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Do you think they should have a new protagonist for the anime?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Robo-Matt, May 20, 2009.

  1. My friend and I had a discussion on this the other day and we both agreed that we'd like to see a different main character in the series. I personally would like to see the protagonist from the R/S/E version be Ash's replacement..I know it's not going to happen but please feel free to give me your two cents about what you think.
  2. Dang. I never even thought about that. o__o
    I guess...Ash is getting a little old. But I don't know who'd I want to replace him with. I'd like to see Ruby in the anime too.
    Maybe Ash should have a son... ;D
  3. Is Ash aging in the series? I haven't watched since some of the earliest seasons BECAUSE I didn't like Ash and the decisions he makes.

    What I would kill for is an pokemon anime series based off of the Pokemon Adventures manga series. Red it awesome! I love him! ^,^ It would make for a more mature series... more realistic and such.

    As for a new protagonist, I was ready for it back in Season 2! ;P Poor Pidgeot is STILL waiting for Ash to pick him up.
  4. Thing is Ash isn't that old. By convention of disbelief we are meant to believe that since the pilot episode until now, it has only been around 4-5yrs, and so he is only 14-15.

    As a side note, I find it funny that Paul always calls them stupid kids even though Ash and Brock are both older than him.
  5. He's like a grandpa compared to Dawn and Paul.
    I think only Brock should have the "elder" role. =w=
    I'd still like a new protagonist though...
  6. This was exactly what I wanted when they started the "whole new world" Johto region anime, but I suppose having just one protagonist (and such predictable plots for every episode) makes it easier to complete in time. People i'd like to see become the main protagonist:
    -Any of the people Ash ever traveled with
    -Maybe a gym leader...
    -A completely new character would be nice.
    -Maybe one of Ash's rivals...
  7. He's like a grandpa compared to Dawn and Paul.
    I think only Brock should have the "elder" role. =w=
    I'd still like a new protagonist though...

    A few years on Dawn, and Paul is roughly Ash's age. He has entered three major tournaments whereas Ash has entered four + the BF, so only a year at most or thereabouts.
  8. I wouldn't mind a new protagonist for the anime. Having the R/S/E hero as the main would be pretty nice or maybe even the G/S/C hero. Overall I would rather just have a whole new character so that the plot isn't so repetitive. As for the ages, I think Paul is probably 12 and Ash around 14 or 15.
  9. So you think Paul got through all of Kanto, all of Johto, all of Hoenn, and most of Sinnoh in 2yrs? Remember trainers start out when they are 10. The fact that Paul has done almost as much as Ash implies that they are almost the same age. You are right about Ash's age though I reckon.
  10. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    I'm glad this hasn't turned into a huge "Let's bash Ash!" discussion. Those threads generally annoy me to hell because half of the reasons for disliking Ash are ridiculous XP

    Anyways, while I don't see it realistically happening anytime soon (if at all), I wouldn't mind a new protagonist in a Pokemon Anime series. It's not Ash's age that's really the issue with me - it's the length of time he's been around. There's only so much development you can do with a single character. Now the writers are basically making Ash learn the same lessons over and over again to keep things semi-developing - as if each gym saga is completely separate from the others development-wise. Same goes for Pikachu and its power levels.

    That said... we as people need to learn some of the same lessons repeatedly, too, so it's not that unrealistic for Ash to keep refocusing his battling skills and teach himself to wait, listen, and not lose his cool. I guess it'd just be refreshing seeing a new protagonist personality-wise as well, and for the types of Pokemon they'd surround themselves with. A new starter, meaning a different relationship with that Pokemon. Stuff like that I'd love seeing... That's why I highly enjoy reading Pokemon manga. It's something different.

    I've said it many times before, but I'd love it if they made a Pokemon OAV series based off one of the manga plots. Even something completely original would be cool, because it'd be a brand new setting and probably a very different atmosphere. Being an OAV, it wouldn't conflict with the main TV series either.
  11. Ash is fine. He works. Until it becomes obvious that his presence is doing the show more harm then good he should stay.

    On his age though, I think 14-15 sounds about right, and I think Paul's about the same age considering his level of success so far. May's about 12 and Dawn's 10.
  12. Actually, Ash should be twenty, considering the show came out ten years ago, and the pilot episode he just turned ten. And I thought both May and Dawn were 10?
  13. Technically yes, he should be 20, but actual years do not equal show years. It's about one year in the show for every two actual years, IIRC.
  14. A year of our time does not equal a year in show time. Each journey is said to take roughly a year, so some seasons only span a few months.
  15. Personally, I wish they'd just bring Misty back...
  16. Marketing....they won't allow it. Misty doesn't tie into the D/P/Pt series, so there's no commercial reason to bring her back.

