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Donovan y Maria's Radical Expedition

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by kimishiro, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. [sup](( OOC: Hi, my name is Kimishiro and I'm going to start roleplaying!! =o Yeah, my writing is crap so you'll just hafta pretend I'm mentally challenged in some areas. I lose train of thought easily and so a lot of what I write comes out the wrong way, and I either don't notice or am just too lazy to correct. Heh ^^() And now that I've scared you away from rp'ing with me, I'd like to add this: I would like this thread to have at least a tinsy bit of activity. If you reply to this thread, you are in a binding agreement to allow someone to auto your involved charrie after a weeks absence. *If we are waiting on you, that is*

    Yeah, sorry to be such an arse.. sorry that my charrie is an optimistic and annoyingly cute 10 year old kid... and sorry in advance for anything else I may need to appologize for. M-kay-thanks-buh-bye! ^^ ))[/sup]

    The sun shown down upon Pallet Town, as two newly acquainted friends waited by the entrance to Route One. It had been a peculiarly adventurous day for Donovan, a small boy with bright white hair and the smile of an angel. Having been sheltered most of his life, he hadn't expected his mother to so willingly send him forward on what promised to be a fulfilling journey.

    _-=-_-=-_-=-_-=-_-=-_-=Flash Back *doodley-doo-doodley-doo!*=-_-=-_-=-_-=-_-=-_-=-_​

    He had awoken on a special day, yet he had no idea how special it would be. His brilliant emerald eyes flashed open as a bubbly sensation in the pit of his stomach overwhelmed him in anticipation. With a small yawn, he rolled out of bed, and made his way to the bathroom for a shower and other morning preparations just like any other casual day.

    Just after brushing his teeth and changing into his clothes, he gleefully headed downstairs to welcome his birthday breakfast. Unfortunately, there was no morning meal awaiting him. ‘Yeah, money has been a little tight lately, maybe things will pick up soon and I can make her breakfast.', thought Donovan, though a little disappointed.

    Proud to have finally turned ten, he wore his smile like a badge of honor. He could hear his mother apologizing from the living room for not being able to make him the traditional breakfast. "Oh, its alright mom, it's the thought that counts anyways, right?" As Donovan entered the room, he was surprised to see a knapsack sitting alongside the wide open door. He turned to his mother quizzically only to be met with a smiling face, "Donny, I can't keep you all to myself any longer. I've been selfishly keeping you here with me since the day you were born. Now I think its time to let you experience the world you've so longed to discover."
    With tearful goodbyes and promises of a bright future, Donovan had taken his knapsack and his birthday ticket for the S. S. Anne. He was headed towards Pallet Town to become a pokemon trainer and to meet up with his cousin Maria, whom he had actually never been acquainted with. ^^()

    _-=-_-=-_-=-_-=-_-=-_-==Flash Forward!=-_-=-_-=-_-=-_-=-_-=-_​

    "Char!" ,announced a fiery charmander, just before he pounced his prey into a rolling tackle.

    "Ack!" Donovan felt the sudden pressure to his abdomen too late as he was knocked backwards into the grass.

    With a burst of playful laughter he smiled up at his pokemon as it stood atop of him proudly.
    "Whoa, nice tackle Tataku! You're awesome!"

    The boy and his new pokemon continued playing around in the itchy grass, awaiting the arrival of Maria.​

    [sup](( I skipped a lot of boring details, and its only meant to be a setting for you to join in. I suck, sorry. ))[/sup]
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  2. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    OOC: Sorry for the slight delay, Kimi. I had work the last three days and only just hooked up my PC at our cottage tonight. But here I am! Ready, willing, and able ^^

    Just an observation. The green text is kinda hard to read against Pokecharms' green BG. Would you be able to use a different color for Donovan's text?

    "We're late! We're late! We're always LATE!" Maria Skyler growled more to herself as she jogged down route 1 with two of her close companions, Rigel the Growlithe and Bellatrix the Vaporeon, by her sides. The teenaged girl, who'd tied her brown hair back in a pony tail to keep it out of her face, glimpsed down at the blue PokeGear strapped to her wrist and groaned. "According to Jenny's text message, Donovan should've arrived in Pallet over a half hour ago to meet with Prof. Oak. I knew we shouldn't have stopped for that lunch break!"

    Wild Pokemon milling about in the tall grasses scattered for deeper cover as the trio hurried down the path, Rigel barking gleefully at each passing Rattata. A few times already he'd attempted to break away from the others to chase the tiny rodents, but Bellatrix would react without word to squirt the fire pup with a weak Water Gun and steal back his attention. After all this time of working side by side with the silly canine she knew the drill like her own name. The two had come to be together with Maria when they were both very young and had grown up like brother and sister. Even if back then the Vaporeon had been a mere Eevee, she had always held a grace her counterpart could never hope for. At times he was nothing more than an embarrassment - a silly, eternal puppy - yet the Growlithe always managed come through in times of need. He was a bit thick, but loyal, brave and courageous at heart.

    "Alright guys! I think I can see the town!" Maria cheered as the first building tops began to peek over the horizon. "Donovan should he standing around the entrance. Let's just hope he follows directions better than me."

    While she'd never met the boy due to living a whole region away, he wasn't a total stranger. Donovan's mother and Maria's own were sister's, and she'd heard stories of his home life and seen a few pictures of him: a young, bright, optimistic child with white hair; one who longed to travel and discover the world just as she did. It'd be a bit odd meeting him for the first time face to face like this, but Maria was prepared for the task. She'd never been to Kanto before so they'd be able to help each other out, just in different ways.

    As the structures of Pallet town slowly took form, two figures came into view playing in the grass. A few more steps further and Maria could make out a small, white haired boy and a Charmander. "It's him," she murmured down to her own Pokemon, slowing her pace to a walk; the Pokemon doing the same. Rigel stared longingly at the two tumbling about and gave a few quick hops. Maria eyed Bellatrix's icy frown and grinned down at the pup. "Just hold up one second, bud. You might spook them if you just bound over there."
    She looked back up to the boy and called out, "Hey! Donovan! Donovan Delgado!" Continuing to approach the boy and Pokemon, she continued, "I'm Maria Skyler, your cousin. Sorry for the wait, but... I'm here!"
  3. [sup](( Puke green colors ruin everything. =( I'll just post colorless replies.... I've been sick lately, so this post is probably going to bed as bad as the first one. =( ))[/sup]

    Donovan had been in his own little world with his new best friend, Tataku. That is, until a strong yet feminine voice awakened him to the rest of the world.

    "Donovan! Donovan Delgado!"

    !! No... I shouldn't have.. Awww, I knew I shouldn't have left her. I'm so sorry, I so so very sor---- Wait...

    Donovan stumbled just a bit as he stood up, never taking his eyes off the teenage girl whom had called out to him. His expression was that of someone expecting tragic news, almost teary eyed, but soon changed into a smile, relief in his eyes.

    " ^^ You must be Maria. "

    As a nervous habit, Donovan's right hand raised behind his head, and twirled his hair. His eyes squinted in a gleeful expression as his cheeks reddened from embarrassment. A bit paranoid about leaving his mothers side, he had expressed a bit of panic for just a split second, something very unlike him.

    Of course, having been so sheltered, he never made any friends growing up, and so he was really unsure how to approach it. He couldn't help but notice this throbbing feeling in his chest, and a bit of a nervous pinch building in the pit of his stomach.

    "I'm... I'm Donovan, and-and its very nice of you to travel so far to help me. "

    Despite his nerves, he felt a friendly aura about this cousin of his, and something told him they would get along fine. He didn't think of her as a babysitter, but more along the lines of a tourguide for his coming of age journey.
  4. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Heh... Cute kid. This should be an interesting journey, Maria thought with a smirk as she stared back at Donovan's flushed face. Up until this point she only encountered a couple of her cousins in real life, mostly just for short holiday breaks to boot. It'd be nice to actually travel with someone with who shared the family bond. Even her own siblings couldn't be counted on that for. Aside from her youngest brother, none of them were overly interested in traveling or even Pokemon.

    "Think nothing of it. I was meaning to visit Kanto at some point anyways, and journeying with someone who's actually from the region will give me a good head start. Besides that..." she grinned brightly, "it's my pleasure to help out a new trainer in anyway possible, especially one who's family."

    As she watched Rigel slowly approach the young boy's Charmander, pausing every so often as if testing its temperament, Maria thought back to when she first became a trainer. It wasn't exactly the traditional way you'd expect. As a rule every new student entering the Winters Pokemon Academy received a Pokemon, but her dad bent the rules a bit to grant her with two (baby Rigel and Bellatrix). The academy itself was very structured and intense with steady lesson plans, so there wasn't much room for exploring. That was why Maria's passion to see the world burned so strongly. She'd simply gotten sick of being cooped up for so many years.

    "Well, I guess now that introductions are completed, we can set out on our adventure! Guess we should backtrack to Veridian City first, then choose our plan of action from there. Trainers can stay for free at the Pokemon Center after all. Free meals, too." And for cafeteria-like food, it was pretty damn good. "Let's go then, guys. Rigel. Bellatrix."

    The teen motioned to her Pokemon as she turned from Donovan and back to the route they'd just come. Bellatrix quietly turned to join her trainer, while Rigel seemed a bit torn: looking ‘round at Maria, back to the fellow fire-type, then back to the girl again. Finally he gave a gleeful bark and raced after her.

    Maria couldn't see him, but she could hear Donovan's footsteps following closely behind. "This is where it all begins, Donnie - can I call you that? This route is your first step to becoming a first-rate Trainer. You got some spare PokeBalls from Professor Oak, right? ‘Cause your first chance to use them could arrive at any moment. Always keep your eyes peeled, be ready for anything, and put trust in your Pokemon. You never know what you'll encounter…" Thinking back to some of the strange characters she and her friend Jeff had encountered on her journey through Eagleland, her home region, Maria laughed, "And don't I know it."

    OOC: Before anyone scolds me for breaking my own rules, Kimi gave me permission to make small autos with his charrie for the sake of moving the RP along. For the record tho, Kimi, if you ever think I've auto'd your characters wrongly, tell me and I'll edit it.

    Btw - humor my misuse of location names. I need to dig out my FR/LG games :p
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  5. [sup](( Sorry it took so long babe, my internet has been going off and on lately.. As well as my computer... Mayhaps I have a virus, I'unno. Anyhoo, I've been really busy, sorry. ^^ And I dunno if we're supposed to put warnings on posts or whatever, but there is a bit of language in this one, though not much.))[/sup]

    As the growlithe approached Tataku, the charmander tilted his head curiously as if contemplating the nature of the beast before him. Unfortunately, before either had a chance to greet one another, the pup's trainer had called him to her side.



    As Maria turned around and began to guide them along Route One, Donovan quickly followed, with Tataku at his side.

    I've never had a nickname before.. She is so casually awesome.

    "Umm... no, I don't mind.. Donnie sounds cool.. ^^ "

    Be prepared... alrighty....

    As the adventurers continued towards Viridian, Donovan became overwhelmed via strong sense of paranoi. It was as if someone, or more likely, some ‘thing' had been following them ever since they departed Pallet Town. It stalked them noiselessly, but Donnie could tell it was there. It gave off the same sensation as a shadow falling upon a slumbering child's face. Though you couldn't see it, you were aware of the presence.


    Tataku, on the other hand, had only one thing on his mind... That growlithe... The dog just looked so playful and so willing to befriend him. The young charmander just couldn't get it out of his head. Though he merely wanted to play with him, the thoughts consumed him, leaving him oblivious to everything else in the world.

    Thats it.... It was like trying to hold in urine after drinking water all day long without a single go. The tingley sensation was driving him mad, and as much as he would like to show obedience, it was just too much to bare.

    Tataku took off ahead of his trainer, sprinting towards Rigel. The plan was simple: Jump onto the pokemon's back, surprising it with a rolling tackle, and see if he could pin him to the ground.

    Just as the reptilian creature prepared for the leap, something came crashing out of the brush just to his left, knocking the poor charmander down.


    Donovan had only just noticed his charmander taking off towards Maria's growlithe, but before he could stop him, something else did.

    The rattata had seemingly come out of nowhere, blindly running about the route, taking no precaution towards what could lie just ahead. The charmander hadn't the least preparation for such a thing, and soon found himself lying on his side, covered in dust and pebbles.

    Grinning from ear to ear, Donnie's excitement about his first pokemon battle shown brilliantly. Of course as with all good things in life, this extinguished shorter than expected.

    The rattata was obviously fleeing something, and in such a rapid retreat it had plowed into the charmander before it even realized anybody was there. With fear in its eyes, it hastily got back onto it's feet and ran straight for Donovan, as if for shelter.

    Before the rodent could even reach half the distance towards the trainer, it was thrown back in immense pain. A clawed paw had came seemingly out of nowhere, and like the hand of a God, it smote the rattata with a single blow, forcing the small creature to slide painfully across the ground for a good ten feet.


    Donovan pitied the rattata as the meowth finally caught up to it, and ferociously began to assault it. Without thinking, he threw one of his pokeballs at the rat, hoping to save it from any further abuse. Unfortunately for Donovan, whom had never thrown a pokeball before, he did not know to press the release button in order to open the ball. So with the best intentions, Donovan pelted the poor misfortunate rattata with the pokeball, knocking it unconcious.

    ""What the shit do you think you're doing!?!"

    A loud, obnoxious sounding girl stepped out from behind the brush, having just caught up to her meowth and it's prey. She towered over Donnie, obviously a teenager, with her fire red hair, and her cold blue eyes.

    "You were attempting to still that rattata! I am in the middle of battling here, so you best move along before I report you!"

    Donovan stared up at her, "I'm sorry, I didn't know. But it looked to me more like that meowth wanted to kill the poor creature."

    "Thats the way you raise pokemon, little boy! Ah, you're obviously a fucking newb, so I'm not ever going to bother, just get outta my way!"

    Donnie didn't agree with this type of training at all, and he couldn't just stand idly by and watch. "Then, I challenge you for that pokemon! If I win, you leave it alone, if you win, I'll leave ‘you' alone."
    The redhead smiled maliciously before replying. "Alright shortstuff. I'll show you exactly what it means to be a hardcore trainer such as myself. I'll be using my meowth.."

    Donnie nodded towards Tataku, who had been sprawled out on the ground, not sure what exactly was going on. "Tataku, I need your help please. ^^ "

    The charmander hurried towards his trainer, turned around, and stared down the meowth.

    "Tataku, ember!"

    "Give it the ole' One-Two shuffle!"

    Tataku took in a deep breath and spat out a pitiful display of an ember attack. The flames flew from the lizard's mouth and towards the meowth at an easily avoidable velocity. The feline did not waste the opportunity, sliding to the left of the fire attack, and running in quick, claws extended. It raises its left paw back and before Tataku knew he had missed, he felt a sharp stinging sensation upon his face where the scratch attack landed.

    The blow hit with such force, that it threw the charmander off the ground, flying sideways. Wasting no time afterwards, the meowth's blinding speed allowed it to surpass the airborne salamander, and come up on the opposite side where it gifted Tataku with another swift blow, this time to the abdomin.

    "Tataku, stay with me buddy!!"

    The charmander, now in agonizing pain from the fierce blows, stood itself up, staring at the cat that stood gloating a few yards infront of him. As he stared into those endless eyes, filled with merciless loyalty to its trainer, his mind grew vastly irrational. His mind told him that he hated that cat more than anything he had ever come to meet, and though this enpowered him more-so than ever, his lack of concentration disallowed him focus.

    Tataku blindly sprinted towards the meowth, ferociously striking out with his claws. It was as if he had lost his mind, in favor of brute strength, but this was more or less an advantage to the meowth. After dodging the first few swipes, the frustrated charmander attempted to ram the meowth, whom casually leapt over him at just the precise moment.

    This sudden strategic move offset Tataku, who could not stop his own enraged momentum, causing him to collide into a heavy oak tree.

    Tataku was down for the count.

    "See that? Thats called swagger. When your charmander looked into Meowth's eyes, they hypnatized him into a state of fury. Its kinda a double-edge sword, because although it does confuse the opponent, it also empowers them. Swagger... an advanced move, for an advanced trainer such as myself."

    The girl seemed rather well educated, but still cruel. Her dark red lips formed into a smirk as she casually tossed the pokeball to capture the rattata. Her eyes turned to Maria, then to Donovan, as if recording their images mentally. Without so much as a ‘goodbye', she began to take her leave.

    Donovan ran to his charmander, patting him sympathetically, "I'm sorry Tataku. I'm really sorry.. I should have known better than to have challenged an advanced trainer like that.. I guess I'm not really cut out for all this.." With that, he stood up, returned his charmander to his ball, and looked onto Maria as if to say ‘What next?'
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  6. Linkachu

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    OOC: No worries. If the swearing fits, it's not breaking any rules. And if it offends some people... *Shrugs* That's what you get :p

    That stupid… that ignorant… ‘advanced trainer' my ass! I'd teach her a thing or two if circumstances were different, but… Though Maria's thoughts burned with disgust, her features softened as she turned to Donovan and watched him recall his Charmander. But this isn't my battle. The sadden boy then looked up to stare into the girl's eyes, his expression seeming lost; searching for guidance.

    "Don't listen to her, Donnie," Maria grumbled darkly as she watched the girl go, holding back the urge to yell a few choice obscenities after her. She gave a sigh once the moron had vanished from sight, continuing on, "There are many different types of trainers in this world: some who see Pokemon as equals; trusted friends, family… And others who see them as objects for collecting… Tools for battle. War. How they come about gathering them or using them means nothing if it achieves their goals. But you know what?" The teenager narrowed her eyes. "Screw her and her ‘advanced‘ crap. Chasing a Pokemon down; scaring the life out of it. That's no worse than a thug."

    Maria revolved her gaze down to the magnificent creatures standing next to her. Even with Rigel's goofy nature, he stared back up at his trainer in ridged silence. He and Bellatrix both knew what lay in their trainer's heart and respected her for it. To Maria, it wasn't about power. Not anymore.

    "Every trainer must decide for themselves what's right. I know my place and beliefs. You still need to find your own." With those words the girl looked back up to Donovan and, even through the deep thoughtfulness, cracked a grin. "Just do me a favor, Donnie. Give yourself a fighting chance before you decide whether you're ‘cut out for this' or not, k? I guarantee you‘ll surprise yourself, one way or another."

    "Growllll-ithe!" Rigel finally barked, unable to take it anymore. He broke away from Maria and bounded towards Donovan, halting a few feet away to whimper and jerking his nose towards the PokeBall clutched in the boy's hand.

    Maria gave a warm "Heh…", now smiling softly at her young cousin. "Rigel's worried about Tataku. Silly mutt… But he's right. We should get a move on to the Viridian City Pokemon Center and heal Tataku as soon as possible. He'll be as good as new as soon as you know it!" Yet in her mind she thought weakly, At least physically. It went down pretty hard, and with so much at stake… Poor Charmander… I just I hope it doesn‘t take it to heart.
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  7. StellarWind Elsydeon

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    The small hybrid-sailboat cleaved through the waters of the Pallet Town harbor, as its sole human occupant looked on at the coming landmass of Kanto, her shortish red-gold hair billowing behind her as she adjusted the main-sail lightly, tweaking its direction to help the boat slow down as it approached the harbor. She appeared to be around 20 years old, give or take, with emerald-green eyes and a lightly freckled complexion. Her body was toned from years of hiking around rough terrain and living life on (and around) boats - she had a look to her that suggested that of an adventurer from the Orange Islands.

    She was currently manning the helm of her little transport through water - controlling its movements via a complex set of electronic arrays and a few elastic ropes. She was dressed rather casually for an orange islander - a short, sleeveless and somewhat tight white shirt with a golden DNA helix design running along it, that left her stomach and shoulders exposed, long blue jeans, hiking boots, a watch on one arm and a strange bracelet on another. She had a necklace that resembled a seashell, a red blot on it with a central drop-shaped green gem, and a dark, sinuous dragon-like tattoo on her right arm, its head resting just under the shoulder and its tail almost reaching her wrist. She twisted her entire body, giving two ropes a hard yank to fold the sails altogether, retracting the mast into the hull of the boat and converting it to full motor power as she finally docked at the harbor.

    Slinging a small backpack on her back, She stepped off the boat, wiping sweat from her brow with a piece of cloth. She approached the customs officer confidently.

    "Good day. " she grinned brightly "Checking in."
    "Name?" he replied in a bored tone.
    "Christine Evans, from the Orange Islands, here to visit a friend, and proceed with her. My boat's space in the dock has been bought and paid for. That's all you need to know." She showed him her identity card. He scanned it with a device, and found it satisfactory.
    "Please proceed through the blue gate." the officer yawned, and returned to his work.
    "By all means."


    A bit of bureaucracy later, and she finally set foot outside the harbor and into Kanto. The air definitely felt different, and it seemed to be a little less warm than she was used to - but still warm and nice. A gentle ocean breeze blew. Pallet was a small town and it enjoyed being that - the port did not really belonging to Pallet Town, but being that close to it gave it the name. This was the first time in a while she was going to have solid ground under her feet - the ground of an actual continent, rather than an island. Her birthplace was Navel Island, a rather little-populized mountainous island with geothermic qualities. She spent much time trekking through it, but there was always some sort of oceanic presence. Kanto, she knew, would not be the case.

    "Fancy me coming here." she thought with a slightly bemused grin, walking towards the exit from Pallet Town itself towards Route 1 - and as she walked, twiddling with one single PokeBall on her belt - Purple and white, with a golden rim. Her sole PokeMon in her journeys. She wondered just what exactly she was doing there again - her friend told her that they would meet in Viridian City's PokeMon center, and left it at that. Unfortunately, with her only map of the region being lost to a contrived occurence involving one of her friends, a particularily rough storm, a pod of panicked magikarp and a migrating mantine with a larger wingspan than normal - she needed to stop by and ask for directions.

