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Private/Closed Dragon Ball Final Gambit (Dragon Ball RP)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by SS-I Never, Apr 29, 2019.

  1. @Mystic Zander @Captain Cardboard @Grand Master Koop @kyuukestu @Godjacob

    500 years into the future of the Dragon Ball timeline.
    All of the Z-fighters have passed away, unfortunately, but they have left remnants of their battles across the entire universe and more. Though, they did their job well, as there hasn’t been any entity threatening to destroy a planet or universe since their passing. Each warrior is remembered for the valiant efforts they have made to protect countless lives.
    Universe 6 and 7, and other pair universes, have decided to make inter-universal travel possible so the two parallel universes could co-exist.
    Earth has become a hotspot for the universe, as it is the home of the Z-fighters, and not to mention the delicacies on Earth are to die for. Races from other planets have decided to make Earth their new home.
    On Earth, some humans have a hint of Saiyan blood in them, making them naturally exceptional fighters. There are even some full-blooded Saiyans inhabiting the Earth, but they’re from Universe 6.
    The days on Earth have been quite peaceful, until one day...


    In Capsule Corp,
    Lin seemed to be working on a new project in her office, when she suddenly received a call. “Ms. Briefs, the lieutenant would like to have a word with you,” said Lin’s assistant. “Tell him I’ll be right there,” Lin responded.

    Lin stopped working on her newest project, and headed downstairs in her lab coat. Once downstairs, she locked eyes with a tall, blonde man with sky blue eyes.

    “Ah, Ms. Briefs,” the man said as he went up to Lin, and kissed her hand. “Lieutenant,” Lin responded, “I suppose you came here to receive the new suits.”

    “Yes, I did,” the Lieutenant said, “Though, you seem a bit lonely.~ How about I provide you some company?” Lin sighed, and responded, “ I’m busy, Lieutenant. Take the suits and leave me back to my work.”

    The lieutenant smirked, and said, “Fine. I’ll leave you alone. But if you ever need anyone, I’m free whenever you are.” And with that, the lieutenant left Capsule Corp.

    Lin sighed in relief as the lieutenant left. Honestly, he never knows when to give up. Hasn’t he learned by now that I’m not interested? Lin would then return to her work.

    Unbenounced to Lin, a spaceship was heading right outside of Capsule Corp. The spaceship would land, and a tall being would exit from it. He looked exactly like...Perfect Cell! Though there was something different about him. He had red skin instead of green.

    The being would then survey the city he currently found himself in. “So, this is Earth?” the being asked himself. “Not exactly the most pretty planet out there, but this place should provide warriors strong enough for me to face.” Mitochon was the name of this being, and he would then head into the city.

    Once in the city, most of the pedestrians would give weird glances at the biological android. I guess they have never met anyone with my kind of power before, so that’s why they’re all staring at me. Not to mention, my jawline is on point! Mitochon would just smirk as he walked down the streets of the city.
  2. JPSomeone

    JPSomeone Previously Kyle From Hoenn

    Yamcha put on his vest and got ready to go to 1 of his many classes. Nothing like a good old class to start off the day! As he walked off to his first class he heard from a distance away a spaceship land.

    Getting closer to a window to get a better look he saw a red looking... CELL?! Slowly he backed up against a window cowering in fear. Knowing his fighting days were long past him and the Earth hasn't faced someone so strong in a while, he went for his phone to call the police.

    AHHHHHHH! CELLLLLLLL! Wait... maybe I'm over reacting, I should probably try and get a read on his power level. Yeah... that sounds smart and reasonable.

    Yamcha got up and went somewhere to read the beings power level before really panicking.
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  3. Anne walked out of the store just in time to see a creature she had never seen before walk past. The girl was used to seeing nonhumans (the city had a healthy population, after all), but she had never seen one like Mitochon before. It looked reptilian, but Annie hadn't seen an anthropomorphic animal like him before.
    "Oh, jeez..." One of Anne's friends said, noticing Mitochon as well. "Who's that? I mean, what's that?"
    "I dunno." Anne said, watching the alien.
    "Do you think we should... like, call the police or something?"
    "For what? It's not a crime to look strange. Maybe it's a costume for a movie or something." Anne said with shrug.
    "You think so? Episode 12 of Space Battles is supposed to be coming out soon! Maybe he's in that or something!" Anne's friend exclaimed, her eyes sparkling. "Do you think he could give us an autograph?"
    "There's only one way to know. You got to go ask him." Anne said.
    "But what if that's actually, like, not a costume?" Anne's friend asked nervously. Anne finally let out a sigh and rolled her eyes.
    "Fine. I'll go ask him." Anne said, and started to walk after Mitochon.
  4. "B-but Captain! I have proven my valor on more than one occasion I have earned the right to seek this opportunity given to those excep..."

    "That is not our place, nor is it mine to give yours. Not yet."

    Within a small station within Universe 6, a young self-professed "Saiyan Elite" Celeron had been in an argument with a female officer who and Saiyan in charge of this small division. A air skinned woman with short black hair named Captain Parslee, who at the moment had listened in to one of what she swore had been daily sessions where Celeron whined about his lack of opportunity to travel the dimensional gate to Universe 7 to partake in inter-dimensional patrol for the Sadala Defense Forces.

    An honor Celeron felt had been fitting a Saiyan Warrior of his standards. But it had not been a shared opinion, far from it.

    "I understand your zeal, I truly do but even with your record it is still not up to standard of those exceptional ones who venture beyond the gates nor it is our place. We have a job to do here, and speaking of job here is your new assignment." Parslee replied as the Saiyan Captain handed a disgruntled Celeron a file as he sighed and took it.

    These guys don't know what the hell they are doing, I deserve the right to prove myself as a true Saiyan Elite, these assignments are a waste of time!

    Celeron groaned a bit as he read over his assignment. Taking out some bandits on a lone moon that have caused some trouble. Celeron was frustrated, how was this stuff supposed to help live up to whatever "standard" Parslee desired of him for the real missions? Celeron sighed in defeat as he moved by his pod, resigned to his fate....till a light bulb went off.

