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Ask to Join Dragon Ball World tournament!

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Fraseandchico, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. (Name is a work in progress)
    @Random boi
    @The fresh memes
    @The fighting boss

    May 5th, 10:07am, 1 day until the tournament:

    Neke Forman was flying towards the world tournament arena area, he was early, but he didn't care, he wanted to see what the arena was like, what the rules were, and to meet his opponents before the tournament. just a year ago, he had trained with Goku, and arranged to meet at the world tournament arena at 11am, 1 day before the tournament, since he was early, he said
    "Ah, this is the place. pretty small, but I'm sure it'll work." he noticed a young girl nearby, this girl was Kanojo Tatakai, an earthling warrior who was the same age as Neke, Neke frowned, he thought he was the only one here, he rolled his eyes, and got back to training, by heading to one side of the arena, and testing himself.

    Kanojo had gotten to the area 1 hour earlier, to check the rules, they were pretty simple, no killing, weapons, armour and machines are not allowed, that sort of stuff, she saw a strange boy, who looked roughly her age, but since he was training, she decided not to go and talk to him, anyone here so early and training probably wouldn't wanna be disturbed.
  2. Braly was Flying towards the tournament he was exited to meet his opponent , he had trained with vegeta just for this day ``im so exited!`` he said arriving to the inscription board ``my name is Braly i got an invitation to be here`` he said , Braly went to the training area and started training his Ki blasts , punchs , kicks and technique
  3. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Cucumbara unfourtunately had to fly all the way to the Martial Arts Tournament, due to lacking knowledge of Instant Transmission from the Yardrats. Once he landed, he surveyed the competition. There were a few extras, including Neke and Kanojo, but there were only three warriors that stood out, Braly, Vegeta, and of course Kakarot, or as many know him by his earth name, Goku. He could sense the immense power from the Sayain warriors and a small grin replaced he emotionless expression he once held. He wasn't the strongest of Sayain warriors, it took him years of training to even get to the level of Super Sayain, let alone the forms above that. Goku and Vegeta were leagues above Cucumbara, challenging them would be like defying gods, which technically, he is. He had witnessed the power of Super Sayain God and Super Sayain Blue for himself, it packed immense strength and ki control, he wish he could train under Vegeta, he would be a strict trainer, the only kind the less experienced Sayain warrior would want.
    "Let's see how much fun this will be,"
  4. (talking to Cucumbra)
    ``Hey! you! wanna have a training battle? no holding back full power directly `` he asked ``ive got some tricks up my sleeve``
  5. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    "Perhaps after this tournament, while I am fully interested to see the power that you hold as a Sayain warrior, it would be wise to keep as many of our tricks a secret," Cucumbara advised his fellow Sayain, before turning his head to Goku and Vegeta, with a warm grin on his face.
    "Those two will likely have all the attention focused on them, they are the two strongest warriors on Earth. Most can't decide who is stronger, bit seeing those two clash in the tournament will certainly be entertaining," He hoped to attain Super Sayain 2 or even 3 by the end of this tournament, Super Sayain God or Blue seemed out of reach, there was no way he would ever be able to catch up to Goku or Vegeta in his current state, he would basically need divine intervention.
  6. ``this is disappointing but your right.`` he said ``goku and vegeta....the two strongest warriors on earth `` he whispered ``ill get to their level one day``
  7. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    "I will too, I look forward to the day we can fight all out, no holding back, together, we shall surpass the strongest and make a name for ourselves," Cucumbara exclaimed quietly, but not quiet enough for the two strongest warriors to hear. They seemed mildly amused, maybe the two younger Sayains might have a chance to prove themselves to their fellow warriors.
  8. ``well i did fight vegeta once..boy i got beaten up good but with that i got so strong im almost at atleast vegeta's level!`` he said ``so im not gonna worry much for this tournament, welp, ill see you on the ring ``
  9. (@The fighting boss please fix your grammar. when you make a character talk, start a new line, and remember capitals as well punctuation)

    Neke sensed an high power level approaching the training area, and remembered that he had to show that he was here, he went up to the inscription board, and said
    "Hey, my name is Neke, I was sent an invitation to be here." he went to the proper training area, and saw Braly and Cucumbra, he realised that Braly (who he sensed was a Saiyan) was the source of the high power level. he said "Hmph, so YOU'RE the source of that high power level. You two don't look like much to me, fellow Saiyans." he crossed his arms, and smirked.