    A couple of people on the roadside seemed to be the best bet - Two PokeMon trainers - one obviously a beginner, and the other an older relative - or at least, so she thought. The younger trainer was holding a Pokeball and returning a fallen Charmander which seemed to have a bit more feathery appearance than most of the Charmanders that she has seen so far - she could tell that it has suffered a tough beating, and felt somewhat sorry for the younger trainer. But something told her that maybe they could help her.

    She cleared her throat.

    "Excuse me. I'm sorry to interrupt, but, I'm not from around here - I was wondering if any of you knew where exactly can I find Viridian City." she said, a confident smile never leaving her face. "I'm supposed to meet someone there."
  8. Donovan looked up towards his older cousin, dissappointment in his eyes. Her soothing words made him feel a bit better from his loss. As the growlithe showed his concern, it was then that donnie realized what good company he was in. Turning his saddened face into a small smile, he pat the pup on his head in a 'thank you' manner.

    Just as he was about to head off towards the town with Maria, he heard another feminine voice calling out. At first glance, he thought that the 'advanced trainer' had returned to gloat a bit longer, sapping away the last of his self-confidence. Of course, when he actually listened to what she had to say, he realized this was someone entirely different.

    As his eyes locked onto the stranger, he gave a half-hearted smile. Being that he wasn't the most confrentational person on Route One, he looked on towards Maria, as a child would look to its mother before they held hands to cross the street.

    (( and yeah, I only color-code it when there is a lot of speech involved, and/or it may be confusing. ))
  9. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Maria eyed Donovan's lost expression, turning to the new individual and replying, "No worries. You couldn't interrupt anything because we were already finished talking," Maria smirked. "This route is pretty straight forward - literally. If you're looking for Viridian City, all you need to do is follow the path until you reach it. Or you could just tag a long with us. We were headed for the city's Pokemon Center anyways." She turned her gaze back to Donnie and asked, "Ready to go?"

    The young boy gave no sign of objection, walking in stride with Rigel to join Maria at her side.

    "Alrighty then. Let us make haste!" Maria started to say in a mock-dramatic tone. "To Viridian city!"


    "Here we are, Donnie. The Viridian City Pokemon Center."

    The Eagleland trainer stood in the doorway of the bustling facility, gazing around at the various Pokemon trainers of all ages and sizes within - not to mention their Pokemon. There was a teenaged boy sitting on a nearby bench grooming a shimmering and beautiful Ninetales, while younger girl, probably no older than Donovan, sat a few seats down playing happily with a female Nidoran. Everyone was just so natural: chatting with friends about this and that; talking on the vid phones or accessing the Pokemon Center PC services; or just casually relaxing with the local news paper. It was a great atmosphere to be in, especially for a newbie like Donnie.

    "The Pokemon Center is one of the most helpful and useful facilities for trainers to utilize," Maria said to her cousin as she stepped away from the entrance way. "Just having an official trainer's license entitles you to free services - anything from lodging, to long distance calls, to meals. But of course the most useful service of all is the free Pokemon care provided by the Pokemon nurses. And that's where you're headed right now."

    It was impossible to miss the nurse, who was dressed in white and pink scrubs and a white nurses cap. She stood alone beyond a large, curving counter at the back of the room, diligently retrieving PokeBalls from eager trainers and returning others that were finished healing. It seemed like tough work, but the nurse was holding it together. Somehow.

    "You can leave Tataku in his PokeBall to be healed. Pretty convenient, eh? Either way, just take it up to her and she'll know what to do." With that the guiding cousin stepped aside to give Donovan a clear path, jerking her thumb towards the front desk and grinning. "Go ahead. She won't bite. After that, I suggest you take a look around the place for yourself. Best way to learn, I say. I'm gonna go grab a drink and find a seat by the window. But first thing‘s first…"
    The girl looked down to her own Pokemon: Bellatrix her usual, calm self while Rigel‘s attention was jumping around in all directions. They didn't need treatment, but they could probably use a rest. The trainer was also a bit tired herself and didn't feel like putting up with a wired Rigel. "Alright guys," she said slipping her hands under her shirt to grab two PokeBalls off her belt. "Why don't you two take a rest for now, too?" Rigel frowned at the notion, but before he could vocalize the distaste he'd vanished from sight into the sphere.

    "Now then… We're good to go. Come find me when you're done!" And just like that, Maria turned and headed off towards the nearest drink vending machine, leaving Donnie to stand alone. It was like throwing him to the lions, but he'd be okay, even for a bashful kid like him.

    :OOC: Kinda hard to know what to do with your character without autoing her, Stel, so I'll let you decide whether she followed us into the Pokemon Center or not. Anyways, another more or less uneventful post by me, but this opens everything wide open for others to jump in.

    For future reference to EVERYONE - 'cause Katie can't read minds ;): If you just want to advance the story to a certain location, tell me to auto you there. Otherwise I have no way of knowing and won't :p
    In my case, if write something like "Let's go then" referring to a location, it's my signal to get us there 'cause I have absolutely no plans between then and now ^^
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  10. (( Yeah, its a bit sappy... corny.. whichever.. Sorry.. I don't have anything eventful to post, so I'll reflect and begin character growth somes. At the age of ten, life is full of drama. Everything around you is changing, and you begin to learn that you'll have to accept these things.. Or at least in the world of pokemon. ^^ ))


    Donovan stood where Maria had left him, that helpless sensation enveloping him once again.


    Even while boarding a boat from Vermillion to Pallet, he had an escort along for the ride. But when he had finally had arrived at Pallet, it had dawned on him, though only momentarily, that he was alone. He no longer had someone to guide him, and it felt horrible. If this was what growing up meant... if this was what he would wake up to day after day... being confused and dominated by fear of lonliness... then he didn't want any part of it..

    That was until he managed to walk in Prof. Oak's Lab.. He didn't really choose a pokemon, but rather, was drawn to a pokemon, was drawn to Tataku. Yeah,that perkish little reptile, with the scaley feathered hairdo... Tataku was his first friend, and the one to relinquish him of his worries. The burden of the world had lightened on his shoulders, now that he had a friend to help share the load.


    Reflecting on this encouraged him. He not only had Tataku with him, but now Maria. There was something inside of her... She was mature... intelligent... and strong in both will and heart... To most girls her age, he would have been a great nuisance, but to her.. She was different... she was special.

    "Excuse me sweety, but are you alright? Is there anything I can help you with?" came the lovely voice of nurse Joy.​

    Donovan quickly realized that he had been staring a hole in the wall, dazed in memories and lost in thought. As his cheeks burned, he looked into the woman's consulting eyes, and though his courage had been taken down along with his first loss, it now returned stronger than ever.

    "I'm sorry Miss. I just... I've never been to a... I've never..."​

    Noticing the pokeball he had clutched in his hands, she understood right away. She leaned forward and gently relieved him of his pokeball.

    Momentarily, Donnie felt the urge to grasp his companion's sheltering pokeball back before it was too late. Of course, those reassuring eyes put him back at ease, telling him everything would be okay. And for what he knew, it would be. It would be more than okay.. Today was the start of something new, and though it was different, it was not to be feared.

    Donnie gave the woman a compassionate smile, his eyes lighting up as he took a seat upon a nearby bench. He felt refreshed, and now more 'at home' than he had been since he left his mother. And so with eager eyes absorbing the beautiful display of pokemon and their trainers around him, he patiently waited to be reunited with his beloved Tataku.
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    Christine entered the PokeMon Center silently after the two trainers (whom, from what she picked up of their conversations, were named Maria and Donovan). She had guessed correctly that Donovan was a true beginner, and that Maria was a relative guiding him through the first steps of his journey. She smiled a little. Her eyes followed Donovan for a while, then followed Maria as she headed for the venders - and then they froze when they spotted a girl who was leaning against one of the vending machines, seemingly waiting for someone.

    She appeared to be slightly younger than her, with warm, light-brown eyes and darkish green hair that fell in front of her face in a fringe in front, and was tied from behind in a strange, spiral ponytail. She was wearing a shirt very similar to her own, only plain red and a bit more tight, orange cargo pants and blue waterproof boots. She had a dark blue backpack with a white anchor drawn on it, and a matching cap that was currently hanging from it rather than being on her head. She had three PokeBalls attached to her belt, and everything about her suggested that while she hasn't been a trainer for too long, she has gone far in a short time.

    Christine grinned, recognizing her instantly, though wondering what was she doing in Kanto, of all places, she slowly approached the girl, who didn't seem to notice her, and suddenly exclaimed.

    "You still owe me those damn maps, Maren!"

    "Christie?!" The girl jumped, and within seconds, Christine was wrapped in a vice-grip of a hug, which was returned eagerly as the two old friends embraced, laughing. "It's been AGES! What brings you to Kanto?"

    "Same question to you." Christine said, raising an eyebrow at Maren.

    "Kai. She sent me a message to wait for her here." Maren shrugged "She hasn't arrived yet, though."
    "Funny... Same for me... I wonder. It's not like Kai to be a no-show." Christine replied, finally breaking the embrace "So, how's your team doing?"

    "Better than yours." Maren grinned cheekily "Odyssey is becoming quite a handful to handle - she just keeps getting more and more powerful lately. Vagrant's still the strong silent type, and Voyager, well, you know how Voyager has been ever since she evolved. How's Iriai?"

    "Still mysterious as ever." Christine grinned back "But can still wipe the floor with all three of your PokeMon together."

    "Do I hear a challenge?" Maren's eyes narrowed, a mischievous glint in them.

    "If I win this, you're getting yourself out there right then and there and getting me those maps. If you win this, I'm dropping the subject forever!"

    "You? Dropping the subject of the maps?!" Maren theatrically gasped, mimicing a fall - causing Christine to catch her just as theatrically.

    "You're lucky Kai isn't around yet. She'd have our heads for this sort of bragging!" Maren giggled. "C'mon, let's get ourselves out there and let this battle roll!"

    "Who's first?"

    "I dunno, Vagrant's been dying for a little revenge..."
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    Coke, Coke... How I love you so... My liquid drug, Maria smirked as the vending machine rattled and a fresh, cool can of her favourite soda clunked out at the bottom (OOC: Every world, whether its ours or not, HAS to have Coke ;)). As she bent down to grab it up, a conversation between the girl who'd followed them in and a new trainer caught her ears. "Christie" she heard the new girl call the other, which Maria then realized she'd never even bothered to ask. She was getting bad with stuff like that, but after meeting so many passing people on the road it was starting to seem pointless introducing yourself to every single one.

    Maria casually cracked open her pop and drank a bit, listening further to the exchange between friends. Both were out-of-towners like her and seemed to be talking about Pokemon, just not what type of Pokemon each other actually had. The curiosity began to nag at her. Exactly what kind of Pokemon did they have?

    "Do I hear a challenge?" the one called Maren said then.

    Ooo... A battle! I gotta see this, Maria grinned excitedly. Asking to watch seemed a bit intrusive, but if she tailed them she may be able to catch the show. Donnie would probably want to watch, too. There was a good chance that he'd never seen a serious match between two experienced trainers before. But where exactly was he?

    Taking note of Maren and Christie's positions, Maria headed back into the crowd in search of her white-haired cousin. It didn't take long to catch sight of him sitting by the front desk, but before Maria could call out to him a girl leaving the counter walked straight into her.

    "Get out of my way, fucktard!" the girl cursed as she shoved roughly past Maria, almost knocking her pop right out of her hands. Maria clutched it tightly, her fist slightly denting the can when she noticed exactly who she'd hit. It was her: the same fiery-red haired jerk who'd battled Donnie earlier.

    "Maybe if you used your eyes, you'd notice that you walked into me." Maria replied coldly, fully intending to get a rise out of the girl. And it worked.

    "What did you say?" the female's piercing blue eyes narrowed sharply as she turned to face Maria. "You… You're that girl who was with the newb from before! Gawking like a moron while I beat the crap out of his precious Charmander. Where were your snappy comments then?"

    "You weren't worth it. You‘re still not," Maria kept her tone level. A person like this didn't deserve the satisfaction of getting her railed up.

    "Whatever. I don't have time for this shit. I've got places to be. A no-action, smart-ass like you wouldn't last a minute in the Battle Frontier KCC. That newbie friend of yours wouldn‘t last five seconds - IF that."

    "Battle Frontier? KCC?" Maria parroted. The gears in her mind started ticking away. "That's based in Hoenn, not Kanto. Or doesn't an ‘advanced trainer' like yourself even know that much?"

    "Pfft. KCC. Kanto Contention Compaign? You're just as clueless as that newb!"

    "Cousin. And ‘newbs' don‘t stay ‘newbs' forever." Maria corrected, ignoring the ‘clueless‘ remark.

    "What-EVER! .. God, why am I even still talking to you?! I'm already late for registration in Pewter!" The red haired teen roared. She spun around to leave but paused a moment, looking back over her shoulder to Maria with a malicious smile. "Tell your lame-ass 'cousin' to enter the KCC. Then I'll show you both how pathetic you really are."

    "We'll be there," Maria replied coolly. The nameless girl finally gave one last mutter and turned to exit the Pokemon Center, leaving the foreigner a chance to ponder all she'd just heard. Would Donnie be interested in learning more about the KCC? From the sounds of it, the competition was going to be pretty steep. Where did that leave him…? "Oh well... First things first. Gotta grab him before we miss that entire battle. Might give him a few pointers if anything."
    The young boy had been sitting so close that Maria wouldn't have been surprised if he'd heard the entire conversation. Regardless, she purposely neglected mentioning and instead asked, "Hey, Donnie! I've got something to show you. Care to follow?" She looked back over her shoulder to see that the two girls had disappeared. Probably had already gone outside during her little ‘encounter‘ with bitch-girl.

    Jerking her thumb towards the exit, Maria motioned for Donovan to follow in hopes that they'd actually find the battle before it was over.

    OOC: Yeah... Kimi can either post about us finding the battle, or you can just post it and we'll play catch-up, Stel. Either way, unless you hide it purposely expect to see us watching from the side-lines.
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    The grassy backyard of the PokeMon Center, which usually served as a relaxation area for visiting trainers and their PokeMon was about to become the arena of a battle.

    The two trainers from the Orange Islands stood, facing each other on opposing sides of the field, the wind ruffling through their hair. Both wielded a PokeBall, in shrunken state, and faced each other, eyes burning with determination.

    "Ready to get your tail kicked?" the green-haired trainer grinned.
    "Only if you're ready!" the reddish-gold-haired one grinned back.
    "As I ever will be!" the green haired trainer exclaimed, both trainers laughing. Just like old times.
    "Enough chit-chat, my dear, let us do battle!"

    "You got it!" Maren grinned, expanding the Dive ball in her hands and tossing it into the air.

    "Vagrant, Go!"

    The PokeBall burst open in midair, releasing the sleek form of a Mantine, which materialized with a cry in midair and glided down slowly to fly a bit over ground level. The creature had a larger wingspan than normal - It seemed as if a human could ride him while he was still flying. His colors were vaguely different and the angles of its body were mildly sharper than the average.

    "Iriai, Go!"

    Christine tossed her PokeBall up - and it burst open with light like a small sun's. A creature hovered down, surrounded by soft light. It was vaguely canine and vaguely feline in appearance, with brilliant white fur. Its face, chest ruff and leg 'socks' were a pale golden hue, with a mane in a richer gold. Its body was covered with markings the lavenderish purple of a cloud in sunset - the same color as its eyes and the orblike crystals that adorned its back legs, its forehead and its paws. Its tail, was a crest of long, flowing ribbonlike extentions. It had two more on its back, growing from its shoulders, and two more seeming to sprout out from its eyebrow crests. The creature landed softly, exclaiming a soft cry, its crystals glowing softly as its paws touched the ground. It almost seemed to glow in its own light, its fur sparkling warmly. Whatever it was, it was impressive.

    The two PokeMon surveyed each other.

    "Okay, Vagrant, Let's start this off with Water Pulse!" Maren grinned.
    "Iriai, Mode Change - Blitz Formation!" Christine commanded.

    Iriai emitted a cry that sounded like the cackling of electricity as suddenly, he leapt into the air, curled up, and began to change. An orb of lightning surrounded his form in the air, the white of his body becoming golden-yellow and the gold becoming black. Purple changed into electric blue. The extensions shifted to resemble lightning bolts, and his fur spiked as if static electricity ran between every single point. The transformed PokeMon landed on the ground, howling. Dust and lightning rising from the ground as his paws touched the surface. The mode change was complete.

    Just then, the Mantine released his attack. Ring-shaped waves of water emanated from its mouth, creating supersonic disturbances, impacting full-force with the transformed creature, washing over him. Attempting to confuse his senses...

    "Iriai, Spark!"

    The creature growled, and an orb of lightning burst from his forehead crystal to surround his entire body, dispelling the rings of water as he dashed at the Mantine, the orb of lightning growing as he built up speed.

    "Vagrant, use your agility to dodge it!" Maren commanded, and Vagrant complied, the Kite PokeMon's form becoming a blur of speed as he flew up above. Iriai leapt at him, trying to give chase, but the Mantine, in agility-induced frenzy, was far too quick.

    "Now, use Earthquake!" Maren pointed at the creature, grinning to herself as if to say 'Now I've got you.'. Christine was less than amused.

    "Quickly, before he does! Iriai, use Thunderbolt!" Christine exclaimed, pointing at the Mantine, which has already begun to change his flight direction to a sharp dive - preparing to slam into the ground with such magnitude that would induce an earthquake.

    Lightning sparked around Iriai's orbs - each one shooting a small bolt into a rapidly forming ball of lightning at his forehead... Which suddenly burst, launching a deadly bolt of jagged lightning at the diving Mantine.

    The Water/Flying type, a victim of his own deadly weakness, cried sharply as electricity cackled around his form. His momentum was broken, and he crashed to the ground, raising a cloud of dust, electricity still jumping between points on its body. The Mantine opened his eyes weakly, attempting to fight on with the last ounces of his strength, but the feeling of his muscles tensing as sparks still ran through them confirmed the fact that the paralyzed Mantine was down to his last leg of strength. He couldn't go on.

    "You've done all you can, Vagrant. Return." Maren said softly, smiling at her Mantine, which cried weakly as he returned into his ball.

    Maren shrunk the ball and placed it back on her belt. She chose another one - a normal one this time - and turned her eyes to Christine.

    "You've improved." Maren grinned "But this is only round one. And the next round won't be easy!"

    "Bring on the pain!" Christine grinned, followed by a determined cry from Iriai.
    "You're going to love this... Voyager! I choose you!"

    She threw the PokeBall far into the distance, and it burst open releasing an vaguely anthropomorphic and vaguely arthropod-like form, a nightmare from beyond time - a full-grown female Kabutops. The dull grayish-white of her shell, marked with black, almost runic-like stripes, gleamed vaguely, like chitin reinforced with rock. Her underside scales were dark blackish-grey, the darkness broken only by a few orange stripes that ran along its sides. Razor-sharp sickle-like front limbs gleamed in the sheen of metal, while her back legs crouched into a fighting stance. Her spiked shell seemed just as menacing. The creature's shelled head turned with a click as her eyes narrowed - eyes of a true predator - gazing at Iriai and Christine as if they were her next meal.

    Christine winced. Maren caught Voyager when she was still a Kabuto. Back then she was still cute and carefree. When she evolved, though, she changed - any trace of innocence was lost. She became a feral predator, in mind and body. Christine often suspected that only Voyager's loyalty to Maren prevented her from going on a rampage of rending, slaughtering and devouring.

    The Kabutops charged, without even waiting for a command, her blades raised into the air, preparing to cut through flesh and bone, her eyes narrowed, screeching terribly, like the sound of metal against rock. Iriai, for a moment, seemed to be frozen with fear. Then, as the Kabutops pounced, Iriai slid under her, narrowly dodging the scythes, unleashing what looked like an electromagnetic pulse shockwave to an outside onlooker - a Thunderwave attack. The Kabutops fell to the ground, lightning surging through her body, paralyzing it.

    "Now's our chance, Iriai! Mode Change - Nature's Rage!"

    Warm green light burst from the orbs, changing into forest green. Again, the leap, the levitation. Forest green markings upon the rich reddish-brown of Mahogany, mint green replacing gold. The thunderbolt-like extentions shifted, changing into the form and taking the texture and coloration of long leaves. The creature's eyes developed an azure hue as he landed, and he unleashed a soft, echoing cry - like the wind rustling through leaves - replacing the electric cackle.

    The Kabutops rose to her feet, turning her head, and the rest of her body slowly towards the type-changer. Though her body was still struggling with Paralysis, the prehistoric shellfish PokeMon was by no means down and out.

    "I knew you'd go for the grass form, Christie." Maren grinned "Well, rest assured, Voyager learned a few tricks since LAST time we battled! Ice Beams away!"

    "So did Iriai." Christine grinned back "Iriai, Leaf Blade!"

    The Kabutops screeched, crossing her scythes, a sphere of frozen, whitish-blue light growing in between them, releasing frozen beams from it that shot out at the plant creature. Iriai narrowed his eyes and began dashing towards the Kabutops, evading the ice beams, his back leaves spread out to the sides like wings, gathering energy into them, glowing brightly green... The head leaf extentions facing back and glowing green themselves, blade-like oryx-horns of light. The leaves on his tail fused into one particularily long curved blade, and his crystal began glowing fiercely. As he finally leapt - turning into a spinning ball of glowing blades, leaving glowing green slashes on the creature's carapace - The Kabutops did the only thing she could - She thrust the remaining ice energy straight into Iriai's body, before paralysis got the best of her and she crashed to her knees, supporting herself on her sickles.

