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Ask to Join Droopy Drizzile (Poke-pub RP)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Martin Pine, Sep 12, 2020.

  1. Discussion: https://pokecharms.com/threads/the-poke-pub-rp-discussion.23094/#post-878792
    Google doc (Bios + other information): ((Coming soon))
    Menu: ((Coming soon))
    Participants: @Spongzilla , @ThePlayfulFox , @Merciless Medic , @RenzFlintrock , @SylveonSOPHIE_008 , @Gamingfan , @Gallaer , @ThAtGuY101 , @Your-Friday-Filet

    A misty morning greeted the residents of Stotsworth and the travellers from the day before, most of whom had taken a hasty refuge from the bad weather. Heavy rain had fallen throughout the night but all that remained now was a light drizzle that cut through the fresh fog. The town was cold, almost frigid with only the faint patter of rain echoing down the cobbled streets. Despite the lack of sun people began to wake, sluggishly starting their day whilst trying to ignore the dreadful weather. Windows lit up throughout Stotsworth, emitting a warm and inviting glow from inside, ones that would be irresistible to any individual caught out in rain.

    On the edge of town stood an old building, one with a surprising amount of life despite it's old visage. The Droopy Drizzile was one of the best pubs in Stotsworth, closing late and opening early which it was soon about to do. Days always began early and lively for Alyssa, who had been awake before dawn and busy ever since. The weather outside was dreadful which made all the more reason for the pub to be delightful. It was Spotless, almost sparkling. She was by no means a clean freak, merely proud of her work. Everything was ready. The bar was prepared and manned, the pub was clean and comfortable, menus on every table for the food that Alyssa would have to do herself as the chef was once again running late. Alyssa sighed to herself slightly, shaking her head with a small smile. That darn boy.

    The large external door shook and then opened inwards, into the doorway where an internal door was unlocked but closed. It was easily opened and was shut to keep the cold out. The heating had already been on for a while, creating a warm and cosy atmosphere inside. There were two sections inside the pub. Firstly an area for people and Pokemon, having many spots to sit and eat whilst watching one of the many huge tv's dotted around the place. The second area was off to the side, sectioned off from people and purely for Pokemon. The decor reflected this, there being beans bags and pillows and overall a more modern and colourful look. The bar had access to both areas which was handy for Alyssa and her Pokemon.

    With the pub open the manager took her station behind the bar, relaxed and prepared for the day ahead. Her Pokemon were currently still asleep by the fire place, the three of them snuggled into the fur of her large Arcanine. She had other workers, both people and Pokemon, who were sure to soon arrive either from outside or their rooms upstairs. She let out a content breath as a smile spread across her face. The day had just started.
  2. Spongzilla

    Spongzilla Previously LizardWarrior

    Jim, in his early days, was a young man of life and potential with goals and dreams and saw the world through a lens of glowing yellow, but with time Jim grew to enjoy the simpler things, his coloured lens replaced with a faded view of the world. He enjoyed the Droopy Drizzile, it was close and warm, always clean and reminded him of his early years with its olden decor. Normally his day had a routine of waking up and heading to the pub for the day before going back home to read a book in front of the window or fireplace.

    Jim woke to the sound of his alarm. He got up and got dressed, brushed his teeth and fed his Pokémon. The rainy day also called for his coat and umbrella for his Pokémon. He slowly walked, as fast as an old man could, down the streets of Stotsworth and made his way to the pub. It was early and the pub was nearly empty with only a few people scattered around. He sat down at the bar and sighed, his Pokémon went off into the secondary area. Jim looked up to the drinks above and called after Alyssa.
  3. Guy had only been in Galar for two days ,and he was very much lost. From the flight he took all the way from Johto, and to the time he spent roaming around Galar's roads. He even took a ride on a flying taxi. Guy never seen a corviknight before. They definitely don't have those back in Kanto. In Guy's aimless travels through Galar, he found himself in a town called Stotsworth.

    As Guy was planning his next destination, there was a woman carrying an umbrella outside, she must have been waiting for someone. Being a naive confused tourist, Guy walked over to her, she was clearly in a rush. Likely having a bad day ,or angry about the bad weather. "Scuse me miss, I was curious if you kne-" Guy said before being interrupted. Something on the bench excitedly caught Saba's eye, which prompted Saba to leap from Guy's shoulder and onto the bench. "Not now! The weather is pouring ,and my ride hasn't showed up yet! The only reason why I'm not soaking wet is because of this umbrella! I swear my day can't get any worse ,and to believe, I of all people must wait outside in this bloody weather! My ride better be here soon!" The woman yelled. As the woman yelled, she didn't even seem to notice Saba was yanking jewels off her purse ,and was tossing them into his mouth. Like ripping grapes off a vine. "Saaaabeell" Saba muttered to himself.

