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Open Doomed Kalos

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Deadscopez, Jun 5, 2018.

  1. Kalos is faced with yet another threat since the dissapearance of the champion and elite four. Gyms are shutting down slowly and the poke lab is open exclusively to a certain few and is guarded by men day and night. The prescence of Team Flare is a forgotten tale although something much sinister is obviously afoot. Pokemon are being stolen and pokecentres are being looted one by one. Small amounts of trainers are arriving from lands abroad to investigate and help this falling region. Or to bring its demise switfly.

    Will a hero save the day? Or shall a Villain gain the strength to rule the Region!

    ( OOC Make sure to fill out the character form and include it in your first post! Dont mary sue or bunny hop)

    CHARACTER NAME: (What will you forever be known as)
    (CHARACTER GENDER: ( Are you a boy? Or girl?)
    CHARACTER AFFILIATION ( Will you be a Hero defeating evil, or a Villain to crush everyone else)
    CHARACTER APPEARANCE ( brief description of your characters features and how they dress )
    POKEMON ( who will be your companions through this journey)
    ADDITIONAL INFO ( Not required but a cool backstory always helps build character)

    CHARACTER APPEARANCE Black hair, Tan, Black suit and pants. Not ripped but slightly muscular
    POKEMON. Sceptile (Slice). Porygon- Z (Virus) Shiny Zoroark (Midnight)
    ADDITIONAL INFO. Growing up on a fishing fleet roaming the world. Caller knew what hard work was. One day his uncles fishing boat was destroyed in a rage by a gyarados. His uncle and workers were swept away. His father a failed Grass Gym leader from Johto fought the gyarados with his grass type pokemon. The gyarados ended up destroying his boat. His fathers treecko frantically cried for help and an altaria managed to save him and treecko. Caller lived on the streets of Kalos. Mainly lumiose city and quietly battled and grew his pokemon stronger.

    ~RP ~

    Caller Leaned back in his chair. The Anistar City gym has closed its doors for good. Now that left just Cyllage City and Shalour City before the pitiful government of Kalos crumbled completely. He smiled and looked at professor Sycamore. "Times running out. I suggest you stop playing games and tell me where it is..." Professor sycamore looked stern. "I told you. I dont know where He is or the damn bird!". Caller frowned. That 'Damn Bird' was the final piece to the puzzle he had constructed for his rule of kalos. " Very Well sycamore. We will see if your tone changes once the gyms fall." Caller leaned back in his chair and twiddled his thumbs patiently.
  2. Name: Azalea
    Gender: Female
    Character affiliation: Villain
    Appearence: strawberry blond hair, baby blue eyes, black leggings, black tube top, black leather jacket, black leather boots that end a bit above the knee, a black choker, a black belt where she keeps her pokeballs, a black leather backpack, has a golden communication device on her wrist that has a screen so she can talk to people face to face
    Pokemon: Mismagius, Roserade, Ninetales
    Additional info: Azalea was the youngest of 5 sister's and she never got any attention sense her older sisters were all successful ballet dancer, but Azalea never really liked to dance so her parents never paid any attention to her which is the reason she became a villain, she loves it when people fear her and she loves it more when her boss praises her