    Iriai fell to the ground, breathing heavily. He felt the coldness seeping through his fur, freezing it rapidly. Cold... numbness... He began to close its eyes, comforted by the deadly embrace of freezing...

    "Iriai, Synthesis!" a voice snapped him back to reality. The sun! Of course! Iriai howled, his leaves fanning out again, drawing sunlight into his body. The warmth restored Iriai's spirit as photosynthetic process began restoring his health. The Kabutops clicked and hissed, but, paralysis consuming her body, there was little that she could do to stop the regeneration. Iriai stood up, a bit shakily, but strong, and glared into the Kabutops' eyes - a look mirrored by his trainer.

    "Impressive. But Voyager's still isn't out of the game." Maren nodded sagely "In fact, the games are just... Beginning... Kabutops, Hail!"

    "Razor Leaf!" Christine reacted quickly. Before the Kabutops could even move, Iriai was already upon her, launching a volley of spinning, razor-sharp leaves at the cuts he has already made in the shellfish's carapace. It was too much for even the Kabutops to handle, and the vicious Voyager has finally relented, succumbing to unconsciousness.

    "So much for the games just beginning, eh?" Christine giggled, pseudo-mockingly.
    "You're lucky that we're close friends, or I'd personally go up there and teach you a thing or two!" Maren growled playfully, returning the Kabutops, and smiling at the PokeBall as she shrunk it. "But this is where the field trip ends for you, Christie. I think you'd find Odyssey's power to be most impressive, for a few seconds."
    "Less talk, more action!" Christine said, followed by a little growl from Iriai, who once again took its place by her side. She already knew what was coming...

    The green-haired trainer grinned quietly, expanding the final PokeBall - an Ultra Ball. She had no idea.

    "Odyssey! Go!"

    The Ball burst open, releasing a long, graceful serpentine form, sparkling azure with a silvery underbelly. Orblike crystals adorned its tail and chest, and a silvery horn, like a unicorn's, gleamed in the sunshine as the Dragonair uncoiled herself, spreading the little silvery, feathered wings on her head with a defiant cry.

    Maren was right, the Dragonair HAS become impressive. While she hasn't reached the peak of her power, she was definitely getting there. This would not be an easy battle.

    "Odyssey, give'em hell!" Maren commanded, and the Dragonair regally took off, rising to the sky, and opened her mouth, breathing a powerful flamethrower at the grass-type Iriai.

    "Iriai, Mode Change - !" Christine began to exclaim, but it was too late, the flamethrower has consumed Iriai. The Pokemon shrieked out in pain, dashing out of the deadly flame's range, singed but still active. The Dragon's stream of flame was unceasing though, and it was following Iriai's every move. The PokeMon dashed as fast as his legs could carry him, just barely overtaking the flames, little sparks occasionally catching it, sizzling against his fur.

    "Keep it going, Odyssey! He can't run forever!" Maren exclaimed triumphantly. And the Dragonair tirelessly complied, continuing to hover ominously above the grass-type, breathing fire.

    So, she's trying to win this through attrition. Christine narrowed her eyes. And she's doing a fine job at it... But I have one more trick up my sleeve...

    "Iriai, keep running... And use Spore!" She called out. The creature nodded tiredly as he dashed on, shaking his back leaves and releasing a cloud of golden particles into the air, drifting up behind him as he ran. The Dragonair found herself flying directly into the cloud of spores, unable to stop.

    The creature paused, hesitating, trying to see something through the veil of particles. The world seemed to move much slower, all of a sudden. Or was it the Dragonair herself? Odyssey couldn't tell where everything went. Waves of drowsiness washed over her, as she softly floated down, eyes calmly closed, curling up into a coil on the soft grass, sleeping soundly.

    "... You're going to pay for this, Christie." Maren growled, narrowing her eyes "Spore?! I always thought you said that that kind of move was below you!"
    "Desperate times call for desperate measures, Maren-chan." Christine smirked. "Now, Iriai, while she's still sleeping, Mode Change! Hiryuu's Flight!"

    This time, deep, greenish-blue flames encircled Iriai's floating body as his form changed - the leaves mutated back into their initial ribbonlike form, as his mane slowly started clustering closer together, forming a thick, defensive layer of scale-like plates of fur on the creature's neck, which continued to run along his back to the base of his tail. The creature changed colors yet again - brown became rich blue while the body faded into greenish-turquoise. The markings - and crystals - developed a brighter turquoise hue. The shoulder-strands fanned out suddenly, like wings, as two smaller strands grew on each side of the shoulders, seemingly out of no where. The creature glided down smoothly, focusing his burning orange gaze on the sleeping Dragonair.

    "Oh no." Maren muttered.
    "Oh yes." Christine smirked "Dragon Claw!"

    Iriai reared up, the turquoise-green fire of the ancient, mystical energies of the dragon-type surrounding his front paws, as he dashed towards the sleeping Dragonair, preparing to slash at her ferociously. Just then, the Dragonair's eyes snapped open, and she reared up like a snake, unleashing a stream of greenish-blue flames - Dragonbreath. The two attacks impacted in the same time, sending both PokeMon rolling in opposite directions. Iriai blinked vaguely, checking to see if he could still move properly. He could.

    Odyssey narrowed her eyes, lunging at Iriai with an Ice Beam powering up at the tip of her horn. The smaller PokeMon nimbly dodged and leapt atop the Dragonair's back, pinning her to the ground, digging his claws into the earth. With a triumphant roar, the creature released a jet of Dragonbreath from point blank range directly onto the Dragonair's head. The dragon-type's sinewy body writhed as she attempted to shake Iriai off, but no avail. More and more did the flames intensify, as Maren stared, wide eyed, at her pinned, convulsing Sky Dragon - which, at long last, collapsed, unable to take any more of the energy bombardment.

    "Payback's a bitch, huh?" Christine found herself laughing at the way the tides have turned.
    "I've got to admit, I haven't expected THAT." Maren blushed lightly, returning the Dragonair into her ball. "You've gotten even better since last time..."

    Christine smiled at Maren, walked over to her side and put an arm around her waist. "Come on, Maren-chan, let's get our PokeMon patched up before Kai shows up and then, we ARE screwed."

    "Tell me about it." Maren smiled weakly, wrapping her own arm around Christine's waist "I can almost see her face now... 'Are you two pirate queens done showing off for today?'"

    "Kai never understood a good battle." Christine shrugged "She's always been more of a professor-type. It didn't surprise me one bit when she left the islands to set up that research center in Cerulean City." Her PokeMon, in the meantime, reverted to its original form and coloration and dashed up to her side, rubbing his fuzzy head against her leg and purring softly. Christine chuckled, lightly scratching the Pokemon's ears, as the two half-embracing girls and the type-changer walked back into the PokeMon Center.

    From her hidden vantage point behind the hedge that separated the field from the rest of the town, a tall female form in a lab coat sighed as she began walking towards the center's front door. Will those two never learn?.
  14. (( Hey, sorry it took me a bit to respond. I just got off work 2 hours ago. 7pm-7am... I'm sleepy... This post could have been a lost better and I'm sorry about that. Anyhoo, I kinda skimmed the battle revisit, and instead of following the girls back into the pokecenter, I left myself talking to Katikins. Sooo.. yar.. you can take it from here, tis follow-the-leader for me again. ^^ ))

    Donovan had been zoned out, awaiting his beloved Tataku, just as Maria's voice pulled him back into reality.

    "Hey, Donnie! I've got something to show you. Care to follow?"

    His older cousin headed towards the exit to the pokecenter, motioning for him to follow.

    Curiosity seemingly tugged on his collar and lifted him off the couch and onto his feet. The expression on Maria's face told him he was going to like whatever it was they were going to see, but Donovan was still determined not to leave until Tataku was back by his side.

    "Umm.. I'm..erm.. I'm sorry but.. Can this wait just a lit----"

    Donovan was cut off by the ever-perky voice of Nurse Joy.

    "Here you go sweetie, he is all healed up. ^ ^ "

    With a glowing face, Donnie retrieved the pokeball and released the gallant reptile without hesitation.

    "Wow, look at you Tataku! You really are all better!"


    Donnie embraced his companion, as if welcoming back an old friend thought long-gone.

    "I'm sorry Tataku, I shouldn't have carelessly thrust you into battle like that. We never even had time to train together or anything, but its just.. That girl infuriated me so much and..."

    Tataku hopped back a bit, understanding his trainer. He then started posing in a battle position, telling Donovan that he was just as eager to battle as his trainer had been.

    "Yeah. You were great though! I say we start our training today and maybe next time we come upon that girl, we'll be ready."


    "Oh! I almost forgot! Tataku, Maria has something to show us! Come on, she's waiting outside!"

    The two hastily exited the pokecenter, and spotted Maria near the corner of the building. Though she was standing in a purposefully visible area, her eyes were clearly focused elsewhere. Something was apparently happening just behind the pokecenter, and Maria was intensely absorbing it all.

    Not wanting to ruin the moment, Donnie decided not to say anything, and instead silently joined at her side. Smiling up to her, he followed her gaze and couldn't help but notice the fierce battle taking place!

    A giant flying water-type was preparing to dive into the ground at an incredulous velocity. Before the airborne aquatic pokemon could quake the earth, a strange electric type pulled off a well-aimed thunderbolt at the last moment, shocking the beast into submissive defeat.

    Donnie became absorbed in the battle, and didn't even notice himself approaching even closer, though still at a relatively safe position. At his side, Tataku was just as interested, as he followed, never taking his eyes away from the battle.

    Donovan was shocked at first to see that the winning trainer was the one he had came across early upon Route One. Of course, this shock was nothing compared to what he felt when her elextric type changed into something else. It appeared that this miraculous pokemon could change its type if it concentrated hard enough, though it had to time such changes so that it didn't leave itself open for attack.

    The battle roared on, showing the power and agility of these truly remarkable pokemon, but it was all over too soon. Donnie and Tataku had became oblivious to everything else, sadly including Maria, and lost complete track of time. It felt like they had only just arrived with the battle ending before it truly began.

    "Whoa... that was amazing"


    As Donvan mentally went through the stages of the battle again, he felt as if he understood a bit more. It apparently wasn't enough to just have more pokemon, nor did it truly matter if your pokemon was more powerful. The underdog may have had the odds against it, but the strategy displayed by the trainer and the understanding of her pokemon led to a well-earned victory.

    With an enthusiastic smile on their faces, Donovan and Tataku turned to face Maria.

    "Did you see how awesome that was?!" XD
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    Maria barely noticed Donovan's voice as he addressed her, her eyes wide and glued to the girl Christine as she and her opponent headed back inside the Pokemon Center. "Uh... Wah?" her head snapped down to the excited Donnie and Tataku. "Yeah... That was some awesome. Beyond amazing. A battle I'll remember for a long, long time..."

    While the young boy may have simply been admiring the battle itself - the powerful display of attacks and strategy - Maria saw it for much more. There was no doubt about it that the match had been incredibly heated and well fought, but it was Christine's Pokemon that had stolen the show. Just what in hell was it?

    That creature… I've never heard of anything like it before! Maria thought, unable to hide her bewildered expression. Six years… Six years I studied up on all the known species of Pokemon in the world, but this shatters everything. Pokemon like Ditto can transform into other Pokemon or objects, and Porygon can shift its element via its Conversion technique, but never, EVER have I heard of something being able to shift its element at will! On top of that, it seemed to gain new attacks simply by transforming - like multiple Pokemon in one body. Not even Castform could do that, and it's a scientific breakthrough! Just what the hell was that thing?!

    Her mind was buzzing so fast she could barely focus on anything else. Maria had never prided herself on being a bookworm, yet the more knowledge she'd gained over the years the more she'd hungered for answers. Books had only been able to carry her so far, though. After all, they were the blind leading the blind. The universe, let alone her own planet, held so many secrets that humans could only dream of glimpsing a fraction of them. Pokemon lore was as mysterious as the stars themselves.

    And yet, here was one of those very mysteries like a slap in the face. Legends told of Pokemon in existence who were unbound by the mortal coil; "godlike" if you will. Mere stories to most, yet all stories that seemed to contain some trace of truth when one delved deep enough.

    So which was this? Science, or legend come to life? One way or another, it wasn't your common house pet.

    "Sorry, Donnie. Kinda spacing out here, eh?" Maria finally grinned sheepishly. "It's just… I gotta know. I have to learn more about that elemental-shifting Pokemon. Maybe it's just a standard Pokemon that this side of history left behind, but maybe it's something more. Much more. Either way, I‘m going to ask Christine and hope for the best."

    As she turned and headed back inside the Pokemon Center, the inquisitive girl scanned the room until locating Christine once more. She took a deep breath and grittered her teeth. C'mon, Maria. Never been shy about seeking knowledge before. Don't start now. I mean, she‘s not even trying to hide the thing.

    Indeed, instead of returning the type-changer to its PokeBall the creature had followed its trainer straight into the Pokemon Center. Did that mean it wasn't rare at all? Maybe. Maybe not.

    Maria slowly made her way towards the girls and Pokemon, pausing a moment to choose her words. "Err… Hey. Christine, right?" she began to say, feeling a lot more intrusive than usual. "Uh… Yeah. I just saw your battle out back, which was amazing by the way - congrats! - but it left me beyond curious. Anyways, excuse my incredible rudeness, but… I‘ve never seen anything like your partner before. Shifting elements with such ease, and those orbs. Just what kind of Pokemon is it?"

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    The two girls and the PokeMon paused for a second, turning their heads to the sudden question.

    "Actually, I don't know myself." Christine smiled apologetically "None of us do. Iriai and I go a way back - I encountered him during my younger years on Navel Island. And we've been together ever since. I don't know, I've never seen anything like him myself. But we've gotten to know each other quite well over the years. Oh, and thanks. I didn't know we had spectators."
  17. (( I'm really sorry about this... I can't focus.. And I keep reading webcomics, so this post will allude to somewhat disguised webcomic plot humor. Such as seemingly 4thwall descriptions of predictable events.. Yeah, I'm sorry, but its better than no post at all, right? This post is crap and I'm really really sorry. =( I'm no good with the whole ‘he does, she does, other guy does' perspectives all colliding into what should be something simple to write about. ))

    Watching Maria head towards the pokecenter, Donovan was only nan-seconds behind until something caught his attention.

    In the corner of his eye, he noticed a small pokemon running around the outskirts of the town. Now that he picked up notice of the little creature, he could also faintly make out a squeal, as if it were in trouble. Wasting no time, Donnie and Tataku ran after the ickle little pokemon who was now fleeing off in the distance along Route Two.


    The cute n tiny Pichu had been playing all by his lonesome, having left the hidden nest to explore more of the forest. And, being the curious little tyke that he is, Pichu couldn't help but follow his nose after getting a whiff of that alluring honey. It was as if he had died and gone to heaven! That smell was so deliciously appeasing, in it's tauntingly rich sweet way. Sure, there were obstacles to conquer, but when is there not when the prize is so rewarding?

    So Pichu, in his childish manner, deciding to climb up the tree and take a comb of nature's nectar. Of course, had he been paying attention to the ever-amplifying buzzing in the background, he may have took a bit more pre-caution. For when Mr. Beedrill arrived back at his nest, he discovered something that offended him immensely. A rodent had climbed up HIS tree and into HIS hive, and was devouring HIS honey.

    As the angry bee began to approach, Pichu smiled with his honey-stained lips, innocently taking life up on one of it's little gifts. With his belly starting to fill, Pichu casually tossed the comb over his shoulder and began his descent down the tree.

    The bee in a state of shock, took a dive for his precious sweet honey comb. After making a graceful catch, he placed it back in its proper place before turning to take out his revenge upon the rodent. Of course, by that time the pesky pichu was already at ground level, merrily skipping his way back towards his nest. Infuriated that the mouse not only stole his hard-earned comb, but had eaten half of it and disrespectfully threw it away. Buzzing furiously, the beedrill flew straight down towards the Pichu, his stingers glistening with poison.

    As luck would have it, the mouse pokemon tripped over a rock at just the precise moment to dodge what would surely be an incredibly painful poison sting attack. As the stinger passed just above the tiny critter's head, the ferocity behind said attack forced the beedrill's right stinger to stick into the ground.

    Having just escaped what may or may not have been a lethal blow, Pichu let off sparks of surprise, slightly shocking the insect. This giant bug ,easily three times his size, was madly trying to free himself while simultaneously reaching out to the Pichu with his deadly left stinger. Panicking, the mouse fled back away from the bee, heading out of the forest and into route two.
    As the beedrill helplessly watched his prey escape, he managed to attract the attention of two of his brethren. One stayed behind to help him out of his predicament, while the other chased after the pichu.

    The electric type dared not enter the human nest, as he had been forbid, and so he hurriedly searched for a place to hide while the beedrill remained stuck. With searching eyes, he managed to find a small patch of tall grass with which he could conceal himself in. Unfortunately, the rapid beating of a beedrill's wings amplified stopped him dead in his tracks as he turned around to confront his enemy. Knowing he could not simply outrun such a hasty beast, he had no other option but to beg for forgiveness.

    "Pi Pi-Pi Pi-chu!" (Please dun hurt me!) "Pi pichu, pi pichu!" (I'm sorry, I'm sorry!)

    With neither reply nor mercy, the Beedrill dove towards the pichu, ready to assault it furiously with his stingers. In its defense, the young electric pokemon squealed out just before rolling itself into a ball and bracing for the impact.

    Just as the deadly sharp stingers thrust hungrily towards its prey, its host was suddenly enveloped by fire. The blazing insect thrust madly out and contacted nothing as the flaming ember attacked ceased naught. The intensity of the heat caused the bee's skin to bubble up in pain, as if it would melt away at any second. Feeling as if its life were to extinguish before the flames, the beedrill rapidly shot out pin needles aimed at the base of the flame.

    "Tataku, roll left!"

    The voice of Donovan, the charmander's beloved trainer came too late as the pins hit the poor reptile head on, ceasing his fiery attack. The stinging sensation overwhelmed Tataku, painfully forcing him to the ground.

    "Shake it off Tataku! You have it just where you want it!"

    Looking up, the lizard saw that his trainer was right. The heat must have gone to the insects head as it was now unfocused and madly swinging its stingers about.

    "One more time, ember!"

    Tataku hopped to his feet, drew in a deep breath and released another flaming ember attack! With the double accuracy and intensity of the last, the charmander's attack critcally hit its target, forcing it into unconciousness.

    Donovan smiled proudly, "Great job Tataku! I was kinda worried that you may have been discouraged by that last battle, but I see it only strengthened you. ^ ^"

    "Char!", replied the fire-type, the confidence in his voice ringing clear as a bell.

    As the relatively short battle elapsed, the pichu had came out of its defensive state, and watched eagerly. When it came to an end, he couldn't help but tackle his savior gratuitously.


    Donovan knelt down before the two pokemon, smiling kindly. Looking more intently at the baby pokemon, he noticed the honey drying on its lips. Without much hesitation, he produced a tissue and wiped away the evidence. "There ya go! Now I'm sure those mean ol bugs will leave you alone." ^ ^

    Just as the words had escaped Donnie's mouth, the irony that is life decided to prove him wrong. The other two beedrill had witnessed the battle from their position in the forest, and were now flying in fast to extract their revenge.

    With the Pichu now on his shoulders, Tataku turned his head towards the approaching buzzing sound. Nimbly sliding to the right, he managed to quickly dodge a dive-bomb from the first flying menace, only to endure the pain of the second's sharp stings.

    The second attack had came so quickly, it forced Tataku backwards harshly, leaving its mark dripping with blood. The pichu had been dislodged from his hero, and as he flew through the air with his eyes closed tight, he grasped out for something, anything to hold onto. That something had been, unfortunately the first beedrill's backside.

    Donnie ran to his injured charmander, but was soon blocked off by the opposing beedrill. It stared at him, seeing no threat, and turned back around to assault Tataku.

    "Get up, its coming back again!"

    The charmander slowly rose back to his feet, wincing from the pain but knowing it had to continue. As the beedrill swooped back down to attempt another piercing blow, Tataku swiftly leapt into the air and let loose another ember attack as the target fly directly below him. The flames hit hard, singeing the Beedrill's body and propelling the reptile between the threat and his trainer.

    The other beedrill had been a bit shocked to find the sudden increase in weight as the pichu attached himself to its backside. Furiously, the bee attempted to stab at the rodent, flying madly through the air, focused only on shaking off his opponent.

    Of course, the baby pokemon in his frightened state, began to nervously charge his body in an attempt to cease the discharging sparks. The energy he felt dwelling within him grew tenfold as the electric flow was thrust inward. The electricity inside of him began to once again discharge from his body, no longer out of fear, but rather from the ammount of power overflowing his body. On the brink of exploding, Pichu leapt from his opponent and let loose all of his energy in a spectacular thundershock.

    The electricity consumed the flying type mercilessly, sizzling through its entire body. The Pichu came to a rough landing after his huge discharge, but it was a small price to pay as he watched the beedrill fall to the ground limply.

    With his body unable to control normal bursts of electricity, the mouse was severly wounded from his own attack, added on to the 15ft fall he endured. Needless to say, though the pokemon was successful in his victory, his aching body held no more strength.

    The battle against the beedrills was coming to a close, as the tired Tataku squared off against the charcoal stained bee. The two seemed to be in equal status, Tataku dripping blood and the Beedrill cringing from his burns.

    "Keep your distance Tataku! He can't win if he can't touch you!"

    Nodding, the charmander belted another shot of ember, which was easily avoided by the beedrill. Taking advantage of the charmander's slower reaction time, the Beedrill shot out a purple sting coming from its bottom stinger. The sharp needle dug through Tataku's abdomin, releasing a poisonous venom into the fire-type's bloodstream. "CHAR!" came the screaming of the charmander, as he felt his body torturing itself from the fast-moving poison.

