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Drakkon's Poisoned Poetry! Ballads and other forms here!

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Drakkon, Jul 7, 2011.

  1. Hello, and welcome to the land of my poetry, which has the term of 'dokushi', or poisoned poetry, tagged on because of its intense nature...

    Here are three samples...

    Shattered Dreams (Shakespearean Sonnet)

    As cruel ice forms a solemn prison

    A seal forms around my desires

    That foul insect is now dead and gone

    Hopes and dreams burn in a brutal fire

    With dull eyes and petty flesh, I persist

    No one knows the pain I suffer within

    All those opportunities I have missed

    No matter what I do, I never win

    Chains of desire dig into my bones

    But I am dull to their soft, tender touch

    My dried-out mouth emitting shattered groans

    In the depths of my soul, despair does clutch

    There are no hopes and dreams left for me here

    Only the bitter tang of long-lost tears


    Touch of Monochrome (Ballad)

    In shadows of a dream

    Temptation’s fingers beckon me

    Blotting out the day’s light

    Conjuring up dark ecstasy

    Please, wrap me in your lust

    Fill me with a monochrome shade

    My reluctance shatters

    As we dance this promenade

    But with pleasure comes pain

    A seductive gaze hides the truth

    I twist with pain and shock

    While you siphon away my youth

    What have you done to me?

    I drown in my monochrome tears

    How could you betray me?

    Your words were poison to my ears

    Please, don’t take me away

    Just color me with lips pitch-black

    I am not yours quite yet

    Do not end this with my soul cracked

    I understand my fate

    I have no more regrets tonight

    I understand my faults

    I will follow into the light…


    Shi no Niji (Ballad)

    As a brilliant crimson seeps through

    My heart beats in sorrow

    Our souls will never separate

    As they cry for ‘morrow

    Long-lost ecstasy fills the air

    A rose’s aroma

    Filling the air will toxic glee

    Painting many chromas

    Our rainbow’s spectrum shines so bright

    Sparkling in your eyes

    But soon its vibrance turns to black

    Etching out your demise

    Your brilliant carmine flows on through

    The gash his scythe doth etch

    With your scream, all colors are lost

    Burning red as you retch

    The death throes of our love doth shine

    Eternity stands still

    Nothing can slay this great rainbow

    It is too pure to kill

    Feedback? Reviews?
  2. I like them all Drak, but I do like Touch of Monochrome the best. I don't know why, with all of them I can see something, but that one seems to paint a picture. Well, good luck with the rest buddy :)
  3. Thanks! ;D

    Now for another Trio

    Requiem of the Shattered Will (Ballad)

    A sudden sound ignites

    And your innocence is now mine

    Now driven deep within

    Constricted by its sonic vines

    A childhood now lost

    Dulled-out eyes cry a single tear

    But that is soon erased

    Your mind now free of doubt and fear

    They fit you with new clothes

    And send you into bitter war

    You can never refuse

    'Cause your mind is no longer yours

    As you murder for them

    Blood returns your long-shattered will

    You are ours no longer

    But you feel an empty chill

    You must perish this night

    While you still have your liberty

    You pick up your weapon

    And slay your disability


    Earth Vs Sky (Ballad)

    A rumble rises from within

    As our earth goes to war

    Sharp, stony fists rise in revolt

    Piercing right through the core

    But then the wind returns in kind

    Winged doom in descent

    Raging with a tempest’s bellow

    Until its foe is spent

    But with bloodied and shattered knuckles

    The earth resounds with pain

    Rending the red skies asunder

    Bringing down bitter rains

    But one assault is not the end

    And the skies turn to gloom

    They smother all of us in smog

    But in blindness comes doom

    Bloody feathers fall to the ground

    Embraced by the master

    We witnessed this in shock and awe

    Our minds lacking plaster

    The Shadowy Gaze (Ballad)

    Gaze of malice and hate

    A solemn face shrouding your scars

    Your sorrow trapped within

    Your soul-shattering prison bars

    Space and time flows on past

    The silent mobs that pass you by

    Never really know that

    Shattered dreams are the tears you cry

    A final reckoning

    Your wicked wings of doom doth spread

    Looking deep in your soul

    I see only horror and dread

    Yet I am not afraid

    Not of my death, not of the end

    Life can always survive

    And through the course of time, it mends...

    So do your worst, my friend

    For 'the end', I shall not endure

    As it begins anew

    A age of gold, so bright and pure

    Also, all readers, please do comment if you like what you see... I see it as common courtesy... I want FEEDBACK, people.
  4. Since I am back, here are two of my newer pieces of poetry.


    Ripping at my ears
    Chaos's chorus
    With meaningless octaves
    Devoid of reason and rhyme

    Is but a myth
    In this sonic entropy
    Pounding in my head
    Restless and uneasy

    My screams go unheard
    In the midst of all these voices
    I can bear no more...

    SHUT UP!
    I can't take this anymore
    Your wretched, jagged tongues
    Leave nothing but a empty void
    Slowly dripping with remnants
    Of my disrupted thoughts

    Dramatic Tragedy

    Love to hate
    Joy to sorrow
    The truth to lies
    The past to ‘morrow

    Order to chaos
    Courage to dread
    Kindness to cruelty
    Blue to red

    Power to weakness
    Health to disease
    Peace to war
    Standing tall to begging on your knees

    Day to night
    White to black
    As it is not about what you have
    But more what you lack

    Hope you enjoy!
  5. ...Well, great. Now I'm just jealous. ;;

    Great as ever, Drakkon. You really manage to bring the mood up or down to where you want it to be and your poetic vocabulary is pretty dang amazing. I do like your rhyming style, too. I've never quite been able to shape it like that.

    Keep the good stuff coming ^^
  6. Thanks, Jesper-kun! I am glad you appreciate it...

    Here is another piece done in a similar fashion to Dramatic Tragedy...

    Fickle Love

    Kind and wicked

    Simple and obscure

    Logical and emotional

    Corrupt yet so pure

    Present and absent

    Invisible and seen

    Frowning as it grins

    Draped in a golden sheen

    One day it is as strong as stone

    The next it shatters like glass

    No single feeling is constant

    And each of its moods shall always pass

    So enjoy what you have today

    And never rely on tomorrow

    For what is around the corner

    Promises both joy and sorrow


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