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Do You Believe in Ghosts?

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Phanes, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. Something pretty widely asked, well, let's start it off then (if not again).
    Does anyone here believe in ghosts? If so or if not, what's the first thing to come to mind when you hear a place is haunted?

    I believe in ghosts. :)
    When I hear someone wanting to check out a haunted place, I'm one of the first to jump to it and probably one of the only to keep my word on it.
  2. I really have no reason why I SHOULD believe in ghosts, but I do. Mostly out of fear, since ghosts are one of the scariest things ever. Like a lot of things I'm scared of I find them really interesting too. Someday I'd like to have some kind of paranormal experience, I feel like I deserve to get the shit scared out of me. Just 'cause.
  3. Ghosts do not exist.

    Totally illogical,, but rather disturbing anyway.

    I hate those paranormal shows. They scare the hell out of me even though. :\
  4. <.< >.> <.> Ghosts scare me...... -_-'
  5. I don't beleive in ghost, but I do beleive in Angels and Demons. Mainly, I don't think it would make since for someone to die and their soul just wander around causing trouble.

    Angels I beleive in because I know somebody personally who could have possibly died (stupid 18 wheeler running a red light) had his car not died. Plus, since we're on the matter, It would seem as they would be the more peaceful "ghosts".

    Demons, however, seem more logical to the "I will KILL YOU!" ghost. It only seems logical as to why ghost get the bad reputations that they have. I'm scared stiff of them, but I think they are over exagerated in the movies.

    Now, like I said, I don't beleive that people would just linger after they die, but I would like to beleive that people who you may have had a close relationship with just watch over you, making sure your okay. Afterall, it's only human to want your loved ones to be safe, but it isn't human to just want to kill because "A. I LOVE BLOOD!!!", "B. They can't have my treasure.", or "C. Since I had a bad life, others must too.".

    However, If I do see a ghost, I'll probably scare him off with my weirdness XD "I...see....REDNECKS!" *floats off*
  6. The paranormal world fascinates me to the highest extent. I would love having a paranormal experience; like being scared out of my wits. I'd be the one to accompany a ghost hunting team on a night-long search in an abandoned mental hospital. I just love ghosts.
    I don't really think they're tortured souls, just ones that lost their way. Like, they weren't given proper burial rights, or seek revenge on people who did them wrong. They just want a little justice, and they'll leave.
    Once during the summer, I went to this haunted lighthouse in my area, that was featured on the Travel Channel, and the TAPS team actually explored it. So I went there, but unfortunately, we saw no ghosts. But the place was still cool.
    There are a lot of haunted places around my city that I'd love to see, and plan on seeing. But, yes, I believe in ghosts. I think there's one stalking me, believe it or not... >_>
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  7. Ghosts?
    Spirits of the departed probably could still hang around Earth, it's not that crazy of a thought.

    I used to watch crazy paranormal shows all the time, but now I got bored of that. I swear, there needs to be a Ghost/Paranormal channel with all the shows out now...
  8. I believe in the Ghost of Heath Ledger:

  9. Nope. Ghost "sightings" are explainable by natural phenomena and the fallibility of human observation. In other words, weird shit happens and people are idiots.
  10. Do I believe in ghosts? Yeah, I'd say I'm a pretty firm believer in the paranormal.

    First off, the TV shows are great. Ghost Hunters, Ghost Hunters International, Destination Truth, Ghost Adventures, and what have you are all awesome shows. I find them all interesting, particularly the first two because they take a scientific approach to the reported hauntings, as apposed to: "HOLY SHIT! I JUST HEARD A RANDOM KNOCK ON THE WALL! IT'S A GHOST! HELL, IT COULD BE THE DEVIL HIMSELF! RUN!!!!!1!!!!1!" The show Ghost Adventures is rather infamous for moments like those, but instead of watching that show for the ghosts, I watch that show for the three guy's reactions.

    Having a personal experience in real life would be both amazing and scary as hell at the same time. I'd love to have one, just to know that you can believe some things you see on the TV.
  11. lol, I have my own picture of myself dressed as the joker from Halloween '08
    Very true, quick question, has anyone ever noticed that most paranormal shows plays the same sound effects and very similar choices in background music? I understand what Blarg is going over, some people flip out and assume that it's a ghost behind the sound or cause of something. What I don't like is how Hollywood its all becoming. EVERYTHING, TV Shows, stories online, books, movies... it's becoming way too Hollywood!
  12. If I were totally honest, I'm not sure if I believe in ghosts or not. I can that I'm easily spooked--especially when I'm alone. I don't watch scary shows when I'm by myself, and yet I'd love to go to a supposedly haunted place with my friends and have a ghost hunt (and then have those same friends probably try to prank me). I guess I can't totally say I don't believe in ghosts because you never know.
  13. Indeed I do. My family's a superstitious lot, so we grew up with tales about ghosts, witches, giant hairy men in trees and horrible demons who suck babies out of their mother's wombs. (Yeah, ghosts aren't the scariest parts of our folklore) While I've never seen one myself, I know quite a few people who've claimed to, and I believe them; though I am fairly skeptical about a few details about the matter. Despite my fascination with the supernatural, I'm terribly frightened of such things. Watching scary movies and playing survival horrors alone are things that I cannot and will not do xD
  14. I frighten myself too much to avidly believe in ghosts. I believe in extra-terristrials of course, but the haunting of a person's memories into a place, whether it be mailicious or benign is a bit far-fectched. Especially so if you consider how many ways your head can mess with you, let alone outside phenomena.

