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Open Downfall Online: VRMMO/Sci-fi

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by ALOGameGal, Feb 13, 2017.

  1. Welcome to Downfall Online, or DFO. This is a massive VRMMO game where players can do what they desire. This game's plot is based on the apocalypse. The world is in danger and nuclear beats have formed all over the world. You can use guns, swords, bats, bows, anything that you can craft or scavenge. You will spawn in a Guarded Area, which is pretty much a safe zone. These towns are guarded by NPC soldiers with handcrafted armor and weapons. This town is called Den Water. The point of the game is to form parties and form an Army, or guild, to fight off deadly monsters. There are no classes in this game, but skills are sectioned off. When beginning you can choose a starter weapon which can be a combat knife, handgun, or crossbow. There will be abandoned towns in the wasteland that you can gather equipment from. There are no chests here you will just find stuff laying around. To make it even more realistic there is a hunger and thirst bar. the more you battle the more Thirst and hunger you lose. The game has a death penalty though... if you are killed you will have to start from square one and work your way back up. This rule only applies outside of Guarded Areas. You can find bosses in abandoned cities like the main one known as Valiant City. Scavenge supplies re spawn every once and a while. You can also enter abandoned building if you desire. You can even purchase a home, or base, in a Guarded area of your choice if you have enough Kin, or money. Now here is your "log in" Sheet

    Appearance IRL:
    In-Game Appearance:
    Weapons: Primary, Secondary, Melee
    High-Level Skills: Choose 3 please
    Job: Gunsmith, Guard, Merchant, Armorsmith, Cook, none, etc

    Here is my character

    Gamertag: Zegga
    Name: Cassie Fernan
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Appearance IRL: Short blonde hair with blue eyes. She wears a red T-shirt and blue jeans.
    In-Game Appearance: Zegga wears a snow camo suit with a black chest plate, knee pads, and plated gloves. She has red short hair(same style as profile pic) wears black gloves and a black scarf that covers her mouth. Has heat vision goggles on the top of her head.
    Weapons: Sniper, Hangun .380, Comat knife
    High-Level Skills: Aim, acrobatics, stealth
    Job: Second in command of Army "Faithful Firearms"
    Personality: Bold, quiet, shy, sensitive, serious, witty, plans ahead.
    Backstory: Cassie is a huge role player and loves playing MMOs. She is a fair sport and plays only for fun. She is bullied a lot, but VRMMOs allows her to escape her personal life.

    RP: Zegga sat on top of the abandoned building keeping a watch as fellow army members scavenged. She observed the remains of some radioactive rats before they vaporized. Thats when she spotted something. An army with full on combat jeeps coming our way. Jeeps, motorcycles, and 4 wheelers were a popular thing DFO, but they were expensive. She quickly sent a message to the Army chat. everyone hid and got into position. Zegga aimed quietly at the moving viechles waiting for the right moment to shoot. She peered through the scope and realized what Army it was. "Mirage Raiders" was a PKer guild that stole from other armies especially during scavenging hour. She informed the guild in the chat.
  2. Gamertag: Violet
    Name: Violet Penza
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    IRL appearance: black short hair with red long sleeve with white jeans
    In-game appearance: She wears a red leather trench coat with black short shorts and black knee high plated boots. She has fingerless gloves and short pink hair with purple eyes.
    Weapons: Shotgun, Revolver, butcher knife
    High-level skills: Smithing, melee, speed
    Jobs: Gunsmith/Armorsmith
    Personality: Comical, sweet, meek, shy, sassy, can be fierce.
    Backstory: Violet was always made fun of and VRMMOs was her safe haven. She has played other games like Atheria. She is a very famous blacksmith in every VRMMO she has ever played. She has the best handy work in most games.