    Guy jumped back ,and his face turned pale. The woman knew something was up, "What the heck is up with you!" She yelled. "Uuuughhh, that over there!" Guy yelled pointing towards some clouds in the opposite direction of Saba. he grabbed Saba hastily ,and began making his way to leave, "Soooorry to booother you miss" Guy said with a sarcastic look. The woman merely frowned ,and stood there silently waiting for her ride to come. Guy was now somewhat wet from the weather and needed to leave quick. There was an old building on the edge of town. Far far away from the woman with the umbrella.

    Guy went inside dripping water on the floor. He looked around, "This is a pretty cool bar you guys got here! I mean... Tavern... No, pub! That's it! I am famished! I can't wait to sink my teeth into some food!" Guy cheered. "Saaab" Saba muttered as he continued to gnaw on a sapphire. Guy looked eagerly at Saba, "Time to find a place to sit, bud. A nice place to shelter oneself from the storm" Guy said. He found himself looking around, and made himself comfy atop a bar stool by the counter. Guy picked up a menu and began looking at the pictures. Guy was hungry, thirsty ,and was hoping for something to eat or drink.
  4. Julian ran through the light rain, with a rubber raincoat concealing him. Following the young man was his Victreebel, which seemed to enjoy the moisture in the air. The two ran through the cobblestone streets and alleyways of the small town of Stotsworth, Julian was trying to find refuge in the fog. He came upon the Droopy Drizzile. "Well, here it is, Victreebel!," he began," It was quite hard to find it this morning, but I'd say we managed."

    He entered the pub, taking his raincoat off. He opened up the next door and revealed a lively pub. They went to the bar to sit down, Julian laying out his raincoat on his seat. "What a lovely place this is. We didn't have any pubs back in Vermillion, eh Victreebel?," he inquired his partner Pokemon. It shook it's head yes as a response. "Alright, we'll have the usual then. An ice water for me and some Applin slices for Victreebel," Julian said to the person at the counter. He turned to his Pokemon," Is it just me or does water taste like sweat?" He grabbed some Pokeballs from his belt, throwing them in the air. With a blue flash, out came Dodrio and Magmar. "I know you two like it here, so how 'bout you go over the that Pokemon area then?," Julian asked. The two Pokemon looked delighted and pranced over to the area.
  5. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Four was mad, he hadn't planned on needing an umbrella and now his cigarette had gone out. He trudged along to his usual pub, The Droopy Drizzle. As he walked people gave him the usual looks and kept their distance, not that he cared. He eventually reached the pub and entered shaking himself off before taking a seat at the bar. He threw his cigarette in the ash tray and sighed. From his belt his singular pokeball opened freeingmthe Inteleon inside who took as eat next to his trainer, "we'll take the usual Alyssa, two beers" he said in his deep masculine voice as he checked his cigarettes for a dry one and placing it in his mouth but not lighting it.

    Sadie stood outside the Droopy Drizzle with her umbrella and her Eevee sat at her heel. She knew of the place but had never actually.gone in despite the drinking age being 18 she just preferred home drinking till this point. At least that's what the media would have you believe, the truth was she had finally moved out and her parents opinions no longer mattered to her. She opened the door and looked around. It was nice and she liked it. She took a seat and let Ginger run off to the pokemon area.
  6. Slowly but surely people began to trickle into the pub, drying off and then settling down into random or specific seats. The hum of noise and the presence of customers eventually disrupted Alyssa's Pokemon from their slumber, the misfit bunch quickly waking up and going to their stations. A rotom darted through the air, slipping in and out of tvs and other electrical items to check on the devices. A mr.Rime and Inkay casually made their way over to the Pokemon area but the Arcanine stayed by the firing place, keeping a watchful gaze over the interior of the pub.

