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Private/Closed Dragon Ball Final Blow

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by SS-I Never, Jan 2, 2018.

  1. 500 years after Goku's death.

    It is a time of peace. Everyone is living in harmony, and no major threats had shown their faces for centuries.

    Fights that could destroy a planet, or even universe, had almost disappeared entirely. There is now inter-universal travel, but only between pair universes, and because of that trading had become a major part of the lives for most of the beings in each universe.

    The Namekians decided that to keep the peace, they would get rid of their Dragon Balls entirely. Now, the only Dragon Balls that exist are the Super Dragon Balls, and only a handful of Namekians even know how to create more.

    Saiyans even stopped their fighting ways during this time of peace, and Earth is inhabited by humans with Saiyan DNA.

    It turns out, one of the Cell Jr's that Gohan fought, survived! They escaped Earth in one of Capsule Corp's ship, and went all the way to distant planet! Now, there are Bio-droids, as they're referred to as now, roaming the whole planet, each having at least one characteristic of Cell. They even know all of the Z-Warrior's techniques. They're surprisingly a calm species.

    All of Majin Buu's Booby-Booby creations now inhabit a planet of their own, but it is so far away, that barely anyone is able to reach it.

    Goku, and the rest of the Z-Warriors, have not been forgotten, however! Throughout both universes, they're seen as heroes, even Mr. Satan is still receiving the spot-light! Even if no one is fighting as hard as they did before, they would never forget what they did for every universe.



    In planet Acrosia,

    "It's really been that long, huh?" an Acrosian muttered to herself as she stared at an old broken down space-ship. "Ah, the memories I have with everybody back in the good ole days."

    "Mrs. Icicure!" another Acrosian exclaimed from the background, "I'm back!" "Antarchy! It's been quite a while, hasn't it?" said Mrs. Icicure, "What do you have for me today?" "Well, just the usual," Antarchy said as he laid some plastic bags on a table.

    The two Acrosians then laid down and had a talk. Mrs. Icicure is a retired Acrosian space-pilot, and Antarchy is an Acrosian who is interested in her stories about traveling the galaxy and he also helps her with everyday mundane things.

    "And that's how I ran away from inter-galactic space-pirates," Mrs. Icicure said. "Woah!" Antarchy said in aww, "I wish I could go on crazy adventures like you, Mrs. Icicure!"

    Mrs. Icicure then smirked, and said, "Well, why can't you?" Antarchy looked a bit confused, and said, "Well come on, Mrs. Icicure. I don't have a space ship or anything like that, and I'm definitely no pilot."

    Mrs. Icicure then took out a weird looking key out of her pocket, and said, "Well, now you can be." Antarchy looked at Mrs. Icicure in aww, but then his expression quickly turned into a 180, and exclaimed, "ARE YOU SERIOUSLY TRUSTING ME WITH YOUR SPACE-SHIP!"

    Mrs. Icicure giggled, and then said, "Why of course I am." She then got up, and put the key in Antarchy's hand, "My adventure is now over, but I think it's time for you to start your own adventure." Antarchy was almost in tears, but then he smiled, and said, "I will! Thank you!"

    Antarchy then got on the space-ship and was off.

    Mrs. Icicure just stared at the space-ship go, and smiled. When you come back, it'll be your turn to enlighten me with your stories.
  2. {-----Planet Earth-----}

    "Can you feel the excitement in the air Iris?"

    "I don't like the way you said that. You promised you'd avoid doing something that could get us in trouble."

    "Don't worry, and besides have I ever steered you wrong yet?"

    "I'd rather refrain from answering."

    Two individuals made their way through what appeared to be the local market in some small town, one was a young man & Earthling and the other a floating cat as they both seemed to be scanning some old piece of paper. One with a look of excitement, and the other a look of worry.

    "I mean, be realistic Wu, in these times of peace are you sure going out on wild goose chases and causing a frenzy is wise?" Iris asked as Wu replied a cheeky grin.

    "Would Son Goku have become the legend he is if he was just content in times of peace? The call to adventure is one that must be answered!" Wu insisted as Iris had let out a sigh.
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  3. (Outer Space,, Universe 6 Earth Gate)

    A young Saiyan had said her goodbyes to her family among Universe 6 as she bordered her personal spaceship and prepared to venture through one of the gates that connected their home with their twin universe: Universe 7. Naturally she was drawn to the Earth-based gate, as it had the unique ability to send one anyone in any part of either universe. So it had that natural appeal.