    Though come to think about it, there's no need for Brock either. Ash has probably reached the point where he can cook for himself. And the whole "I love every girl that appears on screen" is getting a bit old....
    So yeah, keep Ash, and fill the other two spots with region specific characters.
  17. Brock falling in love with every girl he sees isn't as old as team rocket's stealing of pikachu every episode and not learning to stop buying meowth balloons, telescopic hands, and cages that break open after a few pokémon attacks.

    If Ash was to be taken from the series I think lots of fans would turn away at that very moment. Brock I do like as a character, his role is basically that he's Ash's best friend, as Ash focuses on gym battles variation on the female protagonist for pokémon contests etc is fine by me, at least theres a difference between the personalities of may and dawn.

    I'd be a lot happier if rather than having Ash facing TR at the end of each episode, how about battles with random trainers, there's been so few of them in the past few seasons, if TR wasn't an end of 95% of episodes fight the series would be a lot more enjoyable.
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  18. Not sure if they should replace Ash persay, but I would like to see the journeys of the other male protagonists in a short spinoff series like Chronicles. But I have to agree with RLRL. Ash battling more random trainers would be much better (and more realistic). It seems like the only time I see Ash -really- battle is when he's up against a gym leader or getting his butt kicked by Paul. Even if they replace a TR sequence in every other episode with just a random battle (think YGO duels) and it would be a lot more interesting.
  19. I hate to say it but they would probably just end the whole pokemon show before they replaced Ash, but I think that Ash is fine as the protagonist even though seeing him is getting old plus how many lessons can he learn, I just can't think of who they would replace him with nobody is that significant to replace Ash. And I totally agree that a spinoff series would be cool.
  20. LUL.
    It's not a hill I'm willing to die on. I'm just saying that 1) Ash doesn't need to be replaced and 2) at the same time they need to keep it as fresh as possible.
    So short of replacing Ash who else has been around forever? Brock.

    As for Ash in general, replacing him would be pointless if they're just going to replace him with another trainer who has the same general goals/attitude/character development. Ash is fine.

    As for Team Rocket, I agree, seeing Ash battle someone other then them, Gym leaders, or Paul would be nice. Team Rocket may be all kinds of WIN but they can be pushed aside every other episode (roughly) for an "antagonist of the day."
    They've already done this here and there anyway. Like the one with that Mr. Show guy who beat Pikachu with a Riachu.
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  21. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Aye. They have been using more random antagonists these days, and to be fair if Ash had a brand new foe every single episode it'd probably get old just as fast as TR has - possibly much quicker because TR are some of the best characters in the show. With Sinnoh, many times we see a brief appearance of TR before they blast off, then the central theme of the episode takes over. Plus we've got lots of Dawn's story, new rivals, Hunter J., Team Galactic, etc.

    Honestly, I find the Sinnoh saga as a whole pretty awesome, and the episodes ARE getting better, so... yeah. Kinda getting off topic here XD

    I don't think it'd be as pointless as you think (even just seeing different Pokemon on a regular basis would make things feel fresher) but I don't mind Ash either. That's why I'll continue to hold out for my Pokemon OAV series x3
  22. Aye. They have been using more random antagonists these days, and to be fair if Ash had a brand new foe every single episode it'd probably get old just as fast as TR has - possibly much quicker because TR are some of the best characters in the show. With Sinnoh, many times we see a brief appearance of TR before they blast off, then the central theme of the episode takes over. Plus we've got lots of Dawn's story, new rivals, Hunter J., Team Galactic, etc.

    Honestly, I find the Sinnoh saga as a whole pretty awesome, and the episodes ARE getting better, so... yeah. Kinda getting off topic here XD[/quote]
    Exactly. TR aren't being relied on as the primary villains, and it's helped the overall series. Yeah, they're up to their usual shenanigans, but by far they aren't the only antagonists on the show now. I don't even think that the regular TR duo (Jessie, James, and Meowth) have been the primary antagonists in any of the movies.
    Plus they rule and stuff, so ya gotta keep 'em around ;D

    True, a different set of Pokemon with a new trainer would be an immediate shot of freshness, but we get that with Ash every time he enters a new region anyway.
    I'm just not sure what the point would be in replacing Ash with another kind hearted, talented Pokemon trainer who wants to win a major regional tournament. Not that this characterization is bad in any way, but we've already got a character for it.

    Unless we're talking a spin-off, Pokemon: The Ritchie Chronicles :p

    An OAV series would be neat. I'm surprised it hasn't happened actually, at least in Japan.
  23. baratron

    baratron Moderator of Elder Scrolls
    Staff Member Moderator

    I was wondering when someone was going to mention Chronicles. I'd like to see more episodes made like them, focusing on one of the characters who isn't Ash. It would definitely help with the Ash-and-Pikachu overkill feeling.

    Also, I'd like it if the characters visibly aged occasionally.
  24. Yes and no.

    Let's face it- Ash is getting old. While it is oddly comforting to see the same basic character that I saw ten years ago, it's also fairly annoying. As a human, I like novel stimulus- which is why I'm so happy when they come out with a new region.

