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Doubled's sprite gallery part Deux

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Doubled, Oct 12, 2010.

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  1. [​IMG]
    Well, Since the rules clearly state that I cannot post in a topic after 60 days, I will make a new topic.

    These are my previous sprites. Feel free to browse.

    Now, here are my more recent works:











    That's all for now.
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    Doesn't apply to your topics in the Artworks/Spriting/Fiction boards, so long as they are your topics. Keep this topic, but for future reference if your topic isn't posted in for 60 days... go right ahead and post new work~
  3. Oh. Well I feel like a n00b :-[ Oh well 8D Thank you for the advice Magpie :)

    Now, so that way this reply isn't total spam....

    Meet three of Milaborii's gym leaders :D


    Well, I said I'd do gym leaders, and darnit I meant it. Here's the first one. Greg was actually inspired by one of my teachers, who is a big MSU fan, who are Bulldogs.

    Anyway, his team will consist of dogs.
    1. Riolu lv. 10
    2. Growlithe lv. 11
    3. Snubbull lv. 14

    and his rematch team will be:

    1. Lucario lv. 64
    2. Arcanine lv. 65
    3. Mightyena 65
    4. Muurando lv. 65
    5. Houndoom lv. 66
    6. Granbull lv. 67


    Well, here's the second one. She was inspired by a class mate, but I tweaked it a bit.

    Ashlee is the second gym leader, who just so happens to like Blue Pokemon. Not only is she a gym leader, but she is Derick's love interest for the Milaborii saga.

    Her team:
    Glaceon lv 20
    Heracross lv 22
    Mantine lv 24

    Glaceon lv 64
    Dragonair lv 65
    Heracross lv 65
    Manectric lv 65
    Kokorimori lv 66
    Mantine lv 67


    Here's number three, Toby. Yes, he's based a bit on the singer, but also on my dad, who loves to dress like a cowboy.

    He likes to keep a farm based team.
    1. Buffaron lv 28
    2. Grumpig lv 29
    3. Miltank lv 30
    4. Chaobuu lv 32

    rematch team:

    1. Buffaron lv 64
    2. Grumpig lv 65
    3. Miltank lv 65
    4. Blaziken lv 65
    5. Feraligatr lv 66
    6. Emboar lv. 67

    More to come :)

    Oh, and heres a splice [​IMG].

    Well, i was bored and decided to make this. Really I was just trying to make some sort of Zoids tribute, but I messed up. Anyway, his name comes from Iron and Anubis.

    Type: Dark/Steel

    Bio: THis Pokemon was actually made by a great king possesing a special staff. This Pokemon protected the tombstones of deadones, being able to slice foes with it's razor sharp blades.
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  4. Okay then, time for three new additions!


    Well, here's the fourth gym leader: Nick. He is an extreme sports fan, and has created his own motorcycle. He loves to use Pokemon with high speed. He has only taken off his helmet to eat, drink, to say hello to loved ones, or to whomever defeats him.

    Weavile lv 33
    Crobat lv 34
    Jolteon lv 35
    Agirudaa lv 36
    Ninjask lv 37

    Rematch Team:

    Weavile lv 64
    Sceptile lv 65
    Crobat lv 65
    Jolteon lv 65
    Agiruda lv 66
    Ninjask lv 67


    Just what Nick looks like after you defeathim. In rematches he'll look like the guy on the left.


    Well, here's number 5 in the gym challenge, Katy. Unlike some of the others, she is extremely sexist, and strongly supports feminism. That is why A. She fights using only Female Pokemon, and B. She Fights Double Battles, to show she can hold her own in battle. If your a male player, then watch out.

    Gochiruzeru lv 38
    Miltank lv 39
    Lopunny lv 41
    Gardevoir lv 41

    Rematch Team:
    Miltank lv 63
    Jinx lv 64
    Barujiina lv 65
    Gochiruzeru lv 65
    Lopunny lv 66
    Gardevoir lv 66

    More to come!

    Ps.: Hopefully you've noticed that THe gym leaders have certain themes here, so, if you could, or want to, maybe you can give me some sort of idea for next time.
  5. Wow, your gym leaders are great! You could get a gym leader that likes slow Pokemon! You could give him a Snorlax and a Slowking!
    Please keep making Gym Leaders! Can't wait for more! :)
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  6. It's funny, I actually saw your sprites while browsing through Deviantart :p

    Some of them are extremely good and have no immediately visible faults like Nick (Oh my god that sprite is awesome) and Ashlee (Good detail on the sprite. While you did a great job on the guitar and hat on Toby (:D That's my name) his eyes look a bit big and unshaded. Katy sprite is fine, nothing wrong with it, except it looks a bit too similar to the Sabrina sprite it is based off, although if the characters are similar I guess you can't help that :>
    Nick's rematch sprite is fine as well, apart from the head, which is quite disproportionate. Still, the biker is just aaaah amazing.
  7. Thank you too very much :) And yeah, I noticed that on Nick. I looked everywhere in the sprites, that includes DPPt sprites, HGSS sprites, even BW sprites, and all of the Black guys had giant heads. So, I had to make due with a shaved head that I had, and I used the Monk's head. And thank you about the bike :) Oh, and sorry Louie, I was away for the weekend, so I didn't see your recomendations ^^; Sorry buddy.Now, you want more, you've got more!


    (yes I know she looks a bit too much like Kamitsure, but I wanted her to look like a pin-up model).

    Here's number six! She may look a little adult, but She absolutely loves Baby Pokemon. she is very cheerful, and practically gives out hugs to anyone she wants. She is also a fan of Vocaloid.

    Bulbasaur lv 42
    Pokabu lv 43
    Squirtle lv 44
    Bachuru lv 45

    Bulbasaur lv 64
    Squirtle lv 65
    Pokabu lv 65
    Togepi lv 65
    Swinub lv 66
    Bachuru lv 67


    (and I know his team doesn't exactly scream Superhero, but they look like they have masks).

    Here's number 7. A hero among men... A man who will not let villainy go un punished... Go Hiroh! He likes Pokemon with masks.

    Metagross lv 46
    Electivire lv 48
    Mamoswine lv 50
    Flygon lv 52

    Linoone lv 64
    Metagross lv 65
    Warubiaru lv 65
    Mamoswine lv 65
    Electivire lv 66
    Flygon lv 67


    (and I know I could've done better with the socks).

    This one will be a toughie for some. THis is the 8th gym leader. And while she has an obvious theme, you'll never know what Pokemon she'll exactly have. She is the Eeveelution master, Elise!

    Team: It consists of random Eeveelutions with the following levels

    Eevee lv 57

    Eevee lv 67

    After you beat her, you go on to the Elite four, who will be a pain to get past.


    (I know, tacky)

    From here on out, you better be prepared. The very Pokemon you have raised with so much care could be your demise. Meet John Doe, the 1st member of the Milaborii Elite 4. What's with the mask? His face will changes just like that of his partners. Why is he so special? He fights with a full team of Ditto.

    Team: All Dittos



    (Yeah, the apron is getting on my nerves too.)

    Now, you thought John was a challenge? What about Arty? His team consists of all Smeargle. However, there's a catch. While his weakness is wide open, you never know what attacks these critters will have. They may even have legendary attacks. Just watch it.

    Team: All Smeargle




    Aaand, here's the third me- wait a minute, wasn't she with Team Shade? Oh yeah! After Team Shade's Defeat, she managed to turn her life around, and became the 3rd member of the ELite 2, now the Elite 4.

    Her Team: She got lucky, extremely lucky. All of her Pokemon are Shiny.

    Zoroark lv 72
    Ninetales lv 73
    Doryuzu lv 74
    Ampharos lv 75
    Gardevoir lv 76
    Delcatty lv 77


    Zoroark lv 78
    Ninetales lv 79
    Doryuzu lv 80
    Ampahros lv 81
    Gardevoir lv 82
    Delcatty lv 83

    And last but not least....


    (I know, somethings bugging me about it too.

    Just as Tiarra was accepted, so was Torc. However, even though he has left Team Shade, he still considers you his rival, and will stop at nothing to, er, stop you. He, like the Champion, does not have a theme, except that when you fight him, you will enter Hard Mode, where battling gets even more difficult.

    Team: All on a higher difficulty than normal.

    Gyarodos lv 78
    Jaroda lv 79
    Toxicroak lv 80
    Aggron lv 81
    Ononokusu lv 82
    Houndoom lv 83

    Rematch: Unlike the others, the next time you fight Torc, he will be Champion.

    Gyarodos lv 89
    Jaroda lv 90
    Toxicroak lv 91
    Aggron lv 92
    Ononokusu lv 93
    Houndoom lv 94

    Mount Ultima: You will encounter him again on a Mountain known as Mt. Ultima, which has a staggering amount of floors in it. When you meet him here, all of his Pokemon will be lv 100, and after this you will fight him at that level at the Pokemon League, or in random Locations in Milaborii. Or, on the Weekends, in Brook Haven, the starting Town.

    the other champ is here.

    And since I made all of that.....


    (I know, not the best.)

    Well, I made an entire gym line up, an Elite 4, a champion, and an evil team, so why not the protagonists? Here are the boy and girl characters. I based them off of kids I see in my neck of the woods. Default names:

    Male: Kyle

    Female: Courtney


    (THese include some of my first sprites).

    Well, here's all of my sprites. I think there's 50, but I could be wrong. Ah, my beautiful children <:')

    If any of these are used, please ask and give credit. Look through my gallery (Charmisians, use the link in my sig) for most of them.
  8. Wow, these are really good! Thanks for making all the new gym leaders! Are you planning to take requests?
  9. Well, I'm not sure :/ I want to, but my life is kinda busy at the moment. However, I may make an exception for close friends. Please be specific, because I need as many details as I can get.

    Edit: Might as well put in my latest additions:


    Dr. Kira Acacio

    Now, every region has it's proffessor, right? Well..., this guy isn't exactly like the others. He is an odd sort. Unlike the others, he is a mysterious figure who researches as he watches trainers.

    You meet Dr. Kira Acacio (Kira for Killer, Acacio for the tree name) while you and your friend (the opposite gender are looking out in a Pokemon reserve in your home town, Brook Haven. As the others leave, Acacio appears and stops you.

    "Do you seek strength?"

    He'll ask you. You look at him oddly, then he opens the gate. He'll give you one Pokeball, and it has a critical capture setting so you can capture whatever Pokemon without fail. He'll then open the gate to the enclosing, which is highly illegal.

    "You want it, then go forth! You are not tied to this town, I see it in your eyes! You are meant for destiny...."

    He then grabs you, and pushes you in there. Then, he locks it back.

    "GO forth! Choose your partner, and choose carefully. And hurry up!"

    He won't open it until you've captured the Pokemon you want (see last journal for options), and once you do, you are let out by your friend, who also received a Pokemon (Cubone). When you walk out, you see a Pokedex on the ground with a tag with your name on it.

    After this, Acacio will periodically appear and question you. He will also pit you in unfavorable battles with super strong trainers (like in a bar), and also force you to battle high leveled wild Pokemon. Are his intentions good or evil? You decide!


    Team Shade elder Faust

    And, just when you think Team Shade was over with, an event occurs! When you meet Celebii, you go back in time to the original founder of Team Shade, some 200 years ago. He states that he never wished any of this to happen, but would like to see if the person responsible for defeating his descendant in the future is truely as strong as you let on.

    Unlike in the future, the Pokemon he has are summoned to him by means of magic.

    Now, before you whine, his team is EXTREMELY strong, and yes, I did mean to put Ubers in there. We want a challenge, no?

    Team: All Ubers
    Dialga 95
    Zekrom 96
    Kyogre 97
    Ho-oh 98
    Darkrai 99
    Mew 100

    If you defeat him, you will be deemed a Pokemon Master.

    I know, the shading needs some work, and they do look a little too much like their bases, but they still look cool, no?


    And behold! My Beta logo for pokemon Pyro and Aqua! I'm going to redo it, but not bad for a first timer, eh?

    Please do not steal.

    Edit: And no, this is not a remake, or anything to do with Magma or Aqua. THis is an original game taking place in a region Called Milaborri. Please look in the spot in my sig for more info.
  10. [​IMG]

    Well, here's part one of the over world sprites. THis is the male hero. Now, I will not be using the BW back sprites for him, instead I'll be going with the simpler DPPt or HGSS back sprites.

    Now, I'm glad to say that I'm getting help with more OWs.

    This guy will be helping to make the Female OW sprites, and our very own Blazikid will be helping me with other OW's :D so a special thanks to these two.

    Also, since the old logo is down, I made a new one, which I will probably replace anyway.


    Well, since I couldn't find any fire and water legendaries that would go together well, I decided to change Aqua to Frost (Also to avoid confusion) and change icons. Now, these two legendaries will be available for both games, howeveryou can't catch the other until post Elite 4 (Sorta like HGSS with Lugiah and Ho-oh).

    Now, this is also a beta, so I'm still working on it. However, these two will play a small role in the story, which I have yet to make XD I'm going to see if I can make a flight scene with these two (In other words a special HM FLY scene, if not something Rangerish.)

    Now, before you ask, yes Zapdos will be in the game, and he will also have something to do with the story too.

    More to come!
  11. Well, since Pokemon Pyro and Frost have been halted (on my end anyway), I've made some team shots.


    Keel Rochero
    Age: 19

    Well, THis is basically just a slightly altered version of [link] but this shows his Isshu team. I know, Umbreon isn't supposed to be there, but I feel guilty not putting Pokemon I feel are most attached to their trainers with them.

    Anyway, after Diego succesfully defeated N at the Pokemon League, he decided to wait for the League to recover from the castle's rising so he could challenge the league and beat the real champ. Meanwhile, Keel, along with Oreck and Joey, have been sent to Isshu to help find the remaining Team Plasma sages. When Keel heard that Diego wouldn't accept the title of champ, he literally slapped him. Since then, he has decided that, if his "arch-rival" can do it, then so can he. He has stored all but one Pokemon and has captured a full team with Isshu Pokemon. What is an even bigger stroke of luck is that he managed to find a enough Pokemon for a full Dark team.

    Keel vows to meet this "N", just so he can see what has Diego so obsessed with him. He has also vowed to refrain from battling Diego until he has obtained all 8 badges.

    His Team: all Dark

    1. Umbreon (Shiny): Umbreon was never really Keel's to begin with, but rather his best friend's. When he saved him from Darkrai, Ryo decided that since they have been together for 7 years, he would let Keel keep Umbreon. Since then, Umbreon feels as if he is one of the team, and is rather gifted in the art of shadow manipulating.

    He refused to let Keel go alone, so he forced Keel to let him come with him.

    2. Zuruzukin: When Keel first caught him in a Karakusa Town Alley, he thought he had made the worst mistake since agreeing to host that kid's birthday party one time, but it turns out he is one hell of a fighter. Unlike most Fighting types, he fights with more acrobatic skills, almost like a break dancer, and has been known to battle much better when there's a beat. Zuru is kinda pompous, and will pick on little Pokemon, however he is deathly afraid of Keel when he's mad.

    3. Warubiaru: Keel was exploring the Resort Desert when he was suddenly drowning in quicksand. That's when Megu came and saved him. Keel was surprised at his typing, considering that crocs would be water types, but he decided to take him in anyway, as a Ground/Dark type is rare. When he evolved, he became a leader, a tank as well. He hates to lose, and will not back down, unless he is fighting a water type, in which case he panics like a little school girl.

    4. Barujiina: Keel soon realized that without his Honchkrow, he was in quite a pickle. He relied on that bird so much to find food, so he need a flying type, fast. Keel actuallymanged to enter the Dream world to find this creature, as the nearest Baruchai would be almost halfway around the region. Keel still finds it odd that he has a female on his team now, and is a little ashamed at how less class she has compared to Honchkrow, however she is an avid fighter and an acrobatic flyer, so she is well worth it.

    5. Kirikizan: Keel traded for this Pokemon, as he accidentally captured a Hitmoshi, thinking it was part dark from looking at it. Komatona was always an odd one, as he likes to cut things. He also likes explosions and other sorts of violence. However, in battle he is swift and quick, and the added Steel also makes his defenses harder to break.

