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Open Dragonar Academy

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by fastt, Feb 19, 2018.

  1. An alarm went off. Dammit, Hal thought. It was only 6:30, but he had a plane to catch. Hal sat up, still groggy and bleary-eyed. He quickly dressed himself, ate, and packed. Using magic, He teleported to the airport. Teleportation was an easy skill you learned in elementary school, so he had no trouble perfecting it. The plane flight to America was boring as can be, and he probably should've teleported straight to Maine. In hindsight, that mightn't work, as Hal hadn't mastered teleportation. Hal decided, once we were an hour or so away, he'd teleport. Hal actually managed to get to Dragonar Academy in one piece, albeit risky. He decided to register. Once registered, the lady up front gave him a key and a map. Hal was directed to his dorm, where he'd have a roommate, which was not gonna work out, Hal thought. He didn't know if this would be a good school year, but it was time to find out.

    Discussion: https://pokecharms.com/threads/dragonar-academy-magic-rp.18832/#post-582469
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  2. Ruscello followed his normal morning routine, eating an orange, glass of milk, stretching, and a morning jog around the block, but this time he had a different destination in mind. He jogged to the cicily port, where he jumped off a cliff face into the water. Perhaps onto would be a better word, because Ruscello began to glide on the water’s surface, almost like a hydraulic skateboard. The boy used some advanced speed up magic, and began gliding past cruise ships and carriers at noticeable pace.

    He eventually arrived at the docks in Maine, feeling somewhat depleted. Ruscello teleported to the gates of Dragonar Academy, where he registered at the front office. He was given his key, along with his map, and was shoved into this unfamiliar building along with plenty of other students.
  3. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    Zyke woke up and sighed. "First day, huh." he thought. He quickly got out of bed and did his normal morning routine. Then he headed downstairs and served himself some breakfast. His parents allowed him to rent out an apartment by himself, and with his job he's been making good pay. He's also been pretty responsible and didn't really need to call his parents that much for help with living problems.

    Zyke cleaned up after himself, and then teleported out of his house. He bought a magical force field that didn't allow anyone to enter his house without his permission, even with teleportation. If they tried, they'd be electrocuted. Zyke then teleported to the gates of Dragonar Academy.

    He saw many people roaming around, but Zyke just headed forward to to the front office. After registering, he was given his map and key. Zyke headed towards the dorm and saw someone in front of his room. "Guess we're roomies," he said to the person in front of him while extending his hand and smirking.
  4. OOC: Cosmic and I already coordinated that we'd be roommates.

    BIC: Huh, Hal thought. This kid who just walked in his room, grinning and extending his hand, had a very knowing aura about him. He felt like the type to get things done. "I'm Hal," Hal said, extending his hand. "I practice Dark Magic. You?"

    OOC: Sorry for the short thread, I couldn't get much out of Cosmic's thread without being omniscient.
  5. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    "Nice to meet you, Hal. I'm Zyke, but you can call me Z or something if you want. Anyways, uhh my magic. I'd like to keep that private, but uhh just gonna let you know I might be able to do a bit of Dark Magic, too," he said with a grin that was covered by his bandanna. "Anyways, what do you normally do around this hour?" Zyke asked as he laid down on a bed.
  6. "Well," Hal said, "at around this time, I do one thing and one thing only. I run." He went to his own private area - and it was quite small - and he changed into running clothes: dark gray sweatpants, a black sweatshirt, and some headphones with his music player. "Wanna come? I won't wait!" He took off running into the street, where he quickly located the sidewalk and went jogging, but the headphones were only cosmetic. He never played real music. People had a nickname for him ever since he was young, and some - if not, most - of these people were from his home town or were friends with those people. "It's the Dark Reaper!" One girl exclaimed. Some boys yelled out, "My god, it's that freak!" Hal took it, but also had a trick up his sleeve. He had a very powerful dark sword called Intetsu, or Meteoric Iron. He summoned it with a sliver of his mind, but only he could see it. He pierced the ground and the world went dark.
  7. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    OOC: I CALL HAX!!!
    Zyke raised an eyebrow at Hal and put his stuff on the bed. Then he went outside and followed Hal while running. "Who the hell is the Dark Reaper?" he thought. Then he saw his roommate pierce the ground. As the world went dark Zyke just got more and more confused. He reached for Hal and grabbed him. "How did you do that?" he asked.
  8. "I..." Hal tried to talk to Zyke, but he couldn't. He was drained of energy. All he remembered was his sword vanishing, and then he lost consciousness.