    Much like others among her race, the tailless Saiyan named Sallot had a strong desire to combat evil and protect those unable to protect themselves. Though she had a natural preference to solve conflict with words and not fists. However, these times of peace proved to make that more difficult, as there was just little to no conflict to resolve. So Sallot came up with an idea.

    If there was no conflict to resolve at home, maybe a change of scenery or in this instance universes was needed. Perhaps there she could find the conflict to combat she desired. To prove her worth as a defender of justice and a true Saiyan.

    So off Sallot went, through the gate as her destination was toward the Acrosian, a place fitting to begin her search given the natural ruling "elegance" and general importance they usually had from either universe. Sallot soon found herself in deep space within Universe 7, and found another ship traveling as well which made her curious as she opened communication links and tried to send a message to the other ship.

    "Greetings, would you happen to be a Universe 7 native? I come in peace." Sallot said as she would wait for a response from the other ship.
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  4. "HYAH!"
    Rirobo kicked towards Masukuro, who backflipped out of the way. Masukuro then threw his stick straight at Rirobo, who clamped his two hands down on the stick. Masukuro then jumped up on top of the stick, sending Rirobo into the air. Rirobo then created wings with his spiritual energy, dive-bombing Masukuro. Master Talon blocked with his stick, and Rirobo landed on the ground. Rirobo then dashed towards Master Talon with a Soul Punch attack, which Masukuro blocked. Masukuro attempted to attack with Master's Talons, but Rirobo caught his master's hand and got the two stuck in a deadlock for a short time. Then the two nodded, letting each other go and backflipping. The two then turned towards the dozen new students watching with shocked expressions on their faces and bowed.
    "This is the kind of training we provide here at my Owl School of Combat Training." Master Talon said with a smile. "As my star pupil Rirobo demonstrates, great potential lies within any. That is why we are accepting of all at this school. In return, we merely ask for your acceptance of others and dedication to our philosophy." Master Talon then took a bow, Rirobo following suit, and then the students after them. The preteens all excitedly shuffled into the next room.
    Rirobo sighed. "As skilled as ever, master." he said.
    "I would hope so. Age won't stop this old bird!" Masukuro chuckled. "So when are you going to move on, Riri?"
    "Not for a while." Rirobo replied. "Not until I beat you, at the very least."
    "Then you'll be here for a long time." Masukuro chuckled alongside his pupil. "I am quite grateful you decided to stay on with the school, however. Managing these youngsters with only the seniors is pretty difficult, and they still have their own training to do. With you having been here the longest, you being the second most proficient in our combat style is extremely beneficial to the learning environment."
    Rirobo smiled. "As long as I can help you, master, I'll be around."
    "Good! Then you can help me get a bite to eat! What's for supper?"
    "Master! How dare you!"
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  5. A Saiyan pod was quickly approaching Earth. Inside was a young female half-saiyan who was eager to see what planet Earth looks like. "I've finally arrived! That sure took awhile but I'm sure this is worth the wait" She said excitedly as her pod landed in a next to a mountain. The young woman hopped out of her pod and looked around. "Wow, this place really is full of life." She said as she examined the trees and other vegetation. She then felt energy signatures not far from where she was. She decided to jump upwards above the trees to see where it was coming from and saw a building. "Huh, I wonder what that place is." She thought to herself. She then landed and decided she wanted to check that place out so the half-saiyan started joyfully skipping towards the Owl school dojo.
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  6. (Place: Earth)

    In a forest, a young Saiyan male by the name of Robert, walks through it and explores what it had to offer. "Wow, this forest is full of life!" He said with amazement. The Saiyan was from Universe 6 and arrived in Universe 7's Earth mainly out of curiosity. He arrived a month ago and was not disappointed by what he has seen far.

    Somewhere in West City, a humanoid bunny girl, named Lucinda, was walking on the sidewalk and she looked to be in a good. She went in a smoothie shop and bought herself a carrot smoothie. As she walked out, she took a sip and was overwhelmed by its flavor. "Mmmm~, so good!" She said in delight.
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  7. A tall looking figure wearing a dark ,hooded cloak strode down the streets, with people's eyes locking onto him out of curiosity, then turning away once they saw his glare. As he strode past the smoothie shop, his long black tail swished about under his cloak. He had caught the scent of his next prey. Turning his head left and right, as if making sure no one was following or watching him, he made a sharp right into the alleyway right beside the smoothie shop.
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  8. Antarchy was flying soundly, until he heard a loud beeping noise and his space-ship started turning red.