    6. Sazando: Keel captured him as a Monozu while walking around ROute 1, surprisingly. He had been dropped there by his father, and since then Keel has taken care of him. Since Sazando's nature was like Tyranitar, Keel was able to tame him almost instantly, and plans on wiping out either Diego's Garchomp or Ononokusu with him.


    Oreck Argos
    Age: 17

    Well, Just as Keel came to Isshu, so did Oreck. He has decided to remain in the past forever, since his friend, Blair, is bound to this time by Victini's lifeforce.

    When Oreck learned that Diego didn't accept his title as champ, he was a little appauled, but realised that his father did the same thing one time, and then decided that it was an honorable trait. Since he is also Diego's rival, he also decided to travel Isshu, with the same conditions as Keel. Oreck has even set up at Prefessor Makomo's lab with Caine and Blair, considering that Caine's ancestry leads to her. While their, Caine decided to learn more about how the Dream World works, and because of that he also acts as a manager for his Pokemon.

    Oreck has also learned of a secret Team Plasma cult hidden somewhere in Isshu, and beleives it is somewhere inside High Link Peak.

    His Team consists of the following:

    1. Espeon (Shiny): Espeon is Oreck's first Pokemon, and as such holds a special bond like no other Pokemon. Espeon was already abnormally colored, but after radiation from the Dream World itself, he turned into his shiny form. Espeon has odd talents that are unusual for his species, such as the ability to lift his own body off the ground and fly around, and another is the ability to teleport instantly. It is often questioned whether Espeon is truely Oreck's, as Oreck never seems to use a ball to call him, as he teleports to him when needed.

    2. Lepardesu: Found as a Choroneko starving in an alleyway, Oreck took her in and nursed it back to health. Lepardesu is a slick Pokemon, as she can run extremely fast and is also flexible. She has an odd personality, as she seems to like Espeon, but normally acts like a calm and cool cat. She has a weakness, however, that is rather inconvenient: She likes to play with balls of yarn, or anything resembling it. Ironically, she hasn't a problem with water.

    3. Kenhorou (Male): When captured as a Mamepato, Oreck saw a little of his Pidgeot nside him, as he loves to fly and rules the sky. Now, he is still as vigillant, as he is never afraid of opposing types, and will gladly give his master a ride. Like Pidgeot, he knows an array of surprising attacks.

    4. Daigenki: Found as a Mijumaru wanting to be stronger, Oreck took him in. Daikenki loves attention, and likes to be petted, however despite being so gentle he is a beast on the battle feild. Oreck has been considering raplacing Empoleon with Daikenki, considering how agreeable he is vs Empoleon's pride.

    5. Doryuuzu: Oreck accidentally fell into a pit hole where a Mogerew had dug. He had gotten very mad, and practically chased him into another hole. When he captured him, Moguryu was a trouble maker, practically making people all around trip in holes, however when he evolved into Doryuuzu, he became more mature, and took on a leadership personality. Doryuuzu is a strong tank in Oreck's team.

    6. Crimgan: Oreck captured this beast while trying to trek Dragon SPiral Tower. Crimgan acted as a wild, feral beast at first, but eventually Oreck managed to tame him, and now he's only a little hot headed. People have said that he's not worth having, but he has proved them wrong time and time again with his amazing physical strength. Oreck plans to use him to defeat Diego's Ononokusu, Garchomp, and Keel's Sazando.

    I think Oreck's current sprite is waaaay better than his last, since I used a different head. He looks younger here, as opposed to his old man face >:I

    Keel's, yeah it's just a minor edit of his other sprite.

    While I'm at it.... My neeeeewwww avitar!


    You liek et :3 ?

    Well, My avatar on Pokecharms was kinda plain, so I'm replacing it with this! THe three most powerful OC's in my arsenal: Diego, Oreck, and Keel.

    Anyway, why make it like this? Well, generally I like to look at these 3 like a trinity. Oreck represents Light, Keel represents Darkness, and Diego represents the Twilight in between.

    Also, I think they also represent the weirdest hair in my OC collection XD

    So, in order, Oreck, Diego, and Keel.
  12. And more teamshots!


    Well, I made another one. I realized that I've never actually bothered making a sprite for Joey (seen here [link] (Good Lord, I've improved since then XD)) Anyway, if you can't tell what color his hair is, its supposed to be a dark dark maroon. Anyway, his bio:

    Joey Argos
    Age: 15

    At a young age, Joey was already considered a battling protegy, but noone would ever guess that he would become the youngest member of the G-Force. Unlike his brother, he hasn't had the opportunity to stay with one friend forever, as his job requires that he go from region to region. Because he hardly has any attachments, he has been the target of fangirls for a long time. They mainly describe him because he is "Kawaii-desu" or "So mysterious", however he hates to be compared to his brother. He still considers him a friend, but he just thinks of himself as a more mature person, and he isn't far off.

    Lately, Joey had a bout in Sinnoh where he had made friends with 3 kids his age: Lucas, Jun, and Cenna. However, after meeting Ty (Johto), Nick, Scarlet, Ethan, and Lyra at the Battle Frontier, he was recalled to HQ. It was with a heavy heart that he said goodbye to his friends, as they were the first true friends he had ever made. He never forgets them, and calls them everynow and then to check up.

    Nowadays, he is assigned to Isshu, like Oreck and Keel. While Oreck is investigating the secret Team Plasma Cult and Keel is helping out with the search for the 7 Sages, Joey has an odder assignment. Even though he has also been granted permission to gain all 8 badges to compete in the Pokemon League, he has also been assigned the duty of locating White Forest and Black City, as well as finding a mysterious new admin trying to spread N's teachings.

    Since he is also Diego's little brother, they run into each other alot, and have agreed to help each other locate all the legends. They have promised to also help decipher the Underwater Ruins off the coast of Sazanabi Bay.

    Joey also has to keep out for his rival, Redome (Ree-duh-may), who I will describe later. Anyway, they are pretty much like Diego and Keel, always at eachother's throats and always creating chaotic battles.

    Team: Joey has an array of teams, but he's decided to just capture random Pokemon he sees.

    1. Luxray: Luxray was Joey's 1st Pokemon, and has been with him for 5 years. Luxray is almost exactly like Joey in Personality, and their hearts are synced like 2 peas in a pod. Luxray has the ability to utilize the electricity coursing through his veins, whether its creating magnets out of its feet or creating gryphin-wings to fly around with, Luxray is truely a Pokemon not to underestimate.

    2. Jaroda: Joey hates doing these kinds of assignments, but Prf. Araragi wanted him to help raise a Pokemon of hers, one Tsutaja. Oddly enough, he has been a joy to raise, as he can battle quite agily and strongly. As a full grown Jaroda, he is still speedy, and still brings the pain. He is calm, but loves to bathe in the sun.

    3. Abagoora: Well, Joey and Diego have small tendencies to capture the same Pokemon, so that's why they both have an Abagoora. Joey found him as a baby Purotoga, and helped nurse it back to health. Now its full grown and will do anything for its master. He is very protective, and loves to hug Joey, which he both likes and hates because of his rock-hard shell.

    4. Kuitaran: Joey stumbled upon a colony of Aianto being terrorized by this beast, and decided to help them out by capturing him. Now he is a reformed Pokemon who loves to eat. He is also a battling genious, as he seems to know when a Pokemon will fire an attack, which he will dodge by burrowing underground.

    5. Shinpora: While walking through the desert, Joey was nearly walked to his doom when this Pokemon hypnotised him, luring him to a sand pit. However, Luxray came out and zapped him. Now Joey has him on the team as a scout, but he is an intriguing Pokemon. He will just stare into space sometimes, which makes Joey think he has the ability to see the future, which comes in handy in battle. He seems to have an extreme mastery over hypnotism, being able to hypnotise an entire crowd to thinking there is a giant hotdog dancing on stage.

    6. Pendora: Joey ran into him when he was randomly poisoned by his Poison Point ability. Je is surprisingly powerful for a bug, as he can take on the best and win. He also helps repel some girls, which helps Joey. Another odd talent is that he can act as a steed when walking, running, or climbing trees.


    Well, as stated in Joey's teamshot, here's Redome! (Ree-duh-may)

    Redome Shuto
    Age: 18

    Redome is Joey's archrival, one he made in surprising cercumstances. Redome was a memebr of Team Rocket at the time, and meant to take Joey's Shinx away when he challenged his Salamence. However, he was shocked to see just how far a boy would go to keep his friend, so he let him keep it. He made him promise that he would challenge him when Shinx was fully evolved.

    Redome is a typical mercenary-like trainer. He will do whatever it takes for the money, most of the time landing him in the middle of some scheme made up by an evil team, however other times he'll act as a detective: he's a double edged sword that way.

    He is normally calm and emotionless, however when it comes time for him and Joey to fight (usually once every month), he turns into a battle freak. He will absolutely do anything to win, and doesn't care if Joey is busy doing something else. When he wants to battle, he wants to battle right then and there, and will only battle if his team is at full health.

    What is he doing in Isshu? No one knows. He hasn't dawned the Team Plasma colors, nor any other organization. So, is he just here on vacation, or is he here to investigate? All anyone knows is that he has taken the same challenge as Joey.

    Team: His team consist of Pokemon with highly unlikely moves and abilities.

    1. Salamence: Know one knows exactly where this tyrant came from. Some say Redome stole him, others say its his first legitimate Pokemon. The only thing known completely is that he and Redome share a bond that can't be broken, as they two are like 2 peas in a pod. When he battles, he is a monster, and won't stop until he wins. He shares a strong rivalry with Luxray.

    2. Zeburaika: Redome captured this when he needed a speedy Pokemon, that wasn't as huge as Salamence, to catch a perp. He is hyper, and loves shiny things. He knows the Electric type move: Volt Change, which switches him out after he has attacked, but he also combines it with Wild Volt for more damage. he and Shubarugo make an excellent Lancing team.

    3. Shubarugo: Redome got him in a trade with a specific Pokemon, which made this Pokemon evolve. He is incredibly brave, and will charge into any danger. However he has a hard time moving, so he prefers close combat or a partner. He is truely a hero, and will not pass for any misdeed. He and Joey's Pendora make an excellent bug team.

    4. Gamageroge: Redome needed a Pokemon to surf on, and the only Pokemon big enough that was also a water type was this Pokemon. It was rather odd carrying him around in first form, as he isn't too easy on the eyes, however now he's a beast on the feild. He has quirky tendencies, and likes to swim alot.

    5. Zoroark: When Redome was exploring an abandoned lab, he found this fox as a Zorua nearly starved to death as vicious Pokemon were trying to eat it. Redome saved him and blew the lab up, along with all of those Pokemon. Now, Zoroark ffels endebted to Redome, and won't stop fighting until he has won. He like to transform into random Pokemon and try to prank others, however this never works on Redome, no matter what shape or form he takes.

    6. Mebukijika: Redome was curious about how often the climate changed, and decided to try an experiment. He captured this Pokemon so he could observe how it changes. Little did he know that he captured a Pokemon with the heart of a fighter. He is normally calm and docile, but he will fight to the bitter end.

    Well, I'm not sure what to do next. Maybe one of Caine?



    I know I already submitted these but I realize that it was hard to see them amist the Pokemon in the teamshots. So, here they are :)

    In order, Oreck, Joey, Redome, and Keel.

    Just curious, I'll put up a poll to see which one of the four you like better.
  13. I just noticed this thread today, and absolutely commend you on your efforts here. Those sprites are among the best I've sen here, and you've got true committment making a full region using creative teams and colour schemes. I wish I had the same talent and motivation as you do. I'm truly impressed by these sprites. Cannot wait to see what you pull out next!
  14. A comment :D Thank you! Although, the last few, mainly Keel through Redome, won't be making an appearance in my game. However, its still very much appreciated <8D Maybe I should put these guys in there. Oh well. Thanks again :) And I don't think I'm THAT good, but it's still very appreciated :)

    While I'm here....


    Well, here's Caine, finally! And here's his updated team. I'm okay with keeping Shanderra, but I wanted to keep Magnazone. Oh well, can't get everything we want.

    Caine Korudo
    Age: 17

    Caine is Oreck's best friend, and just like a brother to him. Like Oreck, who specializes in surprise attacks, and Blair, who specializes in Fire type Pokemon, Caine has his own specialty: Dual types, with the exception of Vaporeon. Caine is normally calm, but is a very devoted man, and will defend his friends to the death. However, he is also stubborn, which almost killed them. He is also very knowledgeable about history, as well as type advantages and disadvantages.

    A brief Bio:

    Originally, Caine chased Oreck and Blair back to the past because he feared that a rewrite in history would mean adios for them. However, he eventually came to his sense, and along with Keel and Umbreon, Oreck and Espeon, and Diego and Jolteon, they defeated Dark Kyogre. Thanks to a blessing from Arceus, he and his friends didn't disapear. He had to come back to the past, however, because of blackmail by an officer from their time. Eventually, they figured out who framed them (Oreck's boss), however it cost Blair her life. However, thanks to Victini's own fiery life force, she was revived, but is now trapped to this timeline. Because of this, Oreck and Caine have both agreed to stay in the past forever, that way she won't be lonely.


    Caine has traced his ancestry to not just Keel, but also Prof. Makomo of the Isshu region. Because Oreck would need some help, Caine decided to set up base in her lab, that way he can research the Dream World as well as help out his friend. Caine is normally an exceptional battler, however he has taken some downtime as of late. He has also decided that he would not take the Isshu challenge, so he has only replaced one team memeber, but he is based in Makomo's lab anyway, so it's like he never left.

    As for anylove life, Caine tries to stay away from distractions, but lately Prof. Makomo's lab assistant has been giving him some looks.

    Team: Dual Type

    1. Vaporeon: Vaporeon is Caine's first Pokemon, and also beleived to be Espeon's brother. Vaporeon is laid back, and fancies himself more knowledgeable than other Pokemon. As a result, he's a bit too calm. However, he is an excellent battler, given that he, like Espeon, has a special gift unique to no other Pokemon: He has the ability to transform into water, ice, water vapor, and back to normal form. He also knows an array of attacks which basically make him like a Dual Type. He, Like Espeon. has a thing for Flareon.

    2. Crobat: Crobat is one of Caine's most trusted Pokemon, as he takes him wherever he needs to go and is swift in the sky. While he's fair at battling, he's not as strong as some of the others, however he can still surptise other with Heat Wave and Steel Wing. He doesn't really have a personality, except for the fact that he likes people alot, and likes to give kids rides.

    3. Rhyperior: Rhyperior is undoubtly one of Caine's most powerful Pokemon. He has a special array of attacks, ranging from Earthquake, Stone edge, Fire Blast, Blizzard, even Surf, etc. He is a beast in battle, and will hardly flinch at a tough opponent. He tends to be happy, and likes nature, however he is a savage beast when angered. Some believe that he and Oreck's Aggron are brothers.

    4. Gallade: Galalde takes after Caine as far as personality goes. He is a skilled warrior who isn't afraid to get in a fight, but he is also nobel, and will come to the aid of any Pokemon in danger. He, however, has an odd problem that makes him irresistable to female Pokemon.

    5. Shiftry: Caine's most agile Pokemon. He is a hothead, and gets aggrivated very very easily. He tends to try to get the ladies, however he is shocked when they prefer Gallade.

    6. Shanderaa: Caine captured this Pokemon for the simple wish to have one Pokemon from every generation on his team. However, he has proven to be a valuable Pokemon, as he can sense when things go array, and can see dreams. He is also a very affectionate Pokemon, so he likes hugs, which surprisingly don't burn.


    Magnezone: He was one of the few Pokemon that Caine brought back with him from the future. He likes things that make electricity, but he is also a powerful pokemon, being able to fire Zap Cannons with almost 20% more accuracy than normal.

    Darnit, I just realized that Shiftry's hair is white, and that went transparent D8 Oh well, it doesn't look too bad, does it? We'll just keep that for here, since green seems to suit him ;)

    In case you can't see him well:


    Is that better? In case your wondering, yes, that's a C-gear on his wrist.



    Well, my Step-dad begged me to make a cop sprite of him. So I did, and when he wanted something slimmer, I did this. Anyway, just a random sprite. Since he wanted it, he will be known as Mike.