    "Wake up..." Hal heard a distant sound, then realized he was dreaming. He opened his eyes, but not in the real world. "Where... where am I?" He managed. "You're in a coma," The voice said. "How long?" Hal asked, worried. "Only two days, but wake up, will ya?" The voice grew closer, and there was chanting. "Wake up... wake up... wake up..."

    Hal awoke in an ER style room, and he was on a bed. There was a woman looking down at him. "Well, the Reaper has awoken. Good morning, Mr. Smythe. I'm Director Richt, but you can call me Stel." Hal was confused. "Uh, hi, Miss Stel. I have a, uh, question. Why am I here?" The director paused. "Well, from the Intetsu incident, of course, we noticed that you used folds of energy that were at least three times your normal power. We are researching this now." Hal furrowed his brow. "But, I don't know how to Amplify." Amplification, or Amplifying, was using magic to boost your physical awareness. "Another question, Hal, is why did you use Intetsu?" Hal thought. "Well, see, I'm called a freak and a loser and loads of other rubbish where I come from, and I decided - rather stupidly - that if I showed people my power, they'd think I wasn't as weak."

    "Well, Smythe, you can have fun making people believe that. Everyone thinks you're some kind of actual reaper, and it's not just your nickname anymore..."
  9. Ruscello followed his map throughout the twisting hallways, and eventually found where he’d be staying from now on. He unlocked the door and went in, seeing it was a space for two people. He unpacked his belongings, and set up his poster of Jeff Beck above his bed. “Hmm...I suppose I should wait to see whom I’m going to be spending my after school hours around.” Ruscello said to himself, as he pulled out a pair of headphones and a pile of bizarre comic books.
  10. Mornings sucked. Axel groaned as he got out of bed. He walked to his door, where there was a lengthwise mirror. He then began to use his magic, slowly shifting his face to that of a fish, then a lizard, then back to his own. He continued to shift at an unbelievable speed, between anything he could think of. After he was done warming up, he flopped back down onto his bed, newly depleted. But suddenly, an idea popped into his head. "Cafe Montesquieu!" he thought. He quickly got up and dressed into his regulars, sweats and a black workout shirt, grabbed his gym bag, and walked out of the door. Montesquieu was a cafe that Axel's dad owned, and it was home to the Montesquieu family recipe. It was the best coffee ever. Axel's family had coffee trees growing in their private Maine orchard, and though it was weird, that's where they harvested their coffee. Axel hopped into his Camaro, received the year prior, and pulled the keys from his bag. He turned the ignition, and headed for the Cafe. When he got there, he walked in. He ordered regular black coffee and sat down while they prepared it. After it was done, he thanked the barista and left. As he was walking to Dragonar, his new school, he saw a kid, about his age, running. Axel backed up and allowed him to pass. As a runner himself, he knew how annoying it was when people weren't self aware. Suddenly, people started screaming. Axel turned sharply to the kid again, who was now unconscious on the ground. Axel ran over and slid his coffee into his carry pouch on his bag. Axel quickly dialed 911, and waited for the emergency services to arrive. When Axel saw the situation was under control, he continued to walk to his new school. When Axel got there, he checked in with the front office, and was handed a map and told a room number. Axel looked at the map and sighed. This place was huge. After getting lost several times, Axel found himself at the door of his dorm. He quietly rapped on the door and walked in. Another kid, dark skinned with a pretty jacked up tank top and identical sweats had already made himself at home. Axel sat his stuff down. And looked the kid over. "You run?" he asked. Not waiting for an answer, Axel finished off his coffee and threw away the cup. I do," he said, his french accent possibly making him harder to understand. "Follow if you want, oui?"
  11. “Mm.” Ruscello set aside the comic he was reading and sat up, unsure of where the boy wanted to go. He sat up and cracked his neck, slightly more audible than he expected. He grabbed his map and pair of keys he left on the table, just in case. “So, is it the coffee or are you just this energetic?” He asked, stretching on the doorframe to his room.
