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Ask to Join Eevee Kingdoms: War Agasinst Kingdoms

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Peachy Ace, Oct 2, 2016.

  1. This is a Classic Eevee Kingdom RP. There will be four pacific areas. The desert, home to Flareon and Jolteon. The Grasslands, home to Leafeon and Sylveon. The forest, home to Umbreon and Espeon. Finally, the Wetlands, home to Vaporeon and Glaceon. There will be one Eevee though. The objective is to evolve the Eevee into one of you. After all,


    Im way too into these Eevee RP stuff. Anyways back to the thing. By Kingdoms I mean few, and when I mean few I mean only 8. The territory for each is only shared by the two eeveelutions, so things get complicated for the kingdoms.

    Vaporeon: Vap

    Umbreon : Midnight
    Espeon : Star

    Leafeon : Emerald

    Flareon : Stevey

    Eevee : Crystal

    1. Romance is allowed
    2. No Gore
    3. Please dont use Violent ways of evolving Eevee, like strapping her down.
    4. Since Umbreon, Espeon, and Sylveon are thought to only evolve by happiness with a trainer, but there is another way. Lunar Ribbons: Evolves into Umbreon, Sun Ribbon: Evolves into Espeon, Fairy Ribbons: Evolves into Sylveon. Iv'e explained, so don't go asking how to evolve them.
    5. Fill out form:
    Eeveelution/ Eevee:

    My form:

    Name: Midnight
    Gender: Male
    Eeveelution: Umbreon (Shiny)
    Item: Blue Scarf

    Midnight groaned, staring at the Eevee sleeping over at the grasslands. "Grr, cmon! Get over here!" Midnight growled. He had sat up Lunar and Sun Ribbons everywhere across their turf. Now they had to wait till the Eevee came to their side. Midnight growled, hating to wait. He could then expand his kingdom and rule against the Grasslands, as he particularly hated the most. The Sylveon bugged him, it the only eeveelution having a type advantage over him. He sighed. waiting for the eevee to respond.

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  2. Name:Vap
    Eeveelution/ Eevee:Vaporeon
    Item:mystic water

    Vap was in the grassland looking for someone to battle same he don't being of the grasslands he was there "ah come on no one to battle right here? man this war no is so violent how I thinked why everyone tell to no be here? is so calm"
  3. Midnight frowned as Vap walked into the Glass lands. "Ugh, he don't even know the type disadvantage he's in if the Leafeon come s around. At least I think before I do something rash." Midnight groaned. He watched as Vap got closer to the Eevee. "NO!" Midnight yelled. He used Shadow Ball at the Vaporeon, giving off warning signals.
  4. "at least one fight here!" Vap used ice beam on the shadow ball "you look weak maybe another day I already fighted more strong shadow balls if you train you can be more stronger than me,and what you have with that eevee huh?" Vap said looking at the eevee
  5. "Ugh, I don't care! Just get away from the Eevee bud!" Midnight growled. He watched as the Shadow Ball was frozen. But it kept going. It now turned to an Ice ball, and it was aiming at Vap.
  6. Name: Star
    Gender: Female
    Eeveelution: Shiny Espeon
    Item: Blue Spiked Wristband.

    "What the hay is going on!" Came a voice. An Espeon came out. "Midnight... who is this?" Star narrowed her eyes at Vap. She flicked her green tail in aggression.
  7. Midnight turned. "Just an Trespasser. Vap from to wet lands crossed over to the grass lands. Too bad he's going to suffer to their leafeon." Midnight sighed. He then yawned. "Ugh, I've been waiting for eevee to roll over here so We can evolve it, then expand our kingdom. Sad thing is its not a shiny." Midnight sighed once more.
  8. "Yeah, for all I know, we're the only shinies," Star said. "Hey Vap! Not to be the smart one, but you seem to be in Leafeon and Sylveon territory!" The Shiny Espeon smirked. "Just warning ya! So you don't get killed!"
  9. "me? good joke im looking a strong leafon all I fighted was super weak to my ice beam im getting bored of so many weak leafons of here" Vap said looking to star "and if I get killed at least I will be killed battling but maybe this not happen here everbody is weak"
  10. Midnight groaned. The Vaporeon was all broads, no brains. "An Pokemon could easily take you down. Strategy covers brute force!!" Midnight growled.
  11. Name Emerald
    Gender Male
    Eeveelution Leafeon
    Item Hoodie