    "UWAGH!" Antarchy exclaimed, "What the heck is that!? Am I under attack!?" The beeping from the ship suddenly stopped, and a screen popped in front of Antarchy, and in a monotone robot voice said, "You have a message."

    Antarchy just stood there awe-strucken. Did..did it really have to pull off that alarm? "Accept the message," Antarchy said to computer.

    Antarchy heard the message, and responded, "Yes, I am an Acrosian from Universe 7. Who is this?"
  9. An Acrosian? This was better than Sallot could have imagined! Once Sallot had received the message from this Acrosian she knew she had to respond with haste.

    "My name is Sallot. I am a Saiyan from Universe 6. I come as a humble visitor who merely desires information." Sallot explained, as she aimed to make it clear she was no threat to whoever this Acrosian was. She hoped that explaining why she came here, in a general sense, would help defuse any possible tension that came from a rogue ship bumping into his own.
  10. "What was that!?"

    Iris' comment caught Wu's attention as what appeared to be some small meteorite or something crashed near a distant mountain. Wu's eyes frowned at the sight.

    Funny, that happens to be near good ole Owl School. I doubt the old man needs me, but heck. Gives me an excuse to see what his students have been up to.

    "Alright Iris, change of plans. We're gonna check that out." Wu decided as Iris' eyes widened while she thought this over.

    After leaving the school the way he did, he may not be welcomed. Oh well, maybe whatever that is will remain away from the school itself. I hope.

    With that, the two left the town and began to dash through the forest to get to...wherever that thing from the sky landed. Wu was naturally excited, while Iris was naturally more concerned.
  11. Cornela arrived at the dojo, she was about to knock on the door when she felt two energy signatures coming towards her. "Huh, people are coming this way." She said to herself as she turned around.
  12. Soon enough Wu and Iris emerged from the forest to the entrance of Wu's old dojo as their eyes gazed upon a lone female; who appeared to have a noticeable power level. Iris scanned the woman over.

    Could...could she be a...a Saiyan?

    "Oy, what business do you have with that dojo?" Wu asked the stranger, as he did not appeared nerved by her. Whether it was because he had that supreme confidence in himself or simply did not know what he had gotten himself into remained to be seen.
  13. Cornela watched as Wu and Iris arrived. "Wow, earthlings really do look just like me." She whispered to herself excitedly. She then raised her hand and waved. "Hi, I'm Cornela. I don't have any 'business' as you say with this place, I felt energy coming from here and got curious, so I came to check it out." She explained cheerfully.
  14. Antarchy, with a bit of skepticism, responded, "What kind of information?"

    Why would a Saiyan go to Universe 7? It did seem kind of odd for Antarchy, but maybe he was looking too much into it. Maybe the Saiyan just wanted to go to Earth, and hang around with the descendants of the Z-Fighters. But then again, what if she wasn't?
  15. Wu seemed to relax a bit, as did Iris, as they did not sense malicious intent as they decided she could be approached as Wu overheard her reason for coming here.

    "Greetings Cornela, my name is Wu and this is my friend Iris. As for what you sensed, that dojo behind you would be known as Owl School. Probably sensed the old man's power. In any event were you the one who came from that thing that fell from the sky?" Wu asked, having referenced his own reason for coming here as Iris just scanned the girl curiously.
  16. "That thing that fell out of the sky?" Cornela said to herself as she put her finger on her chin and looked up, thinking about what Wu was referring to. She the understood. "Oh you mean my pod? Then yes, it was me." She said. "This is the first time I visited earth, I'm really impressed with how amazing this planet is." She explained.
  17. Sallot overheard the question asked her, and made sure to give a quick, concise response. Sallot did not want the passenger of the ship to assume to worst of her.

    "I came here with the intent to combat evil and protect the weak. I desire to learn about our sister universe, perhaps visit the Acrosian home world. Or even the home of the legendary hero Son Goku. Would you happen to know which world that would be?" Sallot asked via message as she awaited a response once more and she hoped this would be enough to assure the passenger of the other ship she meant no harm.
  18. "Yeah, Earth is the home of the legendary Son Goku," Antarchy responded, "And, I can't help you with the fighting evil part. I haven't seen any kind of evil, and I'm just traveling the universe so that I may find some kind of adventure."

    Antarchy was kind of interested in the Saiyan now, though. Maybe she could help him find an adventure, but maybe that's stretching it. He decided to wait to see how the Saiyan would respond first before he did anything else.
  19. A visitor? Wu had never seen an alien race before, which was in it itself strange since it was rather common this day and age. But his amazement was visible all the same.

