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Private/Closed Divide and Conquer

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Retr.0, Aug 28, 2018.

  1. CBC16535-047D-42BA-9202-D7F6A01FFE3C.png
    ~The Kingdom Of Cragspur~

    A gong echoed through the valleys of Cragspur, announcing the start of a meeting by the Warlord himself. A few warriors were sitting in the throne room, patiently for him to speak. “You who have gathered before me,” he said, “I wish to give you all a very special job. As you all know, we are on the brink of a civil war that could devastate our kingdom.” He sighed, “Fights on the streets of my kingdom have made it impossible to roam freely without danger. This is where you come in. I am incapable of keeping the peace within the kingdom and controlling our powerful army at the same time. We need warriors t control the balance, peace, and trust. If you so choose to accept this task I shall Knight you “Peacekeeper” and you shall patrol the kingdom and irradicate any and all discord between my people. If you are in favor of this, please rise.”

    Junzō was the first to stand up, eager to serve his leader. The Warlord gave a warm smile and gestured for the boy to come up. “Junzō Ishii, please raise your right hand.” Junzō did as he was told. “Junzō, do you pledge on your honor, your kingdom, your life, and your Pokémon’s life that you will fulfill your duties as a Peacekeeper of Cragspur faithfully?” The boy gulped, it was a lot to pledge on and he had no doubt in his mind that the King meant business. “Yes sir, I do”. The Warlord smiled again, “Then I name you Peacekeeper Junzō, first and last line of defense between Cragspur and its citizens. You may sit.”

    As he went to where he was sitting before, Junzō’s eyes teared up. What an honor it was to be knighted by the Warlord himself. Fierce determination burned in his eyes, this was his new duty. He would at all costs protect his kingdom.

    The Warlord looked at the rest of the recruits and, for the third time, gave a welcoming smile. “Well? Who’s next?”

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  2. Kano was sitting up straight, taking in the words given by her Warlord. She took a few minutes to consider his words once she took in every word given. She was willing to defend and keep peace within her own kingdom, as she was affected by the discord of her neighborhood. Kano no longer had the hold of being a tailor, for now that she is a warrior who wanted to see the brighter days of her kingdom.

    When Junzō sat down, she stood up, her Archen suddenly appearing to land on her shoulder. Her Warlord looked over to see one of his other warriors rising up,

    “Kano Shojiro. If you would, please raise your right hand.” Her Warlord instructed.

    She nodded, raising her right hand. The Archen sitting on her shoulder tried mimicking her proper posture by stand up straight, but his tail was still swaying from side to side due to excitement.

    “Kano, do you pledge on your honor, your kingdom, your life, and your Pokémon’s life that you will fulfill your duties as a Peacekeeper of Cragspur faithfully?”

    One listen was all it took for her to say two words. Just two words alone.

    “I do.” She responded, determined as ever.

    “Hm. Then I name you Peacekeeper Kano, the first and last line of defense between Cragspur and its citizens. You may now sit.”

    Kano did what she was told, sitting back down on her chair. Her Archen fluttered back down to sit at the edge of the table.
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  3. It wasn't unlike Sebastian to offer silly proposals, even as bets, so Leonie wasn't surprised when he offered his newest dare – they both try joining the king's army, and whoever succeeds, gives the other their allowance for the month. Leonie wasn't one to turn Sebastian's bets down. It was their most common pass time, actually.
    ("Whoever climbs the highest tree first gets to eat the last sandwich!" -"Deal!")

    Leonie's allowance wasn't as important to her – there was only so much money she could get for taking the Miltanks out for pasture – as beating Seb was. So, naturally, she wasn't going to give up when the person who stood guard at the application cabin told her it wasn't a woman's place to be there. Seb snickered, and Leonie figured he already knew what the outcome would be, and placed a bet he would surely win. The surprise on Sebastian's face when Leonie showed up to his house the next day, hair cut short, scroll in her hand which indicated that she was part of the king's army now.

    ("But your name isn't Benjamin Acre!" "Shut up.")

    Leonie's mind was replaying specific memories of events that led her to be standing there, next to Sebastian, in the throne room. Six months of serving the king's army, and she still wasn't slipping up. Over time, Seb and her's bet evolved – whoever managed to stay in the army the longest, gets half of what the other earned while serving. It was Leonie's goal to win this bet now. As someone standing guard right outside the castle, Sebastian earned more money than her. She'd love to take it away from him, especially in situations like this, when she regrets ever joining the army. Not that the army was necessarily bad. The food was alright, and the pay was more than what she got when she babysat the Miltanks. It smelled better, too. No, what really made Leonie regret that decision was the fact that she wasn't Leonie anymore. She was Benjamin Acre, a young boy who came all the way from the smallest village in Cragspur to loyally serve the king and his kingdom. A terrible backstory, but Leonie was never the best liar. Surprising, considering how long she managed to fool everyone that she was a man.

