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Open Dragon Ball - Hero’s Road

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by SquashLeApple, Dec 8, 2018.

  1. Hello! This is going to be my take on a Dragon Ball story. The story takes place in an entirely different universe, with events that are different than the Dragon Ball Z timeline. Characters such as Goku, Piccolo, Vegeta, Bulma, ect. do not exist.

    Twelve years after the 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai (World Martial Arts Tournament), the Earth has still remained at peace. However, a threat from beyond the galaxy looms over Earth and the rest of the planets near it.

    1. No Godmodding
    2. Swearing is allowed, keep it minimal though.
    3. Be creative with your powers, but be reasonable
    4. Don’t ask for new forms. They will come when I want them too.
    5. At certain points, you may get a power boost, but only for a short time. Watch out for them!
    6. Speaking of boosts, events may come that give you boosts to go up against villains.
    7. Death may happen, but the Dragon Balls can be reclaimed. Only once every “arc,” however.

    Races: Saiyan, Earthling (Human/Anthro), Namekian, Frost Demon (Frieza’s race), Majin (Buu), Demon, Android/Bio Android

    Before participating, you must fill out this character sheet:

    Decorations (Flying Nimbus included):

    All participants start with a power level of 1,000 Everyone can use punches, ki blasts and ki sense.

    Moves - Moves can be main timeline attacks (Kamehameha, Galick Gun, ect.), alterations to main timeline moves, and your own unique attack - be reasonable! Nothing OP. Energy Blasts, ki blasts, flight, ki shields, and small beams are granted to all unless said otherwise.

    Name: Chayate
    Gender: Male
    Age: 14
    Race: Saiyan

    Appearance: Chayate is a short saiyan, close to the size of Krillin. He has dark brown hair and a dark brown tail, with tan skin. He wears a turtle hermit gi with a purple undershirt and a blue top. He also wears blue wristbands and a belt, and has no shoes.

    Personality: Chayate is a very modest, yet energetic Saiyan, who takes pride in his abilities, just as the average Saiyan, but without arrogance. Just like the rest of his race, he has a large appetite, and a love for battle, but is not barbaric, keeping his own code of morals and preferring to make decisions by himself. He is shown to be a little selfish at times, either for the greater good or because he wants to.

    Moves: Electric Kamehameha (just a yellow version lol), Saiyan Shock (one handed ki wave that can stun opponents and do damage), Great Ape Ball (Condensed semi-replica of Great Ape Beam), Great Ape Flurry (Great Ape Ball energy turned into punches and kicks)

    Decorations: Chayate carries a sword barely smaller than his back around is back, and rides a flying nimbus, though he’s not good at flying it.

    Other: Chayate prefers to use kicks in battle. He has an orange ki color.

    Feel free to ask any other questions if you have some.

    The RP will start once four people have joined.
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  2. Question. Do we have to use the races that you listed? Or could we use other races that aren't listed?
  3. I’d prefer the races listed, only because there are so many races.
  4. So, wait Is this story going to follow the timeline of Dragon Ball GT?
  5. No. It’s going to be a villain from the Z series first, then original villians. It’s an entirely different universe and timeline
  6. But isn't the 31st World Martial Arts Tournament a part of GT? If not, then which tournament is it if you don't mind sharing?
  7. Oh right! I was thinking of the 23rd World Tournament. Well the point was was that it’s still in a time of peace. I’ll change it so it make sense though.
  8. Okay. Don't know if I'll join or not, but I'll consider it.
  9. Y'know, I was a fan of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. So, I'm considering joining this. But before I make a character, what do you mean by Decoration?
  10. As in like swords, headgear, flying nimbus. No weighting clothing though.
  11. Name: Julia Benzo
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Race: Android
    Appearance: Julia has short red hair and brown eyes, and is about the same size as Androids 17 and 18. She wears normal clothes, jeans, tennis shoes, and a jacket. Nothing about her appearance makes her look like she's not a human.
    Personality: Julia is a kind, yet curious person. She likes to explore, and enjoys watching fighting competitions. Julia also likes to learn about new things. However, she doesn't know she is an android. Since she doesn't know that, Julia doesn't know that she can do things other humans normally can't do.
    Moves: None yet.
    Decorations (Flying Nimbus included): N/A
  12. I'd love a new Dragon Ball rp I could sink my teeth into, but the structure seems a bit weak.
    How would most of these races come to end up in the same environment? It would be a bit odd to see Frost Demons and Namekians walking about on earth with no explanation.

    Also, power scaling. Whats the peak level of power you'd wanna set in the start? I could only hope your not letting people join this as Gods and Golden Frost Demons, ya know?
  13. Well, I should have enforced some sort of max power to start out with in the beginning, which I wil edit my post with.