    This moon is right by one of the gates, and if a criminal bandit just so happened to "escape" into it in a report, well, I'd be obligated to go and bring him back before he caused any harm. Oh Celeron you are a genius!

    With renewed passion Celeron got a scouter and some supplies before he entered his pod and ventured through the deep stars to his destination. Universe 7 here he comes!
  5. "Hey Z, dont forget your duffel." Spoke an older man with a shaven head, adorned in dusty brown fighting garments, while tossing a large brown duffel bag over the edge of the pristine white boxing ring he stood in. Said duffel was promptly caught and flung over its owners shoulder. The owner being none other than Zander, the boxing gyms number one prodigy, and the son of Al, the smug old man standing in the ring.

    "Thanks, Dad." He said plainly, giving his father and teacher, a quick nod before exiting the double glass doors at the front of the building. Upon entering the street, it became very apparent that Zander lived in a less than stellar West City neighborhood. The streets were old and worn, and the ditches on either side of the road was littered with the occasional pile of garbage. Every building in this area was very out of date, and very dilapidated, Al's gym included.
    Its funny, most wouldnt assume the dusty square building on the corner of West City's slums, would contain a place that teaches you to learn to bring out your inner strength and hone it to the highest degree. Zander didnt dislike it though, because it kept the gym from getting to crowded. If it were located in a nicer part of the city, there wouldve been kids swarming the place, looking for the man who can teach them to fight like warriors of the past. It was better this way.


    Upon making his daily rounds at the local breakfast shop, Zander caught wind of a robbery going down live in West City on the shops television.
    "Thats only three blocks from here..." After internally reaching this realization, the burgundy haired young man heard police sirens blaring past the breakfast shop.
    "I could probably help out...." He finally decided, dropping his duffel bag before running to the shops exit, only to be stopped by the voice of the shop's owner, Mr. Kito.

    "You best stay out of there way, Zander. You know your old man wouldnt approve." The owner spoke in a nonchalant voice, signifying he was clearly familiar with the young man.

    "Aw cmon Mr. Kito. Its going down just a few blocks away, and the police forces stability has been rocky with all the Cyber Suit thefts going down recently, so they may really need my help." Zander pleaded, hoping his persuasive words would keep Mr. Kito from ratting him out.

    The shop owner let out a long-winded sigh, realizing Zander's heart was set on helping whoever he could, however he could. Reminded him of the old days, long before even his time. He couldnt say no to this kid, he was just to damn charismatic.
    "Yeah go for it. Just be careful." He finally responded, giving Zander a wink as he began wiping down tables.

    "Thanks Mr. Kito!" Zander replied in a flash, sprinting out of the shop without another moment of hesitation.

    "Just dont blame me if you get a leg shot off!" Mr. Kito yelled from over the counter one more time, only to realize that Zander wouldve been to far away to hear his last remark.
    "Hehe.....that kid."
  6. Anyox, 500km Southwest of West City

    Nipahem knew his people's history. He knew where he had come from, where Anyox had come from. His "son", however, remained a mystery to him.

    He was a Namekian, Nipahim knew that much. But he had just found his egg alone in the woods seventeen years ago, taking the child in. He had yet to learn of the true father, nor any Namekian raising customs. So he had just named the boy Mandolin and taken him in.

    Mandolin survived off of water, came from the forest and loved to explore. Maybe that was why he felt connected enough to make a garden for himself. As Nipahim walked into the wide expanse of exotic plants, his eyes moved to the distant beansprout and the man sitting cross-legged in front of it.

    "<Any luck?>*"

    "<I might have one, father.>"

    Nipahim walked up, sitting beside the Namekian. The two looked over the beanstalk. At its ends were several beans hanging off. Most were incomplete and empty, broken and split.

    In the one place Mandolin was staring, however, a single Senzu Bean was solidified in form.

    Nipahim watched on in wonder as the stalk holding up the bean began to sag. A few seconds later, the bean popped off. Mandolin shot out a hand, grabbing the bean. As he did, he looked it over in wonder. A few seconds later, a smile spread across his face.

    "<Our first Senzu Bean, father.>"

    (*Writer's Note: Text bordered in < and > implies the characters are speaking Ojibwe, at least in the case of Nipahem and Mandolin)

    Planet Appelle, 546 Lightyears From Earth

    "Mr. Buu is the coolest!"

    A certain childlike non-combatant Majin, Cherubi, flew across the surface of Appelle, the best place to find Majin across the universe. Held in her arms was a large book - in reality, a graphic novel - called "The Adventures of Super Buu The Magnificent". Specifically, Volume 15. She had done enough odd jobs to get the latest volume, and she was loving it.

    As Cherubi landed down inside of the cave she called home, she looked around. "Still no one here... I wish someone would come around." she pouted. "So long as they're not like that Lemong. I hate him. ...talking to myself again."

    Cherubi plopped herself down in a chair, opening the volume. The other fourteen volumes were stacked next to her. Only a few pages in, and her mind was wondering.

    What if I was down there? Meeting with Mr. Satan? Helping a blind boy get his eyesight back? Facing off against warriors unheard of and my own evil self???

    ...who am I kidding? I couldn't hurt a fly...

    As Cherubi huffed, her mind moved down a similar train of thought. Wait... I don't need to fight! NO ONE fights anymore! I could just go down there, eat some food, see the sights... maybe even make a few friends...

    After finishing the volume and safely storing it in her vault of the collections, Cherubi made a decision. Majin didn't need to breathe, so she'd be just fine in space. And she could already fly at high speeds.

    So why not take a trip to Earth?

    Cherubi blasted off in the sky, headed for the planet.
  7. In space a few hundred miles from earth, flew a lone Saiyan pod. Inside the pod slept a young girl wearing a pair of sunglasses. Where this pod had come from or how long it had been flying, these facts were unclear. What was certain was that the pod was headed in the direction of Earth and would soon arrive after its journey through space.

