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Ask to Join Dragon Ball Fusions V2 (Discussion and sign ups)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Fraseandchico, Dec 24, 2018.

  1. The time-space tournament, a legendary tournament, set in a rift between the multiverse, where fighters from many different time periods and universes fight. it is the 12rd monthly tournament, with the current champion, Tekka, deciding that now is the year to make things more interesting, and to bring in different timelines. Good luck against the new fighters!

    1. The different timelines are based off of Masako X's Dragon Ball what-ifs.
    2. Make sure to include an example of your rping skill when you apply to join this rp.
    3. Follow typical roleplay rules.
    4. There is no character limit.

    Characters currently taken:
    Tekka( @Fraseandchico )
    Pinich ( @Fraseandchico )
    Pan(GT)( @Fraseandchico )
    Kid Goku(Main timeline) ( @Fraseandchico )
    Goten (Main timeline) ( @Fraseandchico )
    Kid Trunks (Main Timeline) ( @Fraseandchico )
    Goku(Main timeline) ( @Fraseandchico )
    Vegeta(Main timeline) ( @Fraseandchico )
    Ranch ( @Fraseandchico )
    Goku (Dragon ball R&R) ( @Fraseandchico )
    Krillin (Dragon ball R&R) ( @Eeveechu151 )
    Raditz (Dragon Ball R&R) ( @Eeveechu151 )
    Piccolo (Dragon Ball R&R) ( @Eeveechu151 )
    Future Ranch (Dragon Ball R&R) ( @Eeveechu151 )
    Cooler (Super Dragon ball heroes) ( @Eeveechu151 )
    Broly (What if Broly turned good) ( @Rohan Kishibe )
    Nappa (What if Nappa turned good) ( @Rohan Kishibe )
    #17 (Main Timeline) ( @Sarah316 )
    #18 (Main timeline) ( @Sarah316 )
    Goku (Xeno) ( @Godjacob )
    Caulifla (Xeno) ( @Godjacob )
    Kale (Xeno) ( @Godjacob )
    Uub (Xeno) ( @Godjacob )
    Nejo Majin (Xeno) ( @Godjacob )
    Vegeta (R&R) ( @Godjacob )

    Extra Timelines(Credit to MasakoX on youtube):
    What if Raditz turned good?
    What if Nappa turned good?
    What if Goku was female?
    What if Chi Chi never stopped fighting?
    what if Gine went to earth with Goku?
    What if Kid Goku went super Saiyan?
    What if Goku married Bulma?
    What if Bardock convinced the Saiyans?
    What if Broly turned good?

    Feel free to suggest more!

    OC sheet:
    Signature attacks(Max 3):
    #1 Fraseandchico, Dec 24, 2018
    Last edited: Jan 9, 2019
  2. I wonder if anyone is actually interested in this. Probably not.
  3. Seems interesting enough. @Rohan Kishibe, @SS-I Never, @BlueMew392, @Pro Hero Dekiru, @Sarah316, you guys interested?

    I'll be taking Raditz, Krillin and Piccolo from Dragon Ball R&R. Also, Cooler from Super Dragon Ball Heroes. I might take more later from stuff like "What if Bardock Convinced the Saiyans". As for OCs, I might throw some of mine in a bit later, but I think I'll hold off on that just yet.
  4. Okie dokie, Eeveechu!
  5. I'm taking Broly and Nappa
  6. Guess the what if Broly turned good and the what if Nappa turned good timelines?
  7. I feel this timeline is a bit redundant now given Broly is good in the new movie.

    Hum, I might be tempted. I'll take Android 17 & 18 from the Super or Main Timeline canon. Though if this is main canon Goku, wouldn't Ultra Instinct make him the clear cut winner to this?
  8. When I say main timeline, we are doing Pre-universe survival arc. And super Saiyan 4 can be accessed by the Saiyans, but only under certain conditions. Besides, with the extra Broly timeline, that is there due to a youtube series made by a youtube named MasakoX, who made a series of Broly turning good at the start of the Buu saga, which is intertwined with his second movie. But anyway, those characters are yours!
  9. Uh, I've set the rp up now, if you guys can post?
  10. Would you mind, uh, responding?
  11. Uh, @Sarah316 you realise that theoretically, 17 and 18 should be in the timespace tournament areas, not the timeline where Raditz turned good? Because that's where Tekka is currently, about to bring the gang from that timeline to the Timespace tournament. Unless I got the completely wrong idea, in which case whoops.
  12. Aw. My apologies. I'll edit.


