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Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by Pokechu, Jun 26, 2005.



  1. DS, You got the touch you got the power !!!!

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  2. PSP, Whos needs two screens when u can have a giant unportable one !!!

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  3. Neither, cant decide

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  1. Who do you guys think is better ?
    Im going with DS because i own both and ive played my PSP twice and havent played it again im always playing my DS *hugs DS*.
  2. Linkachu

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    Oi... Wait until the Doctor gets his hands on this topic ^^;

    I don't own a PSP so I can't say which is better. I'm sure they're both good for what they're for... Although, I doubt something as heavy as the PSP would make a decent MP3 player.

    Guess my vote goes to DS by default. If people want to know just how fun it can be, play Kirby Canvas Curse.
  3. hmmm PSP is tantilizing but the 299.99 price tag scares me from it. Also with the problems in the first few isuues of PSP's it once again proves that sony sucks with hardware. Sure it can play UMD videos but GBA had video first. Also PSP has about 4 hours of battery life with a heavily graphic intensive game.

    However DS seems a bit gimmicly to me I did however enjoy Pac-pix but otherwise it's lacking. I really have no clue why all the sudden Nintendo names their Wars Series generically as Advance Wars. I'd rather have DS Wars and they can include Famicom Wars, Gameboy Wars, and Super Famicom Wars as a bonus. I'd rather it stick with the original idea of naming the games after the system.

    I'm also pissed at Nintendo in trying to get people to think Fire Emblem was the first game. They could of atleast gave it the proper subtitle. Now people are confusing me on forums by saying Fire Emblem 2 and I bring up the classic from the NES and everyones like know the new one for GBA.

    Here we are repeating the Final Fantasy dilema all over again.

    So at the moment Nintendo irks me. why couldn't they of just gave it the proper subtitle.

    But DS has currently been outselling PSP so that honestly should tell you which msot people think is the best.

    Then again if people thought logically the Gamecube would of sold the same as PS2.
  4. NonAnalogue

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  5. Doctor Oak

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    GTA Liberty City = Only reason to own a PSP.

    Hence, it's the only game I intend to get when I buy my PSP.

    DS wins, but GTA PSP will be awesome.
  6. Are you going to import while you still can, or pay the ridiculous European asking price?
  7. Doctor Oak

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    No real point of importing a system that has no games to play on it. I plan to buy the inevitable PSP/GTA bundle, so the price will probably be bleh anyways.

    Afterall, I'm not going to get the thing to play the ultimately idioticly rubbish Metal Gear Acid. *sets fire to Kojima*
  8. I'm voting for the mighty DS! Because its brill! But I plan on getting a PSP
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