    Unable to do anything about this, Donovan could only watch as his pokemon suffered from the combination of injuries and now the toxins running through its body. "Don't give up!"

    The charmander fell to a knelling position, his eyes showing signs of drowsiness. With victory within reach, the beedrill dove down for the finishing blow. Having hoped for this, Tataku allowed himself to fall backwards onto his tail, using it to angle himself towards the foe. Within a split-second the flames escaped from his mouth one last time, catching the bug offguard, and driving him into submission just before passing out himself.

    Before another victory celebration could occur, an even stronger buzzing noise came from the pichu's position. The three beedrill the duo had managed to take out seemed like babies in comparison to the monstrosity that now appeared before them. It was obvious to Donnie that this was the big mother, or rather, ‘Queen Bee' of the hive. The look on its face told everything that needed to be said as it scanned over her fallen children.

    Seeing that the charmander was already down for the count, the huge Beedrill locked onto the badly injured yet still conscious Pichu. With a look that could kill, her massive body glided through the air with grace and power. Just before her monstrous stinger could slice the rodent in half, the mouse's body seemed to disappear in a red flash. In its place stood a pokeball, that didn't even start to shake as the Pichu thankfully accepted the shelter provided by Donovan.

    With the pichu caught, Donovan quickly returned Tataku before the queen could attempt to kill him as well. Of course, now with both of her main targets saved by this.. this ‘human', she became moreso infuriated than she had been.

    With malice showing in her beady red eyes, she fly at mach speed, prepared to kill the little boy that dared to interfere.


    The queen bee hit the ground with a harsh ‘thud' as the electricity ran throughout her body.

    In a flash, a thunderbolt came out of nowhere, as if the Gods themselves had smitten the powerful bee to save the innocent young boy. The power emitted from this single attack was enough to take down the giant bee without need of any more effort.

    As the smoke cleared the area where the lightning had struck, a red-haired menace threw out a pokeball. The ball shook only once, before succumbing to this mysterious girl's will.

    "Heh, I've been tracking that little bitch ever since I heard rumors of its presence in Viridian Forest. And what the fuck do you think you're doing anyways, kid? If you are going to parade around Kanto pretending to be tough shit, you're journey is going to end as soon as it began. Give up and go home.", came the irritably lecturing voice of the red-haired teenager.

    Donnie's eyes met that of his savior's, as he felt a mixture of gratitude and detest for whom he considered his ‘rival'. Water began to form the corners of those eyes, but he dared not weep.

    Thinking suddenly of his injured pokemon, Donovan retrieved his new Pichu's ball and turned to run back towards Viridian. His eyes touched the girl's once more as his voice quietly replied, "Thank you..."

    Not giving her a chance to rub it in any longer, Donnie ran down route two as fast as he could, and entered the town's pokecenter.

    "Nurse Joy, please!"

    Donnie handed his two pokeballs to the caring nurse, and sat back onto the bench in throught. For now, he was oblivious to everyone and everything as he pondered his worth as a trainer.

    (Blah, crappy ending to the post and a bit rushed.. But I really need'ta get to bed. ^ ^" )
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    "Heh. Sorry. When I heard you talking about having a battle, my nosey-ness got the best of me. I figured it'd be an interesting show, and I was right," Maria replied to Christine. Either the girl didn't want to reveal any pertinent information or she really didn't know anything about her mysterious Pokemon. Regardless, it'd be worth investigating further, if at all possible. "I've got to admit, your story about your Pokemon has left me even more curious than before. Navel Island... located in the Orange Islands, right? I've read a bit about it. Seems to be the center of many intriguing stories."

    A lightbulb went on in Maria's mind then, and she slung off her backpack to zip it open and dig around inside until finding her notebook. Tearing a small piece off a page and grabbing for a pen, she quickly scribbled down her name and PokeGear number and held it out to Christine.

    "I'd be honored if you'd accept my PokeGear number. I'd love to hear anything more you discover about that Pokemon of yours, or any fun stories you have about the Orange Islands - especially Navel Island. I'd could probably help you out a bit, too, if you're ever lost again."

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    Christine grinned, picking up the note and reading through it "Maria Skyler. It's a nice name." she smiled "Christine Evans. That's my name, that is. Maren-chan here calls me Christie, but I only let her get away with it because we've known each other for almost forever."
    "And because you like countering with that blasted 'chan'." Maren rolled her eyes.
    "If you two pirate queens are done comparing each other's nicknames..." suddenly came a authorative, female voice that made the smiles freeze on Maren and Christine's faces both. She was /here/?

    They turned their head to the origin of the voice, that stood at the door and gave them a vaguely disapproving yet mildly bemused look - She was taller and obviously older than both of them - in her early thirties perhaps, with Misty blue-grey eyes and silver hair that formed a fringe on her face and tendrilled behind her neck. She wore a lab coat that she kept buttoned to its tip, so it was impossible to tell just what was underneath it. Her entire presence suggested intelligence and authority.

    "... Hi, Kai." Maren smiled nervously "We've been expecting you."

    "I know. And you haven't been expecting each other. But no matter, it's good that you are both here, because, I would need you both for a little mission - that is, if you're interested." Kai grinned dryly, turning her eyes to Christine "Although I doubt you won't be. It concerns your Iriai quite a lot, as the matter of fact. I decided to meet you here because I was doing a bit of fieldwork around Viridian and figured it would be closer - but if you're interested in hearing more about this, I'd like to see you in my research center at Cerulean - I'd be able to explain things more easily there. In the meantime, you two, try to keep your legs on the ground and your head out of the clouds."

    The researcher smirked, turning her gaze to Maria for a second, surveying her with a raised eyebrow "You remind me of someone in Winters." she said with a bit of a wondering to her voice "Although, I haven't been in touch with the research facility there for a while. I should probably contact them and see how goes their research on the strange lifeform reported as dwelling in Lake Tess. Hm." she said, walking out of the center.

    There were a few seconds of silence.

    "Sorry about that. She gets like that sometimes." Christine apologized "That would be The former Captain and now Professor Kai Arden. She's not really that aloof - she's just really, really /serious/. Can't understand most trainers. Me and Maren had quite a few adventures with her at the time."
    "Yes. And she always said she felt like our mother sometimes." Maren groaned "But that's probably because she was the one who was always calm and collected and... in control... while Christie and me were just having a good time adventuring. Ah well."
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    "Eeheh... is that so? Seems to be an interesting woman to say the least," Maria chuckled weakly. It's kind of cool hearing that our research facility is known to people from as far away as the Orange Islands. But I wonder who she was referring to with that comment...? The girl pondered the thought for a moment, suddenly realizing for the first time that there was no little Donovan standing next to her.
    "Wha? Donnie?" Maria said as she spun around to find no sign of the boy. She turned back to the two girls and grinned sheepishly. "I guess I was so wrapped up with everything that I didn't even know he was missing! Some guide I'm turning out to be. I better go see if I can find him. Have fun with your 'mission', and be sure to give a call if you're ever bored and feel like chatting!"

    With a wave Maria turned from the girls and started her search of the Pokemon Center. She searched every nook of the main lobby area, peeked in the cafeteria, and even took a quick scan around the outside of the facility, but the white-haired youth was nowhere to be seen. "Huh... wonder where that crazy kid ran off to? Guess it's useless to keep searching like this. Hopefully he'll turn up on his own, or I may have to report a missing child. Heh."

    Heading back inside the Center, Maria wondered how she could pass the time. "A-hah! I've got it! I'll use this chance to gather all the information I can about the KCC! I bet Dad'll know at least something - more than that hot-headed ignoramus spilled, that is." It seemed as good a plan as any, and if her father was even half the Pokemon authority he claimed to be he'd be able to give enough information to get the ball rolling.


    "So… You're interested in entering the KCC, eh? Like the Battle Frontier itself, it's supposed to be reserved for the toughest trainers throughout Kanto. Advertised on a ‘need-know' basis to say the least."

    "Really? Like, invite only…?" Maria murmured weakly as she stared into the face of a middle aged man displayed on the vid phone. Facial-wise he appeared rather energetic and youthful, with barely any noticeable wrinkles and bright blue eyes free of glasses, but his hair was another story. While it'd managed to keep the same short, spiked-back style he'd had for years, it was visibly thinned and completely gray. Not that the man minded. He felt that it made him look more wise and professional.

    "Bingo, kiddo. But don't worry yourself over that. Just flash your academy graduation license and you should be good to go. We are, after all, the top private academy in all of Eagleland, not to mention highly acclaimed throughout the world," the man smirked proudly.

    "Uh… Yeah. Sure, Dad. That's why barely anyone this side of the world has even heard about the school," Maria rolled her eyes. But she knew he didn't lie. When it came down to the value of her education at the Winters Academy, the right people held it in high regards. The program was no cakewalk, and anyone without the proper focus and determination would've flunked out in the first six months. "ANYways… That only gets me in the clear. What about Donovan?"

    "Hmm…" her father held his chin and looked down as he pondered the question. "That's a tough one indeed, having just begun his training. Not even having a full team of six Pokemon will reflect badly on Donovan, too. You may, however, be able to put in a good word for him and convince them to allow him to compete. If you're lucky, the first challenge won't require six Pokemon at all." The man smiled hopefully, but Maria wasn't as convinced.

    "Shouldn't you know those specifics? Like, what the challenges actually are and where they are? All I have to go on so far is the ramblings of a crazy girl. Mentioned registration in Pewter City."

    "C'mon, now! I have more important things on my mind, you know... But that does sound correct. Pewter City, amoung various other locations around Kanto, is said to be one of the spots to house a competition event. The opening event for that matter. Ask at the city's Pokemon Center and they should be able to give you directions to its location. In the meantime, I‘ll try to gather as much information as I can about the events themselves and the other places running them. What I‘d personally like to know, though, is what a person gets for winning…"

    "Thanks, Dad. I knew I could count on you," Maria chuckled at the devilish gleam in his eyes. He'd always had a thing for fast-breaks and big rewards. Her mother often joked about his gambling addiction when they were younger, but Maria wondered just how much a joke it actually was…Regardless, with him on the case, they'd know everything they wanted by nightfall.

    "Maria, if I may, why are you entering this competition in the first place?" her Dad suddenly piped up.

    "Hmm? What do you mean?"

    "Well… aside from the obvious reason of winning big money, you've never seemed interested in organized Pokemon battling. You haven't paid much attention to the Pokemon League challenges, even though your grad license would give you a free pass to any one of them, nor have you attempted a single Gym Battle. You even stopped catching new Pokemon. If I didn‘t know any better, I‘d say you were on the road to giving up the title of ‘Trainer‘ all together and following in your old man's footsteps instead. Not that I didn‘t see it coming."

    The man's silly grin made the girl frown in return. Growing up she'd had the same dream most aspiring young trainers did: to battle through each region's Pokemon Gyms earning badges and fame to finally reach the League finale. Somewhere along the way, though, things had changed… She'd changed. It'd happened so subtly that she'd barely noticed and still would continue to miss if not for her father's constant teasing. ‘You're just like I was at your age' he'd say. Maybe he was right… Maybe she was destined to be a Pokemon Researcher like him after all. Time would tell. For now, she'd rather think that her destiny was her own.

    "Truthfully, Dad? I don't really know... When it comes to catching new Pokemon, I've realized that I wouldn't want to be rotating my team. It'd feel like I'd be missing out on too much with these guys, and each and everyone of them is special in their own way. Gym and League battling does have its charm, but it almost seems too restrictive. I like being able to travel anywhere I want with no set path, y'know?"

    "That I do. You sound just like-"

    "- 'like you at your age'. Yeah, heard it before," Maria chuckled hoplessly. "As for entering the KCC, I guess it's because Donnie's with me now. I want him to have as many experiences on this journey as he can, and it seems like a fun and fresh alternative to Gym battling. Besides, I owe it to my Pokemon to let them shine once in awhile. Bellatrix and Crux live for battling. Even Rigel of all Pokemon finds purpose in it. I think the only reason why I do keep battling at all these days is for them. That, and a quick buck."

    "Is that so?" her father smiled warmly. "Well, I think you'll be surprised then, once you get head-deep into it again. Battling with your Pokemon can be one of the most fulfilling experiences you'll ever have. I figured you of all people would know that by now. Guess you're still just a child after all…"

    Maria narrowed her eyes sharply. "What did you say?"

    "What‘s that, honey? Lunch is ready you say?" the man turned his head away from the vid phone and called innocently, but Maria hadn't heard a voice at all. Typical Dad. He quickly turned back to face her and added, "I better get going! Ring me up again later if you want that KCC information. Bye~!" And at that the connection cut out and the screen went blank.

    "Uh-huh… Whatever," the teen murmured as she stared at the blank screen for a second before pushing off and walking away from the phone. What had he been trying to get at with that last remark? … Aside from get under her skin. Bah. Parents.
    "At least we have a bit more information about the KCC now…" she murmured as she walked aimlessly through the Pokemon Center. "If only I could find-" She had to double-take at the sight of a white-haired boy sitting on a nearby bench, seemingly lost in thought. It was Donnie alright! "I wonder when he got back? … Hey! Donnie!"

    She yelled and waved towards him, cutting past random people until reaching his position and plunking down on the bench beside him. "Hey there! Where did you run off to before? I was looking all over for you! … Never mind. Tell me later. First, there‘s something I need to talk to you about…"

    Maria explained everything she'd heard about the KCC from the red-haired girl and her father, giving the boy a moment to process all the information before asking, "So, what do you think? Interested in checking this thing out? It'll probably be pretty tough, but I think it'd be a really fun opportunity. The original Battle Frontier is known for its quirky battling rules."

    OOC: Sorry for the delay with the post. It was a mix of being lazy, not knowing what to write, and the forum downtime throwing me off. And yeah, more banter. I like to ramble.

    I haven't seen you in awhile, Kimi, so I hope you're still around... somewhere...
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    Jim had been walking on Route 1 for a while. He was hot and tired of walking. The bright sun reflected off his short, light brown hair and his light brown skin. He was on his way to Viridian, solely on the mission to explore it. He had been walking through the forest when he heard a voice in his head. "There's something going on over there." Jim looked at Unown, who was hovering around his shoulder as usual. The ‘j' shaped Unown motioned to Jim's right. Jim turned his head to the right and through the trees he saw a trainer and a small pokemon. The trainer looked very upset and angry, while the pokemon looked afraid and shuddered in fear, causing tiny spores to come off its body. The trainer covered his mouth and fanned the dust away from him with his other hand. Jim walked closer.

    "You stupid pokemon!" The trainer yelled as he coughed. "Can't you think at all?" The trainer roared. "You're so cowardly that your spores are coming of your body!" He kicked the poor creature. "Trying to kill me!?" He kicked the creature again but harder, sending it careening into a tree. "I hate you! You're so worthless, stupid, cowardly, and weak!" The trainer fumed. "I'm going to make you stronger!" He ran up to the pokemon and was about to kick it again…


    The trainer stopped mid-kick and looked around and spotted Jim. "What're you looking at, kid? Mind your own business!"

    "No, I won't mind my own business. Leave that thing alone." Jim said in an asserting voice.

    "He's mine, I'll do whatever I want with him!" He turned and punted the creature into the bushes.

    "I'll report you to the police for pokemon abuse." Jim said as he pulled out his Poke'Nav. The man stopped for a moment, but continued a few moments later.

    "You wouldn't do that, kid… I'll kill you if you do."

    "Will you stop abusing that innocent pokemon?"

    "I told you, kid; He's mine and I'll do what I want with him." Jim dialed the number on his poke'nav and explained the details to the police. Jim put away the poke'nav and stared at the trainer with judgmental eyes. The man's face had puffed up and turned red in anger. He began to run at Jim. "Why you little son of a-" He stopped, and floated off the ground. He was surrounded by a light blue energy. Jim turned his head and eyed Unown.

    "Good work, Unown." Jim said while turning his head again to face this un-human beast that floated before him.

    "Y-yyou know what? I don't even w-wwant him anymore. Now just l-let me go." He said; his face blank.

    "Which poke'ball belongs to the pokemon?" Jim asked.

    "It's on my r-right side, mi-middle one." The ball floated out from under the man's shirt, it too covered in psychic energy. The ball was instantly crushed and shattered by the psychic energy, its pieces still floating together until they dropped to the ground. Jim pulled off another poke'ball from the right leg of his navy blue cargo shorts. He released the balls contents, revealing a Spinarak. Unown moved the guy to a tree

    "Spinarak, use String Shot on this guy."

    "Spinarak!" she said in her usual high tone as she spewed forth fine string from her mandibles. The string tied up the man and secured him to the tree.

    "H-hey, you said you were going t-to let me go." The man said as he tried to squirm free of the sticky string.

    Jim smiled, "If you recall, I never said anything about letting you go." Jim's smile faded as he returned Spinarak and turned to the bush to where the creature was hit. He brushed away the stems, leaves, twigs, and braches to find a Shroomish, crying on the ground. Cuts and bruises covered his body. As he saw Jim, he instantly closed his eyes and began shaking more violently. Jim had to back away. "Help me out, Unown."

    "Unown," said the floating letter in a high tone. Unown began to fill the tiny grass-type's mind with calming and reassuring thoughts. As soon as the poisonous dust settled down, Jim returned to the bush. He gently spoke to the Shroomish. As the Shroomish began to settle and become less nervous, Jim picked up the little thing and held him in his arms. The spores were not rubbing off his body, meaning that the Shroomish trusted Jim. Jim took a wet cloth and began to clean Shroomish's wounds. Jim made more haste for the Viridian City, to get to the Pokemon Center. After about half an hour of running, Jim had made it to Viridian city. He made it to the Pokemon Center after about five more minutes. He rushed in, past the various people and up to the desk. Nurse Joy greeted him with a smile, but the small soon turned a concerned frown as she eyed the little grass type in his hands.

    "Oh my, what happened?" Joy asked as she took Shroomish.

    "He was harshly abused by his former trainer. I stopped the trainer and he decided to abandon it. Please get him all healed up." Jim replied.

    Joy shook her head at what Jim said, "Well I will most assuredly nurse him back to health, but… It will take longer since he has no trainer and therefore no poke'ball to put him in… I'm not sure if you'll want to see him again after he's all ok…?" Jim thought for a moment. He didn't really want to abandon the thing…

    "I could catch him…" Jim thought, while pulling out an empty poke'ball. "Could I catch him right now…?" Jim asked. The Nurse thought on this, noticing how the Shroomish kept looking back at Jim.

    "I don't really see why not, he doe seem to like you a lot. You've saved him from a lot of pain." Jim expanded the ball in his hand and pressed the button against Shroomish's skin. Shroomish was consumed in a bright red light. The ball shook for a few moments in Jim's hand before stopping and making a click. "I guess that's it…" Joy exclaimed as she took the ball. "I'll call you when he's all better." Joy smiled and turned. Jim turned as well and went over to some chairs. He sat down by a white haired boy and an older girl. Jim and Unown simply waited.
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  22. ((
    OOC: Hey Katikins! Wonderful post baby, omg! And welcome to the thread Jim-bo! Sorry I've been MIA, but I'm sorta back. I had a big run of bad luck. First, of course, I was waiting for a new reply or two. Then I got Halo 2 and it was consuming my time a bit, but I was still regularly checking up. Then I went on a trip to Ohio and by the time I came back, my laptop had been completely devoured by a virus. I got it fixed a few days later, but I think it fried my wireless card or something, cause I still can't get the internet working. My mom got laid off the day before the trip, and as such, I've been working more than usual. And Last Friday I moved again. I got internet back like Tuesday, but I was working all day Wed n Thursday. Friday I slept (cause those 12-14 hour shifts make me sleepy-ish). Anyhoo, I'm on the old run-down comp... And I miss my files that I'd kept for like 3 years. =( But I'm bacl...-ish! ^^

    small post, just to let you know I'm here.. I've been writing a lot at work, but I lost all my papers. @_@ So I 'DO' know what I want to happen to Donovan, but theres nothing coming up until after the first challenge.


    You can't always win... Of course, when you always lose, life sometimes gets a bit discouraging.

    Donovan had been sitting quietly, contemplating the events that had unfolded thus far and the ones that lay before him. Maria told him not to let it get to him, and to give it a chance before quitting. Donovan would do just that, but he couldn't help the paranoi building inside him, whispering 'You might as well quit now'.

    Then again, he had managed to save the Pichu... of course, he couldn't save himself. But thats okay.. Afterall, he had only just begun training. And that girl... that mean girl with the flaming red hair falling over her glaring green eyes. At first, she was the reason for his discouragement.. and she still was the reason for his paranoi, but now she held a new purpose.

    For as long as he could remember, he had been a passive and peaceful person. He never stood up for himself, and he always just let things happen as opposed to making them happen.

    Though it may be only in his head, he is sure that the girl is leading him on. She is taunting him and telling him that he'll never be any better than he is right now. But Maria thinks otherwise.. So instead of being submissive... Instead of hanging his head low and quitting, he put this girl in a new light. She held a new purpose.

    She was the reason for his determination.


    Donovan grinned, ready to go back out there and show the world that he can do anything he put his mind to.

    Just then he heard Maria calling for him as she approached. She bestowed her father's information upon him, and in return, Donovan relayed the events that had occured in her absence.

    After the two had finished, Nurse Joy called him to retrieve his pokemon. He gleefully accepted and thanked the kind nurse. As he turned around his glimmering eyes locked with Marias.

    "I'm ready when you are" ^^
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    OOC: Ugh. I'm sorry if this post looks like hell, but i've burned hours on end on it and I'm too tired to do any more fixing-upping.