    Leonie felt Seb nudge her with his elbow. She looked at him questionably, and the boy motioned to the Warlord. What's he thinking of? Leonie furrowed her eyebrows. Was it what the Warlord was talking about? The Peacekeeper thing? She turned her head as much as she could to Sebastian (although she was short, so she didn't have to worry), and Seb mouthed 'join them'. Just as she thought. What an idiot. He probably knew the Peacekeepers got more money, so when he beat her (which wouldn't happen!), he'd get way more money. Leonie turned her head back to the Warlord, ignoring her friend. However, once people started rising, accepting the Warlord's offer, Seb nudged her again. Leonie didn't react, but then Sebastian used the opportunity when the Warlord was looking at the other end of the room, and whispered I dare you into her ear.

    She couldn't. Leonie couldn't refuse a dare from Sebastian. He knew her better. Leonie clenched her jaw, and after a few moments of contemplating, rose up. If she could, she would smack the grin right off Seb's face.

    "Raise your right hand, Benjamin..." he seemed to have forgotten Benjamin's last name. Leonie hoped she wouldn't have to speak aloud, but it was necessary in this situation.

    "Acre, sir!" Leonie pulled off her best impersonation of a man. Her raspy voice covered it up well, she thought.

    "Benjamin Acre," the Warlord spoke, and Leonie started getting nervous. These armours are really hot. "Do you pledge on your honour, your kingdom, your life, and your Pokemon's life, that you will fulfill your duties as Peacekeeper of Cragspur faithfully?"

    That was a lot to pledge on. Leonie gulped. Hesitantly, she replied, "I do, sir!"

    "Then I name you Peacekeeper Benjamin, first and last line of defense between Cragspur and its citizens. You may sit."

    Leonie came back to Sebastian, and his supressed grin told everything. He's so going to get it once they get out of that room.
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  4. Casper's eyes were vacant as they fixed lucidly upon the horizon, his expression one of neutral disinterest. Neutrality was, perhaps, the best disposition to take on when faced with a militant leader capable of commanding hundreds of armed soldiers. However, the Warlord, as intimidating as his title entailed him to be, had never proven to be as unnecessarily cruel or sadistic as their neighbouring Kingdoms portrayed him to be. Giving this thought a moment of consideration, he supposed that his judgement could have been slightly askew on the account of his own defective moral compass. Regardless, Casper came to the conclusion that the Warlord, although intimidating, did not have malignant intentions.

    It was these thoughts, alongside countless others, that distracted him from the Warlord's current presentation, his word audible but meaningless. He was stiff with constrained nervous energy, having been ordered to remain completely still throughout the conference's entirety unless told otherwise by his commanding officer, who held the threat of requesting a discharge against him to his superiors to his throat like a knife. He seethed with silent hatred for his commander, his jaw set and his eyes cold. Instead of fidgeting, as he normally would, he retained a hyper-fixation on each of his sensations to their most basic level. He noticed that this seat was uncomfortable and cold against his skin through the fabric of his trousers, that he had a persistent itch on his forehead, and that a dull ache was beginning to creep in from behind his eyes. He was bored out of his mind.

    His attention returned to the Warlord only as he concluded his speech, his pallid eyes flickering to the end of the room where their leader stood upright. It took him some time to absorb and assemble this new information into something coherent. The Warlord was taking volunteers for a new special task force dedicated to keeping the peace, and three had already been sworn into it. It was an odd matter of recruitment, and the description of this new occupation was fairly vague and cryptic. An immediate benefit of accepting the offer had ingrained itself into his mind in spite of his doubts, and he shrewdly rose from his seat. From the corners of his eyes, he could see his commanding officer's piercing gaze, scathing with disapproval. Pleased for having displeased his supervisor, he weaved his way past the crowd of military personnel and successfully made his way to the front, feeling eyes on his back for the entirety of the time he did so.

    The Warlord's expression was one of curiousity rather than one of anger as he ushered the boy to stand opposite of him, as though he wasn't quite expecting this outcome. He let his surprise pass and asked Casper to raise his right hand, an action which he dutifully obliged.