    Alyssa spotted Jim straight away and offered him a small and welcoming wave as made his way towards the bar. Julian managed to slip into the pub and speak before Jim could catch Alyssa attention and so the experienced barmaid served the younger customer first. She swiftly swept up a glass in her hand, loading it with ice and then filling it with water. "The applin slices may take a while" Alyssa was polite but sounded relaxed as she was familiar with Julian. The parcel boy for Oak had become quite the regular. "Chef's late again" She playfully rolled her eyes. "But he's on his way, don't you worry"

    She glided from one side of the bar to the other, poking her head in a doorway that was off to the side. It led upstairs to her room and her staffs. "Felicia? You alright up there hun?" Alyssa called up to the Alolan with care in her voice, waiting for a reply to know that she okay before continuing."You take your time but I'm getting a few people on the bar" The sound of Four's voice was one Alyssa knew well and one she'd just heard. "Sqwuinky could you take Jim's order for me please!" Alyssa went to pour two beers for the veteran team rocket member whilst an Inkay floated towards and behind the bar. It stopped in front of Stan, it's small mouth curving into a smile as it waved one of it's tentacles. A notepad and a pen were lifted with psychic energy, Sqwuinky ready to take the old man's order.

    The manager placed the two beers down in front of Four and Jex, giving a smile to the former and places her hand on her hip. "You alright big guy?" She gently teased him, 'big guy' being a little nickname she had for him whenever she intended to joke around. "I would've thought with a water type by your side you'd like the rain"

    @Spongzilla @Shadow_Pup @Your-Friday-Filet @Merciless Medic
  7. Spongzilla

    Spongzilla Previously LizardWarrior

    "Morning Alyssa." Jim said in his croaky voice.
    "The usual please." (Bacon and egg burger with a water) He said before looking to his Pokémon.
    "You lot can stay here or go to the poke part, your choice." He said. Normally his Pokémon would prefer the outside with fresh air but on a rainy day they decided to go to the poke part of the pub. His Pokémon squeezed into the room except Duraladon who had fallen over whilst turning.
    "Dooon" It said before Gardevouir noticed and picked them back up.
    "Looks like I'm not the only one getting old." Jim chuckled to himself as his Pokémon greeted the others inside.
  8. A young lady was busy brushing her brown shoulder-length hair when she heard the call of her superior from downstairs.

    "Coming," she managed to say before anxiety rushed through her spine and began to play less than nice scenarios in her head. She sighed, gripping the vanity's table in her room until her knuckles turned white. She focused on her breathing, breathing deeply in and then out. Today was just another day. Probably some familiar faces here who were sure to calm her down. A familiar mewling sound by her seat and a pull from her black shirt gently interrupted her calming session, her Espurr looking up at her with his paw balled up in the hem of her shirt. Smiling and her green eyes glinting with calm once again, she leaned forward and picked up her comfort Pokemon and set him on her shoulder.

    "Let's serve today and do our best." Sara stared at herself and her Espurr in the mirror as she pumped herself up, her Espurr mewling and purring in content and agreement. The young lady put on her black apron with the name and mascot of the pub in blue and yellow on the front, and her name tag with her name "Sara" in block typed letters between the plastic shielding and main plastic card. Her dark blue, cut-up jeans held up by her paw print trainer belt, and black sneakers were on and ready to go. She added a hairband of a pair of black cat ears with pink insides, framing her bangs into a cute fringe that cover her brow, and then her green cat contact lenses. It was uncomfortable at best, but she had done it tons of times before so it didn't bother her all that much. She pulled her hair back in a black ponytail and fixed her locket of a vague cat Pokemon looking up and sitting on a crescent moon so that the locking clasp sat at the base of her neck. She then put in her canines and gave her best smile in the mirror. Finally her look is complete, and she only took 10 minutes to get ready after Alyssa called this time.

    The Pokemon Sara had in her team were already ready for service. Luxio and Torracat had collars around their necks with a black bow with a bell in the middle of the bow tie, the pendant showing off their names. Her collection of regionally variant Meowths held collars with pink and black striped bow with the bell in the middle, their pendants showing their names. Espurr had his signature purple bow clipped to his ear, and his collar had a simple bell and pendant that said his name.

    With her Pokemon ready to go, Sara sighed and shakily said "let's go" before exiting her small bedroom that made her feel more at home than her actual home.

    Being in Galar was an interesting change. Things here were cheaper than they were in Alola and it was almost always raining or cloudy. It was a definite change to the constant sunshine she was used to from her home region and it sometimes grated her into an irritated, anxious mess. After living here for a month and working under Alyssa, Sara had begun to get used to serving and waiting people, ordering and asking the usual script she had with some minor deviations, which always felt great when these deviations got received well; crushing when they didn't.

    But no, she will make an effort not to hide until her first break. Straightening out her shirt from nervousness, she walked down the stairs and met with the small crowd (well, to her it seemed like a crowd) already starting to mingle around. Her Torracat, Luxio, and Galarian Meowth, seeing the rain, decided against cleaning the pitch and began to clean the Pokemon area. Being the friendly ones, Luxio and Torracat mewled a greeting at the Eevee, Duraludon, Torterra, Cryogonal, Gardevoir, Magmar, and Doduo before they took some soapy scrubbers and began to clean one fixture at a time, being sure to clean it, rinse it, and dry it off so the other Pokemon can play with them. Galarian Meowth took her time to get the canopy and bean bags set correctly and set the toys out from the bins in neat rows.

