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Private/Closed Dragon Ball RP: Dragon Ball Final Blow

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by SS-I Never, Dec 30, 2017.

  1. Hi there, everybody!


    In the vast amount of timelines between Universe 7 and 6, a band of strong warriors worked together to defeat opponents that threaten the existence of others. Who are these heroes? Will they prevail in their efforts? Find out next time on Dragon Ball Final Blow!

    Character Sheet:
    Signature Attacks:
    Transformations (Optional):

    Please follow Pokecharms rules, that's all I ask of you.
    I will not allow some people to join this RP if I don't think they're qualified enough to join.

    @Sarah316 and @BlueMew392 are the only ones allowed to be Saiyans. (I WANT CREATIVITY, PEOPLE!)

    My Character:

    Name: Antarchy
    Gender: Male
    Species: Frieza Race (Acrosian in the RP)
    Appearance: So he looks kind of like this,
    [​IMG](Credit goes to Dragon Ball Heroes)
    except he doesn't have horns or the shoulder/waist pads.
    Personality: Oblivious to a lot of things, even if they're pretty common to every one else. He takes most things seriously, and tries to ration everything else out. He doesn't enjoy conflict as much as others, and tends to not want to fight (so, he's passive).
    He only tends to get angry if others mess with those he deeply cares about or those who are being mistreated.
    Signature Attacks: Final Slicer (Destructo Disc/Kienzan), Annihilation Beam (Death Beam/Special Beam Cannon (Mokakonsapo)), Final Break (Galick Gun), and Supernova Blast (Final Flash)
    Transformations (Optional): None (ATM)

    (Remember everyone, if you're using a picture as a reference for your appearance, please be sure to credit it if it's not yours)

    So go at it! Make your characters!
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  2. Name: Wu
    Gender: Male
    Species: Earthling (Human)
    Appearance: Fair skin with spiky black hair and green eyes. Wears a yellow undershirt with a green gi, much like Goku's iconic attire, along with orange belt, boots and headband.
    Personality: Carefree and mischievous. Is very much an easy going guy who seemingly doesn't take things seriously and beats to his own drum. Often motivated by self-serving goals and is unafraid to break the rules, however he does know when it is time to take things seriously and does have a desire to help others, even if he denies it.
    Signature Attacks: After Image, Spirit Gun (A two finger death beam, based on the attack from YuYu Hakusho), Spirit Sphere (Spirit Ball), Spirit Cannon (Final Flash), Spirit Flare (Solar Flare), Spirit Sabre (Spirit Sword), Soaring Owl
    Transformations (Optional): None, technically, though he does have a Kaio-Ken equivalent known as Spirit Burst though without additional multipliers...as of now.

    Name: Iris
    Gender: Female
    Species: Cat (Like Puar)
    Appearance: A purple cat with white underfur/belly and sapphire blue eyes.
    Personality: Responsible, if not a bit overbearing. Cares about Wu and only wants what's best for him, but often has to act like a parent rather than a partner to keep his mischievous nature from making their lives more troubled.
    Signature Attacks: Telekinesis, Transform! (Able to shape-shift into various people, animals or objects. Though she is unable to copy the power levels of stronger fighters or replicate non-physical techniques to this point).
    Transformations (Optional): See above.
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  3. Alright, probably gonna edit this bio cause I thought of one more technique for Wu. Though I have a question.

    Would you consider "Telekinesis" a technique? This wouldn't be for Wu, but Iris as just another little thing she has to both explain how she floats around and be used to help the two travel places.
  4. Sure! I don't see a problem with it!
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  5. Thanks, bio is all good now.
  6. So, any lore for this world you had in mind? Main villain, Dragon Balls etc.