    "Casper Elias Klaus," began the Warlord, his pronunciation only slightly off. Casper could not blame him - such names were not common in Cragspur. "Do you pledge on your honour, your Kingdom, your life, and your Pokémon's life, that you will fulfill your duties as a Peacekeeper of Cragspur faithfully?"

    Casper was, again, momentarily distracted by the mention of his Pokémon. He realized that she had not followed him into the throne room. "Yes," he replied hurriedly upon noticing that the Warlord was awaiting his response.

    Clearing his throat, the Warlord recited his line once again. "Then, I name you Peacekeeper Casper, first and last line of defense between Cragspur and its citizens. You may be seated."

    He bowed his head and began his trek back to his seat, a smile playing upon of his lips. Finally, he would be rid of that damned commander.
  5. Koda shifted uncomfortably, nearly emanating the nervousness he was feeling. Judging by the responses of the newly-appointed Peacekeepers, he knew exactly what to do, but he overthought the situation way too hard.

    "What if I slip up? What if I accidentally say 'no?' What if-"

    Koda cut off his thoughts and retained focus on the current situation. "Gods, you're overthinking again," he told himself, giving himself a mental punch in the face. "You'll be fine. Everything will be fine. You're not going to screw this up." He took a quiet but deep inhale and exhale and rested two fingers on the bridge of his nose.

    The words of the Warlord were being filtered in and out of his mind, trying to take in only the important parts. His knew this ceremony was important, but he had other things to do besides sit around all day. Koda's thoughts were interrupted by the Warlord. "Koda Minoru," The Warlord said. Koda immediately came to attention, nearly forgetting where he even was. "Would you please raise your right hand," he asked, which Koda complied with, almost raising his left hand in nervousness.

    "Do you pledge on your honor, your kingdom, your life, and your Pokemon's life, that you will fulfill your duties as Peacekeeper of Cragspur faithfully?" The Warlord questioned, but it sounded more like a statement then a question at this point. "I do, sir." The young man responded, wiping mental sweat off his brow. "Then I name you Peacekeeper Koda, first and last line of defense between Cragspur and its citizens. You may sit."

    Koda had never been more relieved to sit down in his life.
  6. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    War was coming, and the shogun's position was becoming untenable. Riots were threatening to break out in the streets. Their warlord of a leader couldn't even trust that his own army would defend him in the event of a popular uprising, and he was instead turning to other members of the citizenry in the hopes that they would prove more loyal. Standards were low, rather than trained professionals most of the people here had likely never fought before in their lives. How fun!

    Ren was near the back, his Buizel Kaito shadowing him. This gave him a good view of the rest of the room, and the people, one by one, who made their way up to the shogun. They were without exception younger than him, most barely out of their teenage years if that. Three men and two women, no, sorry, four men and one woman. One of the boys was a tad androgynous. Ren was many things, but he wasn't the sort to go around intentionally misgendering people! Some very foreign sounding names among the bunch, as well. Ren wondered just how many of the people here could actually claim heritage to this particular region of Ransei, or even the empire as a whole.

    One by one they made their pledges. It was a simple thing, binding them by their honor to protecting the shogunate. A nebulous concept, honor, perhaps given too much importance in this day and age. Ren certainly hoped the shogun's idea wasn't that honor would keep them bound with only the sense of a job well done to satisfy them. No, actually, he did hope that, it would make this would thing that much juicier. Before too long, Ren himself was the last man remaining. That meant it was his turn. He approached the shogun, locking eyes with the man briefly, before he raised his right hand.

    "Ren Mizushima," the shogun began, "do you pledge on your honor, your kingdom, your life, and your Pokémon’s life that you will fulfill your duties as a Peacekeeper of Cragspur faithfully."

    "Of course," Ren smiled.

    “Then I name you Peacekeeper Ren, first and last line of defense between Cragspur and its citizens. You may sit,” the shogun ordered.

    Well, that was an interesting bit of information Ren had missed when he was half listening to the pledges from the back of the room. The way that statement was worded, they weren't protecting Cragspur's citizens at all. Rather, they were protecting the shogunate, and by extension the shogun himself, from the citizens of Cragspur. Ren wondered how many of the others caught that little twist of phrase. Would they forcibly quash a riot? Would they harm their friends to protect their master? Would they kill their family to ensure the shogunate endured? It was all so very interesting!

