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Drifting in Between

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Phanes, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. Have you ever woke up from a dream or about to pass out asleep or day dream where your mind is RIGHT THERE in the middle?
    Strange sensations and you hear voices from people who somehow aren't those around you, how about if you're just waking up and someone's watching television and it messes with your head?

    Both of the above happened to me, I'd like to head others' stories for when they get in that mid-drifting area.

    I remember hearing the voice from The Most Extreme on Animal Planet when I was talking to someone in my dream that morning, then the narrator said: "Imagine how we'd look like if we had the jaws of a hippo..."
    Then his face started to morph against his desire into the way they were describing it, lol
  2. One of my worst nightmares was caused by something like that.

    So here I was, in a nightmare, when I suddenly woke up. Except I didn't fully wake up. I was lying in my bed, I couldn't move, and -something- came up behind my back and screamed something in one of those cliche demon voices. You know, the whole inhumanly deep thing. The reason it was so scary is because it was so ridiculously loud that my ear actually registered it as stimulus- and therefore, that ear was ringing for the next hour O_O Couldn't sleep for a while after that.
  3. Linkachu

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    [me=Linkachu]likes the name of this topic. ^^[/me]

    I've been having the "hearing voices that aren't real" thing happening since I was very young (the partially conscious variety, not schizophrenia :p), and on several occasions I've heard the TV or music playing within dreams. My most recent happening of this involved me singing "My Immortal" very loudly as I walked through a random city (100% correct lyric-wise, too), and when I woke up it was playing on my laptop. I never cease to be amused by how great my singing voice sounds in dreams verses how horrible it sounds in reality. XD

    And yet those sorts of occurrences are completely dwarfed by the way my mind can work when I'm in a half-conscious state. For the past 6-7 years I've been having reoccurring episodes of something I don't know how to properly describe. It seems to happen more frequently when I have underlying stress, yet is never directly connected to the stresses. The nights that I simply lay in the dark worrying about random life stuff are the good nights. At least then I'm fully conscious.

    Basically, sometimes my mind goes into hallucination-like states when I'm on the verge of falling asleep. Happens quite often, too. It was cool at first because I enjoy analyzing how my mind works, but now it's just dreadful. I can close my eyes, lay my head down, and literally a split second later I'm hallucinating. My mind will start racing and building situations that aren't real, and I'll feel displaced from my own body. The thoughts aren't under my control and I often don't even realize initially that they're not real. Sometimes I'm conversing with someone else or a story is unfolding, sometimes I'm debating something over and over again that has absolutely nothing to do with my conscious life, and sometimes someone (or thing) is talking to me. It's alarming how quick I can lose my sense of reality, but if I can force myself to open my eyes my mind reorientates itself almost immediately. Problem is, even after I've reorientated myself, the second I settle back down and close my eyes I'm right back into the hallucination-ish state of mind. I'll get to the point where I'll either need to verbally tell myself clear my thoughts or play music loudly enough to drown them out, but by then I'll usually already have a horrible headache and feel physically ill.

    That's the quick version. I've been looking into the causes of this for years now and still haven't found conclusive answers. The best I can do is try not to think too much right before falling asleep, but telling my mind not to think about -anything- is like telling the Earth to stop rotating. ;p
  4. I remember one time when I was really little (my younger brother was a baby at the time so I can't have been older than six) I was having this dream where some big kids came to my house and started bullying me. I was all scared but then in the dream my neighbor and my older brother came and told them to leave me alone. So the bullies turned on them instead, and then my brother and neighbor started taunting them asking "Did you poop? Did you just go poop?" and I didn't understand it at all. Then I woke up fully and realized that my older brother and my mom were in my room talking to my baby brother, who I guess had just shit himself. I laughed. :p

    I can't remember any other specific instances, but yeah this has happened to me a few times.
  5. Oh God, something like this happened to me.

    I was sitting in my bed one night. I thought I was awake, cuz I got up to use the bathroom, I got some water, you know, everything normal. I sat down in the bed, and closed my eyes. THen, it happened. FOr some reason, my bed just shook like water as burning chains wrapped around me. I was dragged down into some watery darkness. I couldn't breathe, and I was being burned by the chains, which burnt like hell. THen, I actually thought I was in Hell itself, and I had died in my sleep. I just started crying. Then, I knew I was wrong when the chains threw me back into my room, slammed me into the wall, and one of them etched something into my screen. I knew this was fake, because the message said, I kid you not, "You had better buy Friends Season 3 on DVD or else you will DIE!" then I woke up. I looked at my body, to see that I was sweating profusely, but no burn marks. THen I looked at the tv, and no etching. I guessed it was the rumored ghost that was haunting our house at the time, but I had no idea he was that big of a Friends fan -_-

    Another time, I knew I was awake. I was working on notecards for a book, and It was 3:00 at night. I had been sitting there for three hours. THen, my eyes played tricks on me. My own shadow began to pool and crawl on the wall. Needless to say, I hid upstairs.

    Then, I had another odd moment. I was asleep again, and I was in that same watery darkness again, except I could breathe. THen I knew what was happening, as I landed on a giant, stained glass platform (I knew I shouldn't of stayed up for 2 days playing the Kingdom Hearts games!). So anyway, I land on my own, apparent Station of Awakening. I was dressed oddly, but cool. Suddenly, I looked forth, and saw someone in a dark cloak. I looked at it, and knew that I needed to stop drinking so much caffeine before going to bed. I looked at the man and asked "Who are you?", half expecting him to say Xemnas. No. He walked over to me, and I saw he was my height. He took off the hood, and I nearly sh*t myself. He looked just like me, but with blue eyes. He then said his name was "Verdenx". Then I woke up, realising that my subconscious made a Nobody for me using Verdenx as an anagram of Denver. However, then he was in my room, so I knew I hadn't woke up yet. He just bent over, then laughed, and said "You know, you and I are too much alike. We both lack hearts, or you just don't use yours." Then I woke up, and I knew I was up. I realized that he was trying to tell me that I needed to stop being so self absorbed and emo and actually show some emotions. And it helped too, I haven't heard from him but once more, and that was when my Grandmother died.

    Seriously, I need to lay off the sugar at night 0_0
  6. baratron

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    All the time.

    I know I "should" say more than that, but I don't want to. I've suffered from nightmares for years, and it's very common for me to wake up still immersed in a bad dream, and to have to talk to someone else to confirm that what I was dreaming was only a dream. Especially as the nightmares feel like real memories, so I have to check that they didn't really happen.

    I don't recommend the inside of my head, really I don't.
  7. Damn, I hate when this happens so much. One time when it happened I was just sitting up in my bed thinking "Gotta get back to sleep" but at the same time, a different part of my mind was saying "You're in a game show, so get the question right and win 20,000 dollars." I sat there trapped in my body that was looking at the wall and pressing a buzzer that wasn't there. It went on like that for an hour before I finally fell asleep again.

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