking off to get a drink. Cyber sighed. "Seriously, where are the youngsters?!" Cyber sighed.

    (OOC: should we ask people to join?)
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  7. "Midnight sighed. "No idea. Should be arriving soon. In the meantime, how are you and Asmodeus?" Midnight asked, trying to pull up small talk.

    (OOC: Lol, Yea.)
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  8. "Pretty good, I have been going over to his house recently." Cyber smiled.

    (OOC: Operation; Ask People!)
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  9. "Met the parents and all?" Midnight smirked, then turning to Phoenix. "Phoenix's mom still scares me though." Midnight frowned.
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  10. Name: Cerol
    Gender: Male
    Species: Eevee
    Role: Child
    Moves: Quick attack, helping hand (Or, helping paw?)
    Personality: Kind, Brave, and hates puns. Also, likes to eat berries, that he get by himself, and hates when someone gives it to him.
    Others: Green scarf, moon necklace
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  11. Cyber shook his head. "Nope, not yet,"

    Phoenix smirked. "Don't worry, Mum doesn't hate you anymore," She poked out her tongue.
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  12. "Hopefully not, god that was the last time I visited your place." Midnight groaned.
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  13. Phoenix just rolled her eyes. She got out a book and began to read. Cyber watched. "Hm, I wanna see our first Eevee,"
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  14. "I mean we could ready up a bit. Considering we do have some time. "Really I have almost no interaction with any of the eevee since Im the receptionist and all." Midnight frowned.
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  15. Cerol walked in the (daycare? Ranch? I don't know...) and looked around. He seen that no eevee was here, except for him. Just caretakers.
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  16. Amethyst noticed the Eevee who had walked in. She then walked towards it with a small smile. "Hello Cerol, Nice to meet you, Im Amethyst." Amethyst smiled.
  17. "Hello, Amethyst." Cerol said with smile. He looked around again.
  18. Phoenix put down the book. She usually entertains and plays with the Eevees. She bounced to Cerol. "Hello there,"-She turned to Midnight-"Midnight! Receptionist desk!"-Then she turned back to Cerol-"Would you mind going over to that desk over there and answer a few questions? I'll go with you if you want," She smiled.
  19. Midnight groaned Phoenix telling him to stand by the receptionist desk. "Alright Mom." He sighed, walking over to the Receptionist desk. He took a seat, a amused face, waiting for The small eevee to come by.
  20. Cyber sighed. Sometimes Storm the Jolteon would sing songs for the youngsters, but he doesn't go to the Daycare anymore. He sometimes taught cubs how to hack for good, considering he does that.
  21. Amethyst smiled. Wow, that sounds really cool. Too bad he isn't here now." Amethyst frowned.

    (OOC: Im going to add a youngster to the Roster.

    Name: Shima
    Species: Eevee
    Gender: Female
    Role: Child
    Moves: Tackle, Tail Whip
    Personality: Shima is very energetic and nice, but a force to be reckoned with.
    Other: N/A

    Shima bouced on top of Midnight's head unsuspectingly, and to her surprise, Midnight hadn't noticed. She held back her laughter and started to make faces over Midnight's head
  22. Cyber saw Shima and chuckled. "Amethyst," He poked her and pointed to Shima on Midnight's head.
  23. Amethyst looked to where Cyber pointed at, and only snickered, finding the scene hilarious and adorable. She then quickly ran over to Phoenix, pointing to Midnight, and showing the Blue Flareon. Midnight's eyes were closed, so he had.no idea what was going on around him.
  24. Phoenix looked. She giggled. "Let's see how long it takes for him to realise," She whispered to Amethyst.
  25. "You guys know I hear you. If it's complete silence and I hear some giggling and whispering, you guys are bad at keeping secrets." Midnight smiled. He opened his eyes, then looked around. He noticed Amethyst looking slightly over where his eyes were, causing him to look up, finding a small Eevee on his head. "There you are! Where have you been Shima?" Midnight grabbed the Eevee cub, smirking. "Nope, that's for me to know and you to find out." Shima smirked, bluntly. "Right." Midnight smirked back.
  26. "Okay, Cyber you help Shima, I'll help Cerol." Phoenix commanded, and she walked back to Cerol.

    Cyber got off the couch. "Shima, you need to answer a few questions, and I'll take you outside, okay?" He smiled.
  27. Shima smiled. "OK, let em rip!" Shima smirked, sitting down. Amethyst followed Cyber too, smirking at Shima's cocky attitude, which was pure adorableness.

    Midnight sighed, waiting for Carol to gain the courage and walk over. He didn't mind, considering there was no line what so ever. He simply looked in a small notepad.until Carol made it over.
  28. "Okay, Shima, first, What are the names and species of your parents?"
  29. "OK! My mom is a Glaceon while my Dad is a Flareon, and their names are Crystal and Wisp." Shima answered with a smile on her face, awaiting the next question.
  30. Cyber nodded. "Okay, Second, Where do you live?"
  31. "Easy Peasy, The center of Castelia City. No Sweat! C'mon give me some harder ones Cy!" Shima smirked. Amethyst smiled. "The kid's has sass I'll giver her that." Amethyst giggled.
  32. StellarWind Elsydeon

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    Staff Member Administrator

    A reminder that posts should be at least a paragraph long according to our rules. Enough with the one-liners, children.
  33. "Okay, last question, do you have a diet or special needs?" Cyber swished his tail, waiting for the Eevee to answer. Maybe she would like me to teach her some hacking skills? He thought to himself.
  34. "Nope and Nope." Shima smiled, then doing a.quick stretch before jumping up and down repeatedly. "Can I play with the other Eevee now?" Shima asked. Amethyst frowned. "Sure, but you're gonna have to wait for Carol to finish." She smiled.
  35. (OOC Cerol. BIC)
    Cerol looked at Amethyst. "Let's start?" He asked with smile on his face.
  36. "OK, instead of just being slow like my friend here." She smirked, pointing to Cyber. "Lets speeds things up OK? OK." Amethyst smiled.

    "What are the Species and Names of your parents? Where do you live, and do you have any special needs or allergies?" Amethyst said all questions at once. Shima then frowned. "How come I wasn't given Amethyst to answer questions?" Shima frowned.

    Midnight sat in the back. "Jeezus, this kid is rude." Midnight thought.
  37. "Well... My parents are umbreon, with name 'Jack', and my mother is espeon, with name 'Grey'... I live in the Castelia city, and i doesn't have any special needs, or allergies." Cerol said with smile on his face.
  38. "Great, Midnight! You got that down?" She asked. "Yep. No allergies, Castelia City, Jack and Grey. No problem." Midnight smiled. He then smiled. "OK, you two can go play now." Midnight sighed. Shima smiled then tackled Cerol. "C'mon! Let's go!" Shima smiled, bouncing up and down energetically. Midnight smiled. "My work here is done." Midnight smiled.
  39. "Okay." Cerol said with smile on his face. He ran outside.
  40. Shima grinned, chasing after the other Eevee. "Wait for me!" Shima yelled after Cerol, trying her best to keep up, being energetic but not very athletic on the other hand.

    Midnight then frowned. "Why do I have the feeling that things are just gonna get worse?" Midnight thought, then looking around a bit paranoid.

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