    RP: Violet sat in the abandoned gas station in Den Water that she called her shop. She had guns displayed on all the shelves along with swords, clubs, armor, suits, and many more. Customer after customer walked in and walked out with a smile.
  3. They moved in slowly until it all happened. Machine guns were set up on top of the jeeps and warning shots were fired. This worried everyone. That wasn't all... Players with RPGs stood on the jeep aiming. Zegga knew she needed to act now. She aimed at the RPG users and looked for a possible spot to pierce their armor. then it clicked "If i can shoot into the barrel of the RPGs, then it will set off an explosion." she whispered to herself as she took aim. She pulled back on the trigger as it flew into the RPG. The jeep went into the sky before vaporizing along with the army members on it. The RPGs were lowered after as they saw where she had shot. The machine guns fired at her. Zegga quickly lifted her rifle into a blocking position as a red shield made od holographic diamond appeared one by on in front of her. Each gun had an emergency shield that can be used to block only a certain about of damage and won't work until charged by a gunsmith.
  4. Gamertag: Ajax
    Name: Caleb Allen
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Appearance IRL: In the real world, Caleb is dark-skinned with deep brown eyes. His hair is a jet black, and is styled as an afro. He often has an afro pick in his hair. He stands at a staggering 6'5, and is a tad bit on the slim side.
    In-Game Appearance: In-game, Caleb still has dark skin and black hair, but his eyes are different colored, the left one being blue and the right being green. In-game, his hair is short and messy. He prefers to wear a Kevlar vest on top of a white T-Shirt, and has a pair of night-vision goggles wrapped around his neck that doubled as infrared goggles, ready to be pulled up when needed. He wears camouflage pants and black combat boots in-game, as well as a pair of black finger-less gloves. He's a bit tall in-game than he is IRL, standing at about 6'8 and is well-muscled.
    Weapons: Assault Rifle (Colt AR-15), Twin Pistols (HK USP's), Combat Knife (KA-BAR)
    High-Level Skills: Agility, Aim, Reaction Time
    Job: Mercenary
    Personality: Laid back, accepting, understanding, kind, messy, comical, easily pumped up
    Backstory: Caleb doesn't play games to get away from being made fun of, but does it more of a way to just enjoy himself. He enjoys his life both inside and outside of the virtual world. However, he does play video games a lot, and will waste away most of his time playing them. In-game, Ajax is known as a wanderer, taking jobs to help escort salvaging missions for Armies.

    The job wasn't supposed to be hard. Just a simple "watch their back while they scavenge" job, he'd done it all the time. He was sent on this job to assist the Army known as "Faithful Firearms," and now they were under attack. According to one of the army members, it was the "Mirage Raiders." Then, Ajax heard the explosion. He took a risk, and popped his head up over the building he was using for cover. He saw saw the Raiders' men aim their RPGs at a the building opposite of his, and he pulled down his goggles, turning them to infrared. With them, he spotted the sniper, one of theirs. She wouldn't last long against those RPGs. Ajax quickly highlighted High-Priority tangos with his goggles, then got to work. Throwing caution to the wind now, he stood up from cover and fired his AR-15 at the targets he marked. Most of them were the RPG users. Within a few shots, three of them were already down.
  5. Gamertag: zambie hunter
    Name: Jasmine
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    IRL appearance: jasmine sports long aqua blue hair and a red tee shirt she also has blue shorts
    In-game appearance: blue hair and blue tee shirt along with green shoes and shorts
    Weapons: Crossbow
    High-level skills: Marksmanship
    Jobs: Gunsmith/Armorsmith
    Personality: shy and weak in hand to hand combat
    Backstory: Jasmine is always rejected from other girls because she likes to play games she has found a good friendship the a small group of boys