    Done, sorry again.
  13. So, um, is there some kind of balance system here? Cause the idea of playing say Kid Buu or something sounds fun; getting bodied by Super Saiyan Blue Goku, Vegeta, Raditz etc. does not XD

    Or if I want to win do I just go high tier with my character pick?
  14. Well, our characters are kept to R&R for the moment, so no God-tiers yet. I think the highest tier character it's possible for us to get at the moment is SSJ3 Raditto, but that's only if R&R Goku is taken.
  15. What about Broly? We also have main timeline Goku & Vegeta no?
  16. Z Broly, actually, since Super Broly didn't exist when Masako started "What If Broly Turned Good". And we... do have main timeline Goku and Vegeta... also R&R Goku. Huh.
    Wait, amendment. I did take Super Dragon Ball Heroes Cooler... Depending on what happens, I might just make it a hypothetical Super Cooler who doesn't have Golden form yet.
  17. Yes, yes we do. You can see it on the character list.
  18. ....what makes him different from regular Cooler then?
  19. More experience and being able to stand on par with at least SSJ2? I mean, look at the massive buff in between the Z Legendary Super Saiyan and Super Legendary Super Saiayn forms.
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  20. Fair enough.

    Who is poor Kid Goku though supposed to fight here? I saw him on the roster, realistically anyone should one shot him XD.

    But this does seem interesting. I'll consider what character I want to RP as. Should be fun.
  21. Kid Goku has gained a lot more experience, and is on the same team as Tekka.
  22. But wouldn't a more experienced Kid Goku....just be adult Goku?

    Also what teams do we have already made.
  23. The only team set up before this consists of Tekka, Pinich, Pan, Kid Goku, and EX Gotenks, a fusion of Trunks and Goten that lasts forever and requires Metamo rings. It is also a bit weaker than normal Gotenks.
  24. Well, that answers my question if fused characters are allowed or not I suppose XD.

    Hum, as far as cast goes I have many candidates. Hit or Kefla from Dragon Ball Super (Cause Universe 6 bias). Kid Buu or Uub cause I like that Majin style. An OC just because #unique.

    I don't know what direction to go in. What is a fun, balanced character or too weak/powerful to use.
  25. In theory, Godjacob, maybe you could take an R&R character? We could have Goku, Raditz, Piccolo and Krillin from R&R be a team, but we'd need a fifth member. The kids can be their own team, maybe with an AU Goten and Trunks helping them out. Though if we are going to OCs, bringing Damunga and Lute into this could be interesting...
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  26. Possibly. My main issue is R&R or rather the What If Raditz doesn't give a lot of characters I like (Namely the Universe 6 guys) the....best portrayal. As they become Ranch fodder more or less.

    Who even is left to take as a major player in that universe?

    Also, I may or may not have thought of a team gimmick for myself to use. The Disciples of Goku (Basically an AU Goku with some of his student characters. Caulifla & Kale, Uub) but am unsure of if I want to go through with it or need a fifth member idea.
  27. Oh, not many. Only...
    -Tien Shinhan
    -Master Roshi
    -Future Trunks
    And I could list off a few others. Basically the main cast of R&R is Dragon Ball Z's main cast at the end plus Raditz, Launch and Ranch and minus Buu.
    Fair... but that hasn't happened yet.
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  28. Okay how does this hypothetical team sound. Going a bit....out there with a certain possibility here.

    AU Team Xeno Goku
    -Xeno Goku
    -Neko Majin

    I would have picked Cabba but without Vegeta it wouldn't feel right. Basically a Time Patrol team made up of Goku and "disciples" of his. But I don't know if this AU is even allowed or just the options that OP listed. Just an idea, no confirmation.

    Out of all these options, the only one truly different enough from their canon counterpart for usage here would be Vegeta. Who is an unlikable jerk in this portrayal and Raditz's lesser XD. If I had to pick likely him but I need time to decide who I want here. Thank you for the selection option in any event.
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  29. That team's allowed! Want me to add those characters to the currently taken list?
  30. Aw crap, I wasn't prepared for this XD.

    Are Caulifla & Kale allowed to fuse for this? Or would Kefla have to be entered as a separate character?
  31. They would be allowed to fuse. There is also the Metamo fusion, which is the one that requires the Metamo rings, which they would be able to do.
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  32. Okay then, you can enter them.

    But refer to Caulifla, Kale, Uub and Nejo Majin as "Xeno" versions of the characters. For a few differences I had in mind for them, namely Uub XD
  33. Added them to the list!
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  34. So who are the current teams?
  35. There's Tekka's team, which has Tekka, Pinich, Pan(GT), and EX Gotenks in it. EX Gotenks is the EX fusion of Goten and Kid Trunks, and requires them to wear the Metamo rings while fusing. It lasts forever, unlike most fusions, but is a bit weaker than normal Gotenks. Owned entirely by me.

    Then there's Xeno Goku's team, which has Xeno Goku, Xeno Cauliflia, Xeno Kale, Xeno Uub, and Xeno Nejo Majin. Owned entirely by Godjacob.
    We're also planning two Dragon Ball R&R Teams, one for the adult characters, and one for the kid characters.
  36. Seems like main timeline 17 & 18 have no team to go to XD
  37. I mean we need one extra person for the adult R&R team and we so far we've only got three PERMENANT members of the kid R&R team so far.

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