    Azalea walked around Lumiose City alongside her Roserade who was casually eating a berry. Azalea was sent to the Kalos region by her boss to find out more information about the legendaries there. "Roserade do you think this job is worth it?" The girl asked and in response the grass type Pokemon noded her head.
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  3. Caller smiled. He knew that Kalos would soon crumble. His boss would most likely be pleased with his efforts and might award him with a gym leader title. He lost himself in thought and didnt notice professor sycamore reaching for his computer. "So... where will you go after we-" he was interrupted by the pokemon professor throwing a pokeball toward him. A venusaur emerged from the ball. Taken aback Caller fell off his chair and hit the ground "oof. You have some guts ill give you that" Caller winced. He threw a pokeball in the air. Virus his beloved Porygon-z released.
  4. "Roserade, what happens once we get more information, do we just head back home or should we stay and enjoy ourselves for a bit" the strawberry blond asked. The female Roserade looked up at her trainer before nodding happily, "Alright it's confirmed were going to take a little vacation after we get information" Azalea concluded with a happy smile present on her face
  5. The venusaur slapped around the porygon like it was nothing. Vine whips and razor leafs were being used left right and centre. Virus was launched into a wall after a solid vine connected with it. Alarmed and impressed Caller quickly used his pokePod to call all nearby associates to aid him to defeat the professor. The venusaur thrashed and stomped shaking the entire lab. Virus let off a discharge and a tri attack in desperation before being grabbed by a log and smashed into the wall. Fainting it. Caller crawled behind a desk and sent porygon back into its ball hoping help would arrive soon.
  6. "Alright Roserade it's time to go" Azalea stated before calling over a cab. The girl then returned her grass type back into it's Luxury Ball before elegantly getting into the cab. Once the driver saw the strawberry blond beauty he instantly blushed before driving the girl for her desired destination. "Oh dear, men are just simply too easy to manipulate" Azalea thought as she smirked at the idea of getting a free ride
  7. Professor sycamore bluntly announced. "I grow weary at attempts to overthrow Kalos" He Released his Charizard and Blastoise as well as a Raichu. The four pokemon stood over Caller. He reluctantly released his remaining two pokemon and backed deeper behind the desk "L-look professor. Its too late. I just take orders okay, Only two gyms are left standing theres really nothing you can do. So just let me and my pokemon go and we'll leave you be yeah?" Pleaded caller. The professor waved his hand. The charizard blasted a stream of fire at sceptile. And Blastoise released a jet of Water. Venusaur continued to lash out with vines and Raichu darted forward.
  8. Azalea finally arrived at her destination and in with a quick wink and wave she didn't have to pay for her ride. But once she looked around she saw that a man was battling a boy and the younger boy was obviously losing. But the think that peeked her curiosity is when the male trainer mentioned something about only having two more gyms standing, "I might as well help" Azalea grumbled as she released her Misamgius and her Roserade. "You don't mind if I help?" Azalea asked the boy as her two Pokemon got ready to battle
  9. Slice and Midnight were dodging attack after attack as a Girl walked in. She asked if Caller needed any help and He replied immediately "Finally! I knew he would send someone! Yeah help me beat the Professor Im in a bit of a squeeze here" He replied Frantically. Slice managed to hit the blastoise with a Magical leaf before getting hit by a thunderbolt, sending it flying across the room
  10. "Mismagius use Psychic on the Venusaur and Roserade use energy ball on the Blastoise" Azalea ordered and with a snap of her slender fingers the Mismagius's eyes glowed blue and was sending the Venusaur up to the sky with psychic before releasing the giant grass type making fall on the ground with a great impact. The Roserade formed a green ball of energy before sending it flying towards the Blastoise. Azalea was a bit confused when the boy said something about her being sent by somebody, "could it be that he works for the same organization as me" she wondered but she merely ignored it
  11. (I'll go as anti-hero instead)

    Character name: Ace
    Character gender: boy
    Character affiliation: anti-hero
    Character appearance: dressed in a black hoodie and torn jeans. Black short hair. A normal golden bracelet on his right arm. Since the region is dying, he have a torn (but functional) bag with him wherever he goes.
    Pokémon: Charizard (Blaze. Yes, i know that is the most normal name for a fire type), Absol (Demon), Umbreon (Lunar) and Midnight Lycanroc (Sassie. It has nothing to do with the word 'sassy'. It's in honor of my old dead dog)
    Additional info: both his parents are dead (died when Ace were 5. They both loved Ace and he loved them. They were the ones who gave him a Charmander which followed him anywhere and shared whatever pain Ace endured) and he had to live with his uncle who was abusing him. His uncle had cancer and died when Ace had turned 11. Ace would have to be taken by the social services but since he knew too many kids who had lived there and died, he ran away instead and lived in the streets. His only memory of his family is the bracelet. That's the only reason he still have it. The other Pokémon were either caught or accidentally stolen (Midnight Lycanroc was accidentally stolen. She still doesn't like or trust Ace). He's now 18 years old and still lives in the streets. And he's pansexual.

    Ace heard some battling was going on over at the lab. That interested him quite a bit. No one have been at the lab for a while and where there were humans, there were also a chance he'd find food. He sneaked closer to the place. He hoped he'd find something good here. He grabbed one of the pokéballs he had once found on the streets. In there was a Pokémon he had caught using the pokeball. It hadn't been in there from the start. He clicked it and released his Umbreon, Lunar, and sent him to sneak closer to the battle and scout for valuable things. Once it came back, it made one of the signals they had come up with to understand each other. This one meant 'coast is clear' so Ace got closer and ended up right behind the battle. He looked around and searched for some food or something else he could steal
  12. (OOC id like to just add that the region is still there with all the people somewhat doing their jobs. Its basically just an enemy pokemon team fighting the essential government of the region (the gyms) and trying to rule it for their own evil gain)

