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Open Dragon ball ultra

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Rotorstorm Wrecker, Apr 17, 2017.

  1. Glace walked into the forest "Huh my scouter is picking something up its a power level,wonder who's it is though." Glace walked forward and saw Taiko "Hey who are you." Glace stood ready to fight if this guy was a threat to him.
  2. Taiko was just enjoying a stroll through the forest when Glace approached him. Turning around, he looked over the Freiza like creature. "That's kinda MY line, buddy. You're in Skull n' Crossbones territory now." he replied with a smirk. He then turned to face the viewers of this post. "For those of you wondering, that's the name of my gang."
  3. Neke Was Wandering The Forest, Looking For A Fight, He Saw Taiko And Glace, And Said To Them
    "If you Wanna Fight Each other, I'll Fight Too, But You Will Not Beat Me, No Matter How hard You try." he Had his Battle Stance Ready, A Face That Said He Wasn't gonna Back Down. The face, of A Saiyan Warrior.

    (Remember, Neke Looks Human.)
  4. Rosetta's pod landed on earth, her father's planet of origin. She stepped out and checked her surroundings. It appears she's in the middle of a forest. "Ah, so this is my destination. I wonder who my target is." She checked her scouter for information. "An arcotioan huh? I thought frieza and his race was dead. No matter, this should be easy." She checked her scouted for the largest power level, and it was fairly high. She sensed the ki of the power level, and it was an unfamiliar saiyan, so she started flying over to it.
  5. "Well, someone's rather confident." Taiko laughed. "But I'd rather you two leave before things get ugly. You're tresspassing on MY turf now, punks. And unless you scram, I might have to beat you senseless." As he said this, he turned to the viewers once more. "See what I have to put up with every day?" Letting out a sigh, he turned back to the two intruders and whistled. Behind him, around 20 members of various races gathered, all wearing skull or bone-themed accessories and clothing. "Last chance to back off before you get hurt." He said, smiling.

    (as for the grunts of the skull and crossbones, they're all about the same strength level as freiza's minions, though some might be slightly stronger or weaker.)
  6. Rosetta finally came to the forest clearing, finding multiple strong power levels, and many weak ones. "So, this is where he is." She searched the area, finding an azure person relatable to frieza. "Hey, this kid kinda reminds me of old frieza, or at least what mom says he was like before he..died. Multiple times." She flew over to the red and blue arcotian. "Hey kid. What are you doing on earth?" She tenaciously asked, staring him in the eyes.
  7. Taiko was silent for a moment as he massaged his forehead with a sigh. "And yet ANOTHER unexpected visitor..." he muttered. The namekian then removed his skull jacket and cocked his head side to side, making a satisfying -krick- sound. Flexing his fingers and curling them inward, he did the same for his knuckles. "Look, babe," he said to Rosetta, "we're in the middle of something, so if you don't mind..."
  8. "If I don't mind what? I'm here for very important business so if you don't mind.." Rosetta cut herself off, turning around to see a namekian at least a foot and a half taller than her. "Oh my gods. You are so damn massive. Like you're the tallest speaking creature I've seen on this planet." She looked at the scenery around her. "What the hell is even going on here, anyway?"
  9. "Well," Neke Started "These two Are Starting to Fight, And I want to Join The Fight To. Obviously, me Being A Saiyan, I'll beat Them, But what The heck, Might as Well Do It." He Looked At The large Gang, A Devilish Grin On His Face.
  10. "If it's a fight, count me in. Mind if we team up for now, 2 saiyans against the rest? I think it'll be fun." Rosetta walked towards the fellow saiyan, and stood by his side. "What do you say? We could probably get this done within a few minutes if we tried a little."
  11. Neke Shrugged
    "Eh, Why Not, Just, Uh, make Sure To Stay away When I Use My Ki Power, Its Very, Destructive." He Looked At The Gang, he Said "Come at me." One Of Them Ran At him, he Punched The Man Away.
  12. "Are ALL you saiyans this egotistical and stupid?!" Taiko snapped, furious. "You just waltz into my gang's territory, and instead of complying with our simple, calmly-spoken, and well thought out request, 'leave', you simply want to fight?" Taking a moment to massage away the building migraine, he sighed. "You know what? FINE! If you want to fight, I'll play along. But don't say I didn't warn you when we stomp you into the dirt!" After finishing his rant, he turned to four of his men. "Set up a barrier to prevent any collateral damage." They nodded and flew up, creating a cubical arena around the forest. "Now let's just get this over with. I'm pissed off and I really want to take a nap." Getting into his stance, he prepared to engage the two saiyans. "Show me what you've got!"
  13. "Ha! This is going to be great." Rosetta closed her eyes for a second, and a white ki surrounded her. "This is the power I learned from an old kai, and it's gonna be the form to win this battle." A gang member charged toward her, but she swiftly dodged to the left and chopped him in the neck, knocking him out. "Alright, next!"
  14. Turning to his gang members, he gave his first orders. "Bojack, Jac, patch up our injured. Millie, Orion, guard them. The rest of you, Formation Omega!" The specified members headed toward the injured members, while the others split up as they took off into the air. Two of them zipped behind the two saiyans and released a volley of ki blasts from behind while the rest closed in on multiple directions, including Taiko himself.
  15. A gang member started launching ki blasts at Rosetta and her new found saiyan ally. She used her afterimage technique and dodged all the blasts, then she uppercutting him in the gut, sending him a few feet in the air. She then jumped up and volleyball punched him downward, adding another unconscious body to her increasing pile.
  16. Neke, Meanwhile, Shouted
    "Ki Sword!" His Arm Changed Shape Into A Long And Wide Energy Blade, He Sliced, And Within A Few Seconds, A Quarter of the Gang Fell To The ground, Unconscious, He Said "What? Did ya Think I Would Actually Kill? Heh, You Lot Aren't Worth Killing." He Lunged At Taiko.
  17. Taiko punched Rosetta in the jaw as his arm stretched like rubber to deal the blow from a distance. "GOMU GOMU NO PISTOL!" he shouted as a joke before firing two blasts that arced as they flew toward her, exploding on contact. He then rushed in toward Neke. "Best not to underestimate us, punk!" He quickly darted around him, forming an after image in his place as he did so, and drop kicked the Sayian into the dirt. "I'm just..." He pauses as he whips out a pair of shades. "Sayian."