    I know, not as good as the others, but it was kinda sudden and he wanted to see it soon. So it took me about 1 minute, give or take, to do. Its more of a recolor, so I'm not quite as proud of it, but don't tell him I said that XD



    And here's Joel. In case you forgot who he was, he is the father of both Diego and Joey. See the hair?

    Joel Argos
    Age: 49 (though he's turned 40 twice )

    Joel is a pretty lax guy, and rather enjoyable. He loves Pokemon, nomatter what shape or size, and finds some talent in each of them. He is very knowledgable about his clan's history, and carries on the tradition of each family memeber's first Pokemon being electric type. He missed a lot of time with his kids when he left for 4 years, so now he is trying his best to catch up on lost time, so much so that he rights down their accomplishments in a baby book 0_0 .

    (Oh, and as you may have guessed, Joey is named after him.)

    On Diego's 10th birthday, he had to leave, due to being hunted down by Team Nightmare. Diego and Joey hated him for a while, however Joey's hatred eventually died after he fave him Shinx. Diego's, however, didn't die out until he turned 16, and was facing death in the face. Joel helped Diego and Joey, in a father and son trio, to defeat Team Nightmare and end their 300 year reign to a complete end. Since then, Joel has returned back home to patch things up with his wife, Katryn, and his little daughter, Mary, whom he gave her first Pokemon: Emonga.

    Joel heard that his boys were in Isshu, so he took the girls to Sazanabi Bay for a vacation. He constantly calls to check up on them, and doesn't mind embarrassing them in front of their friends.


    1. Electivire: As a clan tradition, Joel received his Electric Type pokemon for a first Pokemon. His was Elekid, which he raised almost to be a mirror image of himself. Now as a grown up Electivire, he acts just like Joel, being so happy when he sees Diego, Joey, Mary, Kathryn, Jolteon, Luxray, or Emonga. He is a very powerful tank, almost losing to noone. Only a few have beaten it, and one of those few happens to be Diego's Jolteon.

    2. Dragonite: Dragonite is also a happy dragon, but not as much as the other 2. He is also a tank, and shares a rivalry with Diego's Garchomp. He gives rides as often as he can, and loves kids. Joey has one too, which makes it more obvious that he is his kid.

    3. Herracross: Herracross is a very powerful pokemon for a bug. He has been known to be happy like Joel, but he is also a battle tank, taking it very serious....unless there's sap anywhere.

    4. Arcanine (custom): Arcanine was not always like this. Sure he's a good dog like Joey's Arcanine, but he's a bit too good. One day, Mary dyed Arcanine's fur in different colors. While Joel was surprised, Arcanine didn't seem to mind. He likes to play fetch, perform tricks, and chase cars He's also a powerful and fast Pokemon.

    5. Gigaisu: When Joel got to Isshu, he found this guy trying to destroy a mountain. He battled it bravely and captured it just before it squashed his daughter, saving her life. He is calm, versus the rest of the gang, and doesn't seem to get the memo about being constantly happy. He is however a great wall and tank in battle.

    6. Erefuun: Just like Diego, he foung his Erefuun as a Monmen flying in the breeze. He loves it so much, and found his evolved form much cuter. Mary likes it too, but she sometimes gets it confused with her doll collection. He has a very powerfull move, Gale, at his disposal.

    And as usual, here's a smaller version of him:


    Hope you like it :)

    Also, Keel isn't getting very much love? Wow, total opposite response I was expecting.
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  15. Just noticed the thread, but man, you're really good :)
    I especially like Faust and Oreck. Those sprites look, to me, like the real deal!
  16. THank you, but Faust looks real? All I did was recolor, but oh well. THe comment is still very much appreciated :)

    Now, remember DIana? No? Well here she is, Isshu style!


    The first time Diego offered her and Toby to go to Isshu, they didn't have time to go, like Diana had to help WHitney back in Goldenrod. However, now that all of that buisiness is taken care of, she and Toby came to Isshu where they can be with their friends once more, and be the inseperable they once were.

    Diana Rigardo
    Age: 17

    Bio: Diana may seem to come off blonde at times, but she loves her friends very much, and would do anything for them if they asked. She tends to fangirl over some of the stronger trainers (Such as Diego, Oreck, Keel, and even Joey), but that doesn't mean she can't show control; she just merely ignores it and hugs them.

    She comes from a rich family in Cherrygrove, so she hardly knows the meaning of work. She loves to shop, which is a burden to any guy she knows will fall for the puppy dog eyes. She will also spend some of this money to help the gang in their journies, and has invested money on Diego's future as a future Pokemon Master.

    Past: Diana met Diego when they were still kids, way back when she was 9. She was the first one of her friends to get a Pokemon, Azurill, and also the first to journey to other regions. Since then, Diana has been on many adventures with Diego and the crew, including some of the more dangerous ones, like taking down a Team Nightmare admin and a horde of Team Rocket Grunts.

    Now: She traveled to Isshu so she can be with her friends. Unlike the others, she actually had an Isshu pokemon before coming, but she still wanted more. She doesn't battle much, but has taken a liking to Pokemon musicals, much to the disliking of Zeburaika. Many of her friends are worried about what the hell her "Evil" Ditto is doing back home with the others.

    Her Team: She likes "cute" Pokemon.

    1. Azumarill: Azumarill was Diana's first Pokemon, and has always been happy when around her. They like to do the same things pretty much, including fangirling over strong Pokemon. She used to be carried around when she was in her younger forms, but now she gladly walks next to her best friend.

    2. Zeburaika: Diana captured this Pokemon pre-Isshu in a forest outside Trainer Turf. As a Shimama, he loved chasing butterflies, and also like games, however, he evolved shortly after the others left for Isshu, which made him more emo-like. He is calmer, which upsets Diana, however he truely loves her and will gladly let her ride him.

    3. Rankurusu: Diana saw this Pokemon as a Yuniran while exploring Araragi's lab, and absolutely loved it. She looked in the Pokedex, and still loved it, so Rankurusu is one of the few Pokemon she actually let evolve. Rankurusu loves bright objects, and likes sweets like crack. He is also like a stuffed animal, as he is almost always being squeezed, which he loves. He is somewhat of a coward, however, as he doesn't like totally buff Pokemon.

    4. Kamashuun: Diana received this as a gift from a random drawing. She absolutely loves it because of its adorableness. Unlike most Kamashuuns, he doesn't have a perpetual cold, but can easily get it if he uses too many Ice attacks. He is also like Rankurusu, as he is also a coward, but he is also a mama's boy.

    And as usual...


    What do you think? I made her outfit based off a girl I saw at school. I don't usually add pantyhose, but this seemed like a good spot. Plus, incase you can't tell, those are furry boots. Expect an edit soon. I'll try to get Toby in here.

    Edit: And speak of the devil.


    And now here's TOby's Isshu team. Same as Diana, he had other things to do when the others went. In his case, he had to look after his brother's gym. After he arrived in Isshu, he and Diego picked up their competitiveness, and now he is deadlock on training.

    Toby Cray
    Age: 18

    Bio: Toby is more of a relaxed kid, but he's very hotheaded. He's friendly with many people, but if he decides that he doesn't like you, then he probably won't ever like you. The only exception to this rule is Diego himself, who was his first rival as a kid. After certain events in the Sevii Islands, he decided to stop hating DIego, and they became friends. Since then, they have been 2 of the most powerful trainers in their group.

    Toby also has a special ability pertaining to Pokemon, and that is the ability to seek out and master moves (One such example is when he taught his Munchlax how to master Metronome by stopping at the nearest nanometer). In addition to this, he is almost undefeated in Double Battling, and he is steadily improving in Triple battling.

    As said, he and Diego used to be rivals, they made up, blah blah blah. He has also played huge parts in taking down the top Admin in Team Rocket and an admin in Team Nightmare. He has also played a huge part in stopping Lugiah and Ho-oh from clashing in the Sevii Islands. He also had a fling with former Darco region Elite 4, Kira, but due to an emergency, she had to go back. He hasn't seen her since.

    Now: He travels Isshu with his friends looking for trouble. Recently he's discovered that someone may be following them.

    Team: Random

    1. Haunter: Haunter was Toby's first Pokemon. Haunter was obtained when Toby got lost in a mzae at the age of 5, and there was Haunter, ready to save him. Unlike your average Pokemon, Haunter is almost 500 years old, and can enter in and out of his pokeball with ease. He loves pranks, and is quite silly. Toby may be annoyed by him, but Haunter is truely good inside and has a pure heart. As long as he's around, Toby is pravtically immortal, as Haunter will make him intangible as well. His hypnotizing powers are also extremly adept, as he's hypnotized an entire stadium before.

    2. Absol (shiny): Toby capture this girl while trying to find a replacement for Snorlax back in the Trainer Turf. She is calm and wise, but loves to be petted. Toby brought her along because of her rarity.

    3. Basurao (blue): Toby simply fished this guy out. While he may seem like he wouldn't be that big of a threat, Basurao is a major threat in water. He is a bit temperamatic, as he is easily agitated.

    4. Wargle: Toby saw his Staraptor in this bird the moment he laid eyes on it, and now uses him for many things. He is calm, but he's also a bit wacky and senile, since he is the 2nd oldest member of the team.

    5. Marakacchi: Toby found this wacko in the middle of.....not a desert...not even a wasteland. THis fellow was in an alleyway. She isn't that bright, and not great with camouflaugue, but she is great at battling, and loves jokes. She does, however, creep others out when she stares into space for hours on end without moving a muscle.

    6. Kojondo: Perhaps the fastest and slickest member of any of Toby's teams. He was captured when he stole food from Toby's bowl. Even then, he fought fairly and honorly. He is calm, almost like a ninja, and will stalk prey without making a single sound.

    and just in blah blah blah...


    Nice eh? I tried to make it remeniscant (or however the hell you spell it) of his 1st sprite.
  17. Awesome as usually :D

    How do you make your sprites look so original? Do you scratch them?
  18. Now, since I never posted any teams for Ace, Ollette and Diego, I'll do that right now.


    Name: Ace Shikago
    Age: 17

    Bio: Ace is Diego's best friend, and was the girst guy friend he made. Since they were little, Ace has always been a little bit weaker than DIego, but that suits him just fine. He is very analitic, and is almost a genious when it comes to stats and tech. He is, however, a pervert, and he loves it. If there's a girl in sight, he is on the prowl. His friends will usually discipline him, but his Ambipom will most of the time administer the pain.

    Past: Ace tried to be on his own for a bit in the begining with Aipom, however things didn't go too well. So, he's been traveling with Diego for almost 5 years. He has seen lots of action, and has helped Diego raise his Pokemon to the best condition they can be, which is why he is so trust worthy. He also took 1st place in the Orre Colloseum challenge, where he defeated Toby by just one point on the clock. Ace has also defeated a Team Rocket Admin, as well as delayed the resurection of Darkrai for a bit.

    Now: Ace, again, tired being on his own. He did well, but he didn't like being alone, so he rejoined Diego and Ollette on their Isshu Journey. He has taken down several Team Plasma agents and watched in awe as Diego battled N for the last time. Now he stays in Sazanabi bay with the others, but he also travels with the others when they go places. He seems to be developing feelings for a certain blonde.

    Team: They are based on monkeys and science.

    1. Ambipom: Ambipom was a gift from Ace's dad, and they bonded instantly. While he may cause trouble for Ace, he loves being goofy, and will not hesitate to get into trouble. He is very hyper, but he will not hesitate to administer justice to his master. He also knows odd moves, such as Thunder and Rain Dance. When Ace got Yanappu, Baoppu, and Hyappu, he took on a roll of leadership and seems to be like an older brother to Yanakki and Baokki, however Kyakki seems to be getting attached to him.

    2. Yanakki: Yanakki was one of the three monkeys that Ace obtained in the Abandoned Lot of Dreams. He tends to be the more calm one, and seems to think of himself as 2nd in command. He is the oldest of the three monkeys, but they don't seem to care.

    3. Baokki: Baokki was found the same way as the other two. He, however, is more hotheaded and more danger prone. He will pick fights with whoever looks at him wrong, but he is truely good. He seems to fancy himself like Ace, always flirting with the ladies. He does, however, get mad when anyone messes with his sister, Hyakki. He looks at Ambipom like a mentor, and loves to hear stories from him.

    4. Hyakki: Same as the other two. She is a bit air headed, and loves flowers and pretty things. She does get mad though, and when she gets mad, back off, because she more dangerous than a herd of Primape. She likes Ambipom, and will fawn over him like no one's looking, must to the disdain of Ambipom.

    All three seem to be able to get Ace into more trouble that a group of actual criminals.

    5. Denchura: Ace was quite fascinated with this creaturem as he reminds him so much of his Ariados. He brought a bunch of attention as a baby, which Ace liked. Now he's just normal. He seems to be more curious than anything, as he's always trying to fiddle with things.

    6. Goruugu: Ace saw this Pokemon as a Gobitto, and loved it eversince. He is kinda dull, being that he doesn't pick things up right away, however he is very peaceful, and will serve as an iron wall against attacks. Oddly enough, he serves as Ace's main source of flight, as well as a major tank in his team.


    Now Ollette.

    Ollette Irita
    Age: 17

    Bio: Ollette is a very nice person, and is very responsible for her age. She tends to be the one to take charge in the group. While she is harrassed by boys alot, much to Diego's dismay, she still has eyes only for him. She is the first friend Diego made, and she has always been by his side, including through some close moments. She also has very good hands, which comes from a long line of Medical knowledge in her family.

    Past: She has traveled with Diego from the start, and hasn't stopped following him since. She has played a major part in stopping Team Nightmare, and even defeated a Frontier Brain. She has also lead rebelions against Pokemon testing Corporations by freeing Pokemon.

    Now: Once again, she travels with Diego in Isshu, and has even won the Pokeshifter contest, where she transfered some of her old Pokemon to see her. She almost had a close encounter with N, a romantic kind, but N reassured her that Diego is the only one for her.

    Team: Randomish

    1. Glaceon: Ollette received her as an Eevee from Ace's father. She is a bit timid, and will not easily come to strangers, however she is an extremely strong Pokemon in battle. She has a crush on Jolteon, and unbeknowst to the others, they have made an Egg which a young lad found and evolved into Leafeon.

    2. Mebukijika: She captured it as a Shikijika whose lef was trapped in a bear trap. Since then, he has evolved into a very powerful leader, and will not stop fighting until Ollette is satisfied. He loves to give her rides, so long as a sugar cube and some petting is received.

    3. Swana: Ollette beleives that a Pokemon is as beautiful on the outside as on the inside, and to prove so she captured this Pokemon as a Koaruhii and evolved it. She is a mother figure to other Pokemon, and is a great battler. She does, however, take things too far when she won't let anyone get near a sick friend.

    4. Tabunne: Ollette was incredibally lucky to find this Pokemon, as they are incredibally rare. She loves to heal things, and has been known to touch plants and heal them. She is incredibally happy, and is never sad. She looks at Swana as a sister, and Gochiruzaru as a role model.

    5. Gochiruzeru: While she may seem emo, she is just as responsible as Ollette. She likes to stay calm, and almost never gets intimidated by others. She will look a Dark Type in the eye and throw them into next week. She has met Gardevior and Lopunny, and seems to get along well with them.

    6. Roopushin: He was abandoned as a Dokorar in some alley with a broken arm. Ollette took him in and he has loved her eversince. He will literally sacrfice himself just to make sure she is safe, and Ollette is the only person to make him let go of both Cinderblocks.


    Now, finally, the star of it all: Diego.

    Diego Argos
    age: 17

    Bio: Diego is a happy-go-lucky kid with a heart of gold and a soul of silver. He loves to adventure when he can, and will help anyone in need. He has been a natural batteler eversince he and Eevee, now a Jolteon, met Keel on that Cherrygrove Route. While he may be wise at times, he is still kinda absent minded, and doesn't exactly understand everything. He secretly loves Ollette, although he's almost come out and admitted it. He knows that if she were to leave, he would be as lost as a little boy.