    I had an idea for Dragon Balls, but it might make it more complicated than necessary and harder to get. Depends what you had in mind.
  7. Waiting on some more members before I get deeper into the lore.
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  8. Name: Sallot
    Gender: Female
    Species: Saiyan
    Appearance: Long, black spiky hair with fair skin and black eyes. Athletic build with an above average bust. Wears a black sports bra with a pair of black cargo shorts along with white boots, arm bands and knee pads.
    Personality: Usually, Sallot is a rather reserved individual who, while kind and willing to stand up to others, tends to try and avoid combat and is quite sarcastic and quippy. However, in the heat of battle, her Saiyan cells shine through which turn her into a fighting-crazed psychopath who desires a good challenge above all else and will even turn on allies if they get in her way. Resents this side of her and tries to suppress it.
    Signature Attacks: Army of One (Multi-Form), Aura Annihilator (Kamehameha), Omega Crusher (Big Bang Attack), Sapphire Comet (Nova Strike)
    Transformations (Optional): None (Yet)
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  9. Name: Robert
    Gender: Male
    Species: Saiyan
    Screenshot_2017-12-30-00-36-45.png Screenshot_2017-12-30-00-36-27.png
    Except the Power Pole and Turtle Hermit symbol.
    (Sorry for the bad quality pics.)
    Personality: Robert is the type of person who tries not to settle any conflict with violence. He only resorts to it when there is no reasoning with the enemy. However, when it comes to training or treating fighting as a sport, he's down for it. He's also the type who have rage moments if someone really pushes his buttons. Robert is also kind to those he cares about and will do anything to protect them.
    Signature Attacks: Spirit Wave (Kamehameha), Emerald Blast (Final Shine Attack), Spirit Slash (The evasive skill from Xenoverse), Light Beam (Masenko).
    Transformations: None

    Might add another character soon.
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  10. So, do we have enough RPers to talk story and stuff. I don't mean to rush, just curious and can hardly contain my excitement XD
  11. I'm sorry! But I'm waiting for 4-5 more RPers to join, so then I can close it, and then we can talk story/plot.

    But no one seems to be interested. ;_;
  12. Oh, that seems troubling. Eh, we'll just have to give it time and hope for the best. It's been less than 24 hours and we have 4 people already. Positive thoughts my friend.
  13. Understandable, though I am prepared to RP as many people as needed if it remains just the four of us XD

    Lots of characters if no challenge for me! But we will wait and see where this goes.
  14. FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS I LAID DORMANT! WHO HAS DISTURBED MY-...Oh, Hey, @SS-I Never. Need an RPer? Jut let me think of a character.
  15. I'm in. One question, though. Can I potentially use Raditz, Launch, Ranch and Nappa from the Good Raditz timeline along with a few others?
  16. Well, Nappa isn't part of the Good Raditz timeline, but we'll have to discuss that further down the line.
  17. I know that, but I've figured out a way to work him back into the story as a minor character. He gets revived by using the same technicality he did in DBZA (Vegeta killed him while working for Freeza and Kami wished for the ones killed by Freeza and his men to be revived so Nappa was able to tag along) and Nappa tried to figure out what to do, eventually becoming a chauffeur. That's how Goku and Raditz have still managed to interact with him and even train with him occasionally when he's not busy.
  18. Alright, but we'll have to come up for a way to introduce them (cause my RP takes in the past of DBZ). And I don't want to insert them just because.
  19. Wait, so what point in the timeline?
  20. 50-100 years before Goku landed on Earth.
  21. Character Sheet:
    Name: Blizzard
    Gender: Male
    Species: Frieza race
    Appearance: upload_2017-12-31_13-3-22.png
    (yes, the Goku wig is included)
    Personality: Fun loving and laid back, is a quick thinker
    Signature Attacks: Perfect Kamehameha, Big Bang Attack, Galick Gun
    Transformations (Optional): Kaio-Ken
  22. I doubt he's a quick thinker (the wig is a big throw off), but @Koopa6000 you're accepted!
  23. oh.
    well uh.
    i was not expecting that.

    Original character time, then! May as well turn to my personal favorite race for this. But then how would a Namekian get involved...?
  24. Actually, I don't think I'm going to make a Namekian. I'll make an Earthling instead!

    : Rirobo
    Gender: Male
    Species: Earthling
    Appearance: Rirobo has long brown hair and blue eyes. He traditionally wears a dark blue gi with black gloves and boots, the kanji of the Owl School appearing over his left breast. He wears a silver band around his wrist.
    Personality: Rirobo is a tactician, always thinking about strategies and the best way to do things. He takes things in stride, and is a master at improvisation. If he gets caught off-guard, however, he loses all composure.
    Signature Attacks: Soul Punch (uses ki to create an aura around arm for a more powerful punch), Soul Kick (uses ki to create an aura around leg for a more powerful kick), Soul Bomb (uses ki to create an orb of energy that can be thrown and detonated remotely), Soaring Owl (uses ki to create wings to glide around), Soul Blaze (surrounds self with pure ki that burns at the touch), Soul Cannon (fires off a beam of ki with precision, low blast radius but incredible damage).