    Kantonian Meowth and Alolan Meowth took to the dining area and began to use appropriately sized brooms and portable garbage things you sweep floor garbage in and took up stations on opposite sides, going towards one another as they clean up any junk that managed to appear since the last time they cleaned up, which was when they closed last night.

    Sara was the last to get on the floor, her Espurr clinging to her hair as he balanced his seating on her shoulder. She took the ticket pad, a black pen, a towel she kept in a pocket of her apron, and she looked towards the customers. She saw Jim, Julian, and Four were being served by Alyssa and her Inkay, with Four, Jim, and Julian being familiar which put her at ease. Though, she looked at Julian's Victreebel warily before spying two people waiting for their orders to be taken.

    Since the guy with the Sableye sat by the counter, she decided to take the girl's orders. She walked up to Sadie with a spring in her step and she spoke the words she so readily rehearsed repeatedly in her head. "Hello, welcome to the Droopy Drizzile. What would you like as a beverage and would your Pokemon like anything to eat?" She poised her pen on the ticket at the ready. While the chef wasn't here and she knew this (otherwise, she'd hear him when she walked downstairs), she was still ready to take orders. "The chef will be here shortly, so any food will need to wait. Though, I can make a mean Tapu Cocoa, especially one in this type of weather." She smiled, getting the hang of this. Espurr smiled and mewled at Sadie in a greeting, petting his trainer's fake cat ears.

    Mornings started out great for the most part.
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  9. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Four looked at Alyssa with his eyebrow raised as Jex began to drink his beer. "Well yeah I'm fine with water but I don't swim with my clothes on Alyssa and also the rain ruins my cigarettes" he said as he grumbled to himself. He then returned to his drink in silence and kept himself looking at his drink as he never looked around as he wasn't particularly interested.

    Sadie turned to the girl as she came over and started speaking, "Hi, uh can I just get a Tapu Cocoa for now, my pokemon has eaten recently and I'm not that hungry right now" she said as she smiled politely and then sat and waited for her order to be ready.
  10. "Its raining, and pouring. At least several inches. Would be ashamed If the raining got worse... Say... Hutch... I forgot what your rain dance looked like, can you demonstrate it for me?" Wallace said with a sadistic grin. His now blue faithful castform cheerfully began dancing around, "Caaaaass!" Hutch cheered. Within. moments the rain began pouring down even harder. Not long after, Wallace walked in, umbrella in hand. "Sorry I'm late... Hope nobody missed me. If anyone is even paying attention" Wallace remarked in a sly tone. He began heading to the counter ,and began setting up his station. Castform turned white as they went inside.
  11. Theodore let out a hoarse sigh as he walked through the streets of Stotsworth, his hood was over his head to protect him from what little rain fell from the skies and he had his hands in his pockets. Normally, he would have his trusty Obstagoon, Alpha walk by his side, but Theodore knew him well enough to know that the Pokemon hated the rain more than his trainer did. The man's eyes turned to what looked like a pub and began to think to himself, he and his Pokemon haven't had much to eat and it was a bit far to some of the stores where he could get some food for his Pokemon, so with a shrug, he made his way closer and noticed the strange name that most cafes or pubs tended to have and opened the door to go inside.

    Theodore looked around at everyone for a brief moment before he went to find a table, preferably one that was close to a window and pulled his hood down. He held out a Poke ball which opened up and spilled a strange white light that took on the form of an Obstagoon. "Gonna join me, Alpha?" Theodore asked, the Obstagoon turned around and smile at his trainer, immediately he went to sit down next to him while Theodore grabbed one of the menus to read and find what he and his Pokemon would want to eat.
  12. Alyssa listened to Four and was patient with his grumbling response. "There's a little sheltered area just out the back alright, it's got a view of the pitch but no ones out there at the minute and I doubt there'll be any battles for a while" She knew a little about four. Through sharp observation she'd learnt about his distaste for battling but not the reason why. Prying wasn't something Alyssa did however. She gave a small smile and a nod, moving on to the next customer on the bar.