    After a few more minutes of flying, the pod entered the Earth’s atmosphere and began its decent on the planet. Landing in a forest near west city, the pod opened up its door as the girl inside slowly woke up with a yawn. “Ah, so this is Earth.” She said to herself as he rubbed her eyes and exited the pod. “I can’t wait to explore this planet. This place looks great.” She said to herself before flying off in the direction of west city.
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  8. Standing on her hind legs, Chicola (in mouse form) surveyed West City. Tiny as she might've been, she looked down upon the sprawling metropolis, a hint of something fierce in her eyes. She was currently squatting on residing within one of West City's most impressive high-rise towers —her lofty lair a wad of leaves and industrial stuffing she used to clog the building's ventilation system (quite cozy if you asked her). The building's roof also provided her the view she was now experiencing.

    She'd been living like that for the past three months; ever since graduating from the school of shapeshifting. Though her life was one of free-lancing, stealing whatever she could for food, she had not been idle. Within the past few months, she familiarized herself with every nook and cranny of the city, setting up connections and hideouts in preparation for her big plan.

    Today would finally be The Day! She gazed in the direction of the distant West City Zoo, teeth chittering up a storm. 'Soon my kindred...soon you will be free!'

    Suddenly —she moved. She was quick; being but a blurb of movement as she clambered down the building's walls, claws allowed her to travel vertically. With a light leap, she occupied the crown of a nearby light-post. Unimpeded, she rushed across powerlines, traversing the city's electrical highway nimbly.

    Her path soon carried her skittering above the walking-attraction, Mitochon. She paused for a moment, unable to tell if the thing was a new species of big-one (Kais above they kept multiplying!) or just an extremely deformed little one (A bug that had a bit too much radioactive waste for Sunday brunch, maybe?)
  9. Mitochon kept walking around the city, to see if there was any kind of fighter who could challenge him, but the people around him kept giving him weird looks.

    What? Have they never seen anyone as perfect as me before? Is this how Earthlings react all the time when someone new arrive on their planet? Unbelievable.

    Though, Mitochon wasn’t getting any results from just walking around, so he asked a pedestrian walking down the street, “Excuse me, but do you know if there’s anyone on this planet strong enough to face me?” The pedestrian just stood there quivering, and nodded his head from side to side, indicating the pedestrian had no idea. Mitochon sighed and said, “Figures.”

    Mitochon continued to walk down the street, and asked pedestrians for any strong fighters, which they all gave a similar response to him.

    Agh! Is there no warrior who can face me on this dump! I spent all this time arriving here, yet I have not seen a single being with a high power level!

    Mitochon was just about to call it quits, when a girl would start walking towards him. Though, she was different. Unlike the other people walking down the street, Mitochon couldn’t feel any hint of ki from her. Not to mention, she was the only one approaching him instead of freaking out. Mitochon was then extremely curious.


    Back in Capsule Corp, Lin was still working on her newest project, when she suddenly saw on her television a bank heist. That wouldn’t have been a big issue, if it weren’t for the fact that her Cyber Suit’s were apparently malfunctioning and the police could do nothing about the situation.

    Who the hell has the tech to override my suits!? That’s it! I’m going to get on the bottom of this!

    Lin then took off her labcoat, which showed her tank top and baggy pants. She then grabbed one of her vehicles, and headed towards the area of the robbery.
  10. As Anne approached Mitochon, it was becoming increasingly obvious that whatever he was, he was most definitely not a guy in some sort of costume. The girl looked back to her friend wide-eyed and shook her head.
    "Not a costume, repeat, not a costume." Anne muttered to her friend. Anne's friend decided to take that cue to turn around and quickly start walking the other way, but Anne was kinda curious. Anne had overheard the creature saying something about 'anyone on this planet strong enough'. Well, Anne supposed there was only one way to get some answers. She continued to make her way towards Mitochon, and stopped in front of the Bio-Android.

    "Uh... So, are you an alien or something?" Anne asked. "I mean... you're not from Earth, are you? Are you looking for something?"
  11. "WE WANT TWO HELICOPTERS, EACH WITH ONE PILOT, AND SEVEN PARACHUTES, TO BE LANDED ON TOP OF THE BANK! WE WILL NOT BE FOLLOWED UPON LEAVING THE BANK! UNDERSTOOD?" Ordered the apparent leader of the bank robbers via megaphone from the front doors of the irate establishment.
    He was big and well muscled, and his face was hidden under a tight cloth mask, only allowing his chin stubble and dark brown eyes to be seen. Every member of his crew were dressed alike, but none as fierce looking as he.
    In his free hand, he held a sawed off shotgun as if it were a small handgun in his massive meat-hooks, with a hysterical girl frozen in fear at the end of the barrel.

    "Sounds like a rather basic escape plan. But there's only ten men, so why would he ask for seven parachutes each?" Questioned one of the low ranking officers taking cover behind his police cruiser.
    "Well its obvious, there gonna make the pilots jump as well so we don't tamper with the chutes." Replied his partner with a 'I told you so' expression.

    "Your both idiots," Cut in the voice of a tall, lean cut women, adorned in a shiny white Cyber Suit, "They asked for seven chutes each. You've only accounted for twelve. Meaning they plan to take an extra hostage in each chopper..." The teched out women continued analyzing the situation, not paying her comrades much attention.

    "Chief. Why would they take two hostages each?" Questioned the first officer.

    "Simple, we send in a pilot, its one of our men, willing to take the risk for these civilians safety. But if you take a pilot and a hostage, you've got a great bargaining chip for later. Plus, why would they trust one of our men? He could be chipped or tipped or who knows what in there eyes." The newly revealed chief of police retorted in a rather board tone. Showing great knowledge and experience on the matter.

    "That's all I needed to hear." An eavesdropping Zander concluded before dipping to the left of the crowd gathered around the bank, into a less populated area.
    "Okay, make it quick, make it clean, make it stealthy..." The young warrior spoke this mantra as he let his energy elevate slightly, unclasping the heavy gauntlets around his hands before letting them fall to the floor, where they made a satisfying thump as they cracked the earth where he stood.
    Exhaling slowly, the young warrior reared his arm back, concentrating some Ki into his fist, before letting loose an incredibly fast punch.

