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Open Edonia Region

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Ombree, May 28, 2017.

  1. https://pokecharms.com/threads/the-edonia-region.16688/

    So, this is a made up region of mine. Edonia (Pronounced Eh - done - ya)

    It's a contrast to the Alola Region, which is known for it's warm weather. This region is quite cold, with quite a few mountains and surrounded by the ocean. It does get warm and occasionally hot in summer and spring, but mainly cold and cool throughout the year.

    The region is a very beautiful and detailed, with the Edonian People being famous for their intricate work. There are rumours of an ancient tribe of Native Edonian People that live deep in the caves of Mt. Alorra. Though, many people believe this is a myth and the native Edonian people died out many years ago.


    Helqen Town-

    This small town is home to the region's professor, Professor Maple. It's one of the warmer towns in Edonia and it's population increases every year.

    It's also home to the 8th gym leader, Helena. She specialises in ice types. Her Pokemon are
    Froslass, Avalugg and Glaceon.

    Yaris City-

    This city is also quite small, but fairly larger than Helqen Town. It is home to the 1st gym leader, Warren. He is a fire type trainer, his Pokemon are Charmander and Slugma.

    Umbera Village-

    This large village is home to many farmers in the Edonia Region, and has many authentic shops that bring in tourists. It's home to the first Pokemon showcase/contest arena and the 2nd gym. The 2nd gym leader is Luna, she specialises in psychic types. Her Pokemon are slowpoke and exeggcute.

    Jarama Town-

    This town is very close to Alora Mountaim, and is very cold. It is home to the 3rd gym, led by Bristol. Bristol is a dark type leader, and her Pokemon is a liepard.

    Mt Alora-

    Mt Alora is one of the tallest mountains in the world, and the tallest in the region. You can't hike to the very top, but you can hike up quite a bit of it. Rumours say that the native Edonians hide somewhere in the caves of this mountain.

    Helix City-

    This city is home to the Pokemon league and elite 4. It's the largest city in Edonia and is home to the region's leader. Aurora Uma, she stands up for Pokemon rights and is a good person. But, this city is also home to the base of this region's evil team, Team Frostbite.

    Mamoa Town-

    This town is home to the 4th gym. The leader is Greg and he specialises in normal types. He has two eevee and a loudred. It is also home to the second Pokemon showcase/contest.

    Zuni Village-

    This village is small and has a very tiny population, however it's an ancient town. With some bios long being over 400 years old. The 5th gym is also here, the leader is Quentin. He specialises is Steel types. He has a Magnezone. This villager is home to the master class for Pokemon performing and co-ordinating.

    Gystal Town-

    This is where the 6th gym is. The leader is Cherri. She specialises in fairy types. She has a Sylveon and a Flabebe. This is also where the third Pokemon showcase/contest is.

    Tamao City-

    This city is famous for its delicious cuisine. It's home to the 7th gym leader, Maximus. He specialises in water types and has a Cloyster, a Wartortle and a Lapras.

    Belbee Village-

    This village holds an annual festival to celebrate the growth of Spring. It's always held on the last day of Spring every year. And if you missed a performance key, here's where you can get one in the final Pokemon showcase/contest

    The rules are the same as the normal Pokecharms rules. But also, no swearing and not too much violence. Fakemon are permitted.




    Pokemon's nickname
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  2. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Name: Brendan Amherst
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Black Baseball Cap, White Tank Top, Gray Hoodie, Black Windbreaker, Gray Joggers, Black and Blue Sneakers, Fair Skin, Hair: Short Fade + Side Part Combover, More in the buffer side, decently looking (more on the attractive side)
    Personality: Confident, sometimes cocky, Nice and Caring,
    Goal: To be a great Pokémon Trainer + Coordinator/Performer

    Pokemon: Houndour
    Pokemon's Name: Skull
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  3. Name: Solar Blitz
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Solar is short and has pale skin. Unlike other Pokemon Breeders, she likes to keep her long, black hair out. She wears a small golden chain around her neck, and she has grey, colorless eyes that can cause anyone to melt when she cries. She wears a black jacket, embroidered with roses, and pale blue jeans along with some black trainers. She carries along a white bag, to carry eggs in.
    Personality: Shy
    Goal: She has already achieved her goal of being a Pokemon Breeder, so now she wishes to travel across regions.