    Caller saw the girls pokemon and breathed a sigh of relief. She could handle herself thats for sure. He started calling commands for his pokemon to help the girl fight. "MIDNIGHT HIT IT THEM WITH A DARK PULSE THEN FLAMETHROWER ON THE VENUSAUR! SLICE USE LEAFSTORM ON BLASTOISE FOLLOWED BY AN EARTHQUAKE!" The two pokemon leapt up and simultaneously released their moves in swift order. After taking hits from the girls pokemon and Callers the venusaur had fainted. A look of worry etched across the professors face for a fleeting moment before he returned to his cocky self expression. Caller looked over at the girl. "Hey you! Take care of that Charizard! I can take care of the Blastoise and Raichu!" Caller cried out. As he finished speaking a loud crack rang out. Raichu had hit Midnight the zoroark with a powerful lightning. Zoroark fell down.
  13. "Mismagius honey please use thunderbolt on Charizard and Roserade sweetie use sleep powder on that Raichu" the young beauty commanded and yet again with another snap of her fingers her two Pokemon did as they were told. The ghost type Pokemon sent a strike of lightning crashing down on to Charizard while the bouquet like Pokemon leaped over to the Raichu before using Sleep Powder
  14. Sceptile leapt into the air and crashed down onto blastoise after hitting it with magical leaf. It hopped off its slumped body as the pokemon professor returned it to its ball. The girl seemed to have taken care of the othed two pokemon by herself. Caller was impressed. He raised an eyebrow and smiled at her. He stood up out of his corner and waltzed over toward the professor. "Now... youll tell me where The champion is and where he is keeping the Masterball." The professor looked at the two of them stunned. He told caller "He is with Wikstrom at Tower of Mastery."
  15. "Do you mind if I tag along. My boss has sent me here to get information about the legendaries and I'm sure the Champion will have some juicy information to give me" Azalea stated. "But how do you suppose we get there?" She asked "we possibly can't take a cab sense it would take to long and I'm sure we both dont have any Pokemon that can fly" she informed as she returned Roserade back into it's Luxury Ball while Mismagius floated near her trainer
  16. (Oops. My bad. He's still living on the streets though)

    "Masterball? Tower of mastery? What are they talking about?" He thought but continued with what he did. He saw a few fruits, bananas and apples, and grabbed some of them. He accidentally knocked over a vase on the way and it crashed on the floor.
    "Crap!" He said quietly as it crashed and made a sound that was impossible not to hear.
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  17. Callers head snapped around at the sound of the disturbance. He saw a boy with an armful of fruits. He glanced at the girl and marched over grabbing him by the scruff of his collar. "You saw nothing, Leave now before you get hurt". Caller began to panic. He was told to leave the Lab in pristine condition by his boss and to conduct operations here discreetly. So far he had failed at both those things. A single bead of sweat ran down his brow as he thought of how the boss would react. He'd get back later today and Caller was sure thered be hell to pay
  18. "That you say that indicates that what you do here is illegal. What do i get for keeping my mouth shut?" Ace said with a mishevious grin. He knew what he said now could be dangerous but he knew how to get out quickly. And he would definitely draw more attention to this place if he gets out the way he's thinking. Good for him but bad for them. He released his own Charizard, Blaze, to show them he was serious. The fact that the man held him by the collar didn't bother him very much as his hands were still free
    "Don't think i don't know how to draw attention to myself" he said and looked straight into the man's eyes. He was a bit hesitant though as it would probably get him involved with the police which would lead to the social services but he needed supplies to survive
  19. "Oh precious boy don't think your all big and powerful just because you have a Charizard" Azalea sneered as she snapped her fingers, and with that signal Mismagius soon had electricity surrounding it's body. The girl then slightly pushed Caller out of the way so she could place the tip of her finger under the boys chin and slightly lifted it so he would look directly in her eyes. "Don't test my patiance boy, leave and nobody gets hurt" Azalea threatened as she snapped her fingers with her other hand and Mismagius sent a bolt of lightning crashing on to the boys Charizard. "You care about your Pokemon don't you? Now if you do really care for your Charizard over there I suggest you just forget this ever happened"
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  20. Ace only smiled.
    "Lunar?" He simply said and his Umbreon appeared from the shadows and positioned himself infront of the Mismagius. How was she planning to deal with a Dark type with a Ghost type? Blaze on the other hand was hit by that electric attack and that was bad. So he took out another Pokéball and threw it. Out came his Absol, Demon. Two Dark types.
    "I still got one Pokémon to go. But i want to go easy on you. What do i get for keeping my mouth shut, lady?" He said. He made signals to Lunar with his fingers. Lunar understood and tried surrounding the two humans with his Psychic to remove them from his trainer. Then he made signals to Blaze and he understood aswell and posutioned himself close to the wall with a Thunder Punch ready to punch the wall hard and therefore alert all humans with it.
    "I give you one last chance" Ace said and showed them one of his fingers to make sure they understood
  21. Azalea smirk became a genuine smile as she patted the youngest head, "I like you kid, you sure have guts and I guess you need this more than me" the beauty stated as she took out some money from the small purse in her bag. She then handed the cash over to the boy, after handing it over she placed her slender finger near the boys lips before whispering "everything that happened here is kept between us"
  22. "I thought so. I agree. I won't say anything. You're on your own now professor" Ace said and accepted the money. He put it in his jeans pocket. He knew there was enough to survive atleast a few days even without counting them and he wasn't gonna push them for more. He could, but he wouldn't. That's not the way he is. He hated threatening people but it was necessary if he was gonna survive.
    "Alright Blaze, You can relax. Let's go now" he said and got out of the building. That man was rude and the woman was manipulative. If he had been a bit older and if he wouldn't focus on survival she might've been able to sway him. He wondered what they were doing there in the first place. Something about the tower of mastery and masterballs? He wasn't gonna tell the police or anyone else but he could look into it himself. They agreed on it being kept between them, not that he would forget what happened so... it could be fun. And since they only agreed on that one incident to be kept a secret, he could probably trick them into giving him more cash. He didn't like it, but it was necessary. First of all, he bought a hyper potion with some of the money and healed Blaze. The rest of it he was gonna save. Then he went back to the lab and hid himself. He was gonna follow the two of them when they got out



