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Private/Closed Eevee House 4.0 RP

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Peachy Ace, Jul 2, 2018.

  1. Discussion Thread: https://pokecharms.com/threads/eevee-house-4-0-discussion.19522/

    Aaron yawned, another morning sun shining onto him. He lay down on the living room floor, absorbing the sunlight that shown through the open windows. He fiddled with his collar, "black does not match." Rolling onto his stomach, he looked around, not spotting anyone in the living room, not at the moment at least. He shrugged, getting up, followed by a few stretches, like downward-dog. "Good grief," he yawned once again. Saying he got a perfect ten hours of sleep would be an understatement, in fact, he was sleeping for sixteen hours straight, I guess he was a heavy sleeper?

    "Now where is my hat?" Aaron wandered the living room, under couches and behind shelves, searching for his fedora.
  2. arally

    arally Previously AceAltaria

    Hikari yawned, trotting with light steps into the living room. He stretched out his front paws, greeting Aaron with a "Good morning!" He ignored how annoying his collar was, always getting in the way. The Sylveon tilted his head at him. "Whatcha looking for?" he asked, looking to where the Leafeon was searching.
  3. Aaron stopped what he was doing temporarily, looking to Hikari, who entered the room. "Oh good morning," Aaron smiled, before heading back to digging around. "Ah, don't mind me, I'm just looking for my hat, I guess I misplaced it before I fell asleep." Aaron chuckled lightly. "Well, it's not in here, then where?" He stopped for a moment, looking to Hikari, "oh, yeah, good morning to you too, or did I already say that?"
  4. arally

    arally Previously AceAltaria

    "Ah, you did, but it's fine. I could accept two good mornings, too!" Hikari replied, smiling. He thought for a moment before saying, "I thought I saw your hat somewhere, but maybe I was just imagining it? I don't know, but it might be over there," he said, angling one of his ribbons to another part of the room. Before he could get a response, he trotted over there himself, digging through some things before lifting a hat up with his ribbons. "Is this the one you're looking for?"
  5. Aaron chuckled at his mistake but was glad he didn't seem to mind. "Yeah, must've gotten a bit sidetracked while looking for my hat." Aaron walked past him, "well, I guess I'll go looking for it somewhere el- wait, you think you've seen it?" Aaron stopped, now paying attention to Hikari. He watched patiently as Hikari walked to another part of the room, and watching as he pulled out his hat. "Ah! Yeah, that's my hat! Thank you," Aaron trotted over, taking his hat from the Sylveon and flipping it onto his head. "Thanks, is there something I can do to repay you?"
  6. arally

    arally Previously AceAltaria

    "You're welcome," Hikari responded before shaking his head. "And there's no need to repay me, I'm just glad to help!" he said with a smile. He glanced around and asked, "Oh by the way, have you seen any of the others?" He casually slipped on the gold-colored wristband he had grabbed from the spot nearby where he had hid it.
  7. As if summoned by the near mention of others, Elphie bounced down the stairs and into the living room. Once down there, he yawned, stretching out into a pose not unlike downwards dog. He then stood, turning to Hikari and Aaron. "Hey, guys," He walked over. "Whatcha up to?"
  8. arally

    arally Previously AceAltaria

    "Heya," he greeted, looking up at the Espeon. "Nothing much, I just found Aaron's hat, though. What about you?" Hikari shook himself, rattling his collar a bit. (Oh, and he did not appreciate a black collar with the other pastel colors of his body...) He blinked and yawned again. Boy, was I a heavy sleeper last night, he thought to himself.
  9. Aaron smiled, "well, I'm sure they are all still asleep, it is fairly early in the morning." Aaron would have to eat his words, turning his head to Elphie as he made his appearance. "Oh, looks like I spoke too soon," Aaron laughed. Looking to Elphie, "no, he was just helping in finding my hat, other than that, nothing big happened.

    Walking into the living room was a Shiny Umbreon, she looked over at the three, " huh, and I thought everyone would've just sleep in today."
  10. arally

    arally Previously AceAltaria

    "Well, apparently not me," Hikari said with a shrug as he turned his gaze to the Umbreon. "Eh, I like getting up early anyways. Makes the day longer and hopefully more fun!" He looked up and out of a window nearby, which happened to be a bit dusty. The Sylveon coughed a little but shook it off and continued staring outside.
  11. "Good morning to you too, Nyx," Aaron smiled, earning a groan from the Umbreon. Aaron followed Hikari's eyes to end up looking at the window as well. "Well then, I guess we're wasting precious daylight, I'm heading outside, are you coming Hikari, Nyx?"

    "I'm not a day person," she yawned.

    "Yes, but you're not a vampire either," Aaron retorted.