    Inkay listened to Jim attentively, jotting down the old man's usual and then floating towards the kitchen just as Sara and her Pokemon came down. Alyssa watched the congregation of Felicia's Pokemon before looking up to the girl herself, giving a reassuring smile to the worker and letting her past out the bar. She moved onto the next person on the bar, a guy named Guy with an interesting Sableye. He wasn't a regular but Alyssa approached and treated him with a welcoming attitude. "Hello there young man, welcome to Droopy Drizzile, if you've found what you've wanted I can serve you or come back to you later"

    Just as she finished her little introduction to the newcomer Wallace entered, Alyssa looking up to him and sighing a little. "We noticed you Wallace, bit difficult not too" She playful joked with the worker, spotting another customer coming to the bar just as she did so. "Wallace could you just serve this young lady please" Alyssa gently motioned to Allison who was approaching the bar before returning to Guy, smiling and apologising. "Sorry about that"

    A young teenager boy dashed through the doors of the pub, pushing it open with body and stumbling a little as he waltz into the building. He was breathless, his face almost as red as his hair which was soaked and lying flat against his head. Clearly he'd been caught in the rain. In his hand he held a bundle and on his shoulder clung a Pansage, one that was a little worried about the bumpy ride he was currently experience. "Sorry I'm late!" The chef wheezed out a response as he made it to the bar, slipping past everyone on it and slipping into the kitchen. "I'll get to e-everything right away!" He blurted out his final words and then disappeared into the kitchen, falling over onto his back as an 'oof' and a clatter could be heard through the closing door.
  13. ~Guy Broly...~

    "Hello! Neat. Uuuuuuuuggghhh... Errrrrrrr.... ummmmm... uuuuughh, hrrrrrr... uuuggghh, ummmmmm. oooooohhhh... hmmmmm... maaaaaaybe?... No. Definitely not that. Heavens no ,and not that either(Guy pointed towards the food he specifically didn't want), I guess I'll take... That one right there! Right there. This one right here(Guy pointed towards the one he wanted). This looks pretty good! An omelet with bluk berries ,and a glass of kasip/mago juice. Also can I get some pokéfood ,and some oran juice for my pokémon please?" Guy said cheerfully. "Sab saaaab!" Saba cheered.

    ~Wallace Gromit...~

    Wallace had finished getting ready to open the bar ,and had just sat down. Wallace let out a chuckle at the sight at the poor chef's misfortune, "That rain must have been pretty bad... I can't imagine why" Wallace thought to himself with a snide grin.

    He was fairly comfortable when Alyssa told him to attend to one of the customers. *Sigh* "Yeah sure... I'm on the clock now, so might as well..." Wallace said. He reluctantly got up and walked over to the customer Alyssa gestured him towards, it was a woman with auburn hair. "Hm. Hello, how are you? Welcome to The Droopy Drizzle! I nice cozy little place to quench all your drinking needs ,and the food is alright too. I'm Wallace, the bartender ,and for now the server. If you see anything on the menu you want, let me know ,and I'll be sure to tell the chef. If there is anything else you need, let me know" Wallace said.
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  14. Aisa woke up late. She didn’t mean to, of course, but she did nonetheless. Once her eyes had opened and blinked the grogginess away, she got up from her favorite sleeping spot right next to the refrigerator (she had once tried to sleep inside, but that had ended poorly and there had been stray blue hairs found weeks later). Once she was fully up, she gave herself a few licks to smooth a patch of rumpled fur and headed out of the kitchen. At the last moment she spotted her harness, hanging on its usual peg. She gently latched onto it with her teeth and gave a light tug. It slid off the peg, and Aisa dragged it along with her as she trotted out to get Alyssa. Once she found the owner, the Glaceon waited patiently for the lady to be free for long enough to clip on the harness. Aisa was technically capable of putting the harness on herself, but in the past she had often ended up tangling herself in it so that in all, it took far longer to get it untangled and put on properly than to just wait.
  15. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    Auro ran across one of the buildings near the Droopy Drizzle. He leapt off it, leaning forward, and rolled across the door to the pub, bursting through. Auro stood, dusting off himself. He appeared beat up, but not bothered in the slightest. The aura pokemon made his way over to Alyssa, bowing apologetically when closed the distance. He spoke through aura telempathy.
    "Apologies Miss Xander. I did not intend to be late, but a trainer attempted to capture me, and I had to set him straight. Anyways, is there something you want me do?"
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  16. Spongzilla

