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DS just for pokemon?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Skoo, Jun 2, 2007.


Did anyone buy a DS specifically for Pokemon?

  1. I don't have it yet

    10 vote(s)
  2. No

    12 vote(s)
  3. I don't have it yet

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  1. Personally, I bought my DS about the time they announced DP in the US. Anyone else as shallow as me?
  2. No, I got my DS for the sake of having a DS. Being able to play Nintendo's other games was more my aim.
  3. Pokemon games are the sole reason I bought my DS. Sure I play other games such as Yoshi's Island 2, but if there were no Pokemon games on the DS I wouldn't have bothered.
  4. While i saw some promising things in DS,i wasn't a huge fan of the portable system.It wasn't until firered that i figured i'd find a game i'd be able to play often
  5. I had a DS which broke and I never bothered to replace it for about 2 years. The moment Diamond and Pearl came out in the US I had a brand new DS Lite and Diamond.
  6. Which reminds me...

    Anyone have any idea of why Nintendo made another version of the DS when they already had the origional circulation?
  7. I figured it was for people who hadn't bothered to buy a DS, and wanted to give them a reason to. And for idiots who already had the DS and wanted a new one because it was a gram lighter.
  8. Nope, not me. I've had my DS for awhile
  9. Personally I got a ds right when they announced Mario 64 ds, so I had a ds for a while, then it broke so then I got a lite and stayed with it for one year 'till my beloved came out (diamond) and I still have a lite so I have had a ds for a pretty long time. 8)
  10. I got my DS for christmas this last year. Just because I thought it was cool x3
    But Pokemon Diamond is the only game I really play.
  11. Just like Puppy I got my DS for Christmas last year. I just wanted it for Starfox Command.
  12. I wouldn't have a DS if it wasn't for Pokémon, but of course, there are a lot of other good games on it and I also enjoy them.
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  13. Linkachu

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    Actually, it'd be more idiotic thinking that you could ever be satisfied with the original DS again after using a Lite. That thing is a fugly, chunky, heavy piece of work, and I haven't doubted my purchase of a DS Lite for a second :p

    Anyways, I was given my original DS as an X-Mas present the year they were released, and while the idea of future Pokemon games on it was great, it wasn't my sole reason for wanting one. That thing is the best thing to happen to gaming in ages, and Pokemon just makes it that much better.

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