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  12. Axel laughed. "Coffee does nothing to me, monsieur. I am lighthearted, oui?" He sat down on his own bed. "je suis Axel. Quel est votre nom?" Axel realized his blunder and corrected his dialogue through a chuckle. "Ah, forgive me monsieur. I am called Axel. What is your name?" Axel did notice how the boy had grabbed his things, but he was probably being cautious. "I am no threat, monsieur. However, I applaud your carefulness. Very useful, I presume." He then walked over to the two desks, one of which he had set his stuff on. He sat down in the chair. "Oh, yes! What can you do? That is to say, what magic to you specialize in?"
  13. “My Name is Ruscello, and I personally specialize in water based magic.” He turned toward his new roommate. “Anyway, what magic do you specialize in? Your mannerisms are too light for it to be anything heavily offensive, unless you have some sort of split mindset, but by the looks of things you look like you specialize in some sort of utility based magic.” Ruscello looked Axel up and down, examining how he moved about.
  14. "Ruscello! A wonderful name!" Axel exclaimed. He listened to the rest of Ruscello's sentence before saying, "Water magic is magnifique if I say so myself. I myself specialize in the changing of all things organic. I believe the proper name is Organic Manipulation, oui? Here, allow me to show you." Axel then stood up, and spread his arms wide. he changed one arm into a demonic looking shield, and the other into a terrifying, black blade seemingly made of shadows, with a red orb set into it. "You were correct in saying that I do not prefer fighting. I like to think of myself as a diplomat, in the case of unexpected La lutte contre, or battles. But," he said, "I can fight." And with that, Black, shadowy headgear sprouted from his head, and full body armor from his chest. He let that sink in, then returned to his normal state.
  15. “...Interesting. I’m normally one to save my magic, given the rare opportunity I need it, so I’ve never been one for small demonstrations.” Ruscello closed his eyes for a bit, but opened them again and pulled up a chair, sitting on it backwards. “You seem like an artist, of some sort. Would it be wrong of me to assume so?” Ruscello asked, fixing his hair as he spoke.
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  16. "Ah, you are very insightful, ami. I am artistically minded, oui. I can draw quite well, and I am a Barista in training. Which is to say I brew coffee, and make espresso, and things like that. My family, the Montesquieu's own the cafe around the corner. We hand pick every coffee cherry and treat them accordingly." Axel got up as he finished his sentence. "I'm leaving. Morning run. Au revoir, Ruscello!" Axel walked out of the door and eventually found his way out of the building. He then set off on the quick mile and a half to Cafe Montesquieu, planning to check on his car, which he had left there.
  17. Ruscello’s eyes followed the boy as he left, before he eventually sat back down on his bed. “I wonder what sort of gravity brought people like me and him together...” he pondered to himself, before turning back to the book he was reading previously. “It wouldn’t have hurt if I were to catch up to him, and run aside him, but I suppose I would hate if some stranger disrupted my usual schedule...” Ruscello lifted a water bottle that was across the room, and brought it to his hand. He took a sip out of it before opening up the tiny window in his room, seeing his new friend who had a heavier accent while speaking English he’s ever seen, despite being out-of-hemisphere.
  18. First days are horrible
    Tisso got up one hour later because the alarm clock didn't work. He had to dress and have breakfast in five minutes; luckily, he was already in maine visiting a friend
    He rached the gates at time and, still hexausted for the run, registered in the office and started to seek his room
    It took to him several minutes to find the room, in some point he even heared screams coming from outside
    He entered the room and, after noticing he was alone he started to put his things in place, "with a bit of luck maybe i don't have a room mate, it would be great, being alone..."
    Inmediatly, like called by those words, someone opened the door
    "Oh, hi, i see you are already here..."
  19. Gaz


    'man I hate monday's,it doesn't work out for me' Red say's as he got to Dragonar Academy and when he walk in almost everyone stop talking aloud ''why does that always happen when I walk in to this school'' and he can here everyone whispering about him like whtat the no magic doing here,what type of magic he got,''hmm I got a powerful magic but as I don't like to use it but maybe this year I can'' as he sit down in the classroom then a kid walk up to and said hey black knight what are you doing here this is a place for magic people unlike you so why don't you go home the kid said and he replies back why don't you go cry to your mommy you weak magic user yeah I saw how you use your magic and how you lose in every battle so your weak you know that

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