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DizzyW's requesting place [CLOSED]

Discussion in 'Requests' started by DizzyW, Mar 18, 2019.

  1. ~Welcome~
    Hello there! Some people have been requesting me lately, so i thought that i might aswell make a real place to request.

    ~About my art~

    My art is not professional in any way, so dont expect it to be amazing.

    Im sorry, but i dont accept human request or request where i need to draw hyper-realistic things. I tend to just stay with drawing Pokemon or oc's/fursonas.

    Bigger drawings will take longer than smaller/simpler drawings, of course. I only draw digital, so no traditional drawings.

    If you are planning to request something, describe it as detailed as possible.

    No nsfw. I can draw like a scratch or some bruises, but nothing too 'gorey'.

    I have some art examples on my profile, but if you want to see more art of me, just pm me.
  2. I've seen your art before, and it is really very beautiful. I don't know why you don't think you're professional.
    I could use some art.
    I'm new here, so I'd love some artwork for my profile 'About Me'.

    My above-all favourite Pokémon is Gengar. I'm also a Whovian (if you don't know what that is, it's a Doctor Who fan), so could you draw a Gengar and a Dalek? Preferably an albino Gengar, floating above the Dalek's head, holding onto it with two hands with its tongue out.
    I'm sorry if you don't know what a Dalek is, but they're hard to explain, for me, at least. I included a link, so that might help.

    Thank you so much. If you can't do this, just let me know.
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  3. @milk_tea sure thing! Im gonna start working on it tommorrow! The link doesnt work for me but that because of my ipad that im using, so i just searched 'Dalek'. So a Dalek is like that little tank-robot thingy? (im bad at explaining lol) Just wanted to make sure. Btw thanks for liking my art ❤️
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  4. Could you draw Lillie, Lana, and Mallow on the beach watching the sun go down?
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  5. @DizzyW, yes, a Dalek is like a little tank thing. The Dalek in the link was Dalek Sec, who's casing is black.
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  6. @milk_tea oki! I will draw that one then.

    @LuckyLucy sure, i will try to do it but im not good at drawing humans or landscapes, so i might not be very good.
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  7. @DizzyW, thats okay, I'm not very good either!
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  8. Hi! I have seen some of your art before, and It's really good! Could you maybe make a Chespin with a blue bandana around its neck?
    Its okay if you can't, thanks!
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  9. Zipz

    Zipz Previously Possibilit

    A little....drizzle on the top.

    Ai, @DizzyW , can ya make an art where a Mimikyu with a bandage and a Bandana? This is optional.
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  11. Could you draw my fav Pokemon Chesnaught? And I am a huge Simpsons fan, so could you draw Chesnaught with Homer Simpson? Thx!
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  12. Could you draw a Mew with a flower crown? It could be reaching up to hold it and looking up at it on its head if you need a pose, it’d just be flying I guess xD

    Just looking around if I can find some cute new pfps, take your time if you wanna do it tho!
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  13. @Jodie.xox sure! It might take a while because im taking a break, but i will still work on it
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  14. I was looking at some of the art in your profile, you have a very fun style to your work. I love the shinx request you did and the zangoose in a box genuinely made me chuckle. If your requests are still open and it's not too much trouble would you be willing to draw Magby stealing food/pokepuffs/berries with Delibird. The Magby wearing an unzipped black leather jacket marked with fiery embroidery and his hair done in the classic anime punk style. it doesn't have to be so exaggerated as this picture. [​IMG]
    The Delibird with a black and red striped rope to tie his white sack and fashion it like a backpack for quick get aways? [​IMG]
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  15. @Nuzlock Trainer Izan it sound very fun to do, so yeah i will do it! But is the Magby stealing with the Delibird or is it stealing stuff FROM the Delibird? Just want to make sure lol
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  16. @DizzyW Thank you so much for taking my request i'm extremely grateful, they are partners in crime >:D sorry i wasn't more clear in my original post.
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  17. Lana The Umbreon

    Lana The Umbreon Previously Lana & Popplio

    Hewo! Can you maybe draw me a Popplio blowing bubbles?
    Its OK if you can't!
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  20. @DayTripper122 ye sure! Sorry for the late reaction i didnt saw your comment oof
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  21. Wow so many requests lol. And no, I'm not requesting anything on here cuz I know you're really busy with all the other requests.
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  22. @DialgaX i will do it for you, but it will take a while because i need to do all the other requests first

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