    Also, Ph33r teh KCC logo:



    Christine followed the girl with her eyes as she turned to the vidphones, and found herself smiling for no apparent reason. Then she shrugged, turning her eyes back to Maren, who still seemed a bit nervous.
    "So… Guess it's to Cerulean City with us." She said.
    "Kai would have our heads if we don't get there." Maren laughed "I seem to remember something about the way there going through Mount Moon… But I also seem to remember something about there being a lighthouse or something in the area."
    "Of course, I'd be able to double-check that if I've had those maps…" Christine playfully growled, gently prodding Maren's shoulder.
    "Oh, shush you!" Maren giggled, returning the prod just as gently "Okay, Okay, about time I got that debt repaid. C'mon, Christie, Let's hit the town - I'm sure they have some high-quality navigation instruments out here. This is Viridian, after all — this city has everything, from what I read."
    "Sounds good to me, Maren-chan." Christine grinned "And after that, I think we should get ourselves some nice lunch. Y'know, catch up on old times and all. It's been ages."
    "Alrighty, let's hit the road, then!" Maren laughed again, followed by a strange purr from Iriai. It was settled.

    The two adventurers from the Orange Islands — and the strange type-shifting PokéMon in tow — left the PokéMon center, chatting idly amongst themselves.


    The sun was slowly setting, casting golden-red reflections on the faceted glass dome of the research facility's biodome-greenhouse complex. A soft ocean breeze carried the scents of sea and grass to the largish house that stood nearby, partially attached to the dome. You could hear the faint humming of the hydroelectric generator in the distance — a biomechanically-engineered masterpiece resembling in some ways a large tree, dipping its roots into the ocean and drawing water from it into its depths — and in some ways a waterfall, cascading softly back into the ocean, spinning grand turbines that produced the electricity needed for a facility of that magnitude. The location was perfect — Between a secluded forest area just southwest of Celadon City, and a little cliff overlooking the ocean, a small path descending down to the beach itself — a breathtaking view of Vermillion bay, should one stand at its edge and look.

    He was sitting on a comfortable wicker-and-cushion seat on the front deck of the house. His eyes were closed, his fingers finding the strings of the guitar all by themselves, flowing into a silent melody, intertwining with his voice and the soft chirping of crickets and the sound of the wind. That song always came up in his mind at sunsets, and it just seemed to fit in so nicely — this was almost a perfect sunset, after all.

    By his side, on another wicker-and-cushion seat, a female Electabuzz was lounged, relaxing, her striped tail twitching every once in a while in a feline manner, mind seemingly captivated within the melody. Nestled within the grass that seemed to grow in abundance on the cliff area, amongst a patch of flowers, was an Ivysaur, the leaves on her back spread out drawing as much of the sunlight as she still could, chicory-blue flower bud glistening softly with excess moisture released. Not so far away, one could notice the figure of a Flygon, standing on the edge of the cliff and looking off into the misty ocean, seemingly lost in thought.

    The song drifted slowly to a halt, as the trainer opened his brown eyes, blinking for a few seconds, leaning the guitar gently against the wall and picking the letter up from the glass-topped table again, looking at it. There were no addresses at all on it — just an envelope closed with an impressive seal — he was extra careful not to damage it when he opened that envelope earlier. There was an ornate card within it, the symbol that decorated the seal upon it as well — a symbol that resembled, vaguely, two PokéBalls set one within the other, and surrounded by eight points, like a sun. His name was printed upon it, along with the text that confirmed that this was an invitation to participate in a series of events that would begin soon across the entire region — and that, if he would choose to accept it, he should bring this invitation to a certain address in Pewter City, where the registration for what was to be known as the KCC: Kanto Contention Campaign. He's only been back home for several days — recently returning from a long journey across Hoenn, and this was truly unexpected.

    For a while he wondered just who was arranging this tournament, and what was it going to be like. It sounded interesting, though, and, he wasn't cut out for just sitting back and doing nothing.

    He'd have to ask his PokéMon if they were up to it, of course. He smiled at the Electabuzz — who was soundly sleeping, gently tapping her shoulder. "Wake up, Mari dear." He chuckled softly "I've got a bit of a question to ask you. All of you, as the matter of fact. Could you do me a favor and catch Arafel's attention?"

    Mari's green eyes opened softly, gazing warmly at her trainer, a soft smile coming to her lips. She stood up, stretching a bit before plopping down to all fours, little blue sparks dancing between her antennae — soon followed by an electrical discharge into the sky.

    In the distance, the Flygon's antennae seemed to twitch for a second, as he gracefully turned his head and gazed at the sudden burst of lightning. It was a call — it meant that the trainer probably had something important to say to all of them. The Flygon called out into the foggy ocean, spreading his taking to the air gracefully and naturally, twisting in midair and flying back towards the house, gliding on a few air currents before coming to a soft landing upon the grass, folding his wings. The Ivysaur was roused from her Photosynthetic state by the landing, and she slowly stretched in an almost feline manner as she walked over to the deck, leapt onto it and turned her red eyes to her trainer's.

    "That's Mari, Menthe and Arafel accounted for." He grinned "Now, all we need is Tempest… Tiermes… and Lycos."

    With every mention of a name, he drew a PokéBall, seemingly out of thin air, and threw it, releasing the creature within. A Ledian materialized in a beam of red light, immediately taking to the air and fluttering up to the Flygon's head, floating around it for a bit before zooming down to orbit the entire group. That was Tempest for you — always the hyperactive. A Lanturn appeared next, its form gently set on the grass — It couldn't move anywhere in this state, mind — fishlike water PokéMon were not designed for movement on land — But he could breathe, and he looked up at his trainer attentively — always the calm one, Tiermes was.

    Lastly, behind the five of them, suddenly materialized the huge, metallic form of a Metagross. The blue, metal creature turned its eerily glowing red eyes slowly and purposefully at the trainer, locking into place. The trainer smiled a bit nervously — He's learned to trust Lycos a lot during their while together — but every time the Metagross gave him that look, he couldn't help but feel slightly nervous — he saw things in the creatures' eyes — things that terrified and fascinated him in the same time. He has long suspected that the Metagross enjoyed, in its odd way, making people feel a bit nervous. And letting them know that he knows far more than any of them ever will. But he learned to live with it. After all, it was a perfect reminder that no-one was perfect.

    "Well, now that we're all here." The trainer smiled, turning his eyes to his team, surveying them seriously "I've been meaning to ask you if you're ready for a new adventure."

    There was a moment of excitement as the team seemed to whisper things among each other for a while — then they turned their eyes to the trainer again, nodding.

    "Y'see, we've been invited to what appears to be a whole new competition around Kanto, and I just want to know if you guys — and girls, of course." He paused, nodding to Menthe, Mari and Tempest "Were feeling up to a new challenge."

    Menthe jumped over to the deck and stood by her trainer's side, pronouncing a decisive "Saur!". Mari was the second to join, standing bipedally by his side. Tempest ceased her orbiting to land beside her trainer in a battle stance, a flash of light reflecting within her crystalline-like eyes and her forehead and leg crystals. Arafel spread his wings and moved to an impressive battle stance, his claws encompassed for a second by a turquoise glow. Lycos simply nodded, and Tiermes flashed his bioluminescent nodes several times.

    "It's settled then." The trainer grinned "Lyn invited me over to visit her in Viridian tomorrow. Our next destination after that would be Pewter City… And then, we'll see what this KCC thing is all about."


    It was a chilly morning, but that's just how Gad liked them. He inspected himself in the mirror one final time, to see if anything needed particular attention. After he was satisfied with his appearance that morning, he stepped out of his room towards the kitchen.

    His parents were still asleep — they apparently had a long night at the forest biotope monitoring a new clutch of recently-acquired Treecko eggs that have hatched before they were apparently supposed to. The only living soul in the kitchen at that moment was a Sandslash with crystalline, green spines — which exclaimed a happy squeak when she saw him.
    "'morning, Tellus." He grinned, scratching the Sandslash's head softly "I hear the ‘treeks have been giving you hell."
    The Sandslash rolled her eyes, grumbling something silently, making him giggle a bit. It took a lot to phase Tellus — she was almost always cheery, with a zany sense of humor at times. Seeing her grumble meant one thing — she hadn't had much sleep that night either.

    He fixed himself a cup of some fusion coffee/hot-chocolate drink that he was particularily fond of, and drank it, feeling the warmth flow through his body again. It was a perfect hour to fly.


    The Flygon took to the skies, his wings spread, gliding effortlessly above the trees, even with the trainer on his back. A pack of Pidgeys scattered as the Flygon's flight path intersected with theirs - a few curious ones turning their heads to look at this new creature. The trainer had a smile on his face as he observed the scenes — forest and plains and routes zoomed underneath him. So familiar, yet so different. Kanto has changed a bit during his absence, and he was rather thrilled at the opportunity of exploring it again.

    He was also rather thrilled at the chance of seeing Lyn again. It's been a while since they've met each other last. She graduated the academy since, and, from what she told him, has found a more steady job as a forensics investigator in the Viridian City PokéForce Crime Scene Investigation unit. She's been chasing that dream ever since he could remember her, and he was happy to hear that she finally succeeded in accomplishing it. They've been talking steadily over the PokéGear communication channel, and were rather well-updated about each other.

    She met him at the outskirts of town — where his Flygon landed — she hasn't changed a bit — her black hair was shorter and done in a ponytail now rather than cascading on her shoulders and down to her waist, but otherwise, she looked just the same. They've spent quite a few hours together — catching up on old times over breakfast in a small café, discussing their PokéMon and the paths that their lives have taken up until that point. She knew very little of the KCC — only that it was a fairly recent event, and apparently, no one knows who exactly was behind it. It was somehow linked to the Battle Frontier, but no one knew exactly how. One thing was certain — it was organized as hell.

    When they finished breakfast, they wandered around Viridian for a while — the city hasn't changed much — it was still the sprawling metropolis that it has been when he left — and hasn't changed much. Underground criminal activity has decreased somewhat, but everywhere, there still was the omnipresent whisper of the Rocket syndicate still lurking in the shadows, their hands involved still in nearly anything. There were more trees though — which he appreciated. They were not quite far away from the shopping district when their day was cut short by her PokéGear beeping — she was needed on the job. They parted with an embrace, and then she was gone.


    It was sometime around noon, and his wandering brought him not far from a large shop that seemed to specialize in hiking gear, navigation and survival equipment — when his eyes suddenly caught a pair of girls walk out, half embraced. One of them — with short reddish-gold hair and an extremely intricate black dragon tattoo on her arm — seemed to be studying a rather intricate looking navigational device, a holographic map of Kanto projected out from its display, and excitedly talking to the other girl — a green-haired one with a strange spiral ponytail and a fringe. He couldn't really make out what they were talking, but when they both burst into laughter, his eyes caught the PokéMon that walked by the reddish-gold haired trainer's side.

    "What… in the world… is that thing?" he gasped softly, instantly producing his GPDS PokéDex and pointing it at the creature.

    To his amazement, the device flashed once, twice, three times, and suddenly displayed four words he has never seen it display.
    "Subject unknown. Acquiring data."

    The PokéDex blinked several times, scanning something, and produced a three-dimensional hologram of the creature. There was no other data. For all he knew, this could have been the first time an entry was created for this thing. It amazed him that the thing had no assessment as for type, or anything really. This would be interesting to look into.

    "Not now, Gad." He finally muttered to himself as the two girls and the fascinating creature were already out of earshot "I have Pewter City to get to."


    "So what you're basically saying is that we can basically skim along the northern shoreline, dock somewhere near that lighthouse and that'd spare us some hours on end of walking through the mainland?" Maren blinked.
    "Yup. So It's back to Pallet with us. I'd assume that's where you left your boat." Christine grinned. "This thing's much handier than just maps. Thanks."
    "Well, considering how long I've been dragging you with these things, I figured I might as well compensate for the delay!" Maren laughed, and soon enough, the two were laughing. Christine caught, in the corner of her eye, for a second, a boy who appeared to be rather surprised by something and fiddling with what appeared to be a very high-tech PokéDex — but thought nothing of it. Probably just another random trainer who never saw anything quite like Iriai. She was used to it. She had to wonder, though — something seemed unusual about that trainer, though she couldn't exactly place it.

    … Probably nothing. She shrugged it off, then proceeded to wrap an arm around Maren again and scratch Iriai's ears absent-mindedly. Pallet Town wasn't too far off — and assuming that everything would work out right, they'd be at Kai's research facility faster than you could say ‘Mount Moon'.
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    "Nice to hear about your first catch, Donnie, but I wish I could've been there..." It was a shamed that she'd missed the event, but with the young boy all fired up again she couldn't help but share his joy. "And yes, I'm ready. Let's-!"

    Maria had pushed to her feet and turned to go when she jerked at the sight of the mysterious Pokemon floating above the boy sitting next to them. Her eyes shone brightly with intrigue and she couldn't help but exclaim, "Heeeeey! It's an Unown! Look Donnie, an Unown!"

    Again she felt like she was being rude, but what did she have to lose? If a trainer actually did snap at her noisiness she'd just apologize and walk away, most likely never to see them again (although, the amount of times she and Donnie had already had run-ins with that red haired girl was beginning to make her wary).

    "Man, one of these days I need to get myself some sort of PokeDex," Maria smirked. The Unown were one of the strangest species of Pokemon she'd ever encountered in her studies. It wasn't that they simply shifted their shape, they actually were different shapes, yet still the same creature. The fact that their forms resembled letters was even more a mystery. Which came first: human written language, or the Unown...?

    Finally Maria looked to the boy and said, "As you probably noticed, I like your Unown. Where did you find it?"

    OOC: I know, I know... After so long a delay I'm STALLING again. Sorry. But meh. My character really isn't the type to just walk away, and Sem deserves an 'in' if he wants one ;p I'll do my best to get this moving again, but I need to confirm some stuff with you beforehand, Kimi *pokes PM*.
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    The girl Jim had sat next to had jerked when she saw Unown, which was a normal reaction as people don't randomly see Unown floating around. She gazed at it in fascination and then said to Jim, "As you probably noticed, I like your Unown. Where did you find it?"

    Jim smiled warmly and stated. "Yes, I like my Unown too." Jim chuckled and went on. "Well my parents and I live in Violet City and they are constantly in the Ruins of Alph. It was about five years ago when I was ten that they brought home Unown… For the intent of study of course. I'm the one who makes sure all the pokemon they study are doing ok. I liked Unown the first time I saw it but it was nervous around me at first. I bonded with it as much as I could and it warmed up to me… a lot. When the time came to release Unown back in the ruins, it didn't want to go. It was obvious that it wanted to stay with me." Jim paused and stared at Unown. "He's practically my best friend ever, we're connected in some strange way and sometimes we feel the same thing at the same time."

    Jim blushed, knowing he had talked too much. "So uh... my name is Jim." Jim said holding his hand out to Maria. "So what are you guys here for?" Jim asked, being a bit nosey.
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    Maria shook Jim's hand with a smile, releasing it and answering, "My name's Maria, and this is my cousin, Donovan," she motioned towards Donnie. "He just became a Pokemon Trainer today, so we're going to journey together for a bit, just so he can get a feel for things. We were actually just about to head for the Pewter City Pokemon Center..." The girl paused, thought about the KCC for a moment, and chuckled to herself. Maybe it was supposed to be 'hush, hush', but it wasn't her secret to keep. Anything more she could find out about it helped.

    "There's no chance you've heard anything about the KCC, eh?"

    OOC: LOL... No, I'm not expecting Jim to answer 'yes' or with any lengthy explanation. If you want to tag a long, Sem, feel free to auto us to the Pewter Pokemon Center. Neither me or Kimi had plans - we just wanna get there ;p
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    "No..." Jim replied. "I'm afraid I have no idea what that is." Jim looked at Maria and young white haired boy. "But I would love to come along with you. Sounds very intere-" There was a shout that interrupted Jim.

    "Your Shroomish is ready!" It was Nurse Joy calling Jim.

    Jim turned to Donnie and Maria, saying "Hold on a sec." Jim ran up to the counter, dodging a few people along the way. The nurse handed him a poke'ball.

    "Shroomish is quite fine now." Joy said. "He might be a little sore due to the abuse but he'll be ok. I suggest not battling with him right away."

    "Thank you, Nurse Joy." Jim replied to the smiling nurse. Jim walked back to where Maria and Donnie. "Well. As I was saying... This KCC sounds quite interesting and I would like to tag along with you. Plus it's not everyday I get to travel with other people." Jim smiled, readied his backpack and slung it over his shoulder.

    With everyone ready to go the trio left the center and headed into the dreaded Viridian Forest. The thick trees prevented a lot of the sun's light from penetrating most the forest. There was kind of a path you could follow. A path that was made due to so many trainers passing through here. Jim checked his poke'nav at times to make sure he hadn't caused them to become horribly lost.

    The sun was setting. They had been traveling for hours through this forest. Jim looked back at the young boy, Donnie. He looked quite tired. Trekking through Viridian Forest isn't the easiest thing, especially for one so young. They should probably rest for the night. No use on traveling through the darkness. They could get to Pewter tomorrow. Jim quickly searched for a good campsite along the path. He found a small clearing and decided that it would be a good place.

    "I think we should stop for tonight." Jim stated to Maria and Donnie as he set down his pack and rolled out his sleeping bag. Jim went out and got some wood for a fire. He came back, set the wood in a neat fashion and lit them on fire with a match. Jim then got into his sleeping bag and released Shroomish from his ball. Shroomish appeared in Jim's arms and he quickly took in his surroundings. Shroomish then dug into the warmness of Jim's sleeping bag, as did Unown. Jim fell asleep looking at the stars above him.

    Morning soon came and its light shone on the trainers. Jim awoke and quickly shielded his eyes from the light. He rubbed his eyes and got up. The fire had died out, but it had successfully kept them warm throughout the night. Jim changed his dirty grey shirt and put on a clean red one. He was about to roll up his sleeping bag when he saw two lumps in it, one big the other small. Jim smiled and gently awoke his two pokemon. Jim would keep Shroomish out for today. Unless until he got tired. Jim rolled up his bag and put in his pack. He quickly ate some breakfast and by the time he had finished the others were awake and getting ready as well.

    They set out for Pewter again and stepped out from the bright clearing and into the darker forest. This time however, Shroomish was skipping along by Jim's side. After a few more hours of walking the trio found themselves on the outskirts of Pewter. It was about mid-day when they walked into the rather busy Pokemon Center. The people inside were probably there for this KCC as well. Jim had Maria take the lead and followed her to the Nurse Joy at the counter.
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  28. Hey Guys! I'm a bit new at this, so please bear with me. Apologies if my post is boring ^^;

    Irugi stumbled over the low wall dividing Route 3 and the boundaries of Pewter City. A large Furret seemed to flow over the wall behind her, moving smoothly and fluidly. A moment later, a tall boy practically fell out of the tall grass, a scandalized look on his face.

    "If you had told me there were Nidorans!" he whined loudly. The Arcanine following him gave him a skeptical look, but said nothing.

    "If you had told me you had this unnatural fear of Nidorans," countered the girl.

    The four stood together for a moment, surveying the bustling town of Pewter from afar. The multicoloured rooftops shone like gems in the early morning sun, the pokecenter obvious among them. A cool breeze promised a fine day.

    The girl turned, her long hair bound in a braid swaying, the colour transitioning smoothly from brown to an even, muted grey. Her highcollared, sleeveless light purple shirt wasn't moved by the breeze, being made of a heavy material, but the two small pokeball charms swayed in the breeze, as did the violet ribbon that complimented a teardrop shaped cut in the shirt. Her mismatched eyes were stormy as she glared at the boy. He was taller then her by at least half a foot, and was cloaked in Trenchcoat that hid most of his thin frame. It was only slightly lighter then his jetblack hair, that hung to his shoulders. Everything about him spoke of balance, he was reserved and dignified. The girl was different, you could see she was awkward, the strangeness of finding she had power still bothered her

    "I don't think much of your friend, Kenji." She said matter-of-factly. The boy blushed. This was a topic they had been avoiding.

    "Irugi, come on. He wasn't serious. And I haven't seen Melody in at least three years."

    It had been about mid-morning yesterday, not to long before the pair had entered Mt. Moon, that Kenji had received a call from a classmate he hadn't seen in years.

    The tall, dark Kenji had picked up his PokeNav and gotten the nasally voice of Rolf, a former classmate at the academy Kenji had attended. Kenji was always loath to discuss it, all Irugi knew was that it had been situated in Johto and that Kenji had hated it.

    "Hey Kenny. Long time no see." Rolf's voice was a terrible whiney pitch. Irugi wanted to blame it on the PokeNav.

    "Kenny?" Irugi had asked. "No one calls you that. . . "

    "So I heard you were in Kanto. I'd never go myself, nasty, uncivilized place, unlike Orre. . ."

    "Does he always brag that way?" Irugi had whispered.

    "Who's the bitch in the background?" Rolf had asked. "Hey, you ever hook up with that girl from the academy? What was her name, Melody? Now she was one sweet dish. Anyway. I just called to mention a little something I happened upon the other day."

    "And what might that be?" Kenji had asked, looking vexed.

    "I happened to receive an invite to an exclusive event. Top trainers only. It's called the Kanto Contention Campaign? Have you heard of it?"

    "No, but I've been. . ." Rolf cut Kenji off.

    "Very exclusive. You should go, see if you ever really learned anything at the academy. I mean, after graduation, you just vanished. Top of the class, everyone thought you and that mutt of yours would make it all the way, go to the top. And now, here I am, very successful, I have over fifty Pokemon, very comfortably situated, and you're running around the backwoods of nowhere with some dumb bitch. I really expected better out of you. You should see if you can make a comeback. Check out this KCC. Later." And with that, he had hung up.

    Irugi came back to the present. She shook her head.

    "Like I care about Melody. We're supposed to be friends. You could have at least stuck up for me. Come on, Chiru." The Furret moved flawlessly, seamlessly up onto Irugi's shoulder, as if by magic. They began walking into town, headed in the general direction of all the bustle, towards the Pokemon center. "Though it was nice of you to offer to vouch for me, in the off chance they won't let me in."