    Past: As a kid, Diego grew up watching Red on TV, and at one point even fressed like him. It wasn't until keel made him get real that he started his own trend: Hoods and hip belts. When his father left, he absolutely hated him, that is, until after he saved his life, in which case he forgave him. Diego has made many accomplishments in his life, including getting trained by Hoenn Elite 4 Drake, meeting Red twice, and most importantly, winning the Johto Pokemon League. Since Diego has technically never faced the Elite 4 yet, he isn't Champion yet, but he's definately got potential He and his friends were invited to stay at Trainer Turf, an island made for strong trainers, where he was one of the best. He even defeated Team Rocket's leader, Giovanni, and tag team with Joel and Joey to defeat Team Nightmare's monster. He has even come close to defeating Red once, though he will never be able to.

    Now: Diego was invited by Prof. Araragi to travel Isshu to get a feeling of starting out again, which he gladly accepted. Along the way, he met a man named N, who later turned out to be with Team Plasma, and started a rivalry. After Diego gathered all 8 badges and defeated the Elite 4, Team Plasma's plan took action at the instant he was going to fight Adeku. When N finally captured Reshiram, Diego was able to use Zekrom to battle it, ending the legendary battle and beginning one of the most important battles of their lives.

    Diego and N put everything they had into the final battle, leaving Jolteon to fight N's Lepardesu. With a clash of Electricity and Shadows, Jolteon emerged victorious. As soon as that battle ended, Gicheezu rose up and forced him to battle, revealing that he used N from the start. Diego was upset, and felt pity for N, being led astray by his own father. he couldn't hold it in anymore, and summoned Zekrom and Reshiram to defeat his team, as the rest of Diego's Pokemon were exhausted from fighting N. When N was about to leave on Reshiram's back, and Zekrom disappeared back into the dark, he looked at Diego and made the promise to see eachother again, and left him with one message:

    "Good luck, Champion!"

    After all of that, Diego decided not to undertake the title of champion, as, in his words,

    "Technically, N healed my Pokemon, so that violated the Elite 4 match rules."

    With these words, he vowed to Adeku that he will return and win the challenge fair and square, and looked to the sky and promised to meet N again, and hopefully be friends this time....

    Team: very reminiscant of his old team.

    1. Jolteon: Jolteon was Diego's first Pokemon, and also his best Pokemon friend. he is almost a mirror image of DIego, and is always happy to play. He is extremely powerful and fast, so even keel's Tyranitar had problems with him. He has always been by Diego's side, through thick and thin, and will never leave his friend behind.

    2. Emboar: beleive it or not, but almost three months before coming to Isshu, Diego met this Pokemon as a Pokabu and befriended it. He promised that when he came to Isshu one day, he will be the first Pokemon he captured from there, and he held his promise. Emboar is a very dedicated Pokemon, and while he isn't too hyper, he is a happy Pokemon. He is a major tank in Diego's team, and reminds him of Typhlosion in personality.

    3. Abagoora: Diego captured him as a Purotoga from a small farm that raised them. He liked it from the begining because he reminded him so much of Torterra and Feraligatr, so he was very easy to raise. He is calm and relaxed, but he will tank through competition with no problem.

    4. Erefuun: Diego captured him as a Monmen when he saw the little guy stuck in a tree. He absolutely adored his personality, and accepted him into the group. He is very affectionate, and almost like a baby, but he is a great battler, despite his size. He is actually small enough to be inside, along with Jolteon and Kokoromori.

    5. Kokoromori: Diego captured him as a Koromori in a cave that was wounded in the wing. Since then he has evolved due to high happyness, and is a very happy Pokemon. He reminds Diego of Metagross, being that he's psychic, but also a little loony, whic he loves. Kokoromori is very strong in battle and surprisingly can carry Diego.

    6. Ononokusu: Diego saw Garchomp in him almost as soon as he layed eyes on him as a trouble making Kibago, and since then has not been disapointed. He is calm, and will never attack unprovoked, however he is extremely powerful and is one of Diego's most powerful tanks. Once, He met Garchomp, and the two didn't get along that well; however after they made up, Ononokusu learned some very powerful attacks from him.

    I really like his team. This is actually the only team whose names' I actually know without looking 8D

    I'm trying to find some good sprites for Blair, so expect to see that soon.

    Edit: Speak of the devil.


    Well, here's the fiery diva, Blaire!

    Blaire Herocho
    Age: 17

    Bio: Diana is kinda hotheaded, but she is really sweet. She's like some weird twist of Diana and Ollette: Shes responsible and she likes to hug people. She beleives that Keel may be her ancestor, however Keel believes it to be more likely that Caine is his descendant. No one will ever know, as the Rochero name has twisted and scrambled so much that it's unclear now. However, she does have a particular talent with fire types. Again, noone will ever know. She likes Caine and Oreck, but seems to lean more towards Oreck when it comes to relationships.

    Past: She came back with Oreck to reset time. However, unforeseen events led to her disapearing by accident. When Oreck, Caine, Diego, and Keel defeated Dark Kyogre, she came back into being.

    Later on, after some events involving Oreck's boss came about, she died when he used his Dusknoir to steal her soul. Oreck got so mad, he literally made Espeon enter a state where he could easily have killed him. After a bit, the gang came across Victini, who breathed fire back into her soul, thus bringing her back to life. However, now she is bound to this time, so the other two promised to never leave the past.

    Now: She came to Isshu with Oreck and Caine to see if she can find the little angel who saved her, however so far any documents containing where it was are gone, minus one letter, but the seal can't be broken by ordinary means. So she travels Isshu with Oreck so she can hopefully find the answer.

    Team: All Fire Types

    1. Flareon: Like Oreck and Caine, Blaire received her Eevee about the same time as they did. She is a rather impulsive Pokemon, fascinated by weird things and constantly wanting attention. She also seemed attracted towards Umbreon, Vaporeon, and Espeon. While she may seem girly, she is an excellent battler, and can catch male Pokemon off gaurd with Attract.

    2. Blaziken: Blaziken is very close to Blaire because she received her not that long after she got Eevee. Blaziken is calm and cool, but she is an amazing fighter, and you wouldn't know this bird couldn't fly with her acrobatic skills. She is an amazing fighter that gights almost with a gymnist style of martial arts. She also knows pletny of Flying type moves, such as Brave Bird.

    3. Camerupt: She's not even dure where she fot him. Camerupt just wound up in her pc for some reason, and it had her I.D., so she couldn't find who its original owner. She decided to keep it because even though he's slightly dopey and slow, he can really tank through opponents with ease.

    4. Houndour: She captured this Pokemon to keep an eye out for Caine. Houndour is docile and hardly does much, but she can really trip up her opponents because of her size and speed.

    5. Magmortar: Magmortar is another powerful tank on Blair's team, and like most fire types, he is extremely hotheaded. However, he has very high accuracy with his cannon.

    6. Urugamosu: Blaire received this ugly feller as an egg, which when hatched was much cuter. However, he is still a powerful fighter. He stares into space alot.

    As usual:


    I tried to do something different. I'm not too keen on the fire shading though. Well anyway, not bad for a redhead, right?

    I think I'll make Keel's companion, Yori, next.

    Oh I'm sorry Kazuki ^^; I didn't see you there. No, I don't scratch, I just looks through a whole bunch of sprite ranging from DPPt to BW, and if I see a peice I like, I'll copy and paste. I do have to improvise with some though, such as some curves I have to fix or hair. How do I do it? Well, many sprites have alot in common, such as outline pixels. If they line up, then they fit :) Then I just adjust the color and shade, and its like my own creation :)

    Moar! We want Moar!


    THis is Yori. And no, this is not a typo. I'm tired of people associating girls named yuri to the hentai genre. It's Yori, with an O.

    Anyway, if you look waaaay back in my gallery (My DA gallery), you'll see a sketch of her, Ollette, and Blaire. However, I've updated her.

    Name: Yori Shunska
    Age: 468 (though her body is in an 18 year old form).

    Bio: She is a quiet girl who follows Keel almost everywhere he goes. While she is quiet most of the time, she is easily fascinated with things she has never seen before, and loves cute things. She absolutely goes gaga over sweets and modern gourmet. While she may seem innocent, she sometimes is a tease to Keel, which he puts up with regularly.

    Keel was looking around in ruins one day, and happened to notice a really old book. He opened it, and Yori just so happened to fly out of it. Back then, she still thought it was 450 years ago, so she wore a kimono. Muxh time has passed, however, and now she lives a normal life in our time.

    Nowadays she is acustomed to modern fashion and technology, but she is till learning today's English. So while she can speak regularly, she has trouble with slang.

    Past: She was sealed into a book by Darkrai some 450 years ago, and wasn't released until Keel found her. She only had 2 Pokemon, Ninetails and Noctowl, and she kept those two in really old Pokeballs. She has helped Keel break into secret facilities and spy on targets, as well as defeat Darkrai himself.

    Now: She travels with Keel in Isshu, thinking he can't possibly survive without her.

    Team: She keeps a small team, and she only recently caught Desumasu.

    1. Ninetales: Nintales is, apparently, Yori's most valued partner. Whether or not it was her first is a mystery. She is the same as her master, quiet until provoked. She does seem to have feelings for Umbreon.

    2. Noctowl: Yori's main source of travel. He is quite old, even for his age. He is a bit wacky, but he's hilarious that way.

    3. Desumasu: Yori only recently captured this Pokemon then she and Keel were walking through the desert. This Pokemon was being tormented by Desukans, so she helped it. It is very timid, and because of his abuse, he refuses to evolve.

    And the usual...


    I know, The hair and shirt tone are almost exactly the same, and it bothers me :/ Oh well.
  19. Just in case you couldn't see my response: Oh I'm sorry Kazuki ^^; I didn't see you there. No, I don't scratch, I just looks through a whole bunch of sprite ranging from DPPt to BW, and if I see a peice I like, I'll copy and paste. I do have to improvise with some though, such as some curves I have to fix or hair. How do I do it? Well, many sprites have alot in common, such as outline pixels. If they line up, then they fit :) Then I just adjust the color and shade, and its like my own creation :)

    Maybe I should make my own turtorial about splicing :-\


    Well, here's Diego and Joey's little sister: Mary.

    Mary Argos
    Age: 8


    Mary is the baby of the Argos family, which kinda bothers and enlightens her. She is kinda stubborn, but she's very sweet. She looks up to her two brothers, and since Joey started 2 years before Diego did, she think she should be able to start training now. However, Joel and Kathryn both want her to wait at least one more year. In the mean time she is getting to know her Emonga.

    Past: She hasn't really done much because she's not technically a legal trainer yet, however she has befriended Victini, if that counts for anything.

    Now: She stays with her mom and Dad in Sazanabi Bay in Isshu. She also calls her bros, but Proffessor Araragi is also interested in her for some reason.

    He's a very happy, and sometimes extremely hungry boy. He likes to climb trees and swoop down to surprise people. He loves to sleep with Mary at night. He has one mortal enemy, however: Pachirisu.

    and you know what's next: [​IMG]

    And now their mom!


    Well, here's DIego, Joey, and Mary's mom, Kathryn! Hot right? Well, I don't like the whole "moms can't be hot" deal that some people use, so I made Kathryn into a good lookin' mom.

    Name: Kathryn Argos
    Age: Anywhere from 20 to 29 as far as she's concerned.

    Kathryn met Joel after they both met in the final rounds in the Indigo Leaque. Joel won, but he still fell for her. After he left for a few years, she started getting her figure back so she could date again, but she took him back anyway, for the sake of the kids. She's a nice lady who's cooking would make you quiver would love. She also likes to embarass her sons, but most people looking at her would think she's their older sister.

    Past: Pretty much what's stated above. She also took out a Team Nightmare Admin, buying her sons and husband some time. She used to be an avid trainer, and had potenial to become champion, but she gave up that life to have a family.

    Now: She is staying with her husband and daughter in Sazanabi bay, where she is attracting alot of attention for Miss Mom, a local beauty pageant. She is trying her best to train Mary and EMonga with Plusle and Minun so she'll be prepared.

    Team: All of these guys are mama's boys.

    1. Plusle: One of her 1st Pokemon. He is an adventurous fellow, and quite friendly. He is very attention hungry, and is rivals with his brother, Minun, for it. Even so, they make the best team anyone's seen.

    2. Minun: Same as Plusle.

    3. Haderia: She actually had this Pokemon for a long time, but doesn't want to evolve it because he is the perfect size. He is very loyal and loves to play catch. Like Plusle and Minun, he is a mama's boy.

    4. Bastiodon: THis is actually one of Diego's Pokemon, but she uses it alot. Bastiodon was found in an old family chest left by her grandfather, and even though he's old, he's a great battler. He is normally calm and docile, but will cower at the site of water. He too, is a mama's boy.

    5. Kingdra: He is a powerful tank that can power through even the toughest opponents. He is quirky, as he'll act cool in the water, but goes nuts on land.

    6. Venusaur: She has had Venusaur for almost as long as Plusle and Minun. He was a gift from Prof. Oak himself, and has been a tank and a friend ever since. He is also docile, but can get mad when he can't keep up with people. He tends to fancy himself as a leader. His favorite spot to be rubbed is his forehead.



    Wintons (from RSE), eat your hearts out!

    Well, Here's the entire Argos family. Notice a trend? All of them started with an Electric starter.

    In order from left to right:

    Joel, Joey, Diego, Mary, and Kathryn.

    See the resemblances in them?

    So, do you like them? And should I do a splicing tutorial?
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  20. Nice! Btw, where do you get the B/W sprites?
  21. Well, I use Spriters Rescource. Lemme see if I can find a link.... *digs through computer for a bit.....* Aha! Here it is, right here. Everything you need in a nutshell :)

    Now, I'm out of ideas D: Either I rest for a bit, or I look for more ideas. I'll try and make a tutorial, but it may take a bit.

    Edit: The tutorial has been made! I'll wait till the Charm's clock hits 12 so I can post this w/o double posting and everyone can see it. If you're that impatient, click here.
  22. Okay, now here's my Tutorial!


    Well, people kept asking me how I do this, So I made a 10 step tutorial. I'm sorry if its not big enough for you.

    I get my sprites from Spriters Rescource, Google it.

    While we're at it...


    Crap, I just realized that I forgot some bangs.

    Remember the guy I made in the Sprite Turtorial? Well I made him for a reason. He's not just the main character in Gale of Darkness. Since you can name him, I figured I can make him a fan character.

    Name: Max Tutor
    Age: 14

    Max is still a trainer learning how to survive in the Pokemon world. He gets frustrated easily, but is a generally nice kid. He can't turn a blind eye to danger or injustice, so he usually gets into fights, and is sometimes tempted to Snag a Pokemon he sees being mistreated. He can't, however, as his Snag Machine only works on Shadow Pokemon.

    Past: Max was just another kid in Orre, and he was a rather irritating teeneager. He used to cut down on Pokemon because he thought they were weak, so his mother sought out the help of a well esperienced trainer to mentor him for a while. Lilly contacted Diego to do this. At first, It was like trying to tell a dog not to bark, however Max eventually learned from Diego about how Pokemon are friends, and should be treated as equals. Thanks to Diego, Max also got major experience in his own team training, and was able to capture Pokemon not normally found in Orre. With this knowledge, he was able to defeat Cypher and free Lugiah XD from his torment. Now he is almost as strong as Joey, who is right on par with his brother.

    Now: Max wanted to go to Isshu, but is too excited by the Battle Subway and United Tower to explore too much. He also wants to challenge Diego, to show him just how much stronger he's gotten.

    Team: Random Pokemon, I they all have at least one different evolutionary method.

    1. Eevee: As in the video game, Eevee is a gift from Max's father, and as such is his best friend. He is rather strong for his size, and even though Max has a sailor friend who gave him all the evolutionary items needed to evolve him, He keeps a Everstone on him because he still hasn't decide which form he wants Eevee to take. Eevee is still a pup, so he likes to chase things like butterflies and roll in the flowers.

    2. Mantine: Diego helped Max capture him as a Mantyke, and then helped him evolve it by catching a Remoraid to help it evolve. Mantine is a very free Pokemon, as he can glide on land and swim in the sea, which makes him a very friendly Pokemon....Sometimes too friendly, as he likes to hug people alot and will wrap itslef around a person to rest from flying.

    3. Magmortar: Magmortar was captured as a Magby trying to fight an Elekid in the forest. He is very competitive and hates losing. He likes to keep a calmness to fool his opponent into thinking he's weak, when in actuality he has near perfect accuracy. Max has trained with this Pokemon so much, he has the bility to fire 2 Hyper beams at once and rest for just one turn.

