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Ask to Join Dragon Ball: Redemption Through Revival

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Mechanist Gamma, Jun 14, 2018.

  1. [Discussion/Sign-Ups]
    [RPers: @Eeveechu151, @Rohan Kishibe, @Mr.Glaceon, @Manu456Alola, @Fraseandchico, @BlueMew392]

    Civilians walked around, simply enjoying their existence. As they went along with ordinary business in their regular lives - Humans, Namekians, Majins and otherwise - they expected nothing more than conversation with their fellows and doing their jobs like normal. After all, combat in its entirety was pretty much gone.
    Unfortunately for the citizens of West City, this peace was not meant to be.
    Suddenly, explosions began erupting across the city. People screamed and ran for cover, shocked by these mysterious attacks. Two figures floated in the sky - one, a thin, pink Majin radiating a massive aura. The other, a cloaked woman beside him.
    "Majin Buu. Proceed." she stated, and Buu began sending beams of pink energy across the city. Many citizens were turned into candy. No one could stand up to him.

    A man with a large mustache stood in the middle of the destroyed fields, holding his hand to his forehead. "So we've got someone of incredible power who destroyed an entire city in minutes?"
    "That about sums it up, commander." one of the officers stated. "We only know this from survivor reports and camera equipment used to film the incident. Apparently it's a Majin that's the powerhouse. Doesn't look like any regular Majin, though... it's really slim and buff."
    "...get me files on old Age of Combat fighters." the police commander ordered. "We need to do some investigating."

    Out in the wastes, practically in the middle of nowhere, a young man dashed across the forest. He was trying his best to make it back to home before nightfall, and the sun was already pretty low. Held at his side was a straw basket filled with apples from the forest, and he needed to make sure they got back inside. As light began to dim, Clarke looked ahead to see a silver wall. Yes! The house! Clarke quickly dashed ahead, stopping in front of his door and opening it up. As he did, he threw the straw basket on the table inside, stepping in and closing the door. He had already bought some burger patties and buns at the grocery store, so he had his supper.
    Clarke started frying himself his burger on the pan while he turned on the TV. He had a new action movie in called "War of the Demons", and watched it while also cooking. He was able to multi-task.
    Suddenly, a flash came from the windows. Clarke was shocked, quickly turning off the oven and pausing the movie. Clarke grabbed his sweater, throwing it on before going outside to find... a ring laying on the ground? Curiously, Clarke touched it. When he did, the ring flashed before seemingly teleporting to his finger. "Wha...?!"
    Clarke Scale. This ring has chosen you as the guardian of Raditz, son of Bardock. a mysterious voice said. Suddenly, the ring flashed and a wide stream of purple smoke wound around before the smoke vanished...
    ...leaving only Raditz, the Saiyan Warrior, in his place.
    Raditz fell to his hands and knees heavily, opening his eyes wide. Slowly, he stood up and looked at his hands.
    "I'm... alive...?"
  2. Thursday, JANUARY 31st, Valley Town
    Kento stood before a large bag of thick, black leather. It seemed quite solid, nearly impossible for an adverage human to break. The Namekian/Human hybrid dropped his cloak off onto the chair next to him in his house's dojo. Kento was teaching a class on a Korean fighting style in the morning, so practice was needed. The green scaled humanoid began with a simple start of jabs and strikes, all aimed chest level. Feet were positioned in the T-stance, left forward right back and shifted at a 90° angle. Quickly, his right leg launched forward with a snap and launched it into the bag.
    Kento the Namekian, you have been chosen.
    Kento continued, a voice echoing in his head.
    The ring defines you as the protector of Krillin, Earths strongest warrior.
    Kento was mid punch when a ring spun around, flying right onto his ring finger of the right hand. It began to glow and pop, sending smoke everywhere. From the smoke emerged a young adult, small for his age while still being intimidating. The man grinned.
    "The heck kind of fighting is that?"
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