    Pokemon : Lilligant (Shiny), LVL : 32
    Pokemon's nickname: Lilly
  4. I've tweaked the form a bit. Hope you don't mind.

    Name: Jax Thorne
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male

    : Jax is tall and skinny, standing at 6'5". Because of this, he's often mistaken for an adult. He has chocolate-brown skin, with black, messy hair that goes down to his shoulders. His eyes are two different colors, with his right being a sapphire blue and his left an emerald green. He wears dark grey, loose-fitting jeans along with a white, sleeveless shirt under a black jacket with a purple trim. He has black sneakers that also have a purple trim, and a hat with the same. He also has black, fingerless gloves. On the inside of his right jacket he has six holsters for his Pokeballs. He also has a black and purple PokeGear on his right forearm.
    Personality: Jax didn't exactly grow up in the most child-friendly area, and his personality shows it. While he generally has a kind and outgoing attitude, he tends to snatch up small things. Usually a couple PokeDollars no one will notice, an odd apple from a food stand, or some rich brat's PokeGear who usually walks around hurling insults at the lower-class citizens. He usually acts like a complete idiot with almost no intelligence, but it's all a facade. Under his goof-ball persona is actually a very intelligent individual. Despite his tendency to steal the occasional thing, that doesn't make him an unloyal friend or a bad person. He has morals, and is usually very kind. He'd never steal from young children, the elderly, or the poor. To him, his friends are like a second family (his Pokemon being his first), and he would do anything for them. Because of his love for the creatures called Pokemon, he'd only ever consider catching one if it wanted to join him.
    Goal: Jax and his Pokemon are traveling to compete in Gym Battles, Showcases, and Contests wherever they may be found. He doesn't do this for becoming a champion or anything, but simply because he and his Pokemon enjoy them.

    Pokemon: Absol (Female)
    Pokemon's nickname: Crescent
    Pokemon's Moveset: Psycho Cut, Razorwind, Night Slash, Stone Edge
    Pokemon's Ability: Justified

    : Quilava (Female)
    Pokemon's nickname: Flaire
    Pokemon's Moveset: Wildcharge, Flamethrower, Rollout, Extrasensory
    Pokemon's Ability: Flash Fire
  5. You're all accepted! I'll put my info up and start the roleplay
  6. Name: Aquariana (Ari) Lucans
    Age: 13
    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Ari has pale skin and light blue eyes. She has rosy cheeks and is an average height for her age. She has straight, long, platinum blonde hair that goes down to her hips. She wears a long sleeve grey t-shirt and a white, puffy jacket over the top. She wears black leggings with sequins spiralling around the bottom. She also wears white leather boots and a white, woolen beanie, She wears white, fingerless gloves as well.

    Personality: Ari is sweet, shy and gentle. She's very kind to pokemon and adores them, but she tends to shy away from people and prefers to be alone. She lives in Zuni Village and is a orphan, her parents died when she was very young, so she's quite used to being alone.

    Goal: Ari loves dancing, but doesn't like the idea of doing it on a big stage. Most people in Zuni agree that she's a great dancer and she should compete in showcases, but she thinks she'd be too frightened.

