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Dreaming about Pokemon

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Linkachu, Oct 17, 2008.

  1. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    It seems that I have a lot more Pokemon related dreams than the average person (at least weekly, and most often multiple times a week). Am I just that obsessive? I dunno, because I think a lot of the rest of you lot are just as obsessed. Maybe it's because I'm a lucid dreamer (sometimes holding more control over what I'm dreaming than others), so often times I'll just will Pokemon to be in my dreams. It's pretty cool and incredibly geeky, lol. This past night I had a dream involving 3 Pokemon from my current LG team, although I'm not sure if that was my conscious doing or just my subconscious having fun.

    How about you guys? How often do you have dreams that involve Pokemon, if at all?
  2. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    Like, one dream on Pokemon, unfortunately (or fortunatly, depending on how you see it). And that was when Pokecharms was my life. See, I was dreaming that a few internet buddies of mine were Pokemon (or Pokecharms people that I highly respected). I was Eevee, because my username said so. I think Plapti/Plap/Jetters/Jet was in there, too... as a shiny Tailow. Snaps was a Poochyena for some reason, Art was a Shinx, Sami was a Ralts for some very odd reason, and there were so many others that I can't remember it all (this was sometime last year, BTW). And guess where the setting was?

    In a place that I called "Pokecharms", which was really a park with all these different areas with signs over them.

    Yes, I was that obsessed with Pokecharms back then. XD
  3. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    Had you asked a few days ago my answer would have been never, but funnily enough I had a dream about Floatzel a couple of nights ago. I don't remember much, but I'm putting it down to the fact that I've been thinking of a good moveset for one (I'm going to have one in Platinum properly trained - I though he was a Special Attacker in Diamond and trained completely wrong). Though it could also be down to the fact that I just got a figure of him... and I have him on my Mystery Dungeon Team. Can you tell he's a favourite? XD. I think Floatzel just showed up in the dream randomly, kind of like it was passing through to say 'Hi'.

    I lucid dream quite a lot, but I normally wake myself up from them. It occasionally turns into sleep paralysis
    which I hate
  4. I've only had one Pokemon related dream that I can remember. And it was odd. I don't recall all the details but Ihad this tiny Kricketot and we were battling against a thimble.
  5. I just typed up half a post about how I've never had a Pokémon dream when I realized I was completely wrong. I've never actually had a dream about Pokémon being real, though, all my related dreams are usually about the games. Mostly the view will be the screen of a game and I'll be the character. In all of these dreams I'll be playing a game when I'll suddenly discover a new area or Pokémon. The first one I ever had was when I was little. I was playing my Gold or Silver version when I found some weird area of the game and a bunch of weird looking Pokémon. I didn't realize it had been a dream and spent the next couple days looking for that place...

    My most recent was pretty cool. I was in some weird Safari zone type place when I found a weird Pokémon, apparently it was shiny, and I tried to catch it. It ran but right after I found another shiny Pokémon which also ran. Basically, that kept happening. I'd find a shiny Pokémon, almost catch it, and then it'd run. There's probably something symbolic about that but I'm too lazy to find out what.
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  6. I'm a Swellow, dangit Shiny!

    Mines are all too random to comprehend with. Like some random one off one where I was a Swellow and I could outfly everything, until I ran into a net. Yes a net, like that Anime episode where Starly evolved. Yes that kind of net, so sshhh now.
  7. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    I know, but dream, you were a Tailow. XD
  8. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Let's see here, I don't remember any recent ones, but there are two that I still remember from 10 years ago when Blue and Red were the only games in existance. In America anyway.

    The first one involves a murder mystery where I'm the detective and my partner is Articuno. I finally solved the case because the 'Who's that Pokemon?' served as a major clue. The siloette (sp?) wasn't recognizable, but when it came back it was a Haunter hiding behind a curtain. This led me to realize that the criminal was hiding behind a curtain. The murderer: a Raticate! (Shut up, I was 10)

    The second dream involved me and Gary Oak fighting against velociraptors over a pit of lava in hand to hand combat. That's all I remember about that one.
  9. Okay, so I just woke up from what I'm gonna guess is a nap, and the first thing I thought was "I never really had a pokemon dream. There's a topic on 'there' about it."