    "A talented trainer like you? You hardly need me. And Rolf. . . doesn't matter. He only wants me to make a comeback so he can use me as a connection. Ignore him. And I'm only going because you were interested. I'm content with my obscurity."

    Irugi shook her head again. "If we weren't headed to Pewter already. Perhaps you should sign up. See if you can't make a come back."

    "Perhaps I will. . ." Kenji was cut short as two girls crossed their path, with some unimaginable Pokemon following behind. The one girl with short orange hair and a very distinctive look about her smiled and raised a hand in greeting, and the pair nodded back.

    "Did you see the Pokemon? What did it remind you of?" Whispered Irugi breathlessly, after the girls had passed.

    "I know, the ribbons, the way it moved. . . " muttered Kenji, a far away look on his face.

    "But the colours were all wrong. And Last time we saw Sui, he was still with Jon. . ." Irugi looked concerned.

    Kenji shook his head. "No." he announced. "Two different Pokemon. We know the both of them, and he'd never leave Jon."

    "I'm still going to call later."

    They both fell silent as they rounded the corner, and the pokecenter came into view. Irugi felt an excitement building in her. Maybe she was cut out for greatness after all, and maybe, just maybe, this was her first step towards proving it.
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    Heyyyyyyyy (pouncetackleglomphug) Glad to see ya posting. No worries, this is actually pretty good for an introduction post. ^^

    Alrighty! Let's get this rolling. Since Sem fast-forwarded us to death, I figured I'd backtrack a bit, just to show you a bit more about what Gad is like…

    It was a crisp, cool morning when they emerged from Viridian Forest. Gad felt like walking from Viridian to Pewter — just to see what the old forest has been up to since his last visit.

    A lot of people found Viridian Forest to have somewhat of an eerie quality, particularly at night — after all, Viridian Forest was one of the oldest forests in Kanto, and it was rather deep at that. At places the trees grew so thickly together that they seemed to block out the sun, and at places light filtered through the leaves, casting a green tone over the soil. Mushrooms were growing at the base of a few trees; some of the older trees even had little shelves of mushrooms growing on the sides of their gnarled bark. Flowering bushes blossomed sweetly, moss and lichen covered the larger rocks that decorated the ground, and the filtered quality of the light — rays of sunlight breaking through occasional gaps between trees, and shining warmly on some spots more than others — only added to the feeling that the forest was alive, and that it softly wrapped its essence around those who traveled through it, as if it were a blanket.

    A gentle wind rustled within the leaves and the patches of wild grass — which seemed even wilder to him - and within it, there was the constant rustling of wild PokéMon. Caterpies and Weedles mostly, feeding on leaves and fallen fruit — but every once in a while one could see a Rattata or two foraging for food, or dashing through the wild grass in pursuit of something-or-other only they knew, among some other common species — though on rare occasions, if one was lucky enough to turn his head to a soft rustle in the grass, one could even sometimes catch sight of a black tipped ear or two, or the edge of a vaguely lightning-bolt shaped tail vanishing into the underbrush — evidence of the most elusive denizens of the Viridian Forest — wild Pikachus and Pichus.

    And not only was the grass alive with the sound of wild forest creatures, but the trees also. Spearows, Pidgeys, and occasionally their larger, more hawk-like evolution, Pidgeotto, could have been seen perching upon branches, preening their feathers or seeking prey from a high vantage point. Kakunas and Metapods were hanging from a few branches on a silky thread, swaying with the wind, protective shells guarding the creatures within until they shall rise anew as Beedrills or Butterfrees, bursting through the skin of their cocoons into the fresh air of the world. Some of the latter could even be seen fluttering about some of the flowering bushes, collecting nectar — the delicate, fragile wings of the Butterfrees refracting the pale light in dazzling patterns of color. The air was full with the song of birds, the humming of bugs, the rustle of wind through leaf and the scent of earth and leaf and mushrooms.

    And in the midst of it all he walked, smiling to himself, surrounded by the forest's essence, breathing in the wholesome, earthy air with a content sigh.

    He almost felt at home.


    Mari felt it too — the Electabuzz enjoyed the peace herself. She walked by her trainer's side, quadrupedally, with a bright grin on her face. A little smirk passed on her face she turned her eyes to Menthe, who was also out of her PokéBall and walking along by them — the Ivysaur seemed entirely immersed in nature, her keen senses of the grass element scouring the immediate areas for secret passages and little seldom-trodden paths. Actually, they were following her keen senses, but Gad seemed to be in no rush and so, why should the rest of them be? Still, she couldn't help but find the expression on her teammate's face amusing. She knew that on some level, her trainer also had the same expression — and she smiled at the thought. Who could blame him, after all? This is a most beautiful place.


    The three of them made camp as the stars were beginning to come out, in a small out-of-the-way clearing which offered a lovely view of the starry night sky. They set up a small campfire — it was no difficult feat, with Gad setting a circle of stones to prevent the fire from spreading, Menthe finding some dry fallen branches with ease and a small thunderbolt from Mari to set them ablaze. Soon enough, the three were sitting by the fire — not too close, of course — chewing on dinner (He ate one of the sandwiches he got in Viridian for just that kind of occasion, while Mari and Menthe enjoyed a nice serving of berries of various sorts — Much in the manner of synthetic medication, Gad wasn't much of a fan of synthetic PokéMon food) and exchanging knowing gazes. The KCC registration day was tomorrow, and there was a touch of excitement and anticipation — and some doubt, but there always was. This was a new adventure right in their own back yard. Their home. Menthe and Mari were Gad's first PokéMon — and they've been together through thick and thin across three regions, victories and losses. As a result they had the deepest bond of the entire team. And the concept of a new adventure in their joined home region made the KCC all the more exciting to them.

    They sat there for a while, until the campfire was slowly dying and tiredness at last got to them. With a yawn, Gad produced his digital storage device from the pocket of his trousers, releasing his sleeping bag (which felt more like some sort of an expandable/collapsible fusion of a thicker mattress and a thinner blanket). The trainer removed his glasses, the crystal and silver pendant he always wore and his GPDS PokéDex and absorbed them all into the digital storage device, which he slipped into a special item compartment at the foot of the sleeping bag itself, along with his PokéBalls (After Menthe returned herself to her PokéBall to protect herself from the chill of the night). Then, he slipped inside the sleeping bag, wrapping his arms around Mari (who has already curled up within it) with a content sigh as she held him close, Soft electric currents running along the surface of her skin kept them both warm enough in each other's embrace

    They slept peacefully that night, cuddling with smiles upon their faces upon their face, lulled to sleep by each other's warmth and the melodies of nature around them.


    They awakened early the next morning — the sun was barely even rising. But there was no way around it — their bodies awakened, and their minds were soon to follow. The trainer and the PokéMon awoke almost simultaneously, giggling slightly and bidding each other a silent good morning as they broke their embrace, slipped out of the sleeping bag and stretched in an exceptionally catlike manner.

    A quick while later and Gad has assembled all of his gear back, and the sleeping bag was once again folded and returned into the digital storage device.

    "'Morning, Menthe. We require your assistance yet again." Gad smiled and released the Ivysaur from her PokéBall. The Seed PokéMon stretched itself, yawning a little, and gave her leaves a little shake to expand them for the taking in of sunlight.

    A quick breakfast of a few berries and a cup of coffee-chocolate from a thermos, and they were off again, the Ivysaur's skill at pathfinding leading their way. The sun was rising slowly and steadily in the sky on a brand new day. And what a day, at that.


    And now they were finally out. It was about… 9, or 10 AM — the morning was still chilly, but pleasant enough as the two trainers reached the outskirts of Pewter City.

    "Now all we have to do is find the address."
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  30. I got tired of waiting for someone else to post. ^^; it's been, like, a week. . . >> sorry. ^^; I broke this one up a little differently then the first, the conversations are a little bit more fast-paced, and breaking it up like i did in the previous one killed the flow, in my opinion. But then again, maybe thats just me. *shrug* >> Cheers!

    Irugi held the pokeball up to her face, closely inspecting the smooth surface. "Alright, Sneasel. I'm going to change you out. I have a feeling I'm going to need a very special someone for this job. . ." she placed the pokeball in a small compartment on the side of the PC and watched it vanish.

    Kenji walked up to her." Jon assures me that the Pokemon we saw earlier is in no way related to Sui, as far as he can tell, And he gave me reassurance he and Sui were still together. Sui himself gave me reassurance, as a matter of fact. . ."

    Irugi frowned. "Then what was the Pokemon we saw earlier?"

    Kenji shook his head, then gestured to the PC. "Who are you switching out?"

    "Tatakikowasugeiru." Kenji winced. "Well, you chose his name." she said, her eyes growing dark.

    "But you don't have to use his formal name. . . eh, Kozan?" The Arcanine standing next to Kenji grinned and nodded. He was a placid sort, strong and sure in his power.

    "But you don't have to name them impossibly long names."

    Kenji sighed. "Why do all of our conversations end up like this?" Irugi ignored him, concentrating instead on the panel. Lightly she tapped the screen twice, ticked something out on the keyboard, and looked expectantly at the place where the Sneasel's pokeball had rested several moments before. Slowly, very slowly, as if the computer was having some trouble processing her request, a dark shadow began to appear where a pokeball should belong.

    "Time for a little BlackMagic, eh?" She said to Kenji with a grin. Kenji grinned back, and they looked down at the pokeball that had materialized, a rich purple slashed with black and grey.

    "He was my first Pokemon, you know." Commented Irugi, picking up the pokeball and sliding it into place on her belt. There was only one place to keep a pokeball on her belt.

    "I've heard the story," Kenji said with a smile. "It's a good story."

    "Mystery, Intrigue, Experimental technology!" They both laughed.

    "A young girl, tragically lost in the underground labyrinth that is the basement of Silph. . . " Kenji began, with theatrical flair.

    "A Mysterious Apparition!"

    "A moment of terror!"

    "A gift from above! Who knew, the young girl's father was in charge of developing new kinds of pokeballs, and she had access to all sorts of unthinkable technology?"

    "Who knew! Not Mag, Thats for sure." It was friendly laughter, a reminder of good times shared together.

    "I want Mag for the KCC."

    "I had assumed thats why you withdrew him. You do have a fetish for the darker Pokemon, now that i think about it. Rayn, Korashimeru, Kaido. . ."

    "Kaido isn't dark. . . "

    "He will be when he evolves."

    "I don't know that he will. . . "

    "Are you kidding me? You know how he feels about being the, well, smallest. As a Tyranitar, he'll be one of the largest on your team. . ."

    "Chi!" Irugi called, removing herself from the conversation. She didn't yet know how she felt about Kaido evolving. She supposed it would be good for the team, and Kaido himself. But how would she feel about it? Would she be glad to have him stronger, larger, faster, more impressive? Or would she lose one of her best friends in the process?

    Responding to her call, Chiru slid up her arm and twined around her neck, before dropping to her waist to paw at the pokeball she had placed there.

    "hmm? Chiru, did you want to see Mag?"

    "They are best friends," Kenji said, as he returned, holding a half eaten sandwhich. Irugi noticed he held one for her as well and smiled.

    "That they are." She slid the pokeball back out of her belt and casually tossed it, smoothly pressing the button on the front in the process. The pokeball went off explosively with a large bang, and a cloud of green tinged purple smoke appeared.

    "Magic!" called Irugi, laughing. A pair of red glowing eyes emerged from the smoke. The smoke condensed into a much smaller cloud, pulling itself loosely into the shape of a Gengar, and a wide grin appeared. The cloud floated softly to float over Irugi's right shoulder, and Chiru positioned herself on Irugi's left. Kenji's Arcanine trotted over, and the three Pokemon chittered happily amongst themselves.

    "Now to register for this. . .KCC."

    Irugi and Kenji turned, laughing, to find the entire pokecenter looking in their direction.

    "Oops," said Irugi, looking at the purple and black pokeball that had found it's way back into her hand. Just because she had grown used to it's minor defects didn't mean anyone else expected a pokeball to go off with such force.
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    OOC: Whee… incoming novel! I think I explained enough about the KCC for Sem/Stel/MSDL to get a feel for what its all about, and of course… more random charrie stuffness. I back tracked because Sem inspired me to write about the night in Viridian forest ^^


    Viridian Forest made for a beautiful afternoon scroll, with the canopy of trees overhead blocking the majority of sunlight and casting long shadows on the earthy path. The sounds of civilization had been long since drowned out by the peaceful chirping, humming, and rustling of wild Pokemon in the trees and brush. If you weren't paying attention you may not have noticed anything, but a close examination revealed dozens of interesting creatures; mostly bug-type Pokemon like Caterpie, Weedle, Metapod and Kakuna, but sometimes their evolved forms as well. Maria might not have been overly fond of Beedrill, but she loved the gentle grace of Butterfree.

    A few times Maria caught sight of a blurr of purple fur, or the tip of a yellow tail darting out of sight: Rattata and Pikachu. She'd read that wild Pichu and Pikachu inhabited the wood, though they were said to be one of the more rarer finds. It made Maria think back to Donnie's story of his Pichu capture, and then to her own experiences. She'd never had a more interesting capture than that of her own Pikachu. A legend come to life...

    Hours past as they trekked on, and soon the chirping of Pidgey quieted signaling night's arrival. The group decided it was a good time to set up camp, and after building a fire and settling into sleeping bags, they drifted off to sleep. Or at least the males appeared to be sleeping. Maria on the other hand lay silently staring up at the stars. She always felt at peace when gazing upon their beauty, and it gave her a chance to reflect on the day's events. Such as that strange, unidentifiable Pokemon… just what was it? Was it even of this planet?

    She'd recently read a report of a peculiar Pokemon dubbed Deoxys, said to have appeared one night from within a meteorite… An alien - an honest-to-goodness alien - that could shift its physical appearance and actually take on new traits. Not elemental-traits, but manipulate its own physical defensive and offensive powers, as well as speed; and that was just what humans had experienced. Who knew what else the creature could do?

    Who knows? Maybe if you go back far enough, all Pokemon originally came from outer space… the girl thought with a smile, a theory she'd been pondering most of her life. It would make a lot of sense to say the least. Pokemon DNA and human DNA were nothing alike.

    "Bah… Too much to consider… Can't sleep… I AM becoming more and more like dad," Maria murmured to herself after a bit, finally crawling out of her sleeping bag and climbing to her feet. She glanced down at her companions for a moment and decided not to wake them, strolling back out onto the path faintly visible by moon light. After a bit it occurred to the girl that taking a late night stroll alone wasn't the smartest move.

    "Well, everyone needs the chance to stretch their legs anyways," she said to herself as she reached for her belt. Grabbing two PokeBalls at a time and tossing them high into the air, the sky was lit up by six bright flashes and a display of sparkles.

    "Growlllll!" Rigel barked happily, bounding forward to join Maria by her side and gaze up at her affectionately.

    "Vapor…" Bellatrix murmured dryly in response to the fire canine, quietly walking up to join him on the trainer‘s opposite side. This seemed to be the standard procedure for the two.

    While Maria could only see the outline of the golden Pidgeotto, she could hear Altair's cawing and the beating of his wings as he circled closely overhead. Very much unlike the noisy bird, though, Perseus and Andromeda were so quiet it'd be easy to lose them in the blackness. The Bulbasaur and Pikachu hung back from the rest of the group, cuddling up against one another and gazing at the stars through the canopy of leaves. Originally the Bulbasaur had been very stoic and independent, not really bonding with any of his other teammates, but from the moment the blue-eyed Andromeda had first come into his life things had taken a dramatic switch. It was as if she'd reminded him how to love.

    That accounted for five of the Pokemon, leaving only…

    "Grav-a-laaar!" a cry echoed through the darkness, followed by an odd whooshing/grinding and the yelps of Perseus and Andromeda.

    "What the-WHOA!" Maria cried, barely having the time to leap out of the way as the large boulder plowed through her path and rocketed onward into the darkness. The girl frowned and yelled after it, "Dammit, Crux! Watch where you're rolling! … But wait… this path isn't necessarily strai-" She was cut off by a thundering "BOOM!", followed by the sound of wood snapping and trees crashing to the ground a short distance away. It made Maria sigh, "Oii… way to cause a ruckus when the others are sleeping… Better go make sure he's okay. Everyone, follow me!"

    The group bounded down the path to what had originally been a curve in the road. Now there were two downed trees and a large, round mass situated between the jagged stumps, revealing an opening into another forest clearing. Maria could hear a familiar murmuring coming from within.

    "Huh… Is that what I think it is?" she said more to herself than the others, carefully making her way around the trees and the stunned Graveler - the others trailing closely behind. The bright moon seemed to light up the entire clearing, and through it the origin of the noise became clear.

    "Beee-freee," the numerous gentle voices whispered as the sky was utterly filled with the soft fluttering of wings and the shimmer of spore dust sparkling in the moon light.

    Maria found herself smiling warmly as she gazed upon the living-mass of Butterfree in awe. There was no way to describe the feeling beyond "Simply beautiful…"

    The butterfly were in such a tranquil state that the seven intruders went completely unnoticed. Rigel and Bellatrix were at the girl's side once more, and Altair had landed a few feet away by Perseus and Andromeda. Even Crux had managed to get out of his mess and lumber over to join the group. There was no need to exchange words as they all stood in silence to simply absorb the sight.


    The Pokemon Center was bursting with activity as Maria lead the group to the front desk. "Man… I thought this thing was considered ‘under wraps'…" she mumbled. It was a good thing she'd returned all her Pokemon the night before or they wouldn't have all fit inside.

    "What may I do for you?" the nurse behind the desk chirped happily as the trio stepped up.

    "Uh… We're hoping you can help us out with something," Maria started, eyeing trainers standing close by. "By any chance have you heard of the KCC…?"

    "Oh? You three are competitors, too?" the woman replied with a chuckle. "Don't worry. Today is the last day of registration before the competition. I'd say it's safe to say that anyone who's eligible to enter has already done so."

    "Guess we're late to the game then, eh?" Maria grinned sheepishly. "Anyways… can you tell us where we can register?"

    "There's two locations actually. I can register you if you have an invitation. If not, you'll need to head to the official KCC registration tent at the far northern end of the city. They'll run a thorough check on your trainer credentials to see if you're eligible for membership. It's quite an accomplishment if you're chosen. A large number of trainers have already been turned away for not making the cut."

    "Really…?" Maria replied, glancing down at Donnie. "What are the baseline creds anyways?"

    "Let's see… Completion of the Gym Challenge in any one of the recognized Pokemon Leagues would be one, but exceptions can be made for trainer's with notable equivalents, such as Contest League and academic achievements, or other recognized Pokemon competitions and organizations." The nurse smiled brightly and added, "I think that‘s one of the things that sets the KCC apart from so many previous events. Simply being a strong battler won‘t land you the victory. Here, let me give you a handout on the first event…"

    The woman bent down to retrieve a page from behind the counter, handing it to Maria and saying, "Everything you need to know about the first event should be on that. I hope you all qualify. Sounds like a wonderful opportunity!"

    "Yeah… thanks. I hope we all qualify, too," Maria replied, leaving the desk and making her way through the crowd once more to find a spot for them to read in privacy. It read it aloud for the others, "The Kanto Contention Campaign, bringing together the greatest of the Pokemon world from all sectors of the Pokemon world… Locations spread across Kanto will test the qualities that separate the top from the flops in fierce, unique, three week long events. Victors of each event will be conferred a medal to represent their achievement, but only those who collect them from every event will be granted access to the grand finale…"

    Maria scanned the page silently, skipping the section on eligibility the Center nurse had more or less already explained. She piped up then, "Here we go. Specific details on Pewter's event. It starts tomorrow, runs for three weeks, and will consist of… Heh. Looks like it'll involve 2 on 2 battles - as in two trainers verse two trainers. Match-ups will be randomized, and each trainer will be allowed to use one Pokemon per battle. You need to win three of these battles to win the medal… Sounds easy enough. Looks like everyone who wins a medal will be given a prize along with it, too. I wonder what they are…"

    The page noted at the bottom that anyone entered in the competition would be granted top priority for lodging in the Pokemon Center. Details about when you'd be battling, who you'd be battling, etc. would be sent to competitiors via text messages, and people who didn't already have a mobile phone of sorts were given a complimentary KCC-edition PokeGear.

    "Guess that's that then. All we have to do is find that registration tent before the day's out and hope that we can enter…" Suddenly a loud bang shook the room, the source appearing to belong to two trainers standing with three fully evolved Pokemon. The trainers' laughing had many staring quizically, but Maria couldn't help but stare at their Pokemon. They were probably here for the KCC, too. With opponents like that, this is definitely not going to be a cake walk. It'll be tough even for me to win. But Donnie pulling through... That'll take a miracle.

    OOC: Since this is already a book I'll slash it here. For Sem and Kimi - feel free to look around the city or lead us straight to the tent. I don't have a specific design in mind, but it'd probably have the symbol design Stel drew on it.
    Btw - if people want to be randomly matched up with another rper‘s character(s), PM them about it in advance (for the sake of our sanity and keeping the topic moving, I‘d avoid making battles against another rper, tho). I think Stel plans to go it alone, and Kimi already has plans… but I'm willing to match up with someone else ^^
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    OOC: Sorry about uber-short post, but it's late and I am uninspired as frell. So I just figured I'd do my registerring. As an invited battler, it shouldn't take long.

    He was quite surprised when he reached the designated address. A large tent seemed to have been established on location — a white, dome-like structure that seemed to bear the stylized PokéBall-Within-A-PokéBall motif upon it, pegged to the ground by eight multi-colored crystal orbs. It was as if someone has taken the symbol of the Kanto Contention Campaign and brought it to life in tent form. It was obviously the right place. The KCC Registration Tent.