    Ren gave a light bow, and returned to his spot in the throne room, where Kaito was waiting for him. All the while, he was still smiling.
  7. (Warlord’s POV) After about six people in total had joined there were no other volunteers. Frankly it wasn’t as much as he had hoped to see step up but he also was not surprised. It was a rather unfavorable position. Fighting amongst the people of your own kingdom? Any other Warlord would laugh at the thought of it but, there wasn’t much to be done about it. To be able to boost the morale and wealth of Cragspur there would have to be a winning war against another kingdom. To tell the truth, Cragspur’s army was one of the strongest (Ranking number four of the world powers), but all opposing kingdoms nearby were allied with Cragspurs allies. Being a world power Cragspur has alliances with the other powerful kingdoms such as Illusio, Terrara, and Dragnor. Both the leaders of Illusio and Terrara were fierce and fought amongst each other often, allied only with kingdoms not supporting the other side. Dragnor was only allied with one kingdom the moment, a small and still developing, kingdom called Nixtorm that was home to the only weakness of their people. Any fight that Cragspur started would be the beggining of a second regional war, with Dragnor and Nixtorm most likely coming in to sweep any kingdom that had not fallen at the end. The Warlord snapped back to reality, there was no time to ponder such things, he would make sure they didn’t happen.

    “Well, it seems all who have decided to join have done so. In that case, this session is now over. Those of you who have been named Peacekeeper will begin patrolling Cragspur at the beggining of next week. I urge each and every one of you to stay safe.” The king bowed and another gong went off, signaling the end of the meeting.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~The Next Week~~~~~~~~~

    (Junzō’s POV) Junzō woke up at the break of dawn. It was finally time to make a difference in his kingdom. His Croagunk was awake even before him, with a fierce look of determination in his eyes. June wondered if the Pokémon had slept at all. They decided they would go to the market to buy breakfast so rather than eating at home, that way they could begin patrolling on their way there. Despite being early there was quite a few people already out and about to be streets. It was easy to see why fights broke out so easily. Not only was the kingdom poor and harsh, there was a bit of overpopulation. Junzō decided to keep his mind off of it. “Hey Croagunk,” He looked to the poison type walking alongside him, “do you think we’ll see any of the other Peacekeepers patrolling?”
  8. The newly assigned Peacekeeper was.. sleeping in her bed. Kano’s Archen had already awoke, flapping around to think of a way to wake up the warrior. When the Archen finally had an idea, he fluttered down to sit on Kano’s face, his talons poking her. She awoke with a yelp, which caused her Archen to fly away from her.

    “Archie! Don’t even try that again!” Kano hissed. Her Archen replied with a little snicker.


    After eating breakfast and getting ready, she set out in her usual apparel, a simple kimono with a lightweight chest plate. Her Archen sat on her shoulder, looking at the sights of the streets of Cragspur. It wasn’t anything pretty, but Kano was determined to make a change. Well, if the Peacekeepers thing does well.

    Her Archen decided to fly in circles a few feet above Kano, just to warm up his wings.
  9. "First day of work, huh?" Sebastian grinned, startling Leonie with a clasp of his hands. The girl was putting on the last piece of her armour, her Pawniard, Arthur, drowsing lightly next to her. He managed to fit into Leonie's act well, to her luck – Arthur resembeled a soldier, and who would choose to bond with a Pawniard if it wasn't for purposes of being a soldier? Leonie only ever saw Pawniards as partners to knights and soldiers. She assumed Arthur escaped some trainee facility that had soilders-in-making bond with a Pokemon if they hadn't already. Pawniards were strong, and good at listening to orders if trained since hatching, so they were a good first pick for them. There weren't any Pawniards in the wild either, so it seemed like the only possible solution to the mistery of Arthur's past. The only thing that didn't fit was that Leonie's Pawniard would rarely listen to her orders, but as they didn't get into many Pokemon battles, she just let Arthur do as he pleased most of the time.

    "I won't hesitate," Leonie threatened, grasping a spear that was leaning on the wall. Sebastian took a step back, but his grin didn't falter. She sighed, nudging Arthur with the back of the spear, the Pawniard grudgingly getting up. She twisted her palm in a manner that would be interpreted as a silent 'what?' when the Pokemon glared at her. Leonie took a short scarf and put it around her neck, to cover up the lack of Adam's apple. Not that it couldn't be heard, but when she tried, she could sound like a guy. More like a prepubescent boy, but it had to be good enough to have carried her all the way. "I'm not sure what I have to do, to be honest," she confessed. Why did she have to be so weak to Seb's dares? "It was kind of cryptic..."