    4. Tangrowth: Diego wanted Max to learn about trade, so Max traded a Swellow he captured for a Tangella. Max was frustrated at first, but once Tangella evolved into Tangrowth, it became a major powerhouse, and thanks to Ancient Power, he can defend agaisnt Fire Types. He is rather huggy, and will sometimes just pick up random strangers and hug them to pieces. He is very hard to get angry.

    5. Flygon: Diego wanted Max to learn about commitment, so he wanted Max to capture Trapinch so he would have to train it to evolve into Flygon. Flygon keeps cool and calm, and hardly ever loses it. He is a very powerful tank and can face almost any type, including his weaknesses. He also serves as Max's main source of travel.

    6. Shibirudon: While flying to Isshu, Max saw this odd Pokemon swimming in the sea as a Shibishirasu. He noticed it wasn't very good at it, so he captured it, and Noticed it was pure Electric type. He decided to raise it, and since then he has become a very powerful tank. He is still trying to adjust out of his Predatory instincts, so me may bite once in a while, but he is a good Pokemon other than that.

    Here's a better look at the sprite as usual:


    Tell me what you think :) Was my turoial helpfull at all? I know it's not as good as Tun's or some of the others, but I'd figure I'd help contribute to helping future spriters :)
  23. Ked


    Great tut you got there Doubled ^-^
    No surprise since all your sprites are great though~

    I think that it will really help alot of spriters trying to tackle trainers~!

    Also, can I have my cookie now? I guessed who it was, except in my case he's named Micheal.
  24. Sure :) *hands Ked a cookie* ^w^

    Anyway, got more.


    Well, how do you like the revamp of Wally? I tried to make him look less like a overly dressed astmatic kid and turned him into a teenager, who just happens to have asthma.

    I tired to give him that Alfalfa hair that he usually has, plus a full head of hair. I also didn't like how his team looked, so I put my own touches to it. And yes, he has a story in my world. It's quite similar to the RSE manga version, but it also has my own twist.

    Wally Mitsuri (10 cookies if you know why.)
    Age: 15

    Bio: Like in the manga and game, Wally is a bit timid, and has asthma in places that have bad air. He is usually reserved, but takes battling seriously, like it's a test of will. Unlike most trainers, he has the ability to speak Pokemon, which can surprise, enlighten, and horrify him.

    Past: He grew up in Hoenn, just like the original Wally. While there, he met Dante (my version of Ruby/Brendan), who helped him realize that he was meant for more than just sitting at hope next to a respirator. When he realized he was still weak, he saught out the help of his Uncle, Joel. However, when he found out he had never returned when he took off, he turned to the next powerful person he could find....and when Keel turned him down, he went to Diego. Like Max, he learned how to better experience battles, and before long it was like he was gaining Experience Points. When Diego finally said he taught him everything he could and gave him an egg he found, he returned to Hoenn, where he helped Dante and Katy (My version of May) summon Rayquaza to quell Kyogre and Groundon's rage,

    Afterwards, he challenged Dante again. Even though he lost, He had gotten waaaay closer to beating him than he originally had before. Wally knew that he still needed training, so he decided to travel the world to get stronger, and eventually found his way to Isshu.

    Now: He travels Isshu, and is tempted to take the Isshu challenge, however he is upset about having to part with the Pokemon he grew up with, so he's postponing that challenge. He heard that Diego was in Isshu, so now he wants to challenge him and show him just how much stornger he's gotten, as well as what that egg was.

    Team: Random Pokemon

    1. Gallade: This Gallade was the same Ralts that Dante helped Wally capture. He used to be timid, and Lord knows that his feminine transformation into Kirlia didn't help matters, however when Wally used a Dawn Stone to evolve him, he got the confidence he desperately needed. He is a powerful, stealthy Pokemon who is calm and cool at all times, and can handle almost anything that comes his way.

    2. Altaria: Altaria was obtained in Hoenn when Wally wanted a soft Pokemon to hold. It turned out that when he evolved he would take Wally almost everywhere he went. He is carefree, but can hold his own well in battle. Wally uses him to sleep better at night.

    3. Leafeon: The egg that Diego gave Wally turned out to be an Eevee, which happens to be the son of Jolteon and Glaceon. Leafeon is immune to size: this meaning tha the will pick fights with Pokemon he thinks will defeat him. He is incredibally brave, but he has ADHD, so he is easily distracted. He also likes to be petted, which brings Wally some nervouse attendtion from girls.

    4. Nidoking: Diego suggested Wally get a tank for his team, so Wally captured Nidoran and Evovled him into Nidoking. He is always eager to battle, practically training by tearing down trees and doing pushups with them. He has a diverse moveset, so it is increadibally hard to beat him, even if one has a type advantage. He is loyal only to Wally, so it would be wise not to trade him.

    5. Ampharos: Diego wanted Wally to brush up on capturing Pokemon, so he had him capture Marrep. He suffered the same injustice as Ralts, that ism until Wally leveld him up. Ampharos is docile, and will have fun when he wants. He can easily hold his own though, and some say that because Wally has both him and Leafeon, he could truely be a lost Argos.

    6. Buffalon: When Wally finally reached Isshu, he noticed a whole herd of this Pokemon. It turned out that the man that owned them was giving these things away, so Wally took one. Wally likes to use him to travel when he's tired, but for some reason, he, along with Leafeon, help with his asthma. He can also plow through opponents in battle. Buffalon is normally calm and cool, and always wanting to chew on grass, which has gotten Wally, as his hair is the same color as grass.

    And as usual...

  25. Nice new sprites, really like the new Wally!

    And nice tut :)
  26. Thank you :) I tried to give him a similar, but different hair style to the original Wally. Sorta like the original SIlver's transformation to HGSS Silver.

    Any way.....


    Well, Remember how I made Wally? And if you look back in my gallery, you'll see my Brendan revamp? Well, THis is basically that guy, only re-revamped. In my universe, his name is Dante, and isn't exactly your ordinary trainer.

    Oh, and a fun fact! Dante's team is the same as my running team in Emerald.

    Name: Dante Koda
    Age: 16


    Dante is an average adventurer, wanting to see the world, which prompted him to run away from home in his new hometown of Littleroot. Dante is someone who is easily annoyed, but tries to keep his cool as much as he can. Even though he may seem dull to the rest of the world's going ons, he still can't sit by and watch the action fly by.


    Dante was born in Johto originally, but a job offer for his dad, Norman, made his family move sea-bound: Hoenn. Dante was forced to ride in the back with the other stuff, and when he finally arrived in Littleroot, he was disapointed. No action was going on, no gym, not so much as a Pokemon Center. He decided he was going to leave this dump, and do it without anyone's permission. So, just as he packed his bags and got to the town's exit, he saw Prof. Birch being attacked by a Poochyena. Without a second thought, he rushed in to assist. He saw three balls outside of a hip bag, so he took one and threw it. With the new Mudkip, he easily defeated Poochyena with the battling skills of a proffesional.

    Birch was so impressed, he let him keep the Pokemon. However, his daughter, Katy, could never accept that her father would just give Mudkip to a stranger, so she followed him. First openly, then secretly. Along the way, Dante also met Wally and helped him capture Ralts, as well as got his father and mother's blessings for his journey. He then met a mysterious youth named Marcus (who I will describe later) who challenged him with his Treeko. After that, they became friends and rivals. Dante soon found himself on the road to becoming champion, capturing Pokemon who would seem to be hard to train. He also encountered Teams Magma and Aqua and defeated them after they tried to resurect Kyogre and Groudon. However, it wasn't over yet.

    Dante soon challenged the Elite 4, and while he barely won, he still became Hoenn's new champion. He also got into a relationship with Katy.

    Now: He travels the world, hoping to go to Isshu next. However, he'd be just as happy finding a strong Trainer to battle.

    Team: Based on my Emerald Team.

    1. Swampert: Dante received this after saving Birch. Mudkip was a born fighter, and was easy for Dante to raise. Swampert is easy to be around, and loves attention. He also like Pokeblocks, Poffins, berries, whatever you give him he'll gladly eat. He also thinks that Dante likes Katy and will go out of his way to rub it in his face. Swampert is a powerful Pokemon and can easily hold his own in battle.

    2. Manectric: Dante found the little guy trying to tree a Sentret, but failed as he wasn't that intimidating. Dante captured him and trained him to become a strong bloodhound, and he has proven his worthyness. Manectric is a calm Pokemon that loves to excercise, and also likes to beg for food. His speed and diversity in battle has also earned him a place in Dante's powerhouses as well as a wild Pokemon tracker.

    3. Swellow: Caught as a stubborn Tailow just outside of Petalburg Woods. Swellow is calm, and tires not to let things get to him. Despite the way he looks, he is actually very strong and can easily out manuver most flying types, including take them out of the sky with Steel Wing.

    4. Brelloom: Dante captured this Pokemon while in Petalburg woods. He wasn't quite sure about it, but he saved his hide when Dante was ambushed by both Team Aqua and Magma. Brelloom is fickle. He is kinda selfish, and hates to be underestimated. However, he knows right from wrong, and as a Fighting type, he can easily take out Ice types and hold his own for a long time in battles. Plus, his Effect Spore makes sure that he doesn't go out without a bang.

    5. Aggron: Obtained as a Aron in Granite Cave. Aron wasn't alone, as he was with his best friend, Sableye. He is a happy fellow, and loves to eat. When he first evolved into Lairon, Sableye got jealous, but accepted it, because he was still his friend. Now that he is an Aggron, he is one of the most powerful Pokemon on Dante's team. However, he and Sableye make the best team anyone's seen.

    6. Sableye: Sableye is a rather strange creature. He goes nuts when its dark, and absolutely gets off on it and shiny objects, which he tries to steal. Sableye may be a naughty Pokemon, but he is turely a good Pokemon at heart, and is suprisingly powerful for his size. He hates to be underestimated, so he'll got crazy if that happens. He and Aggron work best together, but he can form excellent combinations with other Pokemon.


    He looks better than his old sprite, doesn't he? His new rival, Marcus, is next.


    And here's Marcus! Dante's new rival!

    Name: Marcus Rolo
    Age: 16

    Bio: Marcus is a nice kid who only wants what's best for Pokemon everywhere. Problem is that he approves of what Archie and Maxie are doing, but disagrees about them doing it separately. While he's a good kid that abides by the laws, he is a bit demented. However, Dante did not know this when he became his friend. He is also a very powerful trainer, being able to take out many trainers at once.

    Past: Dante met Marcus just outside of Petalburg Woods. There, Marcus battled Dante using a Treeko he supposedly "freed" from his master. What Dante didn't know was that Treeko was "freed" from Birch's lab. Marcus decided to challenge the gyms as well, but that's not all he's looking for. When he encountered Magma and Aqua, he couldn't help but try to urge them to work together for everyone's benefit, which got him nowhere.

    I've got a surprise for you later showing what happened later.

    Team: Randomish

    1. Sceptile: Marcus freed him from Birch's lab. He is calm like a ninja and will hunt down opponents with stealth and speed. He would die for his master.

    2. Mightyena: Marcus found the Pokemon that Dante defeated and raised him. He is Manactric's rival, but Mightyena is more serious about his training. He can use darkness as well as other abilities to fight, and his nose is just as powerful as Manectric's.

    3. Sharpedo: Marcus wanted to capture this Pokemon so he could be more like Archie in his advance's to raise the sea. Sharpedo is nasty, and will easily get enraged. He is also a tank that can move surprisingly well on land.

    4. Camerupt: Marcus captured him so he could be more like Maxie in his advance's to raise the land. Camerupt is slow minded, but it extremely powerful and can easily plow through opponents.

    5. Seviper: Seviper was just about to bite Katy, whose back wa sturned, when Marcus comanded Grovyle to use Seed Bomb. He captured it on the scene. Seviper may try to be mean, but he is easily freaked out by his master's kindness towards his Pokemon.

    6. Salamence: Marcus saw this Pokemon in Meteor Falls trying his darnest to fly. Unfortunately, no matter how many times he tried, he fell flat on his head. Marcus promised that he would fly one day if he came with him. He was right, and now Salamence is very grateful. He is an amazing powerhouse in Marcus's team and is also a good source of transportation.



    Continued from his real team.

    Past: Once Maxie and Archie brought back Kyogre and Groudon, they lost control. Dante, Katy, and Wally reawakened Rayquaza to quell their anger, but noone expected Marcus to make a move like this. He took the Red Orb, Blue Orb, and Jade Orb, and with all of these, he was in complete control of these monsters. He decided to make the earth the size of Jupiter, that way the whole world, people and Pokemon alike could have more places to live, But Dante realized that in the process people would die, and the earth's core couldn't handle that kind of power. So, he took on Marcus, including the legendaries, one by one.

    It took Dante 2 Pokemon each, but Dante managed to barely defeat Marcus. By doing so, the orbs flew back to Mt. Pyre, and the trio disapeared. Kyogre back to the sea, Groudon back to Mt. Chimney's core, and Rayquaza back to the Ozone LAyer, or the Sky Tower. Marcus was crushed, and realized his mistake. He vowed to never do something so crazy again, and ragained his friendship with Dante. He promised that he will find a better way to help people and Pokemon, and to start he would help teach Secret Power to Pokemon so humans can find more places to live, and also searched for places where nature reserves could be built.

    Now: Marcus has started a movement, and is quite proud of it. People are recycling, making energy efficient homes, and helping Pokemon. He's quite curios as to how Dante is doing, so he is searching for him now.

  27. [​IMG]

    Trying something different. From now on, I'll upload the single sprites first, then team shots.


    Well, Here's Katy, basically the equivilant of May in my fanverse.

    Katy Birch
    Age: 15

    Bio: Katy is a girl who beleives in morals and Karma. She beleives that anyone who is rude will never get anywhere in life, and bad people will have bad things happen to them. She is nice, but she doesn't take losing easily. Dante baffles her, as she thinks he rude (just because he refuses to admit that Mudkip was not stolen), and he keeps beating her (though to be fair, he does have type adbantage over Blaziken). Even with these, she still finds something attractive about him. However, she also finds Wally to be innocently adorable, and Marcus to be a well organized leader.

    Past: Katy chased Dante for a bit because she thought he took the Mudkip her father gave him, however in truth she got this Pokemon's report mixed up with Treeko's, who was the real Pokemon stolen. She eventually backed off after watching Dante win his 1st 2 badges, as well as watching Marshtomp evolve, but she still didn't entirely beleive him. Later, she met Wally, and also encouraged him to be a trainer, whic made him nervous, but happy, which she found adorable. She then met Marcus for the first time in Mauville, when he voucehed for Dante and Mudkip. Eventually, she met them both again in the routes between Fallarbour Town and Meteor Falls, where Marcus barely saved her from a Seviper.

    Later, she discovered that Marcus was trying to help Maxie and Archie, and urged Dante to not trust him. However, as Dante is a strong beleiver in "Bros before Hoes", and wouldn't beleive her. He challenged her and won again, but he began to see some truth in what she said. FInally, She helped Dante and Wally reawaken Rayquaza to quell Kyogre and Groudon's anger. When Marcus took control of Kyogre, Groudon, and RAYQUAZA, she tried to calm him down. After Dante barely died from injuries of battling these three from collateral damage, she confessed her feelings to Dante, which he overheard, but never brought back up.

    After Dante defeated the Hoenn Elite 4 and entered the Hall of Fame, she finally admitted her feelings to his face, which he responded positively to.

    Now: She tries to help her dad with his research, but hasn't heard from Dante in a while. She wants to find him again to make him ask her out, but for now she is stuck trying to follow Wally to Isshu, where she'll hopefully find him.

    Team: Based on some HM slaves mixed with my Ruby team.

    1. Blaziken: Katy chose this Pokemon when she was 10 years old because she liked her warm body. She is a little shy, but loves fighting, and is quite marvelous to watch during contests. Unlike most Blazikens, she has the marvelous gift to channel fire through her feet to propel her forward like a rocket, and because of this, she is an extremely difficult Pokemon to beat.