    "Well, Guess we should go in and introduce ourselves, then, shall we?


    The inside of the tent seemed much larger than its outside — and the sunlight filtering through the symbol motif cast interesting lights and shadows upon the inhabitants of the tent. Several trainers were already there, discussing the contest among each other, while others were in process of background checking, at one of three computer desks.

    He produced his invitation from the digital storage device and approached one of the registration desks which have now become available. He turned his eyes to the woman who seemed to operate the table — she seemed to be at least four years older than he was, tall, slender and pale, with long, brown, curly hair and dark green eyes behind glasses. She looked hauntingly familiar from some place or other, though for the life of him he couldn't recognize from where. She was garbed in a simple dark gray, almost black and rather official looking outfit, the KCC symbol embroidered upon its jacket. She smiled slightly when she saw the trainer and the Electabuzz that walked beside him.

    "Welcome to the Kanto Contention Campaign Registration Tent." She said "Do you have an invitation?"
    "As the matter of fact I do." The trainer nodded, handing her over the invitation. She went over it for a second, and then set it on the desk "Seems legitimate, of course, only one way to be sure."

    She then detached a small, pen-like device from the side of the keyboard and ran it slowly over an inconspicuous looking stripe printed upon the invitation. Whatever was encoded in that stripe was apparently akin to a barcode, because the computer chimed in validation moments later.

    "That's it." The girl nodded "Your invitation has been verified and you have been registered. I'm just going to need to verify a few details and register a few others…"


    The trainer and his two PokéMon emerged from the tent several minutes later, rolling his gloves back up his hand to conceal his PokéGear again — that thing would become quite necessary during the KCC, he was told. Not only would the random matchups of the first event in Pewter be announced through it, but also, a few days before every new event, a message would be sent to all KCC participants regarding its location and nature. He ran the details of the event that would come tomorrow through his head. That sort of event would require much strategy — and teamwork with another trainer who he most probably never met before. Diversity would play a major part in these upcoming battles, he thought to himself. Besides, this would give him a perfect opportunity to test a few interesting combinations…
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  33. You guys are such inspiration. ^^ Geeze, i post too often ^^; I believe me and Stel paired up. That is to say, Irugi and Gad were paired up. *laughs* I tried to write this one from Kenji's point of view. Did i fail miserably?

    The tent was small, hot, and crowded as Kenji and Irugi waited in line. People jostled them from all sides, and even Chiru was driven back into her pokeball by the masses. BlackMagic and Kozan were still out, however. Nothing assured your place in line like a 6 foot tall snarling canine or a disembodied pair of floating eyes. People had begun to catch on to this fact however, and several minor battles had broken out and had needed to be subdued, the trainers being thrown out. The lighting in the tent was disorienting, stripes of light andshadow crossed so you could never be sure of who - or what - you had seen.

    "Next!" Called a cheerful Officer Jenny, And Kenji and Irugi moved up one place in line.

    "Looks like Rolf informed everybody," Kenji muttered as they were bumped sideways by a man hurrying by with a Gardevoir. Kozan gave a snarl, but it went ignored. Officer Jenny appeared to be arguing with the man in front of them. Irugi stared off across the tent distantly, tapping her foot. Kenji knew she was impatient and hated crowds. He wasn't very fond of them either, for that matter. he'd rather be seeing the sites of Pewter, out in the city with Irugi. Perhaps they'd stop and get some icecream, and she'd smile. . .

    "Next!" Officer Jenny called impatiently, and Kenji noticed that Irugi was waiting for him at the desk. She looked cross. Again. He blushed and hurried up to the desk next to her, embarrassed to be caught daydreaming when he should have been paying attention.

    "Your name?" Officer Jenny asked, looking to Kenji.

    "Kenji," He stuttered. He cursed himself in his head for stuttering. "Kenji Hoshiro." Officer Jenny typed it into her computer and was silent a moment, reading. She looked surprised.

    "Mr. Hoshiro, I had no idea. Of course you may compete. I don't understand why you don't have an invitation. . ." She wrote something down on a clipboard next to her, and pulled out a pile of papers, handing them to Kenji. He handed them off to Kozan, who took the papers gently in his mouth, looking up at his trainer. "And your name, ma'am?" Officer Jenny turned to Irugi.

    "Irugi Whitehall," she said, the smallest sounds of tension in her voice. Jenny typed the name into the computer and waited for a moment. Then she frowned.

    "I'm sorry, Ma'am. According to this, you don't have the credentials to compete." Irugi looked distant again, and was biting her lip. She looked embarrassed.

    "Irugi, I'd gladly let you compete in my stead," Kenji knew how much this meant to her, and how little it meant to him. He didn't need the competition, the endless battles, the hurt and the useless prizes and losing your soul to the endless battles for absolutely nothing. . . He didn't care who was the best. He just wanted to be happy.

    "Ah, to be young and in love," Officer Jenny sighed.

    "What?!" Kenji slammed his hand down on the table. "We are not lovers." he said through gritted teeth. Officer Jenny laughed. Irugi and Kozan stood side by side, their looks identical skeptic grins. Kenji blushed crimson. Irugi raised an eyebrow, and pulled a piece of paper out of her belt. She unfolded it, and handed it to Jenny. Now Jenny raised an eyebrow.

    "Well, this changes everything. If i had known you had an invitation. . . " She picked up a device that resembled a pen and ran it over the invitation, read the small scrap of paper Irugi had handed her before scanning something on that as well, then handed Irugi a stack of papers. "Welcome to the KCC. All information pertaining to events will be communicated via text message. The reading explains the rest. If i could register your numbers?"

    Kenji and Irugi exchanged knowing glances before dumping their large mobile communicators on the desk with a clatter, laughing loudly. They both had large, clunky, plastic phones, built for nothing more then taking and receiving calls. Kenji's was a bright red, obviously just as scuffed and used, but of a later model then Irugi's, while Irugi's was blue, and didn't even have a screen. They continued laughing as Jenny fished around under the desk, pulling out two new PokeGear emblazoned with the KCC's trademark symbol. They were sleek and compact, the one she handed Irugi was a dark purple with an iridescent sheen of blue and green, The one she handed Kenji a dark grey with a glow of copper and gold. The trainers traded devices, laughing, as Officer Jenny wrote down the numbers associated with each device.

    "Those are yours to keep, compliments of the KCC. As I said, all information will be relayed to you via those devices. you should receive information on who you are battling with and against, and any additional information as soon as registration closes. Take care, and have a lovely day!" Irugi swept their old devices into her backpack before leaving the tent.

    Outside of the tent, Kenji turned to Irugi.

    "Where on earth did you get an invitation? You didn't steal it, did you?" he added, when he saw the gleam in her eye.

    "Of course not! You can't steal invites. They'd know right away, for one. And you need to have a signed document verifying that the original recipient of the invite allows you to compete in their name. Dad sent it to me. I got it the day before Rolf called, remember? I picked up the mail at the PokeCenter? Anyway, I had no idea what it was until Rolf called, and then it hit me."

    "Probably no hope of us being paired up, huh? No, of course not. We registered together. And we know each other too well."

    "We pretty much both own the same team of twelve, when you come right down to it. . ."

    "I don't think either of us could ever own Rayn."

    "Truer words have never been spoken."

    They had spent a long time in the tent, all morning, in fact. But now the afternoon was young, and all of Pewter lay before them. They had a while before they had to make their way back to the pokecenter for the night.

    "How do you feel about Icecream?" Kenji asked. Irugi turned and smiled.


    Kenji and Irugi were halfway through their icecream when their new Pokegear went off simultaneously. They both pulled their devices off of their belts where they had been hooked, and flipped open the screens, Kenji casually flipping his open while Irugi carefully unfolded hers. A veritable army of Pokemon surrounded the two, all enjoying icecream themselves. A small Shuppet floated gently next to Kenji on the bench, an Ivysaur sat at his feet. A fluffy Altaria with razor Sharp claws and an attitude perched on the bench behind Kenji, while Kozan sat to his left. A small Larvitar rested in Irugi's lap, carefully licking at an icecream cone fully half its size, while a Houndoom slept at her feet, its tail twitching every once in a while. To her right sat a regal Absol, rigid as a statue, only her deep violet eyes moving. Chiru sat on the bench next to Irugi, her head following everyone who passed by. Occasionally, a pair of eyes faded slowly into being, and after surveying the peaceful scene, faded out again. On the gutter on the roof behind them, two large Pidgeottos squabled loudly. The Houndoom opened an eye lazily and lifted his head to look at them, and they abruptly stopped. Kenji and Irugi slowly read the messages over.

    "Trade ya," Said Irugi with a grin.
  34. Donovan wandered through the thick labyrinth-like maze of trees and growth that is Viridian Forest. For days he had been lost, confused and all alone with only his pokemon at his side. The eerie part about all this was the fact that not had he seen daylight. It was as if he was trapped in eternal darkness, with his cousin not even caring enough to look for him.

    "Eee-Aaaoohh!", came the shrilling sound of some not-so-distant creature of the night.

    The scream of the unknown beast sent shivers down the little boys back, as he turned and hid behind a tree.

    Following the screech cam the noise of falling trees. Something was coming, that much was for sure, and whatever it was, ‘it' was big.

    As Donnie closed his eyes in fear, the beast was already behind him, with only the redwood tree separating the two. As the young adventurer prepared for the worst, he was forced to open his eyes as the least of his expectations happened... nothing. With trepidation coursing through his veins, the boy none-the-less peeked his head around the tree, pondering the suspense of his inevitable doom.

    The beast was roughly forty feet tall, had humanoid physique matted with dark gray fur. His head made Donovan remember stories of the ‘Yeti' as he stared at snarling beast of a face. Of course, this giant yeti-monster had yet to notice the pokemon trainer, which was a small but much needed relief, sparking hopes of escape.

    Just as Donnie was about to tempt his luck, his eyes caught onto the object which held the yetis attention. It was none other than Cuthbert, Donovan's pichu!

    Scared for his friend, he reached for the ball on his belt and saw there was missing! Before he could get up to look for his pokeballs, the giant beast had grabbed Cuthbert, holding him high about his gaping maw.

    "Cuthbert, no!"

    *tick* A rock pelted the beast on the forehead.


    "Put him down!"

    Tears were strolling down Donnie's face as he continued flinging the rocks, hoping to get the monsters attention on him as opposed to his pokemon.


    Tataku let out a small ember attack on the monster's foot, ready to fight for his friends. Unfortunately he would also die for his friends as the monsters retaliation came swift.

    In the blink of an eye, the small charmander had been squashed to death in one heavy footfall, exploding from the immense pressure. Without any further hesitation, it then dropped the pichu into its mouth, and began grinding its bones as its blood oozed from his lips.

    Now truly all alone in the world, Donnie's rage and sorrows left him no other options. He rushed the beasts, with its red eyes knowingly glaring out at him. Before the small boy could even begin his assault, the beast raised his left foot, showing the icky remains of Tataku, and came crashing down on Donnie.


    Donovan jolted up, sweat dripping from his face. His eyes began to adjust to ‘death', as his heart rate started slowing back to norm. Taking in long breaths, he was able to focus on his surroundings, and realized he was still at the campsite with Sem and Maria. His eyes caught sight of his pokebelt, with
    both balls neatly tucked in.

    Shivering from the cold, he pulled the blanket around his shoulders, and looked up to see Maria off in the distance, staring at something. The noise has been the sound of one of her pokemon knocking down trees in its way.

    With a sigh of relief, Donnie pulled his belt in close, turned onto his side and went back to sleep.

    -_-_-_-_-_The Next Day_-_-_-_-_-

    The three of them, something of a ‘ka-tet' now, had made it through the forest and into Pewter. After a quick visit to the pokecenter, Maria was informed the location of KCC registration, and the party went forth.


    Donovan stood half-hiding behind Maria as she registered with the clerk before them. From what he could tell, Maria was a very impressive trainer. Sure, his mother had told him of such things, but more often than naught, family tends to exaggerate.

    Donnie had been worrying about his own registration, and was not even paying attention when Maria had pushed him forward towards the clerk.

    Smiling, she introduced him, "And this is my cousin, Donovan Delgado"

    Grinning sheepishly, Donnie added, "I don't suppose I'm on your ‘allowed' list am I?"

    Intending it as a joke, the white haired youth was shocked to hear what came next.

    "Ah yes, Donovan Delgado. You meet qualifications via recommendation of a Prof. David Skyler and colleagues. If you would just sign this slip of participation, I will gladly hand you your KCC pokegear."

    With his mouth slightly ajar, Donnie did as he was told and after accepting the gear, his excitement refused to be bottled up.

    "Maria, Maria look! Oh my gosh, they let me in, I get to play! I get to enter the competition with you! And look, look at this pokegear they gave me for free! Isn't it cool? It sure is, oh my goodness, this is just great!"

    Feeling like he could bounce off the walls with joy, his hugged onto his cousin, knowing he couldn't have got in without her and her father.

    "Thank you so so much! I know I've been acting a little discouraged lately, but all of its gone now I promise. I'm really really looking forward to this, and I want you to know that I'll love you forever, kays?"
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    The trio left the crowded Pewter Pokemon Center, learning that registration would be held in a tent located in another part of the city. The three found their way to the tent, which was bustling with activity. People entered and left almost every second. Some of the people looked incredibly tough and experienced while others looked like the exact opposite. Being able to battle all these different people intrigued Jim.

    Donny was pushed up to the clerk by Maria. The worried Donny was immediately excited to hear that he had been accepted. Jim was up next and he walked up to the clerk.

    "Hello, my name is Jim Jarrico, son of paleontologists Mary and Jacob Jarrico." Jim stated, handing the clerk a paper and an ID card that both had proof of his claim. Being the child of world famous paleontologists did indeed have its perks. The woman scanned the paper and simply nodded.

    "We are honored, and the KCC gladly accepts you." she said, handing back the paper, his card, and a slip of paper for Jim to sign. Jim signed the paper and handed it back. "Here is your KCC PokeGear. We hope that you excel." Jim thanked the clerk and stepped away from the desk.

    "Well then, looks like I'm in too." Jim said to Maria and Donny as he put the PokeGear away. "Now I just can't wait to see who I'll be partnered up with." Jim smiled and glanced at Unown, who floated by his head as usual. Unown seemed a bit more cheery as it was putting a little 'oomph' into its floating.

    Jim then glanced down at the little grass type who was hugging his leg. Jim bent down and picked up the anxious Shroomish. He was a bit sore from walking for so long. He had done enough walking for today; the poor thing was still hurting from the other day. Jim returned Shroomish so it could have a rest. Jim hoped to use Shroomish sometime during the KCC, when Shroomish fully recovered and is in tip top shape.
  36. Well. . . now that everyone's  registered. . .

    It's long, it's boring, and i'm afraid i'm a step ahead of everyone else. We decided to go shopping after we registered, what did everyone else do? ^^;

    Kenji and Irugi returned to the Pokecenter just as dusk was falling. Chiru scampered ahead, a silent gliding shadow that guided the two trainers. Kozan walked placidly by Kenji's side, hardly hampered by the number of shopping bags around his neck, while Irugi gazed at the sky, watching the colours fade and the stars emerge. Lights glowed softly from inside the buildings, spilling soft pools of golden light across the path. Through the windows, Irugi caught glimpses of other people's lives, flashes of faces, glimpses of TVs, families sitting down to dinner. She looked forward to her own dinner when they returned to the pokecenter.

    It was a cool night, cool enough to warrent a sweater. Irugi was glad she had purchased one that day, a muted purple with the KCC logo emblazoned on it. She and Kenji had gone shopping in preparation for the battles ahead, and she couldn't resist spending a little extra. Both she and Kenji came from well to do families who took care to show exactly how much they loved the pair by showering them with funds, and they were both tired of only having two outfits, replacing them only when they wore out. They could afford to look like something, because when it came to showy events like the KCC, looks and intimidation were half the battle. It meant more to carry, but it was a small price to pay.

    So they had gone shopping for their Pokemon, purchasing small vials of revive and spray bottles of super potion, cans of lemonade and tins of berries. For themselves, they had bought matching outfits to battle in. Black slashed with rich violet, they were modern and sleek, making them look less like dusty vagrants and more like something to be feared across the battle field. Every bit the attire for a "Cool Trainer", the outfits certainly employed the intimidation factor.
    "Perhaps when we get back," Irugi noted absently, still gazing at the stars, "We should search out the people we've been matched with."

    "Nothing in the rules about that," Kenji said. "I think it's a fine idea." They spoke softly, something about the night seemed to demand whispers, that the silence of the city not be broken. "Who are you matched against again?"

    Irugi pulled herself back to earth, tucking her hands into her pockets. "Gad. . . something?"

    "Ah," Kenji nodded. "Me, I'm with some kid named. . .Chance? Fascinating name. . . Takumi Chance." The pokecenter came into view, looking like a festive cruise ship, a glittering beacon in the night. "We should probably get a room. . . What are the chances one will be left, geeze. We probably should have gotten one before we went shopping. . ." Irugi shrugged, her eyes fixed on the pokecenter.

    The doors opened with a smooth, mechanical 'fwoosh!', and the pair walked into the soft din of conversation, the warmth of friends and companions.

    "May I help you?" Asked a smiling Nurse Joy. "Need someone all patched up?"

    "We're going to need a room," said Kenji, glancing at Irugi, who still seemed distracted.

    "Oh, I'm sorry," said a crestfallen Nurse Joy "But Rooms are reserved for KCC contestants at this point. I'm afraid you'll have to look elsewhere."

    "Oh! But we are contestants. . ." Kenji pulled out the papers confirming it. Nurse Joy examined them for a moment, then smiled warmly.

    "In that case, I do believe we have a few small rooms left open. . . if you'll follow me?" Nurse Joy led them to a small room, tucked into a corner of the pokecenter. It was sparsely furnished, with a desk with a plant on it, one chair, and a bunkbed. The room was a soft red, the sheets on the bed covered with pokeballs. A small window was set high in the pale red wall.

    Kenji dropped onto the bed, as Irugi took the bags from where Kozan had left them and began removing their new outfits and various items, placing them on the desk. After everything seemed to be in order, she began stripping the charms off of her outfit one by one, taking off her earrings and bracelet. She removed her belt, neatly folding it and placing it on top of the outfit belonging to her, sliding the one pokeball on it off, the black and purple one belonging to BlackMagic.

    She picked up the charms one by one, debating silently to herself. She wanted someone by her side for this, but she couldn't ask Chiru, whom was already dead asleep under the chair. She couldn't ask Korash without bringing along the Pidgeotto twins, couldn't ask Rayn because Rayn couldn't be bothered. She weighed the options in her head, the advantages and disadvantages of each Pokemon. She stopped, fingering a small charm. Yes, this seemed right. she pressed the button and the pokeball smoothly expanded to it's proper size, she pressed it again and lightly tossed it into the air- it opened with a shower of stars, releasing the Pokemon inside.

    Never the one to be startled or moved by anything, Kaido had been released and now placidly sat in the center of the room, his pale red eyes on his trainer. His vibrant green contrasted sharply with the room around him. Irugi smiled and picked him up. She loved the little Larvitar, he was like a stuffed toy, but warm, and somewhat more cuddly.

    "Ok, Kaido. What do you say we bring back dinner for everyone? We've got to keep our eye out for a trainer as well. . . "

    Kenji was leaning back on the bed, his eyes closed.

    "Kenji?" Irugi called, and he and Kozan, who was lying at his feet, both opened a bleary eye. "Did you want me to bring something back for you and yours?"

    "No thank you." Kenji smiled. "I'll follow suit, go looking for my partner as well. In a minute or two." He yawned.

    Irugi nodded, and walked out the door, bumping squarely into someone who was coming down the hallway.

    I've got No idea who I bump into, you guys decide that. ^^; I'll just lurk about until you guys get caught up. I dont really have any ideas, besides ^^;
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    As Jim stepped up to register, Maria's attention had been completely taken by the excited Donovan. She stared back at the boy and chuckled weakly, "… That‘s great, Donnie, but you don‘t need to prove anything. Just do your best and have fun. That‘s all I or anyone else could ask for in return."

    Dad really came through this time… the girl thought with a smirk. He wasn't lying when he said he had friends in high places… I just hope he doesn't brag about it next time we talk. And getting Donnie accepted wasn't the only thing for him to brag about.

    The fact that the woman registering Maria had made such a fuss over her academy achievements was a bit unnerving. Not only had the woman heard about the school, she'd made it a point to focus on the teen's age and the awards she‘d picked up. Maria knew it was rare for people, like herself, to enter the program a year younger than the entrance age and excel, but was it really that outstanding a feat…?

    The more she thought about it, the more it hurt her head - which tended to happen whenever the girl over-analyzed a situation. Thankfully, though, Jim provided the intervention she needed to get out of her head and back to reality. He'd been accepted to the KCC, too.

    "Heh. This is awesome alright. Now we can just sit back and relax for the rest of the day and wait for them to contact us," Maria said to the boys as they made their way out of the tent back into the warm sunlight. She was the only one of the three who'd already had a PokeGear on-hand, not to mention a more advanced model. Once she found out her partner, she'd be able to track them down via her PokeGear 2.0's satellite tracking feed - as long as they had their PokeGear on them, that is. (OOC: Assume that it automatically registers your partner's details on your PokeGear)

    Maria watched other people entering and exiting the registration tent. Any one of these people could be my potential partner. I just hope they don't end up being a total jerk. That'd make double battling tough.

    "So…" she started then, turning to the others with a grin. "How do you two want to burn the rest of the day? Me thinks I‘ll take a walk around the city and see the sights. I'd like to track down the local museum today, though I'll probably wait to hit it later on when we have more time."

    Museums were one of the female's many passions in life, and she was dying to check out the Pewter City Museum's space exhibit (which was said to be pretty nice). It was almost supper time now, though, and that wouldn't give her nearly enough time to fully enjoy it.

