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DPPt/HGSS DOCTOR! DOCTOR! I need assitance on this team!

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by QuilavaEmperor, Jul 29, 2009.

  1. Okay probably you came from the awesome heading but let's get to business!

    My team, I'm not so sure of it. I've done everything watched from people and made this! The reason I didn't add the nature was because I was too lazy to turn on my DS, but they are all good, it's just the movesets.


    Brick Break
    Fake Out


    Dragon Rush
    Dragon Dance


    Will O Wisp
    Shadow Punch
    Rock Slide
    Dream Eater (
  2. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator


    - Hitmontop seems alright to me - Dig/Toxic work well in combination, Fake Out's almost always handy to have and Brick Break can smash through Reflect/Light Screen well enough. This set may have trouble killing stuff, but otherwise it's OK. Watch out for Gengar though - you have no means of damaging it. Another thing of note is that, if I remember correctly, Hitmontop can learn Rapid Spin, which is definitely well worth having in a generation where entry hazards rule the roost.

    - Salamence CAN use Roar, however it doesn't work too well in combination with its Intimidate ability, which drops a target's Attack stat for you anyway. Dragon Rush is inferior to Dragon Claw and most notably Outrage due to its unreliable accuracy, Fire Blast will probably serve better than Flamethrower on a Dragon Dance set due to the former's 120 Power vs the latter's 95, and Earthquake is a great option in place of Roar to grant you perfect coverage.

    - Pain Split or Rest is best in place of Dream Eater for Dusknoir. Overall, I find that Night Shade tends to outdamage Shadow Punch on a primarily defensive EV spread, so if you have 0 EVs in Attack then Night Shade is a better option. Brick Break over Rock Slide again, grants you perfect coverage. Will-O-Wisp is pretty standard, so it can stay.

    - Infernape really needs Nasty Plot over Calm Mind here, although it can only get Nasty Plot as a Chimchar - you may need to re-breed for this. Also, Special Fire-type attacks tend to work better than Physical ones on Infernape due to the heavy abundance of Steel-types that have higher Defense than Sp.Defense, and moves like Fire Blast will hit these Pokemon a lot harder than Flare Blitz would.

    - Electivire's fine as it is.

    - Ice Shard over Blizzard for Mamoswine is probably the best direction to go, and Stone Edge will beat AncientPower in terms of Stone Edge's raw power vs AP's over-reliance on haxy stat boosts. Watch who you set up Stealth Rock against - Mamoswine's defensive typing is a bit crap and he can be killed quite easily if you're careless.

    Finally, you also missed out what items your team are using - we'll need to know those as well to progress here.
  3. Thanks!

    I was actually replacing Fake Out with Rapid Spin. I do not want to switch Roar out for the reason, once Mamoswine places Stealth Rock, I switch to Salmamence and get him to Roar. The Fire Blast is a great idea, and I'll definitely take out Dragon Rush for Dragon Claw. Infernape, I will stay with Calm Mind, and switch Flare Blitz with Fire Blast. Ice Shard, I'll consider it. Stone Edge I was thinking of it. And Maybe, I can give it a Focus Sash.
  4. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    One very fatal flaw with having Salamence shuffle with Roar is that Roar forces Salamence to go last. Odds are, Salamence will get killed long before he ever has a chance to shuffle the opponent's team around enough to inflict any noticeable damage. You're far, far better off with Earthquake, especially since Salamence can inflict plenty of damage without having to rely on entry hazards.

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