    Spongzilla Previously LizardWarrior

    Jim sighed a kind of sigh only an old man would. Although he loved the droopy drizzle and the warmth inside he longed for something else, something a bit more exciting. At that moment his Torterra walked up to him and noticed his long face. Trying it's best to cheer Jim up it nuzzled his head against the old man. Jim pet his old friend and remembered all that time ago when he was younger and so was his Turtwig. It used to do that when Jimmy fell over or looked down. He looked to his other Pokémon. The wandering Kirlia with a knack for battle he caught second. His Cryogonal who protected him when he was just a teenager traveling in the snow. Duraladon, who he found fallen over and unable to get up who often pretended to be a tree or rock but standing still. For the first time in a while Jim smiled. Not a smile as a greeting, not a smile for a stranger on the street. A genuine smile.
  17. Alyssa leaned on the counter as Guy pondered about his order, waiting patiently for the indecisive customer to make his choice. Once he started speaking Alyssa starting writing, quickly jotting down what he wanted, her pen swiftly scribbling out the order on the notepad. She finished the note with a dot, nodding to Guy. "Alright, I'll send it through to the chef and I'll get started on your drinks. Chef may take a while but I'm can promise he'll work with efficiency and care" She turned to head into the kitchen, almost taking a step forwards but noticing the eeveelution awaiting her attention.

    "Aisa!" The manager spoke with surprise and looked down at the Glaceon, lowering into a crouch to get closer to the Pokemon. She noticed the harness. "Oh right of course!" Carefully she took it out of Aisa's mouth, fumbling it with it for a moment before helping the ice type climb into it. "There you go! All set" She really appreciated the Glaceon's help, she appreciated the help of all the workers and Pokemon that aided in the running of the pub. One such Pokemon was Auro who had entered in the pub in a rather dramatic fashion. She quickly stood back up, glaring to the source of the commotion before noticing who it was. Her expression relaxed into a relived and thankful one. "There's no need to apologise Auro ..." She spoke softly, looking at the old Lucario thoughtfully for a moment before once again speaking. "There is something actually" With a small movement she presented the piece of paper she'd written Guy's order on. "Take this into the chef and get him to work something up that'll heal you" Alyssa waited until Auro took the note to gently hold his paw with both her hands. "Relax, take some time alright"
  18. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Alaf stretched, not having much to do currently. He was grateful that he was taken in, especially after the trials of adjusting to the wilderness after being raised in a nice home with a kind owner. The thoughts of his past made the Leafeon shudder. He tiptoed down the stairs, his brown eyes scanning for any technological troubles. His owner used to be amazing at coding, and the Leafeon definitely picked up multiple things before learning the rest on his own. He gave a sigh, realizing that everything seemed to be fine from his feild. He glanced at the Glaceon, Aisa, before looking away. He considered her a good friend, one of the few Pokemon from his wild era not to treat him like garbage.
  19. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    Auro looked over the list, looking back at Alyssa with a face of indignation when she mentioned healing.
    "I assure you that is not ness-" before he could continue, Alyssa took his paw, asking again. Auro sighed, relenting.
    Rather sulky, he made his way into the kitchen and over to Alex. The boy was an interesting one. When Auro says he's a hurricane of emotions, he meant that quite literally. It was quite annoying, as the overload of emotions was distracting, but Auro wasn't one to complain. He was a good cook, anyhow.
    "Alex." he called placing the order in front of him. " An order from someone named 'Guy'. Also, under orders from Ms. Xander, I will also ask you for something to...heal my injuries." Arceus, he felt like a newly hatched riolu asking that! "No rush, however. The customer's satisfaction is a priority over mine. "
    And with that, Auro decided to attempt relaxing. Keyword: attempt
  20. The kitchen was moderately sized, big enough to keep up with food demand but small enough to be reliably manned by one person. It was surprisingly tidy and everything was clearly cleaned and well kept. When Auro was to walk into the room he'd find Alex crouched on the floor, taking the blanket of a Charmander who was clearly very relived to be free from it.
    "Chaaar!" The little fire lizard let out an annoyed whine.
    "I know. I'm sorry but it was raining a lot and that's dangerous for you" Charmander let out a huff, folding his little clawed arms and then turning to face the Lucario that had just entered. Alex stood back up, looking to the Lucario and then the order that was placed on the table. He took it, reading over it along with his Pansage and Charmander whilst also listening to the Aura Pokemon's words. "Alright I can do that!" Alex placed the the order next to Jim's, switching the oven on but then changing his course to the berry baskets. "What do you want? I can just give a couple of berries or make it into a smoothie or implement them into a curry- though you'd need to have a base for that"
  21. Aisa calmly waited until the harness was fully strapped on, and then gave Alyssa an appreciative lick before heading off to work. She trotted back towards the kitchen, but gave Alaf a tail wave of greeting on the way. Once in the kitchen she went to get a tray, which she maneuvered onto her back. The magnetic pieces on the harness helped her keep it balanced, even though she was pretty good without it. Once it was balanced she went towards the cook and waited for an order to bring out. While she waited, she greeted the other Pokémon in her usual cheery fashion.
    “Good morning! Did you all rest well?”
  22. "It wouldn't be Galar without rain, huh Luna?" Orwell looked at the Lunatone next to him that was using Psychic to keep the two of them dry. It wasn't exactly something that many people were used to seeing and plenty of stares were cast his way, but he really could not care less. He got stared at as soon as he set foot on the streets and would get stared at until his death, so he would rather use his energy on literally anything else. "Don't think it'll be clearing up anytime soon, let's wait this out somewhere dry." Approaching the door of a pub called The Droopy Drizzile, Luna opened it for its trainer. "Thank you Luna, much appreciated." The young man complimented his partner as he took a deep breath.

