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Open Edgefield Town Gym [Kalos Gym Battle Role-Play]

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Orange Book, Jun 26, 2016.

  1. Here is a custom made Gym within a custom made city of the Kalos region for trainers to challenge. More information shall be provided below. Please note that this page is listed as Ask to Join. If this is of any interest to you, please contact Orange Book.

    Gym Leader


    Name: Nicole

    Occupation: Gym Leader/Spa Manager/Swimming Instructor

    Type Specialization: Water

    Age: 34

    Marital Status: Married

    Number of Children: 2

    Experience: 4 years

    Signature Pokémon: Milotic

    Hobby: Swimming

    Nicole is the Gym Leader of Edgefield Town's Gym, known officially as the Edgefield Gym. She specializes in Water-type Pokémon. Trainers who defeat Nicole will receive the Storm Badge, along with a scroll containing instructions on how to teach a Pokémon that is capable of learning the move Scald.

    Nicole is an enthusiastic individual who more than anything loves to swim. She is in charge of running the local spa, which is by far the most well known prospect out of the entirety of Edgefield Town. She hails from Lumiose City, however moved to Edgefield Town over a decade ago upon her marriage to its mayor, with whom she has two children. She eventually started a Gym of her own with permission of the Pokémon League.

    Edgefield Town


    Region: Kalos

    Population: Low

    Economy: Medium

    Size: Small

    Location: West of Laverre/North of Courmaline

    Theme: Resort

    Venue of Interest: Spa

    The Edgefield Town Gym is one of the lesser known Gyms in the Kalos Region; trainers who accompany the mainstream route (as depicted in the games) will likely not encounter the Town, let alone the Gym or Nicole. Edgefield is known as being a resort of the sorts, where trainers can take a moment to relax at the spa before continuing their journey.

    Getting There
    To get to Edgefield Town, trainers may either Surf left of Laverre City or Surf north of Courmaline Town. For those of whom do not have a Pokémon capable of using the move Surf, another way to reach Edgefield Town is to take Route 14 off of either Lumiose or Laverre City, and then travel directly west.

    Battle Regulations


    Type: Outdoors

    Format: 3 on 3

    Gym Leader Substitution: Not allowed

    Badge: Storm Badge
    Battles do not directly take place within the gym, but rather outback, where a battling stage has been prepared over the ocean. Nicole is roughly between the level of a 6th or 7th Gym Leader in terms of difficulty, meaning she is superior to Valerie, while inferior to Olympia. At the very least, trainers should already have 5 badges under their belt before challenging Nicole.

    Trainer Card


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