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Dragonman's Sprites

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Dragonman, May 13, 2007.

  1. Meh, I guess I've got a few sprites to show off. Comment if you want.

    I'll take any and all requests. So fire away! I may not be as good as most spriters like Pixelchu, but I'll try my best!
    [glow=green,2,300]I DO ACCEPT REQUESTS FOR[/glow]

    Anything else I can't do. So don't ask for mugshots, scratches, or whatever it is.
    Sprites of me.

    Normal Trainer Sprites

    Cosplayers and Morphs

    VG Related characters

    Here's my fakemon collection, still being worked on, but one day I may just complete it.

    I have all my fusions listed here.

    These are my older Diamond/Pearl ones.

    These are my R/S/E+FR/LG Fusions.
  2. The back sprite of you is really cool. Can you do other sprites.
  3. Other sprites like non-pokemon ones?

    Oh, and I'm glad you like the back pose, I tuthfully had trouble with the "headfins" Maybe I'll attempt the throwing the pokeball pose if I can.
  4. heya. do u do requests? if so i just needed a sprite done, pm me? xD
    wicked sprites man :p
  5. Well, maybe a few. I have an 11-page report to do, but I want to try and finish it this week.

    Oh, and here are a few more edits.


    One of my better fusions I made. I call him Crystalia.
    This is his old form.
  6. Are you taking any request?

    If so I was wondering if you could do me a tiny favor.

    I'm a "FIRE Head" {Bueno Head}, and I love Blaziken. Well my actuall request is could you make a Blazikuno. Which would still be red with blue fire or a mixture of red & blue fire. If you could do this please let me know. Thanks in advance.
  7. Dragonman? Yay, 'nother Asylum-er!

    I always wanted to say how good your fusions were!
  8. Thanks TS! Good to see you too.

    Oh, and here you go Alexius.
  9. Sorry bout the DP, but I just happened to see this in the sprite forum description.

    So seeing this, I updated my first post with quite a small amount of non-pokemon sheets. Just click on the userbars to see them.
    #9 Dragonman, May 30, 2007
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  10. Meh, here's another new fakemon. Whoever can tell which pokemon I used, good for you.

    I call him Sealem (Ghost/water)
  11. That Scizor and Absol fusion is excellent. It really stands out for me, nice work.

    Not a clue on the Pokémon you used for Sealem though.
    #11 Xanthier, Jun 1, 2007
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 27, 2014
  12. Rotom (edited the head to be more round, enlarged eyes), Giratina (or at least one of his claws), Garchomp (palette and back fin) and Porygon Z (those... limb things). Pretty tricky huh?

    And for all you KH fans...

  13. NMR


    The ho-oh mixed with tropius is awsome which brings me to mind that they haven't really made a true grass legendary, but i like all ur sprites.
  14. I really like that Mew and Raikou fuse also because raikou is one of my favorite pokemon and your sprite just looks unique.
  15. I like the heartless its really cool but the head is kinda big,but it still is cool...
  16. I know what Sealem is made of! It's Cherrim! I rule. ::)
    Awesome Fusions, though! I ESPECIALLY like the Dratini/Kyogre, though. It's SO PERFECT!! Love it.
    (Edit) That Dratini/Groudon is COOL!! I guess I'm obsessed with Dratini... ;D
  17. I love your pokemon edits ecspecialy the Kingdom Hearts one
    It's awesome ;)

    and they have made one, Shaymin.
  18. WRONG! I already posted which sprites I used a few posts back.
  19. Woot Heartless Pokemon lolz. You have some excellent, realistic trainers, and you fusions are good too! Keep up the good work! I hope your trainers get picked for the trainer card design...
  20. Oh. Missed it...Sorry. :-[
    But, It looks SO much like Cherrim... And the 'M' in it, Drat.
  21. Thanks!

    [quote author=Artiste link=topic=1789.msg21915#msg21915 date=1181395038]
    Oh. Missed it...Sorry. :-[
    But, It looks SO much like Cherrim... And the 'M' in it, Drat.
    Ah, salright. Everyone does something like that at one point or another. I once posted at the same exact time with someone else and we got into a fight over free stuff. XD
  22. Lol! That is Wierd. Thanks for forgiving me. Lol.
  23. Well, I made two cosplayers. Comment please.

  24. The Vespiquen is very nice indeed. The Phione isn't bad either, but since Phione itself is kind of bland there's not much to do with a cosplay of it unfortunately.
  25. Yeah, I tried doing Manaphy, but it didn't turn out to well either.
  26. I like the Absol-Scizor fuse, its cool ;D
    The umbreon one looks great, but I cant figure out what else you used..
  27. Linoone+Umbreon

    That's what I used.
  28. I did a few small fusions today out of pure boredom. Enjoy them or don't enjoy them.

  29. Very nice fusions there. I especially like Metaslash since Metagross is pretty high up in my personal rankings and that fusion looks very good indeed. Blazislash looks a bit strange due to the thinner arms but it still looks good.
  30. Drapion cosplayer, cuz I was bored.


    I made a few more fakemon. First up is the other legendary that accompanies Crystailia. I call it Onspire. He's a Rock/Bug type.

    Next we got an eeveelution. A normal type actually. Didn't expect that did ya?
  32. *Uses Max Revive on topic*
    Two new sprites, joy.

    First is a Mawile evolution I call Jawlie. Evolved from Female Mawile with a Dawn Stone. It is a Dark and Steel Type. I also included the original sprite too. (The second one)

    Second is a cosplayer of one of my favorite pokemon, Quilava.
  33. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    I like your normal eevee evolution. Though it looks too much like a very skinny Eevee...
  34. Thanks. Neutreon was fun to make because I've only seen Eeveelutions related to the types before, I always wondered if there was going to be a normal type Eeveelution.

    I think I'm going to try and make a few more evolutions for other pokemon. Maybe one for Pinsir and a baby Heracross?
  35. Once again, another Cosplay update. Today we have a cosplayer of Belossom, and one I don't think anybody has attmepted yet, Rotom!

  36. *claps*Nice job on the rotom cosplayer.I like it.
  37. Thanks!
    Anyway, I cleaned up my fusion section on the first post. Go see if you haven't already.
  38. Man, either I'm bored as hell, or I'm on a cosplay frenzy. >_>

    Two more cosplayers, Cresselia and Hypno.

  39. Wewt! I made a new fakemon instead of a cosplay! I call him Elebrawl, Elec/Fighting type. (And he's not an evolution! =D)


    And even though nobody probably cares at all... let's see can anyone guess which pokemon I used to make him? I used nine pokemon in total.
  40. Nice Fakemon, Dragonman. Is the arm across his neck like a fighting stance?

    I see Magmortar legs. All I see, though. xD

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