    Pokemon: Amaura
    Pokemon's nickname: N/A
  7. I'll put the RP sometime soon
  8. Name: Felix Waters
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: He stands at a 5'11" but often claims to be six foot. Felix has about, mid length, dirty blonde hair, that is messy and swept to the right side of his head. His skin has a slight tan, and his eyes are a deep blue. Felix wears a light blue t-shirt, with a dark blue open jacket over it. It is slightly padded, buy not as much. On the left side of the jacket, is a shirt pocket. Inside is a battered gold coin. He wears dark brown cargo pants with multiple pockets, and black hiking boots. On his back is a internal frame hiking backpack, that is a dark grey. On his hands he wears black fingerless gloves and
    Personality: Felix is boy who relies heavily on luck for his day to day life. He is a beliver in good and bad luck, making him come off as superstitious or ignorant. He heavily belives in respect and in respecting traditions and other cultures. He is very light hearted, but more often than not can easily switch to cold and distant if he feels there is a something off about you or what's going on in the area. He has a smooth polite tounge, and often prepared for other situations, while others might not be.
    Goal: His main goal is to be a Dragon Master and to acomplish this, he feels the need to win the Pokemon League, and win all 8 badges in that respective region.
    Pokemon: Gible
    Pokemon's nickname: Finn
  9. accepted!
  10. Name: Nyko Swy'yft (Pronounced "swift")
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male

    Wears a black parka over a white wool t-shirt. Wears insulated black jeans and black combat boots. Has a necklace inlaid with a Fire Stone (though he doesn't know it's an Fire Stone yet).
    Personality: Nyko has a strong sense of justice. He helps those in need and is a compassionate person.
    Goal: To become a master of fire.

    Vulpix (Original)
    Pokemon's nickname: Kaiia (Kaiya(
  11. Not sure if it's too late, but if you're all okay playing with a newbie, I'd love to join!

    Name: Kevis (Kev) Adder
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male

    Appearance: A measly 5'7", Kev's lack of proper confidence is apparent in his small stature, hunched gait, and soft frame. There's a hint of pudginess to his body beneath the puffy blue parka he wears, while the windswept, shoulder-trimmed brown hair on his head stays covered by a pink, blue, and white striped woolen cap. Purple mittens cover his hands, often buried nervously within the pockets of his dark grey ski pants, and striking green eyes stare wide from his pale face.
    Personality: First and foremost, Kev is a bundles of nerves. He belittles himself for being so shy, not even a friend of his own self, but in all his yearning for companionship, he does try. Merciful morals and his compassionate hand ensure he's a pleasant person, but his inability to take leaps of faith on his own leave him unhappy. Very artsy, though modest about it.
    Goal: Above all else, he craves some best friends, and despite being pretty timid, he yearns for a Pokemon journey to remember.

    Pokemon: Emolga
    Pokemon's nickname: Alma
  12. Both accepted!
  13. Well, I have decided to add more information as usual to especially the Pokémon bio since there's quite a bit on him. Because I have permission from @PrimrosePearl, I will be using a variation of my Pokémon I am using for the roleplay.

    Trainer Information:
    Her name is Serah Avalon.
    Age: She is roughly 15 Years old.
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Serah stands at a short height of 4'11", as she has light muscle mass and a skinny build. She has blue eyes, long blond hair in a ponytail, and some freckles on her small nose. She wears a pale white camp shirt and a pale blue, short-sleeved skort. She has on black, knee boots and wears a dark brown satchel around her left shoulder.
    Personality: Serah has a gentle outlook towards others, as she is rather compassionate towards the young. Her optimistic nature leads her to persuade others to get them to see other stories instead of looking at everything in black and white. She can be rather overprotective of her Charmander at times, since he tends to get into quite a bit of trouble when it comes to dealing with the real world.
    Goal: Her primary goal is to tame her shadow Charmander to where he can enjoy a happy, normal life with others without having even the slightest problem intervening his well being. She also wants to learn more about shadow Pokémon because of their mysterious behaviors and peculiar moves they have.
    Other: She has a special device that can detect the presence of dark energy which helps to scout around for any odd Pokémon. (More will be explained in the roleplay.)