    CHARACTER APPEARANCE: He has brown hair and leafgreen eyes, wears a red short sleeved Hoodie some black pants with white shoes. Has a black watch with on his left hand. And a scar on his right arm from a Aggron.

    POKEMON: Shades the Krookodile has actual Sunglasses on.( partner pokemon), Hack the Rotom, Rito the Talonflame And Jhonn the Eevee. Rest of his pokemons were taken back in the time of Team Flare.

    ADDITIONAL INFO: (Lives in Courmarine City)
    a 12 year old boy who's mom died when he was 3, from a Onix coming out of the ground and smashing her. His dad became a drinker when his wife died, so Dark took care of his father. Dark was sick of it and went on a adventure to see the world. Dark has already traveled through Kalos and collected two gym badges. When Dark came back home his father left the house and went to the Unova region to start a new life. Dark stayed behind and came in contact with team Flare. Dark did not defeat them some other trainer did that but got most of his pokemon stolen and shipped of to other regions to never be seen of again.

    Dark was training his Krookodile on route 13 near Lumious City when he decided to take a walk in Lumious City. On the way there Dark was still training his Krookodile when he saw a shiny diglet and ran for some time after it only to use dig to get away. "Darn luck is never on my side WHY SHOW ME A SHINY IF IT GETS AWAY ANYWAY WITHOUT A BATTLE." screamed Dark because there were no people around. "Let's hope lumious City has more luck for me." said Dark while walking towards Lumious City.

    Being all nice that he is Dark talked with Mister O-Powers for some time before getting into the City. "What kind of problems shall we run into this time." said Dark like a joke while walking into the Pokemon lab direction.
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  24. Ace saw another guy approaching the lab. He hid himself even more when he saw the guy. This one had a Krookodile with him. Well, in any case, he should still wait for those other two to get out. That could take a while but he had enough patience and time to wait so he did. Could only hope that new guy would miss him. Of course there were other's around to but that one seemed like a trainer and therefore he probably could figure out where Ace was hiding. He hoped that wouldn't be the case so there wouldn't be any problems. Problems was the last thing Ace needed right now.

