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Does anyone know how to get the Heavens Pipe???

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Mikeage1337, Apr 1, 2008.

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  1. I am desperately looking for heaveans pipe cause ik how to get to the beginning dimension so if anyone out there knows how to get and is willing to tell me please do!!
  2. The Azure Pipe, or Heaven's Pipe, is event only meaning you can only get one from Nintendo. Anything else is a hack. Some people do hack it to obtain Arceus.
  3. ik its event only I was wondering if anyone knew how to trigger the event or how to get it from nintendo or heck even hack it lol :p not to bug you but do you by anychance know how?
  4. Events are actual real world events (like conventions and such) and the events for darkrai, shaymin and arceus have not yet been released in places other then Japan.

    As for hacking im pretty sure the site does not support hackers :S
  5. oh ok ty and if you want to know ik how to get shaymin in the game and don't need anything at all lol just pm me if u want to know but you probrably allready do XP
  6. Let me guess...action replay? :S thats still cheating dear.
  7. Heaven's pipe? I thought it was called Azure Flute. You have to wait until the Arceus event, or buy an Action Replay to get it.
  8. Go to Gamefaqs. They have some Action Replay thread or something of the like with a bunch of cheats. It might have your event there.

    But I daresay, I passed it a few minutes ago, and I wanted to burn my eyes..while they are still in my head. Cheats=>=O No cheats:peace.
  9. Either you have to hack for it, you could've got it from a nintendo event I missed it sadly.
  10. Doctor Oak

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    This topic is a year old and the person that posted it hasn't been around since last June.

    This is exactly how you don't bump old topics. Don't do it again, and people stop bloody posting in bumped dead threads. It's really not THAT hard to notice the date on the first post. And as for bumping it in the first place, there's NO excuse for it as the forum will stop you from posting and warn you that it's old when you try to reply...

    Topic locked.
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