    2. Masquerain: Katy got lucky to find this Pokemon during a swarm. She is very agile, and for somereason very surprise prone. She may not even want to, but she can scare people just by staring at them. She just wants a hug, however.

    3. Linoone: Birch was attacked again by a Zigzagoon, so Katy captured it. Linoonw has the Pick Up ability, so he's always finding stuff on the ground, including rare items, and some very, very unwanted ones. He is attention hungry and demands to be petted when he wants. Besides that, he is very fast at straight lines, and has baffled many of his opponents because of this.

    4. Whiscash: Katy fished this Pokemon as a Barboach, and since then leveled it up to be a powerful Pokemon. He is kinda dull, but he can be very smart when he wants to be. Since evolution, he is big enough to support one person on the seas, which Katy has thoroughly enjoyed. While he is much better and more manuverable in water, Whiscash can do pretty fair on land with close range pphysical and special attacks.

    5. Tropius: Katy was hungry when ecploring the jungle routes between Mauville and Fortree, so she picked a bannana....she thought anyway. Tropius was captured on the spot because he would be an excellent tank and flyer. He's a little slow, but he likes life slow.

    6. Absol: Katy found this guy suffering from an injured leg. He is a silent prince who can sweep down opponents without so much as a sound. He can conjure the powers of distruction, such as Razor Wind, and bring down his opponents. He looks after his teammates like a pack, and will sacrifice life and limb for them.

    And no, this is not a May revamp.

    In case you can tell, I tried to make her have long hair, but if you can't tell then oh well.

    I'm going to make a few more, then I'm caput for ideas.


    Well, you know how some games have that one character (like Final Fantasy and Moogles) that reappear everynow and then? Well, Courtney is that character in my universe.

    Now, I will post a team later, including a full bio, but for now here are her three different hairstyles.

    1. When formal

    2. When sporty

    3. Normal


    Well, here's her team. As you can tell, they all have one color in common: green.

    Courtney Silph
    Age: 15

    Bio: She's a very energetic girl who can make friends with almost anyone. She is heir to the Silph Co. fortune, so she can pretty much go whereever she wants with no worry of money problems. She has been almost everywhere, including Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Orre, Fiorre, Darco, Milaborii, and now Isshu.

    She has met many people during her journies, such as Diana, Katy, Cenna, Scarlet, and even Blue (the girl from FRLG, don't argue). She has also gone out with Ty (Johto), Dante (Hoenn), Joey (Sinnoh), Lucas (Sinnoh), and once Wally, though he was forced into it; she liked him more for some reason.

    While she has many friends, she still feels the excitement when she discovers a rare Pokemon (like the Green Eyed Pokemon), and feels the rush when she meets a new hero or rising star. She has been on many adventures, but hasn't stuck around long enough to see things all the way through.

    Now: She's in Isshu, trying to find some new adventures for her and her friends, as well as some good photo-opportunistic moments. She longs to meet Red, Green, Gold, and even some heroes we're familiar with: Keel, Oreck, and Diego.

    Team: All have a green characteristic.
    1. Ampharos: She was Courtney's first Pokemon, and because of that she and her have a very close bond. She is very strong, and has been known to be able to compete with most fighting types. She has gotten into fits with Ty's Typhlosion and even Wally's Ampharos. Her green jewels are a joy to look at.

    2. Rapidash (Shiny (I didn't like the original, looked too gray)) : This Green Eyed beauty was Courtney's 8th birthday gifth from her father. THis Pokemon is extremely rare, as she is shiny and has green eyes, and is very fast. She serves as quick transport on land.

    3. Yorterrie: Courtney bought this Pokemon from a litter in Darco. She loved this little sized pup, so she decided never to evolve it. He is very playful, and very naughty. His green eyes are a spectacle.

    4. Mismagius: While touring Sinnoh, Lucas decided to capture a Pokemon for her. Little did he know that this Pokemon was green, so she loved it. Mismagius is a very lovable Pokemon, but she loves scaring people, as is her Ghost type nature.

    5. Gardevoir: Courtney captured this Pokemon when touring Hoenn. She loved it's green appearance, and it wasn't even that rare! It is a great dancer, and Courtney loves to enter her in contests. She got in bouts with Dante's Swampert, Katy's Blaziken, Marcus's Sceptile, and Wally's Gallade.

    6. Gorebyss: Another green eyed Pokemon. She decided to experiment in Pacifidlog Town with her new Clampearl She evolved it and now uses it for quick water transportation. She is rather silent, but loves to swim.

    Next, the Johto trainers!


    No he isn't a reindition of Black.


    I know, the eyes. I tried to make them gray, but that's hard to see.

    Ty Osh
    Age: 16

    Bio: Ty is a rambuncsious kid who can be a little cocky. He is a knucklehead and hardly listens to any orders, however he has a good heart, and always looks after his friends. He also has a strong affection for little children, and will literally go nuts if someone harms them. Ty also has a special ability unique to him and Nick, his being known as "Soul Surge" (hence the gray eyes). THis ability allows him to connect to the hearts of Pokemon he has a special bond to and increase their power with his soul.

    Ty lives in the same town as Diego, New Bark Town. He grew up with 4 other kids, two of which are members of the "Town Defense Gang" made by Ty and his 2 friends, Donny and Garret. THey practically support everything Ty does, and will practically follow anything he does. The other two despised him. Even so, he, Cid Norlic, and Scarlet Tiga, studied together under Proffessor Elm.

    Past: When Ty finally reached the point to where he could graduate, and he chose Cyndaquil as his starter. Nick and Scarlet were worried about Cyndaquil in the hands of Ty, but it turned out that he and Ty formed a team like no other. LAter on, Ty became the 1st to evolve his Pokemon, which was no surprise given that Cyndaquil evolves at level 14. However, Ty began to take the Johto League Challenge, which he became very good at.

    However, just as his carrer as a trainer took off, Team Rocket rose up to take over Johto. WHile beating their crew was no problem, with the help of Scarlet, Garret, Donny, and Courtney, it was hell trying to defeat Cid, who turned out to be the kid of one of the executives. He just wanted power, which Ty became enraged at. In the end, Ty and Typhlosion took out Cid and Feraligtr, and ended Team ROcket.

    After the Ty defeated the under powered Johto League, Ty decided to follow Red's footsteps and took the Kanto Gym Challenge. It was a long, enduring road, but after he gained the support of Scarlet, who later became his girfriend, Cid, who became his best friend, his friends back in Johto, and even Green and Prof. Oak, He made it all the way to Mt. Silver, where he met and battled Red.

    Red was the most challenging battle he ever fought, and by far the most intense. Even when Ty used his Soul Surge, it didn't help much. Red finally used Charizard in a battle with Ty's last Pokemon, Typhlosion. Even though he knew he would lose, Ty and Typhlosion demanded that Red would not hold back. With a clash of Fire hot enough to melt 1/3 of the mountain, Ty finally lost. Since his clothes were damaged, including his hat, Red left him his old hat, to let Ty know, who was unconscious, that he was a good fighter.

    Later on Ty, Cid, Scarlet, and two 7 year olds, Ethan and Lyra, wen to the Battle Frontier, where they Met Joey, Lucas, Jun, and Cenna. Ty became addicted, and decided that he wouldn't quit until he defeated Joey. Ty had already defeated the Battle Arcade and Battle Hall, while Joey had beat the Battle Castle and Factory. THey met in the semi final round of the Battle Tower, where Palmer was waiting. In a clash of wits and determination, the intense battle ended in a draw, which made Ty and Joey happy, and Jun even happier to fight his father.

    In the end, Ty decided to train some more at the Battle Frontier so he could challenge Red again. The others went back to Sinnoh, while Cid, Scarlet, Ethan, Lyra, and the two Pichu and one Marril all went back home to train.

    Now: Ty has succesfully obtained all the stamps of the Battle Frontier, and has now set his eyes on Isshu, where he will fight through the United Tower to fight the master.

    Team: My SS team.

    1. Typhlosion: Typhlosion was received as a timid Cyndaquil, who later turned bold with his new master. Typhlosion is just as numbskulled as his master, but he also like to make explosive entrances. Despite his appearance, he is extremely powerful, and when united with Ty's soul, is 10X more powerfull. He considers Ty to be his best friend, and would never turn his back on him.

    2. Pidgeot: As a Pidgey, he was Ty's first capture, and as such is one of his most powerful Pokemon. He is pretty daring, as he likes to skydive with his wings closed. He knows many powerful moves and his windstorms are enough to uproot trees.

    3. Mantine: Ty got really lucky finding this guy in the Sprout Tower lake. Since then, he evolved thanks to the help of a fisherman. Mantine is sorta dull, but he is powerfull like noone's business. He has the habbit of hanging on to people when on land, but Ty doesn't mind, as he is incredibally fast on water and is his main source of water travel.

    4. Jolteon: Bill gave this Pokemon to Ty when it just appeared in the Wifi Trade room. Ty evovled it into Jolteon because he saw just how well Diego's did, so he evolved it into Jolteon. He is incredibally fast, but is a hopeless ladies man. He also likes attention,a nd expects to be rewarded for doing well in battle.

    5. Tyranitar: Obtained as a Larvitar who fell off Mt. Silver into New Bark town. Ty raised him to compete with Cid's Rhydon, which worked very well. He is a bit cocky, but rather mature about it. He is incredibally powerful, giving even CLaire a run for her miney.

    6. Garchomp: Ty traded a shiny Quagsire, which he had no idea what a shiny pokemon was, to a guy from Sinnoh. In return, he received Gible, who was a hungry, hungry boy. Garchomp is a very powerful beast, and while he still has hunger issure, he trusts in his comrades, and helped to tear down Lance's wall of Dragons.

    Next will be Cid, Scarlet, Donny, and Garret.
  28. [​IMG]


    Well, here's Cid. Yes, he looks a bit too much like SIlver, but I intended him to be related to him. Hope he looks okay, I'll admit that I didn't do as good of a job as normal.

    Cid Norlic
    Age: 17

    Bio: Cid is a smart kid who knows almost everything related to stats and moves, including damage and accuracy. He looks down on people whom he thinks aren't as smart as he is, which is a lot of people, and absolutely hated Ty and his friends for a while. He used to view Pokemon simply as tools, and weapons for making him stronger, however Ty set him straight.

    Cid has a power almost identical to Ty's. His power is known as "Heart Surge" (which is why his eyes are gold), which basically does the same thing as Soul Surge, only except it connects with the heart of a Pokemon, which is essentially the same thing. With this, Cid can literally feel the same heart beat as his Pokemon, which can be dangerous at times, and at one point nearly gave him a heart attack.

    Cid grew up in the same town as Ty and Scarlet, and like Ty, he never knew his parents before they died. He chose Totodile for his starter simply because he thought it would be a stonger choice down the road. Cid also graduated top in his class, and ranked number 10 in the world wide graduates. He wasn't satisfyed, so he took on the Johto Gym Challenge. He was still upset that Croconaw evovled later than the others, even though they evolve later.

    Eventually, Cid learned that his father was a Team ROcket Admin, and thus realized that he was meant to take over. For a bit, he controlled things from behind the scenes, but after Team ROcket took over the Radio Tower, he decided to let the world know his ambitions. Ty had had it, so he challenged him to disband TR. In a final bout, Cid finally lost to Ty, even when he used Dark Heart Surge. Cid finally came to his senses, and backed down, permanently disbanding TR in Johto.

    After Ty took on the Johto Leagye, Cid decided to search for the legendaries scattered across Kanto and Johto, and on one occasion, he and Ty met Arceus and Cynthia.

    Now: Cid is also competing in the United Tower, and expects to fight Ty any day.

    Team: Based on my HG playthrough.

    1. Feraligatr: Cid's first Pokemon. He has a close connection to Ty's Typhlosion, so when they fight, its more for sport. Feraligatr is more withdrawn when it comes to persoanlity, but he is easily angered, and is extremely strong in battle.

    2. Fearow: Cid captured this Pokemon when he discovered a flock of Spearow. THis Spearow was the main boss, and received a scar from Totodile. He is a born leader, and can maneuver well in the air. He and Pidgeot are mortal enemies.

    3. Houndoom: THis Pokemon was also a leader of a pack. He is extremely feral, but has discipline, so he knows where to calm down. He is an excellent tracker and can easily overpower any Pokemon when he receives the chance.

    4. Espeon: Cid received this Pokemon as an Eevee, which then got lost for a bit. He befriended a boy, who then made Eevee evolve through friendship. It turned out that this was Cid's plan all along, so he took this Pokemon back. He did get to know Cid better though, so now he trusts him. He is laid back, but is just as serious as his master.

    5. Rhyperior: Cid captured this Pokemon from the new Johto Safari Zone. He evolved through contact with the Protector Plate, which made him evovle into a foreign Pokemon. RHy perior is a major tank in the feild, and can take on any type. He is rivals with Tyranitar.

    6. Dragonite: Cid captured this beast through the Dragon's Den. He is extremely strong, and gives even Garchomp the run. He is rather power hungry, and isn't all the way tamed. However, he can fight well, even without the Heart Surge.

    Scarlet's next.



    Well, here's Scarlet. I tried to make up for Cid's sprite with this one, I hope I did okay. I doubled Steelix's size becuase the original size bothered me.

    Scarlet Tiga
    Age: 16

    Bio: Scarlet is a smart girl who can easily read any Pokemon. She wants to become a Pokemon Professor, so she is studying diligently so she can become one. She is nice, but she tends to see things on the negative side, which bothers Ty a lot. THey used to despise each other, but now they're in a relationship.

    Past: While Cid may have graduated top in the class, she did fairly well too. She chose Chikorita for a starter because, well, she was the last one left. However, she still enjoyed it. She was worried about Cyndaquil in the hands of Ty, so she made a bet. She said that if Ty couldn't defeat Falkner on the first go, then he's have to return Cyndaquil to Elm. However, she was quite shocked at just how well these two bonded. She then decided to take the challenge herself, but she only made it up to 7 badges.

    She also helped in taking down TR when they attacked Goldenrod. After Ty defeated the Johot Elite 4, she wanted to follow him, but he refused, saying he would finish the journey just as he started: Alone with his Pokemon. Still, she kept an eye on him, but only caught the last glimpse of his and Red's battle. She was the one to carry him off the mountain to give him treatment at the Pokemon Center.

    After that incident, she had to take care of her Mother's friend's children , Ethan and Lyra, along with thier Marril, Shiny Pichu, and Spiky Eared Pichu for a bit. Although she didn't compete in the Battle Frontier, she did give Team Galactic, who were trying to get to Stark Mountain (In my universe, Johto's and SInnoh's Battle frontiers connect near Sinjoh Ruins), a lot of hell, along with Cid and the others.

    Now: She is interning at Professor Araragi's lab while researching the Isshu Pokemon. She keeps a close eye on Cid and Ty, making sure they call her all the time after each battle at the United TOwer.

    Team: Based on a backup team.

    1. Meganium: Scarlet's first Pokemon. Meganium is almost like her master, except she likes to look at boy Pokemon. She also likes to breathe in the scents of flowers.

    2. Togekiss: She received this Pokemon from Mr. Pokemon. While this Togekiss was a pain to raise as a baby, He is now a happy, healthy Pokemon. He is very manuverable in air and knows many attacks like Fire Blast and Psychic.

    3. Kingdra: Captured as a Horsea. She is very powerful, as she can shoot down a target from far away. She is very fickle, and doesn't like cold water.

    4. Steelix: Scarlet traded a Bellsprout for him as an Onix. He is very protective of her, and will not tolerate any mistreatment to Scarlet.

    5. Umbreon (custom): Thanks to a special experiment with special rays, Umbreon evolved into an oddly colored Pokemon. She is a very polite Pokemon, and is very quick. She seems to have a thing for Jolteon and Espeon.

    6. Mamoswine: One of the last Pokemon that she captured. She thought it was adorable as a Swinub, but now thinks he is a big, healthy boy. Mamoswine is a mama'a boy, and loves to be petted, and like Steelix, will not tolerate anything wrong happening to Scarlet.

    Donny and Garret are next.
  29. Well, I've got a bunch to add.


    Well, I decided that I didn't want to name these two Donny and Garret. So I decided to go with their old names: Bruce (Left) and Verch (right). Ty has some weird friends, doesn't he?

