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DPPt/HGSS Dragonite set

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by Figs, Apr 6, 2007.

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  1. I was wondering, what would be a good set for dragonite? as of right now, i have

    Dragonite: 72

    Aerial Ace

    any/all advice welcome (I wouldent be posting this otherwise)
  2. swap outrage for dragon claw, agility for dragon dance, aerial ace for something else and you've yourself one fine dragonite. unfortunately, you have to rebreed the dragonite for dragon dance, so agility would be acceptable if you don't feel like breeding moves. (which, quite frankly, is hell)
  3. Pretty Nice.

    Dragonite's are a pain to level :-X
  4. swap that outrage for a fire blast OR a blizzard.then remove arial ace for dragon claw.keep agility and earthquake and tada!! 1 fine DRAGONITE!
  5. Earthquake maybe. OH and HyperBeam
  6. outrage is a dragon type move, and should be replaced with such. it takes care of any other dragons, and benefits from the phys/spec split in dp. fire blast and blizzard, if chosen, should be replaced with flamethrower and ice beam, respectively. accuracy over power. period. and no 2 turn moves, they make your dragonite too vulnerable while it's immobile, and most good moves can out-do the 2 turn moves in 2 turns, while still giving some area for re-thinking your strategy if your opponent does something...unexpected. ((i.e. flamethrower x 2 = 190 power, blast burn x 1 = 150 power, and as for hyper beam, body slam or even strength is better))

    my dragonite has:
    lvl 100
    flamethrower, for ice types (main threat)
    t-bolt, for the water/ice types (main threat)
    dragon claw, for other dragons (medium threat)
    and thinking about rebreeding for dragon dance, for obvious, and much needed stat gains, although for this dragonite, a speed+sp atk booster is preferable. anyone know of one? currently it knows hyper beam, which i need to get rid of. i just use it for emerald e4 atm, so i'm not really changing it too much until i am ready.

    i hope this helps.
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