    Her friend just shrugged, yawning lightly, but Leonie noticed how he tried supressing it. It was early morning, after all. "Try finding other Peacekeepers, and do what they do. That's what I'd do," he said. Leonie rolled her eyes, wondering if she would even find another Peacekeeper. It wasn't a small area to patrol, she wouldn't be surprised if none of them met. It was a good suggestion, though, not that Leonie would admit that to Sebastian.
    "Yeah, yeah," she said, absentmindedly. She was tired as well, and envied Seb for having an evening shift. Guards like Sebastian would change a few times a day, since all they did was stand. The pay they got for that was outrageous. Three times what Leonie would get at the Miltank farm. Lucky idiots. "I gotta go, I guess," she finally said. "We'll see each other later."

    "Bye, Benjamin," Sebastian said with a wink, and all Leonie did was stick her tongue out at him. She had to live with his teases as well.


    Unevevenful was what Leonie would call this job, even if she was only half an hour in. She just walked around, greeting the rare villager that was awake (was she supposed to do that?), and not even Arthur did anything. Arthur, who always caused trouble of some sort, never giving Leonie any rest. What curse of boredom was lay upon this job?

    Suddenly, she felt a sharp poke in her lower leg and Yep, there it is, she thought. "What is it?" she asked the Pawniard. With his blade Arthur pointed to a boy dressed similarly to Leonie. Another Peacekeeper. Upon further inspection, Leonie concluded that it wasn't any other Peacekeeper either. Her chest tingled, and she took a sharp turn to the other side, telling Arthur how she didn't understand what he meant. Of course, the Pawniard wasn't stupid. He poked her again.

    "You'll make me bleed," Leonie said, more quickly than usual. But Arthur wasn't having it. The girl sighed, wanting to walk away anyway, but not moving. She glanced to the distance, and it was unmistakably him. Junzō. The Croagunk gave it away. Leonie sighed again, leaning on her spear. There were many cute boys in the army, both older and closer to her age, experienced or who joined around the time Leonie did, but most of those crushes passed after a week. The crush on Junzō undoubtedly lasted the longest. Arthur snickered, and Leonie wanted to smack him. What kind of spawn of Giratina was he? She wanted to see another Peacekeeper, sure, but she wasn't counting on it being Junzō.

    He was the first person to accept the Warlord's pledge, but Leonie chose to play it cool while Sebastian was around – she wouldn't be able to live if he was to tease her about everything. It helped that Leonie didn't realise it was actually Junzō until the end of the meeting, thanks to her only being able to focus on one thing (during the meeting, it was 'what the hell did I get myself into'), so her reaction would've been belated. But what were the odd of seeing him first?

    Arthur poked her for the third time, and that was when Leonie started walking. "Alright, sheesh," she said, hesitantly making her way towards Junzō. She could play it cool! Definitely. Now, should she act like she didn't see him and wait for his reaction, or greet him when he's not paying attention? Leonie scrunched her nose. This wasn't cool at all. But, maybe Leonie didn't have any reason to be worried – after all she was Benjamin. A boy. That calmed her down a bit. Until she realised that what was worse than Junzō finding out Leonie had a crush on him, was finding out Benjamin had a crush on him. Back to panicking. She was sure she'd be obvious enough for someone to tell, even if she was a dude.

    It was too late to backtrack now, as she was already close to the boy, and before Arthur could poke her for the fourth time-
    "Junzō!" she said. Too high pitched. She coughed. Talking as a boy was harder than looking like one. "Hi," she fixed her act up. It was getting warmer, even though it was a rather chilly morning with a constant, soft breeze. It was just her face then. What was she doing again? Oh.
    "I didn't expect to see anyone else on duty!"
  10. Almost as if was an answer to his question, somebody called out his name. Junzō looked to see who it was. It was one of the peacekeepers he had seen the week before. He thought hard what the name of the newcomer was and then *click*. Their name was Benjamin, the Warlord has stumbled when saying his name as well. Prior to the last week Junzō had never seen them but that was understandable speaking he wasn’t there for too long beforehand.

    “Hi, I didn’t expect to see anybody else on duty!”

    His voice was a bit higher pitched but June decided that wasn’t important. “Yeah, to be honest I was just wondering if I would see anyone. Your name’s Benjamin right? I’m Junzō but you can just call me June.” He gave a polite smile. Croagunk seemed to be sizing up the steel type alongside Benjamin. “Croagunk, they’re friends not foe.” The frog Pokémon listened and backed down. As Junzō put out his hand for a handshake he heard shouting in the distance. It could be trouble. “Croagunk, we better check that out.” June turned to his fellow Peacekeeper, “You should come with, we might need help.” And with that he turned and ran towards the shouting.

