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Ask to Join Dragon Ball: Fusion Blast!

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Fraseandchico, Jan 21, 2018.

  1. Discussion Thread: https://pokecharms.com/threads/dragon-ball-the-future-of-fusions-disscussions-and-sign-ups.18522/

    (Tekka and Co.)

    "Hm...You found it yet, Pinich?" Asked Tekka to his best friend, they were searching for the last dragon ball.
    "nope..." Pinich Replied
    "Wait! I Think I found it!" Tekka said, he pulled it out, and said "Pinich, Will you do the honers of summoning Shenron?"
    "Sure!" Pinich replied "Come Forth Shenron, and grant my wish!"
    (Insert Shenron Summon sequence here)
    "What is your Wish?"
    "For the Next The Next Timespace tournament to Start!"
    "...Your Wish has been Granted, Farewell!" Shenron Disappeared, and The Dragon balls Blasted away from each other.
    "Good. Now, any second the Rift will appear... AHA!" Tekka Said as the Rift appeared behind Pinich, and Pinich Said
    "Lets Go!" The Two jumped in.

    Neke was training in the mountians, Hoping to get stronger, he had taken part in the world tournament recently, but done poorly, due to the abundance of Super Saiyans there, He Wanted to become one, and was told that he would have to train hard in order to obtain it, Suddenly, A Strange Portal Appeared, a timespace rift, he said
    "what the-? Agh!" He got dragged in.

    (Timespace Rift, 5F)

    Tekka and Pinich landed in the Arena, and Tekka said
    "Right, We're here. Goten and the others should appear soon..."
    "Right. While we wait, You said something Before about getting other Universes and Timelines in the Tournament?"
    "Ah Yes, I'll Get To that later. Ah, Pans Here." A Rift appeared, golden in colour, Tekka roared, and it Opened, Pan Came out! She Said
    "Hya! Oh! Hey Tekka!"
    "Hello Pan." Another one appeared, Blue in colour, Tekka said "Hang on a second, That'll be kid Goku." He roared, and kid Goku said
    "whoa! Hey Tekka! Got any food?"
    "Heh, Hi Goku, Here ya go!" He tossed Some bread to him.
    "Thanks!(Nom Nom Nom)"He quickly ate the bread "Pretty Sure Trunks and Goten are Making there way here."
    "Hi Everyone!" Tekka recognised that Voice, It was Goten, and Trunks. after a while of Talk, they opened portals (Thanks To Bulma)to many of the Universes and Timelines. Tekka said
    "I'll Go through this one, you guys get some help, and go through all the other ones." He stepped through the Portal, To The 2nd Alternate universe 7.

    (Universe 7 alternate 2)
    Tekka Stepped out the portal, and saw that the place seemed very much like his one, but saw, out of the corner of his eye, Goku, And Raditz? And they appeared to be sparring, he Muttered
    "I thought Raditz was a bad guy... Guess some worlds follow different paths." He flew out in the open, In plain sight, he didn't want to interrupt the battle, so he waited for them to notice him.
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  2. Flaring up his aura, SSJB Raditz flew towards Goku, punching towards him. Goku blocked, his arm taking the impact for him. Goku then punched towards Raditz's stomach, but Raditz dodged the blow. The two started punching rapidly, both attacking and countering at a rapid rate. Eventually, the two of them punched each other hard, sending both flying back. Raditz was going to fly at Goku again when Krillin came at him from the side. Raditz dodged the attack, grabbing Krillin by the leg and flinging him towards Goku. Goku stopped Krillin, and the two teamed up for a double Kamehameha. Raditz braced himself for the attack when Piccolo pulled him out of the way of the beam.
    "You're welcome for saving you." Piccolo said as the two stopped to face their sparring partners.
    "Weren't you supposed to deal with Krillin?" Raditz asked.
    "18 interfered."
    "How'd she get past Ranch?!"
    "Dunno. But let's blow these two away!" Piccolo said. Raditz nodded, and the two fired off two powerful attacks - Piccolo launched a low-power Light Grenade while Raditz unleashed a Double Sunday. Krillin flew out of the way while Goku charged at the attacks head-on, getting blasted to the ground.
    "Damn it, Goku! You don't just fly into attacks like that!" Krillin said. Suddenly, 18 flew into Krillin. "Or ME, 18!"
    "The kid's strong, Krillin!" 18 replied, as the two faced the now-three competitors facing them.
    "You bet I am!" Ranch said, flying up with a smirk on her face.
    "Switch partners?"
    "Switch partners."
    Krillin charged at Ranch while 18 flew at Piccolo, the quartet battling each other. Raditz sighed on the sidelines... until Goku hit him in the back of the head, that was. Raditz then turned around to face Goku.
    "Dirty move, brother!" Raditz said with a smile, before the two entered a Kamehameha beam struggle.
  3. Tekka Watched the ongoing battle with interest, he noted how strong each fighter seemed to be compared to the versions he knew, he kept an eye on Goku and Raditz in particular, while saying
    "This Goku seems just as strong- If not stronger than The version from my world... Knew I Made the right choice." He saw an stray Ki blast going at him, and he deflected it into a nearby mountain, hoping it wouldn't make much noise.

