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Ask to Join Dragon Ball Fusions V2 (Discussion and sign ups)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Fraseandchico, Dec 24, 2018.

  1. 17 and 18 could definitely keep an eye on the kids.
  2. I just imagined that too.
  3. 17: So, I go from park ranger to baby sitter? Joy....
    18: Eh, could be worse I guess.

    Seems fair to me. Is this tournament like the TOP where it is elimination style with the last member(s) of a team standing being the winner or some other format?
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  4. It's just like a normal tournament..... except in order to get to the arena, you need to break certain barriers between floors of the timespace rift. Each floor has different things on it, first floor has capsule corp and Goku's house on it, second floor has Hercule city, namek, and King Kai's planet on it, I'll explain the other floors later. Get used to flying around!
  5. Are there gonna be enemies/obstacles on these floors?
  6. There isn't supposed to be by tournament rules.... but because of the unstable nature of the timespace rift, expect a lot of unexpected occurrences to happen. I mean, during the first one, Tekka and his team had to fight Broly on one floor, met Towa and Mira on the same floor, teamed up with them to stop Broly, only for them to turn Broly into a great ape and then leave after Beerus defeated Great Ape Broly from the top most floor, unbeknownst to Tekka. That was just one floor.
  7. Fair enough.

    So, do I just have my cast warped there or is somebody gonna warp to them to get me when I make my intro set up?
  8. I'll have Pan or Kid Trunks appear to bring the portal to your cast and then to the Timespace rift.
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  9. Well I made my intro post. And yes, they are all wearing Goku's Gi minus Goku who has his Dragon Ball Heroes attire.
  10. I've edited my latest post due to how bad it was.
  11. FYI been talking with Eevee and I will take Vegeta of the R&R universe to help fill out that team.
  12. : D happy dance
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  13. So did we confirm whether or not 18 and 17 are joining the kids’ team? Because if not, I want Future Trunks and Future Ranch to join them after watching Masako’s Future of Ranch retcon.
    Yes this is because I want my new OTP to have ship moments shaddup
  14. It's okay I totally understand no I'm not lying to make you fell better don't worry.
    um, we hadn't finished deciding that, but I'm not sure. Then again, characters like main timeline Goku and Vegeta need a team, so 17 and 18 could go with them, and maybe Nappa or Broly can go with them. Future Trunks and Future Ranch can go on the R&R/RTG kid team, if everyone is fine with that?
  15. Also I presume you are taking those two, Eeveechu?
  16. I’ll be taking one of the two, at least. If Godjacob or someone else wants Future Trunks, I could hand him over. But put me down as Future Ranch.
  17. Can we have other timelines here besides just Team R&R? I feel they are dominating the plot XD

    But if you really need me to play him I guess I can. Maybe, give me time to think it over.
  18. Well I have 17 & 18 of the main timeline so....variety!

    I'll go where you guys want me to go. I don't care too much, though I figure 17 & 18 would be most comfortable from people of their own universe rather than "strangers" but again I go where you people think fits best.
  19. Trust me I want to take other characters too but I'm not sure who... Maybe we could use some DBB characters? Sasha, Damunga, Lute, Ken and Ji could be a fun team.
  20. Maybe? Eh doing it without Icicure around given her importance to the group just feels wrong and SS hasn't been on in days so....that's a problem.
  21. Yeah, true... If we did do it, I'd want Icicure to be there due to how she works. Ji would probably just be a spectator. So I guess we'll wait until @SS-I Never hopefully returns.
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  22. I don't know any of the MasakoX timelines, and since the RP is based around that it does make it hard for me to take other characters which means Eevee picking his favorites (R&R) makes it stand out all the more.

    And my character still has yet to appear in that XD
  23. Sue me for liking R&R, it's well thought-out and has a lot put into it :p

    In theory, I could try bringing back my old human OC (that's not Ken or Ji) to use in the RP as a character.
  24. I wasn't trying to critique you it's just that because I lack knowledge of the other options I can'd pick more characters to act as a contrast so that we wouldn't have any issues with the R&R cast. It's not your issue really sorry XD
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  25. Forgot to mention, characters who act as organisers for the tournament, such as Bulma, will be controlled by everyone.
  26. Anyone ok to respond sooner or later? Just wondering.
  27. Sorry super busy IRL right now. Will get to replies later tonight if I can. Trying to think of what to say...

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