    Jasmine had heard a firefight break out she ran and saw corpses lying around a jeep and two other people trying to take down the people in the jeep she fire a arrow into a hostiles head "one for one can I make it two for two" she said taking another shot kill another "yes yes I can"
  6. Zegga watched as the last of the RPG users went down. She zoomed in to see one of the mercs they hired had taken them out. She got up quickly and switched to her .380. She used the quick swap system to easily switch from weapon to weapon. She made her way down the stairs of the building.
  7. With his IR goggles, Ajax saw a new player, presumably a girl from the figure, join in the fray. She hadn't shot any of their guys, so he assumed she was friendly. As he took a glance over to where the sniper had been, he saw her moving down the building. He tapped one of the Faithful Firearms boys on the shoulder, and gave him a hand gesture, saying "Watch my six." Afterwards, he moved down the stairs of the building he'd camped out on, which was relatively smaller than the sniper's. He took a peek out the door, aiming his gun ahead of him.
  8. Zegga reached the ground floor of the building. More soldiers began to push through and they soon reached her building. She acted fast and ducked behind a broken desk. The doors flung open and 4 soldiers sprinted up the stairs armed with shotguns. 2 men stood watch at the bottom. Zegga slowly grabbed her silencer and placed it on her .380. She launched up as islet bullets flew through the two guards as they vaporized. She sprinted out of the building and met up with the General. She informed him on everything. He handed her a Teleport crystal. She zapped back to Den Water and decided to go to the local gunsmith.
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  9. Gamertag: Ry_Burst/Reaper
    Name: Alan Barrett
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    IRL appearance: He is a pale kid. He is tall, and quiet in real life. He has dirty blonde hair that is shaggy.
    In-Game appearance: Ry_Burst has dirty blonde hair, much like he does in real life, but is normally covered with a hood when he has a job. He wears a black hoodie, with a Kevlar Vest under it. He has grey camo cargo pants and black combat boots. He has a sheath for his Katana slung over his right shoulder, and hides his pistols in his pockets on his thighs. When on an assasin job, he wears a black mask over his face to disguise himself. He has a jammer, which changes his GamerTag to Reaper
    Weapons: Katana, Dual Weild Desert Eagles
    High-level Skills: Marksmanship, Melee, Speed
    Jobs: Gunsmith/ Assassin
    Personality: Ry_Burst, seems friendly and outgoing while he works in the shop. He knows many customers by name. But most don't know who he really is. He has a habit of having an unlit match in his mouth as if he was smoking it. He mainly gets jobs from people who think he is just the Reaper.
    Backstory: Alan was always bullied. He takes no offense in the real world, but in the game, he Lund a way to chanel his anger.

    Ry_Burst was working on a custom gun upgrade for a client, when Zegga walked in. He stuck a match in his mouth and said, "Well if it isin't Zegga. What do ya need? We just got a new supply of bullets, that you might like. Or maybe, you'll be here for a new weapon." He place his hands ont he counter and gave a grin, with the match in his mouth hanging out.
  10. Ajax saw a few surviving Raiders on the ground, struggling for life. The mercenary smirked, before lowering his rifle to the ground and shooting the survivors until their bodies disappeared, allowing them to respawn. He made his way over to the General, asking "What's next, boss?" After asking, Ajax checked his ammo supply. His current mag was half full, and he had four more full mags. His handguns still had ten mags, five for each pistol, plus the ones already loaded that were full. He could still last a while as long as they weren't attacked by anyone else.