    Bojack caught the third injured members and flew down to where he and Jac were healing them with their ki.
  18. (Megalovania Intensifies)

    Neke Got Up, And teleported behind Taiko, And Kicked him Into The Ground, He Said
    "NO PUNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" He Sent A Ki Blast At Him.
  19. Rosetta was falling, but took this as her moment. She fired one of her signature beams. Taiko was recovering from being on the ground, so it was a clean shot. The blast split into three and hit him in the more sensitive spots on his back. "And stay down."
  20. On the ground, Taiko kicked out at Neke's arm, making his ki blast miss him and hit one of Rosetta's before kicking him back into a large boulder. He then whirled around and blasted the other two beams from the sky before turning back to Neke. "No puns, eh? How about a reference then?" He asked with a mischievous smile. "GOMU GOMU NO... GATTLING!" He yelled as his arms stretched once more, pelting the prideful saiyan with a barrage of punches that slowly pushed him deeper into the stone, the boulder shattering as the last of his punches struck.
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  21. Neke Got Up, Steaming Mad, He Said
    "That's IT! NO MORE MR NICE GUY!" His power level Started To Rise, As He was Surrounded By A White Aura, He Shouted "SUPER SAIYAN WHITE!" His Hair Turned Pure White, And He Glowed, He Gained the Hairstyle of Super Saiyan 2, He teleported, And Punched Taiko In The Back. He Said "Take That!"

    (Power Level Rising.)
  22. Rosetta teleported behind taiko yelling "take that!" As she punched him in the back, right in the spine. This flinched him, so she sweep kicked him which sent him to the ground once more.
  23. Taiko grunted, but still smiled through the pain. "You mad, bro?" he asked Neke, laughing. Bojack quickly flew over and Kicked Rosetta into Neke, the human then turning to Taiko and patching up his injuries. "Thanks, Bojack." Taiko grunted, sitting up. "I don't get it, why do they keep targeting my back? They too cowardly to come at me from the front?" he added, chuckling. Bojack didn't reply until he was done.

    "At least you can take advantage of that." he said, "Just be careful using THAT technique." he said, taking off to heal the other wounded members.

    Taiko turned back to face his sayian opponents. "You know, If there's anyone here who should be pissed off right now, it's me. All in one day, I've had three people come into my territory without permission, and they all happen to be extremely judgemental or excessively rude and arrogant. Now...how about I make this Perfectly...Clear. You can leave now as you are...or limp away with every bone in your bodies broken." He snarled those last words, putting a lot of emphasis on them.

    (also, Jojo, I'd prefer if you let ME decide Taiko's reactions instead of suddenly deciding he Flinched. He is my character after all.)
  24. "Mr namek, I didn't want to do this, but it seems you've pissed me off to this point. You even messed up my hair! I spent at least 20 minutes on this today!" Rosetta made a large ball of ki, launching it toward the weaker gang members, killing off about 18 of them. "Do I need to get serious here?"
  25. Neke Said To Taiko
    "Nope." He Teleported In Front Of Taiko, And Punched Him Fifty Times, Then He Kicked Him Away, And Teleported to Him, And kicked Him In The Ground, He Then Fired 5 Ki Blasts, And used His Ki Sword. He Then Fired 10 Ki Blasts At Some of The gang, Killing Them, he Said No one Hurts other Saiyans On My Watch."
  26. "Wow, you're good. I'm glad I remembered to team with you." Rosetta congratulated her teammate. "Well, do we focus on the injured, strong boss or the currently perfectly fine, weaker croonies?"
  27. Neke Shrugged As He Exited His Super Saiyan White Form, he Said
    "All Of Them." He Activated Ki Sword, And Slashed The Gang, Just Missing Taiko. He Said "And... I Missed the Strong One, Dammit." He Fired Another Ki Blast At Taiko.
  28. "Hey, I got an idea. We've killed everyone but him, so let's just break his limbs and leave him here in the middle of nowhere!" Rosetta explained her plan to her partner. "You could even use that ki sword to puncture his lungs or something, so he could die a painful death."
  29. Taiko looked back in horror, all of his members now dead. "N...no..." Walking toward the field of corpses, he looked at each one of them, the grief clear on his face. Every one of them had a name, a home in his gang, and a life to call their own. all taken in one fleeting moment. His voice broke into sobs of grief and cries of pure, unadulterated fury that echoed across the continent. Then, holding out his hands, he absorbed the four namekians in his group into his being, a blinding light shining from him. Then...the light warped, as something twisted and dark grew in Taiko's soul. No longer pure white, the transformation now seemed to suck all the light from the area like a black hole.