    The next few events took place almost simultaneously~

    Zander's punch caused a powerful vacuum of air to be sent hurdling towards the leader of the robbers. At the very same moment, he himself dashed off at top speed, past his own attack, and right around the robber, into the bank.
    His image was a blur as he moved throughout the center of the bank, striking each robber on the back of the neck with precision accuracy.
    As his rigid hand connected with the last robbers neck, the leader of the ill-intentioned group was sent careening backwards through the bank by the force of Zander's vacuum punch.
    "And that makes ten." Zander mumbled to himself with a sly grin, spinning on his heel while holding his hand facing outwards. Almost on cue, the robber was brought to an abrupt stop as his back met Zander's open hand.
    But the spikey haired young man didn't take a beat to celebrate his victory, he couldn't afford getting recognized. He sprinted out the back exit of the bank and veered around, snatching up his heavy gauntlets as he did so.

    As Zander's blur sped by the crowd, the Chief of police keep her visors pointed at the unexpected helper.
    "Who the hell is that guy?" She mumbled to herself in a slightly begrudging manner, annoyed by the thought of being shown up by some bystander.


    Upon reentering the breakfast shop where Zander had previously left his belongings, he was stopped by an awestruck Mr. Kito.

    "Zan, on the news. Was that you?" He questioned with amazement in his voice.

    "Heheh, yeah. Looks like they still caught me, huh?" He responded with a warm smile, slinging his duffel bag back over his shoulder.

    "Yeah-heh-ha. They caught a white blur shooting past the screen," Mr. Kito spoke with a low laugh, leaning against the counter as he continued, "You move like your old man. Very impressive." He finished, arching his bushy eyebrows at the young man before him.

    Thanks Mr. Kito. But I'm still nowhere near as fast as Dad. I'll get there though! You have a nice day!" The young man responded while adjusting his gauntlets, making his way towards the exit once again.

    "Yeah...you to, Zan."
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  12. The girl was interested in Mitochon as much as he was in her, so Mitochon answered her questions, “I guess you could say I am. I am from a different planet, after all. And, I’ve been looking for a good fight! But, no one here seems to be giving me the challenge I desire. They must just be awestruck by my power and beauty!” Mitochon then stroke a pose very flamboyantly.

    “Though, you don’t seem any powerful yourself,” Mitochon retorted, “So you may not even be able to help me with my goal.”


    When Lin arrived, it seemed that the bank heist had already been dealt with. Though, that’s not the reason she came in the first place, even though she probably could’ve handled the situation as well.

    No, Lin was searching for any kind of tech that those robbers could’ve used to be able to override her Cyber Suits. While snooping around, Lin’s eyes caught a strange mechanism left outside of the bank, a small, metallic plate. The plate seemed to have some kind of scratched up logo that Lin wasn’t able to figure out, so she put it in her pocket and was going to look at it later.

    Currently, Lin had another situation she wanted to solve. Much to Zander’s dismay, Lin saw him “save the day.” She needed to learn more about him as a regular person shouldn’t even be able to do what he did. Luckily, since she has trained under harsh conditions, she was able to see Zander instead of a blur and was able to pinpoint his direction. Lin would then follow suit.

    Lin would follow Zander, until she appeared in front of a quaint breakfast shop. She would wait for Zander to get out before she confronted him.

    “Hey, you!” Lin exclaimed as Zander exited the store, “I’d like to have a word with you.”
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  13. When Mitochon said Anne wasn't powerful, the girl just shrugged. It wasn't like she's spent her life learning fighting techniques or anything, so she got that.
    "Well... people have never seen anyone like you around here before, that's for sure." Anne said, a little amused by the alien's posing. "If you're looking for a good fight, you'd probably better off checking out fighting dojos or getting into MMA. Or something."
    Anne kinda let out a little laugh when she realized how little she knew about the subject, sheepishly scratching her head.
    "I guess you're right, I don't think I'll be that much of a help to you." Anne said. "I know that every once in a while there's some sort of a fighting tournament that goes on. But I don't think that there's another one of those for while. There use to be some pretty strong people in those tournaments a while ago. I mean, these guys could fly and turn invisible and shoot energy beams from their hands! And that's not really the norm for people from earth."
  14. As the big red one started talking to the big yellow (hair), red (shirt), and blue (jeans) one, Chicola decided to take her leave. She scampered off along power lines and buildings, picking up speed until she was a blur. Her size, speed, and the color of her fur rendered her near invisible in the daylight. Anyone looking up at her below would need to pick out her fuzzy white body against the white clouds and harsh sunlight —a difficult task by itself— but when adding on her speed the difficulty skyrocketed.

    Of course, the opposite was also true. Looking down on her from above, she would be a very visible target against the dark asphalt.

    Nevertheless, most things in this city didn't fly, and thus would not be looking at her from above. Nearly unseen, she made her way over towards the West City Zoo. Her plan was simple, free all the animals and then escape with all the rodents in the confusion. She'd spent a bit of time setting up connections with the city's sewer rats and had already secured their assistance.

    The escape would be smooth...if everything went according to plan.
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  15. On the scattered remains of a settlement on the distant moon, a pile of unconscious bodies had been laid out as Celeron had completed his job just as designed. The gang had been disposed off rather efficiently, though when he went to radio his report he would shift his little plan into high gear after he had longingly starred into the vast gate that drifted far but oh so close away from him on the lunar surface.

    "Reporting in, the group has been nearly bested and bound ready for transport but I am afraid that we have an issue. There was another member among the party, the most dangerous one who gave me a run for my money before he ventured beyond the gate. I will chase after him and bring him back before he does any damage to our sister universe." Celeron explained before he quickly heard word back from his captain.

    "What, no hold back. It's a lot to take in and we should report word to HQ before we made any..."

    "What? Sorry having some communication issues. I'll bring him back don't you worry can't delay. Celeron out."

    "Don't you dare hang that...!"

    Celeron shut off his headset as he moved back to his pod and set the coordinates as he lifted off the ground. Soon enough, he flew to the floating gate as he gazed into the vast portal while he transmitted the signal codes to those stationed there for an access pass. How did Celeron get said codes?

    Well a few listened in conversations over hacked radio signals and a lot of patience.