    "Wow, well welcome to Earth. And yeah, it is pretty nice. Reason I left that school behind you. To travel and bask in its beauty. Among other factors...." Wu said, his voice a bit lower at that before Iris floated over to Cornela.

    "Tell me, and I apologize if this is a bit nosy, would you happen to be a Saiyan?" Iris asked, having made that guess before and now just curious if she was accurate or not. She didn't know any other race who traveled in pods, but she wanted confirmation all the same.
  20. Earth huh? Well that was an interesting place to look. Sallot had to admit, when she heard the Acrosian explain he had seen no evil was a bit disheartening, but then she caught inspiration at his mention of his own desire for adventure.

    Perhaps, if I was to go with him I could find that evil out there. Find my purpose as a Saiyan. However doubtful it maybe, I have to try....

    "Would...would you consider letting me tag along with you? I-I mean I don't know the layout here so traveling a bit with a native would be helpful. Besides....perhaps if we work together a bit I could find what I seek and you can find the adventure you are looking for." Sallot said, as he laid out her proposal and would wait for a response.
  21. "YES!" Antarchy exclaimed excitedly, but then awkwardly coughed. "Uh, I mean...yeah, sure," Antarchy said, "I have a map that shows me the ins and outs of this galaxy."

    Antarchy was excited, he heard stories of how limit-less a Saiyan's potential could be. If he had Sallot, a Saiyan, going with him throughout his journey, then there's no telling what they might run into.

    "So...I guess I should introduce myself," Antarchy continued, "My name's Antarchy! So where should we head off to first?"
  22. Sallot had to contain her own excitment from the Acrosian, Antarchy as she knew now, as he accepted her proposal and informed her of the map of the galaxy. That would be incredibly useful, as she was blind as a bat as they would say on her universe's Earth.

    "Alright, Antarchy, pleased to meet you! And I say we begin by going to the planet of the legendary hero. If that is alright with you?" Sallot asked Antarchy as she had been eager to begin their newfound journey.
  23. Cornela looked at Iris when she asked her the question. "Well yes, but not exactly." She said as she moved her hand behind her head. "I'm a Half-Saiyan." She said with a cheeky smile. "Or at least, that's what dad told me." She added quietly as she rolled her eyes below her sun glasses.
  24. "Yeah, let's go!" Antarchy exclaimed with excitement, "Just follow my lead! I know exactly how to get there!"

    Antarchy then rammed up the engine in his space-ship, and he was off to Earth, making sure Sallot was behind him the whole time.

    After a few minutes, the pair would've arrived at Earth. Wow...so this is where he was raised? It looks...beautiful.
  25. Sallot nodded as she followed Antarchy's ship, just as excited as he was and before long they arrived just outside of the Earth. Sallot had to admit, while it bared some similarities to her own Earth, it still was different enough where Sallot looked on in amazement.

    Wow...it really is beautiful. Another Earth...this is just, too amazing!
  26. After staring at awe at the planet for some time, Antarchy snapped himself back into reality, and asked Sallot, "How about we land and see what this planet can offer us?"

    Antarchy then started flying down to the planet, and landed his space-ship near a forest.
  27. Sallot would nod, not that Antarchy could have seen it before she followed his ship and would soon land next to his ship near what appeared to be a dense forest.
  28. "A hybrid?" Wu asked, clearly intrigued by that as Iris gave a nod of understanding before she floated back over to Wu.

    "Well, as you might have guessed, I am an Earthling. Human to be specific and my friend here is a shape-shifting cat." Wu explained, as he felt it was only fair after he asked what race Cornela was.
  29. As soon as the two alien space-ships landed, Antarchy jumped out of his space-ship and set foot on the mainly green planet. Antarchy then put his ship into it's capsule, and proceeded to put the capsule away.

    Interesting, this planet feels...lighter. And it totally just gives off a relaxing feeling.

    Antarchy then waited outside to see the Saiyan face-to-face. I wonder how she looks like. After all, I'll have to get use to it if we'll be traveling together.
  30. The second the ship had landed, Sallot had jumped out of it and landed on the ground, striking a rather "dynamic" pose. Something that, while she would not be aware of, seemed in spirit with the Ginyu Force of old or a group of fighters from a distant universe. A force of habit on her end before she assumed a neutral stance.

    All right, well this planet seems to have less gravity than Sadala. And all things considered, it is rather beautiful.