    (I want to make sure you all know that Ace can change into either a hero or a villain depending on who affects him first. I would prefer him to turn into a villain but hero works to)
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  25. "I can call my boss up to see if he can send a fast transportation for us sense the sooner we get to the Champion the sooner I can get this job over with" Azalea stated she then turned on the device on her wrist before calling her boss. " Ah my favorite strawberry beauty" a man said from her device which caused Azalea to do a fake giggle, "so boss I need a quick transportation please" Azalea pleaded as she batted her eyelashes and with those words her boss noded his head and ended the call. "Okay so there's are way to get there all we need to do is plan if our Pokemon are strong enough to battle the Champion in case it gets to that and if not we may need to do a bit of catching new pokemon"
  26. (thank you il keep that in mind next time)

    Dark was getting hungy so he bought two sandwiches and some pokemon food for his Krookodile. “ Well if this is not luck, the last two sandwiched man Lumious City is better.” Dark and Shades walked in a busy street when Shades saw a Vivillon and ran behind it Dark ran after Shades into a trashcan. When Dark got out he saw a beat up guy staring at him. Dark got out of the trashcan and said “ Hey, you wanna bite this sandwich is amazing.” Krookodile got up and looked friendly into the guys eyes to show he is not dangerous.
  27. "1. I got food already. 2. I'm not hungry. 3. I'm busy. And 4. If i wanted that sandwich, i would've taken it" Ace said. He glared up at the guy. Couldn't he just leave him alone? He was busy waiting for those two in the lab. Then he looked at the Krookodile who thought it could win him over with a friendly smile. Ace shivered invisibly. He had already had enough of fake smiles. It seemed he was underestimated because he was young. He knew he didn't look like it because he've lived on the streets for a few years but he was actually 18. That he was still underestimated hurt his feelings. He got mad and forgot about the guy and girl in the lab. He discreetly grabbed a Pokéball.
    "What do you want with me?" He asked the guy
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  28. ( There edited the stone out.)

    “Whoa dude chill out it was an offer. Why you got to be so agressive. It looked like you wanted a bite of the sandwich nothing more nothing less.” ( Why do people always have to be aggresive and always on me luck may never be on my side.) he thought. “Anyway it’s your choice if you want to battle.” Dark took a bite out of the sandwich before grabbing Shades pokeball. “Your choice. There is a battlefield just around the conor.”
  29. Azalea told Caller that they would meet up outside out of Lumiose City because their helicopter would land there. She then walked out of the lab and sashayed to a boutique, but at she walked over to the boutique she caught sight of a large purple cat dart into an alleyway, the strawberry blond followed the Pokemon and once she saw it she instantly fell in love. Azalea sent out her Ninetales and ordered it to use flamethrower on the Liepard.
  30. "I'm not gonna 'chill' when people keep underestimating me. And i'm 'chilling' even less if people interrupt me while i'm busy. And don't ever call me dude" Ace said angrily. He thought about battling the guy. It could be in his favor if he win. He thought that if he won against this guy, he might be able to get some cash from him too.
    "Well then. I'll fight you" he said and grabbed a firmer grip on the Pokéball which belonged to Demon, his Absol. He knew how to battle. He've seen a lot of trainers fight and sometimes a few traveling one's had trained with him.
  31. Once the Liepard was down Azalea threw a Luxury Ball at it, the ball rolled a bit until it finally stopped which meant she caught it. Azalea returned her Ninetales before picking up the ball holding her new pokemon. The blond beauty then walked to a Pokemon center to get her Pokemon healed
  32. (OOC @TheDaRKness131 the gyms are most likely too strong for you to beat. In the games they are a blowover but in the anime and other universes of pokemon they are significantly harder and take alot of time to beat. The elite four is next to impossible to defeat and the Champion is the strongest there is. So maybe 6 badges is a bit much id have 1 to 2 max for this rp ) RP - Caller nodded at the girl Azalea. He smirked and pushed past the professor before getting a call... he had been dreading this call. He answered the call and his boss answered " My intelligence tells me the lab is in tatters after your little facade, young Caller" They exchanged more conversation before the boss left the call. Callers face was ghost white. He listened to Azaleas advice. If the champion was there He would most likey obliterate both teams of pokemon without batting an eyelid even with a significantly injured team. Theyd have to train and catch more pokemon and enlist the help of some goons from the organisation in order to maybe overwhelm him in sheer numbers. He contacted the boss and Asked for backup. The boss angrily agreed and sent his best men to meet him at shalout city. Until then he needed more pokemon. And lumiose city was just the place for that.
  33. After getting her Pokemon back Azalea happily walked out of the Pokemon Center With her new Liepard walking next to her. "Alright, Liepard we need to find atleast one more Pokemon sense the Champion is extremely powerful and I can't lose this chance to gain some information" Azalea stated as her new companion purred in agreement
    CHARACTER AFFILIATION Anti Hero or a middle but learns toward hero
    CHARACTER APPEARANCE 6'8, goatee, black trench coat, jeans, black dress shoes, black fedora, and a plain grey shirt.
    POKEMON Sceptile (Scepter), Aggron (Beaumont), Swampert (Jeff Marsh), Flygon (Mirage), Primeape (Nixon), Slaking (Brute)
    ADDITIONAL INFO After wandering three different and failing two leagues and at least completing in the third league. He now wanders Kalos looking for any place that still helps the government.