    "So I was at the church carnival, I was holding this HUGE tent by just one side of the flap making sure the wind didn't carry it away (i'm super strong I guess). Then after I go inside to rest after this little ordeal I talk to other folks I know from where I used to work a couple years ago, and I find a dog of mine (that I never had, but always wanted), Then I scoop it up in a Pokeball and go running off and get into this Monster Truck and head to the park. I'm doing this obstacle course where I'm racing this chick backwards where first I run through sand, backwards of course, have to run along a wall sideways in a little "U" shaped fashion for about 50 yards. Then I'm jumping from platform to platform. And not like Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull platforms but like a video game involving ups, acrosses, backs and downs.

    (at this point I know I'm not using right tenses, but I'm trying not to lose this dream. I don't often remember them.)

    Then lastly I do this MAGNIFICENT dive into a toilet bowl, that starts to flush me that when I go down the drain its like a water slide, as I start to liquify, then l start turning into a liquid that lands on a flat skillet. Afterwords a few seconds later I'm flipped by a disembodied spatula that looks like my head and when I land I bounce right over to the glass entrance to a building and the girl I was racing is right there. We chase this guy into a building and I skip the pokeball off the back of his head as he's running from us. Only the thing that comes out Is this thing that looks like a cross between a Roselia/Muk/Swalot/Arcanine. He falls over unconscious, but when I'm not looking he hits the chick through a window with a sledgehammer that she manages to grab as shes flying through. When she lands she's smashing all these windows trying to set off an alarm. Well finally she does and we fall through the floor and land on this "grid" looking thing (Anyone played star wars mini's, or D&D with mini's?) And we're fighting Darth Vader and Storm Troopers, and its the two of us with a Contigent of six pokemon a piece. The area in the middle of the grid is a pool, and as she and some other guy (I think it was the guy we were chasing, or the police, or something like that) go around the pool, but I try and jump into it, and that's when I woke up.

    Isn't that messed up? also for about 2 minutes I was stumbling around the house trying to figure out where I was, and what time it was and how long I'd been asleep, and finally came to the conclusion that I was asleep about 3 hours before I had the dream.
  10. i had dreams that mewtwo was gonna kill me in my sleep...seriously.

    i really don't know how but about 2 years ago i had a dream about mewtwo coming after me in my dream, the wierd thing was, it was actually down my road and everyone just looked and looked away is if it was normal. This went on for months and moths before it stopped and as you can imagine, i couldn't really watch any of the movies that mewtwo in it without feeling very uncomfortable. lol, he never caught me, which was odd, seeing as i'm VERY slow and he can teleport. XD
  11. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Just because it amused me:

    I had a dream last night involving myself, Stel, a close real life friend of mine, Mew, and Mewtwo. The trio of us humans were hanging out at this random amusement park, but when it was closing time and we were ready to leave... things started going screwy. Buses were being sent to odd locations, all of the gates and exits had been blocked off by this mysterious power, and people still inside the park were being asked to orderly move to a specific location. The people running the park were acting zombie-ish, too.

    Realizing right away how twisted things were getting, me and co. snuck away from the crowd and tried to escape on our own, but Mewtwo of all things suddenly appeared to stop us. As it turned out, Mewtwo was the mastermind behind the park itself and was out to brainwash everyone/recruit them for its evial army of WORLD DOMINATION! (XD) Then out of nowhere Mew appeared and cast a protective barrier around us, allowing us to escape Mewtwo's grasp for a moment...

    The rest of the dream basically involved us frantically trying to escape Mewtwo while Mew guided us/protected us. I had it sit atop my head like Pikachu to Ash :3

