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DP News Avoidance Strategy?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Persian, Sep 28, 2006.

  1. Really not sure where this belonged...but...yeah...-_-;;

    Okies, so here's my deal: I have no DS, I don't wanna import the games, and I don't want to spoil them during the five-plus interim until they're released in their happy little translated forms on US soil.

    But I'm REALLY bad about avoiding DP news pages, forum threads, random pictures...even though I've tried to set up a system to keep me from spoiling the "surprise."

    So...anybody got any ideas? I don't want to put up a self-imposed internet ban or anything (how boring would that be?), but I need SOMETHING to force myself to do every time I feel like taking a peek at the Cryptimon pages and "Your Starter- Version 2"-like threads.

    So far, these are some of my ideas:

    -Continue working on a Pokemon fanfic (one finished, uploaded chapter allows me one look)
    -Draw (one good, completed drawing=one look)
    -Play Emerald (I must catch Feebas before I can check a single thread!)

    Any other ones? I'm borderline desperate here...sob...T_T
  2. Can't help you there...I have zero self-control at all. I promised myself way back when that this gen I wouldn't take a peek at the new Pokémon until the games came out over here...and look at me now. :(
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  3. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    You just need to be aware of "OMGZ teh spoilurz warningz!!!!1" Fight the temptation, know that it'll be worth it. Stay in the light, Persian don't turn to the dark side like everyone else. Almost everyone puts up spoiler warnings so just avoid them.

    I really dunno what to say... It all falls on how resiliant you are to the temptations of looking at the "New Pokeymans!" kinda threads... The best of luck to you, do it for those of us who have lost to the evil forces.

    O_O;=Us. *Droolz.*

    U_U=You saying "Hear no evil, See no evil."
  4. yes do not join the force of evil we have looked cuz we have no self control

    besides this wont apply for u if u dont look *luke i m ur father*

    so many friggen tempations................

    my friends are to lazy to look heres so i just draw picz cuz my printer is out of color ink :p wadda u gonna do? and i might get some on the weekend.....
  5. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Well, I can personally promise that any direct spoilers I post will have "(spoiler)" in the topic title, but when it comes to topics like the starters thread, Shino faves, the news thread, etc... You're on your own ;)

    As for self-control... I knew that this time 'round I wouldn't be able to stop myself from spoiling all the Pokemon. It wasn't until the Hoenn gen that I started watching the Japanese anime (so I was semi-able to prevent spoiling all the Hoenn Pokemon for myself), but I figure if the Anime is going spoil most of 'em for me anyways I might as well take a peek at what this gen's got to offer.

    One thing I WON'T spoil for myself, though, is the plot. Whenever I see it mentioned on a website I quickly skip by it. I managed to hold out from spoiling XD and the 8th movie, so I figure I can do it again as long as people aren't butt-heads about it.

    So, yeah... If people start to purposely post spoilers for the sake of ruining it for others, they're gonna hear about it :p The rest us up to you ;)

    Buuuuut! Getting head-deep in something else is definitely a good way to keep off the web. It's too bad that you don't play any other video games. A good, long RPG would be great at a time like this. Do more RPing and story writing. And yeah, draw more. Make a sprite comic while you're at it ^^
  6. goood ideas for me in math ex math and social studies (ex math is part of my line up we basically just do our homework) i mainly draw but pokemon is the best thing i can draw so that keeps me occupied
  7. Heheh...thanks for the tips. ^_^;;

    For me, I've realized that I can do "well" (cough) avoiding the avoidable spoilers...you know, like clicking on the "Diamond and Pearl" links on sites, and looking at the topics and posts on this board that have posts after the middle of September, but it's the inadvertent ones I hate. Like, I go to a site to see if they have a Pokedex I can use, and right up front they have some random tidbit of information. Like, Serebii was being slow (sowwy...it's the Pokedex I use, 'specially for fanfics -_-;;), so I went to Bulbagarden in my quest to find a list of the Flying types. Unfortunately, right on their front page, they had those article titles and "did you know?" things, spoiling two little aspects of the game. Luckily, they were about the Pokemon, not the plot or anything, so it wasn't too bad. I'd rather have the Pokemon spoiled for me, since during the week (maaaybe two) before they're released I'll let myself look at a list with pictures, but I'd really hate for information on the plot or the characters (etc.) to be spoiled. :-[

    But meh...what I need is things to distract me while I'm on the 'net. I'm fine until I open a browser, for email and school or whatever. Then I get distracted...any internet-things to distract a desperate fan?

    Oh, and Link-san...are there any RPs that are for GBA that could keep me occupied? I was going to buy Leaf Green either this month or next month, but I guess I could buy something else...it would have to appeal to a Pokemon fan, though. ^_^;;

    Thanks anyways, you guys. I'll...try my best...T_T
  8. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    The Advanced search functions of the Charms dex can easily get you all of that information (just try out the Type Search and it'll bring up every Flying-type in the first three gens). Even if Serebii is the one you 'use', try using ours for a change. You might like it :p

    Games that appeal to a Pokemon fan... lol. That'd be a Pokemon game mostly ^^;
    The Golden Sun games are popular, so you might like those. Then a game like Lufia: Ruins of Lore (while probably hard to find) lets you battle with monsters. Oooh. Dragon Warrior Monsters. The first and second games are both on GBC, but I don't think you're going to find anything on GB more Pokemon-ish than that. IGN gave 'em a 9.0, which is very good coming from them . Otherwise, maybe the Megaman Battle Network games, though I can't personally say if those are worth your money. They get mixed impressions. Most people who played Dragon Warrior Monsters seemed to enjoy it, tho.

    Bottom line: You could still buy LG if it'll hold your interest, but try to track down Dragon Warrior Monsters I or II while you're at it. The second DWM has two versions but the main differences seem to be the gender of the main character.
  9. well good luck anyways. just hope that D/P comes out asap . to pass the time play some of ur old game. well thats all i got

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