    Bruce Donald
    Age: 18

    Bio: Bruce is a pretty gulible guy, and like Verch, usually aproves of anything Ty does. He is very protective of his friends, and will go nucking futs if you mess with them. Although he had received his Pokemon before Ty, same as Verch, Bruce never obtained any need to adventure outside of his hometown, simply because he wanted to help Ty and Verch stand up to local bullies. Although he is braver than Verch, he too, can be a coward.

    Until Ty found out he had a Pokemon, Bruce was the main muscle of the group.

    Machamp: Machamp was Bruce's first Pokemon. He is rather affectionette, which is rather odd. When he gets overwelmed with emotion, he starts crying, and makes odd flexes. He is powerful though, as he is the only Pokemon Bruce ever trained.

    Verch Karter
    Age: 18

    Bio: Verch is rather odd. He seems to think that there are aliens out to get him, and that the CIA has his brained wired to record everything he sees. While he is paranoid, he always finds comfort in his friends. However, he is a coward, and would sooner flee than fight a strong Pokemon.

    He was the team's distractor.

    Zuruzukin: Oddly enough, Verch never revealed his Pokemon for a while either. While Zuruzukin is a foreigner, he is still part of the gang, and will not tolerate any bullying. He is not afraid of anything!.....However this goes against him as well, as Ty, Verch, and Bruce have had to drag him away from fighting Lugiah one time.


    Well, I realized that I didn't do my Sinnoh characters, so I'll start with Joey. I got a lot done this weekend, so expect 4 more deviations.

    Name: Joey Argos
    Age: 14

    Bio: Joey is the same, calculating boy that he is today. He is still a bit more mature for his age, but he’s more open to emotion and a little nervous. That’s because he is around friends, his friends, and not his brother’s, but he has to keep secrets from them.

    Past: In his journey through Sinnoh, Joey takes on the role of a newbie trainer getting ready to start his journey. Joey was kinda anxious about this job, as he didn’t understand why he’d have to pretend. It turned out, the G-Force wanted him to watch the director’s niece, Cenna (Sen-na), and while doing so he would investigate an uprising organization known as Team Galactic. Joey refused to go without Luxray, his first Pokémon. They decided to let him take it, but only for extreme emergencies.

    The first part was simple: Pick up a Pokémon from Professor Rowan. However, what was supposed to be simple work turned out to be a pain in the butt. Two boys about the same age as Joey: Lucas and Jun, where messing around near the Verity Lakefront. They were attacked by wild Starly, which isn’t that bad, unless you don’t have a Pokémon. Joey saw this coming, but also saw three Pokeballs on the ground. He quickly jumped in to help, handing them 1 Pokémon each. Joey ended up choosing Chimchar, which managed to defeat all three Starly while the other two were fawning over the Pokémon.

    After some introductions, Joey, Lucas, and Jun met up with Rowan at his lab, then met Cenna. Joey convinced them that it would be better for a starting group to go together, that way they can improve. With this newly found pact, Joey began growing closer to the three, even going as far as developing a crush on Cenna. Joey and his friends managed to defeat Team Galactic every step of the way, and the boys kept gaining badges, one after another, while Cenna participated in Contests.

    Joey had to reveal his secret, however, when Redome blew his cover on Canalave Bridge. It took a bit, but he managed to regain the trust of his friends, which helped him to defeat Team Galactic once and for all on Spear Pillar. While doing so, Joey had to take on Giratina in the Reverse World so he could save Cenna. Even though Joey only won by outnumbering the Dragon, it was still a major feat.

    Later, Joey challenged the Elite 4, and while it was a tough road, he managed to defeat them, including Champion Cynthia. However, just as the gang would part, fate (otherwise known as the boss rewarding him) brought them to the Sinjoh region, a region founded by people from Johto and Sinnoh, where they would challenge the Battle Frontier, along with Ty, Cid, and Scarlet from Johto. Joey managed to defeat the Battle Castle and Factory, but lost in a heavy tie with Ty. Afterwards, Joey was faced with one final task. Since it is against the rules and regulations for any G-Force member to be a champion, he would have to pass on the title to a Sinnoh native. Lucas and Jun stepped up for this.

    Joey fought Jun first, and while it was a long, grueling battle, Joey still managed to beat him. Next came Lucas, who wasn’t expecting to win. After the intense, strategic battle, Lucas had won, leaving Joey without a burden to return home, except to say goodbye to his friends.

    Team: Based partially on my Platinum run.

    1. Luxray: Although Joey had to hide him for a while, Luxray still managed to help Joey with a lot of things. He acted a bit differently in the Sinnoh region, such as pushing Joey towards Cenna alot.

    2. Infernape: Joey's starter from Sinnoh. While he did think for a while that Joey was a little advanced, he never expected him to already have a Pokemon. Infernape is almost like Joey, being that he hates to be underestimated. He is incredibally powerful, and has been known to battle Torterra and Empoleon equally.

    3. Floatzel: Joey captured this bully while exploring the Valley Windworks. He is a bit territorial, and hates it when another Pokemon fights his battles. However, he cares for his team deeply.

    4. Carnivine: Joey was literally tackleglomped by this maneater. Although he is kinda goofy, he is also very dedicated to Joey, and is very clingy. He won't go down without dragging someone with him.

    5. Honchkrow: Joey simply captured him as he was leading his flock. Honchkrow is feral, and is hard to get along with, however he is very Powerful, and that overweighs the bossyness.

    6. Skuntank: Joey needed one more Pokemon to fill his team, and he was very impressed with Jupiter's Skuntank, so he decided to catch one. He is a bit like Floatzel, and likes to bully other Pokemon. However, Joey manages to keep him undercontrol with a special pill that gives him an upset stomach when he utters a certain word.


    I know, not that creative, but he does play a major role in my universe.

    Name: Lucas Diamond
    age: 14

    Bio: Lucas is laid back, and doesn't like to start things unless he has too. He has a good attention to detail, so he kinda figured out Joey's secret a good bit before the others. He is also quick to make friends and forgive others, so he is pretty easy to get along with.

    Past: As said in Joey's teamshot, Lucas was with his best friend, Jun, when Starlys attacked them. Of the three Pokemon chosen, Lucas shose Turtwig, whom he had more in common with than anyone before. He already knew Cenna because they were cousins, so he was okay with going with her and the others.

    While he may not be the fastest at learning, Lucas managed to obtain as many badges as Joey and Jun, at the same rate too. He also learned that traded Pokemon grow faster, and that hatched Pokemon are easier to raise than most others.

    He also gained a deep rivalry with Saturn, who just would not stop messing with his head. However, he managed to help Joey and the others defeat Team Galactic as well as take down Dialga on his own. Even with all of these victories under his belt, Lucas opted not to enter the Pokemon League. He told his friends that he was scared, but he was really planning ahead. He knew that either Jun or Joey would win it, so he would just battle him.

    Which then turned into fruition. As Lucas traveled to Sinjoh and helped the others defeat the small Team Galactic trouble at Stark Mountain, he found that Joey would challenge him to pass on the title of Champion. While the battle was extremely hard, he managed to beat him, which then passed the pressure of champion on to him.

    Now: Lucas is back in Sinnoh, and is addicted to online messaging, where he has made a friend named Crystal (yes, the same from GSC).

    Team: Based on a random group of Pokemon from my PC.

    1. Torterra: Torterra is just like his master, and likes to take things slow. Even though he isn't as fast as some Pokemon, he is still incredibally Powerful, and gives Luxray, Empoleon, and Infernape trouble.

    2. Togekiss: He was given to him by Cynthia as an egg. Almost as soon as Lucas touched the egg, it hatched. Even though it was hell caring for it as a baby, it soon turned out that this happy happy fellow would be a major memeber of the team, including transport and battles, as well as contests.

    3. Magmortar: Lucas recieved this Pokemon through trade at the same time as Elekid. Magmortar is incredibally goofy, and likes to hug. He is incredibally powerful though, as he can use powers that not many would think to look out for.

    4. Electivire: Recieved at the same time as Magby. Electivire is a bit obnoxious, and a bit cocky, however, as Magmortar excels in Special attacks, Electivire excels in physical moves.

    5. Lucario: Lucas received this Pokemon from Riley on Iron Island. Like Togekiss, he hatched almost immediately. he is incredibally fast, but is very calm too. He can target aura spots and paralyze Pokemon.

    6. Finneon: Lucas fished this Pokemon up while traveling from Canalave. She isn't that Powerful, but she is incredibally graceful.


    Well, here's Jun. I tried to base him a bit on the manga version (You know, the one with Hareta.). The only difference in this and the original is the darker pants, different colored bag, and he now has gray sleeves.

    Name: Jun Pearl
    age: 15

    Bio: Pretty much the same as the games. He is very hyper, and wants things done now. He is also like his manga counterpart, as he also is interested in unknown things. He has a cruch on Cenna too.

    Past: When he and Lucas were attacked by Starlys, Jun chose Piplup for his starter. He followed the footsteps of his friends, and managed to get badges at an incredibal pace. He had trouble getting to like Joey, as he was competition for Cenna.

    He developed a rivalry with Team Galactic's Jupiter, who badly defeated him at Lake Acuity, but he also managed to gain a rivalry with Elite 4 Flint and was practically convinced that Wake was his master. He also managed to defeat Palkia on his own too.

    While in Sinjoh, Jun practically never left the Battle Tower, which payed off, as when Joey and Ty finally tied in battle, he got to fight his father, Palmer. It was a long battle, but he finally defeated him. However, he then lost to Joey for title of Sinnoh Champ.

    Now: He too decided to go to Isshu for the United Tower challenge, seeing as it was almost like the Battle Tower.

    Team: Based on his team in DPPt.

    1. Empoleon: He is full of pride, but also is a bit more calm than his master. He is incredibally powerful, but hates that He is practically crushed by Infernape and Torterra. Despite his type failure, he has a wide range of moves made to defeat them.

    2. Staraptor: He is incredibally cocky, and will take on a Pokemon regardless of typing. He is an incredible Powerhouse, being able to defeat type advatages with ease.

    3. Herracross: He is goofy, and loves sap. He is also powerful in his own right, and has been known to survive fire attacks.

    4. Roserade: He is calm and cool, and almost never misses an attack on the opponent. He is great with stat based attacks.

    5. Rapidash: She is a loyal, fast steed who can battle the best. She is incredibally powerful and can take down larger Pokemon with ease.

    6. Snorlax: He is incredibally sleepy, and hardly ever wakes up. When he does, watch out.


    Well, here's Cenna. I tried to do something different with her hair. Did it work?

    Name: Cenna Platinum
    Age: 14

    Bio: She is a very smart girl who can get ahead of herself sometimes. She excels at contests, and can be quite difficult in battle too.

    Past: She was Proffesor Rowan's assistant, so she had a head start on Jun and Lucas. While she had no idea about Joey being apart of the G-Force, she thought he was there as a body guard.

    Even though she did not take on the Sinnoh Gym challenge, she did take on the Contest challenge in Hearthome City, which cause the boys to stay there for a few weeks so she could compete from normal to master rank.

    While traveling, she made rivals, such as Mars of Team Galactic, and even Candice. While she didn't make that big of a dent in the dragons, she did manage to befriend Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf.

    She also particicpated in the Battle Frontier Challenge in Sinjoh, but she focused more on the random battles in the streets. She also befriended Caitlin and Buck, and helped to defeat Cheren.

    Now: She stays in Sinnoh, waiting for Joey's next call.

    Team: Random.

    1. Garchomp: Her first Pokemon. She was given to her by Cynthia at a young age, so she evolved pretty early in Cenna's training career. She is very calm, and likes to sun bathe, but is an incredibally powerful Pokemon.

    2. Mantyke: She captured this Pokemon when she was looking around near Sangem Beach. She is mostly for show, but Mantyke is very happy with that.

    3. Drifblim: He is Cenna's main source of transit. He can be guided with fans, so he doesn't have to do much. He is kinda oblivious to what happens all around him.

    4. Lopunny (Shiny): She caught this pokemon in Eterna Forest. When she evolved, she had a permanent Cute CHarm cast upon her, so it's hard to have her around when males are around.

    5. Toxicroak: Cenna caught this Pokemon from Safari Zone. He is a quick fighter, but is also incredibally naughty.

    6. Mamoswine: Cenna unfroze this Pokemon while the gang was traveling to Snow Point. He is kinda feral, but loves him some food.


    Well, just thought I'd upload these. Here, you see Cenna in her Contest Outfit, and Lucas in an alternate Outfit. I know it's hard to spot difference, but I used Lucas's Platinum pants for these pants, then I used his Movie color scheme, which has a lot of blue for some reason.


    Well, I got bored, and decided to make a griffin.


    Griffin Pokemon

    ht: 7'2"
    Weight: 280 Lbs

    Type: Flying

    This Pokemon overlooks a tower somewhere in the world, and is said to guard a secret treasure. Nobody knows how such a Pokemon exists, but its beleived that a mad-man combined a Luxray, Pidgeot, Pidgeoto, Wargle, Kenhorou, and Persian together to make this beast.

    Wow, that's a lot. I think I'll take a good break for a while.
  30. Re: Doubled's sprite gallery: The 3rd revival!

    Well, since Magpie said I could restart my topic, I thought I would just bring back my old one. I've been gone here since November, so We've got a lot to post....













    [​IMG] 100 sprites



    [​IMG] (requested a redo)



    [​IMG] My largest submition.....EVA.....


    And now.....Something I'm going to start on. I cannot guarantee that this will ever be made into a real game. Look at Project Milaborii, for example. This is simply all in fun.

    And I still don't do requests!!!

    Anyway....without further adiue.....


    "Well hello there! Welcome to the Peogre region! My name is Prof. Tiffany Willow, but feel free to call me Prof. Willow!.....What's that? I seem familiar? Oh, well I'm a big fan of Cynthia of the Sinnoh region, her fashion style is huge here. Anyway, you know the drill about the bond between people and Pokemon, so I'll explain my role here.

    I am here to discover how Pokemon and human interaction can help boost their abilities. This mysterious synch felt between us can simply be called Friendship, but there's more behind it. We give each other the confidence needed to succeed in anything we set out to do through our strategizing and their abilities.

    What is the Peogre region? It is a huge island that has all sorts of terrain, but we are a mostly tropical mountainous region. We can go almost anywhere through the caves here, and there are even two towns in caves. Another special place we have is a floating city, built on top of blimps, and another city located in a dome underwater. If you were to hop in a river, you could travel to almost all of Peogre and back.

    So, before we get started, Let me introduce you to the starters here..."

    I will give their Pokedex entries in the next submission.

    Anyway, she is very hyper and loves to see a Pokemon and a person having fun together. She loves to take care of Pokemon, so she has tons crawling around her lab.


    Well, here are the main protagonist.....Well anywho.

    "So..Are you a boy or a girl?....

    What's your name?

    Well, a fine name that is.

    (Afterwards, they introduce the rival and stuff.)

    Well, its time to jumpt into the world of Pokemon! Remember, you can always trust in your partners."

    Afterwards you go to the town of Acoridge, a beautiful town sitting on the bottom of the region. It is embedded into the side of Mt. Kaizer, otherwise known as the connecting cave. The town also sits next to the Connecting River, which can take you almost anywhere.

    Anyway, the boy is kinds quiet but cocky, but the girl is happy and spunky.


    Well, here' the rival.....And a female one too! Basically, she will have the opposite Starter, just like any rival, except she will act as a combination of Blue and Silver, always being one step ahead of you, apearing at inconvient times, and putting down on weaklings. Of course, you can name her too.

    The rival has spent her life calculating stats, so she can choose the best way to train her Pokemon. However, she only sees them as tools of war, and refuses to be defeated. She is rather mysterious, as wherever she goes, misery seems to follow, such as the evil team attacking, or a random wild Pokemon attack. THe player will have to figure out what is with this girl, otherwise bad things will happen.


    And here are the starters. What you see here are Pokemon I've had in my head since Gen III. Anyway, here are their dex entries.

    1. Frucan
    Fruit Bird Pokemon
    Type: Grass/Flying
    Ht: 1'03"
    Wt: 5.2 lbs.
    Ability: Overgrow

    A Frucan's body is made entirely of fruit, which means that it is safe from carnivorous Pokemon. If you pluck a banana from its head, it immediately resprouts another.