    lol. Poor Mewtwo. Our dreams really give it a bad rep, eh?
  12. I have pokemon dreams all the time. Just last night I was a normal type gym leader with an Ambipom was my main pokemon. Weird.
  13. Oh hoho crap. I've had many-a Pokemon dream.
    I'd daydream/imagine before I fell asleep that I was an Espeon in this Eeveelution school thingo (Kinda like Hogwarts from Harry Potter...). It was in the north so there were sled races and stuff. And the biggest rivalry was between Espeons and Umbreons. I was the lead for the Espeons and beat the other team. XD
    Another dream was kinda random, I got bitten by a rattlesnake and turned to stone somehow. Then the crying part of the first movie happened to me only Haunter was my "Pikachu".
    I've also had ones where I'm in the games, or playing them and crazy stuff happens. Like in Crystal version I found a red ring that made it so Indigo Plateau was different. Or I got a funky looking Totodile and Cherrygrove had a gym... Another dream a Pokemon died and it went to negative levels. Very weird.​
  14. I think I've mentioned this before, but there was a dream where I was actually with the characters of the anime. It's a bit weird to say, but that was how the dream was. I don't think I interacted with them though, it was more like I was immersed in a 3d TV show or something. Its hard to describe, but then dreams are like that. Other than that dream, no other Pokemon-inspired ones come to mind.
  15. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Heh. In my epically long dream this morning, the main character found herself in a jam and ended up hiding/locking herself in a random room that just happened to be filled with Pokemon plushies (I was lucid dreaming, lol). When the enemy started trying to break the doors down, she basically called on the plushies to help - and they grew and transformed into living, plushie Pokeymans with all the standard Pokemon powers. The ones that stood out most for some random reason were Mewtwo, Mew, Venusaur, and Azelf (I blame discussing legendaries with Ruko yesterday evening for that one). Anyways, they attacked the enemy with Psychic powers through the walls, or in Venusaur's case it Razor Leafed them through cracks between the doorway.

    After this went on for awhile the enemy finally gave up on trying to break in and instead decided to just blow up the entire building (a logical conclusion, eh?). When I realized what was going on, I urged all of the living plushies to use Protect and surround the entire room, and thus they did. As we anticipated the explosion, their powers started to weaken, so it turned into a rather tense situation. I called out for more plushies to come to life, and I think a few extra Psychic-types and some Ghost-types awoke to come to our aid. Either way, the protection barrier held, the building exploded, and we were sent flying down a nearby hill side... sliding to a stop at the base of the hill right beside - I kid you not - a pizza place. ^^;;;

    And so we all lived, and to show my gratitude I treated all of the Pokemon (who were now crazy anthros sitting at picnic tables) to some pizza (party pizza-style) XD
  16. Ahh.. I've had many dreams about pokemon. The one I remember most is probably one I had maybe about a month ago...

    I was a pokemon trainer, I was in the middle of a battle with some old man who I'd never seen in my life. I threw a pokeball, and out popped a Quilfish (Random Pokemon, right?) The old man threw a tennis ball (I kid you not) And out came a freaking Arceus! Being the stupid-head that I am, I carried on anyways, and called on Quilfish to use splash. In my games, that attack does absolutely NOTHING. But, in my crazy dream, the arceus fainted! Okay, either my Quilfish was REALLY strong, or that Arceus was REALLY weak. :-X
  17. Ironically, I had a dream about my fan fic, not the whole story, but the first couple chapters in it.
    Then the story-line unfolded from there, and now we have my story Runaway :)
  18. I don't know if I've ever had a dream about Pokemon, but my family claims I have talked about Pokemon in my sleep. My cousin Lauren said I mumbled something about Pokemon poop in my sleep. XD
  19. This isn't exactly about pokemon, but it's based on Pokecharms so I guess that counts

    Well, the world of pokecharms is a town where people take on many forms, based on their names. I don't remember what happened exactly in the dream, but it involved some guy with a coming up to me and saying hello. Then a blade appeared in his chest and he died (sort of), and most people can guess what arm-bladed hero was behind him. It was all-in-all, a pleasant dream actually.

    And I hate to say this DayU, but you were quite a spectacle wearing a Swalot bib covered in Eevee insides (I think it was DayU, don't think we have any other Eevee eaters)
  20. *covers eyes with hands*
    You'd never guess how many times I've dreamed being a trainer...I even know what exact pokemon I have, my partner pokemon, what I've done, the whole packet. It's quite embarrassing. Heck, I even gone so far as having different version of it. I get whole towns of pokemon, where they act like humans, and pokemon journeys, to going to different towns one different books and tv shows. And, Linkachu, don't worry, I dream these every night. So, don't feel obessive. :D
  21. Jeez, I think I only dreamed about Pokemon once. Like, six years ago. It had just come to light that Pokemon was real, and my friends and I all went off in a big cruise ship to become trainers. Please don't hurt yourself trying to imagine my disappointment upon waking up before we were even off the boat.
  22. Woah, I remember this weird dream now from long ago...
    Okay, so it was the first generation, and Mewtwo was the most powerful Pokemon right? Well in my dream, there was this boy who just wanted to meet/touch/what ever with Mewtwo in hopes that something would rub off on him. Well somehow, it was like a live action thing. Or the kid got sucked into the Pokemon world but I didn't imagine him as anime or anything, he just looked like some random kid I could see somewhere in my life. So anyways, he somehow climbed like this tower of Pokemon to try to get to Mewtwo. Then Mewtwo was like, "You are some powerful child, go to your own world." But the kid didn't want to go and he begged to stay and train or something, "I worked so hard!". But Mewtwo sent him falling into the credits. Yeah, my dream ended up having credits at the end! It was a purple background with all the Pokemon on it...crazy, crazy dream.​
  23. I have scattered dreams of Pokemon here and ther. Most of those have involved Suicune. I remeber two of them well. One w/ Suicune, one w/o. Here they are:

    (I had this one back in 6th grade. I'm surprised I still remember it.) It was a normal "rainy day" schedule at my elementary school. My friends and I were seriously bored of just sitting in class. All of a sudden, Entei appears and starts challenging all the Pokemon trainers in the school. Entei totally swept all the competition. While Entei was sweeping everyone, my friend Marcus and I went up to some mountain....to get the aid of Suicune and Raikou. The dream cuts back over to the school where Entei is saying. "Is there anyone left worthy of challenging me?" I shouted "I am!" and two double doors parallel to each other burst open. On one side, with me on Suicune's back we land at the same time Marcus is on Raikou's back. I scream "I thought you said you weren't gonna fight anymore?!" Then Entei said, "That was a long time ago." Then an epic battle pursued. In the end Raikou and Suicune took down Entei. (While my friend and I were still on the backs of..) I thanked Suicune and Raikou for helping us. Suicune nuzzled my face and ran off across the schol yard and vanished into the rain. By the time I turned around, Raikou was gone. *Dream end*

    Second dream, happened a few months ago. I walked into the Hearthome Contest Hall. (Note that this was all in D/P graphics (Including me). Up near the top of the "screen" I see lasers shooting at each other. Nurse Joy walks up to me and then says, "I need your Jedi lisence please. Then I pop back to the normal human me. Then I srceam in a squeaky JarJar Binks voice: "I left it in my other pants!" and run off screaming.

    I know that last one was also part Star Wars, but the first part was Pokemon, so...
  24. I dream about Pokemon at least once or twice a week. Like once I had a dream where I was a Pokemon... Along with Linkachu, Mystic_Suicune, and Shroomish-chan. And guess who the Trainer was? :| (Hint: my Sig)
  25. Lol Flapjack was the trainer? :o
    I had a dream once about pokemon. I was a Venonat :) My friends were a Shuppet, Magby, Gible, Squirtle and, Piplup. I was shiny :). We were looking for treasure! Then we were walking in the woods and then we fell into a pit :|. And then an Ekans, Meditite, Ghastly, and Koffing showed up. They made the pit. Then we fought, we won of course. And we all evolved :). I was a Shiny Venemoth, Then Bannette, Magmar, Gabite, Warturtle, and Prinplup. :) Was cool.
  26. I've been writing down my dreams when I wake up for a while now, so I've been remembering a lot more of them. It seems I dream about Pokemon somewhat often too. :)

    A couple weeks ago I had a dream that was basically entirely Pokemon based. I meant to post it in here but when I checked the topic it was dead. Anyways, the dream went like this.

    I was in some old looking house, I think it was supposed to be my grandparent's house. Some kind of fake memory in my dream told me that we were cleaning out the house of anything we may have left there when we were little. I checked in a drawer and found a miniature Gold Version of Pokemon for the GBA. It was the same kind of cartrage that normal GBA games are, but it was smaller, I don't know why. I also found a plastic bag with a TON of Pokemon cards in it that I was looking forward to going through. The dream took a short break while I dreamed about something else for a while.

    When the dream came back I was in my lawn and it was all bright and sunny out, I guess it was after school for some reason. My little brother's bus was coming to drop him off behind me. I found my DS in my lawn and put it in my pocket. As I came to the door loads of kids, apparently all my brother's friends, came up behind me and started questioning me about my little brother's party. I didn't know what they were talking about, and tried to get them away so I could go look at the cards, which were in my hand, and play the GBA Gold version, which was in my pocket with my DS. Eventually in the crowd of kids I saw my brother and he started talking to the kids so I was by myself again. I walked into my house, pulled a card out of my bag and looked at it. I remember it was a picture of two Magikarp leaping out of the water and looking ahead stupidly. The one on the right was shiny and the left one was normal. I put it back and cut through the computer room to get to the stairs.