    Sure enough, a fight had broken out. It was a 2v2. Two of them were most likely merchants who were both linked with Sewaddle. The other two were ordinary citizens, one linked with a Roggenrola and the other with a Woobat. Junzō guessed the fight was over some petty theft. He hopped into the middle of the fight, calling for his Croagunk to use protect in order to block a Rock Blast. None of them looked happy about the interference. He turned to the two merchants. In order to stop the fight they would have to beat them all. Hoping that Benjamin had come to assist. he engaged the Merchants in combat.
  11. Kano took notice of the screeching of a Woobat and the blasts from a Roggenrola. She then saw two little Swaddle as well, trying to attack their own weakness.

    She kneeled down, with her Archen landing on her arm. As soon as his human was finished whispering a plan, he nodded, flying upwards.

    Kano’s Archen took a dive when he spotted a single Swaddle, with his talons outstretched and ready to land a strike.
  12. A sudden shout ended their conversation. Leonie was a bit disappointed (she was about to shake his hand, damnit), but then Junzō said they should investigate it together, so she didn't mind as much anymore. Running in an armour proved to be just as tedious as before, so Leonie tagged along a bit slower than necessary.

    Once they got to the source of the noise, a battle was taking place. It looked like it was between four people, and two of them had the same Pokemon. Leonie assumed they were on the same side. She had a hard time figuring out on whose side the Peacekeepers were supposed to be, but Junzō didn't seem as indecisive as her, jumping into the fight immediately. Oh well. She did the same, following Sebastian's advice from before. After she made her way to the battle ground, she noticed how none of the people who were previously engaged in combat seemed happy about their interference. What was their problem? They were just doing their job. Keeping peace, as their name suggested. And the four of them were the ones disrupting it.
    Junzō attacked the Sewaddle duo, so Leonie guessed she was supposed to do the same. The Peacekeeper and his Croagunk looked in sync and ready to battle, as opposed to Leonie and her Pawniard, who were... Well, Leonie was ready to help. Arthur, on the other hand, didn't seem to be as interested as she was.

    "Arthur, use Iron Head on that Sewaddle!" Leonie even pointed at the one Arthur was supposed to hit, but it wasn't doing much. If the Pawniard could speak, he'd probably tell her something among the lines of 'You're crazy if you think I'm gonna battle'. Leonie immediately got nervous. Her Pokemon would make her look incompetent in front of the entire crowd that formed around them. Wonderful.

    Another Pokemon flew by with amazing speed, tackling down one of the Sewaddle. Leonie used the opportunity to kneel down to Arthur's level, and beg him to listen. "C'mon Arthur, help us out. We can't run away from this battle." Although no amount of words could motivate her Pokemon to attack, what did help was an attack directed towards him. It didn't do much, as Pawniard resisted grass attacks pretty well, but it annoyed him enough to make him finally strike. Granted, it wasn't the Sewaddle Leonie wanted him to hit (it was the other one, which attacked him), and the move he used wasn't Iron Head, but... At least they managed to do something. "Good job, Arthur!" Leonie tried encouraging him, but all she got was a dirty look. She still tried giving orders, but Arthur rarely listened. It was the first time it hit her that they had to work on battling together. It was a part of the Peacekeeper job, and the fact that they had little battling experience prior, while embarrassing compared to the others, also had Leonie worry they might not get out of all future situations by luck. And Arthur was her partner Pokemon, too! Teamwork was supposed to come natural to them, but for some reason, it was what they found hardest to accomplish. The thoughts troubled her, but there was a battle she needed to put all of her focus into, even if her orders fell on deaf ears.
  13. Koda felt a paw touch his nose as a signal to arise from his slumber. "Mmm, what is it, Tiao..." He mumbled groggily. "Foo." The Mienfoo gestured to the window, which streamed light from under the shades. It took Koda a couple seconds to register what Tiao was trying to get across. "Oh, shoot," he said, getting out of bed with aching muscles and rubbing his eyes, which had bags under them despite the fact that he got a decent amount of sleep. "Skrelp." Doro shook off his fins as he accompanied his trainer and fellow Pokemon to breakfast.