    "Yes I know... Yes, I'll come out, just give me a moment..."
  12. "Hello, Nyx." Elphie smiled, following Hikari's eyes over to the window. The sun was making the dust shine golden against the window, giving it a nice look. He inhaled deeply and smiled, eager to go outside. "It's pretty today, isn't it? The sun is shining, flowers are blooming...just perfect. I feel...excited."

    He turns and frowns, "Is that weird?"
  13. arally

    arally Previously AceAltaria

    "Yeah, sure, just give me a moment," he replied to Aaron. "And I'd have to agree with you, Elphie. It's lovely outside." He decided to push the thought of his trainer, who probably was worried sick about him, to the back of his mind and put a smile on his face. "Let's go," he said cheerfully, skipping happily outside into the sun.
  14. "Hello... Elphie? Was that your name," she asked, genuinely confused. Out of the time she was here, which was really only two days, she was only able to catch up with Aaron and somewhat with Hikari.

    Aaron smiled, "yeah, her name is Elphie Nyx. But you can catch up with him later, maybe after we're outside," Aaron chuckled. He rushed to the door and dashed through the 'doggy door' which led outside. "Just make sure not to go too far off, unless you want to be deaf," he said with a hint of denial.
  15. Elphie trailed after them, ducking his head to fit through the doggie door, then shaking his head as he fit through. He smiled as he felt the suns ray brush his fur, curling his paws into the grass. After a few seconds, he flopped down, closing his eyes and resting on his head on his paws. He exhaled sharply, opening one eye to gaze at the pokemon walking around. He hummed sadly. "...I miss my trainer. She's probably worried. I'm worried for her."
  16. Nyx, unlike the two before her, used Psychic to open up the door, her trainer having used a TM to teach her. She followed suit, laying a paw down on the grass she recoiled, "wet, I guess the dew hasn't been absorbed yet." Taking in a breath, she jumped onto the grass, letting her paws get slightly wet. "Ngh, I still do think it's a bit too early to be playing outside," she rolled her eyes.
  17. arally

    arally Previously AceAltaria

    The sun felt nice and warm on his fur, temporarily erasing the thought of his worried trainer from his mind. He looked over at Nyx. "Really? I think it's never too early for a little time in the sun! Plus, it's not like we can even go that far anyway." He trotted around in the grass, knowing fully how wet his paws were getting.
  18. Outside the Eeveehouse was a team rocket grunt carrying a large cage containing an abnormal looking Vaporeon who seemed to be waking up from slumber...
    Marie yawned, and stretched her legs, she felt a little confined when she wasn't able to stretch her body completely, so Marie decided to open her eyes..she was shocked to see that she wasn't with her trainer, but in a metal cage being carried by some man in a uniforn"Vapor!?!" She screeched, she started to squirm around the small cage in a panic"oh shut up will ya! Once we get into the building I'll let ya out of the cage!" The grunt groaned in annoyance. They soon reached the entrance to the strange home, the grunt put aan unusual collar around Marie's neck, she was frozen in fear "there ya go, dumb fish"he mumbled as he tossed the cage into the building.

    It took Marie a moment to realize the situation she was in before remembering that she was in a random building with who knows what and locked in a metal cage, all she could do was cry for help"h-help me! Anyone!" The Vaporeon cried with tears rushing down her eyes...
  19. Elizabeth heard someone cry out and crawled out from the crack behind the couch, this being her favourite spot because back the nobody would get annoyed at her for making everything cold, she stretch and walk over to the cage undoing the lock and opening the door "welcome out esteemed guest, you will now be stuck here for ages now with nothing but the other Pokemon here, if you are I need of any further information I shall be behind the couch"
  20. She was very suprised whenever a glaceon appeared from under a couch and undis the lock"th-thank you-" she stopped talking when her rescuer gave a short speech about the situation she was in"wha-what...I'm going to be stuck here...away from my master.."she mumbled as her face filled with tears once again and began to ball. Marie was nowhere near prepared to have something like this happen in her life, she didn't hadn't even fought before, she was just her owners pet and friend..."I want to go home!" She cried putting her paws over her teary face.
  21. Elizabeth sighed and turned back over to her "would it make you feel better about if you got a hug?" She offered quietly feeling a bit awkward about this scenario she just managed to get herself into "or would you rather space?"
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  22. Marie moved her paws and looked up at the stranger who was offering a hug, she bobbed her head slightly and wiped away a tear from her cheek"y-yeah...." She held out her arms. Despite making an awkward moment with the first person she met in this place, she felt better knowing that there was some body to make her feel better.
  23. "Just a heads up, I'm like freezing cold" she said with a chuckled and hugged her slowly trying to help her get through this hard time "everyone here knows what you've been through
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  24. "hehe, I can handle the cold"Marie giggled a little, feelinf a little better before they hugged. When she broke the hug Marie wasn't crying anymore, instead she was curious"huh? There are others?" She asked curiously, her cheery side beginning to show
  25. "Yeah, they can be a bit loud and annoying some of them, but it's always good fun hitting on them, oh especially the girls, it's adorable how they react" she said with a laugh and sniffle "and I've got a runny nose this is gross I'm really sorry"
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  26. arally