    My older brother was looking at Pokemon card pictures on the computer and I told him I was going to look through the ones I had found. He showed no interest and I continued upstairs to my room. I wanted to get my book where I keep my cards in before I looked through the cards in the bag so I looked around my room, found the book under a chair and was just about to grab it and look through the cards when I was woken up and told to get ready for school.

    :( I really wanted to look at the cards...
  27. LOL Yep. It was really funny for the first few minutes cause he was all confused. XD
  28. I actually had one when I beat my PMD2 game for the first time. It was kind of weird. It was like the whole game but alittle different with things non-pokemon related in it as well (like most dreams will do). I had Munchlax for my mystery dungeon game, which I was in the dream and the same partner. It was really weird. I woke up right as I made it to Primal Dialga. But Primal Dialga looked like a Bidoof sort of (probably from a conversation about Bidoof and Dialga on another site I'm a part of but thats besides the point.) So yeah that was my most recent Pokemon dream.
  29. i had a dream once when i was a eevee and my trainer was ash and he evoled me into a umbreon
  30. I once had a dream that I found a shiny chingling. The graphics were bad, it could have been gold or silver version (even though i don't have any) because it didn't look clear. It hardly looked like any pokemon, and the name could have even been in Japanese it was so unclear. All i could read was: 'shiny chingling appeared!' at the time i didn't know what it was like for a shiny to pop up, so i thought that was normal. I got it down to lowest health possible and thought 'perfect' then i thought 'now's my chance to...kill it' and i killed it. That's all i think i can remember. Weird dream.
  31. I can remember one Pokemon dream I had (and I think I've already told it elsewhere, but who cares!)

    I was laying in bed (as normal people should at 3 in the morning) and I was playing my Diamond in Eternia Forest, trying to catch a stupid Dustox.

    After searching forever, I had almost reached the point of throwing my game against the wall in frustration, when suddenly there it be!

    A shiny dustox (female!) right in front of me.

    WOOOO! I said. Then I sit up to concentrate and catch it, and when I looked down...My DS wasn't in my hand!

    NOOOO! I said. I searched everywhere for my DS, thinking it had fallen from my hands somewhere while sitting up.

    I found it a few frantic moments later, turned off, and charging up on my bedside table.

    A few minutes after that, my mom comes in asking "Are you all right? Why are you crying? Did you have a bad dream? We could hear you (from the other side of the house and upstairs)."

    "Yes mom. I had a bad dream."

    The second one I had I can't call it a dream per se, but It still involves Pokemon.

    I was in bed (again)...at 3 in the morning (again)...playing my Diamond (again), this time with my Pearl on the bedside table beside me, turned on, and I was trying to get 50 flags in my Underground Secret Base ('cause 50 flags changes your Trainer Card colour and gives you a star!).

    So I was traveling between the two bases (which were right next to one another, why give yourself more bother?) and everything was fine. I was just in the middle of a yawn when I notice my DS had just gone from green to red.

    AHHHHH! I said. I'm gonna loose my game! So I try to plug my game into the charger when I couldn't!

    I start getting frantic, then I wake up. I sit there for a while, glaring at the other end of the room, not daring to look down but when I do...I see my DS in my hands.


    And in the Underground.

    I check my flag tally.

    It was at 48.

    Now I can remember playing the game earlier, trying to get the tally, but the last time I checked, before I (must have) fallen asleep, the tally was at 15. I had been playing the game in my sleep!

    And I realize. Once one starts playing the game in one's sleep, it is a fair indication that either a: One is getting far too obsessed with Pokemon, or b: One slowly turning insane.

    Bring it on. ;D
  32. *brings it on*

    I remember on time I replayed my entire Vulpix-Riolu battle with Psycho Monkey in Eternal Sands. That was the best dream I've had all week. (Which is saying something cuz right now I can't get to sleep. Damn two-year old in the next room)

    Then I had a dream playing out the entire first half of a fic I want to write someday. And with the vivid dreams I have, that was SO COOL.
  33. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    (Chibi has a 2yr old offsping? :o)

    I had a dream last night that involved scenes I've been planning in my fic mixed with a ton of other random things as if hundreds of ideas were merging into one.