    Emerald was woken by the racket he left his room and saw vap on his territory he walked over to Vap and used a vine to grab Vap and Put him in the wetlands he then walked over to eevee "hello little guy" he smiled he loved the sight of little eevees
  12. Midnight frowned watching as Emerald approached the Eevee. "NONONONONONONO!" Midnight frowned. He never dared to breach anyone's territory. "Ergh! Star! Go over and get that Eevee away from Emerald!" Midnight commanded.
  13. "put me on the ground!" Vap used ice beam on the vine whip freezed and exploded "you are looking fight im right?" Vap said preparing to use a ice beam
  14. "Okay," Said the Shiny Espeon. She used Psychic and picked up the Eevee and brought it to them. "Got it Midnight. " She smiled.
  15. "Um, Star. OK, put it back. Using Psychic is an unfair advantage. Look, during this war, I'm going to play fair, not dirty, so I ask you place the Eevee back, and we get it physically." Midnight frowned.
  16. "Oh" noti ing they tookthe eevee leafeon just shruged his shoulders he turned and saw Vap use ice beam he turned and use x scissor then leaf blade
  17. "Oh fine.." Star used Psychic and put the Eevee back. "Now let's get it, before that Vap does..." The Shiny Espeon looked at Midnight.
  18. "Sorry, I don't cross the boundarys. You do it. I make the traps, you get the eevee to fall for them." Midnight growled.
  19. Emerald didnt really care what eevee evolved so he and eevee just played chasey and hide and seek however he knew the other would want to evolve eevee Emerald thought that they should just let eevee pick
  20. Name: Crystal
    Gender: Female
    Eeveelution/ Eevee: Eevee (if any problems, tell me.)
    Item: Nothing

    The Eevee was sleeping; it didn't notice any of the Eeveelutions. Crystal then got carried by a psychic by Star, and was put down on the territory, waking up gradually.


    She ruffled on the grass, rolling around, and was used away.
  21. Vap noticed crystal and go talk with him "hey are you okay? if no I can pick some berrys for you have a berry tree near of here"
  22. "And how are we going to do that?" Star rolled her eyes. "If you are gonna make the traps, make them already." She snarled. "And then I'll get the Eevee.." She said with another eye roll.
  23. Name: Stevey
    Gender: female
    Eeveelution/Eevee: shiny Flareon (that's right >:3 )
    Items: red cape that goes down to her lower back, just above her tail

    Hearing something about Berries, an odd Eeveelution to see in the grasslands, considering her type, bounded toward the Eevee and Vaporeon at an alarming speed. "Well, hi there!" she said rather loudly, not noticing that the Eevee had just awoken. "I couldn't help but hear somethin' about food! What's that about, huh? You got any extra for a poor little Flareon?" Down to the grass, the Fire-type fell, paws dangling in the air above her as she rolled onto her back. "I love food! And don't worry about gettin' somethin' in return- I have a whole supply of Berries and junk back at my place! It's just such a far walk, and I'm so hungry..." Trying to make the Water-type pity her, not afraid of the huge type-advantage in the slightest, Stevey reached a paw up to him as if she were a puppy, a smirk on her face.
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  24. "well okay" Vap jumped in a tree and picked some berrys "here pick some" Vap throw some berrys to the ground but one fall in the flareon head "sorry if hurted you"
  25. "Oop!" Rubbing her forehead, smile depleting a bit, Stevey looked up to the Vaporeon, who had shaken some Berries off a branch, one landing on the Flareon's face. "That hurt! But at least I get food!" Rolling onto her side, her smile back from its short absence, the fluffy Eeveelution grasped the Chesto Berry in her paws, taking a big bite out of it, savoring the taste that hit her taste buds like a monster truck. "Yummalicious! Try one!" she said, with a full mouth, to the Eevee she lay next to, swatting a Berry in her direction with her tail. "This'll wake ya right up, I can tell ya that much!"

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