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Disnix's Sprites

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Disnix, Feb 25, 2008.

  1. OK my online name is Disnix or PSP Naruto. I started spriting not s long ago so i still not that good.
    This are the sprites i currently make
    Some trainers
    Some cosplays​

    Here is an example.


    1.KoR Flaming Cacturne

    Top 3 Poeple! In here are the people who post, comlement, and give tips the most. If you are in here you can request at anytime even on sprites havent even made(but it might not come out as good)

  2. Shiny Pyxis

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    You forgot to mention the most important thing for most people. Do you, or do you not, take sprite requests?

    Aw, I really like Mew-Mewtwo! It's so cute!

    Maybe when you fuse the Pokemon, you can do a bit more that just recolor. I know you've added parts, but for some, like that Froslass/Lucario one, is way too... plain. Is it possible to do a bit more than just recolor a Lucario with Froslass's colors? Same thing with that Mew-Mewtwo, even though Mew and Mewtwo are really closely related to each other...

    But besides that wittle thing, great!
  3. You have a thing for bananas lol These are pretty cool, you should post some more stuff here ! :D
    The regi-gros is my fav, the arms look very natural I find.
  4. Those look awesome! I'd have to go with Eevee on her suggestion, that Luxray/Froslass is kinda plain with it looking basically like a recolor.

    I think my favorite in that bunch is the Mudkip/Lotad fusion. It looks cute in a strange sort of way.
  5. thanks for the comments guys and gals!
    Shiny and Meeps i know that some of my sprites seem plain but thats only when i dont have an idea on how to fuse them so i recolor as best as i can.
    i fogot to mention that i do take requests.

    EDIT: k i finished a request that was given to me in Pokemon XS here it is
    Please leave comments and tips!!!!
  6. here's a comment, a request, and a tip...

    comment: the little plusnunchu is cute, and well made too ;D

    request: could ye make the Flaming Cacturne not have bananas, and maybe a few burn marks here and there? not that I don't like the Cacturne already, but, pweeze?
  7. Ok KoR thanks for the reqeust and complement. Just make sure you check here and/or Pokemon XS for your sprite. I hope i get more requests when i am done with yours...
  8. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    Sorry it took so long...

    Anyways, that little critter is really cute. I like how you used Plusle's ears. Looks very natural. I think you could do a bit more with Minun, though. Maybe Pichu could have Minun's tail? And shoudn't the feet be yellow? But besides that, VERY cute. Me likies. *huggles sprite* [size=3pt]For those who don't nkow, this started ever since I hugged one of Artie's sprites, I believe...[/size]

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