    After breakfast, Koda stepped out into the streets of Cragspur, still not adjusting to the morning light. He set out to find other Peacekeepers since he'd probably make a fool of himself if he did something on his own volition. Doro rested on Koda's shoulder while Tiao punched and kicked the air to prepare himself for a battle.
  14. Although he didn’t get a good look, it appeared that Benjamin was having issues with his Pokémon. Lucky for Junzō, he had the type advantage over the Sewaddle. While ordering Croagunk to let out a Gunk Shot he saw a Flying type of some sort crash into another Sewaddle. Had another Peacekeeper come to help them? Junzō decided it he couldn’t think about it. He pulled out his shortsword and barely parried one of the theives knives. That’s right. He thought, not only is a battle between Pokémon, it’s also one between the warriors. He took a step back and regained focus. Since June wasn’t very skilled in combat himself he silently thanked Arceus that he had managed to block it. Next to him it was quite obvious that the theif’s Sewaddle was struggling against Croagunk’s attacks. All that he needed to do was make the theif surrender.

    Junzō charged the man. He slashed sideways and just missed. The thief lashed out with a fury of jabs, all of them meaning to be a killing blow. Being a Peacekeeper he knew he wasn’t supposed to kill. They were fellow Cragspurites after all. But here, standing just a few feet away, was a man who was ready to end lives.

    “Croagunk!” His partner looked at him, “Gunk Shot, now!” It nodded and spat a ball of ooze, straight towards the theif. He had managed to dodge it but was now off balance. This was Junzō’s chance, he kicked the man in the chest sending him backwards. This theif had lost. “Now for the other one!” He turned to see how Benjamin was doing.
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  15. Junzō tackled the other opponent, to Leonie's surprise. On second thought, it did make sense for a Peacekeeper to engage in physical combat with the person who disrupted it... Or did it? Leonie had no time to decide, and since Junzō already did it, she decided it'd be best to help out, and charge at the other man. The problem was... The guy was at least six feet tall. Leonie was like a measly Caterpie compared to him. How was she supposed to do this?

    She was shook out of her transe when she saw her opponent charge at her, and was almost too late to dodge. The buff guy turned around, angry, and Leonie gulped. Here goes nothing. She stared running towards him, planning on tripping him by tackling his legs. It would've worked if she wasn't so slow. The man dodged once... Twice... It was hopeless. And the girl was getting out of breath. She needed help. Leonie continued to dodge the buff guy's attacks, and their little battle was equal for the most part. Suddenly, her opponent had a wicked grin plastered on his face, and the girl got struck with odd fear. That wasn't looking good for her.

    "Now!" He yelled, and Leonie felt something tying up her legs. It was the Sewaddle she managed to defeat with Arthur, using String Shot on her. Was that even allowed? she thought, and tried getting out of the web. It was useless, as she only managed to get the sticky substance all over her hands. Gross. But she was quickly losing her balance, and Leonie glanced around to see where her Pawniard was free to help her out, but he was... being held by someone. Leonie recognized him. Wasn't that man battling the buff guy just before? What was that all about? The feeling of confusion was quickly replaced with the one of defeat, as she was pushed down by her opponent. She fell hard on her back, muttering out a curse, hoping Junzō was somehow able to help.
  16. Junzō assessed the situation. One theif down, one Sewaddle down. One Peacekeeper down, one Pawniard down. The pawniard was being held back by one of the merchants. What? Didn’t they realize we were there to help? Why would they stop the Pokémon? June shook his head. He was still in a fight, no time to think. He decided that afterwards he would have to do some private training with Benjamin, for both of their sakes.

    Sword still in hand he charged the second theif. This one was much bulkier than the first, and more heavily armored. June stopped. In this situation there was no way of beating him 1 on 1. Although the man didn’t have a weapon on him, June’s sword would just glance off the armor. He needed to outsmart his opponent. Unlike the first theif, this one was a bit more agile and great at dodging physical and ranged attacks. So a Gunk Shot wouldn’t work. The theif charged him, Junzō sidestepped. The Sewaddle shot a String Shot at him. His leg was stuck. This is it, he thought. Unable to dodge the theifs next attack he would be knocked cold in an instant.

    The man turned towards him, ready to charge again. An idea sparked in Junes head. He threw his shortsword, aimed towards Benjamins armor. If he was right then the webbing should’ve cut from the armor. He didn’t check. The theif charged. What happens when there’s an obstacle in ones path and they don’t hurdle it? “Croagunk! Protect!” The poison type leaped in front of Junzō, a barrier forming around it. A six foot man moving at a sprinting pace collided with a two foot immovable frog. To answer the before question, they trip. That’s exactly what happened. The man had fallen. Now he was on the ground with the wind knocked out of him. Croagunk spat a Gunk Shot at the Sewaddle and it fainted. They had won. Except for one thing. The merchants they were helping still had Bens Pawniard. Junzō turned to see if Benjamin was up and ready.
  17. At that moment, Leonie felt ... incompetent at best. She was lying on the ground, legs wrapped together, while the battle was up to someone else. She still intently watched, silently rooting for Junzō as the fight went on. At one moment, the boy looked at her, and Leonie wasn't sure what was going on in his head until she saw a sword flying her way. It surprised her, but her quick reflexes got into play, and she managed to catch the sword by its handle. She wondered why she hadn't brought hers. Because you're terrible at sword wielding, she thought to herself. But, she understood what Junzō was trying to do – not for Leonie to use the sword on the man, but to get herself out of the web. She pointed the sword to her legs, and positioned it so the upper half was underneath the web. The girl closed her eyes, hoping the sword wouldn't get stuck like she did, and slashed up. Her eyes were still closed, but she felt her arms move upwards, above the sticky substance, and opened her eyes to see her legs free at last.

