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Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by PencilCrown, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. Darkness.

    That was what encompassed the vast chamber wherein the beast slumbered. Very little could be made out of it in the tenebrious pitch black of the chamber, but every once in a while, it would be illuminated by a flash of energy emanating from one of it's occupants.

    However, the events transpiring now were different from usual, as the Other observed.
    The beast struggled in it's usually bottomless sleep, and once or twice it opened it's eyes.

    This meant one thing, and one thing only.

    "I see... So, that time has finally arrived."

    With that, the being turned to leave the vast chamber, it's rigid body making great, clunking noises of footsteps on the hard floor.

    "How unfortunate. Just when we were getting somewhere..."
    __________________________________________________ _______________
    Elsewhere, another being stirred, waking from it's own, much shorter slumber, as it felt it's senses go into overdrive.

    "... The time is at hand?"

    The being suddenly felt a twinge of pain in the back of it's head.

    "The time is at hand," The being said, grimly, as it's fears were confirmed.

    It's counterpart was returning.

    Looking around, it saw one of it's attendants, a man with short blonde hair and sunglasses, sitting in a chair in a corner, asleep.

    "Grimsley," The being boomed, causing the man to jolt back to an awakened state.

    "Yes, Lord Bahamut?" The man asked, removing his sunglasses to wipe some slime out of his eyes.

    "The time has come. Bring the vessels of the chosen to me."

    The man paused, taking in the gravity of what 'Lord Bahamut' had just said.

    Tiamat had returned. Humanity was about to face it's greatest foe.

    The man sighed.

    "I see. It shall be done," He said, somberely, before getting up to leave the room.
    __________________________________________________ _______________
    Looking over it's sleeping brethren, the Other being sighed.

    Years of advancement, and the possibility of peace, and the mother chooses now to awaken!?!

    No, it wasn't his place to question Lady Tiamat's scenario. Her word was their law, after all.

    As it contemplated and looked out over the slumbering horde, It felt another presence approaching.

    "Brother," The Other, Other Being declared, in a booming voice.

    Turning, the Other Being regarded the newcomer.

    __________________________________________________ _______________
    There was a 'creak' as the man re-entered the room, pushing what appeared to be a huge cart.

    A huge cart of football sized eggs.

    Wheeling them over to just before 'Lord Bahamut', the man stopped, looking up at the great being, before stepping away.

    At the same time 'Lord Bahamut' looked over the eggs with a mix of feelings.

    Each one of these contained a life that he had infused with his power.
    Each one of these contained a life he was sending off to bond with humans.
    Each one of these contained a life he had destined to fight for the future.

    Gulping down the mixed feelings, the being channeled his power, a circle surrounding the cart.

    "Godspeed, little ones. May you be successful on your quest."

    There was a flash of light.

    And the eggs were gone.

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