    Kanojo, who had entered properly when she arrived earlier that day, decided to enter the training room, she looked at the two Saiyans, and said
    "Hello, boys, how you three doing?" he smiled, but forgot to check their power levels.

    all Neke could think was
    Okay, this girl is cute.
    He then noticed Goku and Vegeta not far away, and said
    "Uh, I-I gotta go, uh, my old master is waiting for me." He made a beeline straight to Goku, accidentally raising his power level, revealing that he, was indeed a Saiyan, he said to Goku "Hello, master." Goku turned to face Neke, and said
    "Oh, hey Neke! Good to know that you're here early too! Vegeta, this is my student, Neke!" this part was very loud, everyone in the training area could hear it.
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  10. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    "I'm okay, I just have to do something really quick," Cucumbara told the girl as he walked to meet Goku and Vegeta.
    "Hello, I'm a Sayain, and wish to train under one of you," He shuddered, this seemed to be a bad idea that could backfire horribly, but, he had to try and reach for his dream, and this was the best way possible.
  11. Braly went to see Vegeta ``hi Master! your here early? Most of the strong people are early today!`` he said exited for the Martial Arts Tournament
  12. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    "Vegeta," Cucumbara mustered up courage to ask the question that was burning in his mind for a long time, "If you will let me, accept me as an apprentence," He favored Vegeta over Goku due to the fact that Vegeta might gain something from having more apprentence than Goku.
    "Hmph, I know nothing about you. Why would I mentor a child that I just met? Come to me once I've seen you fight, then I might even think about it," Vegeta scoffed as he walked away. The younger Sayain felt a lump in his throat, but he shook it off when he realized that he needed to prove himself.
  13. ``ooh you asked him.. im telling you its gonna be hard to get him to accept you, it took me 2 months to be accepted by him`` Braly said to the other saiyan
  14. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    "That's a challenge I'm willing to accept," Cucumbara told Braly with a determined gleam in his eyes. He was tempted to show his Super Sayain form, but he managed to keep it a secret and instead, decided to leave and train.
    "Well, see ya later," The young Sayain warrior told his new friend before flying away to a generally empty place. There he powered up to his Super Sayain form and began firing ki blasts at rocks.
  15. (when are the battles going to happen its been a while now)

    Braly went to vegeta for some training ``Hey Vegeta! care for a training match?``

    (red dialogue are vegeta speaking or his tought)
    vegeta then said ``humpf dont get too cocky kid your easy to beat``
    Vegeta and Braly went to training grounds and started training , Vegeta AND Braly both went Super saiyan 1 and they started fighting (its pretty much apprentice vs master TRAINING version)

  16. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    OOC: Why all those indents @The fighting boss ?
    BIC: After the Sayain finished exhausting his energy firing ki blasts, Cucumbara powered down and looked at the destruction he caused the rocks.
    "Rocks don't fight back, I've just caused meaningless destruction, I didn't reach Super Sayain by just breaking rocks," He flew back and rememered Braly was Vegeta's student, if he could beat him, maybe he might get a teacher put of the fight. He wanted to reach a new level of Super Sayain, but he had no idea how.
  17. Nitro flew as fast as he could to the tournament, breaking tree's that were high enough to get in his way. When he finally got there, he looked at all the others at the tournament.
    "Well....just try not to make eye contact." He muttered, as he walked over to the rules.
    "Seems easy enough, I'll just go Saj(Super Android, I'll post what it looks like and its multiplier in the Discussion.)"
  18. after an hour the training match Braly had with vegeta ended (vegeta won) Braly uused a senzu (he will take em off when he goes to fight) ``wow i still got a long way to go before getting to his level,`` then he went on the bench waiting for the tournament to BEGIN (seriously)
  19. (Dude, the first post said that it was the day before the tournament)

    Neke had a training match with Goku,, he said
    "Master Goku, please come at me, full power!" Goku replied
    "Okay!" He glowed, activating Super Saiyan Blue. However, Neke had greatly overestimated himself, He lost quite quickly(The battle ran about the same length of time as Goku's first fight against Beerus.) Goku said "Well, looks like you still can't handle my Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan form yet!" Neke then said
    "ARGH!" Goku then replied
    "Woah! Neke! Calm down!" Goku told Neke as Neke glowed slightly, but the glow faded, showing that he couldn't use the super Saiyan form power. He needed a REAL reason to be mad. after this, he took a break for a few hours.