    That's not to say I'm not an empiricist, it's just that sensory data cannot be entirely trusted.
  15. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    People try to logic things far too much. Our universe is anything but logical - as is the human race as a whole. :)

    I'm a skeptic, but I do believe in the possibility of ghosts existing. Trying to logic it to death is silly because there are many things beyond our comprehension that we can't explain with our flimsy, limited knowledge. I'm sure many people have mistaken ghost encounters for quirks of the brain, but saying it's 100% of the cause is short-sighted. It's a shame that most people can only believe the things they see with their own eyes.
  16. I personally really dont have an opinion on this matter. I am more inlcined believe ghost dont exist and its just an angel or demon doing these supernatural things. The thought of being able to come back from the dead scares me. no one would want to stay dead, they would want to come back to other people. If ghosts did exist why wouldnt they be showing themselves more?
  17. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Special effects on movies, tv programs and pictures on youtube are great, but not real! I used to believe in ghosts when I was young but since the special effect thingies are so easy to get nowadays, there is no way ghosts can be real!
  18. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Personally even though I'm a man kid girl teenager of science ,I belive that ghosts and spirits of the undead really exist. I hope to one day be able to ,through the use of science ,to be able to contact them and befriend them if my name isn't Theodore Oglethorpe McFlanders...and thank Arceus it's not!
  19. Yessums, I do believe in ghosts. And for that matter quite a few paranormal creatures. I don't have much of a reason for it, but I just have kept believing in such over the years. I like reading up on all these sightings and what not, but I certainly do dislike when people hear a floorboard move and immediately jump to the conclusion that its a ghost.
  20. Well yeah hunnnnn of course I do, they're my favourite type after all ♥

    Well nu.
    Sadly, I do not. :<

    I mean like suuure, anyone else believing in them is all fine and dandy to me. :> I just don't ... believe they're real. |D I like reading up in some of this weird superstitious letscreepchildrenout-stuff, but do I actually believe in them? Nah, I don't. Sorry to disappoint or whatever, but ... it isn't my sort of thing. |D

    I would love to believe in them, as well as fairies and dragons and leprechauns (Joking of course, everyone knows they're real - *shot*), but, well ... I can't get my head around the stuff. :x I'm moar of an "I-believe-what-science-tells-me" person. |D (although I do love Fantasy. Possibly my favourite genre. |D)
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  21. Well I do believe in life after death as a christian, so I can't really tell if I think ghosts are real or not. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if they did exist, but the same applies to the opposite as well. I do know that demons exist and I think there's a possibility that they are the things causing these ghost sightings, but once again, I can't be too sure.
  22. I guess I do. I mean, peoples BEDS RISE OFF THE FLOOR-WITH THEM IN IT! I mean, what is the logical explanation for THAT? Its creepy, but I guess I do..........................
  23. I personally don't believe in ghosts.

    There's a lot of physical phenomena that we just don't understand yet, but it doesn't seem very prudent as a society to be like, "A ghost did it". It'd certainly be fun to believe in aliens and monsters that are attacking my place </reference>, but I think the better approach would be to explain these "mysterious" events scientifically. And if no rules we have in classical mechanics can describe it? Well, delve deeper - into the quantum world. You want to see some weird, scary-arse crap? Go to the quantum level, where things just appear from nothing and disappear into nothing. And that's what makes up our world. If the building blocks are so ridiculously in motion, so incredibly random, then of course there's going to be phenomena that we consider "unexplainable". Our foundation is made of bees! Little tiny particle-y bees, that is.

    That being said, going to each "ghostly" thing you've heard of and saying "quantum physics did it" is just as bad. I'm just saying that there's always a viable explanation- be it psychological, or physical.
  24. Ghosts are extremely subjective - they are the manifestations of people's fears and imagination. Therefore, it is easy to believe in them. If you believe in something enough, then it is real for you personally, but might not be real for other people.