    "YoU..." he said among the light, his voice distorting, as he effortlessly deflected the ki blast. "yOu MONSTERS!!!" he roared. The light subsided, and his skin was a much darker green than before, his pupils two black dots admist a shining red pool of light. "ThEy WeReN't SiMplE PaWns tO me...THEY WERE MY FAMILY!!" He slowly ascended up until he was at the same height as them, a dark aura surrounding him. "Now...YoU May JOiN THeM iN DEATH!!! YOU AND ALL OTHER SAIYANS!!!" As he yelled this, he blasted toward them like an arrow, crying out for the sayians' blood
  30. "Woah!" Rosetta quickly jumped up, and dodged the rush. "I think we might've pissed 'me off." She then proceeded to fly backwards, charging a massive ki ball." Get back! This'll melt your armor and then some if you get caught in the blast!" She warned her saiyan ally
  31. Neke Sidestepped, he said
    "Calm Down, Ki Sword Doesn't Kill Simple beings, Only Ones Like Gods." He Punched Taiko To the Ground, And Chuckled. he Moved Further away To Dodge the Ki Blast.
  32. Taiko caught the fist thrown at him and tossed Neke down with such force, the impact of the Sayian on the earth created a massive crater the size of a lake. Following up the attack, he let out a roar of anguished fury, sounding something like a demented demon, and fired a massive beam of energy down on the grounded saiyan, making the crater even deeper and destroying any trees within a 10-foot distance of it's edge. He then vanished from his spot in the air, reappearing behind Rosetta and grabbing her wrist with a terrifying grip.
  33. "This is it! Get out of my sight!" Rosetta yelled, launching the ball the size of a garage at the namek. "I'f this doesn't kill him, hell at least be a few feet in the ground!" She had no choice but to hope the saiyan could dodge it at this rate the namekian was too much of a threat.
  34. Neke quickly Got Back Up, And Teleported Out Of The Way, Then Teleported Beside The Other Saiyan, he Said
    "I meant Not Long After, They Come Back To life."
  35. "Ah, that's cool. Now, let's watch the fireworks." She Cooly said, watching as ki ball swiftly drifted toward the namek. "Well, I'd say that's gonna hurt." She turned toward the saiyan "so, do want to break his arms or legs if he's still alive?"
  36. Taiko scoffed at the Ki ball and held his hand up toward it, emitting a field of ki and slowing it down to a halt. "I believe this is yours." he growled, his eyes gleaming with the delightful thought of killing them. "Allow me to return it to you. DEVIL DRILL BEAM!" He fired a spiraling beam of energy into the sphere, pushing it back toward the sayians. He then split himself into three copies. As the beam pushed the Ki ball upward, the two clones tackled the sayians down toward it, forcing them to collide with the mass of energy. Let this be a warning to ALL sayians! Your bloodline will plague us no longer! he thought as he laughed. His laughter was shrill, unnatural for a namek, distorted by madness and rage and grief.
  37. Glace saw Taiko enraged,after seeing Taiko's gang members get killed he felt an urge,he knew what he had to do "You know you saiyans are the reason my dad isn't here anymore,he may have been wicked and cruel but he didn't deserve it,but I will now take my revenge." His eyes went a dark purple and a red energy surrounded him,"The saiyans race shall be no more after I'm done with it." Glace created a barrage of destructo disks.
  38. "Your dad? You mean frieza? My mom served under him loyally until the day she found out he slautered most of our race." Rosetta dodged the disks with relative ease. "If anything, frieza betrayed us, all because of that one "bardock" guy."
  39. He scoured at Rosetta "Don't dare say my fathers name you are not worthy to speak it." Glace's fist then turned black and he charged at Rosetta,he then turned his head to Taiko,"Are you gonna help me or what,don't you want revenge."
  40. (Jojo, wouldn't Pan be Rosetta's mother if Gohan is her grandfather? And Freiza was long dead before Pan was even born...so Pan wouldn't even know freiza)

    Taiko didn't respond. He was consumed by the darkness, his mind having been warped and twisted from absorbing so much power in such an enraged state. As his clones vanished, he only let out a mighty howl of fury that shook the earth as he once again flew at Rosetta, firing off another devil drill beam.

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