    Kanojo has training on her own after this. she was trying her hardest.
  20. He'd look around at all the others,
    "Ooo..is that a woman?" He muttered, looking at Kanojo. His previous run-ins with females were not that good, so he decided to keep his distance. Deciding to go punching the air, but that didn't really do anything, as he was trying to lower his power.
    "I know being a android gives me free roam to have full power with them not sensing it, but it's always good to act like they can. But Super android would give it away in an instant...maybe I should change my idea with super android and just use base form.
  21. Zero was flying to the tournament Arena, hoping he could meet strong opponents “this time I’ll show everyone how strong I am” Zero thought to himself. When he got to the site he got a bit shy and started to hide around the trees until he got to the entrance and looked at his opponents “woah they look so strong” Zero said thinking to himself.
  22. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    The young Sayain flew back to the tournament site, hoping to find some others to meet before he had to fight them. He sensed a familiar power level coming to the arena as well.
    "Must be another Sayain, this should be fun," Cucumbara was excited to meet him or her, but regardless, he knew this would be fun.
  23. As Zero was walking around he noticed someone coming up to him “who are you?” Zero ask the slightly taller person. He raised his ki a bit to keep on gaurd, but didn’t want to startle the person with a stance, they would get disqualified if they already fought and destroyed the place, So zero just stood there.
  24. As he lowered his power to 1%, he looked over at the Other contestants. One just got finished fighting, the other got rekt(o3o), and there was two people talking. He set up eye-scanner to tell what race they were.
    "Saiyans. Both of them. I thought they all died in the explosion of Planet vegeta." He said, turning his eye-scanner off, then looking at them all, thinking of a plan for each of them.
  25. ``oh? cool another saiyan!`` he said , he stood up and went to speak to him ``Hey! other saiyan! i wanna know something,can you go super saiyan?`` he asked to the new saiyan who just joined the area
  26. Zero turned around surprised “huh what...oh um yeah I can go super saiyan” Zero said with shyness “can you go super saiyan?” Zero said with questioning “looks like I’m not the only saiyans then!” Zero’s eyes lit up and he thought to himself “maybe I can fight strong opponents, like him!” Zero said with excitement.
  27. ``yea i can go Super saiyan, i can even go higher than super saiyan three !`` Braly said to the new fighter ``so what is you name? I'm Braly``
  28. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Cucumbara noticed that Braly was talking to the new Sayain and his interest was further peaked when a form beyond Super Sayain 3, that made him talk to his kind.
    "Hey Braly, who's your new friend?" He stared at Zero, in a friendly way of course, since no hostility had been built up between them.
  29. “My name is Zero.....um what are your names?” Zero said sheepishly, he wasn’t feeling very confident after meeting two people. He would always train alone because of his fear of people, he than looked at Braly “a form beyond super saiyan blue?” Zero said thinking about his master, who had turned into a form most saiyans called super saiyan blue.
  30. ``oh no , i am very far from being super saiyan blue! But i can go Super saiyan GOD!`` he said to Zero and Cucumbra ``what? how are you surprised can't any of you go higher atleast than super saiyan?``
  31. “Well I can go super saiyan 2....I did go super saiyan 4 once, but my tail got cut off” Zero said with embarrassment “though it’s growing back a bit” Zero said in a matter-a-fact-way. Zero then asked a certain question to himself “I wonder if I can use my lightning super saiyan transformation...” Zero then stopped thinking and looked at Braly.
  32. ```Super saiyan 4 ? so you turned into a golden ape and took control of yourself to get super saiyan 4?`` Braly said surprised ``it would be nice to see the form , so you better get your tail back when your against me! i wanna fight the super saiyan 4!`` Braly said exited
  33. “Well I tell you when I my tail grows back” Zero said lying, he can already use super saiyan 4 but he didn’t want to tell his opponent his secret “well what about you?” Zero said turning to Cucumbra “do you have any transformations then super saiyan? Zero said hoping that he could fight a strong opponent.
  34. He decided to fly to the group.
    "Little reunion here?" He said, landing near them.
    "Nothing wrong with that. just wondering. Oh, names Nitro, by the way."
  35. ``oh? Hi Nitro, my name is Braly . Nice to meet you`` Braly said to the fighter who just came ``it is not a reunion , were more talking about...erm how do i say it again..Power levels! yea! we were talking about power levels`` he said
  36. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    "Lucky, everyone can go past Super Sayain while I can only go Super Sayain," Cucumbara was disappointed in his own weakness, Braly could go SSG, Zero had SSj4, Nitro probably had something else, but Cucumbara had nothing other than SSj, which was kind of pathetic.
  37. ``what? you cannot get past super saiyan 1 ? `` he asked ``want me to help you get super saiyan 2 before the tournament start's Cucumbra?`` he asked again
  38. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    "I guess...what choice do I have," The young Sayain said glumly, now wishing that there was a way he could immediately get stronger or attain a form to compete with SSj4 and SSG, but for now, SSj2 will do.
  39. "So.. You're saying you can't go past Super saiyan?" He said, scratching his head,
    "Honestly, I can't even transform." He lied, as he looked at them, thinking of A plan.
    "Well, It all works out in the end, right?"
  40. ``alright, come with me`` Braly said to cucumbra going to the training area `` the best way to obrain a new form, is to fight against it!`` Braly said turning into Super Saiyan 2 ``so we are gonna fight until you get super saiyan 2``

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