    Sallot then turned her focus to the person that was revealed to be Antarchy, least now she had a face to associate with a name. That would make communication between them much easier.
  31. Antarchy stared blankly at Sallot after she did, what seemed to be, a pose reminiscent to a Tokusentai anime.

    "Uhh....So, what should we do first?" asked Antarchy, "I've never been on Earth, so I don't know what we can do."
  32. Sallot thought it over before she noticed some power levels in the distance. One in the forest, and more by the mountain.

    "I sense some higher than average power levels. Perhaps we could explore the forest and head to the mountain to see what they might be?" Sallot suggested to Antarchy.
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  33. "Sounds good," Antarchy said as he took out a Capsule, and threw it out to open. Inside the Capsule was a Capsule Cruiser (the kind that Bulma used in the first episode of the series), and Antarchy put on his helmet and got on the cruiser.

    Antarchy rammed up the engine to get it started, and said to Sallot, "Hop on!"
  34. Sallot grinned as she took note of the Capsule Cruiser before she heard Antarchy's offer as she gave a nod before she would hop on behind him and get herself secured.

    "Okay, I'm all set." Sallot said with a grin, eager to explore this planet and learn what she could of the twin Earth. And perhaps find out who or what had those power levels she sensed.
  35. "Alright!" Antarchy exclaimed, "Let's get this show on the road!" The Cruiser's engine was roaring as Antarchy rammed it up, and both inter-galactic visitors were off into the mountains in search of the powers they had felt.


    After some time, Antarchy and Sallot are still riding in the Cruiser, but are further into the forest they have ever been. Antarchy feels the two power levels, and stops the Cruiser in it's place.

    "I think we should stop here," Antarchy said, "The two power levels are close, and we don't know if they're friend or foe, so we should stay low."

    Antarchy then got out of his Cruiser, and would put it in his Capsule as soon as Sallot got off.

    Antarchy then started crouching down, and said, "We should stay low, for now. We will get as close to the two hidden figures, and we'll only come out if it's necessary. Sound like a plan to you?"
  36. As Robert walked through the forest, he sensed two power levels going through the forest that are also approaching two more power levels. He decided to walk towards the two closest power levels slowly and cautiously, since he doesn't know if they're friend or foe.

    Lucinda walks through the sidewalks of West City while still enjoying her carrot smoothie. She then decided to fly up one of the tallest buildings and sit on top of it while drinking her smoothie. She didn't care if people saw her fly since right now she feels like she's in heaven.
  37. Sallot gave a nod, as she had gotten off the cruiser and walked beside Antarchy and crouched down as advised. It was a solid idea, better to scout these power levels and who had them out first before they made their presence known. Though Sallot had also taken note of another higher than average power level, but it was faint as if whoever this was had been trying to mask their presence.

    Though Sallot would keep an eye in the back of her head for that, she kept her focus on the power levels in front of them.
  38. Zander quietly walked along the wide dirt trail staring down at a sleek glowing blue screen that displayed a layout of the rural area. "Looks like ill be reaching the Owl School soon enough. Hmm....id say im far enough away from anyone else, might as well get a bit of practice in." He concluded while closing his map, taking a long deep breath inward as he visualized his energy swirling around inside him and pooling up around his entire body, encasing him. "Control it....control it....control iiiiit..." He repeated to himself like a mantra. His feet slowly lifted off the ground and he began to rise up higher and higher until he could see above the treeline, a wide grin forming on his face. "Yes! Its a bit hard to balance but at least theirs no ceiling here for me to rocket into like last time." He said with a small chuckle of embarrassment. After surveying the area he drifted off in the direction he was walking, gradually speeding up. The Owl School's hometown shouldnt be to much further north, I can feel several powerful energies beginning to gather in that area, perhaps im not the only one coming out to test there power. The young warrior concluded excitedly, thinking of the upcoming battles ahead. "This'll show everyone that my fathers boxing gym is just as good as any martial arts school." Levi finished, jetting forward almost twice as fast as before.
  39. "Its nice to meet you." Cornela said with a smile before looking towards the sky with a surprised expression. "Something else is approaching this area, and its closing in pretty fast." She said out loud casually.
  40. Wu glanced up at the sky at that, while Iris appeared a bit troubled by whatever or whoever that was, though Wu himself seemed to have an eager grin. Wu had picked up a couple of power levels beyond the average that had quieted down, Wu did not know who or what had those but he had made the choice to disregard them for the moment as he kept his gaze on the sky.

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