    4. Tigreflare
    Flame cat Pokemon
    Type: Fire/Dark
    Ht: 1'01"
    Wt: 5.4 lbs.
    Ability: Blaze

    Tigreflare are competitive by nature and love to play. They consider comrades to be family, and will fight to the death to help them.

    7. Krakesaur
    Salamander Pokemon
    Type: Water/Fighting
    Ht: 1'10"
    Wt: 10 lbs.
    Ability: Torrent

    Krakesaur are friendly by nature and love to help others. They love swimming, but really love it when they have a buddy to swim with.


    Well, here are the 1st stage evos to the starters. I fell like I may have halfassed Leoflare, but his last form makes up for it.

    2. Parafru
    Fruit Parrot Pokemon
    Type: Grass/Flying
    Ht: 3'10"
    Wt: 55.7 lbs.
    ability: Overgrow

    Evolves at level 12

    Parafru are known for their kind generosity of offering injured Pokemon the fruit it bears on its head and tailfeathers. Upon evolution, it began growing special cherries which give it 10X the energy it previously had upon consumption.

    5. Leoflare
    Fiend Cat Pokemon
    type: Fire/Dark
    Ht: 3'05"
    Wt: 30.2 lbs.
    ability: Blaze

    Evolves at level 17

    Leoflare's wings allow it to glide long distances when running, which help it to take down prey with flaming jaws. They still have their competitive nature, and are always marking trees with thier wings.

    8. Lochesaur
    Large Salamander Pokemon
    Type: Water/Fighting
    Ht: 3'11"
    Wt: 60 lbs.
    Ability: Torrent

    Evolves at level 15

    Lochesaur take on the role of vigillantes in the wild, as they hate misdeeds. They practice fighting everyday so they can protect their friends. They can pump water through thier claws.

    So, what do you think? I'll be posting the final evos soon, and I'll be trying to make more fakemon.

    I will wait a day before I post the final evos. Just to get you guessing ^w^ It's good to be back!
  31. Wooooow, you have been busy sir!

    My favourites has to be the region sprites, as I always love to see what people come up with regarding an entire new world :) I actually couldn't pick a favourite from the region sprites you posted there, because I like them all :o I could see myself using your Water Starter though, as I think he looks pretty snazzy :p

    I like the Lapras trainer you did too, I think she looks cool :)
  32. Thank you very much LoN :) And that's Ollette, fyi.

    Now, for what some have you have all been waiting for! *cue theme song*


    3. Tropicaw
    Tropical Bird Pokemon
    Type: Grass/Flying
    Ht: 5'2"
    Wt: 90.4 lbs.
    Ability: Power Fruit (When hit, fruit is scattered to the ground. Pokemon on your side of the field can eat it to restore health in battle. Maximum amount dropped: 9)

    Evolves at level 32

    Tropicaw are very noble Pokemon, and take the leadership role in any community of Pokemon. They are extremely kind, as they will blow gusts of seeds of all sorts of different fruits for all to have.

    6. Cougreflare
    Demon Stalker Pokemon
    Type: Fire/Dark
    Ht: 4'10"
    Wt: 88.7 lbs.
    Ability: Shadow Flare (For every Fire or Dark type move used, Attack rises.)

    Evolves at level 36

    Its wings have become as hard as steel, which can slice steel in half by heating it. The flames sprouting from its feet allow it to run on any surface, except water, which it can glide over.

    9. Leviasaur
    Gigantic Salamander Pokemon
    Type: Water/Fighting
    Ht: 7'5"
    Wt: 300.2 lbs.
    Ability: Aqua Surge (Causes damage to opponent by powerful rain every turn)

    Evolves at level 34

    Leviasaur Never back down from fights, no matter how strong the opponents. They can swim in high pressure water with ease. The arms can now crush anything it hits, while still being able to pump water through its fists.

    So, what do you think? Made up your mind?

    I will now try to make regular fake mon for a Pokedex, adding the ones I've already made.

    Oh, and so this isn't spam, I've got a little teaser.




    Good luck guessing ;)
  33. i thought i replied on this before but never mind because.......
    I like the fakemon th finaal water evo look especialy awsome, IT EVEN LOOKS REAL!
    But the fire looks a bit..........muddled up in ideas wings, sise, fangs it looks like a persian crossed with charzard, but it still looks cool

  34. Eh, I can't scratch, so this is the best I can do, but thanks anyway :)

    Now, w/o further adieu..... Jack! pst...Jack! cue the theme song!

    Ahem.... let's get started.


    Beholod, my latest freak of nature, Kaminu! I got its name from the combination of Kaminari inu, which is Japanese for Thunder Dog. Not sure what number I'll make him, but I'm trying to find a good chart thingy online to make my Pokedex.

    Thunder Wolf Pokemon
    Type: Electric
    120 lbs.
    Ability: Magnet Pull/Motordrive/ Intimidate

    Kaminu need to be in packs of Pokemon, otherwise they feel lonesome. Theya re generally happy Pokemon that love it when electrical appliances are used, but get sleepy when not much energy is available. THey paralyze thier enemies by biting them with electrical charged teeth, then finish them off with a sharp tail that can cut rock.

    And the second one!


    Well, here is another wolf. He will serve as the other optional evolution for a pup I'm making. I will also try to fix up Frozark. Oh, and Kaonine is a play one words. Its supposed to be like K-O and nine.

    Proud Wolf Pokemon
    129.5 lbs.
    Type: Fighting
    Ability: Competitive Spirit/ Vital Spirit/ Intimidate

    Kaonine are very proud Pokemon, and love to fix their fur to look neat. They are very powerful and protective, as they will chatter a boulder to protect their master. They can also sniff out any lost member of a pack within 100 miles.

    And now my latest!


    Well then, here is the puppy Pokemon. He's sorta like the Eevee of Peogre, except he doesn't quite evolve the same way.... Oh, and I fixed up Frozark.

    Puppy Pokemon
    Type: Normal
    Ht: 2'1"
    Wt: 20.2 lbs.
    Ability: Intimidate/Adaptability

    Evolves into Frozark, Kaminu, and Kaonine by being with multiple Pokemon of the same (respective) type in your party.

    Pupote are very curious creatures that love to get into trouble. They sometimes chase around other Pokemon for no reason at all except to have fun. It is important that these Pokemon have a friend, otherwise they will get sick to the point of death.

    I also plan on giving him to a rival type trainer. Get ready to be surprised.
  35. Well, I've got a couple more. Hope you like em.


    Well, here is the last rival a trainer would face in Peogre. Michael, pronounced normally, is the son of a rich family and is very pampered. However, he grew tired of this life, and decided to leave it behind for a career in training. He is still picking things up, so when he met up with the main hero, he decided to make him his rival. He is rather flirty, and loves to chat up the women, but sometimes gets carried away.

    His team is yet to be decided, but he will basically start out with Pupote. When you pick the Frucan, he will evolve Pupote into Frozark. When you pick Tigreflare, he will evolve Pupote to Kaonine. When you pick Krakesaur, Pupote will evolve into Kaminu. Basically he will from his team to have a good advantage over yours.

    He also seems to be interested in your rival, as he has also enlisted in the secret police service to track down criminals. While at first you try not to get involved, you eventually come to her aid against this man.


    Well, here is another fakemon. This one is another wierd one, but I think it's pretty unique.

    Chibi Fighter fox Pokemon
    Type: Fighting
    Ability: Type Swap
    Ht: 1'2"
    Wt: 12.3 lbs.

    Kitsubi are very competitive Pokemon, and love fighting. They are incredibally fast, so it is advised not to try to raise one at a young age, when they are extremely mischeivous.

    Evolves at max friendship.

    Fighting Fox Pokemon
    Type: Fighting/Fire (top) Fighting/Ice (bottom)
    Ability: Type Warp (changes into the other forme when hit or swapped out)
    Ht: 4'11
    Wt: 90.5 lbs.

    Kitsukai are extremly fast on their feet, and love to spar. They can change formes instantly, which gives them an edge when being persuited.

    Nice, right? Which forme is your favorite?

    Let's see..... i think I may try to make a dj mouse next (standard Pika clone) :3

    Speaking of which....


    Well, here are two more. I hope you like the round one, as he is my first scratched sprite, ever. However, something went wrong when I was making him, so I had to make him bigger, which also doubled the pixels. Oh well. Our musical duo join hands!

    Mirror Ball Pokemon
    Type: Electric/Steel
    Ability: Bass (when combined with Beat, enemy moves have 50% more chance of being distracted by music)
    Ht: 3'08"
    Wt: 45.8 lbs.

    Discorb never like being alone, and love being in the center of attention. When he and Crunkachu join forces, enemies will stop in thier places to get funky!...Until they get zapped while they're distacted.

    DJ mouse Pokemon
    Type: Electric
    Ability: Beat (When combined with Bass, blah blah blah)
    Ht: 1'2"
    Wt: 5.2 lbs.

    Crunkachu love to party, which can be accomplished by rushing electricity through a CD, which makes sound pump from his ears. He can turn any boring outing into a party with Discorb. They love anything that gets their music pumping, but they become quite devilish.

    Well? Every gen has thier own funny Pokes, look at that trash Pokemon.

    I know Discorb isn't that good, but it's my first scratch, so I'm proud.
  36. Doubled, all I can say about your sprites is that they're absolutely fantastic and full of creativity and personality that really shines through consistently in your work!

    I'm particularly fond of your fakemon for the region- that Water starter and all of his evos are good enough to be official Pokemon IMHO ♥
    All of them are undoubtedly captivating!
    And you always produce loads of work for us to commend and admire and you never seem to be fazed or deterred in any way :'//D

    I really should start stalking this thread more! ^//3//^
    Your sprites are top class; I really love them! :'//3

    Kasumi xx
  37. Eh? Haven't I posted here before? Nevermind, I probably just looked at it.
    All I can say... Your sprites look really good! I absolutely love Kaminu <333 I would definitely get one for my team.
    I should really start stalking your thread. Now I will.
    Keep up the good work!
  38. Ooooooh, thank you two sooo much :3 *hugs you both*

    Well, I've got a few more.


    Well, here is a legendary. I'm not joking. Every artist has thier folly, and Arceus was no exception. Arceus tried, but in the end, he created a sterile Pokemon, incapable of reproducing, and thank goodness. These things are total jackasses, no pun intended. They tend to just lash out for no reason at all, which can be pretty dangerous, as he has no control over it. It also causes domestic vioulence, which makes him laugh at very very inappropriate times.

    Mule Pokemon
    Type: Fighting/Dark
    Ability: Rash Hoof (KO's a random Pokemon on the field or in the reserves every three turns.)
    Ht: 5'2"
    Wt: 180.6 lbs.

    Donkule is the only one of it's kind, being that it is sterile. It's kicks are very powerful, and the wind from a single kick can send someone flying a mile away. According to legend, it used to be able to talk, and claimed it was the creator of all beings.


    Well, another thing on the checklist done. Here is the ghost type Eeveelution, Spireon. I hope I did okay with it.

    Spirit Pokemon
    Type: Ghost
    Ability: Cursed Body
    Ht: 2'06
    Wt: 4.3 lbs.

    Spireon are composed of decaying particles of life energy that leave a Pokemon's body. Despite this, they are very cheery and love to float around thier trainer. When they are around, it is almost as if a cold breeze is felt.

    Evolves by taking Eevee to the abandoned graveyard at night and leveling up.

    Cool right? Hope you like it :)

    Also.... Here's the next teaser :3


    Hint: Its a Dragon Type ;)
  39. Okay, I've kept you wating long enough.


    Ugh, I'm disgusted with myself. It looks nothing like I remembered it did back when I was 12. I made this guy on paper, but his body was sooooo hard to make, even with a pencil. It was supposed to look similar to a jet. Oh well, can't get everything we want. Anyway, here is Cruelgon's entry.

    Spear Head Pokemon
    Type: Dragon/Ghost
    Ability: Shadow Tag
    Ht: 6'9
    Wt: 302.5 lbs.

    Cruelgon have only been on this planet for two years, having been arrived from a meteor shower that fell upon Peogre. THey are the terror of the skies, as they refuse to let thier prey get away, and sometimes fly right through office buildings to cut it off. The don't communicate verbally, but instead they speak with vibrations uttering from the slits in their neck. They rarely take orders from anyone unless they have proben themselves worthy.

    I'm not happy with this one at all. It should look more like Spear Head Dragon, which has a more box like mouth.


    Well, here are my own bears. I know, there are already Polar bears, but as a matter of fact, I thought of the idea back a loooooooonnnnngggg time ago. Anyway....

    Poterbear (Polar+Water+Bear (duh)) (Prouncned Potter Beah)
    Aqua cub Pokemon
    Type: Water/Ice
    Ability: Snow Cloak/ Warning
    Ht: 2'01"
    Wt: 22.1 lbs.

    Poterbear are very shy creatures, and don't like the company of people too often. They can swim in water close to -20 degrees Celsius.

    Aqua Bear Pokemon
    Type: Water/Ice
    Ability: Snow Cloak/ Warning/ Intimidate
    Ht: 6'11"
    Wt: 204.13 lbs.

    Artizzly are rather calm creatures who sleep most of the day. Although they'd prefer colder climates, they can hold thier breath underwater for 2 hours. When it has a cold, if it sneezes, water turns to ice almost instantly.

    Hope I did okay with this.

    I'm going out to Dad's for the weekend, so I won't submit anything tommorow. However, I will be working on something too. Here is a little preview....


    It's another Dragon type, but it's Cruelgon's Rival >:3
  40. [​IMG]

    Well, here is another dragon. It was originally going to be a rock dragon, but the shape was ll out of whack, so I dedicated him to Drago and made him a fighting dragon.

    Avenger Pokemon
    Type: Dragon/Fighting
    Ability: Hero Heart (doubles power for every fallen comrade)
    Ht: 6'11
    Wt: 103.5 lbs.

    And per request from my good friend Blisk, I will post stats.

    Hp: 103
    Atk: 128
    Def: 14
    Sp. Atk: 90
    Sp. Def: 24
    Speed: 128

    Dravern are also aliens to the planet, and act as heroes in place of Cruelgon's cruelty. THey are extremely kind hearted, and love to share with others. Although they are fast in the air, nothing compares to thier foot speed.

    I was thinking of making a third dragon and a pre evo.


    Well, here is one set of the fossils I'll make for Peogre. THey are based on the famous Brontesaurous.

    Small Shell Pokemon
    Type: Water/Rock
    Ability: Sturdy
    Ht: 3'4"
    Wt: 280 lbs.

    Hp: 30
    Atk: 40
    Def: 109
    Sp. Atk: 77
    Sp. Def: 80
    Speed: 28

    Shellesaur are said to have been the land dwelling ancestors of Lapras. They have the unique ability to extend thier necks to extremely high places, however it is only for a short while.

    Large Shell Pokemon
    Type: Water/Rock
    Ability: Sturdy
    Ht: 15'5"
    Wt: 2845.45 lbs.

    Hp: 230
    Atk: 85
    Def: 190
    Sp. Atk: 120
    Sp. Def: 127
    Speed: 21

    Brontesail are known for being able to detect weather from miles away with the sail on its forehead. The shell on its back are made from the same matierials as Lapras's shell.

    I'm still deciding what the other one will be, but I think I'll go with a saber tooth and a T-rex.


    Well, I decided to make a rock dragon, but again it didn't go as planned. Instead, Aerodactyl came to mind, so here is my fan made evolution. The old amber is amplified in his chest.

    Evolves with Amber Stone

    Ancient Dragon Pokemon
    Type: Rock/Dragon
    Ability: Rock Head/Pressure
    Ht: 7'2"
    Wt: 210.2 lbs.

    Hp: 130
    Atk: 110
    Def: 90
    Sp. Atk: 90
    Sp. Def: 102
    Speed: 120

    Dragodactyl are thought to be Aerodactyl's true form back in the Cretascious era. The old Amber in it's chest amplified it's power so much that it bonded with it's DNA.

    Oh yeah, and I'm working on gym leaders too, but I won't reveal them until I have more Fakemon. 4 done so far. 3 are sisters.
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