    Irregardless, the portal was there, and there had been no turning back as Celeron shot forward and moved through the portal to the Universe beyond his own. Soon enough, the colorful vortex gave way to the open stars as he scanned ahead to see what world he was in orbit of...and saw it was the Universe 7 equivalent of Earth.

    Well, least it is somewhat familiar territory! Now let's go pay a visit!

    With eagerness unmatched, Celeron shot towards the planet at high speeds as he descended through the stars and the sky as he closed in on the nearest city. West City to be specific, as he gradually descended to the outskirts just outside the city limits as his pod landed gracefully. Sure enough, Celeron would emerge out of the pod as he had the controller tucked away and quickly fashioned his scouter and switched it on.

    Curiously, there were a few significant power levels within this city alone that stood out among the populace,which had been every bit curious as it was exciting.

    "Well, seems I happened to pick the right place. Guess I can introduce Sadala's best towards the locals here." Celeron replied with only a touch of cockiness as he floated up before he shot towards the city at high speeds.
  16. A cloaked figure walked through the city zoo as the figure's attempts to not draw too much attention to herself had worked; though her outfit may have complicated such a goal as it appeared the people of Earth had grown accustomed to the presence of beings from other worlds.

    Just a glance or two and then look away. So long as nobody lingers on I should be fine. But what now? I made it to Earth and then what? Damn it Frigit why didn't you think this through!

    If Frigit had been made aware of the presence of the fuzzy yet mischievous entity that hung over the zoo she made no visual cues as such as she walked over by what was a lion exhibit as she seemed to have made it just in time for the pride to be fed their lunch which was a fascinating sight to experience for the unexpected tourist.

    Well, least I can take the moment to appreciate the local wildlife here. They really are beautiful creatures...

    Frigit would hang on the railing outside the lion exhibit as she watched with an ever curious gaze oblivious to what sinister plans had been in store for the zoo and its animals by the hidden onlooker.
  17. Far above Earths surface, just touching the stars, a small armored watch team resided on a hovering station, monitoring each action taking place in and around Earth.
    "Sir! Unauthorized spacecraft breaching the atmosphere!" Spoke a young man adorned in a suit similar to that of the chief of police, only deep crimson in color. The unauthorized spacecraft this suited up soldier happened to be referring to, was none other than Celaron's pod.

    "Should we blast it out of the sky?" Questioned another soldier in a brash tone.

    "No," Interrupted the leader of the pack and Captain of Earth's Alliance of Defense. Commander Grey, "Its a lone craft, and its giving off no lethal readings...." The black suited commander stopped and pondered for a moment, before sliding his visor down over his eyes.

    "We intercept."


    As Celaron approached the city, his path was cut off by a stray beam of concentrated yellow energy flying right past his face.

    "Freeze! You have breached this planets atmosphere without authorization! State your name and purpose, or we will be forced to open fire!" Order Commander Grey, who floated in the air in front of his ten man team. His arm cannon was raised with small wisps of steam trailing from the barrel due to the blast he so proudly produced.
    His nine other men would follow suit, charging there blasters whilst encircling the foreign visitor.


    Upon exiting his favorite breakfast diner, Zander was unexpectedly stopped by a women he couldn't help but peg as vaguely familiar.

    "I'd like to have a word with you!" The women shouted while closing the gap between he and she with great haste.

    "Uh, yeah. Can I help you, Ma'am?" He replied in a rather carefree tone, keeping any and all suspension undetected.

    "Power. She's hiding power. I thought I felt someone's energy flare up behind me. Better see what she knows."
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  18. “Well, that’s the norm for the people on my planet,” Mitochon responded. Mitochon would then point his finger at the floor, and immediately a red laser came out of his finger and carved an “M” on the pavement. Mitochon would then jump into the air, and began to float.

    Many pedestrians freaked out a bit, but wouldn’t say a word and they would just walk away.

    Mitochon then said, “So, no one in this planet is capable of doing what I can do? Then why did I come here!? I heard that this planet raised some of Universe 7’s strongest warriors, yet not a single being here is capable of fighting on par with me!” Mitochon sighed and then laid down on the floor.

    “Now what am I going to do?” Mitochon said out loud to himself, “I didn’t reserve enough gas on my spaceship to go back home since I thought I would stay on Earth and finally face someone who would offer me a challenge. This blows!” Mitochon sighed once more, and smacked his head on the ground, which caused the pavement to crack.


    “Don’t call me ma’am! I’m only 17, thank you very much!” Lin told the young man, “I know what you did back there, and I want to know how you did it!”

    Lin didn’t think there was anybody on Earth who could take on thugs other than herself and those who wear her Cyber Suits. For this guy to be able to do the work a police officer with a Cyber Suit couldn’t do, he must be inhuman.
  19. When Mitochon started showing off his powers, Anne couldn't help but to be a little nervous. He was shooting lasers and floating for Pete's sake! But it was when Mitochob cracked the concrete when Anne jumped back. Holy cow...! He was strong! As nervous as the alien made her, part of Anne was bursting with questions. How did he do that? Was it some sort of alien biology thing? Then again, it looked kinda similar to what those fighters in those old tapes would do. But Anne decided to hold off on the questions for now. The alien looked legitimately saddened. With an annoyed huff, Anne squatted down next to Mitochon.

    "Hey now. Just because I said it wasn't the norm, doesn't mean no one knows how to do that stuff. There's a lot of people on this planet! At least some of them must have figured out how to do that stuff and be super strong. Maybe even some people in this city." Anne said. "Look, I know this city and this planet. Maybe I can help you find some strong people to fight."
    With that, Anne stuck out a hand to Mitochon.
    "I'm Anne. What's your name?"
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  20. Mitochon jumped up like an excited puppy when Anne said she would help him find someone strong to fight. “Really!? You would really do that for me!?” Mitochon exclaimed. Mitochon was really excited. Maybe there is hope, after all!

    Mitochon then shook Anne’s hand with both of his, and said, “My name’s Mitochon! It’s a pleasure for you to have met me!” Though, what Mitochon didn’t realize when shaking her hand, is that he picked her up from off the ground like she was nothing.
  21. JPSomeone

    JPSomeone Previously Kyle From Hoenn

    Yamcha came out of the school building he was in to approach the alien/Cell who seemed to be acting passive aggressive. Slowly as he got he realized he was with a girl and the two seemed be getting along just fine. Just to make sure he had no reason to worry he went to check power level but he realized to things: I can't remember how to sense someone's power and I don't have a scouter. With that he just went with prior knowledge until an actual aggressive action has been made.