    My opinion anyways :p
  25. I actually don't believe in ghosts, because I have a firm belief that once someone dies, they're gone. Poof. They're not coming back as a ghost, and no part of their spirit will remain behind once they go to heaven or hell. I know that usually, when people report paranormal activity, it is always very likely that they are lying and trying to get attention.

    The Bible says nothing about people's souls staying behind and continuing "life" on Earth as some creepy green transparent thing or light or whatever the f*ck a ghost might look like.

    I think that if they are not making it up, it is very likely their imagination that is toying with them. If I hear a house is haunted, I don't go, simply because it'll just be a boring old house with boring cobwebs and boring furniture and nothing paranormal. Special effects on YouTube and on TV are not convincing enough. End of story.

  26. Exactly. Most of the universe is made up of impossible things. Take the atoms for example: with exception of one (whose name I can't remember right now) atoms can't have mote than 8 eletrons in their last layer, and need 8 eletrons in their last layer to be stable. THIS much precision doesn't imply that something intelligent made them? But still, "that doesn't make sense", you may say. I agree: I can't believe someone made they that way. I myself, like to philosophize a lot, and like what happens with everyone that does the same, I end up discovering things I could never imagine before. When I try to explain these things to someone else, if that person doesn't understand, I say "Less than half of what's in my mind makes sense to anyone else: doesn't mean I'm wrong".

    But now to the main topic: I do believe in ghosts. Not by any particular reason. I just believe in them. In my opinion, there's as much base to believe in ghosts as there is to believe in any religion. I like anything ghostly, Ghost-type Pokémon are my favorite Pokémons, and et cetera. But I'm also not ghost fanatic. Hate the movie Ghostbusters, like Ghost-types but never really put them in my teams, and if someone said to me it had seen a ghost, the first thing I would do is laugh, the second one is asking to that person to take me to the place it had seen the ghost, so that I could prove it was something normal. I do believe in ghosts, as I believe in magic (magic like made by Chris Angel, Houdini, not witches), but in a similar way to the fact that I won't believe something is magic unless I see it with my own eyes or it's done by famous magicians, like Chris Angel, I will never believe in ghosts. And in my opinion fortunetellers, and anyone that you will need to pay so that person "contacts the spirit world" are farses, so I will only believe in ghosts by seeing they acting with my own eyes: and even them would first investigate the room where I had seen it to see if it wasn't a trick.

    But talking about fortunetellers: I remember a friend once asked if I believed in destiny. I said "Well, yes, there's a story written about us all, but we are not bonded to it: the writer is someone that is very good at "seeing" the future by analyzing the present. But he could make an error, or something unexpected could happen. Then he would have to rewrite it". My friend promptly replied saying "I don't believe in that. Or destiny is fixed or not. And I don't believe in the destiny being fixed too". Well, he sees too much in black and white (and for those who doesn't know: seeing in black and white is a expression that means only seeing two extreme alternatives, not believing in any middle-term, creating fallacies, also known as fake dilemmas, while a dilemma is a decision to be done in which there are two alternatives, both equally bad (between a rock and a hard place), while fallacies have more options aside from black and white, but the person can only see the two most unpleasant options. This is similar, if not equal, to a perfectionist view, in which, only something perfect would be accepted, with anything below that being too bad).

    Ohhh yes, I'm very smart :3
  27. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    First off,magic is not real. :T Chris Angel is nothing but a talented liar and manipulator (which is what magic really is all about :V). "Magic" is all about diverting attention away from whatever the person is doing so that they may do something normal and then act as if they performed a trick. It's all about showmanship. Besides, half of what he does is not magic, it's just stupid stunts. :T

    And since you mentioned them: Fortunetellers...the whole thing behind them is being able to read people. They throw out vague ideas and relatable things to see how the person reacts, and then they go from there. They rely on the person being naive enough to go along with what they are saying and throw out information to make the vague things fit into their life.

    Now on to the actual topic, incase it was not already obvious by my skepticism~ I do not believe in ghosts. At least not in the sense they are often portrayed in most works. There very well could be spirits that don't have the ability to mess with the physical that are floating around for I know, but I do not believe in all the gibbery-joo that like fifty television shows are about. :T It's simply people overreacting to things and rather that using logic they come up with a ridiculous alternative to why something happened or made a noise and claim it was ghosts.

    So, yeah...no ghost believing for me. :3
  28. I've had my fair share of paranormal experiences, So yes I do believe in ghosts. I've seen them, and have been to places haunted by them. In fact in my block we have a hometown ghost called the Scott Street Demon. I've only seen him twice, my friends have seen him several times, and the creepy part is, something bad happens when he sees you... When you see him, its usually out the corner of the eye and he looks like a 15-year-old wearing baggy jeans and sporting a mohawk, when you look back to see who it is, he just becomes a sillouhette and disappears. You won't know if he saw you until something bad happens. So I AM inclined to believe that ghosts are very real...
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