    However, I don't think it's the main character that's causing the staleness that we are sensing. It's more the fact that any TV show that lasts as long as Pokemon has on air becomes formulaic. I doubt it's Ash I'm tired of seeing- it's the same plotline over and over again, like nobody ever learns their lesson. And yes, I know it's really marketed for kids, and kids like seeing the exact same panels of animation over and over again.

    My point is that if they just cut Ash out and throw some new kid in, even if they're an entirely new person, it'll still get old, fast.

    Also, many people associate Ash with the franchise. Replacing him might make some marketing teams cry.

    I like the suggestion I'm seeing here, of using the Pokemon Special manga set as an OAV. Either that or make one from "Pokemon: Diamond and Pearl Adventure!", as I've for some reason completely fallen in love with that series.
  25. As far as Ash aging, I actually think that turned out to be an unintentioned benifet of the new VAs.
    People's voices change when they get older, and Ash's voice has noticably changed.
    Considering the anime aging formula (a year = a region) I think the aging problem seems ok for now. I mean by that formula Ash is, say, 14. And it's not hard to believe that's what he is in D&P.
  26. Yeah, if you're going off that one journey equals roughly one year then 14 is about right for Ash. But what's a bit frightening for me is that they say Paul is 10 or 11 and there is no possible way that could be unless he started his Pokemon journey at 7.
  27. I'm about ready for a new person! Ash is starting to get on my nerves! He is way to brave! No child is going to try to stop a major criminal organization........................................
  28. I think that they should use a Female for the main character. Because, except for Misty and Brock, the tag-alongs, Tracey and May and Dawn, have just taged along, got in the way, and taken focus from the main character. Like DISTURBED said, they should bring Misty back. Or someone similar, not the same! But similar.
  29. Personally I'd be interested in seeing a female lead facing gyms, and a male doing contests, as was the case in the hoenn manga. I can't say that everyone would accept that change to the show though.

    People don't like change, it naturally scares them, hense why people still say they want misty back, hense why tracy was a complete failure for the series, changing the series from Ash to another character would lose a huge chunk of the fanbase, if they replaced him with a girl with no backstory given, I can see it being a massive problem. Why would nintendo want to kill the franchise...

    Also even if we got a new protagonist, we'd still have pikachu in their team, nintendo won't drop their mascot, maybe we'd be lucky and get notched ear pichu or pikachu coloured pichu, maybe even a raichu, but I doubt it.

    I have a feeling if they did give the series a new protagonist, it'd be Richie with butch and cassidy as TR.
  30. They should keep Ash, but give him some better companions. I mean, Dawn is friggin OBNOXIOUS. Everyone after Misty was just... eurgh. Ash needs to explore with someone who he actually doesn't think "JUST STFU" about. Still a female, and it would have to be more important to the anime. Misty actually should exist, and she makes a difference. If Dawn and May didn't exist, the anime would be no different. Maybe Ash should get another Pokemon....
  31. May and Dawn have no personality. And who said that there had to be three main characters? I would be just as happy with just one main character and his Pokemon.
  32. I don't think there should be a change, but I would LOVE it if for Heart Gold and Soul Silver they made at the very least a few specials with Jimmy, Jackson [(Vincent) I don't remember who was in The Legend of Thunder Chronicles] and Marina. I love Jimmy, he just wasn't used as much as I would have liked. I would like 2 series going on, but that would be difficult to be original. But i would love Jimmy to be in a couple of specials.
  33. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    I would love to see that Red knock-off replaced, yes. And would also love to see Brendan(RSE's male choice) be the one to replace him.
  34. >:( Yes, as Tony says, that "Red Knock-off" has had his screen time... though I'm fine with Pikachu! Anyway, I'd like to see Brendan or Lucas replace the "Red Knock-off". :D
  35. After Sinnoh and whatever extra little journey happens after that, the anime needs to start with a clean slate. Little or none of the pre-Sinnoh characters should appear and the darker atmosphere of the Kanto would make me a happy person. Ash is getting annoying, Brock should go back to Kanto to pursue his goals, and Dawn is a female clone of Ash. With new characters, maybe the writers will write more original material and stop copying old episodes (I'm looking at you Pika and Goliath!). Riley can stay though. I like him.
  36. Yes, we definitely need a new protagonist. Ash has been way overused.
  37. If I remember correctly Paul is the same age as Ash, he just started his journey in a different region.
  38. I thought that would of been the case after Ash went through the Indigo League, Ash wins the League championship, faces Elite Four and becomes Kanto Champion. then Gold takes over as the Protagonist, then wins Johto League, then decides to go for the Indigo League and wins that, then to top it off, faces Ash for Bragging Rights. after that is said and done, Brendan takes over and does the same as Gold and Ash did before him, and the same with Lucas.

    or thats how I thought it would of gone....
  39. Wally Wally should be a new protagonist

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