    Name: Masukuro
    Gender: Male
    Species: Earthling
    Appearance: Has light brown hair, sideburns and a beard that look sort of like an owl's. Has silver eyes. Wears a large blue robe with the Owl School kanji in the middle.
    Personality: A jokester at heart, Masukuro knows how to mess around with his students. Despite this demeanor, he is incredibly wise. His agility and hunting prowess are unparalleled. He is very kind, compassionate to a fault even. He even took in a young boy who attempted to steal food from him as an apprentice. He is known as Master Talon among his students.
    Signature Attacks: Soaring Owl, Soul Cannon, Master's Talon (Ki claws that can cut through anything), Tyto Vision (A powerful sense that doesn't take the physical into account and can see anything within 1000 feet, even if Masukuro can't).
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  25. For the record I am totally willing to make a Nemakian. I'll get a bio going when I come back from shopping.
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  26. I may do that later as well. I kinda want to see how the Owl School would react to seeing a Namekian in their ranks.
    Also yeah, I just created the Owl School because why not. If there's an Earthling that's not already part of a school and you want to easily interact with my characters, then put them in the Owl School.
  27. Well, the only other Earthling is @Godjacob's character, and he gives off the early Yamcha vibe. For obvious reasons (stares at Iris).
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  28. Well yeah, just saying. :p

    although ironically Rirobo is the thief
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  29. Name: Ali' Khan (Just Khan for short)
    Gender: Male
    Species: Khan is a species native to Earth that remains a mystery to most other forms of civilization. They are called the Roarakans, and they resemble bipedal big cats (i.e. lions, tigers, leopards, even sabretooth tigers). They mostly keep to themselves in hidden tribes and villages among the more remote areas of the world, rarely interacting with other civilizations for various reasons.
    Appearance: Khan is a breed of Roarakans that resembles a panther, with black fur, small ears, and gleaming yellow eyes. His face, body, and tail are also adorned with a dark gray tribal pattern. He often wears his tribal outfit, a hide garb/leather pants combo with a hood on the top and leather boots, but for treks into civilization, he wears a dark cloak, which makes him stand out, but also covers his species well.
    Personality: Khan is an enigma through and through, always holding an air of mystery to his actions and words. Despite being so secretive, though, he does his best to make it clear that he means the best of intentions. He also shows a great deal of cunning, and frequently plans out his assassinations after analyzing the target's capabilities and weaknesses for a period of time. Another thing about Khan is that although he doesn't seem to like it, he will kill someone if the need arises. In addition, he's willing to do what he must for whatever allegiance he's in.
    Signature Abilities:
    -Nightstalker's Cloak: Khan uses his ki to refract the light around him, making him virtually invisible to the naked eye.
    -Shadow Blade: A blade of dark purple ki emitting from the hand tha acts as his primary weapon of choice. Can also deflect smaller ki-based attacks
    -Animal Senses: More so a physical ability than a ki technique, Khan's senses are razor sharp, to the point where he can detect sensory input from vast distances.
    -Hunter's Arrow: A thin beam of dark purple ki that can be bent and controlled by Khan's will.
    -Sixth Sense: As part of a tribal ritual and meditation, Khan has developed a sixth sense that allows him to detect the ki of all living things within a set range. It can also allow him to see their anatomy, which he uses to find weak points that he can exploit.
    -Heavens' Roar: As a Roarakan, Khan possesses a unique ability to channel ki through his very voice, and by roaring, can create tremendous amounts of force. The drawback is that overuse of this roar, or overloading it with ki to increase power, can be fatal.

    Let me know if there's anything wrong, and I'll change it.
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  30. @Gamefreak1996 accepted!

    Welp, I think we can get this show on the road! Before I start with the story/plot, does anyone have any questions concerning their characters?
  31. I feel like Ali' Khan and Masukuro will fight sometime and it'll be epic.
  32. Oh, and as a side note, I should let you know the Roarakans also suffer from Racial Prejudice from many human territories due to their secretive nature. They're often looked on as shifty, untrustworthy, and such, and because they're basically bipedal animals, they're often treated as such. They've even been enslaved in the past, and still might be under whatever evil factions there might be (i.e. Red Ribbon, maybe?)
  33. One thing I should probably bring up is that Rirobo used to be a thief until Masukoro took him in.
  34. Won't lie, my motive was to make a character similar to Yamcha (Mainly cause that shapeshifting sidekick is a fancy) but only he won't have an author that hates him XD

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