    "I'll be heading back to the Pokemon Center later on. Hopefully there'll be still a few spare rooms left for the night… By the way, Donnie," Maria began to say as she turned her attention to the young boy. "If you want to see the city on your own, feel free to. You've already proven that you can take care of yourself," she said, referring to the Pichu incident. "And actually, that goes for anytime during this journey. I want you to get the most out it by doing the things you want to do… and no, I'm not saying this to get rid of you," she chuckled at the youngster's lost expression. "No matter where you go, we'll always be connected. After all, if you ever needed me, I'm only a phone call away."

    She smiled and tapped the blue PokeGear strapped to her wrist. A thought occurred to her then that made the girl want her kick herself.
    "Why didn't I think of this before?! We should definitely register each other‘s numbers before doing anything else." With a smirk Maria looked to Jim and added, "You too."

    OOC: Sem wanted me to point out in the post that we've been partnered up, but I can't really continue on without majorly autoing you guys. Next post we should be caught up to yuo, MSDL ^^;

    *Pokes* And yeah, guys, you can auto Maria registering your numbers.
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    (OOC: Gad is now officially Gad Sylvanhart. Heh, "The Sylvanhart Institution of Grass-Type PokéMon Research"... Sounds awesome. >>)


    The have been walking for a bit now, after leaving the registration tent. Their heading was the PokéMon center - just because they felt that they should check in before the center ran out of rooms. It was the most sensible thing to do, after all - and judging by the amount of people that seem to have gathered after his departure from the tent... It would have definitely been a good move. Then he could continue the day in peace, without too many worries. Maybe find someone to battle against. Just a little practice before the main event.

    They made it to the PokéMon center shortly after. The center seems to be laden with trainers, most of passing through, but a few of them probably headed to register themselves, coming to ask Nurse Joy about the whereabouts of the registration tent.

    The trainer approached the Nurse with a smile "Hello. I've come to check in in advance - I'm a KCC competitor, and figured I might get myself a room before all hell breaks loose." With these words, he showed the nurse his invitation.
    "Yes, of course." replied the nurse with a smile and handed Gad a small key with the number '42' engraved on it. "You're lucky you got here now, I think that it's going to be rather crowded in here soon with all the competitors in this..."
    "Guess what, my dears..." Gad giggled, turning to his PokéMon and showing them the key, "It seems that the conspiracy continues!" The Electabuzz and Ivysaur broke into laughter. It really was a strange thing, but every time that Gad checked into a PokéMon center, he always found himself in either room 42 or room 14. Those two numbers kept haunting him through his journey in all three regions, and if Gad had the right sort of paranoia, he would have probably begun to wonder who was behind the conspiracy. As it was, he just found it terribly, terribly amusing.

    Nurse Joy did not know that, however. She regarded them with a strange look, which snapped all three back to Earth. Gad found himself blushing lightly, smiling apologetically at the nurse.

    "Sorry... Little internal joke. Thank you, Nurse Joy." he nodded slightly, then turned away from the counter, leaving it behind, Mari and Menthe in tow...


    Shortly after he left the center, his PokéGear beeped, a note of a text message.
    "Hm, must be from the KCC. Probably going to let me know who am I paired up with for this event..." Gad thought as he rolled back his glove and tapped a button on the PokéGear gently. The holographic touch-interface activated itself, allowing Gad to tap the display several times to reveal the message he recieved.

    As suspected, it was from the KCC. The message included the details about the first event (again), as well as a name, a PokéGear number and a few basic details. His prospective partner for the following event.

    The name was Irugi Whitehall. Completely alien to him - although 'Whitehall' seemed to ring a vague bell - He seemed to vaguely recall a researcher in Silph with the last name of Whitehall, who was developing some Experimental PokéBalls. But that was years ago - it's quite possible that there was no relation, or that he didn't remember the name right. In any event, this trainer was also a KCC invitee, which suggested that she was quite a remarkable trainer. He wondered vaguely who she was.

    And speaking of wonder - Before he left, he had heard of a new exhibit in the Pewter City Museum that his parents were partially involved in - several elements of the scientific research were done by his father and his mother had a hand in some of the reconstruction artwork. Something having to do with plants from prehistoric times regrown from their preserved DNA, as well as reconstructions of the ancestors of modern grass-type PokéMon. Which he personally found fascinating. The exhibit was supposed to open today, and it was quite a chance to check it out...


    The Pewter City Museum of Natural History was a large, impressive complex that included many different wings. It was built in a way that would accent the passage of time - A complete tour of the museum would have started at the prehistoric age - an era mostly dedicated to fossils and life before the age of humans - and continued on through various ages of the world to a major space exhibit which was just as impressive - if not more impressive - than the fossil exhibit. From past to future. Gad always liked that idea - he visited the museum all those years ago when he was travelling through Kanto. The museum was smaller then, and had the fossil exhibit on the first floor and the space exhibit on the second. They were impressive, but not quite as impressive as they were supposed to be today, with new knowledge brought over from the nearby regions, Hoenn included. The concept wasn't as apparant but it was there. And Gad was rather curious to see what they've done with the museum in his few years of absence from Kanto.

    After returning Mari and Menthe to their PokéBalls (as the two were rather tired from walking all the time - cities were not their thing, and if he were to be perfectly honest with himself, they weren't Gad's thing either.), he headed for the entrance.

    The main hall of the museum was a large one, a prominent mix of modern and ancient designs blending seamlessly into one another - a 'temporal nexus' of sorts, a place between all times. The hall was dominated by a large shifting holosculpture set within a cylinder of some of the more prominent exhibits of the museum - including a reconstructed Kabutops fossil, rune-covered glyphs that seemed to have PokéMon carved upon them, a primitive, medieval-age PokéBall which appeared to be little more than a two-colored Apricorn with a seal upon its cap embroidered with the symbol of cherry blossoms and the writing "Sakura Town PokéMon Research Facility", Several types of plants and crystals, and an extremely detailed model of a space shuttle. The museum was open for free today in order to draw more attention to the new exhibit, so there was no need to get a ticket. He did, however, get map of the museum downloaded into his PokéGear (a new feature) before entering the passage leading to the first exhibit...


    Sure enough, the museum's original exhibit on the prehistoric age was expanded - from the first room, theories on the creation of the universe (ranging from the scientific to the mythological), to an early geological exhibit, the beginning of life on the planet, from the depths of the oceans crawling up into the land and then the new exhibit - plants and early ancestors of PokéMon, especially grass-types.

    It was a rather large exhibit that contained many fascinating facts. Strange plants within climate controlled spaces - some of which were water plants, others were early and late land plants, some bearing a striking resemblance to a few rare plants found in existing rainforests - were everywhere, and various charts and fact sheets regarding evolution of plantlife and certain early plant/PokéMon symbioses. He could spot his mother's artwork amidst the reconstructions, which made him smile to himself.

    He was studying one large chart and fact sheet that displayed the strange amphibian-reptillian ancestors of Bulbasaurs and the origin of their strange symbiosis with the plant upon their backs when suddenly his eyes were caught by a rather large plant inside a climate-controlled area that declared itself (on a fact plaque nearby) as Pseudopterida Luminfolii, regrown from DNA found within fossilized sap and perhaps the only surviving and prospering specimen.

    He approached it in absolute awe, eyes wide open, whispering a soft Kirei - the old language word for 'beautiful'. He couldn't speak the Old Language, but he did know certain words, and that one just felt appropriate. For indeed, it WAS beautiful. It was a fern-like plant of the most vivid shade of green he has ever seen before, with odd, intricate azure bioluminiscent nodes along its leaves. A few of the frond-like structures did not support leaves but had glittery, crystalline-looking 'beads' growing on them - seed pods, perhaps. Smaller plants like it were seen growing at its base, almost equally impressive, forming strange circular patterns around it. Something about the smaller plants seemed awfully familiar, though he couldn't figure out what. He was lost in his own world, formulating thoughts on the plant when suddenly he sensed - or thought he sensed - a presence near him...

    (OOC: Aaaaaaaaand this is where my inspiration ran out.)
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    Jim agreed to Maria's suggestion of exchanging PokeGear numbers. It would be a shame if he missed any of Maria and Donnie's battles. He exchanged numbers with both them and then said, "Well, I'm starving." he said to them. "I'm going to get a bite to eat before I do anything else. After that... I'll probably just have a walk around the city." Jim nodded his head and then ran off rather quickly, almost leaving Unown, who happened to be happily floating about Donovan's head. Unown flew away in desperation to catch up with its trainer.

    Jim ceased his running after about ten minutes. He pressed the map button on his PokeGear. Map of the Kanto region appeared. Jim tapped the square icon that represented Pewter City. The square expanded to fit the whole screen and a detailed map of Pewter was now in view. Jim checked which restaurants were KCC approved. Any KCC member going to a KCC approved restaurant received their meal free of charge. Jim was happy to find Bell Diner on the list of the approved restaurants. Even if it wasn't, he probably would've gone there at some point anyway since he had been dying to try out the famous diner.

    Jim easily found the diner thanks to his PokeGear. Jim stepped inside the moderately busy restaurant and sat down at an empty table. He felt a nudge on his right shoulder. Jim looked to see a vine. He began searching to see where to vine came from. He looked down at the ground and right next to his chair was a Bellsprout. The Bellsprout looked up at him and handed Jim a menu that was being held in one of its leaves. Jim smiled and took the menu from the Bellsprout.

    Bellsprout responded with a "Bellsprout," then it nodded its head and wobbled away to serve the next customer. What made this place unique was that it was run entirely by to sets of the Bellsprout evolution line. They worked efficiently, so much that their trainer was rarely seen. Jim continued scanning the menu, looking at all the food items. Some, Jim recognized as normal diner food, others were a bit more fancy, and a few just seemed utterly bizarre and exotic. In the end, Jim decided to go with the steak and grilled vegetables.

    Another Bellsprout came by and put a glass of water on the table. It held a tiny menu up to Jim's face with its other vine. Jim looked at the menu, seeing as there were only drinks on the menu; Jim assumed the Bellsprout was asking if he wanted something to drink. Jim read the menu again and then shook his head to the Bellsprout. "Water is fine." he said.

    Jim heard a loud thumping as soon as the Bellsprout went away. Jim looked to see a large, yellow... thing jumping across the floor. Jim then recognized it as a Victreebel. It was pulling some sort of cart with its one vine. The yellow beast stopped right in front of Jim's table. It stared at Jim and Jim simply stared back. Jim began feel uneasy. The Victeebel's narrow eyes were unsettling, plus there was the fact that Victreebel was taller than Jim. Remembering horrible stories he heard involving Victreebel added to Jim's uneasiness.

    Victreebel extended its vine to Jim menu, which rested flat on the table. The grass-type screeched, looking from the menu to Jim and back. Jim finally understood and got over his anxiousness. "I'll have the steak and grilled vegetables." As soon as Jim said that, Victreebel pulled the cart up in front of Jim's table and got behind it. Jim soon realized that the cart was a stove of some sort. Jim would get to see his meal be prepared. He didn't expect that.

    Victreebel used its vine to turn on the stove; it then grabbed two pans and placed them on top. It grabbed a raw piece of meat from under as it oiled the pan. The meat was placed on the sizzling piece of metal. Random herbs and spices were added and a pleasant smell filled Jim's nose. As the meat was cooking Victreebel pulled out some vegetables. They were washed in the tiny sink that was next to the stove. They were then put on a cutting board and were, well... cut up by Victreebel's razor sharp leaves. The vegetables were thrown into the pan and instantly began cooking.

    The meal was soon done. Jim glanced at his PokeGear watch and realized that that took almost no time at all. Victreebel grabbed Jim's plate and neatly placed all of the food on it. Jim thanked his chef and it screamed happily. It quickly left to help the next person. Jim glanced at Unown.

    "Well then..." Jim chuckled. "That was real interesting."

    "Indeed." Unown's voice responded in Jim's head. Jim immediately began to eat his meal, which was nothing less than delicious. Jim pushed his plate away, gulped down his water and wiped his mouth with a napkin. A Weepinbell swung by on one of the many bars that were throughout the restaurant. It vacuumed Jim's dishes into its mouth and then swung off into the kitchen to wash them. Bellsprout came by again with the bill. Jim simply showed Bellsprout his KCC PokeGear. Bellsprout nodded, crumpled the bill, and went away. Jim then got up, placed a nice big tip on the table, and left the diner very satisfied.

    He had been in and out of that diner within a half-hour, still leaving him some time to explore the city. Jim viewed the many buildings and their purposes. He soon came across the museum. Jim knew that his parents contributed to this museum in a lot of ways. Giving the museum information on their findings on ancient and legendary pokemon. Their most latest work being the Relicanth exhibit. Though Relicanth have been proven to still exist in fairly large numbers, finding one was rare. And so fossils, descriptions, and an actual Relicanth skeleton were the next best thing to having real ones there. Jim parents, however, were planning to launch a mission to find some living ones. They assumed starting near to where they found the skeleton in Hoenn would yield the best results.

    They also worked on the Unown exhibit, and it happened to be the exhibit they're most proud of since hardly anything is known about the Unown. It had a big chunk of the wall from the Ruins of Alph. It had all 28 known species of Unown carved into it. Along with that was a photo of Jim's Unown, and a full-scale model, as well as descriptions and what was known about them. Newspaper clippings and articles about the Greenfield incident were also there.

    Jim wished to see the museum but it was getting dark and the museum would close soon anyway. Though he could stay in for much longer after the closing time due to his parents being major contributors. He brushed that thought away. Coming back tomorrow would be better. Jim decided to head to the Pokemon Center and get some sleep. Jim's PokeGear began ringing as he walked. Jim gazed at it to see that it was a text message revealing who he had been partnered up with. Jim's eyes widened as the name flashed on the screen.

    "Jim: your battling partner for tomorrow's event has been selected. Your partner is Maria Skyler. More details about the time and place of the event will be given to you tomorrow."

    Jim turned his PokeGear off and turned to Unown. "Well, well... Seems I've been partnered up with someone I already know. That's pretty lucky for me."
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  40. ((OOC: Sorry. Didn't know you guys were waiting on me. I originally had nothing planned, but meh. This post is crap.. but erm.. I need to get back into the habbit of writing anyways. Sorry for having kept you waiting! ^^ ))

    After the group split up, Donovan briefly toured Pewter, but found that he did not much care for the main attraction. As it was, museums were not his ‘thing'. Of course, the city had a little more than just that going for it, one of which was the Pewter City Gym. Having never been inside an actual gym before, Donovan figured he may as well ile the opportunity presented itself.

    As the young trainer entered the building, an older boy with long dark brown hair and matching eyes came to greet him.

    "Hello there! I'm really sorry, but if you wish to challenge the gym you will need to come back in a few days. As it is, our current gym leader is out on official KCC business, but will return within the week."

    Donnie was curious about what kind of job the KCC had that required the help of a gym leader, but thought it rude to ask. "Oh, thats alright. I'm actually participating in the campaign , and was just killing some of this free time."

    "Oh, is that so? You must be really talented to have gotten into that. Honestly I thought you were a novice trainer, but you know what they say: ‘Appearances can be deceiving'."

    At that remark, the younger trainer's cheeks flushed, having not realized his credentials, or rather lack there of, were so obvious.

    "Sorry, I didn't mean to offend you or anything. But... Since you're here and you've nothing better to do, how about a little match? You know, just something to warm you up."

    Not wanting to reveal his ‘newbie' stature, Donnie was hesitant before agreeing that he did indeed need the practice.

    "Um, sure. I've got a new pokemon I've been meaning to train, so lets just make this a one on one match."

    The gym trainer looked ecstatic, "Oh, you really mean it? So you're going to give me a taste of what the KCC is made of, ‘eh? Alright, lets get to the arena!"

    With that, the trainer lead Donovan to his spot outside the rocky arena, and quickly went towards that of his own.

    With a smile, the gym trainer released his pokemon. "Go, Geodude!"

    In a flash, the levitating rock was right at home amongst the scattered boulders of the arena.

    "Alright Tataku, show'im what you can do!"

    As soon as the words excaped his mouth, the charmander was standing in the arena, ready for battle.


    Tataku smirked as he ran towards his opponent. Only a few meters away, he leapt into the air spinning in a 360 allowing his tail to whip out a flying fire ball.

    The geodude crossed his arms in front of his body for protection, allowing the ember attack to hit dead-on. Unfortunately for the fire-type, his attack did only minimal damage if even.

    "Umm.. Don't you know that fire hardly effects rock types at all?"

    "Oh.. Um, nope, did not know that. Heh ^^ "

    "Geodude, Rock Throw!"

    At his trainer's command, the Geodude rushed towards the sturdiest boulder in his immediate area, and hurled it towards the flaming salamander. The giant rock hurdled through the air and just as it came smashing down on its victom, it exploded into a cloud of dust and rubble. At the same time, Tataku came flying from the remains of the boulder he had just plowed through, his claws glistening like steel. Before the Geodude had time to react, the charmander had slashed his metallic-like claws face-first into the opposing pokemon, forcing it to fall hard to the ground in pain.

    "Nice one Tataku! Steel has the advantage over rock, it seems.", said Donnie smiling passionately.

    The charmander himself was really getting into the concept of battling. He could feel the fiery power of his ancestors coursing through his veins. His senses were sharpened, his mind grew nimbler, and his body seemed to flow with the spirit of battle.

    Without waiting for confirmation from his trainer, Tataku ran at his opponent, claws extended. The geodude, now knowing what his foe was capable of, decided it needed to be more strategic. With the powerful steel claw technique only a split-second away, the rock pokemon shed some of its mass, allowing a more agile retreat as it spun away from the charmander's claws just in the nick of time.

    Having used rock cut to narrowly escape, the geodude was now fast enough to out-maneuver the fire-type.

    "Alright, geodude! Rock n Roll formation baby!"

    The rock pokemon curled into a ball, tightening all of its muscles into a defensive state as its exterior hardened. Without further hesitation, it rolled out towards Tataku, harshly ramming the lizard in the side before it knew what was going on.

    The force of the geodude's attack was strong enough to knock back Donovan's first pokemon, yet the geodude continued rolling, gaining more momentum as he did so.

    Angry that he had been at first evaded and then retaliated against, Tataku cried out "CHARMANDER!!"

    "Don't be rash Tataku! Hes coming in a little faster this time, be ready!"

    The ickle lil charmander nodded his head, studying the geodude's route. In an instant, the rolling stone came thundering along, ready to plow over anything in its way, including the focused reptile. At the last instant, Tataku slid slight to the left, grasped the Geodude's right arm and used its own momentum to throw it over its shoulder and slamming ferociously into the boulders behind him, taking damage himself but countering for even more.

    Of course, not taking any chances, the charmander turned and sprinted towards the pile of rubble that buried the geodude. As soon as he was in range, Tataku opened his mouth and let loose a powerful ember attack, burning through the rocks and singeing whatever lay beneath.

    "You win, stop!"

    Having been caught up in the excitement, Donnie had to do a double-take before realizing that the other trainer was worried about his pokemon.

    "Oh, I'm sorry! Tataku, come back!"

    Having won the fight, the bruised but proud charmander returned to his trainer's side. On the opposite side of the field, the gym trainer dug through the stones and gravel until at last he found his fainted pokemon.

    Althought Donnie felt ashamed to have allowed his pokemon to do such damage, he couldn't help but also feel as proud as Tataku looked. "I'm sorry about that, I should have stopped him be-"

    "Hey! Don't worry about it, alright." The gym trainer replied rather curtly. "I should have expected nothing less from a KCC participant. Its just.. I wanted to enter myself but I wasn't qualified enough. And.. anyways, I need to head off to the pokecenter before I come back to clean up the arena."

    Donnie nodded his head, and without having to be told, he let himself out.

    "Wow, Tataku, that was just amazing! Who knew you could do all that?", said the white-haired young boy as he pat his pokemon's head. "I have to admit, I was scared to death of the KCC, but after that last match, I doubt theres a pokemon alive that could stand up to you now. ^^ "

    -DING! -
    The interrupting noise forced Donovan to check his pokegear.

    "Hmmm, a message from the KCC. Hee-hee, speak of the devil."

    As the two walked onward towards the pokecenter, the young boy read silently to himself until he got to the last bit of information where he nearly dropped the device.

    His eyes widened and beads of sweat immediately built on his forhead. The color left his face as he stopped dead in his tracks, letting the last bit of the message sink in.

    "Char?", came the curious yet worrisome voice of Tataku.

    The pokemon seemed to snap his trainer back into reality as Donnie released his Pichu Cuthbert.

    "This is something you both need to hear. Our first match is going to occur tomorrow morning.. Our partner is Sarah Jennings. And.. Well.. Do you remember that mean redhead from Route One and Viridian?"

    Tataku nodded while the ever-playful Cubert just rolled onto his backside, rocking back and forth as his held his feet up with his hannds.

    "Well, yeah, thats her."

    Tataku flicked his tail, understanding his trainer and now in deep thought. Cuthbert, on the other hand, just cocked his head to the side, staring at the two of them as if to say ‘Whats that got to do with anything???'

    Donnie nodded. "Thats alright. Honestly, I can't say whether I'd rather be with her or against her, but seeing as we don't have a choice, we need to make the best of it... And since we have until tomorrow to get ready, I think we should get you all healed up and then practice a bit more."

    Tataku nodded once again at this, as Cuthbert tried to see how big of a spit-bubble he could form with hi mouth, obviously not worried.

    Donovan smiled, "Yeah. Old Bert has the right idea. Hakuna Mattatah, right? ^^ Lets go."

    With that, the trio went on to the pokecenter, and afterwards, they headed off into a secluded area of the Viridian Forest to practice their techniques and battle the occasional caterpie and weedle.
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