    arally Previously AceAltaria

    "I'm gonna head inside for a bit. It's a little hot," Hikari said to the others before using his ribbons to lift up the "doggie door". He slipped into the living room again and sat down near the window, looking outside. I wish I could go farther, but this weird collar will make me go deaf! he thought. The Sylveon looked down at his wristband, that had been given to him by his trainer, before he got taken to this abandoned house.
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  27. Marie began to act like her normal self again feeling a little more comfortable with her surroundings"oh, so your really flirty with all the girls here? I don't think I've ever seen soemone react to something like that..
    Can you show me!" She said is jittery tone, then she noticed the runny nose"hehe it's okay, it's not that bad"
  28. "Oh okay!" She said feeling better about herself before going back to Marie "so, what's your name cutie?" She said rubbing up against her said
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  29. She smiled happily when she was asked for her name"heehee, I'm Marie...um what's yours?" She asked tilkting her head to act cute, she felt really happy when the glaceon nuzzled her"oh.. did...did you have a trainer too, I mean before all this..."she said softly
  30. arally

    arally Previously AceAltaria

    Hikari sighed, placing a paw on the windowsill and thinking about how worried his trainer must be. He lowered his paw and stood up, padding towards the sofa. The Sylveon waited for a moment before leaping up onto the sofa with a yawn. He glanced around the living roo boredly.
  31. She nodded a little "they were terrible, this place is great" she said softly before purring "and my names Elizabeth but you can call me princess~" she said with a chuckle, enjoying her flirting with Marie
  32. Marie was enjoying her first meeting with the glaceon names Elizabeth, though the way she was talking to her was a little strange. Marie blushed a little from the flirty tone Elizabeth was using"ok! It's nice to meet you Princess. are you the only one here..or is their anybody else..." She asked, still not knowing about the new area she was in, or what the strange collar that was worn around her neck did.
  33. She smiled and nodded "yeah there is cutie but they're off doing something" she purred rubbing close to her with a large smile on her face "but don't you wanna spend time with me?" She questioned with a giggle "not like I care or anything" she added in a attempt to sound more aloof
  34. Marie's face turned as red as a tomato berry when Elizabeth said that to her "c-cutie?..." She said flustered by the glaceons words. Marie didn't know what to say after but decided to say something whenever the glaceon asked her while rubbing up against her"um...I-I guess...b-but I would rather get to know everyone...you know so I don't scare anyone if they see me randomly" she studdered, she didn't know what to think of Elizabeth's actions, it wasn't that she didn't like it...but she was offput by it.
  35. She nodded softly "oki! I'll go find them" she said moving away happily and going back to her normal, not flirty self, satisfied with the reaction she had gotten out of Marie she started moving around the house in search of other people to introduce Marie too

    (OOC: @Il Fantasma this is where you could probably introduce your character?)
  36. Marie hesistated for a moment but nodded"okay...I'll folofo you" she said in a more peppy tone then before she got up and started to walk not far behind Elizabeth"so Princes...how long haeh you been here..." She asked hoping that it wouldn't bother her.
  37. "Eh, weeks? Months? I can't remember really" she said quietly before turning to her "but don't worry, this place is great, it's got food, beds, other things to talk too" she said with a chuckle "and about"
  38. (Thanks m’dude, and I’m sorry I’m only seeing this now. Vacation’s getting in the way of my responses ;3; )

    The front door of the house opened up so its owner could quite literally toss in an Eevee, slamming it behind her so she couldn’t get back out. The smaller Pokemon’s long ears flew to the side as she whipped her head around to look at the door, eyes wide with fear. “...Where...?” she whispered to herself, whipping around once again so she could look around at the house she was now stuck in. The bow in her fur was beginning to fall out, but she made no move to fix it. Slowly stretching her limbs and shaking herself, Caleigh decided to at least have a look around, slowly creeping around the house incase there was any other ‘predator’ she needed to worry about. The Eevee appeared to be on the verge of tears.
  39. Elizabeth perks up "another new person? Wow" she said stunned before turning back around "come on cutie, someone new is here" she said leaning on the word cutie in a attempt to make the vaporeon even more flustered
  40. Having heard the other voice, Caleigh stopped in her tracks and squeaked, hiding behind the nearest wall. She curled herself into a ball, shaking fairly violently. "...I don't like this place..." she said to herself, not noticing that her bow had fallen to the floor. Inching herself to the other side of the wall, the Eevee peered around the corner just as a tear fell from the corner of her eye. "...Scary... Don't like scary..."

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