    I’m not sure with the race thing. I mean most of the DB RPs just have the races already on Earth without much explanation either. I would say that most races traveled to Earth, but I really couldn’t give the reason why since it would kinda of bug with story a bit. It will be explained though.
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  14. I've decided to join!! >w<

    Name: Mark-7
    Gender: Male
    Age: ???
    Race: Bio-Android
    Appearance: Mark-7 is 5 foot 2 inches tall and looks similar to Perfect Cell, though he is red and his mouth is similar to that of Imperfect Cell's.
    Personality: Mark-7 tends to keep to himself and is always deep in thought. He does not enjoy conflict, but will not hold back in a fight if necessary.
    Moves*: Currently knows every technique taught in the Turtle Hermit and Crane school (Kamehameha, Tri-Beam, Solar Flare, Dodon Ray, Multi-Form, etc); Can learn more moves
    Other: Mark-7 has the DNA of each race, and thus has each race's trademark ability. This also makes it easier for Mark-7 to copy abilities, though techniques like the Kaioken and Spirit Bomb would have to be taught and can't be copied.

    Sorry, if it's lackluster. It's been quite a while since I've created a bio. :p
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  15. Accepted, though, because you have the DNA of every race, the skills from each race would be considerably weaker then from a pure bred from the race. Also, how did you obtain them? Just say who gave you the DNA (doesn’t even have to have a name), and you’re good!
  16. I was just saying cuz' Cell had Piccolo's regeneration and the Saiyan's Zenkai boost.

    As for how he got the DNA, Mark-7 was created by a mad scientist from the Red Ribbon Army for world conquest, so he found the DNA of the most powerful races on Earth and infused it all into his creation. He also programmed recorded fights of the greatest martial artists on Earth to give Mark-7 the knowledge he needed to fight. So yeah. :p
  17. Oh, and as for the power-scaling of this RP, it'd make the most sense to have our characters be around 200-420 range, as that was around the power levels of the Z-fighters before Raditz arrived on Earth (Piccolo and Goku being the strongest having a power level range of 400-420, while the other z-fighters were around the 200's).
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  18. I want lie, power levels are my guilty pleasure, even if highly inaccurate at some times. *cough* pretty often *cough*

    I would love to use power levels a bit. At least until we start getting into Cell Saga power.

    And as you may now guess, I'll he creating an oc. Good to see @SS-I Never finally using that oc youve had for some time.
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  19. Name: Kaiyo
    Gender: Male
    Age: 8
    Race: Demon
    Appearance: Kaiyo is a small boy, short even for his age and rather thin. He is not the most combat-skilled or athletic creature on earth, and tends to be rather fragile looking. His skin is a dull green shade, dusted with dark grey specs from his toes all the way up to his large, pointed ears. The boy sports sharp pink eyes and pink hair, messy as it spikes out in every direction and curls at the tips.
    Personality: Kaiyo is a youthful and fun loving boy. Sheltered for most of his life, Kaiyo grew up rather innocent and naive. He is a very sweet and kind boy, the opposite of most demon stereotypes, but tends to be very emotional. He cries just as fast as he laughs and his emotional outburst tend to cause his power to quickly become out of control.
    Moves*: n/a
    Decorations: A small necklace with an orb attached is held around his neck. He doesn't talk about it, but the orb glows when he powers-up.
    Other: Kaiyo was raised by adoptive human parents on earth

    (Sorry for the horrific lack of description in this post.... I suck at character outlines T.T)
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  20. It’s ok! Accepted, although pick from one of the characters instead of two characters. One more person left, guys.
  21. Oof, I didn't realize I was only allowed one character. Now i have to decide T.T; whelp, not meaning to pick favorites but I'll go and delete one. I'm keeping the demon boy then.
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  22. Name: Zander
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Race: Human- 1/32 Saiyan. (Unable to access super saiyan forms due to diluted blood)
    Appearance: Wild dark brown hair, emerald green eyes, small scar on left side of his chin, fair skin, lean fit build. Lose fitting two piece GI. White shirt with black sash, gloves, and pants. White CC style boots with black trim. (Outift kinda similar to Goku post 7 year timeskip)
    Personality: Fiercely determined. A bit of a power complex on this boy. He aims to be the strongest human in existence....little does he know, he goal technically impossible.
    Vacuum Cannon- Similar to the vacuum punch Goku used on Chi-Chi, but done with two open hands,increasing the power and range of said vacuum wave.
    Vacuum Punch Barrage- Consecutive vacuum punches for an invisible beatdown.
    Haos Buster- Single handed, silver, comet-like energy blast.
    Decorations (Flying Nimbus included): N/A
    Other: Will be obtaining Master Roshi's Buff Mode rather soon. Will be a 3x increase.
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  24. Should we try to tag those who aren't responding?
  25. Sorry I haven't been responding. I probably won't be able to until next Tuesday.

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