    "Hey, you know Goku, Krillin, Vegeta, Gohan, Piccolo, Frieza, Yamcha, ect... Have all died, right," He asked ,"But if you want to fight with someone, most people on this plane- I mean most people in this world have been gifted with some DNA of those fighters so it might not be hard to find someone strong." He said as he stumbled on some words on purpose trying to seem scared.

    Maybe if I tag along with these 2 I could live my old glory days... But it's also dangerous so I might not stay to close if they allow me to. NO! MIND STAY FOCUSED! I need to get to the reason of why this 'thing' is here.
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  22. Anne smiled when Mitochon cheered up. He didn't seem like that bad of a guy, and at least now Anne had a name to match to the alien.
    "Well, nice to- WHOA!" Anne yelped in surprise when Mitochon's excited handshake lifted the girl off the ground. Not expecting such strength, Anne was completely helpless when the downwards motion of the handshake slammed her down. She wasn't able to get her legs under her, and hit the sidewalk on her side hard enough enough to crack it. The girl, however, did not notice.
    "That's some strength you got there." Anne said with a bit of a grin, slowly standing up.

    Yamcha approached, and Anne turned her attention to the teen with surprise. She hadn't seen him before, so it was a little unusual in Anne's mind for him to be talking to them. Then again, it sounded like the teen had been eavesdropping on them. Not that Anne minded. It sounded like he wanted to help.
    "Well, DNA can only take you so far. I mean, my dad's a super smart scientist, but I'm pretty average in intelligence. At least, I think I am." Anne said in response to Yamcha. "I'm sorry, uh, who are you?"

    Anne started to brush herself off, and looked down to notice the large crack under her.
    "What the heck...?" Anne muttered, looking at the damage in confusion.
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  23. Mitochon looked at the boy that had just appeared, oblivious to the fact that the boy was eavesdropping, and said, “Well, of course I know that! They’ve been dead for a long time. But, it was Earth that raised them. I thought that the people of this planet would be just as powerful as them! But I haven’t had any luck so far. Everybody just looks at me weirdly, and try to ignore me. I mean, I know I’m so handsome, but people shouldn’t feel the need to be anxious when seeing someone as good looking as me.”

    Mitochon then noticed the crack left on the pavement, and was amazed. “Wow! You humans sure are durable,” Mitochon said, “Maybe you have the potential to get stronger!” This got Mitochon excited. The fact that the first human to talk to him could be strong made Mitochon want to travel with Anne even more.
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  24. Anne continued looking at the cracked pavement, still trying to figure out how that had happened. From what Mtochon wwas saying, it sounded like Anne had caused it... But that's impossible! If she had hit the ground hard enough to crack the concrete, she would have at the very least broken a few bones. But then, if she hadn't caused it, then what did.
    "Uh, hold on Mitochon. Humans aren't usually stro-... I mean, durable enough to do that." Anne said. She looked visibly confused and startled, and looked up at Mitochon and Yamcha. "Did... Did I cause that crack?"
  25. “What are you talking about, Anne?” Mitochon said, “Of course you did! Sure, I may be extremely powerful, but I wasn’t aiming to destroy anything.”

    Mitochon was a bit confused. Does Anne not realize her own strength? Not to mention, Mitochon couldn’t sense any ki from Anne whatsoever, so it’s kinda impossible that she could be strong. Maybe, Anne was so powerful that she couldn’t even realize it herself and her ki was just so immense that Mitochon couldn’t even feel it. This made Mitochon even more excited!

    If Anne can figure out how to fight, maybe she can be my true rival!
  26. "Wise guy, eh? Alright men, open fire!" Ordered Commander Grey, causing he and his men to charge there blasters in unison. Celaron wouldnt have another moment of life to contemplate his actions. For he was caught in the epicenter of a ten beam collision with no means of escape.
    The young Saiyan's scream wouldnt even be heard as his body was instantly vaporized into dust and particulates that slowly drifted away through the gentle breeze.

    "Yeeeah, serves you right, space freak." Commander Grey spat, before gesturing for his men to fall back now that the deed was done.
    Poor Celaron....perhaps he shouldve listened to his superior. Then maybe his journey wouldnt have ended so abruptly....

    Nah just kidding. Here's whats happening.

    "I repeat, state your name and purpose! We will not ask you again!" Commander Grey ordered sternly, revving up his arm cannon to draw the foreigners attention.

    "You saw me, eh? Heheh." A small smile crept onto Zander's face as he spoke, finding the aspect of another potential fighter quite exciting.
    "Well, I hate to inform you that im aware you yourself arent quite 'normal' either. So unless you give me a solid reason to give up the information you request..." The young mans sly grin never left, even as he turned on his heel away from Lin to continue his walk home, "...you have a nice day.....Ma'am."
  27. From what Mitochon said, it definitely sounded to Anne like she had caused the crack. But still, Anne felt there was no way. So, she decided to simply chalk it up to dumb luck. Stuff like this has happened to other people before, like people walking away from being thrown by tornadoes. Why shouldn't it happen to her?

    Anne noticed something out of the corner of her eye, and looked over to see a shop with a bunch of TV's in the windows. They were all playing a news report, something about some sort of a bank robbery...
    "Hey, Mitochon, check this out." Anne said, walking over to take a closer look.
    "I'm here, standing right outside the bank where there was an attempted robbery not even an hour ago. The thieves were foiled by, well... You'll just have to see it to understand." The report then changed to the bank cameras, where a blur quickly rushed through the bank and took out every one of the robbers. Anne glanced over at Mitochon.
    "Maybe strong fighters weren't as far away as I thought." Anne said to the alien.
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  28. "H-hey!" Celeron called out as before he had a chance to process the situation he had already been threatened to be fired at; which he felt had been a tad excessive for a new arrival but in truth he had been to blame for refusing to answer initially...but that had been because he tried to process just how to word it and work over his initial panic.