    Zed wandered around reflection cave until he found the exit which then lead him to Shalour city. He wandered around the streets of the town. He stopped in the pokemon center and bought some supplies with the little money he had. He soon wandered toward the gym. He soon got attacked. He quickly sent out Scepter and put on his brass knuckles. He soon realized it was the gym leader Korrina. He soon stopped and said he didn't want to fight. Korrina soon apologized and then took him into the gym. He soon talked to her about how all the other gyms were taken but he would help her defend the gym in order to try to keep the town safe. He soon asked " Hey why don't you move the town to the tower since it would be easier to defend then defending the entire town." She then agreed and she announced it to the entire town. They all began to move stuff like food, beds, water, supplies, and the basic pokemon center supplies. Zed helped out with his team. Eventually they got together everything they needed and even started up a communication line between the last two pieces of government. They told them to stay put and stay and fight if they begin to invade.
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  35. Azalea walked along the sidewalk with Liepard following close. Azalea continued to walk around but she then realized she should have stuck with Caller. The girl returned Liepard before running back to Pokemon center so she could contact caller
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  36. Caller arrived at the pokecenter that had seemingly just been robbed. He frowned. And approached the nurse. "Hey My pokemon are injured" The nurse put on a feeble smile and took his pokemon and put them into the battered machine. He retrieved his pokemon and slid some money over the counter "I know its a free service but you didnt deserve this" Caller said. He knew there was gonna be some trouble in the region when the boss ordered a takeover but didnt expect it to get this bad. He walked out of the pokecenter and went on a hunt for some pokemon. He walked around for a bit not finding anything. A catlike pokemon was glaring at him from a rooftop. It caught his eye and Caller ran inside the building. He rushed up the stairs and confronted the pokemon. It growled with a low growl and sat down. He sent out Midnight. The luxio growled a deeper growl and Zoroark stood at attention ready to attack. The luxio lunged forward and Zoroark hopped switfly back snd used dark pulse. The luxio shuddered and hopped backwards. It used a thunder fang and hit zoroark hard. Zoroark lept forward and attacked again and Caller threw a Dusk Ball at the pokemon. The ball rolled and clicked. He caught luxio and picked up the ball. He sent back zoroark and released his newly caught Luxio to have a look at it. He patted it on the head and fed it a sitrus berry. Ill call you Tesla I think he called back the Luxio and went back through the building. Looking to battle some trainers.
  37. Once back at the Pokemon Center Azalea turned her communication device on only to realize she didn't have Callers contact. "I guess I'll have to do this the old fashioned way", the strawberry blond haired girl then ran out of the Pokemon in search of Caller
  38. Dark smiled “ Okay let’s make this a fun battle how about a one verus one. There is that battlefield over there so let’s fight there so our pokemon’s don’t get hurt from a trashcan or something.” “ How about that Shades we got a trainer battle for you. Ready Shades.” said Dark to his pokemon while giving Shades a fistbump.

    ( have to work now so wont be able to respond fast)
  39. He was running walking along the road. Taking elegant and meaningful strides as he searched for more people to battle. His pokemon were undoubtedly getting more powerful. Although nowhere near the strength of even the most skilled gym leaders. He thought it almost time to meet at the edge of Lumiose city. His heart was filled with butterflies. He would meet the single most powerful trainer in the region and possibly the world. He didnt know what to expect. He was waiting for the girl to come back. He wanted a battle that would prove just how much a chance the pair stood against the champion and the elite four member.
  40. "Sure" Ace said and ran over to the battlefield. "Hmm. He'll probably use that Krookodile. Then i shouldn't use Blaze. Demon have the biggest advantage" he thought to himself and switched Blaze's pokéball with Demon's. He then sat down and waited for the other guy to come. This would be fun even if he did lose. He knew he could prove he was a strong battler. And he intended to do so. Not gonna hold anything back even if he appear to be a weakling with a Krookodile that's just for show

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