    (Timespace Rift, 1f, just outside Capsule Cooperation.)

    Neke Woke up, his head sore, he got up, while saying
    "What Happened!? WHERE AM I!?" he looked around, and saw that he was on a floating Island surrounded by smaller Islands. he flew upwards to get a better view, he said "well, this is a nice view." he kept looking around.
  4. “Man..talk about a workout.” Rosetta said to herself as she exited the mall. “Who knew earth boys could be so annoying? At least I was able to get some free things from those fools.” She checked to see that nobody was watching, and she leapt into the air.she immediately began to dash home, almost invisible to the human eye. Upon arrival at her fathers house, however, all that stood was a large, purple rift. “What is this exactly?” Rosetta pondered, daring to take a step closer. Before she could pursue further action, she was sucked into the gaping object, and seemingly fell unconscious.

    “Talk about a helluva dream...” The Saiyan muttered to herself, rubbing her eyes. “Hold on, this isn’t my room... just where am-“ she stopped herself mid sentence, only to see a purple haired boy, not much older than she was, staring back at her. “Are you okay? You’re lucky I found you in time. Those Cell Juniors can be dangerous..” the boy said. “Cell Jr?” Rosetta thought to herself, “I thought my father defeated that guy years ago...” Rosetta returned to the sword wielding teen, and stood out of the bed she was in. The room was a mess, almost as if she was in some dystopian future movie like she’d seen on TV. “Who are you?” Rosetta asked her supposed savior. “You can call me Trunks. And that over there is my mother Bulma.” Rosetta turned to see a middle aged woman furiously typing away at a large computer. “Well, Trunks, it was a pleasure meeting you and all, but I have to get going...I can’t be late for din-“ she stopped once again as she looked outside, where she was greeted by multiple rocky islands, all floating in the sky. To her east she saw a large, square arena as well as a tiny house in its own island. “Just where the hell...am I?” Rosetta froze, looking at the landscape in front of her.
  5. Tekka Heard the noise from the blast hitting the Mountain, He looked over to see the damage, he was shocked to see no sign of a mountain left! He said
    "Woah!" He Looked where the stray blast came from, and it was A Young Girl who was battling Krillin. he smirked, he knew that, if this wasn't even Goku's Power(He hoped that), This could be the Most fun of his tournaments. He didn't realise he had shouted the Woah. then he Realised it, and said "Oops." then he Decided to prepare in case he had to battle, he stared at each of them, waiting. he had a Ki blast charging in his hands, Well, his two hands, This was a Kamehameha, He knew they could Attack at any second, as he Had trained with SSGSS Goku before, So he Knew to keep his attack charged Now, instead of during the fight.
    Neke, who was bored, started to fly around, He saw and Arena, and headed there, but was stopped by some kind of invisible force, he said
    "What is this? why am I suddenly a Mime Now?" he started rubbing the barrier, trying to find a weak spot, and failed, he flew away, muttering
    "Gotta find a way through somehow...Imma head in there." he headed to the capsule coporation building.
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