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Open Does a power ranger role play sound interesting?

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Stormursa, Oct 31, 2016.

  1. So it may just be me but, I find the thought of a power rangers role play very interesting. A bunch of weird villains, funny story arcs and the like. People could be recurring villains or important side characters, have their own zords. Not a fully cemented idea for the main bad guy and plot but have an idea that may work. Just a thought, I hope I'm not the only power rangers fan on here either.

    Taken colours:
    Red/copper: @Light MaskMan
    Blue/cobalt: @SMRPG64
    Yellow/pyrite: @Generation Sect
    Green/iron: @TwinsieTarantula
    Black/gunmetal: @Frontier Master
    White/aluminum: @Ultimate Roleplayer
    Pink/steel: @numb74
    Grey/titanium: @Lord Of Pain

    Bronze: @Lord Of Pain
    Silver: @Stormursa
    Magnetman: @SMRPG64
    Chrome: @Lord Of Pain
    Granny Smush: @Stormursa

    Important non ranger characters:
    Skywatcher(Ai used by the gold ranger to find earth and help find the zords): @Stormursa

    Here is the form for characters. Now that we have decided on a plot.
    Ranger colour(if they are a ranger):
    Zord(if ranger):
    Weapon(if they are a ranger):

    Monster form(very basic and easy to fill!)
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  2. Yea I like power rangers too, this is a good idea, I think i will join
  3. Of course there would be the original team and as people want then there could be new rangers. I'm thinking that maybe their zords can talk and have a smaller form, the smaller forms used like the disks from the samurai power rangers season.
  4. I've actually Only watched Samurai and a tiny bit of Megaforce or whatever, so we need a really cheesy name. Power Ranger 'Charms? Piggy Rangers? (An actual thing me and my friends made up, I'm blue...) just Power Rangers?

    Also what was your idea for the plot?
  5. My idea for the plot was that there was another earth. On this earth there was rangers and after being betrayed by the Metallic ranger(a terrminator ranger that can be destroyed) the last ranger(haven't decided on colour escaped to the earth everything takes place on, bringing with them the zords. That ranger died of either old age or something else and asked its children or something to hide the zords incase the metallic ranger and the other big evil guy. The metallic ranger and big bad guy find where the last ranger went and try to destroy/take over the world to get them.
  6. Cool! Maybe the ranger could be the Gold Ranger? And the metallic one is Silver? And the other bad guy is Bronze?
  7. And throughout the story, all of the rangers are searching for the Gold Ranger's heir, the most powerful ranger of all, and the one destined to destroy the Metelic Ranger
  8. I'd like to join!

    Go go power rangers! (Watched from Dino thunder all the way to samurai and a little of mega force)
  9. Yep! These are great ideas. Bronze probably gets stabbed in the back by silver and they take over the throne of the bad guys. For the title, how about Power Rangers, Metal Masters? People could have one zords that talks but only when their in their tiny form.
  10. Cool! Yea! If we are going with normal colours dibs green (unless we are using black *cough* Megaforce, in which case I'll use blue)
    If we are going with metals, which would be cool... Cobalt?
  11. We could go with the original colours then maybe everyone gets a second form that is a metal ranger? Like yellow turns into the gold ranger and blue turns into cobalt.
  12. Mega force aren't the only ones who swapped green with black

    Also for metals, to avoid using silver, gold and bronze I suggest

    Red - Copper
    Blue - Cobalt
    Yellow - Damascuse steel (bronze/iron alloy)
    Green/black - Iron
    Pink - Steel

    Evil ranger who becomes good (?) Can be grey and is Titanium
  13. We could have both a green and black ranger. Also any ideas on what the little minion guys should be called? I agree with the metal choices though, all would work nicely.
  14. The minions can be called RustBuckets or Rusties?

    I call dibs on Grey ranger
  15. That works, I actually like the idea. So we have the
    Red ranger:
    Blue ranger:
    Yellow ranger:
    Green ranger
    Pink ranger
    Black ranger
    White ranger
    Any other colour if enough people join:
    Grey ranger:

    Silver ranger:
    Bronze ranger:
    Whatever reacuring monsters someone might want to be:
  16. I get Blue/Cobalt and some stupid Reoccuring Villain called Magnet Man who is actually really weak but can control any Magnetic metals while in their "Metal Form"
  17. Seems good but now shouldn't all zords have a reoccurring theme in them?