    Shit! Okay okay calm down Celeron. No way the Captain could see through the ruse so easily...or quickly, and even if she did there's no way she could have gotten in contact with these guys here so soon. So you still have that working for you, already Sadala defender time to put on your game face...

    "I am Celeron, member of the Sadala Defense Forces of Universe 6; Sector Z of the outer rim territories. My purpose was one of peace, and to help combat a great evil. I was subduing a criminal gang back in my home universe when one member managed to escape and hide his presence through the gate. A dangerous entity that is a threat to your and my own home and it is my duty nay my responsibility to bring him to justice." Celeron replied as he made his white lie up to the forces here of this Universe 7 patrol. He made mention to note he hid his presence in the likely question they asked why they didn't pick up his entry before Celeron informed them as he spoke with conviction in spite of the farce it had been in the face of.
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    JPSomeone Previously Kyle From Hoenn

    Yamcha was dumbfounded by the creatures handshake but also the girl's defense. The handshake had been so good it lifted off the ground by she ended up falling, but the girl's defense broke the ground. "Um... I guess both you did it..." but then girl pointed at the news to change the subject.

    "Wow some robbery..."Yamcha said acting as though he couldn't see the boy. At the back of his mind though he kept thinking about how great both of them are. Man, if they only had actual knowledge about the martial arts and ki. Woo that would be a doozy of a fight!
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  30. “Why, you little-!” Lin didn’t even finish her sentence, as she immediately aimed to grab Zander’s arm and pinned him down to the floor. Not to mention, the boy had the nerve to call her “ma’am”. She wasn’t some kind of grandma!

    “I don’t have time to deal with your crap!” Lin exclaimed, “I wanna know how you were able to perform better than my Cyber Suits!”


    Mitochon looked at the television as well, and exclaimed, “Oh my god! Someone that can actually use ki on this planet!? This must be my lucky day!”

    He then faced Anne, and said, “It was kind of difficult through this box thing, but I was able to get a good picture of this guy! I think I can follow him if we head to the bank!”

    Mitochon then looked dumbstruck, as he then asked, “What’s a bank?” He then pointed at Anne and the boy, and asked, “Do either of you know where the bank is at?”
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  31. "I know where the bank is, don't worry." Anne said, reassuringly. She turned and started to jog in the direction of the bank.
    "So, a bank is a place where people store money." Anne said to Mitochon. And I sure hope you know what money is, because that's gonna be a bit harder to explain. Anne thought. Then she turned to Yamcha.
    "You still haven't introduced yourself. I'm Anne, and this is Mitochon." Anne said, gesturing to the alien. "You gonna come with us?"
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  32. Commander Grey's expression was unchanging as Celaron explained his circumstances, not giving any hint as to how he felt about the aliens explanation.
    "Well, despite your universes authority, once an issue is redirected to our universe, we have ultimate say over how its dealt with. If youve been permitted cross-universal travel, you should be aware of this as its basic etiquette established by the creators of said portal." As the commander spoke, his men seemed to tense up, all in agreement that the saiyans words were suspicious at best.
    "Im gonna need you to come with us for a brief background check. Afterwards, we'll decide whether or not we're gonna ship you back to your own universe. Do you understand?" Commander Grey finished, slowly floating towards the saiyan with his gun still pointed out.

    "And theirs the flicker." Zander mumbled internally as Lin made a move for him. The young warrior tightened his muscled, essentially locking his body in place. As Lin grabbed his arm, he simply planted his feet firmly and widened his stance, removing any prior imbalance. As Lin twisted his pinned limb behind him, it merely jerked back behind his body a few inches, before stopping in place early due to his resistance.
    Lin was now standing with a tight grip on Zander's arm, which was pressed into the middle of his back. He wrenched his pinned wrist around, locking his own hand onto Lin's wrist as a way to parallel the hold she had on him. As she pushed forward, attempting to take Zander onto the ground, he merely slid to the side ever so slightly so Lin would hopefully fall right over his now extended leg. At the same time, he yanked the hand that was interlocked with Lin's as a way to pull her forward even harder.
    If all worked, Lin would hopefully overshoot, stumble right past, him and trip over his leg.

    "Your quite strong, but it doesnt give you the right to try and attack people!" Zander announced in a somewhat annoyed tone, only now letting the last part of her sentence settle in.
    "Wait, your Cyber Suits? You mean your the owner of Capsule Corporation?" Zander asked flatly, surprised the owner of such a prestigious company would be so young.
  33. Zander was successful in his attack, as Lin tripped over his legs and she slid across the pavement. Lin was very surprised in his strength. She didn’t think anyone in West City could be this strong. She never heard of him before, and it’s weird he made his debut only recently.

    Though, Lin was annoyed when the boy was surprised that she was the owner of Capsule Corp. “Of course I am! I’m Lin Gerie Briefs!” Lin exclaimed, “Seriously, media is dead! People never look at the news anymore!”


    “Money?” Mitochon pondered, “Oh, that makes sense!” Though, it really didn’t. Mitochon thought that money was some kind of food, and that the bank held it for storage.

    “That is despicable!” Mitochon exclaimed, “Why would anyone want to steal money!?”
  34. "Tastes...disgusting."

    Her teeth worked against the cage's latch —this one belonged the Zoo's Lions— weakening it just as she'd done to all the others. It'd taken her quite some time to work each cage, but luckily for her many Zoo enclosures —especially those of the herbivores— contained multiple species of animals, and entire herds at that.

    Once the latch on the Lion's cage was weak enough, she backtracked to the buffalo and wildebeest. "Alright ya bumbling big baloozas, let's give you a little...spook!" Hiding her body within a bushel, Chicola began to transform. When she leaped from her leafy recluse, she was near 100kg and 2m long, with a luxuriously spotted coat, and a feline appearance. She was like a leopard, but larger and brawnier. With a deep resounding roar, the mouse turned jaguar charged the herd of herbivores...and all hell broke loose.

    The animals scattered in every direction, their fear fueled frenzy sending then crashing against the doors of their enclosure which —to their surprise and relief— flung open as their combined force broke through what remained of the whittled lock.

