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Dude you best be Troping

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Satoren, Sep 9, 2011.

  1. Just something I thought of doing because I'm nerdy like that for fun. Basically, take one of your OCs, and break down his/her character into pre-existing Tropes. It helps if you explain exactly why he/she belongs under that category too. I wouldn't recommend urling all the tropes you list. Took me a while to get this one done xD

    Anyways, for lack of an OC with any form of character development, RP, Fiction or otherwise, I give to you:

    Zilla/Buizilla and aReX!

    A Boy and his Robot Butler
    Animals not to scale- Standing at about seven feet, Zilla is thrice the size of a regular Buizel.
    Assist Character- aReX, and since Zilla actually has a Pokeball, RX can call him out, too.
    Badass Adorable/Cute Bruiser- and how.
    Battle Butler- aReX is one to Zilla.
    Bigger is Better- entire reason for why Zilla was created, really.
    Break the Cutie/Dark and Troubled Past- Zilla used to be a happy, little Buizel. Until a certain evil organization used him in horrific super-pokemon experiments. He seems to have gotten over it, since now he's a bit of a...
    Cloudcuckoolander- Zilla, as a Pokemon, is mostly unaware of the issues and complexities of the plots placed before him. If someone hits him or hurts one of his friends, then that's all the reason he has to fight.
    Companion Cube- once again, aReX. Compared to the other robots, he has no personality and follows his programming, regardless of unusual circumstances. His lack of empathy also makes him fairly expendable.
    Cute Kids and Robots- Zilla is very much (mentally) a child. And aReX is programmed specifically to keep him safe. On a ship full of former robot weapons, space pirates and the like, these two are the most innocent of the bunch.
    Everything's wetter with Otters- Totally! :D
    Elemental Powers- Zilla, being a water type represents Making a Splash and An Ice Person. aReX, able to conduct Electricity (and running on it) represents Shock and Awe.
    Expy- Admittedly, aReX is one. He's very much a male version of Deus Machina: Nirvana
    Four-fingered hands- Zilla goes a step further by only having three on each paw.
    Good Old Fisticuffs- Zilla's fighting stance closely resembles Boxing. aReX also likes to use his (gigantic, metal) fists.
    Heroic Mime- For the most part, neither Zilla (because he's a Buizel) nor aReX (because he doesn't have any means to) can speak. Zilla does, however grunt and say the only thing he can 'bui' However, aReX does possess a device called a coherence engine, which allows people within close proximity to him to understand what Zilla is saying.
    Improbable Weapon User- a Robot butler is fairly improbable. More so when you pick him up and start using him as a bludgeoning weapon.
    Megaton Punch- aRex has gigantic fists for a reason. Zilla is no slouch either.
    The Big Guy- duh.
    The Kid with a Remote Control What does a seven-foot-tall, 200 pound Buizel with a Robot butler with giant claws for a sidekick usually do? Eat, sleep, and play with the other weapons of mass destruction he hangs out with.
    The Glomp- Zilla's other, totally more important reason for existing.
    Trademark Favourite Food- though not touched on as much as before, Zilla's favorite food is in fact: Seafood Pasta.
    Weasel Mascot
  2. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Why the hell not.

    Seth probably has the most Tropes of my cast.

    - Anti-Hero: He slides from Type V to Type III on the scale as he develops.
    - Berserk Button: God help you if you harm one of his comrades, especially the younger Andre or Rick.
    - Career Killer: Seth is an all around hitman, hired by the Mafia to take out anyone who isn't following the rules.
    - Defrosting Ice King: Does this with the support of his Morality Pets as he slides down the Anti-Hero Scale.
    - Elemental Powers: As a Buizel, Seth has access to both Water and Ice moves.
    - Four-Fingered Hands: Technically two fingers and a thumb, actually. The Buizel forepaw has developed into something more akin to a hand. This sort of evolution is common across the board in his universe.
    - Knife Nut: Seth's weapon of choice is a stiletto switchblade.
    - Morality Pet: Andre and later Rick develop into these for him, coaxing him down the Anti-Hero scale.
    - Perpetual Frowner: After all, showing emotion simply isn't professional. Though his ideals don't always match his state of mind, and when his frown breaks, it breaks spectacularly.
    - Psycho for Hire: Starts off as one, before character development kicks in.
    - Red Oni, Blue Oni: Seth is Red to the Blues of Jacob and his own other Personality, Daxter.
    - Slasher Smile: His favorite non-frowning emote, early on at least. As he slides down the Anti-Hero scale, this is replaced by a Psychotic Smirk.
    - Scars are Forever: That bandanna he wears? There is no flotation sac underneath it, just a mess of scar tissue, thanks to the efforts of a mad General.
    - Split Personality: Seth is actually a personality that results from another characters DID. He gets better.
  3. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    You know I be troping.


    Talon is pretty tropey I think.

    The Hero: Is the de facto leader of his team, though he can be just as unusual as either of them.
    Berserk Button: He doesn't like it when you hurt people he considers friends.
    Bash Brothers: Is this with his teammate Scott and occasionally a certain pyrokinetic.
    Combat Tropes
    Jack Of All Stats: Superhuman by normal standards, but not as strong as Scott or as fast as Zoey.
    Heroes Prefer Swords: Stinger
    Elemental Powers
    Fire, Ice, Lightning
    Playing With Fire
    Shock And Awe
    An Ice Person
    Dishing Out Dirt
    Blow You Away
    Combo Platter Powers
    Stock Superpowers
    Super Strength
    Super Speed
    Super Senses: Specifically super hearing.
    Super Mode: His magic Battle Aura.
    Powered Armor For when Super Toughness isn't enough.
    Instant Armor: By way of summoning.
    Teleportation: Specifically teleportation of smaller objects to his hand or his armor onto his body.
    Mega Manning: Is able to pick up weaker forms of other techniques through extensive observation, such as the
    Battle Aura taken from Jason in their final battle.
    Red Oni, Blue Oni: The Blue to Scott's Red.
  4. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator


    An Ice Person: Cancelled - while older instances of the character can and do use ice, nowadays he doesn't have the power any more.
    Anime Hair
    Author's Saving Throw: Yoshimitsu was panned for having too many powers in the Popularity Poll. One quick streamlining later, and the character is much more popular.
    Blade Below The Shoulder:Done a lot, when channelling Bahamut into his sword.
    Blue eyes.
    Calling Your Attacks: Done moreso with his bigger, flashier attacks.
    Curtains Match the Window
    Dual Wielding: Has been known to, with various weapons and with various shades of success.
    Genetic Engineering is the New Nuke: In his backstory, Yoshimitsu was greated in a lab in a different dimension to serve as a member of the ruler's Elite Guard. Because of this, he's stronger and faster naturally, and his brain allows him to learn things much quicker than the average human.
    Good Smoking, Evil Smoking: Is an on-off smoker, but mostly smoked for Rule of Cool.
    Hair of Gold: Doesn't happen any more, though.
    Katanas Are Just Better: Has a guardless katana, but rarely uses it.
    Playing with Fire: As with Ice, older versions still use fire but more modern version don't.
    Superpowered Evil Side: And boy is he evil.
    Voice of the Legion: When channelling his Dark side.
    You Gotta Have Blue Hair
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