    Also magnet man sounds like the villain who everyone underestimates until he kicks some butt and then everyone is scared of him... I love him already!
  18. That sounds hilarious, he probably just runs away, sending rusties at them until they turn into their metal forms then causes havoc. The zords could be made of or named after a metal element from the periodic table like Mecury Cerberus(which I call dibs on by the way)
  19. So a metal from the periodic table and a creature? I like that
  20. The Aluminium Dragon (or maybe we should save dragon for the Gold Ranger)
    The Iron Serpent
    The Steel Golem
    The Uranium Bear
  21. Probably save the dragon for the golden ranger
  22. Promethium Horse Chariot (most evil turned good rangers have these zords that become their own separate megazord or upgrade for the main megazord, mine is basically a chariot drove by 4 horses and a Pegasus at the front)
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  23. I wouldn't mind being a Yellow Ranger, and I was thinking of having him have Pyrite as the element. What with Gold being that of the old master. If Pyrite goes through it would be funny to have people think he is the heir but it turns out he isn't as Pyrite is also known as Fool's Gold.
  24. That's sounds like a good plot point, could cause a lot of drama and maybe the yellow ranger would even be tempted by the bornze and silver ranger to the evil side for a short period of time.
  25. i have no clue how to make the grey ranger join the good side but id figure something out......

    also when can we start?
  26. Well we need is say like two or one more person. We kinda need a ranger team. I could rp as the villains and the original gold ranger to set everything up but we kinda of need the next rangers after that.
  27. we already have out of the original 5 three rangers but only one that mentioned their color

    and then im the 6th ranger who starts bad and then becomes good

    yeah we need 2 more
  28. I could set everything up and then those who are already here could post the scenario about how they got/bonded to their zord.
  29. we dont even have a character bio form thou.....
  30. I'll make one quickly one momento please.
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  31. I was thinking that he would have two potential stories:

    1: He was a spy all along, sent to pretend to be the heir and is replaced by the grey ranger after that is revealed.

    2: He was convinced he was the heir but on discovery he was not he gradually grew bitter and joined Bronze and Silver.

    1 would make the most sense realistically, but 2 would mean more personality change for him. If the Golden Ranger had a Dragon, I think the Pyrite Zord should be a Wyrm. Flightless dragon, sometimes not even having legs.
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  32. check the first post of the thread for the form.
  33. Wyverns can actually fly. In some predictions they face wings and their tails are like a scorpions. A better change would be a hydra or a kraken maybe
  34. I changed to a Wyrm. Always get them confused.
  35. That makes a lot more sense and sounds cool for both story way paths. It's up to you on which way the character goes of course.
  36. Name: Valmont Hexen
    Age: 18
    Gender: male
    Looks: black hair with silver highlights, purple eyes, wears a grey shirt with "SPARTA" written on it in purple, wears a darker shade of grey jacket and black fingerless gloves, black skinny jeans and purple jogging shoes
    Personality: smart, creative, loyal until betrayed, often has violent mood swings and can be cocky and a tiny bit psychotic
    Ranger colour: Grey
    Zord: Horse Chariot
    Weapon: Scythe
    History: used to be a normal slightly Psychotic teen until he met the silver ranger, the silver range recruited him and promised him great power which Valmont gladly accepted, the powers the gained did cause him to get violent mood swings every now and then
  37. Name: Crystalline Grain
    Age: 24(during her and bronze's time looking for gold they found a way to stay youthful)
    Gender: female
    Looks: short chin length blonde hair that has one silver streak in the front, striking blueish grey eyes, pale skin kinda like a corpse would have.
    Personality: power hungry and willing to get rid of those she sees as trustworthy, rewards loyalty and enjoys watching those she sees dislike suffer, she can be manipulative and will do anything to get what she wants
    Ranger colour: Silver
    Zord: Mercury Cerberus
    weapon: an umbrella that woks as a sheild and has a sword in its hilt(Neo's weapon from Rwby but dark silver and black)
    History: born to the planet that the gold ranger and zords came from, she betrayed the rest of the Rangers along side the bronze ranger, forcing good to flee she hunted them down and now plans to gather the zords, taking down anyone that gets in her way.

    Name: Skywatcher
    Gender: Ai but voice stays mostly male
    Looks: a floating mask that is see through and changes colours
    Personality: help in any way his can, can be a little bit of a captain obvious
    History: made by and travelled with the gold ranger before he died, he kept track of all zord locations, his the planet for as long as he could, and was given the job of finding the next set of rangers and lead them to their zords and against the looming threat.
  38. Name: Isaac Willow
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Looks: Quite short, with short light brown hair and dark brown eyes. He usually wears a black hoodie with golden circles on it, and jeans, with white and gold trainers.
    Personality: Despite trying his best to be funny, he can hold a grudge for a while and is snarky and rude when angered.
    Ranger Colour: Yellow / Pyrite
    Zord: Wyrm, a dragon missing wings and legs.
    Weapon: Cutlass
    History: Isaac was raised by adopted parents, and when he returned to the orphanage he resided in as a child he discovered a small pendant, worn by the owner of the orphanage, now dead. The pendant became a small form of the Pyrite Zord, who suspected that Isaac must have been the heir he was told to seek out. Isaac gladly accepted the suspicion that he might be more than he thought.

    I'm probably going with path 2, it's going to take more explaining but it's better for the story. Also, I'm thinking that the orphanage's deceased owner should have been relayed to the Golden ranger in some way, making more sense that Pyrite would think Isaac was the heir.
  39. If your waiting for me to accept you both, you both are accepted. Also if the entrance paragraph confused anything(how grey and silver know each other) this is the third time The silver ranger has been to earth, the first two times a scouting mission and she had been dressed down in human clothes.

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