    The pub was a nice change from the cold and rainy outdoors, being warm and cozy. It seemed as if he wasn't the only one who thought that, as it was surprisingly busy for a pub on the edge of town. Then again, he rarely came to this town so he could be dead wrong about that. Walking over to the bar, he looked at what this pub had to offer before ordering. Turning to Alyssa, Orwell made his order. "Excuse me, but could I get a cup of coffee? Preferably with a straw if possible." Raising what was left of his left arm, he cracked a grin before adding to his order. "Oh, and could I maybe have something to eat for my Lunatone? It is my first time here and I wonder if you could recommend me something."
  23. Spongzilla

    Spongzilla Previously LizardWarrior

    Jim sighed and turned to look around the pub. He noticed a young man come in, average looking save for his lack of arms. Jim had seen many a person in his life but no-one without any arms. As the man sat next to him his boredom took over and he decided to strike up a conversation.
    "So what brings you here?" Jim croaked out.
    "Escaping the rain I'd bet. Although you might as well stay in the retched town, I've seen rain like this and often it pours for days." Normally Jim would hold his hand out for a shake but obviously, that wasn't a good idea so instead he just said his greeting.
    "Jim by the way, but you can just call me Jimmy."
  24. Turning his head, Orwell looked at the man who reached out to him. "Well, it's like you said. I'm trying to find some solace from the rain. I'm travelling across the Galar region and happened to walk into this town quite some time ago, but I didn't really visit any pubs or something in that spirit. So I guess I might as well make the most out of this visit. My name is Orwell, nice to meet you Jimmy. I'd offer you a hand, but I am already down two of those." Cracking a joke, Orwell cracked a grin at the same time. Maybe it was his age, but Jimmy seemed a lot more polite than those staring at him outside.
  25. Sara smiled sweetly, tipping her head to the side and nodding slightly. What a polite lady this person was. She didn't need to write down the Tapu Cocoa, as it was her special thing she liked making. She rushed to the kitchen and grabbed a cup before the rush of people coming in. She began making the first steps to a yummy Tapu Cocoa when the chef came in and then a Lucario. Sara remembered Auro's name, but constantly forgot the chef's name. She just called him Chef. Of course, she heard more people and she felt her body start to freeze up. After finishing the Tapu Cocoa, she took the warm cup, put a insulating ring around it so the customer wouldn't have an issue with holding the sides, and then carefully took it out to Sadie.

    She set the cup on the table closest to Sadie and smiled sweetly. "Here is your Tapu Cocoa. The chef is here if you change your mind and want food." She turned to look at the now growing noise in the pub and she felt her hands get clammy. She had forgotten who had gotten served and who didn't. Needing some guidance, she walked back to Alyssa and asked timidly. "Uh... who has been served and not been served?"
    @Shadow_Pup @Martin Pine

    She looked through the window to see the rain had worsened since Wallace arrived. Knowing what Castform were able to do, she had a feeling that it was him who made it worse and created a bigger crowd in the pub than she was used to. At least they had business. She caught Wallace serving a lady and glared at him. He had this energy and he was comfortable around people. Something she liked and hated about him. What she also hated was his ability to change the weather at will and, in doing so, affect the pub's business. At least it was for the better of their paychecks, but it still bothered her and the amount of new people was overwhelming.