  11. Violet watched as her prized customer went into another shop. "Ajax shall not steal my customer!!!" She yelled as she bolted into his store. She grabbed Zegga arm and dragged her into her shop. "I'm the best smith in many games! You should use me more often! And I will crush my competition!" She said as her mood switched.
  12. Ry_Burst rolled his eyes when Violet butted in. He was the far better gunsmith, but wasn't as competitive. He didn't really mind, losing work, due to it being a common occurrence. He gave a shrug and said, "Let me know, if you need anything done." He gave a smirk, turned around and continued to work on the gun project. "Or if you don't find her work up to par." He added quickly.
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  13. Hunter entered violets shop and stood by the wall waiting for someone to man the counter he looked around at the weapons "rifles pistols what should I get" she mumbled to herself
  14. Ry_Burst worked on th gun for a while, until he was almost done. Then he got a private chat alert. He quickly strolled through to learn it was an assasin job. Some guy wanted him to kill another player for revenge. Ry_Burst accepted it, due to the majority of his jobs being like that. But money was money, so it didn't really matter. He made a plan to kill the guy, after work was over. Maybe, hit the town and kill him there.
    Normally as Reaper, he could easily kill whomever he wanted with little trouble. That made his Reaper persona a force to be reckoned with, and making the name infamous for the people around Den Water.
  15. (OOC: sorry my account stopped me from posting because of the email?)
    Violet excused Zegga for a minute and walked up to Hunter. "Hello sir how may I help you today?" She said politely. She guided the player to the front desk and showed a few of her custom guns.
  16. Hunter smiled at violet and looked sat the weapons "uh there are so many to choose from uh do you have any short to medium range weapons" she asked cheerfully
  17. Violet was off like a flash and quickly scanned through each rack of guns. "Hmm well it really depends on your fighting style, like do you rely on heavy or light weapons?" She carefully picked up a black rifle called "Twilight Sin." "This may be what your looking for... I have its co worker." She said as she showed him the Twilight Sun, her custom shotgun.
  18. OOC: hunters a girl:'|....
    Hunter smiled at the shot gun "uh yeah I'll take the monster of a weapon " he said looking at violet "how much is it" she asked slightly worried
  19. "Well with the holster and ammo I would say... 1k" she said with her hand to her chin. She slid the weapon and necessities for the weapon towards him. As soon as he would leave she locked up the shop and logged off
  20. Hunter mentality gasped at the price "I only have 950 I'll give you a poison tipped arrow for the last 50" she said still cheerful
  21. Gamertag: Dekka
    Name: Cass Justine
    Gender: Female
    Age: 14
    Appearance IRL: She wears a pink sweatshirt with blue short jeans and sandals. Her hair is dyed blue and math her eyes.
    In-Game Appearance: She has silver hair in 2 lon pigtails. her bangs drift off covering her eye. She wears a Black leather jacket that lays open with an iron chest plate underneath. Her gloves are plated as well. She wears Short black jeans with knee pads and padded boots. She also wears a black army hat.
    Weapons: Minigun, Desert Eagle, Combat knife
    High-Level Skills: Strength, Aim, Acrobatics
    Job: Bodyguard
    Personality: Small but tough, sarcastic, childish, sassy, sweet
    Backstory: Cass has been looked down upon for years. She has been 4'8 for a while and she learned to stand up for herself. When people see her in-game they think she's weak, but then she pulls out the mini-gun and she is feared by all