    My subconcious couldn't take the randomness or the confusion of it all and forced my body awake to end it. I hardly remember it except for knowing there were Pokemon images. I think I'm losing what's left of my mind.
  34. I've remember another dream I had... this one's kinda short.
    So in my dream it was Easter and my parents usually give us stuff for Easter (like the Easter bunny gave us stuff...yeah.) Anyways, I'd found a GBA Crystal version, but it was out of the box. And then I woke up. Afterwords, I seriously thought they were going to remake GSC for GBA. XD
  35. ......No. That's my 2yr old niece....

    Hey dun worry. You can be crazy with me.

    Now, do daydreams count? Because if so, then I can say a bunch of things concerning Chibi, Vyala, and the sadistic Banette. >:D
  36. I think daydreams count, I mean its how I thought of Eternal Agony :p The rest was in a dream
  37. Just woke up a little bit ago and I had a sorta Pokemon related dream. Well, it branched out from there.

    I was sitting in my room with my cousin, Nicki, and we were talking about past vacations or something. I whipped out my DS suddenly, wanting to show her the nicknames I gave my Pokemon. For some reason I was typing her name, wrong I may add, with my stylus and I noticed the letters looked weird. Then I realized I was holding my DS upsidedown...

    Anyways, I turned it right side up again, typed her name and was then on the screen where my Pokemon were. I was reading her the names of my 'Mons when I noticed they were all different. They all had Greek names, or what I thought was Greek. (Zimbabwe, my shiny Gyarados, was named Zseusweus, Spinda was Goden, I had a nicknamed Xatu that had taken the place of my Fearow... It made sense in the dream.) I realized my brother, who had appeared in my room, had re-nicknamed them and I got mad at him. The rest of the dream had nothing to do with Pokemon, I ran into my brother's room, which in real life is not actually his room, but in the dream it was, and we started fighting. My mom came in with dinner for my brother and he started eating in his bed, forgetting about our fight. I went into my room, my mom starting yelling at me for fighting and then I woke up.

    EDIT: Damn, I thought I could post here but I guess I'm the last one who posted. I don't remember all the detez but last night I had a dream where I was a Castform and I was escaping from prison. 8)
  38. This is a thread for those who want to share a really freaky dream that involved Pokemon. I have had one recently, and I think it was because I was reading too much Greek mythology, played too much Pokemon, ate too much chocolate, and watched too many bad/cheap movies about animals turning into people. In my case, however, it was Pokemon into people.

    It all started in a big labryinth with a ceiling. I was wearing a PokeBelt with my current team of Empoleon, Skuntank, Staraptor, Biberal, Golem, and Metang. I was wandering around, trying to get out, when I found myself in a room in the labryinth with a high ceiling, large window, and many stories above the ground. In addition, whenever I asked for or said the name of something edible, it rained down from the ceiling! In this case, I asked for my Starbucks limited edition eggnog latte chocolates. (I still have a box, gotten on sale for a buck!) When it covered the floor, all my Pokemon suddenly emerged from their balls and started eating the chocolate. Then they turned into humans, all with their personalities changed. The only one I remember in particular is Ebou, my Staraptor. She changed into a blond, preppy, nasty cheerleader type wearing a maroon hoodie and grey sweatpants, and started insulting me for some reason. As she was insulting me, however, Willy Wonka emerged from the floor, dressed as a Jedi, and Force Pushed Metash the Metang (who turned into a shy, wimpy adolescent male) out the window, as it was glassless. This caused all of us to look out the window, and see Greek warriors lined up outside the labryinth, ready to attack.

    However, I never got to see where it ended, as my alarm clock rang.

    What weird, Pokemon dreams have you had?

    Edit: I had accidentally placed this thread in the 'Random' forum, so I had to move it. Sorry!
  39. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    This is actually very similar to a thread I posted recently (or at least was recently active), so I'm going to merge it.
  40. Dude I envy you! I've only had one pokemon dream and it was me getting owned by Misty in FR. That was only because I had spent the last four hours watching my Charmander get whooped by her Starmie.(Note to self: Choose grass type starters.)

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