    Her Espurr was doing no better, clinging tightly to Sara's fake cat ears and hair as he buried the side of his head into his trainer's hair, not wanting to be with all these people, but he had to be strong for his trainer.
  26. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    "Just...a berry smoothie please." Auro responded. It would take less time, and he'll be able to get back to work quicker.
    Speaking of work, Aisa had come over, greeting everyone. Auro shrugged.
    "I suppose. No different from every other night."
    Despite Alyssa's orders, Auro simply couldn't find himself relaxing. So, he decided to do the next best thing: Meditate.
    Auro sat, crossing his legs and arms, and closing his eyes. He remained completely still, focusing, until he sensed nothing but the auras of the surroundings. He gave a small sigh of satisfaction, before continuing the exercise.
  27. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Four nodded curtly to Alyssa before heading with Jex to the area she suggested outside, he sat at one of the tables in the sheltered area and place his drink down, Jex did the same as Four pulled out a cigarette and began to smoke. Jex drank his beer as he looked at the field, it had been such a long time since he had battled he sighed slightly before continuing his drink, as Four started his own.

    Sadie thanked the girl and took her drink, she loved hot drinks, especially the way that she felt when drinking them. She loved the warm feeling in her chest and stomach. She sipped at the drink as she checked through her phone, she had lots of modeling requests and she sighed. She decided to ignored them as best as possible and started to casually stream through her pictures as she drank.
  28. Alyssa watched the old Lucario sulkily walk into the kitchen, a satisfied look on her face. It wasn't long before another customer required her attention and Alyssa was quick to reply as usual. She turned to face Orwell, pausing for a moment but continuing with her greeting a second later. "Hello, welcome to the Droopy Drizille" Once again she was quick to jot down the order, smiling warmly in response to the gesture and the grin and nodding. "Course I can and I'll get something for your Lunatone right away" Alyssa set to work making the coffee behind the bar, asking for specifics like the amount of sugar or milk once she got to that part in the process. Mid way through making the coffee Sara had approached her, Alyssa listening to the young lady whilst the kettle boiled. "I think everyone's accounted for, we're just waiting on Alex to make the food ... You could help him if you want or just wait in the kitchen" It would be in a somewhat private area, only where workers were allowed.

    "A berry smoothie coming right up! Sizzle you got the bacon and eggs?" Alex called over to his charmeleon, the little fire lizard responding in a nod as it made it's way over to the freezer. Slowly but surely the kitchen began to become active, Alex taking a while to get into full swing but managing well enough once he was on the go. Jim's order was essentially all prepared, the bacon and eggs sizzling away in the pan next to the omlete Alex and the crew were preparing for Guy. The three of them worked well together, the chaotic energy turning into somewhat of a harmony. Julian's Applin slices had been finished, now waiting on the counter to be taken out to him on the bar.
  29. Sara smiled and rushed back to the kitchen, sighing in relief as she saw there was only Charmeleon and Alex. She cleared her throat after getting her increasingly pale skin to stop showing how anxious she was and tried to straighten herself up a bit more - trying to make herself seem able to help.

    It was then that she saw the Applin Slices on the counter, ready to be served. Taking a moment to compose herself, she shyly waved at Alex and greeted him with a soft voice. "Hey, Alex, Sizzle. How are you guys doing today?" She expertly maneuvered the plate of Applin Slices in her hand so that she balanced it on her fingertips with the reflexes to make sure the plate got to her customer, even if someone had bumped her or if she tripped.

    @Martin Pine
  30. Theodore let out a sigh as he looked at the menu, he nodded as he looked at something he might like and then showed his Obstagoon the menu. Alpha took a little bit of time to decide on what he wanted before he licked his lips and pointed at a picture of a certain type of food, Theodore nodded in response and put the menu down. Both trainer and Pokemon leaned back in the chair with hands behind their head as they patiently waited for anyone to take their order.
  31. ~Guy Broly...~

    As soon as Guy's food arrived, he let out a cheerful grin and slapped his hands together, "Thaaankyou!" Guy cheered. "Come on out Taben! You too Djini!" Guy said. Two pokémon shot out of their pokéballs, a rather tough looking Barnette with a seemingly arrogant smile and a rather calm quiet Shedinja.

    "Saaab!" Saba cheered.

    "Net!" Taben remarked.

    "Sheeed" Djini muttered.

    Guy happily gave them their food ,and began eating his. Saba was shoveling food into his maw with both hands with little pause for oxygen. Djini slowly ate one bite at a time. Taben sat his food in the table and stood next to Guy to eat.

    ~Wallace Gromit...~

    After Wallace helped the customer he let out a cheerful grin, "let me know if you need anything else m'kay?" Wallace said. Wallace saw Alyssa's glare. It was obvious she was working extra hard with all these patrons. He fired back with a seemingly innocent look. He cheerfully waved at her, and casually walked over to the bar counter as if it weren't a busy day.
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