    Zegga carefully made her way out of the shop and and turned to the bar to see her returning army. She approached the general. "Was everything alright?" she asked as he turned and smiled. "Yes it was fine!" He replied as he entered the bar. "They lost terribly..." Dekka responded as she walked up from behind. Her under armor clanked as she approached. "They ended up running..." she said with a sigh. Zegga was shocked that they ran.
  22. Priorities. Something Ajax was never good with. Instead of going to replenish his ammo with the Kin he'd gotten from the dead Raiders, the Mercenary decided on going to the bar first. Surprisingly, he spotted several recognizable figures from his job. The Faithful Firearms General, that sniper he'd covered, and he could've sworn he spotted the other chick with a minigun during the fight. He heard them talking about the fight. "Goes to show that even people like them have some bit of intelligence." He commented, as he paid the barkeep a some Kin for a drink.
  23. Dekka rose a peace sign and a wink as she continued into the busy bar. Zekka followed her as she peered over to see the mercenary from before. The bar was dark and sketchy with loud music. They found a seat at the back of the bar and sat. Dekka pulled up her main menu and went to find a hunting quest. She showed it to Zegga." Its a 2-player quest wanna join me? The reward is a claim banner. They were in the update. They allow you control property of your choice. You can even choose a skyscraper to own!" Dekka whispered with excitement. Zegga agreed as tow men approached them. They began to flirt with us as Dekka got angry. They got closer and closer to them before reaching in. It was all stopped by a few bangs. Both of the men ran away screaming in fear as Dekka had her mini gun pointing in their direction. She chased after them sending round after round into their bodies.
  24. Violet watched as a grip ran past with a mini gun. She continued to walk as she entered the bar seeing Cryptica sitting in the back. She sat down with her. "So was that your friend?" She asked
  25. Zekka nodded and laughed in embarrassment. She began to discuss a quest with Violet and asked if she could make her special sniper for the quest. She showed her the amount of Kin she had on her.
  26. Violet nodded Mr bolted to her shop. He grabbed a blackish metal called Gensite, a metal known for its light weight. She began forming the gun swiftly. The sight could switch between thermal to regular vision. The gun formed and was black and green. The stock was good for keeping it steady and added a speed increase for reloading.
  27. Zekka came to the shop and saw the magnificent gun. She payed her for it and took it out for a test run. She made her way to the gun range next door. it was the best weapon she had ever seen. She really was the best blacksmith in VRMMOs
  28. Violet was happy with her work and decided to go on an adventure. The metal gates to the down slid open slowly. She entered the dry wasteland with broken cars and even old buildings. There was a city not far from her and she thought she would go there. She wiped out her shotgun and was on her way.
  29. Zegga and Dekka met up as they saw Violet leave the city. They ran after her until finally catching up. "Hey mind if we come too?" Dekka asked with a large smile on her face. She held her minimum prepared for battle. Zekka held her gun on her shoulder and laughed at how Dekka reacted.
  30. Violet nodded and they were on their merry way. They reached the huge city sometime later. The skyscrapers towered over everything. The area was populated with Living Corpses, or zombies. They wandered the city before a raiding group with keeps could be heard coming closer. Violet panicked and ran inside an abandoned skyscraper. She seemed to vanish inside.
  31. Zegga and Dekka ran after her but couldn't find her. They walked to the elevator that seemed to be broken. Zegga looked at her hunger and thirst bar. "food and water would be nice right now..." She said with a sigh. They searched the building for supplies. The jeeps could be heard coming to a halt infront. "Sir! there are player tracks!" they heard from outside. The two looked at each other as they pushed a desk against the door. They continued to search and found ammo, granola bars, and a can of peaches. They replenished themselves and began looking fro violet quickly. Dekka activated the quick-swap and switched to her revolver. She loaded it and pushed her back up to the corner of the hallway that lead to the entrance. Banging could be heard at the door. "Find Violet! Now!" Dekka ordered as Zegga ran through the building looking for her.
  32. Violet hid on one of the upper levels in an office. The building was an old news business. She locked the door and peered out a broken window to see the keeps waiting outside. "This is why I don't leave my shop!" She said to herself as she began searching the room. She had a burger she brought with her and a canned bottle of orange juice.
  33. Zegga ran through the building looking for her. She activated her goggles and finally found her in a locked office room. She shot the lock on the door and busted in. "we are going to the roof!" she said as she dragged her upstairs to the roof. She reached the top and looked off the building before the men below spotted them. They door opened at the entrance. The men climbed over the desk and went in slowly. Dekka popped out with her machine gun. "Boo.." She said as her minion sounded.
  34. She sat on the roof as the mini gun went off. Violet paced in the roof until gunfire was being sent into the sky. She grabbed her shotgun and leaned against the door leading back into the skyscraper.
  35. Hunter loaded back into the game holding her new shot gun she heard gunfire coming from a sky scraper she ran to it and found violet "hey you again" she shouted loading her gun
  36. (OOC: you realize Violet is on the roof so you would've had to run past tons of raiders)
    Dekka screamed as bullets flew through the players. Then a click was heard. Dekka looked down at her gun and swore. She switched to her revolver and ran for her life. She sprinted up the stairs as the raiders followed her. She bursted through the roof door which knocked Violet off of hit. She quickly closed it. "RUN!" she picked up Violet and grabbed Zegga until a grenade went off that blew them off the roof. They fell from the sky as if it were in slow motion.
  37. Gamertag: Alya
    Name: Aira Sugra.
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Appearance IRL: black hair, blue eyes and normaly wears t-shirts and a skirt.
    In-Game Appearance: Blue hair, Red eyes, wears a jacket with a iron chest plate under the jacket and a t-shirt under that. and a skirt with chainmail lining in the chainmail on the skirt.
    Weapons: Assault rifle , Sniper rifle. sword.
    High-Level Skills: Sniper, Charge, Cooking.
    Job: Gunsmith.
    Personality: Alya is a sweet girl who loves fight and she loves to win so she's a very competitive woman.
    she hates to lose and she kind of loves to cook sometimes.
    Backstory: Alya is a strong girl but she is short in real life. she only is a about 4'9 and thats as tall as she will get.
    she hates real life because of being short but in a game people don't care.

    Alya walked outside of her shop and she smiled "ahh what a wonder full day...good thing i made sure my character was taller than myself in real life" she smiled and she looked around for anyone. "hmm i wonder if Dekka is anywhere" she asked herself and she went back inside and she started to mess around with some of her weapons and she began to clean them.
  38. They fell through the sky ever so slowly until Dekka teleported them to Den Water. They stood in town unable to move because of what they had just experienced
  39. Alya saw Dekka and she ran over to her "Dekka whats wrong?" she asked and she looked at her " What happened " she asked and she drooped " you look hurt..." she asked and she looked worried.

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