    "Thanks!" she said, and looked around to find Junzō. Leonie lost some hope when she saw the image of the buff man dashing towards Junzō, and the boy not moving. She jumped up, but realised he didn't need any help – his Croagunk had used Protect, and the man may as well have tried tackling a wall. He was on the ground, and Leonie avoided being near him while she walked towards Junzō. She didn't know what to say, so she settled on, "Good job," as she already said her thanks.

    Leonie then frowned, and looked at the merchant who held her Pawniard. He was turned away from them, and was probably trying to subtly escape. "I need to get him back," she said. As much as they didn't get along all of the time, Leonie cared about Arthur. If anything were to happen to him, or if he got taken away, she'd be devastated. So, now that she could move, she ran towards the merchant and tackled him from the back. He was way smaller than the buff guy, probably a third of his size. Leonie had an easy time getting him on the ground, thankfully, and the surprise factor worked to her favour as well – the merchant dropped the Pawniard halfway through the fall. She turned the merchant so that he was facing her. "What's the big deal?" she asked. Her and Junzō were on their side. She couldn't wrap her head around it. "We were helping you!"
  18. Benjamin had managed to get up. Good. He also complimented Junzō, which was nice. “I need to get him back.” Junzō nodded. He understood how Ben felt about his Pokémon. If Junzō we’re separated from his Croagunk he would be lost. Together they made two halves of a whole. He imagined that’s how Benjamin felt about his Pawniard, or st least something similar.

    The warrior tackled the merchant. Junzō stood between the second merchant and the other two, Croagunk by his side. He couldn’t help but overhead what Benjamin had to say. “What’s the big deal?” Which to be fair, was a good question. One second the merchants were struggling to fend off thieves and the next they were attempting to steal a warriors partner. Had the people of Cragspur really stooped that low? Junzō turned to his Pokémon. “Croagunk, watch him”. Then he went to Benjamin to further their interrogation.
  19. "Get off me!" the man underneath Leonie growled, and his tone took her aback. He gripped her shoulders and tried pushing her away – which he managed to do after a short struggle. The girl was now facing him from the ground, leaning on her arms so as not to fall down. "Royal filth," he muttered as he ran way with his accomplice.
    "Hey!" Leonie shouted, but they were already gone. Jerk. She clapped her hands together a few times to get dirt off of them.

    When she turned, she was surprised to see Junzō next to her, and blushed against her will. She turned away. "Sorry about that," she said. Leonie felt like a bother. She squinted at the harsh light of the almost completely white sky. "First day of work is going great, huh," she remarked sarcastically. Her Pawniard had been slowly making his way towards her, and when he finally approacher her, she wondered what took him that long. Then she noticed little crumbles of bread on his blade arms.

    "Arthur, no," she said, pinching the top of her nose. "I've told you you're not supposed to do that." All Arthur did in reply was snicker and brush the breadcrumbs off his blades. Leonie shook her head, then focused back on Junzō. She calmed down. "What do we do now?" she asked. "Should we continue onwards?"
  20. Junzō watched as the Pawniard came over, shaking off crumbs. That’s why. The merchants were angry at the Pawniard for stealing their food. If there was a link between the two, it wasn’t very strong. In battle the Pawniard had refused to fight in Benjamins name. Soon after it had snuck off to steal from the very people the warrior had sworn to protect. There was definitely a very small connection, if any.

    “What do we do now? Should we continue onwards?” Interesting. The warrior showed no signs of concern over his current situation. Junzō thought about saying something but shrugged it off. If something else went wrong, that’s when he would mention it. “Yeah, I guess so. It’s still morning so there’s bound to be more trouble ahead.” He turned towards the path leading towards the inner city which had many rope bridges up ahead, a recipe for disaster. “Let’s go.” He started walking, partially lost in thought.
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