    The stampede immediately triggered mass pandemonium with the innocent zoo visitors and the other zoo exhibits. As the animals still in their enclosures clamored about they would find that the doors of their cages were not quite as sturdy as they'd once been, and soon animal after animal had broken loose.

    "Lions, Tigers, and Bears, Oh My!", Snickering to herself, Chicola undid her transformation. Minutes later, she was breaking free all the rodents the zoo had —unjustfully— kept captive.
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    JPSomeone Previously Kyle From Hoenn

    "Yeah, I'll tag along seeing as I'm already skipping class." He said with a sigh. Man, I could of been doing some school work, getting my grades up... but this a little more important. MY GRADES ARE TOO THOUGH! UGH! This is too because an alien/Cell thing is roming with a "smart" teen so I should keep watch.

    The alien seemed to respond to the females question who introduced both of them. "Oh I'm, Yamcha. Nice to meet you both." He said bluntly. Why am I doing this...
  36. "I dunno. Lots of reasons, I guess." Anne said in response to Mitochon. As they approached the bank, Anne's cell phone began to ring. With a quick glance to the phone, Anne sighed and turned to Mitochon.
    "That's my dad. Listen, I gotta go. The bank's right there, I'll find you later!" Anne said, pointing to the bank. It still had quite a few police officers around it, and Anne wasn't quite sure what Mitochon had planned. Still, she really had to go.
    "See you later!" Anne said, running off.
  37. Panic had swept the city as animals had bizarrely began to break out of their cages while people ran to avoid being trampled over. A panic shared by Frigit as she observed as everything seemed to spiral out of control all around her as she looked on with wide eyes even if she tried to decide what to do.

    A-all right, don't panic don't panic...m-maybe if I stop calm these animals down I might be able to stop this stampede. I-I do still have that tune in my mother's memory to work with...

    With only a touch of nerves, Frigit began to hum a gentle tune. Singing a song, one that her mother had used to quell her worries as well as ease the vicious beasts that lived in the outskirts of her world. Her gentle voice carried with shocking strength, getting attention of those animals close to her as it expanded out as she tried to gently lull them into a more relaxed state and put an end to this chaos before it spun out of control.

    Frigit only hoped her own voice had even an ounce of the same magic her mother's had carried...
  38. “Wait, but what about-!?” Mitochon exclaimed, though he couldn’t finish his sentence as Anne had already left. Mitochon would’ve just went to follow her, but he isn’t able to sense her ki. It’s not like he wasn’t able to see her again, right?

    That thought made Mitochon even more worried. Aw, man! The first Earthling to talk to me and she just went off and left. I hope she didn’t leave for anything too serious.

    Mitochon then looked at Yamcha, and said, “Well, let’s go investigate! We’ll tell Anne everything we find out when we see her again!” Mitochon then started flying towards the bank.


    After a few minutes, Mitochon arrived at the supposed bank and looked around. There were many people with cameras, and those with matching uniforms.

    One lady with a microphone walked up to Mitochon, and said, “You seem like a suspicious fellow. Do you have any part to do with this bank robbery?”

    Mitochon looked a bit confused, as the guy behind him carried a strange device with huge lenses, but Mitochon merely responded, “No.”

    “Oh, so did you see who was responsible for stopping this robbery?” The woman asked, and Mitochon would respond with a mere no again. With no answer coming from Mitochon, the woman would walk away mumbling to herself in an annoyed tone.

    With that out of the way, Mitochon began to look for clues. Though, there was a problem, Mitochon didn’t know where to start looking.
  39. Damn it, this is not what I need right now! I need an out to all this, something to get them off my back, can't deal with questioning for now...

    "I-I am well aware of traditional etiquette, believe me my Captain had me well trained in this regard. But this is far from a traditional issue or foe if I am to object to that. I think the effort is wasted to have me sit this out given I know the most about him compared to everyone..." Celeron explained, but before he added anything more his scouter went off as he detected numerous high power levels relative to the populace.

    And there's my out...

    "Look I appreciate how quick you are to respond to this situation, but I believe there is a more pressing issue we can focus our energy on. I am detecting several noticeable power levels in the city ahead of us, along with lots of commotion. I feel we should focus our efforts there...it might lead to that figure I chased here." Celeron said as he presented his pitch to the soldiers before him.
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  40. Commander Grey's eye seemed to twitch, his impatience apparent.
    "Ruse, read his level." Grey order flatly, causing his right hand soldier to stiffen and activate his visors lends.

    "It uh....it appears he's got high natural potential. His power is around the same as 1st generation Cyber Suits." Noted the newly revealed soldier, Ruse, whilst quickly double tapping a button on the side of his visor to shut off the screen.

    "1st generation suits, huh?" Commander Grey cracked a small grin, the realization setting in that Universe 6 Saiyans simply couldn't measure up the power of earthlings tech anymore.
    "Listen here, young man...your already out of your league. Our police forces cyber suits pack more of a punch than you, let alone our suits." He spoke quietly, motioning for his crew to lower there cannons.
    "I can understand your concern, but I promise you that earth can defend itself better than a single Saiyan can. Right now, all you are is a liability, so I suggest you cooperate. The police force can handle any chaos occurring on the planet, but we're more of a...special task for, for people like you. So if you don't mind, we're gonna do our jobs." And Commander Grey was right.
    Down on earth, multiple Gen 2 Cyber Suit adorned cops were whizzing about through the air, swiftly returning any and all freed animals back to there cages within minutes. It was crude, but every busted gate had been melted shut as a quick fix, and the entire exhibit would soon be put on lockdown so this issue could be analyzed.

    Zander couldn't help but cringe as the Capsule Corp owners loud voice pierced his eardrums.
    "Alright, alright. Excuse me, 'Lin'. Now if I may ask, what exactly is it you want from me? I've done nothing wrong. Hell if anything, I solved a problem your suits couldn't. So if you really want some info, I believe a thank you is in order." The chestnut haired boy replied with a sly grin, crossing his arms and pointing his nose to the sky.

    "What the hell is going on over there?" Zander muttered to himself, taking note of the large power levels steadily moving closer to the two.
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