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Do you like Club Penguin?

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Louie Forest, Aug 27, 2010.

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  1. I have seen people spend all their time on Club Penguin, and people who hate Club Penguin so much they want to blow it up with a rifle. Now it is YOUR turn! Do you like Club Penguin or do you hate it? Personally, I used to like it, but now I think it is way too childish.
  2. So my first thought was, "What the hell is club penguin?"

    After investigating, it looks like Neopets for really young kids. Try that or Subeta if you want something similar but a little less childish.

    Brrrrrr, disney.
  3. I used to, and still, like it. I only go on it rarely, though. Just for pareties and Secret Agent Missions. I know it's childish, but I still like it.
  4. I cant be kept away from it..... :-[

    Seriously,since my grandad bought me a memmbership,Ive been on it about ten times a day
  5. My class went mad for it a while back, but now we all know its awful. I only go on it when my friend can't talk on skype, so that we may chat and whatnot. I just grit my teeth whenever I see the over-commercialized products that scatter the shelves.
  6. Hate it.... So much... Just this morning they were doing major product placement on it on Saturday Disney and it was complete overkill when they made a freaking DS game. Honestly I've seen Club Penguin stuff at least five times today and I'm sick of it.
  7. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
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    (Insert horrible in-bad-taste joke about savagely clubbing penguins here).
  8. Club penguin used to be awesome until they made it so non members cant wear the stuff they bought as a member :'(
  9. I seriously hate the Disney channel so Im obviously going to hate club penguin
    I actually don't see any point of club penguin existing.
    I dont know one person who goes on that game (except my youngest sister and to be fair I dont think even she should be going on it) - anyways she doesnt count!
    Why would anyone make a penguin avatar just to walk around chat to some disney obsessed kids and play games?
    There are plenty of gaming and chat room sites to go crazy in - why anybody would go on such a website confuses me :S
    Also are there seriously people in the world who would actually buy this sorta crap on their DS ?

    I think disney has literally sprinkled the cheese on top of their cheesy pile of cheese with this website ,
    thats all I can say
  10. My class obsessed over it a few years ago. I never liked it much. I just don't see the point in spending, like, seven dollars a month to dress up a fake penguin. It's cute, though.
  11. It was fad that I was in and out of constantly :p . Though when Disney got involved I decided to stay away from it for good.
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  12. To add to my other post, I do like Club Penguin, but I am not prepared to pay a single penny towards it, I have been playing it since late 2006. You have to pay in order to buy lots of stuff, but sometimes, in parties and when rockhopper visits there are free stuff which can be bought by non-members. I think that Club Penguin has been making members like V.I.P.s just so people pay them. Also, there's loads of books/merchandise which you can buy to unlock stuff online too.
  13. Yeah I was a penguin clubber once. I found it a while back, me and my bud got onto it, and boy were we stuck, I was roughly in my "tamagotchi" stage when I played it. My friend still has admiration for it, but he just goes on to collect stuff from events, he hasn't mentioned it for a while. Im still jealous of his massive collection of free stuff, makes him look like a member. I think Im just a red penguin with a belt xD, I kind of hate it now...
  14. A couple years ago I loved club penguin and would go on to the site everyday,but as I got older I just stopped playing it. I don't even remember my account name or password on that site.
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  15. I won't lie, Club Penguin is what brought me to the Internet xD
    I was a member for God knows how long. Eventually I started to drift away, and didn't renew the membership, etc.

    And now, really, after Disney has bought it, it's all gone to hell, in my opinion. So...no, I don't like it, not anymore. Though I'm still nostalgic for the community I was in while playing it xD
  16. I think we can just about all agree that disney has screwed it all up! >:(
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  18. Club Penguin WAS fun, but now they made it for like...8 year olds.

    Disney basicaly bought it just so they could ruin it. They've done some pretty retarded things in the past, but this is TOO FAR. >:(
  19. It's hard not to agree with that. I used to go on Club Penguin since my neighbor did, and well, after I saw membership and all that crap, I stayed
    well away from it. Eventually, my neighbor got addicted to Tamagotchi.
    Please note that this isn't the reason why Penguins are my favorite animal.
  20. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I don't see why most of you hate Club Penguin ,It's really that bad ,except for when your membership expires and you can't do ANY f**king thing except for walking around the island.
  21. I joined Club Penguin back in December 2006, and was a regular member on it for quite a few years. At the time, Club Penguin was pretty awesome. Now, I occasionally go on it, mostly for nostalgic reasons and to see what's new. Also, I'm a bit confused at all this Disney-takeover bashing. They've made Club Penguin much better from what I've seen, as well as three games for it (although they aren't that good apparently.)
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