    Pokémon Information:
    His name is Charles.
    Species: Charmander / Shadow Form
    Type: Fire ???
    Age: His age is currently unknown.
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Adrenaline Rush (When the Pokémon deals damage to an enemy Pokémon, the Pokémon heals off some HP every quarter of a turn cycle for two turn cycles. The effect stacks, but it cannot occur more than twice every half of a turn cycle and only while not having any non-volatile status conditions.)
    Primary Moves: Scratch, Growl, Flamethrower, Shadow Inverse (Reverses the effects of all healing items, healing moves and incoming damage for three turn cycles.)
    Appearance: In Charmander's shadow form, he has a primarily light purple body, while his underside and soles are in the shade of pale black. The flame on his tail is now violet, as it burns to a shade of pale purple if weak, and darkly French violet if blazing. There are no physical changes on his body however.
    Personality: Charles is one that tends to be rather stubborn towards others, as he detests having to obey the authorities. He is shown to exhibit significant aggression towards others when threatened, as he uses force to assert his self-authority and in an attempt to resolve conflicts. He can be rather impatient when it comes to dealing with others, since his emotionless nature can often land him having to answer unwanted questions.
    Backstory: (This is left to be redacted at the moment for the Charmander's privacy, since it contains a substantial amount of violence.)
    Other: He wears a bracelet-shaped device on his left arm that monitors his energy levels which also helps to limit it to a certain degree to avoid having him become insane as a result of having an unstable amount of dark energy in his body.
    Special Notes:
    • ????/????
    • Possibly weak to ???, ??? and ???. (200% Damage)
    • Possibly vulnerable to ??? and ???. (350% Damage)
    • Tension levels increase while attacking the same target.
    • Imperious to the effects of Burn and resilient against Explosive-based attacks.
    • Attacks quickly and relentlessly, especially against stronger Pokémon.
  14. Accepted, we're handing out pokedexes in the lab now
  15. Uh... no judgement, but a Minun with omnipotent shadow powers seems a little out of the blue, doesn't it? :p
  16. :p

    As long as they DO have weaknesses I'm fine with it
  17. Well, it depends on how others look at it, since thoughts vary from person to person. Also, here's the Minun's information, as some key points are left unknown for various, justified reasons.

    Name: His name is currently unknown.
    Species: Minun / ???
    Type: Electric
    Age: His age is currently unknown.
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Volt Absorb (When the Pokémon is hit by an Electric-type attack, instead of taking damage, the Pokémon will recover half of their maximum HP instead.)
    Primary Moves: Quick Attack, Substitute, Thunder Wave, ???.
    Appearance: As Minun is in his normal form for his coloring, he has no changes in his physical appearance whatsoever. He has on a tailor-made blue hat with a white feather on its left side that bears resemblance to a cowboy's. He wears a brown cloak over his blue, one piece robe, as he has on small, brown, leathery boots. He carries around a wooden rod in both of his paws, as the tip of the rod is affixed with a mysterious light blue crystal that has a six-sided prism center with six-sided pyramids on both ends. He also carries around a light tan satchel on his left shoulder that contains various items.
    Personality: Minun's nature of vast ignorance towards others often lands him in trouble with bigger Pokémon, since he often resorts to using brute force to assert his power. His arrogance can steer him into more arguments that he likes to be in for the day as he is rather stubborn towards others as a result of not being taken seriously. He also seems to detest going over to damp areas that contain an abundant source of water pools, since he despises being soaked in water.
    Backstory: (This is left to be unknown for now since most do not know his past and it is rather complicated and also possibly a bit questionable in nature if one were to know about it. However, he seems to have a significant connection with Serah.)
    Other: The rod is powered by electrical energy, as it cannot function if the Minun has 0 PP.
    Special Notes:
    • ????/????
    • No known weaknesses.
    • Utilizes a hybrid style moveset to slightly heal itself, bolister some status buffs and inflict some status debuffs.
    • Often employs various Special-based attacks.
    • Susceptible to some status conditions more than usual.
  18. I'm just going to make a prediction and say that this Minun is a Shadow Pokemon like Serah's Charmander.

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