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Do you think there should/will be new types? If so, what?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Toastie, Mar 31, 2013.

  1. A lot of fans have been suspicious that there may be a new type after Sylveon, part of an evolutionary line famous for its distinguishable types, has had no type reveal yet. Do you think there will be new types? Do you want there to be new types? What would they be?

    Here's my opinion:

    Will/Should there be new types?
    I think it's fairly unlikely. If Game Freak have stuck with the same 17 types for thirteen-and-a-half years then I doubt that they'll add any more. After all, they aren't exactly the most revolutionary games company in the world. However, I don't think it's impossible as some people have been saying.

    Firstly, many say that all 17 types cover all conceivable Pokémon anyway. I disagree. It's only like that because Game Freak have to create Pokémon that fit in with those types. For instance, there are no Gen I Pokémon with the Dark-type, but Game Freak still made it anyway.

    Secondly, the battle system being balanced is often cited. However, it isn't exactly perfectly balanced at the moment. Correct me if I'm wrong as my knowledge of the metagame is fairly limited, but I believe that types such as Poison aren't widely used, and when that type is used it's used on non-poison types in the form of status moves such as Toxic Spikes.
    If Game Freak had wanted to balance the battle system back in Gen II I'm sure they could have done it without new types, but introducing new types makes it easier to account for these type match-up changes.

    Thirdly, people say that a new type would be an unnecessary gimmick, new just for the sake of being new. Is there anything wrong with introducing something new? It allows for many new battle strategies and keeps players on their toes. Additionally, a new type is more eye-catching than new moves, new abilities and new Pokémon because we get those every generation.

    Personally, I'd be happy if Game Freak added at least one new type. Although it would take a lot of balancing, so would adding dozens of new moves, abilities and Pokémon, so I think its effect on the franchise would be positive.

    What would they be?

    Here are some suggestions on what it could be:


    Hold on! I know that Dark isn't really Dark and it's actually Evil in Japan, and that Fighting is its counterpart. However, over the years I feel that the Dark-type has come to mean more than just a dirty fighting style - it also embodies wickedness. For instance, the move Dark Pulse (Evil Pulse in Japan) is more about intentions than fighting style. It is because of this that a counterpart to a Dark-type's nature, an innocent, perhaps holy Light-type, could happen.

    A light-type would probably be the equivalent of a Priest in an RPG in that they are healers and are holy and spiritual. However, they could still be powerful battlers, otherwise they wouldn't be particularly useful in the competitive world of Pokémon. They could also embody the Japanese element Kū, the fifth element in Japanese philosophy and the equivalent of the Western Aether. Kū can translate to Void, Sky or Heaven, and is basically spirit and creativity.

    I've been thinking over which existing Pokémon could be light-types. Many have thought of a light-type distinguishing 'pure' normal types which are usually pink and cream, like Chansey, from other normal-types such as Bidoof. My list has turned out similarly, mainly because I've chosen Pokémon whose concepts make them seem pure and/or charitable. This is what I've come up with so far:

    -Jigglypuff (Light)
    -Wigglytuff (Light)
    -Clefairy (Light)
    -Clefable (Light)
    -Chansey (Light)
    -Cleffa (Light)
    -Igglybuff (Light)
    -Blissey (Light)
    -Milotic (Water/Light)
    -Jirachi (Steel/Light)
    -Happiny (Light)
    -Audino (Light)
    -Cinccino (Normal/Light)

    As you can see, all of thoes Pokémon have spreading joy, being innocent or having a certain purity as part of their concept. The Happiny line heals, the Igglybuff line sings, the Cleffa line is though of as adorable and are often kept as pets, Milotic calms anger with its beauty, Jirachi grants wishes, Togekiss spreads joy, Audino heals and Cincinno promotes beauty with its white fur coat.

    I haven't really thought over type effectiveness, although I think dark could be super-effective against it due to corruption and trickery. I really think Light could have a place in Pokémon in this form, especially as it could gain useful moves such as Wish and Heal Pulse.


    Crystal could be another addition to the mineral/cave types (Rock, Ground and Steel). I can't really think of any existing Pokémon that could have this type apart from Sableye. However, that is mainly because Game Freak couldn't really make a crystal Pokémon without a Crystal type. If Rock or Ground was used, then water would be super-effective, and that wouldn't fit. If steel or ice were used (assuming that it's a mineral crystal) then fire being super-effective wouldn't fit either. Also, who wouldn't want to see a crystal bug Pokémon?


    Glass is another old idea of mine, fairly similar to crystal. The substitutes are ice and steel. However, steel doesn't really fit the delicacy of glass, and an ice type simply wouldn't be glass - Cryogonal could make a good glass type if it were recoloured, but it simply isn't one.

    Glass Pokémon could be 'glass cannons' - that is, very powerful and quick with very weak defences. I imagine they would be more specially orientated than physically.


    Perhaps the weakest argument of the four, Wind is kind of covered by pure flying already. However, some of flying's weakness don't really fit with wind, and flying implies something that can fly, whereas Wind is more elemental. Off the top of my head, the Kami trio (Tornadus, Thundurus and Landorus), the Swablu line and the Hoppip line could fit Wind.

    Honourable mentions go to Sound, Digital and Cosmic types. The face that Sound isn't a tangible object/creature or elemental puts me off it, although it would certainly fit many existing Pokémon. Nearly all Pokémon, except the Porygon line, are natural, so a Digital type wouldn't really make sense unless some kind of digital world was introduced. Cosmic types would also be too few and far between and are kind of already covered by Psychic.

    I hope you guys like my mini-essay, please leave your opinions on the comments below and let me know what you think.
  2. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    Re: Do you think there should/will be new types? If so, what

    There probably won't be any new types and honestly there shouldn't ever be any new types at this stage. Dark and Steel were only added due to Psychic being overpowered in Gen I and Dragon having nothing resisting it at the time. With that the types are far more well-balanced and there's no reason to add any more.
  3. Rinoa Heartilly

    Rinoa Heartilly Mother of Meltans

    Re: Do you think there should/will be new types? If so, what

    I have to agree with KoL.

    Personally, I feel that there are enough types already - however, I've learnt not to assume too quickly when it comes to PKMN. The possibility is there. We currently have dark so I could see why light would come into questioning. In a way, I always considered fire to be sort of like a light when it came down to it but perhaps that's just me being silly?
  4. Re: Do you think there should/will be new types? If so, what

    There shouldn't be new types. Psychic covers light and cosmic, rock/ground or steel/ice covers crystal, normal covers sound and electric covers digital. I don't think any existing Pokemon would fit glass and after 600+ Pokemon I seriously doubt we will get any Glass Pokemon it worked with Dark to balance the metagame and the fact the Pokedex was a lot smaller. If they shuffle anything around I think it'll be changing effectiveness of some types like Poison and Grass.
  5. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Re: Do you think there should/will be new types? If so, what

    Gotta agree with the three above. Since the introduction of Dark and Steel I've never felt that the gameplay would be made better with the addition of new types. Sure, it's fun to theorize about what some could be, but I've never had strong feelings about there needing to be more. Everything feels very nicely balanced as is.

    That being said, considering that the possibility of new types being introduced increases with each new generation, I'd say that Light/Holy, Sound, and Crystal have always been the most likely. We already have several Pokemon and moves that would fit a Sound-type so I'm actually a bit surprised that they haven't officially created one yet.

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